Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Didn't Recognize You With Your Clothes On

Stefano pours champagne and toasts marriage and his his beautiful wife. Kate toasts her new family. She, Stefano and EJ swill their drinks. Meanwhile, Nicole is out talking on the phone with Brady. She lectures him for opening his mouth and spilling the beans.

Phillip is in the den going through his desk looking for something. Victor comes in and asks what he's doing. "I'm looking for a memory stick," says Phillip, "It replaces the part of my brain I smeared across the Salem race track."

"Why didn't you make a note of where you put it," asks Victor.

"I did," says Phillip.

"Well," asks Victor, "Where's the note?"

"I put it on the memory stick."

Victor wants to talk about Kate. Phillip nukes, "She's a psychopath and a traitor. She's out of my life and thoughts. Of course, until I find that memory stick, everything is out of my thoughts." He storms out and finds Stephanie, who's new hobby is hanging out in the Kiriakis foyer.

Melanie comes into Maggie's kitchen as Nathan gets off the phone with Lexie. He tells her they have both been reinstated at the hospital. Melanie practically jumps his bones on the spot.

Brady and Nicole arrange to meet at pier 40. EJ comes out and demands to know who Nicole is talking to.

Melanie slowly un-peels herself from Nathan and runs to do a quick pregnancy check. Nathan starts work tonight so he says he doesn't have much time. They figure they won't see much of each other from now on unless they actually go to work. Nathan asks her out as Maggie watches and gives us her most stern look of disapproval.

Stephanie says she's there to check on Phillip after hearing about the Stef'n-Ho union. She's till not sure breaking up with Phillip was a good thing to do.

Stefano and Kate play slap and tickle on the couch.

Nicole tells EJ the call was from Sydney's pediatrician and she's on the way to get medicine for that pesky little rash that just won't go away.

I thought you had plenty of Valtrex on hand," says EJ. He stops her from leaving and says Mary can pick up the prescription. Nicole says the pharmacist can only give her the meds. EJ talks her into going in for a toast first. They hit the rumpus room where Kate and Stefano are rumpusing. Stefano again toasts his new wife and his loyal and devoted family. Kate tells him he's repeating himself, so he toasts Sydney instead. He also toasts Lexie, Theo and Giovanni. Nicole drinks up and runs. Kate tells EJ she thinks Nicole is in quite a rush, "Is she running away from me or you?"

Maggie butts in and gets the good news from Melanie and Nathan. She sends Melanie down to the basement for Halloween decorations. After Melanie goes Maggie tells Nathan, "I overheard you asking Melanie out on a date and that would be a huge mistake."


Nicole and Brady pier up. Brady tells her, "Arianna knows that you had a miscarriage but she doesn't know when." He asks what's up with EJ right now. Nicole tells him EJ is suspicious. Brady sighs, "I don't see any way out of this."

"I do," says Nicole, "I have a plan and you're going to help me pull it off."

Nathan says he's not looking for anything serious. He says he knows Melanie still has feelings for Phillip.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do plays in the background as Phillip and Stephanie go down a well-trodden path. Victor walks in and showers them with his own special brand of diplomacy, "It seems like I'm the only one who's glad you two broke up." Are you beginning to think Victor maybe wants Phillip to enter the priesthood?

Stefano and EJ drink. EJ asks, "Are you trying to get me drunk so I don't express my outrage and bafflement?" He asks if Stefano ever thinks about Tony. Stefano says he does, every minute of every day. EJ reminds him he's married the mother of the man who killed him.

"Love isn't a choice," says Stefano, "it's a sign of eternity."

"What the hell does that mean," says EJ.

"I have no idea," says Stefano, "but it sounded great, didn't it?"

EJ has had it, "Spare me the iambic pentameter."

William Shakespeare walks into the room, "Do either of you have any Dramamine?"

"No," says EJ, "Why do you ask?"

"I'm getting awfully dizzy spinning in my grave."

EJ says Kate isn't discreet and they can't have her wandering around picking up on things. Stefano insists they will do their business at the office where they are supposed to. EJ tells him he looks pale. Stefano insists he's fine, "I'm not an old man. Why are you treating me like that?" Kate walks in and Stefano asks her to bring him something upstairs to settle his stomach. He leaves Kate and EJ stare.

Nicole tells Brady she told EJ he had a drug relapse. Brady has a fit. Nicole asks, "What was I supposed to do – look for a place to live on"

Residents of trailer parks everywhere smack there heads and say, "There goes the neighborhood."

