Friday, November 30, 2007

The Only Thing Missing Is A Pole

Chelsea shows the IFT sisters the pictures from Ford's room. She passes one of them around and says, "This is called a mortar and... uh..."

One of the sisters who is actually in college getting an education helps her out, "pestle."

"Whatever," says little Einstein.

Carmen says, "I can't believe you actually broke into his room." With her history he's lucky she didn't burn it down.

Slone asks what drug Ford uses. Chelsea struggles, "Something-lax... Ex-lax! "

Morgan looks at the picture of the bottle, "That would be Somulax."

Chelsea also shows them the picture of the journal and they talk about the rankings. One of the girls asks why he would keep a journal. "Because," says Chelsea, "He's a disgusting pig in love with himself."

Meanwhile Ford dresses.

Chelsea says Bo told her they couldn't use the pictures because she and Nick broke into his room to get them. Carmen asks, "Can't the police do something?"

Chelsea says, "No and that's why we have to go after Ford ourselves."

Stephanie closes up at the Cheatin' Heart. She shows Max her last big tip, "They really appreciate good service."

"What did he leave you," says Max, "a $10?" Stephanie holds up a $20. Max freaks, "That does it! We've got to have a ladies night here!"

Adrienne has to help Joey study. His grades have been a little too high lately. Max volunteers to close and tells Adrienne that Stephanie will help. Stephanie beams.

Sami comes out of her bedroom dressed in a revealing thingie. Lucas gets up from digging a baby bottle out from under the couch. He sees Sami and nearly faints. "Do you like it," asks Sami.

"The only thing missing is a pole," says Lucas. Sami doesn't appreciate his weak attempt at humor. Lucas recovers, "You look hot. Real hot." Lucas heats up himself, "Are you sure we should to this? It'll be the first time since you had the babies."

"I am ready to rock your world," says Sami.

Stefano wheels EJ down the hall. He rants about EJ not being at the mansion where he could get better care. EJ decides to stop and give Sami a surprise.

Stephanie says she doesn't mind sticking around. Adrienne runs out, "Oh good. Joey thanks you. I thank you. Goodbye."

Stephanie and Max. Alone again. Max apologizes for roping her into having to stay and work. Stephanie is oh, so happy to stay. She goes to work scraping goo off of a table.

Max watches, "Most girls wouldn't go near that crud."

Stephanie isn't subtle, "Meaning Morgan? You have to admit the girl is high maintenance."

"She's just used to having things I didn't grow up with," says Max, "It's actually kind of nice to have a night off from Morgan."

Chelsea tells the girls if they stick together they can take Ford down, "It won't be like it was in the dean's office."

As she encourages them, Ford turns on his iPod and prepares the wine. His latest victim walks into his room.

Chelsea charges up the sisters, "Who is with me on this?" They don't exactly all rush in at once to volunteer.

Sami and Lucas romp. Well Sami romps and Lucas yaks. He finally decides they should seize the moment. Sami seizes him. She rips open his shirt. Three guesses what happens next... We have the proverbial knock at the door. Amidst Lucas' protests, Sami gets up and looks through the peephole. Stefano! Sami panics, "What if something happened to EJ?"

"With any luck it did," says Lucas.

Sami decides to open the door. She whispers, "Button your shirt!"

No. Lucas isn't going to do that. It's time for the gratuitous DOOL eye-candy shot of the week. He takes the shirt off and throws it on the couch, "I don't mind showing him what we are up to." With Sami dressed the way she is, they would know anyway.

Sami opens the door. Stefano stands in back of EJ's wheelchair. EJ says, "Hello, darling. You're husband's home." Sami huffs.

Morgan is worried about what Ford might do to retaliate if they go after him. Another girl thinks they could get in trouble for this.

As they talk, Ford parties with his latest victim. He spikes her drink.

Chelsea keeps up the pitch. She has a plan, "What's the one thing Ford can't get enough of?"


"Besides that," she says, "Here's what we do – We offer ourselves in a package he can't resist and then we nail him."

Stefano asks, "Where is Giovanni?"

Lucas' hackles rise to the occasion, "His name is Johnny and he's asleep." Sami offers to bring him over later. Stefano insists he won't leave without his grandson. Lucas wants them out. EJ asks Stefano to let him handle this.

"If you insist," says Stefano as he leaves.

EJ promises he won't allow Stefano to go to the airport with Johnny D. He promises to be there with Stefano and his grandson the whole time. Sami agrees. Lucas struts, postures and blows his stack. Sami goes to get Johnny.

"I don't want you barging in here unannounced any more," says Lucas.

"What are you suggesting," asks EJ, "That I have to make an appointment to see my wife? As of now she lives across the hall with me." Lucas stews.

Chelsea presses. The bait has to pretend she's drunk, and then they will spike Ford's drink.

Stephanie and Max dance around each other. He fixes sodas. Stephanie suggests doing this again sometime. "We make a hell of a team," says Max.

"We sure do, Uncle Max." He asks about Jeremy. Stephanie zones.

Sami comes out with Johnny. Stefano is back. Sami gives him to EJ and Stefano makes over him. Lucas simmers and walks off. Sami suggests maybe she should go with Stefano and EJ. They tell her that's not necessary and leave.

Lucas has a meltdown, "This makes me sick. So much for our night to remember. Is this how it's gonna be from now on?"

As they both walk to the door and stare across the hall, Sami reminds Lucas she EJ's his wife. "Thanks for reminding me," he growls, "You shouldn't have let them take him." Sami decides to go over there and set some ground rules.

Stephanie tells Max Jeremy is out of the picture, "I don't know what I ever saw in that guy."

"You saw the bad boy in him," says Max, "That's what good girls like."

Stephanie is heartbroken, "Are you saying I'm not bad?"

"Oh," says Max, "You're the baddest, especially your judgment." She wonders if Morgan has any faults under her diamond tiara. "I've actually seen her sneak candy into a movie," says Max, "And the other day she used one of the worst four-letter words I've ever heard – DOOL."

Stephanie asks, "What you said about Morgan earlier... is that true? That it was nice to have a break from her?" Max stares.

The girls mock Chelsea's plan. Chelsea says they have to do it together or it won't work, "So each girl will put a tiny bit of drug into his drink." Cordy just can't do this.

Ford gets forward. His latest victim stops his advances.

The sisters decide they are all in. Carmen gets sinister and decides they should come up with things like were in the movie "Saw." Chelsea tries to convince Cordy to join them. Cordy decides she's in if they are just going to scare him.

EJ and Stefano make over Giovanni, who lies there like a wood block. Oh, sorry, he is a wood block. Sami watches as Stefano tells him he will grow up to be an imposing figure, "And all the girls in Italy will come after you."

Sami interrupts, "You are not taking my son to Italy! Do you understand?"

Chelsea promises they won't hurt Ford, but will just teach him a lesson. Of course the Jigsaw killer didn't kill his victims. He found ways for them to kill themselves. Goodbye Ford. Not that the DOOL writers would ever steal a plot.

Ford molests his semi conscious victim. She tells him to stop. Ford moves in.

The girls are in. All for one and one for all.

The victim begs. Ford attacks.

Chelsea and Morgan confront Slone and ask if she is the other Theta girl Ford raped. Slone is silent.

Max says he and Morgan are from completely different worlds, "You know, that first night I took her to the pub, she had never had chili fries before."

"If she ate chili fries from the pub, she'll never have them again either," says Stephanie.

Max goes on, "Do you know 'Sleepless is Settle is her favorite movie? I tried to watch that piece of..."

Stephanie stops him before he does more damage, "Watch it. I love 'Sleepless in Seattle.'"

Max nearly breaks his neck doing a 180, "She calls vegetables 'crudités.'"

"CRUD-ités is what I call chili fries at the pub."

"She vacations on the island of Bequia."

"I go there all the time."

"Me too," says Max, "Look, I know we're joking but don't tell her about this. I really like her and don't want to hurt her feelings."

"You're secret is safe with me," says Stephanie, as she makes notes for the front-page ad she will place in the Salem Enquirer detailing the conversation.

Stefano says, "Mrs. DiMera, you misunderstand. I will not separate the family. A boy needs his family. I want you to come to Florence with us."

Sami puts her foot down, "We're not moving to Italy." Stefano makes his pitch. Sami insists Johnny will grow up in America. End of discussion. HA! We only wish. Sami takes Johnny back to his new crib in EJ's apartment.

Stefano sighs, "She is going to be a problem."

"These are difficult circumstances," says EJ.

"Then I will handle things my own way," says Stefano. He shows himself out.

Slone swears she wasn't Ford's victim.

Back in Ford's den of sin, his latest victim cries. He gets in her face, "This stays between us. By the way, you were great tonight." The poor girl cries and runs.

Chelsea suggests Slone be their decoy. She isn't sure. Morgan and Chelsea say if Slone won't do it, Emily might. They go to talk to Emily, but Slone calls them back. She decides to do it, as long as they don't leave her alone with him.

Max... Stephanie... closer... closer... Suddenly, the jukebox starts up on its own. Max decides the thing is possessed. He takes her hand, but she jerks away and remembers her night from hell. Max is confused. Stephanie claims she got shocked. Max suggests trying again. It works better this time. Max suggests having some fun. They dance to "I will save a dance for you for the rest of my life."

EJ unpacks Johnny's bag. Sami comes out and says he's sleeping. EJ asks for his weight bag. Sami struggles with it, but brings it to him. He asks for a glass of water. Dutiful Sami hauls it over to him. He asks for peeled grapes...

Sami thinks a newborn might be too much for EJ and wonders if Johnny should stay with her tonight.

"I have a better idea," says EJ, "Why don't you stay here?"

Max and Stephanie dance. She wonders what Morgan would do if she walked in right now. Max says, "She knows I'm not the guy for her. And if she didn't realize that her parents would set her straight."

"Her parents are idiots."

"Yeah," says Max, "You'd think I'd fit right in." Max dips. Stephanie giggles. Chelsea interrupts. Stephanie jumps away from Max like he's on fire. Maybe he is. Chelsea tells Stephanie they need her back at the house. They've developed a plan to get Ford. Max gives her the OK to go. Stephanie apologizes, thanks him for the dance and leaves.

EJ tosses toys at Sami as he suggests she stay. Sami giggles. He asks her to bring Ali, too. Sami doesn't think that will work. She thinks he should hire a nurse to help him. He grabs her and pulls her into his lap, "I don't need a nurse when I have you."

Lucas walks in, "OMG."

The girls are all hush-hush while Slone calls Ford. She tells him she thinks the sisters have been unfair in accusing him. She says she has the sorority house all to herself tonight and invites him over. Ford says he is busy, but will clear his schedule for her. "I'll be waiting," says Slone.

Meanwhile, Ford's victim wanders the woods and cries.

"There is no turning back now," says Chelsea. Every single girl in the sorority turns and looks at Stephanie as if she just cut the cheese. Pan to Stephanie.

"The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously." – Henry Kissinger

"So does the absence of brain cells." - Belle Black Kiriakis Brady


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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Personal Touch

Nick and Chelsea go through the printouts of pictures from Ford's dorm room. Nick is impressed with the detail. Chelsea says the pictures are that good because she had this really good, really sexy photographer with her. Nick asks, "Do you think they're good enough to arrest Ford?"

