Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Bimboization Of Sami Brady


Those were the first words, as I recall, we heard from teenage delinquent Sami Brady as she sneaked into her house upon returning to Salem. Her dad, supercop Roman Brady, looking a bit different than he does today,* thought someone was breaking into the house and nearly blew her into Another World.

*(In fact, I'd have to say present day Roman looks more like Chris Kositchek — but let's not go there).

After that auspicious introduction we all got to know the conniving, test-switching, man-drugging, sibling-hating little brat who came this close to selling her baby sister on the black market — not to mention her foray into the world of medicine when she attempted the world's first ballistic vasectomy... Among many, many other things.

You just didn't mess with Sami Brady. How bad was she? Well, in 2002, Ali Sweeney won a Daytime Emmy as America's Favorite Villain for her portrayal of nasty Samantha.

Somewhere along the line, though, things went bad. The writers turned America's Favorite Villain into America's Most Irritating Thirtysomething Sniveling Adolescent.

Today, if you mess with Sami Brady make sure you do it in your garden and you can save on your water bill. For God's sake, in yesterday's episode the insecure needy child asked her grandmother whom she should marry and got mad when Grandma told her to think for herself. Well I should guess she would get mad. After all, that would require independence and... thinking.

This whole Sami-Rafe-EJ Cryangle could play with just about the same dialog if it was Sami the teenage bimbo trying to decide who should be her date to the junior prom.

Eighteen year old EJ sits on the dock with a fishing pole in his hand and a few tricks up his sleeve. Sami bops up to the pier jivin' to NKOB on her new Sony Walkman. She sees EJ in his goofy fishin' hat and breaks into laughter, "EJ, you don't fish!"

"It's not that funny," says EJ, handing her a pole, "I thought it would be something we could do together. Look, you've got a bite already. Reel it in."

There's nothing on there," says Sami, "You can tell when you have a fish on the line because you can feel it tugging."

"Oh, I've got something on the line," thinks EJ, "You just don't realize it yet."

"Some fish are passive," he says, "Like viewers of this show have to be in order to endure this crap." He helps her reel in the line.

Oh my gosh," says Sami, "There is something on the line."

EJ unhooks a set of keys, "These are the keys to the Pontiac Fiero Father just gave me. You can't turn down a date to the prom when you'll be riding on a set of wheels like that. Please, make me happy for all the Days Of Our Lives and say you'll go to the prom with me."

"EJ," says Sami, "We talked about this. We agreed you wouldn't put me on the spot like this because you know Rafe asked me to the prom. I... I can't go with you. Besides, Rafe's 1986 Granada may be old, but at least it has a back seat. That Fiero is so small we couldn't even hold hands in it..." She runs off crying.

Sami finds Grandma Caroline at the pub. She tells her both Rafe and EJ have asked her to the junior prom, "Grandma, I don't know who to go with... Please, make my decision for me. DON'T MAKE ME DECIDE FOR GOD'S SAKE!"

"Of course I won't make you decide," says Caroline, "Decisions are for adults and I would never want to put you through something so traumatic as having to act like an adult. And in this case the decision is simple. You'll be going to the prom with Rafe."

"Oh, Grandma," whines Sami, "Thank you so much for relieving that pressure, but what about poor EJ? Now he doesn't have a date."

"I guess I'll just have to step in and go with that gorgeous hunk of young flesh myself," says Caroline, "It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it."

"Oh, Grandma," says Sami, "You're such a trooper. But you're so much older than EJ."

Caroline corrects her, "Experienced, Sami. I'm experienced. But I think there is something else you should know..."

"I know what you're going to say," says Sami, "You're going to tell me I'm being shallow because age should not matter. It's how two people feel about each other and treat each other that counts. And we all need to learn to respect each other just as we are and not worry about superficial things like an age difference. Right?"

"Hell no," says Caroline, "I was going to say I know EJ just turned eighteen and he's legal."

I've got to believe Sami's retrogression into childhood is probably irreversible. The writers have so damaged this once spunky character that things may never change. It makes you wish you had a time machine doesn't it? We could all go back in time to that Friday cliffhanger with Roman pointing his Glock at her and scream...


And with that, gang, it's time to institutiate weekendification.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Fuzzy End Of The Lump

EJ and Sami are at the dock staring at each other after EJ's proposal. Sami is dumbfounded. She says she thought they were going to wait. EJ says he has realized something monumental had changed between them, "I love you. I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together. I can't express the place you hold in my heart. Please, let me love you. Marry me."

Whimper-blubber-bawl-wah, "EJ, I can't."

Faye sits at her break-table, gets up and heads back to work. She bumps into Rafe. "Hello, Fay. I need to ask a few questions about your daughter."

Nicole gives Marco Baker's address, "Go do whatever you do."

Marco asks, "You want me to take him out? Whack him?"

Nicole asks, "Can't you just put him under house arrest?"

"Do you want me to read him his rights," asks Marco.

"No," says Nicole, "Just keep him there until you hear from me." Somewhat disgusted Marco leaves to carry out his mission. Nicole says, "Sorry, Dick. You shoulda stayed dead." Brady shows up.

Baker gets a call from his old pal, "Charlie, Your timing is impeccable."

Ciara tells Bo the wallets belong to Roman, Abe and Justin. She wonders why Mommy had those wallets. Bo dunno, but you betcha he will find out.

Hopeless prepares for her dastardly deed, "Brady, You are a dead man. I know. I've slept with you."

Twinkie shows up and Bo pawns off Ciara. They leave and Justin calls wanting to talk about Hope.

Hopeless slinks around the DiMera mansion den. She picks up a letter opener as Vivian walks in, "Hope, I know you're angry with me..."

Hopeless interrupts, "No I'm not. Carly tried to poison my mind but it didn't work."

Vivian rants about Carly stabbing Lawrence and says she knows Bo hates her, "You need to stop Carly."

"I know what I need to do," says Hopeless.

Sami bawls. Dejected-rejected EJ thinks he may have misjudged the situation. Sami blithers and tells him she knows she wouldn't have made it through the last few months without him. EJ figures he should have dragged her back to his cave by her hair.

"I care about you," says Sami.

EJ consults the Guy Manual, "If you have asked her to marry you, and her response is 'I care about you,' listen very carefully to the next word out of her mouth. If it is 'but,' you have about as much chance of getting her to the altar as her sister."

Sami continues, "But a part of me still has feelings for Rafe. I can't say yes while that is true. I'm sorry." She runs off. Get the girl some junior high guidance counseling.

Brady asks who the guy was. Nicole says a news station messenger. She cooks up a story why he was there, "What are you doing here?"


"You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet," says Nicole.

Bo joins Justin at the pub. Justin is concerned about Hope, "It's like she's two different people."

"She's different, all right," says Bo.

Hope says Bo has nothing to fear from Carly. Vivian is delighted to hear that. Hope says she thinks Carly had a case for killing Lawrence, though, "There are a lot of women out there just like Carly. If you don't want to end up like me stop obsessing over dead Lawrence and keep an eye on your live husband." She walks off.

Maggie puts the finishing touches on a cake. Vivian shows up at the door. Maggie asks, "Did something happen to Victor?"

"Yes," says Vivian, "You."

Brady continues to do Nicole. She pushes away, "I'm glad to see you. But this place..."

Brady asks, "Do I look like I'm concerned about the place? I've been thinking and remembering. I want to give it a shot. You are the hottest former grandma I've ever had."

Nicole asks, "So things with you and Arianna are really over?"

"You are the one," says Brady.

"The one," asks Nicole, "What does that mean?"

"It means I'm horny and you're easy." Nicole is stunned.

Rafe sits with Fay and asks for honest answers. Fay begs off. She says she has to get back to work and leaves. Rafe calls Timbo and tells him he found Fay.

EJ chases Sami into the rumpus room. They repeat the last scene pretty much word-for-word with Sami continuing to toss rejection after rejection and EJ whimpering after her like he's a lost puppy and she's a Milk Bone. EJ decides this is a good thing because they are finally being honest with each other, "I'm honestly following you around the room leaving a trail of drool and you're honestly rejecting me. I know Rafe is in your head, but I don't accept it will always be that way."

"I'm in love with him," says Sami, "I'm not going to tell you I'll marry you while I still have feelings for someone else."

"But you love me, too," says EJ. I see it in your eyes."

"My feelings are confused," says Sami. Not as confused as she is, though.

"But we have changed," says Mr. Desperate. Changed yes. Matured no. Sami wonders what about all the horrible things she has done. "I've done horrible things myself," says EJ, "See — we're compatible!" The slobbering mass of desperation begs for a chance.

Rafe uses his advanced algebra skills to guess Fay's locker combination. He sneaks into the locker, looks at the contents and pulls out a big envelope.

Brady says he hopes he didn't come on a little strong. Nicole says, "That's not it. It's just that I can't believe you're here and you're not here because I messed up."

"I'm here because I love you." Nicole dives in for some looovvvveeee...

Hopeless is at her Bo's house, "If at first you do not succeed..." She looks at herself in a mirror, "Not my best look. It'll have to do. She calls Bo and tells him she's at the house and needs to talk to him about Ciara. Bo is on his way. Hopeless gets off the phone, "I'll be waiting. Oh, yes I will." She pulls out her official, special edition Carly Manning butcher knife.

Sami continues to blubber, "I can't marry you until I'm 100% certain. And I'm not." 100% Certain — no. 100% off her unstable rocker — yes.

Bo tells Justin he's off to talk to Hope. He leaves. Justin sighs.

Hopeless calls Baker. She lectures him for calling 911 after her botched imm-Bo-lation. She says she'll be taking off soon and thanks him for his loyalty. He suggests one last drink before she goes. "No time," says Hopeless, "This has to be goodbye." She cuts off the call.

Vivian says she's concerned for Maggie. She scolds her for making a pass at Victor.

Hopeless plants the knife in a cushion. Bo arrives.

Santeen music plays as EJ tries to make Sami take the ring, "I have no use for it. I don't care what you do with it. Put it in a sock."

Sami has a better idea, "Put a sock in it. It's a gorgeous ring."