Brady lectures Nicole for not thinking of the impact this might have on his life. Nicole begs him to play along. Brady refuses.

Maggie says she's just trying to protect Nathan. Nate backs off and insists he can compete with Phillip. Maggie says she just doesn't want him to get hurt, "I know about the video Nathan. I forced myself to watch it several times because I think it's important to know what people who live here are up to."

"Phillip used her," says Nathan, "You think I'm going to be her fallback guy."

"I think you deserve better," says Mags, "Don't borrow trouble."

EJ stands in the rumpus room with one of his henchmen, "You know what to do."

"I do," says Hench.

He walks out and passes Kate as she comes in. Kate asks who that was. "An employee," says EJ.

"That doesn't answer my question."

Brady continues to refuse to lie about relapsing, "My grandfather would fire my ass."

"That wouldn't be so bad if the rest of you still had a job," says Nicole, "Besides, it wouldn't be long before he takes you back."

Off behind a corner, Hench points a parabolic microphone at them.

"You would lose your job," says Nicole, "If EJ finds out the truth I will lose my little girl."

Victor hands Phillip the memory stick which he found in another room, "Now you can do your work here at the house." He leaves and Stephanie figures Phillip is back at Titan. Phillip wants a second chance. Stephanie says it would be a 4th chance. The viewers know it would be a 127th chance. Regardless of which chance it is, Stephanie storms out, Phillip pours a drink and we watch Phil swill.

Nathan tells Maggie Phillip does not understand Melanie. Melanie giggles her way back in and is greeted by dead silence, "Why do I feel like you guys are talking about me?"

EJ tells Kate she has a lot to learn, "The first thing is to keep your eyes shut and her mouth closed." Kate wants to know if that's what Nicole does.

Nicole says if Brady won't lie she will tell EJ the truth and lose Sydney. She begs him to make up for his colossal blunder. He says he can never make up for knowing her. Hench continues to parabolize them.

Nathan feels the tension and runs like a scared dog. Melanie thinks Maggie tried to get rid of her to talk behind her back. Maggie admits it and says she cares about Melanie, but is protective of Nathan. Melanie beats herself up over the sex tape but Maggie insists this is just about Melanie's feelings for Phillip, not her hot time in the sleazy motel room, "Let Nathan go. Not just for him, but for you, too."

EJ tells Kate his marriage is none of her business. Stefano calls for his hot toddy. EJ warns, "Whatever it was that he made disappear, I can make reappear. I've been secretly studying under David Copperfield for years."

Brady tells Nicole she should have been honest from the beginning. That ship has sailed. If you don't help me I will lose Sydney and she will be traumatizes for all the Days Of Our Lives. do you want to do that to her?

Even though Brady and Nicole are still in the middle of their conversation, Hench comes back with the tape and plays it for EJ. EJ hears Nicole begging Brady to help, "You knew it was the only chance I had to be pregnant. The one and only time." EJ wrinkles his brow and wonders why Brady would ever want to be pregnant in the first place.

Phillip sits with his laptop as Victor comes back in. He tells Phillip he needs to find a woman who won't want to turn him into something he's not. "My fake body parts do that for me," says Phillip, "But you know what? I know just the woman."

Nathan is back in the kitchen. Melanie says Maggie filled her in on their conversation, "She thinks I will hurt you and in doing so hurt myself. She got through to you."

"It doesn't matter," says Nathan, "I make my own decisions. So what do you say? You wanna go on a date. A date date?"

"Yeah," says Melanie, "I do." He takes her hand.

Brady and Nicole continue to snipe at each other. Brady says he doesn't want Sydney to get hurt. Nicole breaks down, "I never thought I could love someone as much as I do Sydney. And whatshisname that I married." Brady decides he won't lie for Nicole, but he will lie for Sydney. Nicole hugs him and showers him with thanks. Brady wants her to promise to make Sydney happy. "I'll make it my life's work," says Nicole.

"That won't be difficult," says Brady, "After EJ finds out, you'll only have about five minutes left to live anyway." She smooches his cheek and leaves. Brady stands alone and breathes a deep sigh.

EJ listens to the recording of Nicole begging. He listens again to her saying it was the only time she could be pregnant and then flashes back to Nicole telling him they can't be intimate. He has more flashbacks and grits his teeth.

Stephanie meets Nathan at the hospital. She says she's just there to pick up a letter.

Phillip shows up at Maggie's' place. Maggie opens the door and beams, "Oh, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on."

"I deserved that," says Phillip.

