Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thinking With His Other Brain

Rafe calling EJ a moron is like Jerry Quarry calling Muhammad Ali a loser. #DAYS
Blithering Will was ecstatically happy with Nick. The reason he left so quickly, though, was that he got the munchies. #DAYS
Sami: "You've been so good to me lately." Keep that sheep's disguise on a bit longer, EJ, and you may be feasting at the Sami buffet. #DAYS
Kristin outsmarts Brady again. It's easy to do when Brady is thinking with his... uh... other brain. #DAYS
Sami tells EJ he's been patient with her.  Yeah, especially when she blew his brains out. #DAYS

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slathered In Smug Superiority

Kate's going to make sure Nick's parole is revoked? Who died and appointed her head of the parole board? #DAYS
The Prevuze unabashed dictionary defines left field as that place where Billie's differences with Kate came from. #DAYS
Hope flings her pen across the room.  That'll teach that stinkin' pen to run out of ink. #DAYS
Come on, Marlena and Kristin. #DOOL needs a good catfight.  Senior division, of course. #DAYS
Kristin says Marlena is slathered in smug superiority. That must be Countess Wilhelmina's new perfume. #DAYS

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Six Lies From The Truth

Daniel says Nicole is about six lies from the truth.  I guess she's lying less these days. #DAYS
Kristin tells Roman that Brady made all her dreams come true.  She must dream about men half her age. #DAYS
Nicole: "If you can't trust a priest who can you trust?" Don't ask a lot of choir boys that question. #DAYS
Brady tells Victor he has Mr. Hwang on the line.  Vic should just tell Brady to Hwang up on him. #DAYS
Jen and Chloe talk. Daniel's confused. Women talking & a guy's confused. Happens to every guy every day, Daniel. #DAYS
Billie: "I traded heroin for another addiction." Lip surgery? #DAYS

Friday, January 25, 2013

God Forbid

John announces he's leaving town. Roman shops for a Valentine's day card for Marlena. #DAYS
Did you notice the temperature drop in the room when Maggie walked in and saw Nicole? #DAYS
Chloe: "If, God forbid, you & Daniel don't work out..." Translation: If, God forbid, you and Daniel do work out... #DAYS
Judgmental Father Eric kicks Kristin and Brady off the board. I guess he got promoted right past Pope and is now God. #DAYS
John says he's leaving. At least Marlena is a mature, centered psychiatrist who won't ever grovel... uh... never mind. #DAYS

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ejamius Interruptus

Ejamius Interruptus – yet again.

Infield Fly Rule

After Gabi's sonogram she gets treated for whiplash after the 180° in Nick's attitude toward Will. #DAYS
EJ almost got to second base but it turned out to be more like the infield fly rule — an automatic out. #DAYS
Sami says Lucas is quite a wit. She's half right, anyway. #DAYS
Why is Sami so upset about being a grandmother? Because that's who you dump your kids on when you need a babysitter. #DAYS

The Misunderstanding


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fw: EJ's White Horse

Nick's worried about everyone who wants to be part of the baby's life. Here's an idea, how bout you and Gabi just head for Timbuktu? #DAYS
Sami and Rafe argue. Good thing the white horse EJ rides in on to save her is figurative, or there could be quite a mess in the church #DAYS
Nick wonders how this will all play out. Like it always does. Five years from now we'll find out the baby is really Nick's. #DAYS
Will: "Sonny, I understand you don't want to see me any more..." But since they're the only two main character gays on the show... #DAYS

Monday, January 21, 2013

The President's Second Term Worries Begin

The Presidency... such a demanding job.

The Hooker And The Porn Star

Chloe... a gal who's been around the block.  And that block is in the red-light district.  So when she's worried about her past as a prostitute, where does Chloe go for advice? To Nicole, a.k.a. Misty Circle, Salem's very own porn star.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Constructive Criticism

Nicole thinks Kate gave Jennifer the dirt on Chloe.  Couldn't be. She doesn't own a dump truck. #DAYS
Sami tells Will she and he will keep talking until he figures things out. I have a feeling SHE'LL keep talking. #DAYS
Brady faints! OMG! I wonder if he's pregnant. #DAYS
Sami says she's not judging Will & then rants about all his faults. I guess that's constructive criticism. #DAYS