EJ says he got it in London, "This wasn't an impulse. I love you." He puts the ring in her hand, "You are the love of my life. If you will have me, I will promise to be the best husband and love you more than anything."

Sami turns the waterworks on again, "I don't know what to say."

Johnny watches, "Why she Mommy crying?"

Rafe opens the envelope. It appears to be empty, "Dammit!" Fay comes back as he shuts the locker. Fay asks, "Want a cup of lousy coffee?"

"With an offer like that how can I refuse?" He notices Fay is shaking and asks if she's nervous. Fay says if Nicole is in trouble she is nervous. He tells her Nicole is mixed up with EJ again.

"EJ," repeats Fay, "Nicole always ends up with the fuzzy end of the lump." Rafe asks if she's been in contact with Nicole lately.

Brady certainly is in contact with her...

Johnny the bum finds Baker. He hands him a wad-o-cash, "That filly you bet paid 50 - 1. Maybe now that you're flush, you can come back to the poker table."

"I've been hanging around Hope and Nicole," says Baker, "I'm not flush, I'm flushed. And I'm leaving for good."

Bo says he thinks something is terribly wrong with Hope, "I need to take action. Things can't stay the way they are."

"And they shouldn't," says Hopeless, "Everything that's wrong, you caused it. All of it."

Chloe's absence from the show for the past few days is explained by the fact that she is off studying for her paternity test.

Maggie insists she's not throwing herself at Victor. She says she doesn't know why Victor is hanging around, but insists they are just friends, "You wouldn’t know about that, because you don't have any."

Sami insists she wasn't crying because she was sad. Johnny asks, "Does that mean you're getting married?" Sami and EJ exchange a look.

Fay says she hasn't had significant contact with Nicole. Rafe thinks she's holding out on him. "There is one more thing," says Fay.

Bo asks about Ciara. Hopeless says she just made that up to get him there. "Lovely home... Memories... I could have asked you to come to Victor's but this is the perfect place to put a period at the end of the sentence. It's time for us to say goodbye."

"Break out the champagne," says Bo.

Vivian and Maggie argue. Vivian shouts, "Leave Victor alone or you'll be sorry."

Maggie gives her intelligent, well-considered response, "BITE ME!"

Vivian leaves. Outside, she mumbles, "Poor choice of words. My bite is worse than my bark."

Sami wants to know if EJ and Johnny have talked about the possibility of Sami marrying EJ. EJ turns to Johnny and says Mommy doesn't want to get married right now. "But it would be awesome," says Johnny. EJ assures Johnny even though they aren't getting married, it will be just the same.

Rafe says, "You can tell me. I swear it will be better for Nicole."

"She made me swear not to tell anyone," says Fay. Smooth-talking Rafe convinces her to open up. "Nicky sent me an envelope and told me to guard what was inside with my life."

Rafe asks, "Does that mean you know what's inside."

Well, Nicole certainly knows what's been inside, "Things will be different now." She reminds Brady he said he loved her. Brady thinks things will be good for them from now on.

Marco waits, "Dr. Baker, why are you late."

Baker sits outside and writes a letter to Hope telling her he's had a windfall and is taking off, "Just so you know, I'll always love you."

Bo wants to know what kind of goodbye this is. Hope rants about Carly moving into his bed. "You're scaring me," says Bo, "I don't want you to hurt yourself."

"I won't hurt myself," says Hopeless, she pulls out her Marlena Evans Salem Serial Killer Limited Edition butcher knife, "It's you. On behalf of women everywhere. Goodbye, Bo Brady."


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Fish Are Passive

Sami is at the bar with Caroline. Caroline says she won't try to change Sami's mind about marrying EJ. Sami does what she can to talk Caroline into it.

EJ is on the phone, "I want it to be a total surprise."

Rafe is with his partner Whatshisface. They talk about the case and then suddenly, Rafe sees something important on his computer, "WOW! Prevuze wants to be my friend on Facebook!"

"I was friends with Prevuze on Facebook," says Whatshisface, "But got unfriended for sending all that Farmville crap."

Nicole pulls a disc out of her bag and remembers going to the locker and getting it... one step ahead of Rafe. She was a little slow that day. Usually she's a mile ahead of him. She gets a phone call and thinks it's Baker, "What? Are you in jail?" Oops. It's not Baker. It's Fay."

Bo is with Theo at the cop-shop. Theo tells him Ciara's mommy had wallets, "They were her treasures." Abe comes in and Bo says he's worried about Hope.

Carly talks about Hope's roller-coaster behavior. Vivian walks up and accuses Carly of trying to murder Bo. Carly sneers, "Vivian, grownups are talking here."

Vivian keeps it up. She hits pay-dirt about Hope when she observes, "There are women who see their man around another woman and simply kill them."

Bo tells Abe about the wallets. Abe says he already knows. Bo says Ciara got them from Hope. Bo wants a private conversation with Abe, so he sends Theo to draw pictures. Abe gets jealous and wants a coloring book, too. "OK," says Bo, "I'm not gonna freak out. I'm sure there is a logical explanation." He decides to talk to Ciara.

Vivian rambles on about Carly's shenanigans. Carly cuts her off, "That's enough! Stop it! Stop it!"

Sami goes on begging Caroline to make her important life-changing decisions for her like adolescents often do. (My apologies for insulting adolescents everywhere) Caroline gets frustrated. Sami pulls out the whinerator, "Grandma, I'm confused."

"You're not just confused," says Caroline, "You parked your head and forgot where you left it. You certainly didn't sound confused when you said you loved Rafe."

"That's the problem," says Sami, "When I'm not confused is when it really confuses me."

Caroline asks, "Do you love EJ?" Sami hangs her head. Caroline is about ready to head for the nearest cliff just to end the pain. She'll have to stand behind a lot of viewers. She blurts, "If you don't love him tell him you don't want to marry him and then please God we can talk about something else?"

"Not if the blonde bimbo is involved in the conversation," says God.

Rafe sees an address he remembers. Marshal Dillon heads for Dodge. He tells his man Chester to hold down the fort.

Faye wants to know why someone got arrested. Nicole says she's working with at-risk teens and hangs up. She calls someone — guess who — and says they need to meet.

Carly suggests Vivian get out of town. Hope backs her up, "Get away before I do something I shouldn't."

Vivian tells hope, "If you trust her you could wind up with a knife in your belly." She leaves. Hope says she knows Carly didn't try to hurt Bo, "I know you have an alibi, but the way Vivian described the perp... it felt right."

Hope and Carly take it to the den. Hope serves tea and they seem to have declared a truce. Hope says she thinks Carly killing Lawrence was self defense, but what happened to Bo was nothing like that. Carly says Lawrence was cruel, but Bo isn't, "Or maybe you have a different view."

"Yes," says Hope, "I see everything from above him while I'm flying around on my broom. But Bo didn't... deliberately set out to hurt me."

"But he did hurt you," says Carly.

Bo is with Twinkie the cop turned babysitter at Ciara's camp. She says Ciara seems really happy with all the kids. Bo pays her. The Twinkster says, "You could have given this directly to my landlord. I'm a little behind."

"There's nothin' little about your..." Bo cuts himself off and says he will try to make sure she gets more hours at the station. Twinkie leaves and Ciara comes up. Bo asks about Ciara's mommy and her treasures.

Obstinate Ciara yells, "I won't talk about it and you can't make me!"

Nervous Doc Baker sits in his apartment, "I can't live like this." He flashes back to his call to Nicole and then to his last conversation with Hope. "You can't go. She needs you. Sigh."

Nicole meets EJ at the pier, "I want you to do something for me but you can't ask what."

EJ looks that statement up in the Guy Manual, "We have no idea what it means except that you are definitely talking to a woman."

Rafe wants off the wait-list so he can get on a plane that is already overbooked, "I'm a federal agent!"

"Thank God I'm Canadian," says the operator, "because I just hate to see the federal government waste good money." J. Edgar Loser gets exactly what he had before he played the 'federal agent' card — a morning flight.

Caroline thinks Sami doesn't seem happy. The great paradox is the only time Sami is happy is when she's unhappy. "I don't know if Rafe knows I exist."

Caroline says Rafe has a job to do, "To marry EJ as a consolation prize... that's no fair. If you'll excuse me, I have to go add the salmonella to tomorrow's chowdah."

Pub Guarantee: "We will gladly replace any inedible meal with food of of equal quality."

Sami turns to leave the pub and bumps into — guess who — Rafe.

Bo tires to convince Ciara to tell him about the treasures. Mentally, he's out of his league. He tells her he knows the treasures are wallets. He apologizes for not believing her before, "I think your mommy might need my help."

Ciara negotiates, "If I help you will you promise you and Mommy won't get divorced?"

Hope asks if Carly knew she was going to kill Lawrence before she butchered him. Carly evades. Hope says whoever tried to kill Bo had a plan. Carly says her killing Lawrence wasn't premeditated. Hope asks if she has regrets. Carly stares.

EJ tells Nicole, "Don't push me, all right?"

"All right," says Nicole, "But only because there is no cliff around here." Nicole reminds him he could be headed for prison. EJ says he's not giving her any more money. Nicole don' wan' no stinkin' money, "I need Marco for a while."

Rafe and Sami share an uncomfortable moment. They yammer about Johnny and the fingerprint machine. Rafe sends his love to the kids and tells Sami, "I miss you, too." He invites her to stay for coffee.

Sami is overjoyed, "That would be great, I... uh... have something to tell you. It's about me and EJ." They find a table. Sami stammers. She finally starts to tell him but Rafe gets a call and leaves to take it. Sami grits her teeth, "Some things never change."

EJ agrees to have Marco meet Nicole at her place. Nicole gives him a nasty 'thank you' and strolls off. EJ makes a call, "I'm ready. Bring it to the pier."

Baker packs. He remembers Hope telling him where her husband lived and that he left her, "He traded me in for a newer model."

"Things will get worse," says Baker, "A lot worse."

Carly says she was desperate and had to protect her daughter, so she sliced and diced. She thinks that saved her life and her daughter's.

Rafe comes back to the table. Sami stews like tomorrow's chowdah. Rafe asks what she was going to tell him. Sami hesitates and reminds him he's too busy for her and couldn't even silence his phone. Rafe whines, "Oh, give me a break." Perhaps Rafe should silence himself.

