Thursday, January 13, 2005

The jig is up

Billie and Bo are talking to the nice couple about Georgia. Man-Woman says Georgia's mother was known to be a prostitute. Billie tells them people can change. Georgia's mom went straight and Georgia was conceived out of love. Man-Woman says, "once a prostitute always a prostitute." Billie explodes and tells the couple she is really Georgia mother. They are here to see their daughter.

Shawn yells for Belle. He needs her. He mumbles. She is the only one who can fill in the blanks in his memory. Belle comes back. He has no choice, he needs her help. Belle says, "After everything you've done to me, I can't believe I'm going to say this, yes I'll help you."

Julie tells Hope Bo did not choose the wrong woman when he chose her. Hope says she and Bo will have a long talk when he gets home -- tonight. He's on a plane right now. He's on his way back to her. That proves he loves her.

Billie yells, "Take us to Georgia right now." The nice couple laughs. Man woman draws a gun and pulls off his wig. What a shock, SHE's a HE. Man-Woman says, "The jig is up."

Man-Woman says, "We've been monitoring you for quite some time." Billie asks if the portrait on the wall is really Georgia. "Yes, but neither of you will see her again where you are going."

BB says there is no proof. Nicole asks, "If JR wasn't going to shoot up why was he so anxious to be alone?" BB rants. JR has had a tough time of it. Yada, yada, yada, "And on top of all those yadas, his daughter was getting married and her former boyfriend crashed his motorcycle through a stained glass window and ruined his daughter's wedding. Not to mention the window. Dad has every right to be stressed out."

"If I wasn't so sure and If I didn't love you I wouldn't be pushing this. I know how hard it is to kick it, says Nicole. BB says JR is too smart to become an addict. Nicole says he can talk his way around anything, "We have to go back and catch him red handed."

Kate tells JR she forgot her keys. She sees drugs on the dresser. JR comes out of the next room drenched in sweat, "Yeah, babe, you forgot your keys, I forgot my deodorant." FF on JR glistening with sweat.


Belle tells Shawn, "Nothing would have changed. I would still be married to Phillip."

Kate tells JR, "If you're not dependent on the drugs, let me take them away.

Billie tells Bo, "You can critique my job performance later. Right now we have to find Georgia.

Hope says, "Bo's in danger. I can feel it. I may be the only one who can help."


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