Friday, January 14, 2005

JR Drips

Jennifer sneaks downstairs. She sees Patrick. She thought he left. Patrick said he wouldn't be able to sleep with things the way they were between them. TeenSlut/Georgia sneaks halfway down the stairs and listens. Patrick wants to clear it up. Hope's pretty PO'd at him. Jennifer says he made a bad situation worse.

Hope says, "OMG no. OMG Bo's in trouble I can feel it. If anything should happen to him it's because of one person. Damn you, Billie."

Billie and Bo sit tied up like two bookends. Billie struggles, "If our daughter is still alive where is she?" She goes ballistic, "WHERE IS SHE? WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW." Man-Woman tells Billie for 16 years she didn't even know Georgia was alive. Bo says, "Hey, girly-man, what do you plan on doing with us." Man-Woman tells him, "Use your imagination, MWAHAHAHAHA!!"

Bo tells Billie, "I warned you this could be a DiMera trap and what do you do? You tell them we're Georgia's parents." Billie says, "That didn't take long for the 'I-told-you-sos' to show up." Bo says she may be a very good agent [on what planet?] but when things get personal she gets emotional.

Mimi says, "If Belle and Shawn don't come down stairs, this could get ugly." [Which means, of course, they will not be coming down.] Sami comes in. She's there to visit Belle. Mimi can't let her do that.

Phillip dreams about the wedding. He conveniently omits the part about the motorcycle. Oops, Belle ain't there.

Belle. Shawn. Rooftop. Belle doesn't know why she is still there. She's married to Phillip. "So," Shawn says, "if I'd have gotten to the church on time would you have called off the wedding?" Belle stares.

Marlena and Pard walk around in chains. "Why isn't Tony showing us anything else on the monitor," asks Marlena. Pard doesn't know why Tony does anything. Marlena is worried about everyone after Shawn crashed the wedding. Pard tells her to stop torturing herself.

Kate comes into JR's bedroom and says she forgot her keys. She sees the drugs. JR comes out sweating like a pig on a spit. Kate says he's been lying. JR resents that. Kate resents the fact JR is treating her like an idiot. [No comment. Well, I mean, she was enough of an idiot to buy his story in the first place so why not treat her like one?] "The saddest part," says Kate, "is that you're lying to yourself." JR drips.

Patrick says Hope shouldn't be worried about Billie trying to steal her husband. Jennifer says that's his opinion. TSG listens as they argue. Patrick says he's just being objective. "Why," asks Jennifer, are you interested in her?" TSG pricks up her ears. Patrick says he can't be interested in anyone. Jen asks, "And why is that?" The doorbell rings. TSG runs back upstairs. Well, whaddya know, it's Hope at the door, "Bo is not coming back to me."

Billie struggles to loosen the ropes. Her first priority is to get out of this, then to find Georgia. Bo says, "Georgia isn't here. DiMera's people wanted us to think that so we would walk into a trap." Billie says Bo is wrong. Georgia lived there, she can feel it. Bo says, even if that's right, Georgia is not there now. She's back home eavesdropping on Hope. Right now they have a problem. The cross-dressing goons are coming back for them.

JR staggers and sweats. He's sick and tired of being accused of this. He told them the drugs were prescribed by an ISA doctor. BB confirmed. Kate wants the truth. Sweat spouts from JR like Old Faithful in action. He tells her to get out. She's not moving. She can't. The sweat has flooded the room and blocked the door.

Sami wants to know why she can't see Belle. Mimi says, "It's Belle's wedding night. If you had an ounce of sensitivity you wouldn't be here." Sami says she is trying to be sensitive, she is there to apologize for giving Belle a hard time about getting married before she did. Belle is going to need a lot of happiness after what her psycho ex-boyfriend did. [Takes one to know one.]

Back on the roof. Belle says Shawn didn't crash the wedding on time so it doesn't matter. Shawn says they have to work this out, "Why did you leave me a message, and who picked up the phone." Belle wishes she knew. Belle says it wouldn't have made a difference, why is he pressuring her? "Because this is important," says Shawn, "If I would have gotten through to you, would you have called off the wedding?" Belle stares.

Bo and Billie can't get the knots undone. Bo hates to admit it, but they are in kind of a tight spot. He's been in worse situations than this. They'll get out somehow. Billie wants to know why he's so worried then. "Hope, when she finds out about this, she will go ballistic."

Hope is back in Salem going ballistic. TSG sneaks back down to listen. Hope says something terrible has happened. She needs a favor. Could Jennifer watch Zack until Hope gets back? Jennifer wants to know, "Back from where?" Hope says, "I'm going to Europe to find my husband."

Pardo says Marlena has to stop thinking the worst. They just saw Belle and Phillip get married. They have to believe they're OK, even though a motorcycle landed on them. Marlena wants to believe they're OK, "Something's wrong. Belle has loved Shawn for years." Pard says she obviously doesn't love him any more. What Pard can't figure is why Shawn would do something so crazy. "Because," says Marlena, "people in love do crazy things." [In Shawn's case, however, being in love is not a prerequisite to being crazy.] Marlena is sorry she caused their breakup, that Belle lied to Shawn to protect Marlena. Pard says that was DiMera's doing. Marlena knows. DiMera's plan is for all the couples in Salem to break up. [And here I thought it was to conquer the world. Man, instead of conquering the world, he wants all the couples in Salem to break up. How evil can you get?] Marlena wonders what if they don't get out of here. [This conversation is just going everywhere.] Pard says she has to stop thinking gloomy thoughts. Marlena feels anxious about what happens next. John and Kate think they are dead. She knows where that leads, "If we don't get home soon, we may just lose the loves of our lives for the Daze Of Our Lives."