Sami 'splodes, "I will! A permanent one! Your calls are more important than anything else. I don't want to be part of your case load."

"Tell me what you do want," asks the blind man.

Carly says she still needs to find a justification for what she did, "But in the end, here in Salem we can rationalize any action, no matter how despicable." Hope thinks what Carly did was brave, "You're a regular Joan of Arc the way you carved the bowels out of an unarmed man." She tells Carly she needs some sleep. Carly leaves.

Rafe doesn't know when to quit, "Part of my case load... what does that mean?"

Rafe is lucky she doesn't have Carly's knife handy, "For one thing I would like to be more important than that call! His phone rings. Defiant Rafe answers. At least he controls himself and doesn't stick his tongue out at her. "Fantastic," screams Sami. Rafe tells her he has to go. "A pleasure," she yells, "I can't wait to do this again."

Brainiac has a great comeback, "Give my best to EJ and your other DiMera roomies."

Sami nukes...


Outside, Rafe mumbles to himself, "I'm not saying anything to her until I find out what Nicole has on EJ." I see. So he'll find out about the time the weather report in hell calls for a hard freeze. He walks off. He actually kind of waddles. It's hard to walk with your head up your...

Bo says he can't say what will happen with him and Hope, but needs Ciara to tell him the truth. She tells him the treasures were wallets. He asks if she got them from Mommy.

Mother Hubbard Hope digs for her pills but but the cupboard, a.k.a her purse, is bare. She finally finds one, "Oh, thank God! I'll call the doctor first thing in the morning." She swills the pill.

Ciara tells Bo her mommy had the wallets under her bed, but now they are gone. Bo hugs her and says he believes her, "Do you know who the wallets belonged to?"

Carly finds Vivian at the pub. She demands, "Never pull Hope into our crap again! She has been through too much."

"What Hope has been through," says Vivian, "is you doing her husband."

Carly threatens, "If you don't back off Victor and I will throw you out of town on your bony little ass!"

Baker waffles, "Leaving is the only sensible thing to do. Guess I'm stickin' around until tomorrow."

Marco comes to Nicole's hovel. Nicole hands him a picture, "I want you to pay this guy a visit."

Sami walks up to the pier. She stops and nearly chokes when she finds Dork-J fishing and wearing a doofus cap with lures stuck in it. Sami's choking turns into a laughing fit. EJ, looking for all the world like Mortimer Snerd with a fishing pole, says he thought this would be fun to do together. He has brought Sami a pole, "I don't have any bait so I'm using foie gras for bait."

"And for brains," says Sami. Sami takes his dunce cap off.

EJ says he wants to show her he can be a regular kind of... dork, "Oh, look, you have a bite."

"That's one more bite than you have clues," says Sami. She looks out at her line, "I don't have a bite. When the fish bites, you know... like you get a tug on the line."

"Some fish are passive," says EJ, "Reel it in." Sami reels. EJ grabs the hook and takes a ring off of it. He takes a knee. Sami whimpers.

Vivian keeps taunting Carly who leaves, "Leave Daniel alone."

Vivian watches her go, "Hmmm.. I must've touched a nerve." Vivian leaves.

Ciara says the wallets belonged to Uncle Roman, Uncle Justin and Uncle Abe.

Bo asks, "You're absolutely sure?"

Ciara is sure, "Why did Mommy have them?"

Bo dunno, "But I'm gonna find out."

Hope sleeps. Hope wakes, "That's refreshing. Thank you Carly. It helped me more than I can say." She gets up.

Nicole gives Marco the address, "Do whatever it is you do."

"It helps to know the guys name," says Marco.

"Baker," says Nicole, "Dr. Richard Baker."

Fay gets up to go back to work. She bumps into Rafe, "Hello Fay. I have a few questions... about your daughter." He flashes his FBI card.

EJ puts the ring on Sami's finger. Sami says, "I thought you said we would wait."

"I was going to," says EJ, "and then when you asked to come and live in the mansion with me I realized something had changed. Something I never allowed myself to hope would happen. I love you. I've always loved you. I could never fully describe the place you hold in my heart. I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives loving you and our children so I am asking you to let me love you. Will you marry me?


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


EJ and Sami are in the chambre de la rumpusant. Sami tells him Johnny said he wants to tell the judge he loves his daddy more than his mommy. EJ says Johnny told him the exact opposite. Sami thinks Johnny is confused. It's in his genes. EJ says, "This joint custody thing isn't working out. When we are married..."

Sami cuts him off, "What did you say?"

"It just came out," says EJ.

"You said when we are married," gasps Sami.

EJ asks, "You mean you haven't thought about that?"

Nicole is on the phone asking the bank when she can withdraw the money. She discovers she can withdraw it anytime. She gets off the phone, "Well, now I can plan to live the way a lady should." That was no lady, that was Nicole. She heads out.

Brady recognizes Baker at the pier. Baker bolts. Brady snorts, "SOB!" And the chase is on.

Carly, Bo and Hope are in the living room of Bo and Hope's house. Carly relaxes Bo and asks him what happened when he came home. Hope watches. Bo remembers.

Sami says she hasn't thought about marriage, "We'd be better off laying down on train tracks and seeing what happened."

EJ asks, "Think it through."

Sami hesitates for a nanosecond, "There, I thought it through."

EJ makes a pitch. Sami gasps, "EJ, are you proposing?"

Nicole finds Brady who is huffin' and puffin'. Apparently butterball Baker can outrun buff Brady. Brady tires to catch his breath, "I saw your old partner in crime."

Nicole beats Prevuze to the punch, "Which crime?" She asks who.


Bo turns and gives Hope the look of Satan.

Brady and Nicole have gone inside the pub. Nicole says Baker is dead. Brady insists not. He tells her about Baker running when Brady recognized him. Nicole wonders if Baker might be leaving town. Brady says he hopes not, "Because Baker was in on everything. He hurt Sami just like you did. He was blackmailing you. The guy has to pay. He has to go down."

Stefano shows up at the cop-shop. He finds Abe and Theo. Abe says he is taking Theo to the baseball game and stopped by to check things out. The mayor is a micromanager. Stefano and Abe talk about the attack on Bo. Stefano says Abe will be happy to know the cops called him about it and he came down without any objection and he gave them an alibi. Theo asks what that means. Stef explains what an alibi is. He explains it to Theo, too. He tells Theo to have his mother take him to the DiMera mansion soon and he can play with Giovanni and Sydney, "They are now living with us."

EJ says he isn't proposing. Sami is relieved. "I know you're not ready for marriage," says EJ, "even though you're quickly approaching middle age, but recognize we live here and our children are happier than ever. Especially the unhappy, tantrum-throwing little brat Johnny." He tells Sami he's happy with things if she is, "If we're both comfortable maybe we shouldn't fix what's not broken." Sami thinks that's for the best. EJ continues to press, "If someday we get married, so be it." Sami says she's good with the way things are now. EJ vows, "Just so you know... if I ask you to marry me, you will know."

Vivian finds Victor drinking. She asks if everything is OK. Victor scowls, "For all I know you are the one who tried to kill Bo."

Hope asks if something is wrong. Bo gives Hope the look of death. Carly continues to theraperize. "I smelled gas," says Bo, "I think... I saw..." He turns and gives Hope the Wild-Man from Tajikistan hairy eyeball.

EJ repeats that there will be no mistake when he proposes. He walks over and sits down beside her, "I'll wait until the time is right." He takes her hand, "I'll take your hand, look you in the eye, and I'll be in front of you and I'll look up at you. I'll ask if you'll have me and I'll tell you how much I love you. And how I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together."

Vivian says if she were going to murder someone she would be more efficient. Victor says he knows she has an alibi because he's watching her every move. Vivian is indignant that Victor is watching her, "I made an oath — our wedding vow — to protect your family and to love you. It's true."

Victor shouts, "Bullfeathers! The last time you told the truth Jimmy Carter was in the White House. And there is no room for love in this marriage."

Vivian says, "I get it. This is about Maggie Horton, isn't it?"

"I saw Ciara," says Bo, "At Victor's. Don't know what we talked about. Important. Don't know what happened. Hope... it was about Hope."

Sami releases her hand, "Well I'm glad you're not proposing because we're not ready."

"Right," says EJ, "We should wait and see." He goes back to the chair of rejection. "We wouldn't want to act solely on our feelings, would we? We should wait until we are positive."

"Why were you talking about this," asks Sami. She leaves.

Brady wonders why Nicole is shaking. She says because the whole thing is scary. Brady insists Baker has no leverage and can't hurt anyone. Nicole gets a call. Baker booms, "Hey sweetcheeks, we got a problem."

Hope asks, "What a bout me? Why were you talking about me?"

"You were gone," stammers Bo, "Only Ciara..." Bo says he thinks he left after talking to Ciara and came home. Carly asks if he had anything to eat or drink. Bo seems to remember, "I think..."

Hope cuts him off...


"What's the matter," asks Carly. Hope says it's too much stress for Bo. She answers the knock at the door to find Caroline. Caroline comes in, looks at Hope and then looks at Carly. She marvels at the scientific miracle, "Matter and anti-matter occupying the same space and there hasn't been an explosion big enough to annihilate the earth. What are you both doing here?"

Then Caroline looks at catatonic Bo, "Are you all right?"

Nicole talks on the phone, "Jane, I can't talk right now."

Baker says, "Your boytoy saw me."

"I know," says Nicole.

"Don't tell me," says Baker, "He's with you right now."

"Yeah," says Nicole, "Just do what I told you to do." She gets off the phone and looks at Brady, "That woman is a pea brain."

"She must be the smartest woman in Salem," says Brady, "But I don't recall a Jane. Is she new at the station?"

"And soon to be out the door," says Nicole, "I have to go deal with this." Nicole scoots.

Brady sits alone, "I don't like this." He follows. Maybe he'll have better luck catching Nicole than he did with Baker.

Vivian taunts, "Maggie shut you down, didn't she?" He refuses to talk to Vivian about Mags. "That means yes," says Vivian, "So obviously the widow Horton is smarter than I thought. Victor reminds her their marriage is a business arrangement and storms out.