"I don't know about that," says Chelsea, "But they're certainly good enough to prove we were in his dorm room and get us arrested for breaking and entering."

Chelsea has him sit down and wait for Cordy and Stephanie. Nick can't wait to see Bo arrest Ford.

Inside, Patch and Bo have a couple of beers. Patch taunts Shawn about his new supercop status. Bo says, "We got a match for the bullet and the fingerprints – Kate Roberts."

Shawn gasps, "I nailed Phillip's mom?"

"Every guy in town has nailed her," says Bo, "But technically, your Uncle Roman got credit for the arrest." Patch sneaks off while they talk. Bo says Shawn's application to the academy has now been fast-tracked. He wonders if Belle will be happy about this.

Chloe tells Belle she doesn't want to be a honeymoon crasher. She says she is back in town for the big high school reunion, but Brady didn't make it, "Who's lame idea was it for you and Shawn to honeymoon at the airport?"

Belle sweats, "I have to go."

Chloe is confused, "Shawn is spending the night here by himself?"

Belle squirms, "Great to see you."

It doesn't seem like it," says Chloe, "Is Shawn in there, or should I see who is behind door 1026?"

Roman grills Kate. He says her fingerprints are all over the gun. Kate clams up. Roman tells her to call Phillip and get him over there. He leaves. Kate calls.

Bo and Shawn discuss Belle's letter. Bo rambles about how tough it is to be a cop, "You're never on duty, you sit around at a bar in the middle of the day drinking with your friend..." Shawn insists Belle is behind him. Patch comes back with a bottle of champagne from OMB's private stock and tells Shawn he should take it and celebrate with Belle. Shawn reminds him she is with her study group.

Patch encourages him, "Go give her a reason to get away from the study group. Don't let the fun stop. Any idiot can open a bottle of champagne."

"Well," says Shawn, "Then maybe if Belle and I work on it together we can figure out how to do it." He leaves. Patch senses something is wrong. Bo swills his beer. A drunk down at the end of the bar wonders how he'll get his next drink without a bartender on duty.

Belle wishes she had more time to visit with Chloe. Her phone rings. She tells Shawn the study group is wrapping up. Chloe figures it's Shawn and gets curious. Belle hangs up and suggests they all get together for dinner sometime. Chloe suggests bringing Phillip. The blood drains from Belle's face.

Kate tells Roman she couldn't reach Phillip. She insists she didn't try to kill anyone. Roman is stern, "The gun, the slug and the hole in my daughter's dress say otherwise."

Stephanie arrives without Cordy. She, Nick and Chelsea go into the pub and meet Bo and Patch. Chelsea gives Bo the packet o' pix, "We... um... found some evidence on Ford Decker. Everything you need to arrest him is right here."

Stephanie squeals, "Are you crazy? Why would you do that?"

Bo passes the pictures around. He asks how they got them. "We stopped by his room," says Chelsea.

Patch was born at night, but it wasn't last night, "You mean he invited you in?" Bo figures they busted in.

"Who made you two FBI," grumbles Chelsea.

Bo is reluctant to do something. The pictures are illegal. Patch gets an idea, "Maybe someone just dropped them off at the Salem PD and you don't know who." He grabs a picture, "Let me see that." Chelsea talks about Ford's rating system.

Phillip picks up his things. His cell phone rings. Kate. She tells him she's charged with attempted murder because of the gun he promised he would get rid of for her.

Roman soaks it all in, "Kate, Do you really want me to hear this?"

Kate cups the phone and snorts, "I'm not going down alone."

Phillip has a conniption as he listens in. He yells, "Don't say another word! I'm on my way."

Belle tells Chloe Shawn and Phillip aren't friends any more, "But Phillip and I have been very friendly lately."

Chloe asks for Phillip's number, "How does he look?"

Surprised. Phillip walks out of the hotel room, "Chloe?" Chloe soaks it in and adds it up.

"This is weird," says Chloe, "Speak of the devil."

The crowd at the pub sits at a table. Patch looks over the pictures from Ford's journal, "He has dates, sorority houses and ratings in here." Stephanie thinks it’s a waste of time to look at illegal pictures. Chelsea tells them about Ford bringing in another girl while they were there. She says he saw the broken window and open journal and got the girl out before anything happened. Bo wants to hurt someone.

Chelsea says they found out another Theta sister was a victim, but they don't know who she is. Bo says he will use the pictures but wants Chelsea to stay away from Ford. Nick pipes in – he will make sure she does that. He tells Bo Ford took the evidence with him. Bo's attitude deflates like yesterday's cheap balloon, "That means the pictures are meaningless. Without evidence, the case against him is no good."

How many idiots does it take to change a light bulb? Apparently, just one, but that's just if he's only unscrewing it. Screwing it back in is way above Shawn's level of intelligence. Shawn is up on a stand. He unscrews the light bulb, gets down and says, "Maybe it's time to slip into something more fun."

Chloe greets Phillip. He says he's at the hotel because he's flying out on business tomorrow and it's easier just to stay at the airport. They exchange numbers. Chloe leaves for her room.

Belle panics. Phillip says he will explain they were both there to talk about Claire. He won't let anyone hurt Belle, "Everything is going to be all right."

Roman quietly asks another officer if ballistics has completed its testing on Marlena's gun. The officer says he will let him know as soon as the tests are complete.

Phillip and Kate argue. Phillip says his lawyers say there isn't enough evidence to hold Kate. Kate wants loyalty from her son. He insists he's doing everything he can. He's sorry about the gun. Kate doesn't think it's a coincidence Shawn found the gun. If Phillip had gotten rid of it when she asked they wouldn't be in this fix. She wants him to get the gun and get rid of it. She thinks this has something to do with his lust for Belle. Kate hopes whatever Belle gave in exchange was worth it for selling her out. Phillip leaves. Kate pouts.

Belle comes home. She flicks on the light switch, but the room remains dark. A flashlight beam blinds her. Shawn appears, decked out in an officer's uniform, complete with cheap sunglasses. It makes you want to break into a chorus of 'YMCA.' Officer Shawn is deadly serious, "Step away from the door, ma'am."

"Certainly," says Belle, "I wouldn't want to interfere with an officer doing his duty. What are the charges."

"I hear you've been stealing hearts, miss."

"More than you know. Do you have a warrant?"

Shawn shows her his warrant. The fourth amendment will never be the same. He dangles handcuffs.

Bo says he would love to put Ford away but can't do it without evidence. Patch says they should look at it from the other side, "The judge will think Chelsea has a grudge against Ford and might think the photos are fake."

Bo says, "I'll give the photos to some guys I know and have them sweep the area. God knows, Street sweepers make better cops than the Salem PD."

Patch suggests he and Bo pay Ford a little visit. Stephanie tells him to stop it.

Bo asks why. "Because," says Stephanie, "Ford doesn't just get mad – he gets even."

"He's a coward," says Bo, "Once he knows we're after him, he won't even cross the street without looking over his shoulder."

"Too bad John Black didn't look over his shoulder when he was crossing the street," says Patch.

Bo says there isn't much else they can do, "We'll give Ford the personal touch." Bo and Patch leave to take care of Decker.

Stephanie has a meltdown. She turns to Chelsea, "Do you ever think of anyone but yourself? You always have to be the big hero no matter who gets hurt!"

"How am I hurting you?"

"I mean Cordy. She doesn't want to relive this. No one does."

Roman comes in, "Can I get you anything?"

Kate asks, "Is this the return of the good cop? No thanks." Kate rambles on about Phillip. Roman wonders how many times Kate is going to implicate Phillip. She settles down and asks how much trouble she's really in. Roman will get coffee and they can discuss that. She insists the gun just went off, "I'm scared Roman."

Roman consoles her, "I know you are."

Belle. Shawn. Sam Spade music. The cop asks, "How do you plead for making so many great things happen in my life? Do you want to confess to officer Shawn?"

"I'd rather confess to officer Phillip."

Phillip calls Chloe and asks her out for a drink.

Roman brings decaf. No caffeine for Kate. Kate insists she would never have tried to kill Sami even though she wanted to. She points out Sami has returned the favor many times. Roman says if she had come to him before the gun turned up, maybe he could have helped. Kate says, "I don't need a lawyer. I need a tried and true friend who will get rid of the gun. Are you that kind of friend?"

Chloe tells Phillip she and Brady are divorced. Everything went wrong. Then she discovered she was a fifth-tier opera singer in a town full of divas. Her career fell apart. She says she has returned for the high school reunion. She says she heard Phillip and Shawn are on the outs. "You could say things are tense," says Phillip, "But don't get the wrong idea about Belle and me."

"Why would I get the wrong idea," she asks, "Because she came out of your hotel room and lied about it? I'm pretty good at keeping secrets."

Nick and Chelsea try to convince Stephanie they have to go after Ford. Stephanie argues and storms out.

Ford checks his computer. Someone pounds on his door. Ford yells, "I'm busy. Go away!"

Bo booms, "Salem PD!" Ford opens the door. "Mind if we come in," asks Bo.

"Yeah," says Ford, "I do mind." Bo and Patch steamroll into the room.

"I want a warrant," says Ford.

"I want to know what a warrant is," says Bo, "I guess I shouldn't have lied about being here on official Salem PD business." Patch says they are there to have a little chat about their daughters.

Bo gets in his face, "Sit!" Ford keeps standing. "It wasn't a request," says Bo, as he plows his fist into Ford's gut. Ford hits the floor and scrapes up his intestines.

Phillip tells Chloe it's easier to get updates about Claire on neutral ground. She wonders why Belle wouldn't tell her that. "It's not a problem unless someone decides to make it one," says Phillip.

Chloe announces she's moving back to Salem, "Things sound a heck of a lot more interesting this side of the ocean."

"Unless you're watching DOOL," says Phillip.

Officer Shawn would never doubt his number one suspect. "There are no secrets between us," lies Belle.

"I'll start by coming clean," says Shawn, "It was Kate's gun I found. Now I'm a shoe-in for the academy." Belle kisses him and says she is proud of him.

"I love you," says Officer Shawn, "I sentence us to a lifetime of this... and much more of this..." Officer Shawn moves in.

Chloe thanks Phillip for the drink. He thanks her for not asking too many questions. Phillip vows they won't lose touch again. She thinks they should get together. Phillip says, "I'm not trying to take anything of Shawn's. I'm just trying to hold on to what is mine."

He thinks Chloe should let Shawn know she is back. She leaves. Outside, she takes out her phone and makes a call.

Ford insists he doesn't know Chelsea, "This is harassment."

"Report me," snorts Bo. Ford gets in his face. Bo asks, "Did I say you could stand up?" Once again, Bo performs stomach surgery and once again, Ford has to clean his guts up off the floor. Bo threatens, "You even look at our daughters again and I swear you will lose a very valuable body part, and it will be very painful. I don't give a damn who your daddy is." Bo gives him another uppercut in the solar plexus for good measure.

Patch picks up the pile of flesh by his hair, "Feel free to report us. We have pictures of your stash and your journal." Bo and Patch leave. Ford oozes.