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pure Evil

Chloe says Kate is pure evil.  I guess that's her attempt to give evil a bad name. #DAYS
Fashion statement: John's facial cuts and bruises are better than Brady's. #DAYS
Kate: "Chloe is laying the groundwork and that's not all she'll be laying." Hey, that's my line, Kate. #DAYS
Chloe says there's not a guy in town who hasn't taken Nicole for a spin.  They tell Chloe all about it when they take her for a spin. #DAYS

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two Humongous Scoops

Don't worry, Brady won't be getting back together with Chloe... until his face bruises heal. #DAYS
Marlena can't believe she's a psychiatrist but losing badly to Kristin. Maybe she's losing badly because she's a bad psychiatrist. #DAYS
I can't tell if Kate has azure blue fingernails or is carrying around paint chips for her new bedroom color. #DAYS
Parker gets a cool truck. I hope they let the kids keep the toys they get on the show. #DAYS
If Parker likes ice cream & other things just like his daddy, then he'd probably want two humongous scoops. #DAYS

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't Blame Will, He's Only The Father

EXCLUSIVE - Video of Gabi and Nick's wedding: #DAYS
Rafe claims this isn't about Sami.  If a star explodes in the Andromeda galaxy Sami thinks it's about her. #DAYS
Lucas is right that Will can be with his kid growing up. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. #DAYS
Sami wants Rafe to stop blaming this on Will. Right. He's only the father. #DAYS

Exclusive Video Of Gabi & Nick's Wedding

Yes, it was the most amazing train wreck ever.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Biggest Train Wreck Ever

Well, that confirms it. Chad wants to be a private eye when he grows up, because he has proven he's a natural-born dick. #DAYS
For the first time ever Safes and Ejamis join forces and root for Rafe to beat the crap out of Chad. #DAYS
What do you suppose Chad's chances are with Abby now... Somewhere between zero and ax murder? #DAYS
Casey Jones should have been the priest instead of Eric, because this wedding is the biggest train wreck ever. #DAYS

Sami Can't Decide

Perhaps Sami will figure out her love life by the time she's a great grandmother.

Friday, January 11, 2013

12,000 Shows

12,000 shows... If you've been there from the beginning you've spent almost a full 1 1/2 years doing nothing but watching #DAYS
12,000 hours... coincidentally, that's how long it took Jennifer to explain the Daniel-Chloe-Phillip double switcheroo to Abby. #DAYS
OK, Will, if Nick & Gabi don't want to go along with you, just spread the news about who's the daddy. #DAYS
Gabi reminds us they're going through what Will went through with Lucas and Austin. Yeah, same scripts and everything. #DAYS

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Victor's Slut Collection

EJ, Rafe, Lucas, Sasquatch... Sami, you're about to become a grandmother.  Just make a decision. #DAYS
Sami doesn't want to talk about what Kristin is doing.  Maybe she didn't notice: Brady's doing it, too. #DAYS
Kate: "You let that slut stay in your house?" As I recall, Kate herself has been part of Victor's slut collection? #DAYS
Rafe grimaces at "algorithm." Didn't he once tutor Will in advanced algebra? You know, with all its algorithms. #DAYS

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Detective Cop-A-Feel

What more appropriate place for Rafe to grope Sami than in church?  Too bad they didn't get a more private pew in the back where they could get it on while Eric was going through the wedding rehearsal.

Copping Feels In Church

"The Hand" returns! Or was it "The Glove?" Well, we know one thing for sure: It wasn't "The Brain." #DAYS
Daniel's harem: Jennifer, Chloe, Nicole. The only bright spot in his life is that polygamy is illegal. #DAYS
I don't know what's worse: Daniel failing to keep matter & antimatter apart in the lab, or failing to keep Chloe & Jennifer apart. #DAYS
Victor says Jennifer can't let developments change things for her. No worries, Jennifer will still be unbearable. #DAYS
Rafe sits by Sami in church copping feels. Class, Rafe. Real class. #DAYS