Bo insists he's fine. Carly says he remembered a few things. Caroline wonders if this is the time to interrogate him. Bo says this was his idea. Caroline gets upset and runs out. Bo asks, "What is up with her?"

Hope says she's upset because no one let her know Bo was in the hospital. Hope says she has to go and make sure Ciara has everything for her camping trip. She asks Carly to have no more sessions unless she's present. She leaves. Carly tells Bo she's scared because someone is still out there. Bo wants to go to the station. Carly refuses to let him leave.

Caroline works at the bar in the pub. Dejected Sami comes in. Caroline jokes, "What's EJ done now? Did he ask you to marry him or something?" Sami stares. Caroline backs off, "I was kidding... you didn't say yes, did you?"

"I didn't say anything," says Sami, "I don't know what I'm supposed to do."

"Yes, I know how to shut up. I just don't know when." - Chloe Lane

Stefano finds EJ looking at a picture of himself, Sami and the kids, "That's a beautiful family, if we could erase the blonde in the middle."

EJ breaks the news, "Samantha has agreed to live here permanently."

Stefano is one step ahead of him, "I knew she would after I saw the advertisement for the townhouse. Samantha Brady is easy to figure out — Whatever it takes to live rent free."

EJ disagrees, "She is choosing to live here because of the children."

"She is choosing to live here because she is a child," says Stefano.

"Whatever you say," says EJ, "Oh... there is one small thing I would like to mention. I intend on marrying her."

Bo argues with Carly, "I love you, and I will call." He leaves.

Exasperated Carly sighs, "Fine! If he won't listen to me maybe he'll listen to someone else." She leaves.

Baker calls Hope.

Brady catches Nicole at the pier. He says when he told her about Baker she jumped out of her skin and he wants to know what's going on. "OK," says Nicole, "you may as well know... This is about Baker."

Hope doesn't understand, "I'm sorry... who is this?"

Baker says, "I just want you to know some SOB spotted me."

Hope asks, "Who are you calling?" Baker disconnects. "Hello?"

The doorbell rings. Hope turns and answers it to find Carly, "I need a favor. It's about Bo. I know you still care about him."

Sami says, "I know you will say I don't have a brain and I'm an idiot."

"Certainly not," says Caroline, "That would be an insult to brainless idiots everywhere. But why do you look so unhappy?"

"Because I don't know what to do," whines the thirtysomething with the maturity of a zerosomething, "EJ is so good to me and my kids, but I'm still in love with Rafe."

Out in the audience, the Safes stop just short of biting down on their cyanide capsules.

Stefano rants about Sami, "Nobody in his right mind would willingly walk into hell. Why would you marry this viper?" He spews Italian. EJ says his mind is made up.

Stefano gives up, "May God have mercy on your soul."

Hope snorts, "I care, eh? So now you're telling me how I feel?"

Carly asks Hope to speak to Bo, "He thinks rest is for sissies."

"Bo's no sissy," says Hope, "No sissy could stand to be married to me for all those years."

"I can't get through to him," says Carly. Hope says she will try even though Bo doesn't listen any more.

Bo arrives at the station and greets Theo and Abe. Abe wonders why Bo is out of the hospital. Bo insists he's fine. Abe says they're going to take in the Generals game, "They're playing the Cougars from Ohio."

"A women's team," asks Bo. He tells Theo he carries a ticket from a World Series game around with him and gets in his wallet to find it. It's not there. Another day, another crisis. Abe gets a call and leaves to take it, sticking Bo with the kid.


Bo asks, "Ciara's treasures are wallets?"

Caroline says if Sami is still in love with Rafe she doesn't know why she's thinking about marriage. Because Sami is about one wave short of a shipwreck. Sami says it's because she has no future with Rafe and wants what's best for her kids. She says there is a connection between her and EJ, too. Caroline wonders if Sami will get over Rafe. Sami guesses she has to eventually and thinks it will be different with EJ this time. "So marry him," shouts Caroline. Caroline doesn't exactly have both oars in the water, either.

Nicole continues to lie about 'Jane' and says the phone call didn't have anything to do with Baker. Brady wants to know why Nicole was so upset, then. She says knowing Baker was in town just got to her. She hopes Baker left town. Brady hopes the cops get him. Nicole says she wants that too and leaves. Brady stares.

Carly doesn't get it, "One minute you're trashing my relationship with Bo and the next you're telling me we're OK." Vivian finds them.

Theo says, "Treasures from Mommy are wallets!"

Bo asks, "Ciara's mommy?"


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Woman Hates Me And She's Nuts

Bo is in his hospital room packing. Carly comes in and tells him he can't leave. Bo ain' wastin' no time to find out who did this to him. Carly wonders if he has a death wish. "Take a look at the women in my life," says Bo, "and figure that one out for yourself."

Hope is at the cop-shop. Justin finds her. Hope worries how it would have affected Ciara if she had lost her daddy, "She would never get over that." Justin vows to find whomever did this.


He flashes back to his argument with Hope, "The woman hates me and she's nuts... so why can't I get her out of my mind?" Perhaps Hope isn't the only one who is nuts.

EJ is on the phone with Nicole. Nicole is coy and makes him guess what she wants. EJ gets cranky. Nicole stops playing games and says she wants cash.

Rafe decodes, "These are numbers." Look out, bad guys, the FBI has Rafe Hernandez, the guy who can figure out that numbers are... uh... numbers. "They may represent locations," says Sherlock, "Whatever this is, it must be seriously incriminating. It's all over EJ. Thanks to Nicole I gotcha."

Rafe's compadre walks into the office and Rafe tells him he thinks it's a locker number. He says he thinks Nicole is blackmailing EJ. The guy asks, "When you save Sami from EJ, then what?"

"We'll just have to see," says Rafe. Sami interrupts as she bustles in with hyperactive Johnny wearing the FBI jacket. Rafe's partner sees the jacket and says he hates to do it, but reports Rafe for unauthorized use of FBI materials.

EJ warns Nicole, "The first rule of a good hand is not to overplay it. I can ruin things for you and Brady just as easily as you can ruin things for Samantha and me." Nicole insists she isn't scared of him.

Carly blocks Bo from leaving. He reminds her he has a personal physician at home, "So let's go home and play doctor." Carly stops him. Victor walks in, "Hell has frozen over. For once Carly and I agree on something. You can't go home."

Justin says he cares about Hope and wants her to lean on him. Among other things. Hope worries, "I just can't figure out who would want to do something so evil to that two-timing, cheating ratfink Bo."

Sami wonders if she's interrupted and should leave. Rafe says it's always good to see Sami and Johnny. Sami says Johnny is there because he wants to take a picture of the fingerprint machine to show and tell. That's fine with Rafe, "But I think he should just take the machine itself. It only weighs 40 pounds and Johnny can handle that." Johnny bends his arm and makes a muscle. "Look at those guns," says Rafe. We pan in on a headshot of Rafe — his muscle.

Brady is with Maggie in her kitchen. Mags warns him that according to his body the drug they slipped him was a relapse. Brady understands. Maggie says they also need to talk about Nicole.

EJ answers the door to find Nicole. She says this is his last chance. EJ reminds her, "I want something from you and you want something from me and I have something on you and you have something on me. Things should work out."

Victor asks for a word alone with Bo. Carly leaves and Victor asks if there is a Lawrence Alamain connection with this. Bo says there isn't. Victor threatens, "Whoever did this will be sorry he was ever born."

Hope continues to fret. And snivel. And whine. Justin steps up for support, "I'm here because I want to (say it with him) be here for you. I will help in any way possible." Hope thinks that's sweet, but says what she needs is time and space. Justin doesn't get it, "I thought you wanted us to spend more time together."

"What gave you that impression," asks Hope.

Justin reminds her, "The kiss."


Brady wonders why Nicole is an issue. Maggie says she has proven how far she will go to snare him. She begs him not to let Nicole fool him, "But you're too smart to fall for her tricks, right?"

Nicole fixes herself a drink in the rumpus room. EJ recaps what they both want and what they have on each other. He says they really have no power over each other. Nicole thinks that isn't true because he can't really prove she framed Arianna, "So fork over the money."

"I will," says EJ, "One time. But if those tapes ever turn up, I'll kill you."

"You're such a buzz kill," mocks Nicole, "Don't fret big boy it's all under control."

Sami and Rafe are together in his office as Johnny is off watching G-Men rubber hose suspects in the interrogation room. Sami wants to talk. Rafe brushes her off. Dejected Sami asks, "You mean you don't have two minutes for a friend?"

"I'm busy," says Rafe, "Busy doing this for you."

"For me?"

"No, the other you," says Rafe, "You have 127 personalities. Pick one and I'll do it for her."

EJ and Nicole come out into the foyer and Nicole hears Sydney crying. She wonders if anyone will get her. EJ says Mary is up there and Sydney stops crying. Nicole is shaken. EJ asks, "You still miss her, don't you?"

Nicole whines, "If there is one thing I am sure about it's that I love my... Sydney with all my heart."

"I don't doubt it," says EJ, "But it can't be a lot of love since you don't have a heart."

Nicole asks, "But you don't? That was all an act?" EJ shows her by going upstairs to take care of his daughter. Nicole leaves.

Sami wonders why Rafe is throwing her out. He insists he isn't. Sami doesn't understand. She reminds him he said he wants a relationship with her kids. He says he does, but doesn't think EJ wants him hanging around, "You gotta make a choice. You can't have it both ways." Sami stomps out.

Hope stammers around and reminds Justin they kissed because they were covering up what they were up to in the Kiriakis mansion. Justin says he isn't talking about that kiss, "It was just the other night." Hope says she has been honest with him from the beginning and may never be ready to move on. She leaves. Justin stares.

Carly and Bo arrive at Bo and Hope's house still bickering. Bo says she has to find the person who did this to him. Suddenly, he stops and holds his head. Carly asks if he remembers something.

Maggie says she hopes Brady doesn't still trust Nicole. He says no. She asks if Brady loves Nicole. He says no, "But I believe she is trying to become a better person."

"She certainly couldn't become a worse one," says Maggie. She tosses warnings about Nicole.