Chelsea wonders why Stephanie is mad at her and not Ford. "Because you're not a threat," says Nick. He suggests they give her time, "I know it's impossible to stay mad at you. I'm your boyfriend and I will protect you even when you come up with outrageous plans."

"I have a crazy idea," says Chelsea.

"I can't say no to you," says Nick

"Good." Kiss.

Roman says the gun stays in the evidence room, "I'm a cop. I can't tamper with the evidence. In fact a lot of times I have trouble identifying it, let alone tampering. But I'll do you a favor and forget you asked that."

An officer comes into Roman's office and tells him the ballistics report is in. Roman apologizes for having to leave and goes to look at it.

The officer says, "It's a match to Marlena Evans."

Roman whispers, "Don't use her name. Ever."

The cop asks, "Not even with you?"

"Nobody," says Roman.

Kate watches. "I'll take it from here," says Roman. Pan to Kate.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Mother I Know And Love

Chelsea breaks a windowpane. She and Nick slide into Ford's dimly lit dorm room. Nick chastises her for breaking the window but she points out it was locked and there was no other way to get in. "Now it's really breaking and entering," grumbles Nick. He decides they have to get out of there which would, of course, make them guilty of B&E without even attempting to accomplish their purpose. Anyway, the brat sneaks across the room and discovers Ford's webcam.

Belle remembers talking to Phillip about the startling evidence he has – which will be available to her so she can help save Shawn's career for the small price of a romp in the hay. But that wouldn't be prostitution, of course. The question of whether or not it qualifies as such if the medium of exchange is not money is way, way over Belle's head, so as far as she's concerned, this would just be all in the line of duty. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Shawn brings Belle out of her stupor. Well, as much as possible, anyway. Belle's phone rings. She claims it's Marlena. Shawn leaves. On the other end of the phone, Marlena looks strangely like Phillip. He tells Belle, "It's done. Make sure Shawn is in the alley and everything will fall into place." Belle thanks "her mom" and hangs up. She walks over and smooches around with Shawn. She offers to help him take out the garbage, but Shawn won't let her. He thinks taking out the garbage is beneath his perfect bride. Too bad there isn't room in the sack for her. More smooches and garbage.

Phillip is on the phone with one of his henchmen, "Brady should be in the alley any second. Let me know when it's done." As Phillip hangs up, Kate walks in. He tells her they ran into a problem with the gun, "It's gone." Kate simmers.

Bo thinks the stuff around the cabin is the kind of garbage teenagers eat, "Either that or Sami's been trying to cook again."

"Police work," says Roman, "all glamour all the time." Bo thinks this is where the perp practiced for the shooting, "The casings are a godsend. Now we have to find the gun."

Shawn dumps the garbage and watches as two creeps cut a deal for a gun. "No serial number," says Creepo number one, "Show me the cash or me and my merchandise are gone."

Shawn crouches and watches.

Chelsea discovers the computer is not on, so they figure Ford is not watching them on the webcam. She twists her ankle as they search. Nick finds Ford's journal. They go through it and see that it's written in code. "Greek letters," says Chelsea, "Four stars. Delta – two and a half. These are all sorority names." She looks for the date Cordy and Ford went out, "He's keeping a record of the girls he has raped and is rating them. Look... here's another Theta. Four and a half stars. This is sick. I wonder why the other Theta wouldn't talk."

"After what happened to Cordy," says Nick, "she was probably scared." Chelsea crouches down and says, "I found something."

Nick asks, "What?"

"Sleeping pills. This guy is a walking pharmacy. So he's not using roofies?"

"No," says Nick, "He's using legal prescription drugs."

Bo will take another look around while Roman goes back to the station. Roman leaves and Bo cases the joint. He remembers lecturing Shawn. Hope arrives with Marlena's garbage sack containing the dress, veil and gun. Hope says she isn't sure Marlena shot EJ, just that she got a shot off. Bo can't believe Marlena attempted murder, "You know I promised John I would protect his family? Looks like I'm gonna have to arrest his widow."

Kate is upset Phillip didn't get rid of the gun. He says every time he tried to get rid of it a car drove by. Someone broke into his car and took the gun, "But there is no way it can be traced to you. There is nothing to worry about." Translation: Worry, Kate worry. If you go over to the police station and give yourself up, they may go easier on you.

The creep selling the gun tells the buyer he found the gun in a car parked near Titan. "This gun is dirty," says Creep #2, "I don't want it." He splits.

SuperShawn springs from behind the dumpster, whirls, twirls and gets Creep number one in a Half Nelson. I guess in Shawn's case, that would be a Half-Witted Nelson. "Give me the gun," says the junior cop.

Kate remembers giving Phillip the gun. She says she counted on him. He assures her whomever stole it will dump it for a quick buck. He tells her not to panic. Panic, Kate, panic.

The creep insists he doesn't have anything. Shawn asks, "Well is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" The guy bolts as Shawn takes the gun. Right on cue, Belle comes out. Shawn tells her what happened. He says he has to turn the gun over to Bo.

Bo and Hope survey the cabin. Hope wonders what if Marlena's gun matches the casings. Bo don' wanna go there.

Chelsea finds a mortar and pestle. Nick tells her it's used to grind the pills up into powder. Suddenly, they hear Ford outside. They scurry around leaving the open diary on Ford's desk. Ford brings a girl in and they head for the bed. The girl tells him to slow down, "I'm outta here." He offers her a drink and she accepts. Nick and Chelsea hide in the closet. Chelsea whispers, "We've gotta do something!"

Hope and Bo go over a list of suspects, their motives and alibis. Hope rubs Bo's shoulders, "You've got quite a knot. You need a hot bath."

Predictable Bo asks, "Together?"

"Is there any other way," asks Hope.

"Not unless Billie's available," says Bo.

Bo says he wouldn't blame Marlena for going after EJ. He's exhausted, but works up the strength to tell Hope about Shawn's screw-up, "He's a hard headed and headstrong kid."

"Oh," says Hope, "I wonder where he got that."

"THAT'S DIFFERENT," says Bo, ""I have you to pull me back"

"Shawn has Belle," says Hope

"Does he?"

Shawn says he overheard one of the creeps say he found the gun near Titan. Belle is proud of him. He sends her upstairs to meet some kid named Claire while he takes the gun to Bo. After he leaves, Belle calls Phillip to tell him everything came down OK.

Phillip cups the phone and tells Kate it's business. He asks her to leave. Kate has a parting shot, "If you don't support me, I will name you as an accessory."

"There's the mother I know and love," says Phillip.

Phillip gets back on the phone and tells Belle he will be waiting at the Longfellow hotel. To hell with that Claire-person.

The scoundrels arrive in Phillip's office for their payment. Phillip hands them a wad-o-cash and tells them to get back to that den of iniquity, St. Louis, "Never contact me again."

Ford discovers his broken window and open diary. In the closet, Nick shushes Chelsea.

Ford hustles the girl out. Nick grabs a baseball bat as Ford puts all the incriminating evidence into his backpack and leaves.

Nick and Chelsea come out of the closet and shimmy back down the tree.

Shawn rushes into the shack with his prize. He shows Bo the gun and tells him the ne'er-do-well behind Titan.

Phillip waits in the hotel room. His call girl arrives. Phillip tries small talk. Belle says she can't do this. Phillip says he just wants to talk. He apologizes for how he came off before the wedding. Belle tells him about Hope hearing the voice mail. Phillip is stunned. He's sorry. Belle says Hope told Marlena. Phillip thinks she should go.

Well, that doesn't sit well with Belle. He insists he didn't help Shawn to get her into bed, "Just tell me one thing. When you walk out that door, will it be as tough for you as it is for me to watch you go?"

"Does this outfit make my butt look that big," asks Belle.

Bo leaves the cabin to rush the gun to ballistics. Hope gets on Shawn for putting his life in danger. Shawn defends his actions, "I want to learn to be a cop for my family."

Phillip tells Belle she doesn't have to answer that. "You can get any girl you want," says Belle.

Phillip asks, "ANY girl?"

"That's not what I meant," says Belle. Nice try, though.

Phillip says, "I'm bad at letting go, but I've had a lot of practice. I let go of a face, a leg, part of my brain... but tonight has no strings attached." Belle prefers the strings. She remembers the night on the boat when he took Claire up on deck and showed her the stars. She forgets to mention the part where he sabotaged the motor and nearly got them all killed.

"Go home," says Phillip.

"When I'm with you, I am home," says the confused newlywed, "The fairy tales lie. There isn't always just one person. Sometimes you can love two people with your whole heart. In my case, I love three. Shawn, you and me. But mostly me. The thought of never seeing you again scares me."

Phillip takes the cue and dives in. Finally, he backs off, "You're married."

"Details, details."

"No matter what we do," says Phillip, "someone will get hurt. I won't let it be you." He kisses her forehead and opens the door. Belle staggers out. Phillip closes the door. Outside, Belle zones.

Bo comes back to the shack, "There's a good chance for a match. Good job, son."

Nick runs through a list of things people do on dates. Breaking and entering isn't one of them. Chelsea takes out her phone and looks at the pictures she took in Ford's room. They congratulate themselves with a celebratory kiss.

Ford interrupts, "Did you two have fun going through my stuff?"

Chelsea claims innocence. Nick suggests he call security if he had a break in. Chelsea says they weren't there.

Ford gets in her face, "You're playing with fire, Brady!"

Nick gets between them and grabs Ford, "Don't threaten her!"

Ford chuckles, "Are you serious?" He tells them to stay away, "Unless Chelsea wants to come up for some fun." He leaves. Chelsea wants to take the evidence to Bo.

Shawn asks Melissa, the waitress at the pub, if she has seen Belle. Melissa says, "She told me her study group called an emergency meeting. Tomorrow is the big anatomy midterm and they decided they'd better start studying."

Belle stands in the hall in a stupor. The elevator doors open. Wait! That's not elevator music we hear. It's low-grade, constant, incessant, relentless whining. Who else could it be but... CHLOE! OMG, the reunion! Hugs! Chloe figures out what Belle is up to, "You and Shawn are here? It's been so long since I've seen Shawn. Can I see him and say hi? Unless you're in the middle of something, of course." Belle's caught in the middle of something all right.

Bo's mood picks up. His cell phone rings, "Are you sure? I want a report! Thanks." He hangs up and tells Hope they matched the gun to a bullet and the prints, "We can make an arrest!"

Roman scowls and walks up to Kate. Kate says, "It doesn't look like you are here to take me to dinner. I didn't shoot EJ."

"Don't say a word," warns Roman. He turns to an officer, "Cuff her, but don't get them too tight."

Kate protests, "I didn't do it." Roman explodes, "KATE, DO NOT SAY ANOTHER WORD! You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Elvis DiMera. You have the right to remain silent, which I realize is going to be a big challenge..."

Roman finishes reading her rights, "Do you understand your rights?"

Kate seethes, "Oh, I understand all right."


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Bad, Bad Girl

We pan up from a picture of Ford on a poster. Chelsea, Nick, Stephanie and Cordy sit at a table and try to figure new and more irresponsible ways to get back at him. Cordy and Stephanie tell about Ford showing up at Patch and Kayla's apartment making threats. They think he will keep it up since he's really mad about the flyers.

Chelsea defends passing out the flyers. She says they had to warn people. Nick says a guy like Ford will retaliate.