JR wants to know what Kate is doing in his wife's bedroom. She would never accuse him of lying like Kate just did. Kate says Marlena would be devastated to see this. Kate says if sweaty wants to convince her he isn't dependent on the drugs, he will let her throw them away. JR drips.

Mimi tells Sami Shawn wasn't trying to kill anyone. Sami says "Oh, yeah, when he was going through the stained glass window it was just his Evil Knievel impression." Sami says she is there to apologize to Belle. Mimi says she is only there because Lucas made her come. Phil opens the door and asks what is going on. Sami says she came to bring Belle her wedding present and talk to her. Phil says, "Belle isn't here. Do either of you know where she is."

Belle wants Shawn to be happy, but they have to move on. Shawn isn't leaving until he gets answers. "Just tell me what you think would have happened if I'd have gotten there before the ceremony. Belle says she still would have married Phillip. Shawn says. "I don't believe you."

Billie says, "We're sitting here waiting to be caved up like a Thanksgiving turkey and all you can think of is 'Hope is going to kill me,'" Bo says Hope might do something impulsive like come and get them.

Jennifer tells hope she can't just up and go to Europe. Hope says she has to go. Jen will take care of Zack. Bo needs her, Hope can feel it. Patrick says he is going with her. TSG watches. Hope says, "Bo's in danger and I'm the only one who can help."

Sweaty says, "OK, Kate you win if you need proof, toss the stuff out." Kate throws the junk in the wastebasket. Oh, that'll do it. Why doesn't she just put them on a silver platter on the dresser for him? "Look, I know how much pain you're in." JR knows. "I want to help you." he knows. JR drips.

Pard and Marlena watch Kate and John on the TV screen. "OMG let me know Belle is OK," says Marlena. Right on cue, Kate says, "No one was seriously hurt and Belle and Phillip are sharing their wedding." Right on cue, JR says he just wishes Doc was there to be with them. Kate says at least they have each other. JR doesn't know what he would do without her. the TV goes blank. Marlena bawls.

Mimi says maybe Belle went out to get something. Sami asks, "On her wedding night?" Mimi says maybe she went out for air. Sami says she would have just gone on onto the balcony. Sami says "Maybe she's on the roof with Shawn." Phil wants to know the truth. He runs out to settle it. Mimi asks Sami, "What is wrong with you?"

Shawn thinks things would have turned out differently if he would have pulled his stunt before the ceremony. "If I would have taken your hand like this, and reminded you of the good times... We swore we would never let anyone come between us." Belle says "Don't do this, Shawn." He kisses her.

Mimi asks why Sami opened her big fat mouth about the roof. Sami says, "I am not clairvoyant, [just psychotic]. Obviously you had something to do with this. Are you trying to ruin their marriage?"

Belle tells Shawn to stop. He comes in for seconds. IN COMES THE MARINES AND THE MARINES AREN'T HAPPY.

Patrick has everything. He's ready. Jen makes them promise they will be careful. Patrick and Hope leave. Jennifer sees TSG. TSG says she overheard. TSG asks if Hope has a thing for Patrick. Jen says, "No, Hope wouldn't even look at another man. Why would you ask?" TSG says, "It's just nice to see a couple like Bo and Hope who can make it." Jennifer goes off and TSG thinks, "Who cares, I just don't need more competition."

Hope says she thinks Bo is in danger. Patrick asks, "physical or emotional?" Hope says, "Both."

Bo thinks Hope will come. Billie says, "That's a good thing, right?" Bo says, "It would complicate things. The next time I say we're leaving, WE'RE LEAVING."

Marlena says it sounds like Belle is OK. Pard thought JR looked like he been run hard and put up wet. But he was still able to walk Belle down the aisle. Marlena says they should be happy about that, "Our life in Salem is slipping away, and I'm afraid if we're gone too long we won't be able to turn back the clock."

"And," says Pard. "that's assuming we will actually be able to make it back." Marlena asks, "Now who's being the pessimist?" Pard says she's right. What they have is each other. He's there for her, "Always will be and you can count on that." Marlena knows. They kiss. Hug. Bawl.

JR says its been a hell of a night. He needs to crash. [Yeah, right into the wastebasket.] Kate says goodnight. She takes the drugs. She's going to put them in the trash downstairs. JR wouldn't want the maid to find them. "JR says, "Just leave it. I need it to get to sleep." He lunges for the drugs and smacks Kate.

FF on Kate's broken and battered body lying in a heap on the floor clutching the drugs. Will JR the strung out junkie go for the drugs or help the wounded and dying Kate...


Nicole tells BB, "I try to show you I care but you'll never love me like you love Chloe." Chloe listens.

Sami asks Mimi if something is going on between her and Jan. Mimi tells Sami to mind her own business.

Shawn asks Belle in front of Phillip, "Mumble, mumble, mumble, gotten there in time, would you have called it off?" Phillip looks at Belle. Belle stares.


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