Brady says he gets it. His phone rings. Brady looks at the caller-ID, "I have to get this. I'll just tell... this person... to call back."

"Yeah," snorts Maggie, "That person."

Brady walks away and takes the call from Nicole, "I can't talk right now."

Sami and Johnny arrive at the DiMera mansion. Johnny is being nasty. He wants to continue wearing his FBI jacket. Sami tells him it's too warm there in the air conditioning after he's had it on outside in the 95° heat. EJ comes in. After a few false starts with EJ telling Johnny 'yes' and Sami telling him 'no,' EJ lays down the law, "If Mommy says 'no' it means 'no.' Take it from me. She's told me 'no' a thousand times."

Johnny tantrumizes, "SHE ALWAYS SAYS NO! SHE'S MEAN!" He runs off EJ chases.

Hope is back at Bo and Hope's house on the phone and finds out the crack Salem investigation team didn't check the shed. She runs out to the shed, otherwise known as Bo's doghouse.

Bo says his head hurts. Carly gives him a back rub to relax him. She suggests he lie down. Bo stretches out on the couch. Carly suggests some relaxation techniques she knows. Hope walks in as Bo and Carly the Geisha technique away. Stares.

Brady suggests lunch and says he will call. He gets off the phone. Maggie sneers, "Let me guess... Nicole."

Brady asks, "Can we stop talking about her? Or, better yet, can you mind your own business?"

"No," says the town busybody, "Because I care about you. I need to give you some advice. You've been acting strange. You're being evasive. You have trouble looking me in the eye. It's not the Brady I know. Am I off base?"

A knock interrupts. Victor shows up. He says he's there to tell her Bo has been sprung from the hospital. She reminds him he could have called. "That's true," says Victor. He sees Brady, "Oh, I didn't know you had company."

Nicole and Baker talk on the phone. He says he's leaving town and wants money. Nicole says she would give it to him if she was sure he was never coming back, "Chew on this, Dick. I could end your life and no one would care. Keep lying low or lie on the ground... Dick."

Johnny runs up and apologizes to Sami. They make up and Johnny runs off to play. Sami wonders how EJ the miracle child worker accomplished that. EJ says it was nothing. He reassures Sami, "You're a wonderful mother. In your case, the more time you spend away from your kids, the better mother you are. With your track record of pawning them off on babysitters, you'll probably be Mother-of-the-Year."

Hope says she was just following up on Bo's case and didn't realize he would be home so soon. Bo tells her they thought being there would help him remember some things.

Brady leaves. Victor says he thinks he interrupted, "I should have been the one to leave."

Maggie grits her teeth, "Yes!"

"Tell me how you rally feel," says Vic.

"I'm worried about him," whines Maggie. Victor says Brady is lucky to have her in his life. Maggie thinks she blew it this time.

Nicole computes. She looks at her bank account, "OHHH-MYYY-GOD! I'm rich!"

Rafe is in a dingy locker room. He inserts a key into a locker. That's one of the things I love about this show. It lets us, the viewers, use our imagination. Like in this case, we get to imagine how Rafe came up with the key that fits the locker.

Bo says Hope should stay. Carly goes through the relaxation techniques — the ones she can do in front of Hope, anyway, "Place your hand on your chest and the other hand on your abdomen. Now, breathe... Slowly tense the muscles in your right foot. Now release the tension and focus on the tension flowing away."

"Gosh," says Bo, "My foot feels a lot better."

"Now," says Carly, "Think of a pleasurable memory."

Bo flashes back to being on the Fancy Face with Hope sailing around the world. Bo... Hope... The wind... The ocean... And the God-awful mullet.

Carly asks, "Did you take yourself back to that place?"


"And was Hope part of the picture?"


"Then you can stay there, you creep."

Maggie doesn't want Victor putting her on a pedestal. "That's where you belong," says Victor.

"And you belong somewhere else," she scolds, "You don't recall what I told you? About not coming over here?"

"No," says smarty-pants, "I don't remember at all."

"I guess I'll have to say it again," says Maggie, "You are a married man and not supposed to come here. Go home. To your lovely wife." Victor asks for a barf bag.

Since marrying Vivian I have a panic room in my house. I used to call it the bedroom.
-Victor Kiriakis

Brady walks past Baker at the dock and does a double take, "Baker?"

Rafe finds the locker empty. He slams the door and bangs his head into it. I hope he didn't hurt the locker. "Nicole you are one step ahead, but I'll get you. And you too EJ."

Sami thanks EJ for his compliments. EJ can't believe she has a hard time accepting compliments and knowing she is amazing. She says she's doing nothing more than taking care of her kids and paying the babysitters. She says she's had a tough day. EJ asks if she wants to talk about it. He wonders if Johnny said something that upset her. What doesn't upset her?

Sami whines, "Johnny said he wanted to talk to the judge and tell him that he loves his daddy more than his mommy..." EJ stifles laughter. Sami says, "And I don't know why you are smiling."

"He told me the exact opposite," chuckles EJ, "He said he hates his mommy more than he hates his daddy."

Sami doesn't believe it. EJ swears it happened. Sami concludes that Johnny is confused. Like mother like son. Heck, like parents like son. EJ says, "I suppose this joint custody thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. I suppose if we were married..."

Sami's eyes twinkle, "What? What did you say?"

EJ consults the Guy Manual. He looks at the section entitled, "How to back out gracefully if you have slipped up and said the dreaded M-Word."

Carly asks, "Where are you?"

Bo drones, "On the Fancy Face ready to sail around the world. With Hope."

Carly continues, "Be very careful how you answer the next few questions. Remember, I know how to handle a butcher knife. What do you see?"

"Nothing but blue," says Bo, "It's peaceful. Beautiful."

"How does that make you feel," asks Carly.

"The pain is gone. The memory of the Fancy Face and Hope made the pain go away."

"Excuse me while I get that butcher knife," says Carly.

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Monday, July 26, 2010


Phillip and Melanie tumble into Maggie's kitchen mauling each other. As they writhe around in a mass of quivering and pawing flesh, there is a knock at the door. They ignore it and continue their heaving and panting until the knocking gets loud enough that the neighbors start answering their doors. Melanie finally breaks it off and opens the door to find Chloe, She's looking for Daniel. "I think something's wrong."

"You're thinking," says Melanie, "That's what's wrong."

Daniel and Carly are together in the waiting room. She reports Bo is sleeping and is fine. She wonders why Daniel came to see her last night, "Something is making you unhappy."

Daniel stammers, "The reason is... It's all gone to hell with Chloe."

Nicole reads her diary... "01 06 1X FE 9B." OMG! Such language on a family show!

Rafe reads the same stuff, "I'll figure this out... today!"

Brady shows up at Nicole's dingy hovel.

Rafe studies the diary, "So Nicole is using code." The man is an investigative genius.

Arianna interrupts, "Is this a bad time."

"Yeah," says Rafe, "it is. Unless you own a Jack Bauer decoder ring."

Kate reads Madeline's obituary. Stefano lectures her for reading it over and over. Kate says she's just thinking about what Chad is going through. Stefano agrees it's tragic, "We barely know the boy. But for us the effect of her death was a good one. POOF! No more threat!"

Kate flashes back to the birth certificate. Chad phones her, "We need to talk... in person... ASAP!"

Kate checks her calendar, "Hmmm... As soon as possible... for me that would be in about five years."

Rafe is playing the strong silent type. Arianna pries.

Daniel says Chloe doesn't want to marry him, "We're having a kid and she's hesitating."

"That can't be it," says Carly.

"What does that mean," says Daniel, "If you know what this is about tell me."

Chloe says she and Daniel got into a fight and starts to go. Phillip suggests she might like to talk about it. Melanie decides to go check on Bo and leaves. Right... like she wouldn't want to stick around and hear what that's all about. Chloe comes in and tells Phillip things are getting messy because they don't know who the father is, "Daniel thinks something is wrong and he thinks I'm stalling because I don't love him. If it weren't for wrecking your life I would have come clean by now." OMG! The woman's a saint! "I don't think we can keep this a secret any more, Phillip."

"Sure we can," says Phillip, "Everyone has forgotten I have an artificial leg."

Stefano smooches Kate and says he has to go. He tears up the obituary, "Now Madeline is in the past, too. We dodged a bullet, yes?"

Kate isn't sure. Stefano says his heart doesn't go out to people who try to ruin him. He says he's not responsible for Chad and has no compassion for him or his buffoon of a father. Kate agrees to be just as cold and callous as Stefano. He isn't sure she's sincere, "It's time that you learn how the DiMeras deal with their enemies. We don't coddle them, we don't cry for them, we obliterate them." He leaves.

Rafe says this is classified FBI business and he can't tell her anything about what he's doing. Arianna reminds him he's bent the rules before, "This is about EJ, isn't it?"

Brady has a pot of flowers and gets cynical about the place Nicole is living in. They chat about her "cozy" place, then hug. Arianna asks if he really wants a fresh start. Brady asks, "Would I be here if I didn't?"

All this talk has made Nicole thirsty. She goes for a soda. Nosy ole Brady sees her diary and picks it up.

Carly insists Chloe loves Daniel. Daniel isn't sure. Carly gets a page and leaves. Daniel stares. It's scenes like that which keep us coming back to this show again and again.

Chloe and Phillip have apparently cooked something up. Chloe says she can't do that, "I can't add another lie to all this."

Phillip says if the baby is Daniel's things will work out, "This may feel wrong now but ultimately you'll know it's right. And if it doesn't work out, we'll do what we always do, romp our way to happiness. Just do what I said to do."

Kate answers the door to find Chad. She invites him in. Chad thanks her for reaching out right after Madeline died, especially with the way his father treated him, "You have been so kind to me."

Kate hopes he's not blaming himself for Madeline's death, "You merely caused her to fall. The concrete caused her death."

"Concrete doesn't kill people," says Chad, "People kill people. I am blaming myself for her death. I can't move on until I understand about her past."

Melanie arrives at the hospital and finds Carly. She says she's there to check on Bo. Carly gives her an update. Melanie says she just wants Carly to be happy. That means a lot to Carly. Melanie says Carly should be able to take that for granted since she's her mom, "How could I not care?"