Cordy whines, "We put flyers up... we had to warn people..."

Chelsea interrupts, "No. These aren't enough. We have to give him ammunition for a really big defamation suit. He's never going to stop unless we stop him first."

Officer Ohanion talks to Bo about his irresponsible son, "Hey, Bo, you told me to treat him like everyone else." Ohanion turns and leaves. Shawn admits to ruining the footprint. Bo lectures, "You screwed up man, and when a cop screws up, he owns up." Shawn plays the bobblehead.

Marlena wanders around her place. She stokes the fire in her fireplace and zones. She flashes back to her conversation with Hope about Belle's "mistake." Belle calls from a distance and brings Marlena out of her stupor. Temporarily, that is. Hearing Belle, Marlena dives into another flashback. She finally gets up and goes to the door. Belle opens it and we have a full-blown hugfest. They establish that each is not OK. Marlena asks how married life is. Belle ignores the question and says she was worried about her when she didn't come to the reception.

"What did you expect," asks Marlena, "I was just the mother of the bride. So, really, how is married life?" Belle claims it's perfect. Marlena tells her it's OK if things aren't perfect. Marlena asks if Belle is really happy, "I'm trying to ask you if you're happy, or if you wish you'd married somebody else."

Belle faces a paradox, even though she doesn't realize what that is. The thing is, Belle is never happy unless she's unhappy. While she contemplates this, Marlena asks, "What about Phillip?"

"Been there, done that," says Belle.

"I know," says Marlena, "But have you done Phillip recently? " She dances around things and tries to get more from Belle.

Belle gasps, "Hope talked to you, didn't she. Does she not think you are dealing with enough right now?" Marlena digs deeper.

Shawn knows he made a mistake but thinks Officer Ohanion overreacted. Bo doesn't give a damn. He will understand if Ohanion wipes the floor with Shawn. Bo continues the lecture. Shawn continues being the bobblehead.

Cordy claims she just can't fight Decker anymore. She breaks down and Nick tells Chelsea to back off. Stephanie comforts Cordy but Cordy says everything comes back to her when she sees the flyers. Stephanie offers to take Cordy back to the sorority house. They leave.

Chelsea says she didn't mean to make things harder for Cordy. Nick changes the subject and asks if she has plans for tonight. "I'd like to do something private," says Chelsea.

Nick wants to hear more, "Private – you... or private – you and me?" Chelsea wants to include Nick. Nick likes what he hears.

"Of course it might be kind of illegal," says Chelsea, "I want to break into Ford Decker's room."

The sound of the lead balloon crashing startles everyone in the pub. Nick asks, "Are you serious?"

Chelsea says they have to stop Ford. Nick resists. Chelsea makes the case. She wants to get in and find evidence to take to Bo. Nick refuses to be a part of it.

Bo continues the lecture, "...And when someone chews you out, you gotta suck it up. You don't wanna ruin a good thing."

Belle thinks Hope has it in for her. Marlena asks, "Does Hope have any cause to... did you sleep with Phillip?"

Belle tries to be evasive, "Is that what she told you?"

Marlena sees through it, "You're not answering me."

Belle says, "She found me in the room right after Phillip left. It looked bad and Hope assumed the worst. Maybe Hope is lying."

"Hope isn't a liar."

"And I am?"

Marlena knows there is something Belle isn't saying. Belle tries to worm her way out of it. She says Hope accused her with no proof at all but promised she wouldn't say anything if Belle promised not to do it again.

"Do it again? So you did sleep with Phillip?"

"I just made that promise to get Hope to keep quiet."

"So you didn't sleep with Phillip?" Belle rambles. Marlena interrupts, "Stop right there, Belle. I really want to help you. I'm just sad and disappointed. I'm so glad you came. It's so good to see you. Let yourself out. I have some things to do."

Belle whines, "Mom, wait."

Chelsea says she can't do this without Nick. Nick suggests she not do it at all.

Chelsea says, "So... I Guess this is how you'll always be there for me."

"That was a cheap shot," says Nick, "I work for the university and if we get caught, I'll lose my job. I already lost my job at the lab trying to help you."

Chelsea apologizes and asks him to forget it, "I'll see you later."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to stake out Ford's room and then break in." Chelsea runs out. Nick chases her.

Shawn says, "You know, I didn't get into the academy. If I would have, I would have learned how to work a crime scene. Then this wouldn't have happened. If Belle's letter hadn't ruined my chances... I mean Phillip's letter..."

Bo interrupts, "Shawn, who wrote that letter?"

Shawn hems and haws and then comes clean, "Belle. She's the reason I didn't get into the academy."

Belle pouts. Marlena asks again if there is something she has to say. Belle tells her it hurts her that Marlena doesn't believe her. Marlena says Hope doesn't jump to conclusions. She wants to help Belle, "You can talk to me. I am so on your side." Belle wonders what makes her so sure Hope is right and she is lying.

Marlena tells her Hope checked her messages, "Now there are only two people in Salem who don't know you were with Phillip the night before your wedding. Shawn and Jan Spears. And Jan is in a coma. Trust me!" Belle is a tower o' tears.

Outside, Nick catches up with Chelsea and insists he won't let her break in herself. "And how are you going to stop me," she asks.

"By appealing to your sense of reason." Even Nick realizes how ridiculous that sounded. Chelsea's sense of reason has long since left the building, "What if you get caught?"

"If I get caught you get all my CDs."

Nick does a 180, "If we're going to be there all night, we need sandwiches." Hugs.

Shawn and Bo argue about Belle's motives for writing the damning letter. Bo goes off the deep end but Shawn claims they are past it. "Tell me something," says Bo, "Do you trust Belle?"

Belle wails, "Phillip said this would happen! He said Hope and Bo would tell everyone."

Marlena tries again, "You did sleep with Phillip?"

Belle evades again, "How could Hope check my messages? I just needed a friend to talk to."

Marlena asks, "Do you want to save this marriage?"


"Then you've got a big decision to make," says Marlena, "You and Phillip as friends won't work. That can't happen. You can't be around each other. You have to give him up. You have to get him out of your mind."

Belle cries, "But if I get Phillip out of my mind, my brain cell will be so lonely."

Marlena insists, "You have to give him up forever."

Nick goes though his knapsack and takes inventory of the food they have for their night of crime. He wants to stop and pick up a throwaway camera so they can take pictures of the evidence, but won't have to take anything from the room. Chelsea says they can use her phone camera. "Maybe Bo could get a warrant based on the photos alone," says Nick. Chelsea plants a hot one on him.

Nick smiles, "How did such a good guy like me end up with such a bad, bad girl?"

Chelsea skips out of the pub, "Just lucky I guess."

Shawn thinks Bo isn't telling him something. He presses for more info. Bo just says either Belle has changed or he didn't know her at all in the first place. Shawn defends Belle and says he trusts her. Bo sighs, "I hope you're right."

Belle blubbers. She insists she has chosen Shawn, "Sometimes I just... I want Shawn to be Shawn but just be more confident. Or competent." Marlena recognizes a confused cookie when she sees one. She asks how Phillip makes her feel. "Different. Phillip is always in control. Shawn needs me. Phillip takes care of me. But I must admit, Shawn is a real stud."

"You mean he's good in bed," asks Marlena.

"No," says Belle, "I mean he has the IQ of a two-by-four."

"You can't have them both," says Marlena, "You can't have two men."


Roman interrupts Shawn and Bo. Shawn decides he wants to go apologize to detective Ohanion. Bo thinks that's a really bad idea. Roman tells Shawn OMB isn't feeling well so he should go tend bar. Shawn tramps through the crime scene on his way out.

Bo tells Roman if Shawn gets written up it might jeopardize his chances. Roman wants to talk to Ohanion and ask him to go easy on Shawn. Bo asks Roman to stay out of it, "Getting written up is part of the job. If word gets out that we are protecting Shawn, he'll never fit in with the guys. Tough love will do Shawn good. I know he has problems with authority..."

Roman jumps in, "Oh, and I wonder where he got that."

Ohanion interrupts, "I found some shell casings in the cabin."

Marlena tells Belle she knows all about being caught between two men. Or three... or... "We both lost John and that makes us both vulnerable and, of course, justifies slumming."

"I wish I had talked to you about this sooner," blubbers Belle.

Marlena asks, "You mean before you married Shawn?" Inquiring minds want to know.

"Just sooner."

Marlena tells her she has to honor her marriage and decide soon, "You are not a girl who sneaks around or cheats. Much. Make up your mind before you start to tear yourself apart." Too late.

Belle says she will, but asks Marlena not to say anything to Hope. Marlena says, "You just have to make your decision before you lose everything."

Nick and Chelsea sit in his car and watch Ford's apartment. They see the light go out. Chelsea asks how they will get in there. Nick points out a tree standing right outside his window, "That's our ticket in."

Bo looks at the casings Ohanion has gathered and put into a baggie, "I wish we could compare these casings to the one in EJ's spine." Roman reminds him EJ was shot with a bullet, not a casing. They wonder who might have known about this cabin. Roman figures Kate wouldn't touch a place like this with a ten-foot pole. Bo thinks it looks like it's a place kids might come to get some privacy.

Roman says, "I'll bet that mattress over in the corner could tell some stories."

Bo looks at the mattress with disgust, "I don't want to get near that mattress, let alone be entertained on it. I prefer to be entertained in a gas-filled pit, myself."

Belle comes into the pub and gooses Shawn. Shawn is distant. He tells Belle about fouling up the crime scene. "Nobody's perfect," says Belle. Shawn tells her he thinks Bo had something else he wanted to say to him, "I don't think he has faith in me anymore."

Belle feels guilty, "You would be in the academy if it weren't for me."

Shawn shrugs it off, "Everything is good as long as I've got you. You and Claire. Speaking of Claire, she's upstairs with Caroline. You could go up and say 'hi.'"

Belle thinks that's a good idea, but has to get something from her car first. Outside, she makes a call, "Phillip... if you can guarantee you can help Shawn's career I'll give you what you want... one night alone with me."


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Monday, November 26, 2007

Hormones And Hysteria

Belle is with Lucas. She thinks the twins are adorable. Lucas runs through how he manages to take care of them without Sami. Belle thinks the job sounds overwhelming. Lucas says, "Sami helps when she's around."

Belle decides to hang out for a while. She says she is unnerved without her cell phone, "I feel like I'm missing everything."

"There's not much you don't miss anyway," says Lucas.

Belle picks up a stuffed toy, "Aawwwww... this is cute."

Lucas gives his patented growl, "Gmxlropsnort, I don't know how cute it is. It's a gift from EJ."

Belle throws it down like yesterday's garbage. She philosophizes about the EJ situation. Lucas wonders if she shouldn't be with Shawn, "Or is the honeymoon over already?"

Shawn works in the pub. Phillip comes in and walks up to him. "You break it you buy it," says Shawn.

"Easy, big boy," says Phillip, "I'm not here for another fight." He says he thought Belle would back out of the wedding. He congratulates Shawn and sticks out his hand, "You won. As an officer and a gentleman, I'm backing off. Put 'er there, pal." Shawn gives him the stare of death.

Bo grills Marlena. Marlena insists she was not at the wedding, "I was babysitting Claire."