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Letting it all hang out

Today's episode made me wonder what #DOOL writers did before they had scripts to recycle or history to rewrite. #DAYS
When Jennifer fell and you heard someone yelling "DIE! DIE! DIE!" that wasn't me. I was just thinking it. #DAYS
Lucas says Jen's making a mistake. Right. He hasn't had a stable relationship unless you count that time he had sex in Seabiscuit's stall. #DAYS
So, Chloe is back along with the ghosts of Stephanie and Phillip. #DAYS
Dear Nick: Think Gabi's baby isn't yours? Wait until they recycle the Daniel/Phil/Chloe script & hand it to you. #DAYS
Jennifer bolts from the hospital.  She would have to double her IQ to qualify as a dumb blonde. #DAYS
A bachelor party at a coffee house. Nick orders decaf. He's letting it all hang out, isn't he? #DAYS
#DOOL writer's credo: When all else fails, pull a parenthood switcheroo. #DAYS

Monday, January 07, 2013

Downton Abbey This Ain't

Here come some thoughts on today's #DOOL — better known as "Downton Abbey this ain't." #DAYS
Chloe: "Can we please not do this in the hallway?" Me: "Can we please not do this anywhere?" #DAYS
John wonders if Marlena knew about Kristin & Brady. Hasn't he learned the rules? The husband is always the last to know. #DAYS
Kristin chips a nail. Finally, a real emergency on #DAYS
Careful, John. Statistics show screaming accusations at your partner severely reduce your near-term chances of getting laid. #DAYS
Stephanie calls. Kayla says she's been missed. No she hasn't. #DAYS
Sami says she'd rather stick needles in her eye than socialize with Kristin. I'm surprised Kristin didn't pull out her sewing kit. #DAYS
Stephanie? Calm down? The sun is more likely to rise in the west tomorrow. #DAYS
Sami goes to get some air. She could stay with John and Marlena and get some hot air. #DAYS
If you couldn't see Chloe's news roaring in like a runaway freight train, you flunk #DOOL 101. #DAYS

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Brady's Time Out

The wicked step-mommy puts her foot down...

Friday, January 04, 2013


Kristin says she didn't think John would coldcock his own son. Well, isn't it her job to keep it warm anyway? #DAYS

Kristin insists John still wants her. Right. Nothing fans the flames of passion like seeing your son boinking your former lover. #DAYS

Marlena lectures Brady like he's a teenager who's been seduced by some 40-year-old cougar. At least the age difference is the same. #DAYS

Kristin says John drove her insane.  Well, he sure doesn't need a do-over on that little project. #DAYS

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Priests And Morons

EJ turns on the charm. Sami hasn't encountered a smoothie this good since her last trip to Dairy Queen. #DAYS
How come John didn't pull some of his superspy moves on Brady? Why couldn't he take him while drinking his shaken-not-stirred martini? #DAYS
Kristin: "Isn't it a shame it had to come to this?" Most definitely. A cat fight between her and Marlena would have been much better. #DAYS
Nicole vows she's giving up men. Except for priests and morons, apparently. #DAYS
EJ stops Sami as she goes for Kristin's throat. Dammit, EJ, mind your own business. #DAYS

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Slobber Flows

It's the new year in Salem. The clock strikes 12, the slobber flows. #DAYS
Kristin asks if Brady believes everything between them is a lie. Brady says no, but wonders why Kristin's pants are on fire. #DAYS
EJ tells Sami he was waylaid. Truth is, he was dang-near Nicole-laid. #DAYS
Kristin says John can't wrap his brain around the fact Brady's crazy for her. John can't wrap his brain around a B-B. #DAYS
Well, Ejamis, the US didn't go over the Fiscal Cliff and once again, Sami and EJ didn't go over the Physical Cliff. #DAYS #DateusInterruptus

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Sniffin' Around Sami

Brady announces to Marlena that he's been seeing Kristin DiMera.  He sure has... all of her. #DAYS

EJ and Sami kiss.  Happy New Year's, Ejamis.  Rafe and Sami kiss. Happy New Year's, Safes. #DAYS

If any more guys come sniffin' around Sami they'll have to move the New Year's Eve party to the Salem Stadium. #DAYS
Nicole plays a drunk well. Practice makes perfect. #DAYS

Jennifer says she brought the dessert they had to skip on their date. I bet that wasn't the dessert Dan had in mind. #DAYS

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