"Because you aren't exactly the most caring person," says Carly, "Unless you are the one you're caring about."

Daniel gets back to his place. Chloe comes in and congratulates him for saving Bo's life. Daniel gives it an 'aw shucks.' Chloe says she's there to remind him how much she loves him and insists her wanting to wait to get married has nothing to do with not loving him, "I'll tell you why and you're not going to like it."

Arianna insists this is about EJ, "That's why you're acting weird."

"I'm not acting," says Rafe, "What if I can show you EJ is not the man you think he is?"

Nicole comes out and sees Brady with the diary. She rushes over and grabs it from him. Whew! Just in the Nic-ole of time. Wouldn't want him reading things like, "01 06 1X FE 9B."

Stefano is at the pub with Will. He's reading something in a folder and modest insecure Will tells him it's just a rough draft. Stefano says he's done a fine job and when the internship is completed he wants Will to work for him part time. Will thinks this is incredible, "I'll work my ass... I mean my head off."

"Same thing," says Stefano. Stefano says he knows Will is going to be a great asset to DiMera Enterprises. Will says he hasn't told his mom about his internship. He says he hates being secretive. Stefano says, Keeping secrets is sometimes a way to protect those we love."

Chad says , "I heard my mom was a 'working girl' — I guess that's a nice word for 'hooker.'"

Actually," says Kate, "It's a nice word for whore, prostitute, slut, tramp, streetwalker, play-for-pay girl..."

"I get the idea,"
says Chad, "I don't know if the truth will make me feel better but I'll be blunt. Your past isn't exactly a secret so I was hoping I could ask you if it's true."

Chloe says she's been an emotional wreck. Tell us something we don't know. She hates that, but can't fight it. She saw what the miscarriage did to Nicole and keeps being tortured by all the things that could go wrong with her own pregnancy, "I'm scared — really scared. I haven't told you because I thought you wouldn't understand and would try to talk me out of being worried."

So that's the big scheme Phillip drummed up for her?

"I shouldn't have let myself feel that way," says Daniel, "I was insecure and insensitive and dumber than a bait box full of dead worms."

"No," says Chloe, "You were confused, but you have to know how much I love you and want us to be a family. So can we please just wait a month?"

Okey-Dokes. "But I need something from you," says Daniel, "Always tell me what you are thinking."

"Usually I'm not," says Chloe. Hugs.

Brady wonders why Nicole is so upset. She says because it's her diary and it's private. Brady wants to know if he's in it. He grabs it and she grabs it back. Staredown.

Over at Salem elementary, little Susie has a diary. Little Johnny sees it and wonders if he's in it. Little Susie says it's her diary and it's private. Little Johnny grabs it. Little Susie grabs it back. Staredown.

Arianna says she knows EJ isn't perfect, "I haven't been living under a rock. Just in prison. He does have a heart you know... OK I get it. I'm in the minority because I don't think he's a monster."

"If you're thinking," says Rafe, "That's why you're in the minority."

Brady insists he was kidding. Nicole says, "I'm a little humor-challenged these days." Brady asks why. "I'm not sure," says Nicole, "Especially since you're such a good friend and have always (say it with her) been there for me."

Brady says he doesn't like the place She's living in and offers to help her find a better place. Nicole don' wan' no stinkin' help.

Daniel brings Chloe tea. She apologizes for not being totally honest before. That's just peachy with clueless Daniel. He tells her he has a meeting with Melanie and has to go. Chloe says she knows Daniel will love their baby just as much as he loves Melanie. Darn, I was hoping he'd love the kid. Daniel says about an hour ago he was a complete wreck, but now he gets it. He thanks her for making him see the truth and understand. He leaves. Chloe whines, "Daniel you still don't see the truth."

Kate says Madeline loved Chad and that's all he should be thinking about. She stops him from digging any more.

Nicole says she's investing in some things that might be a little risky. Brady wonders if this involves EJ. She assures him it's nothing illegal and invites him to go to lunch, "Your treat, of course, or else we dine on whatever wild berries we can find." He agrees to meet later and leaves.

Nicole rambles, "Oh Brady, I love you so much, but have to secure my future and then I'll be set."

Rafe says he has to get back to work. Arianna leaves. EJ chuckles, "Give EJ the benefit of the doubt. As if! There is not doubt." He computes. Suddenly he gasps, "What do we have here?" I have no idea, but I hope he hasn't stumbled on Prevuze. I wouldn't want to have to start writing it at a third-grade reading level.

Melanie gets back to Maggie's. Daniel shows up. He reminds her their father-daughter date is today. Phillip scoots. Maybe he remembered he has a father-daughter/son date with Chloe's fetus. Daniel tells Melanie he and Chloe talked and everything is better. He gives Melanie a box. She opens it to find a pair of diamond earrings. Daniel jokes, "I decided earrings would be better than a T-shirt that said '#1 Nurse." That's true. At least the earrings aren't a ridiculous lie. Melanie wants to talk about Chloe. Daniel says, "We don't need to. Now everything is fine. I was just being dense." Talk about dense...

Heard over and over on race babe Stephanie Johnson's GPS as she competed in yesterday's Brickyard 400 race: "Recalculating... Recalculating... Recalculating..."

Chloe is with Carly. She tells her what she told Daniel, "I bought another month."

Carly asks what's on all of our minds, "A DOOL month or a regular month?"

Chad wonders if he and Kate can talk again. "Anytime," says Kate. Chad turns to leave, opens the door and finds...


Phillip sits on the park bench, "Daniel, you bought another lie because of me. He flashes forward to arguing with Melanie about it...

She has a Mel-tdown, "You destroyed my life! And my father's!"


"We're done," screams Melanie.

Carly tells Chloe she has made arrangements for a paternity test, but to be cautious, they will do the test across town St. Mary's.

Daniel tells Melanie he has been asked to assist in a skin graft across town, "Would you like to come and assist — that will assure failure."

Of course Melanie wants to assist, "Where is it?"

It's at a hospital across town, "St. Mary's of the Holy Coincidence."

Kate says Chad stopped by to see if Will was there and she was just was offering her condolences to him. Chad leaves. Skeptical Stefano wonders why Chad would stop by to see Will especially since all the young'ns text these days. He suggests Kate stay clear of him. That's no problem for Kate.

Stefano warns, "We have to make Chad Woods go away. Understood?" He walks off. Kate sighs.

Nicole makes a call, "EJ it's me. We need to talk."

Rafe computes, "This is exactly what I'm looking for. Oh, Nicole, you are so busted."

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

That Filthy Four-Letter Word

I realize DOOL is a soap opera and one of the characteristics of that form of (I use the term loosely) entertainment is the tendency to have stories go on and on for what seems like forever. But it's not just that the Dan-Phillip-Chloe thing, for example, seems to have been with us since the beginning of time that gets to me, it's also the prospect that this thing could drag on until the kid goes to college. As they say on the show, I'm ready to "move on." With that in mind, I found this little gem I thought I would share with you:

From the DOOL Writer's Manual:

Story lines are hard to come by. It takes a lot of brainpower and, excuse the use of a filthy four-letter word, work to come up with a lame story, even though we've done that story a hundred times over or ripped it off from an old film. Since work is not your friend, we suggest a writer's technique called "plot extension."

Some viewers, vindictive, petty little people that they are, sometimes refer to this with the pejorative, "dragging it out." Pay no attention to these small minds. If you start listening to what the viewers want, you'll wind up not only having to write plots that move along, but also, perish the thought, plots that are interesting.

Remember, selective use of the "pregnant pause" is a sign of a good writer, so you can be an excellent writer but using the "pregnant year," which, by the way, is coincidentally the standard amount of time for a pregnancy on this show.

It's late July. I'm starting to get the sick feeling this Dan-Chloe-Phil-Carly-Pocket II thing could drag out (sorry to use the "pejorative") until November sweeps. I think it might. In fact, the only question is, November of what year?

The Prevuze unabashed dictionary defines "Bulldozer" as any viewer who nods off to sleep during an episode of DOOL.

Here's hoping you have a great weekend wherever you are. Have fun, but try to "drag it out" just a little bit and make it last. Or perhaps I should have suggested you practice "weekend extension."

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Barfing And Covered In Welts

We open with a closeup of Bo's machines, and then pan over to Bo. He snaps awake. Carly asks how he's feeling. "My throat hurts."

"Next time I'll give you an anesthetic before I perform the tracheotomy." She asks what he was gong to tell her, but he doesn't remember.

Phillip is at the dock. He calls Melanie and tells her to be ready to go somewhere. She wants to know what's up with the secrecy, but Phillip ends the call.

Melanie scowls at the phone as Nathan shows up. He tells her he's there to pick some stuff up, "I'm moving in with Stephanie."

.Hope sleeps. Hope wakes. She looks at her phone and sees Carly called.

Carly asks, "Do you remember who did this to you?" Bo stares.

Stefano sits in the rumpus room and reads Madeline's obituary in the newspaper. Kate comes in. Stefano mumbles, "As ye sew, so shall ye reap." He tells Kate he's sorry Madeline died, but not sorry their secret died with her. Kate thinks everything will be fine.

Will finds Chad at the pub, "If you want I'll get the hell out of here." Chad don' wan' that. Will blames himself for Madeline's death.

Victor finds Maggie in the waiting area. He tells her Bo is doing OK, but not ready for visitors. He thinks Maggie should think about herself and go home. Caroline comes in whining about the fact that Victor didn't call her. She gives Maggie a look that could kill, "I guess you decided three would be a crowd."

Bo can't remember what he wanted to tell Carly. Roman comes in and busts Bo's chops, "What you weren't getting enough attention?"

Bo busts back, "Hello to you too, bro." Roman tells Bo he scared the hell out of him. Bo asks what happened. Roman asks the last thing Bo remembers.

Hope comes downstairs and finds Justin. Hope is all happy-happy. Justin bursts her balloon, "Nobody told you? Bo is in the hospital. He was attacked."