"And Claire can confirm that," asks clever Bo. Marlena claims she also talked to Roman on the phone at the time of the wedding. Hope interrupts and asks for a word with Bo. She gets on him for giving Marlena the third degree. Bo justifies his actions. Hope thinks he could be wrong. Bo is hoping he is. He turns to Marlena, "I have a witness who said there was a woman in black at the church."

Marlena asks, "And you assumed that was me because..."

Bo asks, "Was it?" Marlena says she wasn't there and he can cross her off his list. Well. That settles that.

EJ asks Sami to take the baby to Stefano. Sami refuses. She tells him about Lucas fighting her for custody of Alley. EJ is sympathetic but Sami continues her nukefest, "If Stefano wants an audience with my son he can get in line."

EJ says, "That's not acceptable."

Lucas serves drinks. Belle tells him she and Shawn are not attached at the hip, "That wouldn't leave any room for Phillip." They couldn't afford a honeymoon so they just stayed home together instead. Lucas thinks they are lucky to be able to do that. Belle asks, "Why do you say that, are things worse than I thought?"

"Well," says Lucas, "It's no secret my wife left me and married EJ. The whole thing just stinks like a DOOL script in a fish market dumpster. I feel like I'm a pit stop between the babies and EJ. I mean, how would you feel if Shawn were running around on you. Or better yet, how would Shawn feel if you were seeing another man?" Belle's deodorant fails her.

Phillip reminds Shawn they have been good friends in the past. Shawn says those times are gone. He prefers the present with Belle and Claire. There is no point in going back. He suggests Phillip limp on.

Belle doesn't know what she would do in Lucas' situation. Lucas talks about bonding with the twins. He just wants them to be together. He knows Sami wants that too, but he's afraid Alley will end up the poor relation. Belle thinks this must be hard on Sami, too. "You know what I think," snorts Lucas, "I think Sami has fallen in love with EJ."

Sami says, "I will not let Stefano sink his fangs into my son." EJ says he would never put their son in any danger. "I know Stefano has to meet him," she says, "but this is not the right time. I'm trying to avoid a nervous breakdown here."

"It must be hard to accept failure," says EJ.

"I want my son to learn to read and write before he learns to cast the evil eye," says Sami.

Marlena says, "Today was the first day since John... ahem... died that I could get out of bed. I came here looking for comfort but got an interrogation instead. I thought you were my friends."

"We need to pursue this because we are friends," says Bo. Marlena admits to having a black dress, and reminds Bo she wore it to John's funeral, "And I know John had guns," says Bo, "I need you to prove you didn't try to kill EJ."

"Then I need a search warrant," says Marlena.

"A what," asks Bo.

"Don't worry," says Marlena as she leaves, "I won't skip town."

"That went really well, I think," says Hope.

Bo and Hope discuss Marlena's motive. Bo thinks she was at the church and is lying about it. Hope asks what he is up to. Bo says he wanted to get Marlena worked up enough to get her to dispose of the evidence. Bo plans to catch her in the act.

Marlena walks into her home, closes the door and leans against it, "Oh John, my love. I need you so."

Belle insists Sami doesn't love EJ. Lucas thinks she cares about him. "That's a far cry from being in love," says Belle, "That's what Dr. Phil says, anyway." Lucas thinks there is something going on. Belle tells him not to give up.

Lucas has no plans to, but he's worried about the babies, "Sami is spending all her time with EJ. I will protect the twins from all the DiMeras, Sami included."

Sami and EJ keep it up. Any new information in their conversation is well concealed. Suddenly, EJ doubles over in pain, "OMG! I think the baby is coming! "

George and Gracie continue their conversation. Belle thinks Shawn is beyond the reach of temptation. Lucas thinks Sami keeps secrets.

"We all do," says Belle. Belle is the Burger King of secrets... Home of the whopper.

"Big enough to destroy a family," asks Lucas.

Belle flashes back to her romp with Phillip and says, "Maybe Sami is just feeling lost, like Shawn would be there for her no matter what."

Lucas calls her on it, "Shawn? You said Shawn."

Belle chuckles, brushes it off and decides it's time to go. She asks if Sami heard from Brady yet. Belle tried to call him on Thanksgiving and left a bunch of messages, but Brady never got back with her. Lucas suggests maybe he and Chloe are off on vacation. Belle thinks that's weird, "A married couple being together sounds really strange." Belle gives a parting shot as she goes, "Just remember, this is as hard on Sami as it is on you."

Sigmund Freud watches in awe, "How come I nezzer came up vith great ztuff like zat?"

Roman arrives at the Bo and Hope household. He announces a big break in the EJ Wells shooting, "My men found a shack two miles from the church."

"What does that have to do with the shooting," asks Bo.

"Nothing," says Roman, "I just thought it was a miracle my men found anything."
That's enough for Bo. He and Roman head for the shack.

EJ's labor pains subside. He just wishes he could walk out of there. Dr. Sami assures him that will happen. He tells her the fact that she is there means the world to him. Sami wants him to talk to Stefano. She says they have to lay down the law with him. EJ says Sami doesn't understand. "Use your spine," says Sami.

"I would if I had one," says EJ.

Stefano interrupts. "I'm glad you're here Sami. This gives us an opportunity for a della famiglia."

"I'm not hungry," says Sami.

Marlena unlocks a drawer and pulls out a shiny silver pistol. She puts it in a trash bag, walks over and opens her door. Of course, Hope is standing there, "Can I give you a hand with that trash?"

"Looky here," says Marlena, "Bo put a tail on me."

"How else were we going to find your home," asks Hope, "Bo had a hunch you'd try to get rid of the evidence," says Hope.

"Where is he," says Marlena, "outside with the posse?" Hope says she knows this feels like an ambush, but she and Bo want to help. Marlena says to tell Bo she's sorry she didn't trust him but she is not sorry for what she did. Hope suggests tea and a fresh start from the beginning.

Phillip fiddles with a piece of paper. Belle comes in. She passes him and clears her throat.

Stefano and Sami trade insincere amenities. He asks for pictures of little Johnny D. Sami says she doesn't have any with her. Stefano suggests a photography session at his house. EJ breaks in and says Sami will bring pictures another time. Stefano asks if EJ has talked to her. Sami breaks in and tells Stefano he has nothing she cares to hear about the way a child should be raised.

Stefano rambles on about the male bonding in the DiMera family. Sami nukes. She won't have anything to do with Stefano shaping her son's life. Stefano asks why EJ is allowing Sami to have such disrespect. EJ tells Sami she isn't the only one with a say when it comes to raising their son. He talks about the DiMera tradition, but says now is not the right time.

Stefano sighs. He says he is disappointed, but agrees it is their decision. He leaves. Sami thanks EJ for supporting her. EJ asks her to give Johnny a kiss for him, "Kiss both of them in fact."

Sami reminds him that the Bradys have traditions too, "Handing my son over to the DiMeras to raise? Not in this lifetime!"

Marlena drones, "I feel like a stranger in a strange land – that would make a good title for a book, don't you think? . She feels like she's being pulled by the tide while her daughters marry men unworthy of them, "Life goes on no matter how hard you try to stop it."

"Bad dialogue, too," says Hope, "Is that what you did? Did you try to stop it?"

Phillip says the paper in his hand is for Belle. Belle reads the note and tells Phillip, "It says Shawn went with Bo to help shadow a case." Phillip asks how she would like to make it up for sabotaging Shawn's chances at the academy. "How," asks Belle.

"Leave it up to me."

Belle wants one good reason why she should trust him. "A piece of evidence has come into my possession," says Phillip, "I could use it to make Shawn look like a hero."

"What's in it for you," asks Belle.

"An evening alone with you."

Bo and Roman arrive at the cabin.

In the distance, they hear a very unhappy officer, "DAMMIT! YOU MESSED UP MY CRIME SCENE!" Abbot and Costello hustle up to the cabin to see what's going on. They find an officer chewing out Shawn.

"It won't happen again," says Shawn.

"It had better not," growls the officer.

Marlena rambles, "Sami – she's stubborn and bull headed. The best intentions always led to the worst disasters with her, but worst of all, she married the man that shot John. I was so angry at her I could barely grieve for John."

"It's always more difficult to grieve for someone who isn't dead," says Hope, "Besides, I didn't think you knew when the wedding was."

"You can't keep a mother form knowing when her daughter signs a pact with the devil," says Marlena, "I took Claire to a neighbor and dressed in black and attended the wedding with a gun." She gives her evil SSK chuckle and continues, "I had hoped Sami wouldn't marry him, but she went ahead with it, so I shot him. I wasn't even sure I could. My hand was shaking so badly I could barely aim. Then there was another shot. It startled me so badly I pulled the trigger. And then there was a third shot. Then I heard somebody running."

Hope thinks she can't know if it was her shot that hit him. Marlena says it doesn't matter. She pulled the trigger.

Lucas tells the phantom mother she missed two feedings. Sami insists this will not happen again. Lucas tells her about Belle stopping by. Sami cuts to the chase, "Lucas... Do you still love me?"

Marlena says she just wanted to help Sami and do something courageous to avenge John's death. She thinks she ruined everything. She asks for a little time to hold the twins and her girls and put her affairs in order, and then they can cart her away forever. Hope tells her to slow down, "We don't know for sure that it was your bullet that hit EJ."

Marlena zones, "I shot a man. I meant to kill him. I don't know what any of you can do at this point."

The officer rages at Shawn, "You ruined a footprint! Bo – tell him about the rules at a crime scene."

"OK, don't get so excited," says Bo, "It was only evidence. If no donuts were involved, we're all going to be OK."

Belle resists, "You just want to use what you have to get me into bed."

"That's not what I had in mind," says Phillip, "Get your mind out of the gutter." That's got to be the cleanest gutter in Salem.

Belle scolds Phillip for pulling the stunt with the watch. He grabs her arm and tries to explain.

"Let go of me," she screams.

Phillip says, "One night is all you need for me to prove we are not done. Afterwards, if you don't agree, you can just leave and that's it." He claims he just wants to talk and share things, "You have my number. Call if you change your mind."

Dear Abby:

I am a newlywed. I suspect my girlfriend, now my wife, is having an affair with an old friend of mine. What should I do?

Shunned in Salem

Dear Shawn... I mean Shunned:

You didn't give me many details, but this case sounds strangely familiar to a situation one of my friends, let's call her HB (I certainly HOPE that doesn't give her name away), confidentially related to me (Well, actually, she didn't tell me directly. I heard it when she drove a panel truck through town announcing it on a loudspeaker). If this wife of yours is the same pathetic floozy she told me about, I suggest you and your old friend go out, have a few beers, patch things up and both drop the little slut like a white-hot potato.

Lucas wonders how Sami can even ask him that. He says he isn't the one who is running out. Sami insists she isn't running out. They're in this together, "What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine." Lucas says it kills him he doesn't get to see her any more. Sami falls into his arms and promises to spend more time with him. Crying babies in the background interrupt.

"My babies need me," says Sami.

"We all do," says Lucas. Sami kisses him and heads for the nursery.

Stefano comes back to see EJ. He says EJ let him down. He wants EJ to be a man and demand what is due him. EJ rationalizes, "Samantha is riding on hormones and hysteria. I'm not putting any pressure on her yet."

