Monday, January 17, 2005

Yet one more time...

Rex finds out UB is up on the roof. He says he'd better get up there. I mean, heck, he wouldn't want to miss the action, would he? Jan grabs Mimi by the hair. Mimi is in agony. Jan says, "It hurts, doesn't it, Meems? This is just a sample of what's in store for you. This time you are going to pay, BIG TIME." Sami is slack-jawed.

Belle says UB doesn't have to call the police. He wants to know why Belle is protecting Shawn. Shawn butts in, he says Belle is having second thoughts. That did it, WWIII. Rex breaks it up, "Not tonight," he says, "don't do something you'll regret." Belle snivels. Rex and Shawn start a mumbling duel. Shawn says Belle called before the wedding and he wants to know why. Yet one more time he asks Belle, "If I'd have gotten there in time, would you have called it off?" Yet one more time, Belle stares.

Nancy brings Chloe lunch. Chloe isn't there, she's off somewhere staring at a picture of BB, "Nancy's right, I do need you BB, and you need to know that I'm alive."

BB comes downstairs, hunting for the shirt he's never wearing, "I could have sworn I heard something." Staring into the pitch black he says, "Chloe, is that you, am I dreaming?" Chloe says, "No, Brady, this isn't a dream, I'm alive." She slowly draws the hood back, revealing her new roadkill look.

BB tells Nichole he's not comparing her to Chloe. "Maybe not consciously," whimpers Nicole, "and how could you not? Chloe is perfect and I'm a wretched old hag. What you and I shared could never come close to what you had with her." Nicole storms off, BB follows. BB rolls his eyes.

JR doesn't want Kate to call Lexi even though he admitted he needs help. Kate asks, "Why wouldn't you want me to call the hospital? You're in charge of investigating the drug thefts... OMG, you're the one!" Man, that Kate is one sharpie, isn't she? JR doesn't want to go public with this yet. Kate says the only way he can protect his family is if he beats this. Kate is going to call Lexi for help. "And what if I have a better idea," sneers JR.

Mimi let's Jan go, "This time you have gone too far. I'll deal with you later and it's not going to be good for you and Sexy-Rexy." Jan leaves. Sami wants to know what's going on between Mimi and Jan. Mimi tells Sami to mind her own business. Mimi leaves. Sami says to her imaginary friend, "Sounds like someone's got a secret, wonder what it is?"

Yet one more time, Belle doesn't answer. UB lunges at Shawn, "I'm going to break your neck." Enter Mimi, Jan, Sami and here goes the town brawl. As the others kill themselves, Mimi and Belle go aside for a little chat. Belle is upset Mimi told UB they were up there. Mimi says she didn't tell him. Sami runs up and gives Belle her coat. Mimi says, "I'll give you one guess who told him."

"OMG," says Belle, "Sami, how could you do that to me?" You could drive a semi through Sami's open mouth. Phil tells Belle, "We need to talk." Shawn tells her she isn't leaving. Belle says, "We have nothing left to say." Belle and UB leave. As she goes, Belle shoves the coat into Sami's open mouth.

Jan tries to stop Shawn. Rex tells her not to do that. He will take care of Shawn. Jan tells Mimi, "You have screwed with me the last time. Wait till Rex finds out about the lies you have been keeping from him." Sami soaks it in.

JR can't go on like this. He'll get help, just not from the hospital. He'll get help from the ISA - International Stoners Association. John comes clean. The ISA guy gave him the drugs because "he owed me." JR misses his wife and wishes she were there. Kate says she will be there for him. They hug. This would be a good place for a song to kick in. For example, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."

Nancy finds Chloe's note, "Please don't worry, it's time to tell BB I'm alive." Nancy smiles, "Thank God."

The hooded, disfigured Chloe tells BB, "Now you know why I couldn't tell you I was alive. I wanted to wait until after the surgery." BB says she is the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. She says, "No, I'm hideous." BB says, "Yes, but in a beautiful sort of way, when you were going through chemo and lost your hair, now that was really hideous, but I love you no matter what." He kisses her. The scars melt away. The glass slipper fits. Back to reality. Chloe stares through the scars.

BB catches up to Nichole. They need to talk. He doesn't think she's horrible. Nicole is only trying to help, "I'll bet if this was Chloe trying to warn you, you'd listen." He says Chloe has nothing to do with this. She tells him to fagetaboutit. Chloe hears them coming.

Kate says JR can count on her. JR mumbles, "The first step is to admit you have a problem. At least I've got that one out of the way. You've just saved my life." Kate is going to call BB. JR didn't let BB down if he tells him the truth now.

Chloe runs into a closet. BB and Nicole come in. The phone rings. It's Kate, "BB, you're dad finally admitted it. He's a stoner. You don't have to come over. I'm going to see him through the night." BB tells Nicole, "I need to apologize to you. You were right. Dad's dropping acid like Timothy Leary on steroids." Nicole's peeved. She swings around and flings the closet door open, "CHLOE!"

Jan tells Mimi to keep Belle away from her man or she will spill the beans about the abortion. Sami's overworked jaw hits the ground, "OMG, Mimi had an abortion and didn't tell Rex. That's one juicy secret."

Rex tells Shawn Belle has made her choice. Shawn says it was a big mistake, she loves him and not UB, "She's going to have to admit she married the wrong guy." Belle and UB listen in the background. FF and whiteout on Shawn Belle and Phillip.


Bonnie tells Maggie, "My answer's no." Maggie hands BW a check and says, "Maybe this will turn your 'no' into a 'yes.'"

Mimi tells Sami, "You're accusing me of lying when you're Salem's all time champ." Sami says, "If I were you I'd be a lot nicer to me."

Yet one more time, Shawn asks Belle, "Do you still have feelings for me?" Yet one more time, Belle stares.

BB Yells, "Who was in the closet?" Nicole says, "Chloe, she's alive."


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