Melanie reacts to Nathan's news, "You're moving in with Stephanie? Cool, that's great for both of you if she wakes up in the middle of the night barfing and covered in welts there would be a doctor there." She wishes them happiness. Nathan goes for the his stuff. Melanie gives him a parting shot, "I'd offer to help but you might say yes." But she's not bitter. Nossir. And apparently she also thinks she's not married.

Phillip arrives and Melanie gives him the news about Nathan and Stephanie. He drags her out for her big surprise.

Adrienne shows up at Stephanie's door. She says Patch called about Bo and they wound up talking about Stephanie, "He thinks you're too young to be living with some guy. He's decided to come back to Salem to talk to you in person." The mooing sound you hear is Stephanie having a cow.

Out in the audience, the one Payla fan remaining on the entire planet faints.

Adrienne lets us down after the big announcement, "I talked him out of it, though. I neutralized it." Stephanie breathes a huge sigh of relief and thanks her.

Victor tells Caroline it was Roman's decision not to call, "He didn't want to worry you."


Caroline gives Victor both barrels and lectures him for not supporting her, "You have Maggie to get you though the night." She gives Maggie a glance. Maggie is frozen in position looking the other way, "See," says Caroline, "She can't even look at me."

"She doesn't want you to see her laughing," says Victor. Maggie gets up and tires to smooth things over, but Caroline stomps out. Maggie snorts, "I can't believe at this stage of the game two women think I'm the other woman."

"You're a dangerous dame," says Victor. Maggie tells him to chase after Caroline and make things right.

Bo remembers he was at Victor's. He doesn't remember texting Roman. Bo asks why he's in the hospital. Roman gives him the story, "The whole situation was really kind of a gas. Somebody called 911 anonymously. It was a close call. You were one stroke of a match from your last ride."

Bo asks, "What was I drugged with?"

"They don't know yet," says Roman. Bo and Roman mutually bash the ineffectiveness of the hospital lab. Carly steps in and lectures them for being "Starsky and Hutch" about the situation. Bo calms down and has her come over. She lies on top of him for a hug as Hope walks in. Roman runs like a scared jackrabbit.

Stephanie whines, "I just wish my dad could be happy I'm shacking up with a guy." Adrienne remembers when she and Justin got together and then figures that's a bad example.

Stefano thinks Kate didn't mean it when she said everything is all right. Kate flashes back to seeing the items from the safe deposit box, "It's just that there was so much stuff in that box, I might have missed something."

"You are thorough," says Stefano, "I think our problems with Madeline have been solved by divine intervention." He leaves.

Kate says, "You'd better brush up on your Shakespeare... the evil men do lives after them."

Will Shakespeare storms onto the set, "I want royalties!"

Chad says his mom had an aneurism, and no one is to blame for that. Will expresses his condolences and says he's sorry he opened his mouth.

Victor tells Caroline he should have called her, but hey patch things up. Hugs.

Lexie and Theo find Abe. She asks if hope is there. Theo pipes up, "Auntie Hope... that treasure."

Hope tells Bo, "In the most unprofessional move ever, Roman put me on your case."

"You've been on my case ever since the day we met," says Bo.

Hope says she has to question Bo. Carly leaves. Hope lights a match.

Kate finds Charles at the pub and tells him she's sorry about Madeline. Charles sneers, "Why don't you just go to hell?

Nathan comes into the kitchen and calls for Melanie. Silence... Empty room... He decides Melanie isn't there. His brilliance is exceeded only by his poor choice of women.

Phillip guides Melanie to the beach. Melanie opens her eyes and sees a couple of luxury beach chairs and a big picnic spread, "I love being rich. What's the occasion?" Phillip says they are celebrating and hands her an envelope.

Melanie opens it, "These look like my grades but they're not out yet."

Phillip asks, "Did you notice the new name of the new research hospital? I believe it started with a 'K' and that means I have a little pull."

Melanie is astonished, "I aced everything! Did you buy these grades?" Phillip assures her the grades are real. Melanie freaks, "This is so cool. I'm in the accelerated program and this means I could help deliver my little brother or sister."


"My fellow Americans, I am here to announce that I have directed my staff to stop working on my healthcare initiative since the entire healthcare system in this country has obviously gone to hell."

Now, back to your regularly scheduled drivel...

Adrienne doesn't want to talk about Justin. So they talk about Justin. Adrienne says, "He's all wrapped up in Hope, although not as wrapped up in her as he'd like to be. He thinks I'm jealous, flaky and emotional. Sometimes he's right."

Carly gets the 'tox' report.

Lexie asks what kind of treasure Hope has. Abe wants to know if this is a game. Theo insists it's not. Lexie asks Theo to show her the treasure the next time he sees it.

Bo says he remembers being at Victor's, "After that it's just a series of images. I don't know if it's a dream." Carly comes in. "Make that a nightmare," says Bo.

Carly says, "Bo, you're lucky to be alive."

Phillip and Melanie share wine at the beach. Melanie asks what's for dessert. Phillip hauls out a tiny box and says, "This is it." She opens it to find a bracelet. It's a charm bracelet. She gets to put a new charm on it every time Phillip boinks Chloe. "You're the greatest thing that's happened to me since Chloe said yes and took off her clothes," says Phillip. They hug and Phillip flashes back to telling Chloe he will fulfill his obligation if the kid is his.

"I love you says," Melanie. Phillip stares.

Chad places flowers on the Madeline Peterson-Woods memorial step and grease spot. Will says a few words, a couple of which make sense.

Before Kate goes she asks Charles if Madeline was involved in a charity she can contribute to. Charles says, "I'd suggest a donation to the Salem Home For Retired Saggy Hookers." He also tells her he got into Madeline's safe deposit box to get her will and it was empty.

"Strange," says Kate. She leaves.

Carly says Bo was drugged with sleeping medication, DOOLesta. Bo flashes to a cup of coffee. Carly asks if he remembers something. "It's a blur," says Bo. Caroline and Victor come in. Caroline hugs him. Hope asks to talk to Carly outside. Bo assures Caroline he's fine.

Hope asks where Carly was last night. Carly thinks Hope is trying to pin things on her.

Abe and Lexie are at the beach with Theo. Lexie can't stop thinking about Bo. Abe tells her he put Hope on Bo's case. Lexie asks, Isn't that a bit unprofessional?"

"No," says Abe, "It's a whole lot unprofessional."

Hope says she knows Carly didn't do this to Bo, but is trying to pin down times. Hope gets a call and goes off to take it. Justin comes in. Hope tells him the smoke detector and fire alarm were disabled at the crime scene, "They didn't want the fire department showing up." The woman has a mind like a steel trap — rusty and illegal in 37 states.

"Someone got cold feet," says Justin.

Nathan comes into Stephanie's apartment with a load of boxes, "This is tough work. That first beer is gong to be amazing." Stephanie sends him to pick some up.

She starts to go through one of the boxes and finds a picture of...


Phillip heads into the pub. Melanie stays outside and makes a call. Phillip finds Adrienne. He tells her there is nothing new on Bo. Adrienne says Phillip owes her. "A neighbor saw you entering Daniel and Chloe's apartment the same day I saw you and she was going to call the cops."

Phillip thinks that's an overreaction. He takes a megaphone and points it toward the door as Melanie walks in, "I told you the reason I was in Daniel and Chloe's apartment."

Melanie asks, "What were you doing in my dad's house?"

Stephanie continues to unpack as Nathan comes in. Stephanie is peeved, but tells Nathan noting is wrong. She moves in and kisses him.

Phillip says Chloe was in the hospital and asked him to pick up a few things, "It wasn't that big of a deal. Especially compared to the time before when we had monkey sex."

Chad talks about Madeline doing things for him and wonders if she was paid for keeping secrets, "I need to know the truth."

Will asks, "How?"

"I'll talk to your grandmother."

Kate paces and sighs. She remembers her conversation with Charles. She pulls out a birth certificate, "It appears I have the only copy that would prove who Chad's father really is."

Stefano walks in, "What did you just say?"

A Prevuze tip: When you're alone, have some incriminating evidence, are are looking at it, and have an opinion to express, THINK it instead of SAYING IT OUT LOUD. Your life will be much less complicated.

Victor finds Maggie and offers to take her home. He tells her they are friends, "You're crazy about me."

"Not as crazy as you are about yourself," says Maggie.

Hope reports, "CSI* is still at our your house." Roman leaves to check out the situation there.

*Crappy Salem Investigators

As Roman leaves, Bo orders, "Get me a cheeseburger."

Roman refuses, "No."

"You're worthless," snorts Bo.

Hope thinks that exchange means Bo is feeling better. Bo asks if Hope is going to tell Ciara. Hope isn't, "I don't want her to know she almost lost her daddy. And that I almost lost you."

Will doesn't think it's a good idea for Chad to talk to Kate. Chad won't let it go.

Kate says Stefano startled her, "I was thinking about Chad. I just ran into his father. He told me he went to get into the safe deposit box and it was empty."

"That's good news," says Stefano, "Now we have nothing to worry about... Except for the fact that you are talking to yourself." He leaves.

Kate looks at the certificate, "I guess I am the only one who knows. No one else knows anything about it." Speaking of people who don't know anything, Lucas calls her.

Theo digs in the sand and finds a wallet. He runs over to Abe and Lexie, "Mommy! Wallet! Treasure! Auntie Hope! Ciara! Treasure!"

Abe asks, "Hope?"

Bo says he's sorry for what Hope is going through. She says she's sorry she wasn't there last night. He invites her closer and Hope walks over. "I am fine," says Bo.

"Whoever did this is still out there," says Hope.

"I have my best damned detective on the case," he says. And you're on it, too. Hope thinks they will get through this, "We're family. That's what families do."

Bo assures her, "We always will be a family." Carly watches.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mr. Grumpy-Grump

Hopeless slithers around Bo's room, "What am I gonna do with you Brady?"

Nicole is in her hotel room, "Maybe if I dim the lights this won't look like such a hovel." She turns the lights off, "Oh, a dimly-lit hovel. It looks like the Addams Family guestroom." She flashes back to her conversation with EJ and vows to make him pay through the nose. Her phone rings. Nicole picks up.

A mystery voice says, "I need to meet you. You want a story?"

"Who is this?"

"Meet me at the pier, now," says the voice.

"I'll be there."