Stefano booms, "If you cannot handle this woman, I will – my way!"


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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Selfish, Dashing Rake

Sami walks up to the door to EJ's hospital room. The guard, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, nods and lets her in. She opens the door. EJ is eating. He sees her come in and hurls a big hunk-o-garbage at her. Sami ducks. The hunk-o-junk goes flying into the hallway. The Fridge gets on his radio, "Cleanup on aisle seven."

Sami squeals, "EJ, What happened to you?"

EJ lets out a belly laugh, "You did, darling. You're the best thing that ever happened to me, and the best medicine any man could have. By the way, this chowdah they sent up from the ICU is great."

Stefano finds Bo in the pub. Bo has nothing to say to Stefano, but Stefano wants to know why no one has been arrested for shooting EJ. Bo assures him the investigation is ongoing. Stefano rages about Kate. He wants to know if she's a suspect. Bo tells him she hasn't been eliminated. Stefano asks if he's looking at other suspects. Bo reminds him more than one shot was fired. He assures Stefano they are being thorough.

"There is one suspect who is being overlooked entirely," says Stefano.

Bo gets defensive, "The SPD is an equal opportunity police department. We overlook all the suspects."

Hope tells Marlena she knows the wedding was tough for her without John. Marlena says she left early because she had an important meeting with a disturbed patient. She looks at pictures of the wedding – the first dance. Marlena thinks Shawn and Belle look so happy together. Hope works her jaw. Marlena thinks Belle sees a lot of her dad in Shawn and that's why she chose him. Hope zones. She says she's not sure Belle has made a choice, "That's why I asked you over here. I can only hang on to a juicy piece of gossip for so long. Belle didn't end things with Phillip. She and Phillip are still seeing each other. They are still in a relationship." Marlena scoffs.

Shawn and Belle wake up together. "I can't believe we did it," says Belle, "We're actually married. I love you. I want you and I never want to lose you."

Shawn says, "That's one thing you don't have to worry about." Worry, no. Prepare for, yes. As they romp, we pan to Phillip's watch on the nightstand.

Marlena is skeptical. Hope lays it on the line. Marlena says she doesn't believe it. Hope says, "Belle promised it would never happen again."

"All right," sighs Marlena, "Then it's over. Maybe Belle made a mistake. Now she's married to Shawn."

"That's Shawn's mistake," says Hope, "It's not over by any means. Belle lied."

Sami says she is shocked that she could have had such an effect on EJ. EJ says it's not all her, "I got a sponge bath earlier from Bertha. She's a... hearty girl." Sami thinks the change is remarkable, given the terrible mood he was in before. EJ says that was before she said she cared about him, "That made all the difference. Samantha, you're the reason I'm not dead."

Bo asks who the new suspect is. Stefano says it's someone right under his nose. He wants Bo to figure it by himself but won't hold his breath. Bo brings up the hit on John black, but Stefano denies having anything to do with it. "I will find EJ's shooter," says Bo, "Whoever he is."

"Or she."

Bo is exasperated, "OK, Stefano, what is it that you are dying to tell me but can't... or won't?"

"Perhaps I could provide a clue," says Stefano.

"Good," says Bo, "That's something I don't have."

Stefano tells him about the woman in black, "The church was empty so she stood out." Bo looks interested.

Belle asks what's on Shawn's mind. "My mind can't carry much of a load.," says Shawn, "But what I want is maple syrup."

"Whipped cream would be less messy on the sheets," says Belle.

Shawn says Belle made him work up and appetite. Belle is hungry too. Shawn gets up to cook a feast. Belle thinks he's shaping up to be an excellent husband. She searches for her phone to call Doug and Julie about Claire.

Hope shows Marlena Belle's phone, "This is how I know she lied." Marlena rages because Hope has the phone and then turns right around and begs for more juicy details. Hope is only too happy to provide them. Marlena still doesn't believe it. Hope says she didn't tell Shawn, but made a deal with Belle. Hope kept Belle's dirty little secret, but is terrified she did the wrong thing. "Well," sigh's Marlena, "At least I'm glad you came to me first." Silence. "You did, didn't you?" Hope stares. Outside, the Salem Enquirer sits on the porch with the headline, "BELLE BOINKS PHILLIP!"

Stefano says he doesn't have any details about the woman in black. He doesn't know how long she was there, nor does he have any idea who she was, "Whoever shot my son will pay, and pay dearly." Bo says there isn't a lot to go on, but he thinks she showed up in black because she was in mourning for the bride.

Stefano asks, "And who would be in mourning for the bride?"

"Anyone who cares about her," says Bo, "Including my family and hers."

"Exactly," says Stefano. He walks out.

Hope tells Marlena she blabbed to Bo and Kayla. Hope decided to put it behind her but that's when she discovered Belle lied, "I did something I'm not proud of." She tells her Belle's call was not from Mimi, "It was Phillip. He clearly stated he and Belle were still seeing each other."

Marlena gasps, "Oh dear."

"I know," says Hope, "Shocking. I agonized about telling you for at least three or four seconds."

Marlena gets nasty, "But you didn't think twice about violating my daughter's privacy. That isn't right, Hope."

"I know," says Hope, "But it sure is fun."

EJ asks what's wrong. Sami says she can deal with her problems by herself. EJ reminds her she is his wife. Wifey tells him everything, "It's Lucas. He sent Will to Switzerland without checking with me, and then named our daughter without telling me."

EJ is sympathetic, "I think Lucas is manipulating you and being cold."


EJ sits in the aftermath of the nuclear blast, "Well, I hope he at least gave his daughter a nice name."

Sami says, "EJ, she's my daughter, too."

"Poor girl," says EJ.

"Her name is Alice Caroline Horton," says Sami, "It's a perfect name. We're going to call her Alley for short. I feel like I'm being pushed out of my children's lives." She bawls. He takes her hand and promises it will be OK.

Marlena looks at wedding pictures and stews. She says they should leave Shawn and Belle alone and let them deal with their own problems. Hope thinks Marlena should tell Phillip that.

Marlena says, "I will tell Belle, without judgment or criticism."

"Why would you want to take all the fun out of it," asks Hope. Besides, we wouldn't want Belle to think she's done anything wrong, would we?"

Belle and Shawn search for the phone. Suddenly, Belle remembers she left it at Bo and Hope's house, "GASP!."

"That's not so bad," says Shawn, "I'll just bet we can talk mom into bringing it over to us."

Belle panics, "I'VE GOT TO GET THAT PHONE! I have to check on Claire." Shawn tells her to relax and enjoy their time together. He wants to fix breakfast. Belle calms down. She expresses her undying love and the happiness she feels because she married him. Sami and Belle – two sisters, dozens of personalities. "I wish things could stay like this forever," says Belle.

"If they did, I'd starve," says Shawn. He goes to get breakfast. Belle stares at Phillip's watch.

Marlena thinks Hope is overreacting. Hope says she knows what she heard in the message. Marlena thinks maybe Hope misunderstood. Hope gives a recap of what the message said. Marlena says, "Belle must be very confused." BINGO! "Belle has been though a lot and probably feels like she just can't say one more goodbye."

EJ says, "You have turned me from a selfish dashing rake into a dull family man." Sami doesn't know what she wants or why her life is such a mess. EJ counsels her. He tells her to go home and get some rest. Sami protests. She thinks he needs her there. "I have Bertha," says EJ, "Go home. Get some rest."

Belle picks up the watch and stares. It's nine o'clock, do you know where your brainless slut is?

The mother-in-law Smackdown continues. "It just has to stop," says Marlena, "We have to find a way to meddle... uh... I mean help." Hope suggests putting their heads together. Two times nothing is nothing. Marlena says she will talk to Belle and not tell her Hope listened to her message.

"You can tell her," says Hope, "I did it and I will live up to it." Marlena thinks about John, "He would know how to reach Belle. I'm not sure how to do it. After all, I'm only a psychiatrist."

Sami asks, "What's the catch?" EJ insists there is none. Being a father has given him a sense of purpose. Sami thinks there is more. He says when she held him and kissed him and released all those feelings she hadn't even admitted to herself, it changed him."

Bo busts in. He says he has to talk to Sami. Outside, Bo asks about the woman in black. Sami remembers her. Bo asks her to think back and try to remember if there was anything familiar about her.

"She looked like a widow," says Sami, "OMG, MOM!" Bo nods.

Belle watches the watch. She stuffs it into a drawer as Shawn comes in with breakfast. Before they eat he wants to give her something. He hands her a present. It's a photo album. Shawn wants to take pictures and have memories of everything and everyone they do – even the tough times, "We've been down a long, hard road, and survived. We got our dream come true." She kisses him and looks at the pictures. Belle always prefers books with pictures. She says it means so much to her.

"Nothing can stop us now," says Shawn, "Remember that for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Stefano comes in to see EJ. EJ tells him he can thank Sami for helping him get stronger. Stefano asks why he hasn't met his grandson. EJ says he should give it some time, "Besides, they don't allow infants in the ICU and Samantha wouldn't want to bring him up here."

Stefano tells him to nip that in the bud, "You don't want your wife calling the shots." EJ thinks she won't listen and won't bring the kid to the ICU.

"You're the man," says Stefano, "Don't take no for an answer." Sami walks in.

Shawn notices Belle didn't touch her pancakes. She says she's just too excited about being Mrs. Shawn Brady to eat. Shawn asks what happened to his watch. Belle dunno.

Bo walks into the mother-in-law meltdown. Marlena says she has to go, but Bo wants to talk. Marlena agrees. Bo asks about the wedding, "I know you were there, but I don't know if you put a bullet in EJ's spine."

Stefano leaves Sami and EJ alone. On the way out he whispers to EJ and tells him to take charge. EJ asks if Sami is OK. She flashes back to the woman in black and says she is just tired.

EJ tells her it's time to introduce Johnnie D to Stefano. Sami refuses, "No! Absolutely not."


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'll Hang From Your Lips Instead Of The Gallows

Marlena holds up the invitation to Shawn and Belle's wedding, "Dr. Marlena Evans Craig Brady Black North Black and Mr. and Mrs. Beauregard Brady request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their son Shawn Douglas to that little bed-hopping tramp Belle Black. Please join us as our son and the many personalities of his unfaithful bride commit to sharing their lives – until the little slut gets bored and goes running back to her peg-legged hump-buddy."

She looks at a picture of her and John, "Why aren't you here?" Maggie walks in and finds Marlena hyperventilating.

NEWS FLASH! OMB has been rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. Not only was he eating his own rotten chowdah, but he was watching DOOL at the same time. He's in the ICU... Intestinal Chowdah Unit. Bo is with him, and Roman heads for the hospital. Max stands there like a bump on a log as Doug encourages Shawn. He knows OMB will be OK and he knows Shawn has made the right decision by marrying Belle. One out of two ain't bad.

Shawn says, "This is the one thing that I did do right."

Max asks, "You're talking about choosing Belle, right?"

"No," says Shawn, "I'm talking about not eating any more of these tiny hot dog thingies. I don't want to be sick for my wedding."