Maggie grabs his lapels, slams him against the wall and gets in his face, "Hurt Melanie and you answer to me. Are we clear?"

Brady is at the pub. Melanie walks in giggling. She tells him things are looking up with her and Nathan. Suddenly, she senses something is wrong. Brady don' wanna talk about it. Melanie pries and he says he's doing a favor for a friend, "You'll hear some unsavory things about me very soon."

"That must mean Nicole Walker is involved," says Melanie. She digs for more info.

Brady says, "This isn't for Nicole."

"Of course it is," says Melanie, "You're still in love with her, aren't you?"

EJ looks at the recorder and broods. He sticks it in a drawer as Nicole bustles in all happy-happy. She finds EJ in a BAD mood. "What's wrong," asks Nicole.

"I found out something," says EJ.

"What did you find out?"

EJ growls as he walks out of the room, "You'll know soon enough... When the time is right."

Nicole's deodorant fails her.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Rattlesnake

EJ and Nicole return home chirping about how great it was for Dr. Merriman to see them on such short notice. EJ hesitates on the way in and Nicole gets snippy and tells him to go find Brady if that's what he wants to do. EJ huffs off to get something from the car.

Nicole drones, "I need to get hold of Brady and Stefano." She moves into the foyer and Kate walks in. Ho #2 asks ho #1 what she is doing there.

Meredith and Arianna run into each other outside the Cheatin' Heart. Meredith spills her stuff and Arianna wonders what she's buying mortar for.

Rafe stirs. He calls for Sami. Apparently the poor boy isn't in enough pain.

Sami sits at her computer and composes a nagging email to Rafe since she can't nag him in person. Will comes in, senses something is wrong and asks what it is. It's only an hour show so Sami can't go into all of it, but she does tell him about Rafe being gone and probably not coming back.

Rafe flashes back to talking to Sami about the night Grace was born, "Sami's baby is still alive. Sydney is Sami's baby." He works his bindings, "I gotta get out of here and find Sami."

Sami asks Will what happened with Mia. "The dad found out about Mia's baby. He's decided Mia had no right to give the baby away. Now I think he will make Mia's life miserable."

"She's been doing a pretty good job of that on her own," says Sami.

Chad asks if Mia wants to get back together. She says not if he keeps trying to find out where the baby is. Chad accuses her of blackmail.

"I'd do anything to keep the secret," says Mia.

"No deal," says Chad the dad, "Where is my daughter?"

Nicole is confused. Kate reiterates the fact that she lives there. Nicole asks, "Why would Stefano rent you a room?"

Stefano comes out laughing, "No, no, no. You misunderstand. Kate is the new mistress of the house.. the joy of my life... my better half... whatever you want to call it."

"OK," says Nicole, "I'd call it your live-in call girl."

Stefano beams, "Give your mother-in-law a big hug!"

Will weaves the tale of Chad and Mia and, of course, tells Sami he wants to help.

Mia says, "You're acting like the baby is something you did."

"Well, you couldn't have done it without me," says Chad, "I want my kid. I just want to see her and see if she looks like me and let her know I'm her dad. What's wrong with that?"

"Look," says Mia, "I understand you feel left out. But I need you to understand I did what was best for my baby. Now that part of my life is over. I've moved on and if you want to be with me you have to move on, too."

Nicole asks if Stefano is out of his mind. EJ comes in, kisses Mommy and hugs Daddy. Stef'n-Ho leave.

Nicole turns on her spigot and spews, "You knew about this and didn't tell me!"

"You're not the only one who keeps secrets," says EJ, "Sometimes, though, secrets get out."

Meredith says she's back fixing up her parents' house and that's why she's walking around with a box of mortar. Arianna thinks that's great and welcomes her back to good ole Salem. She offers to buy her a drink. Meredith accepts and they waltz in.

Rafe struggles. He sees a rusty nail on the floor and tries to get it with his foot.

Arianna and Meredith talk. Arianna insists Rafe loved her sister. Meredith thinks Rafe hasn't suffered enough.

Mia insists she doesn't know who the parents are. She wants to believe they are good people. She breaks down and asks why Chad is doing this. "When I heard you on the phone my life changed," says Chad, "I want to see my baby."

"She's not yours," says Mia, "And she's not mine. She belongs to someone else now." Note: When you saw this in the previews, if you thought that meant Chad wasn't the father, I'm afraid you're going to have to repeat DOOL 101. Chad insists things would have been different if he had been (say it with him) there for her.