Rafe, the mystery-voice-revealed, hangs up, "I won’t."

Sami and EJ are in the rumpus room. She tells him she's a little surprised she can now trust him. He says he knew when he was doing it, it was wrong. Sami thinks they both have a lot to answer for. EJ insists it's only him, "I'm the one who did things and needs to ask your forgiveness."

Roman suggests they not call people and worry them about Bo. Carly thinks things are horrible. Abe tells Roman it's good Dr. Dan showed up when he did. "Bo is a lucky man." says Roman, "He's been in Salem Hospital for nearly an hour and is still alive."

Hope gets closer to Bo. She kisses him and says she loved him so much, "That, my dear, was the kiss of death."

Bo wakes up, "What's unusual about that. There is never any life in your kisses."

Maggie sits in her kitchen. Victor calls and says he just finished the foundation plans and wants to show her, "Come on over Victor. A good spreadsheet is just what I'm looking for."

Nicole leaves. Rafe stalks up and uses the old credit card trick to get into her room.

Sami chuckles, "Who are you and what have you done with EJ DiMera?" EJ says she has every reason to have her guard up around him. Sami disagrees. She thinks he's changed and is now his own man.

That means a lot to EJ, "It's not just who I am it's what I've done."

Daniel tries to reassure Carly that Bo is OK as Bo turns blue and gags.

Abe tells Roman he thinks Hope has the right to know what happened to Bo. Roman says he doesn't want her down there with Carly around. Abe wonders who could hate Bo this much, proving that as a pair, they can put two and two together, but can't come up with an answer.

Hopeless prepares a syringe, "An air bubble in your IV won't be as slow and painful as I planned, but you will die and that's all that matters."

Bo asks, "Do you think I'll go to hell?"

"I would think you would want to," says Hope, "After all, you want to be with Carly forever, don't you?"

Vivian finds Victor in the den. She suggests a nightcap. He says he can't because he has a meeting. Vivian wonders what it's about and hopes he's not headed over to you-know-who's place. Victor warns her, "Don't go there."

Vivian goes there, "You're going to Maggie's."

"Yes," says Victor, "But it's none of your business."

Nicole gets to the pier and finds no one.

Rafe rifles through her things. He finds a picture of Sydney.

EJ flashes back to telling Sami about Sydney's death. Sami wonders what's wrong. He says he was thinking. That's wrong all right. He says he's been keeping something from her. Sami says she didn't mean to bum him out when she said she trusted him. EJ says she doesn't bum him out. He's a bum all on his own. He reminisces about when he moved in across from her. He says he had a plan to hurt her family, but fell in love with her.

"That always happens with me," says Sami, "Then they get to know me and dump me like yesterday's trash."

Hope starts to shoot air in Bo's iv. Bo wakes, "What are you doing?"

Vivian tries to change Victor's mind about going to Maggie's, "Oh, Mr. Grumpy-Grump, you need to sit down and I'll bring you a brandy."

Victor growls, "You don't have to treat me like I'm a kid."

"I'm not," insists Vivian, "But I'm your wife. I'm your soul mate."

"Yeah," he grumbles, "My penance for past sins."

Vivian thinks Maggie is manipulating him. She says she's taken care of things and hands him a business plan for the Mickey Horton scholarship fund, "I've taken care of everything."

Sami thinks they have worked through all their problems and are getting along. She mentions the kids, and Sydney cries on cue. EJ goes to take care of her.

Nicole calls the number that called her and finds it was a pay phone, "SOB, I was set up!"

Rafe searches and flashes back to hearing the conversation between Nicole and EJ. He finds something in a drawer.

Victor looks through Vivian's proposal, "I notice you relinquished the fiduciary responsibility to an outside source." Vivian gives him a blank stare. "THIS IS CRAP," he booms, "You hired someone to do this!"

Vivian says she wants time with Victor, "I can make you happier than that red-headed cow." Vivian realizes she has crossed the line, "I didn't mean to say that."

"But you did," says Victor, "And I will never forget it. And in fact, I'm headed for the cattle barn right now." He leaves. Vivian flings the proposal.

Nicole is on the phone with God-knows-who. She rants and suddenly stops, "OMG it's a trap!"

Rafe has found a book, "What do you have for me Nicole?"

EJ returns, having solved the kid problem. Sami gripes because Sydney likes EJ best. She goes to get the twins. EJ picks up a picture of Sydney and vows to make things right, "We'll be together. Just one big happy family. And then that microsecond will pass, and we'll go back to being at each others' throats again."

Hope answers Bo, "I'm doing what I should have done a long time ago." Suddenly, she hears voices. Carly and Daniel come in as Hope skedaddles. Delirious Bo mumbles, "Hope? Hope?"

Outside, Roman tells Abe he thinks this has nothing to do with the muggings. He thinks this is personal.

Hope rushes back to the Kiriakis mansion. She stops at the door and ponders, "He knows I tried to kill him."

Bo tires to tell what happened, "Hope... she was... AAACCCKKKKKK!"

"CODE BLUE," screams Carly.

"He looks more like deep purple to me," says Dan.

Carly yells, "OMG get the crash cart STAT!"

Daniel screams, "Don't call me 'Stat!'"

Carly turns back to Mr. Purple, "Bo?"

Nicole calls EJ. She tells him she's on a wild goose chase and reminds him what she has on him. EJ says he knows nothing. Nicole tosses more threats and hangs up. Sami walks back into the rumpus room, "What did Nicole do now?"

Rafe finds an encoded page in the book:


"OMG, this is complex," says Rafe, "What the hell does it mean?" Use your advanced algebra skills, Einstein.

Sami says Nicole should know enough to stay away from EJ. EJ asks her to trust him to handle the situation. He says Nicole is jealous of them.

Hope walks into the den and asks if something is wrong. The babysitter says Ciara wouldn't go to bed until Hope got home. God forbid the babysitter should be in charge. The babysitter leaves and Hope strokes sleeping Ciara. She tells her she loves her more than anything and did all of this for her.

Salem: Where normal... isn't.

Dan the Miracle Man goes to work...


Carly panics, "He was stable. what's going on?"

"I don't know," says Daniel, "Get a doctor in here, STAT!"

Carly screams, "Don't call me 'Stat!'"

Vivian is at the pub with Gus. She gripes about Victor, "Put another nickle in the machine and make the music soft and sad." Gus suggests she stop drinking and reaches over to take your glass. Vivian slurs, "Get your meathooks off my martini!"

Gus asks, "Are you going to take it laying down."

Vivian snorts, "Ill take it sitting up in a canoe if that's what he wants." She decides that may have been inappropriate and she probably shouldn't have said it. She's wrong. We'll take anything that livens this show up a little.

Gus suggests, "It's time Mr. Kiriakis and his candy-stripier found out whom they're dealing with."

Victor says his life has become a 30's gangster movie with Vivian as the moll. Maggie doesn't want to talk about the scholarship. She wants to talk about their relationship.

EJ says he and Sami have everything Nicole wanted and Nicole can't stand it. "There is one difference," says Sami, "I'm only your house-guest."

Sami thinks she's behind in the parent popularity poll and goes to spend time with Sydney.

EJ mumbles, "Damn you Nicole. Nobody will find out what I did."

Rafe photographs the page of code in the book.

Maggie says she asked Victor to come over because she can't sleep, "I'm kinda blue."

"Like Bo," asks Victor.

"No," says Maggie, "He's purple.
Victor reminds her they are friends. "Maybe we shouldn't be." says Maggie.

Vivian rants about Victor and wonders what she can do. Gus doesn't think a 4th martini would be the thing. Vivian makes her decision, "Get me a car. I'm going to Chicago."

Gus thinks that's a good idea, "Everyone should drive after three martinis. Not only that, you'll be off somewhere and Mr. Kiriakis won't know where. It will teach him a lesson."

"That's not it," says Vivian, "His favorite store is there and I'll get him some Greek things. Maggie Horton is getting on my nerves."

Gus leans in, "Don't get sad. Get even."

Nicole gets back to the hovel. she sees her room has been tossed and finds the window open, "Someone’s been here." Great detective work, Sherlock.

Sami comes back. She asks about the new dress in Sydney's closet. EJ says that was supposed to be a surprise. He says he's arranged for a family portrait. He got new outfits for everyone, and a suit for Will. Sami is surprised Will agreed to be in it. She asks if EJ picked something out for himself, because he should be in the picture, too. EJ agrees and it's smiles all around.

Daniel says Bo is responding to treatment. Carly calls Hope.

Hopeless says she has to protect Ciara, "Zack died because your daddy didn't care. All he cared about was his daughter. I've tried and now I don't know what's going to happen." She gets the call and doesn't answer, "So Bo told Carly and now they're coming for me. I'm sorry. I am so sorry, Ciara."

Nicole thinks EJ sent her to the pier to do this. She finds her code book in the drawer and thinks maybe it was a false alarm, "The wind must have blown in through the open window and torn my room apart."

Rafe is back in his office, "I'll figure this code out and then you are going down, DiMera, in flames." He reaches into his drawer and pulls out his Captain Marvel Decoder Ring.

Sami can't believe EJ did this. She decides to go up and get some beauty sleep for her big day tomorrow. EJ gives her a smoochie-kiss, "Goodnight."

Sami pants like an overacting porn queen, "Right... goodnight."

Maggie reminds Victor he's married. She says she wants Victor to talk to her lawyer about the foundation from now on.

The Guy Manual says, "If a woman says you shouldn't be meeting alone together because you are a married man, it suggests she has some interest in you and doesn't trust herself to be alone with you. You have not yet reached first base, but the count is three balls, no strikes."

Victor gets the call about Bo. Roy and Dale head for Dry Gulch.

Roman asks, "Shall we state the obvious?"

"Abe asks, "You mean, Stefano? I don't think so. This isn't the DiMera M-O."

"If not them, who," asks Roman.

Hope is in bed. She tosses and turns, "This is goodbye."

Bo sucks on his tube. Carly tells him it's OK. Bo yanks.

Carly commands, "Stop it! Stubborn man! You really want to tell me who did this to you don't you?"

Bo says the most intelligent thing he's ever said on this show, "Gablorbamurf."

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