Belle is waiting for Brady to call. Marlena comes into the hencoop with something new. Unfortunately, it's not a script. Belle comes out in her white dress with gold leaf highlights. Actually it kind of looks like something she ripped off one of the girls at Caesar's Palace. Marlena gives her a necklace – with the purity rings on a chain. Belle shakes as Marlena puts it on her, "They don't mean what they once did. Back then they meant you and Shawn were going to remain pure until you were married. Now it means you'll put up a little resistance before throwing yourself at Phillip." Marlena fastens the clasp, "This is about the commitment that you and Shawn have in your lives now, which is love and fidelity. In other words, you'll have to be very discreet about sleeping around from now on." Belle cries and hugs Marlena. Hope looks like she's going to puke.

Phillip slugs down a few at the bar. The waitress tells him they're closing for a private function. Phillip is already well aware of that.

Maggie gives Belle a bracelet symbolic of the Puerto Rico ruby. Belle's phone rings. She answers, discovers it's Phillip and immediately hangs up as the blood drains from her face.

Kayla straightens Patch's tie. Stephanie says they both look great for geezers. She and Cordy will hang behind while Patch and Kayla go to the wedding. They leave. Stephanie sighs.

Chelsea asks for a second alone with the groom. She says she's happy for the only remaining brother she hasn't whacked. Shawn insists Zack is there because Belle is carrying forget-me-nots to remember both John and Zack. Hugs.

Marlena asks what's wrong with Belle. The show isn't long enough for that answer. Her phone rings again. Belle looks at the caller-ID an announces it's Meems. She asks for a little privacy and they all leave. Once the room empties, Belle tells Phillip, "I'm not doing this!" She hangs up as Hope comes in. Hope excuses herself and says she forgot something.

"That's OK," says Belle, "We're finished."

"So soon," inquiring minds want to know.

"Mimi had things to do."

Hope turns nasty, "You wanna tell me the truth? Who was really on that phone?"

Lucas holds _________. They brush off the fact that Alice isn't there by saying she's in London with Jack and Jen. Doug asks, "Does this little cutie have a name yet?"

"My name is Lucas," he says, "Also, I guess I should make this announcement before her social security kicks in. Her name is Alice Caroline Horton. We'll call her Ali for short. Actually we're going to spell it 'Alley' because growing up in this screwed up family, that's where she'll be trolling for johns in no time."

Sami looks on as Lucas makes this big unilateral announcement. She looks as if she's been hit by a truck, "Lucas?"

Stephanie has decided she and Cordy are going to have a girls' day with makeovers. Cordy don' wan' no stinkin' makeover. Stephanie insists, "Ford will not win."

Sami and Lucas have a nuke-out. Sami can't believe he named Alley without consulting her. Without missing a beat she turns on the afterburners and lectures him for letting Will go to Europe without saying goodbye. As she huffs off she turns and says, "This is not the time or place... For the record, I love the name. It sounds so familiar somehow."

Belle insists it was Mimi on the phone. Hope lets it go. She hugs Belle and says she will see her downstairs. Belle contemplates.

Patch gives Shawn a watch from Victor. Shawn reads the note, which says the watch is a token of Victor's best wishes, "In spite of our past differences." The note says Victor hopes Shawn will wear it at his wedding. Patch thinks it's an olive branch. Shawn puts it on as Julie buzzes through the crowd. She tells Marlena she is needed upstairs.

Billie interrupts Phillip's bender. She knows he's still in love with Belle, "That's got to be driving you crazy."

"Completely crazy," says Phillip, "I'm going by the theory that opposites do not attract. She won't go through with it. She'll be thinking of me when she walks down the aisle, not Shawn."

Billie asks, "Why would Shawn be thinking of you? And you know this... how?"

The bridesmaids march in. Sami. Chelsea with Claire. Oohs and aahs. Shawn exhales deeply as Belle comes down the stairs. She sees him wearing "Victor's" watch and remembers Phillip taking it off during monkey-sex. Belle nearly faints.

Phillip says, "I sent a little reminder to Belle." Billie says he sounds more and more like Victor every day.

Belle's mind swirls. That's a feat in and of itself since it's difficult to get circulation in a vacuum. Marlena whispers that John is right there with them. Belle sucks it up and staggers down the aisle. Shawn sucks it up and prepares for his doom. The show itself just plain sucks.

Belle gets to the front of the room and takes out a megaphone, "I see you're wearing a new watch." The ceremony begins. Belle bawls.

Stephanie and Cordy sample cosmetics. "What do you think," says Stephanie, "Too goth?"

"Too goth," says Cordy. The gothfest is interrupted by a knock at the door.

PrevuzeStephanie looks through the peephole. Who else – Ford, "Open the door bitch, or I will huff and puff and blow it down! "

Shawn gives his vows. He can't believe they are finally at the altar together. His love for her has never changed. He can't imagine life without her. He gives her the ring in token and pledge of his abiding love.

Belle retaliates. She remembers the purity rings, which have since gone bad. They are a symbol of the love that will again be pure.

"Our love has always been pure," says Shawn. Purity is in a slump these days.

Belle zones in on the watch, "STOP! I CAN'T DO THIS!"

The audience gasps. Shawn works his jaw. Belle repeats, "I'm so sorry. I can't do this!"

Shawn asks, "Belle, what is it?"

"I can't do this," says Belle. Hours pass. Alice Caroline enters first grade... "I can't do this if you keep interrupting," says Belle, "I had it memorized."

"Just say what's in your heart," says Shawn, "Your heart works a whole lot better than your mind."

Belle cries and tells him she loves him and thanks God he didn't give up on them. She knows John would be happy if he were there today because he'd be pawning the little twit off on someone else, "I promise to be a good wife and be faithful for all the Days Of Our Lives, or until I get hot for Phillip, whichever comes first."

Father Kelly says, "I now pronounce you cuckold and wife."

The crowd applauds as they kiss.

Phillip says, "The wedding should be over – one way or another." He can't let it go because he knows Belle still loves him. He's going to fight for Belle instead of remaining single and lonely like his sister the Old Maid.

Ford rages. Stephanie calls security. He says if she keeps posting those flyers she will be sorry.

We pan in on a four-inch stiletto heel with a pearl band. Cinema crapité kicks in as we bob and weave and follow the foot as it walks into an indistinct room. Opera plays in the background, as Stefano tends to little Johnny D. He turns and smiles, "What took you so long?" Marlena tosses her coat onto a chair.

Stefano feels as though he's looking at a vision. Marlena reminds him it was Belle's wedding today. He asks why she has come. Marlena is silent. She finally says she would like him to give Sami her freedom. He insists Sami is head over heels in love.

Billie lectures Phillip for deriding her single-ness, "I'm single, sexy and fabulous and being single does not make me miserable. I'm miserable for other reasons. I could use a little romance but it will happen. Until then I'll settle for picking up anything in pants at the Cheatin' Heart."

Lucas comes into the pub and announces that Shawn and Belle are hitched. Phillip books. He gives Billie a parting shot, "When the time it right, it’ll happen."

Lucas wonders what that was all about. Billie brushes it off and leaves. The party hits the pub. Maggie goes to check on dinner and declares the bar open.

Stephanie calls Kayla and says she has to talk but doesn't want Patch to know about it.

Outside, Shawn and Belle prepare for their big entrance. Smooches. The audience is amazed the marriage has lasted this long. Oops. Spoke too soon. Trouble in paradise. Belle can't stand to have Shawn wearing the demon watch. She yanks it off of him, "I don't want to know what time it is today. I don't want it to end."

The couple walks in to cheers from the already half-drunk crowd. Sami gives Lucas a look that would kill.

Marlena insists Sami loves Lucas. Stefano says he heard her declare her love for EJ. Marlena has come to beg for Sami's freedom, "If you ever cared about me you will do it for me."

Stefano says she meant the world to him. He will do it for a price. Marlena asks what that price might be. "The same thing I've always wanted," says Stefano, "Queen Of The Night."

"But Rock Hudson is dead," says Marlena, "This was your plan all along, wasn't it?"

Stefano denies it, "But now that you have come to me... what did you think I was going to do? I loved and wanted you and the thought... the possibility... after I had given up hope... it's impossible not to make the dream a reality finally."

"I didn't say yes," says Marlena.

"True," he agrees, "It is your decision. What is more important – your love for your daughter or your hatred for me?" Marlena reaches out. Stefano takes her hand. Stare, stare, stare. See the pair stare. Stare, pair, stare.

Doug announces that OMB is fine. It was just indigestion. They pumped his stomach and the chowdah will be recycled. He toasts Shawn and Belle, "Their wedding reminds us all that with the tragedy of the past year we have experienced miracles. The biggest miracle – this show is still on the air. Lost loves were reunited." Abe kisses Lexie on cue. "There are two new members in the family, and Patch is back." Patch smiles like a dork on cue. "One very special person was lost. He is here in spirit. We miss him and will until he comes back. I'm speaking, of course, of... Bart."

We move into a full-blown music video with "I'll Be" playing in the background, "I'll hang from your lips instead of the gallows." They just don't make lyrics like that any more. Thank God.

Kayla comforts Cordy and Stephanie.

Lucas extends a hand to Sami. They dance. Lucas plays with her necklace instead of using it to choke her.

Stefano says Marlena brought him joy as his queen. Marlena gets close, "Your queen is what you've made me and you've also made me your killer. Deep inside that instinct still lives. It's a darkness you've put in my soul and when it comes out it will come out with a vengeance. A vengeance." She smiles and leaves.

Stefano seethes, "You witch!" Outside Marlena turns and looks at the door. Stefano rages, "I'm not finished with you Marlena! I'm not finished!" He breaks a baton and huffs.

Sami's says it's nice spending time with Lucas. She wonders what they do tomorrow. "It's not up to me," says Lucas. He kisses her and leaves so he can pout in peace.

Patch sits down with the happy couple. Smooches. He congratulates them, "We still owe you one," says Shawn, "You helped us escape to Canada."

"And the rest is history," says Belle.

"So will this marriage be if you keep Philling around," says Patch.

Hope is on the phone with Bo. She asks him to tell his dad hello and says she's glad he's better. She hangs up and sees Belle's cell phone. The evil mother-in-law picks it up and opens it, "You were hiding something Belle – what is it?" Hope sees there is one message, "I can't do this!"

Hope contemplates, "Yes I can! For my son!" The busybody plays the message.

Phillip speaks, "I need to talk to you before it's too late. You cannot marry Shawn! I'm the one you're in love with. I knew that in Tulsa and when we had monkey-sex at the pub. You can't let me go and never will!" Hope closes the phone.

"I'll hang from your lips instead of the gallows." I'm just stunned. Even DOOL writers can't come up with crapola like that.


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

National Dog Show

Sorry, gang, but there was no feed today because NBC will broadcast the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving. If you'd like to watch the show, here are the details:

We'll be back tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving, Prevuzers.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Brain, No Pain

The girls pass out posters at the Cheatin' Heart. Adrienne asks what they are doing and Chelsea hands her one. Adrienne looks at the poster and works her jaw, "You're not messing around. The good news is you're really getting the word out. The bad news is you're going to get your socks sued off."

"We're putting Ford Decker on notice," says Chelsea.

"You'd be better off putting your attorney on retainer," says Adrienne.

Chelsea suggests an Internet site. Adrienne tells them they can put posters up in the bar. The girls sit down and discuss their strategy. They decide the mall is next. They encourage Cordy as Adrienne brings drinks. Chelsea toasts taking their lives back as Cordy leaves to put posters up in the women's room.

Chelsea toasts, "Here's to Ford Decker. May he go down in flames." Ford stands at the door and looks in.

Stephanie stammers and asks Patch when he got home. As they hug each other, Stephanie passes the pregnancy test to Kayla behind his back. Stephanie tells him she's there cramming for a biology exam.

"I used to be pretty good at biology," says Patch, "Until I shot up the class*."

*We have received notification that instead of saying:

"I used to be pretty good at biology," says Patch, "Until I shot up the class."

This should have read:

"I used to be pretty good at biology," says Patch, "when I showed up at class."

"Showed up," "shot up," hey, it's Patch.

I figured there was something from his past I had forgotten about and, given the nature of the character, it made perfect sense. Think of it as a Prevuzism.

Shawn is impressed with Hope's decorations, "By this time tomorrow I'm going to be a married man."

Hope says, "One out of two ain't bad."

"Belle and I finally made it to the finish line," says Shawn.

"And Belle's trying to score the Daily Double," says Hope.

Phillip is on the phone barking tough tycoon talk. Belle walks in. She says she's not sure this is a good idea. Phillip thinks it is. He tells her to stay, "I'm glad you came." He kisses her. Phillip's phone rings and he takes the call, honking more orders. Belle contemplates.

Stephanie says she doesn't want to think about exams. She asks to talk to Kayla alone. Patch gets the hint. He heads for Blakely's for hot chocolate. He says he'll take his time. As he leaves, Kayla whispers, "Thank you."

As Kayla looks at the test, Stephanie whines, "I just can't tell him. Am I pregnant?"

"No," says Kayla, "It's negative." Big sigh and hugs. Stephanie is so glad Kayla was there. She promises to be careful from now on.

"Don't put yourself in this position," says Kayla as she hauls out the STD lecture, "And you should get an HIV test."

Billie finds the girls at the Cheatin' Heart. She looks at the posters and tells them not to back Ford into a corner. She says Jett and she have put security cameras all over campus. Cordy comes back. Billie goes on to say she has stepped up patrols, but declines to help putting up the posters. Morgan and Carmen leave to put on some lively music. Billie tells Chelsea this isn't a game. She doesn't want Chelsea to get hurt. Chelsea assures her they are being careful. Billie wants her to move back in with her until Decker is caught and behind bars.

Hope brings Shawn pretzels, "Tonight I wait on you but tomorrow it's Belle's turn."

Shawn didn't know about this thing about the wife waiting on the husband, "Do you wait on Dad?" Hope drags him into the bathroom and washes his mouth out with soap.

Shawn decides to order pizza. Hope asks, "Are you ready for marriage."

"I'm more ready for pizza," says Shawn. Hope rolls out the 'hard times' lecture.

Phillip gets on the intercom and asks Donna to hold his calls. Belle tells Phillip about Hope telling Kayla, who probably told Patch, who... one thing led to another and the next thing they knew there was a billboard out on route 70 announcing it... Phillip chuckles and says Hope blabbing was predictable. Belle decides she can't get married tomorrow. She wonders how she could ever face the people.

"You have to do what feels right," snorts Phillip, "Now... I have work to do."

Bo walks in with the tuxedos. Shawn will spend the night with his parents and Belle is staying with Marlena. They chuckle about Hope dragging out the pictures of Shawn in diapers. Hope sends Shawn upstairs to try on his tux.

Bo thinks Shawn seems happy. "I hope it lasts," says Hope, "I let it slip and told Belle I had told Kayla about her and Phillip."

Bo says, "This is Shawn and Belle's commitment. We should butt out."

Hope grabs a dictionary and looks it up, "Hmmmm... I don't find 'butt out' in here, so I guess we can't do it."

Belle walks over as Phillip talks on the phone. She sticks out her hand and hangs up. Phillip asks what she is doing.

"DON'T IGNORE ME," yells the princess.

"Look," says Phillip, "I'm not your 'guy friend.'" Belle thinks it was a mistake to come there. "Coming here is never a mistake," He says.

Stephanie says she got an HIV test. It was negative, but they will repeat it in six months. Stephanie wonders how Kayla can be so calm about all this. "We all make mistakes," says Kayla, "I was your age once and I made them. Just not as many. And my big mistake was having a kid." Kayla says she will go with her for the next test. Stephanie frets that the first test might have been wrong. Kayla tries to reassure her.

"I'm so proud of you," says Kayla.

"Pride," says Stephanie, "That's one of the seven deadly sins, isn't it? Anyway, I don't think you have anything to be proud of. I came running here like a scared little kid."

"You're an adult," says Kayla, "Adults face their mistakes and you faced this like a grown slut."

Billie wonders what Chelsea expects to accomplish. "Maybe Ford will pack up and slither into the night."

"To what," asks Billie, "the girls at the next college? He hasn't been convicted of anything. He can go wherever he wants."

Ford barges into the bar and storms over to Chelsea. He sticks a wadded up handful of posters into her face, "What do you think you're doing, bitch?" Billie tries to referee as a group of sisters surrounds Ford and Chelsea. Ford looks up and says, "WOW! A whole coven of witches. You're going to find libel suits are expensive." Billie tells him to get out. He reminds her it's a public bar and he's innocent, "These chicks are desperate. All I did was turn them down. Call off your dogs or you'll be sorry. I can handle trouble." He turns, "How about you, Chelsea?"

Stephanie tells Kayla she got a message from Chelsea at the Cheatin' Heart. She says she's going over there. Kayla suggests bringing Cordy home for the holiday, "Is that guy still on campus?"

"Yeah," says Stephanie, "And he's claiming he's a victim."

Patch comes back. Stephanie tells him she's headed for the Heart and leaves.

Patch asks, "What's up? Why did you lie to me about the pregnancy test?"

Bo and Hope discuss Belle. Hope thinks she probably shouldn't have said anything. Bo asks if she will hold it against Belle.

Hope waffles, "Yes... I don't know... Will you? Oh, God!"

Belle thinks maybe she should tell Shawn. Phillip thinks that's a bad idea. "You are my only friend," says Belle, "But this isn't right."

Phillip says, "You're not ashamed of making love with me. You're ashamed because you can't stop thinking about it the night before you marry Shawn."

Belle claims that's not true. Phillip doesn't want her to insult him by saying he's a 'friend.' He thought she was coming there to tell him the wedding was off. He thinks marrying Shawn is a huge mistake. Belle turns sarcastic, "Well, thanks for the support."

"Stop acting like a brat," scolds Phillip, "You want Shawn and you want me waiting in the wings. I'm not playing safety for Shawn. Not even for you."

Bo and Hope go over well-trodden ground. "I hope Phillip doesn't ruin the wedding," she says.

"Shawn says Phillip can't ruin anything," says Bo.

Kayla backpedals and says Stephanie's pregnancy test was negative. Patch growls, "Was it Jeremy?"




The evening wears on as Patch continues to go through a list of every bum in town. Finally Kayla tells him she doesn't know who it was, "It was a one night stand."

Patch goes through the ceiling, "WITHOUT PROTECTION?" When the dust settles from the explosion, he grabs his cell phone to call his darling little tramp.

Kayla stops him, "If you tell her you know, she will never trust me again."

Ford says he will leave when the girls do. Threats and confusion reign. Chelsea winds up and gives him a right cross that would send Evander Holyfield to the floor. Ford crashes against the bar and turns around. Blood spews from his nose like the Bellagio water show. Ford looks at Chelsea and screams, "You're going to regret that!"

Billie stands there with a baseball bat to make to make sure she won't regret that right now. Stephanie comes into the bar in time to see the show. "I was assaulted," screams Ford, "You all saw it."

Adrienne says, "Gee. I didn't see a thing."

"Me either," says Carmen.

Everyone in the crowd mumbles, "I didn't see anything."

"Looks like you have a credibility problem, son," says Adrienne.

"This isn't over," yells Ford.

It's over for tonight," says Billie.

On his way out, Ford bumps into Stephanie, "Well, if it isn't the campus slut. Call me."

Kayla comes out and asks if Patch is talking to her. "Who said I wasn't talking," asks Patch. She asks if he would really want Stephanie to come to him with this kind of thing. Patch just wants her to know he can help if she needs it, "Who did this?"

Kayla tries to calm him down, "Beating him up wouldn't help."

"It would help me," growls Patch.

"Girls are complicated," says Kayla.

"NOOOOO," says Patch, "I'd have never guessed." Kayla says the important thing is Stephanie feels safe there. "Because of you," he says.

"Because of us." Smooches.

Shawn wants to know why Bo and Hope were talking about Phillip. He doesn't know if he's coming to the wedding, but insists he and Belle are through with him.

Belle vows this is the last time she will come to Phillip like this. "Go ahead and get married," says Phillip, "Leave me out of it. You're kidding yourself if you think we are over. You couldn't walk out that door if you had to." Closer... closer...

Bo decides to call and "uninvite" Phillip, "Consider it a wedding present to you and Belle."

Phillip moves in, "Every night you lie with him you'll wish it was me. When you close your eyes, you'll see my face."

"Which one?"

"Don't do it to yourself, or to Shawn."

Belle protests, "I've loved Shawn for years."

"Not like this," says Phillip. He mauls her. Belle sprains her jaw opening her mouth.

Shawn tells Bo it's his job to draw the line with Phillip. "If Phillip shows up, there is nothing like a good Irish brawl to make a wedding," says Bo.

"I can handle this," says Shawn.

Phillip handles Belle.

Billie tends to Chelsea's crushed and swollen hand. Chelsea winces in pain and says, "I don't know how guys do this."

"No brain, no pain," says Billie.

Billie tells Morgan to stop the campaign against Ford, "I'll put someone on him, but can't make any promises."

Patch smooches as they talk about Stephanie. Kayla asks about the pregnancy, "If it were mine and if it was positive, would you be happy about it?"

"I would be happy," says Patch.

Kayla presses, "But would your choice be to have another child?"

"I would do it if we were both 100% into it," says Patch.

Kayla won't give up, "So, where are you on this, 50-50?"

Patch asks, "Are we talking bout a horse race? I am 100% sure we should practice a lot. Just in case." Patch moves into a practice session.

Cordy wishes she could be strong like the rest of them. Stephanie invites her home for the holiday. Cordy resists but Stephanie talks her into it. She turns to Chelsea, "You can't stop this campaign against Ford now." Then she flashes back to her night of terror, "The next girl may not be as lucky."

Speaking of getting lucky, Phillip and Belle romp at Titan. As things get hot and heavy the secretary calls in and tells Phillip he has a call from Shawn. Phillip fires her immediately. He takes the call. Shawn tells him not to come tomorrow, "No gift or card."

"Aw, man," says Phillip, "And I was going to give you a sports car... but I was going to test drive it first."

Shawn threatens, "If you feel like trying something, my family will be ready."

"Good luck tomorrow," says Phillip as he hangs up. He turns, but Belle is gone. He runs out. No Belle. Phillip buttons up and stares.


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