EJ and Nicole argue. "I didn't tell you," says EJ, "because I knew you would react exactly like you are reacting right now."

"As opposed to what," asks Nicole, "Jumping for joy over the rattlesnake that now lives in this house where Sydney sleeps?"

Kate has had the chef prepare something special for Stefano since they are husband and wife. It's basically a sugar-coated lump of sugar with sugary syrup on top. Stefano oohs and aahs over it but reminds Kate he's a diabetic. Gasp! Oh, my Kate seems to have forgotten. She wonders how she could have been so insensitive.

EJ and Nicole toss more vile word bombs back and forth. Nicole snorts, "I don't feel Sydney is safe here. Guess what... we're moving out."

She starts to go and EJ grabs her, "You're not going anywhere or taking my daughter, either."

Chad says he cares. He still wants Mia and him to be together. Mia says that will only work if he stops looking for his baby. It's her or the baby. "And what about Will," asks Chad, "I want him out of your life for good... I don't want him there even as a friend. You push Will out of your life and we will talk."

EJ makes himself clear, and then he and Nicole go in to congratulate his father. They walk in and Nicole grabs the sugar saturated dish from Stefano. She suggests he hire a food taster with Kate around. EJ and Kate leave so Stefano and Nicole can have a proper argument. Out in the foyer, EJ clears the table for old times' sake.

Stefano warns Nicole, "You will treat Kate with the respect she deserves."

"That would be none," says Nicole.

"We are soul mates," says Stefano.

"I would be careful where I put my soul when she's around," says Nicole.

Kate and EJ talk. He says he knows she only married his father for security and wants to know why she needs him so much.

Meredith wigs out and starts to stomp out, but Arianna stops her. Meredith twirls around and shouts, "Your brother killed my sister Arianna."

Arianna says, "What a coincidence, my name is Arianna, too."

Stefano demands that Nicole show Kate respect. He asks why their honeymoon only lasted one day. "It was a disaster," says Nicole.

Lucas Roberts: Accidentally played his motivation tapes backwards and became a failure.

Mommy insists she and Stefano married for companionship, not because of the little issue with Chloe. EJ speculates Stefano pulled her out of the fire and the price was marriage. He asks how Victor and Phillip are doing.

"Phillip was disconcerted," says Kate, "But Victor gave me away. I may bring the DiMera and Kiriakis families together."

EJ lets out a belly laugh and warns her not to hurt Stefano, "There will be no forgiveness."

Arianna insists Rafe didn't murder Emily. Meredith backs off and says she was being dramatic. She hopes Rafe never forgets Emily. Arianna says she hopes Meredith will find peace.

"You know," says Meredith, "I think I will. If you talk to Rafe give him my best." She leaves.

Rafe continues to struggle. He scoots the nail toward him.

Will and Sami are at the Java Café. Will gets a call from Mickey as Mia walks in. Will leaves to take the call. He stops Mia and tells her he may have some info. He leaves to finish the call and Mia sits with Sami. Sami tells her she's a brave girl.

"What are you talking about," asks Mia.

"Your baby."

"You know?"

"Yeah," says Sami, "Will told me. Is that not OK?"

Mia says it's OK, but she just didn't realize Will had told her. Will comes back and Mia asks to talk to him alone. Sami leaves.


Mia turns into the whiny-teen version of the Incredible Hulk, "Will Horton, I mean this. It's over. We're over. I never want to see you again." She storms out. Will stares that vapid, clueless stare all men develop in the course of their relationships with women.

Arianna walks by the park bench and talks on her phone, "I need to see you right now."

Rafe struggles. Meredith opens the door and walks in.

Kate tells EJ she's not easily intimidated. EJ says it was just a simple warning. Kate says, "You are bright, discriminating and tasty... er, tasteful... but marring Nicole was a whopper."

Nicole thinks something is about to break, "EJ might do something tonight. I need your help."

"Not yet," says Stefano. He continues to pump sugar down his throat and tells her to stop obsessing and help celebrate his marriage. Nicole agrees and says she'll just have to keep stonewalling EJ.

EJ says his marriage is none of Kate's business. He assures Mommy he's a big boy and can take care of himself. "Nicole is nothing if not complicated," says Kate.

"Like you," says EJ.

Mia is back at Maggie's calling Chad, "I need to see you."

Will returns to Sami's apartment. He tells her he screwed up when told her about the baby. "You must've inherited your father's blabbermouth gene," says Sami. Will asks her help.

Meredith asks what Rafe is doing on the floor instead of up in the chair she provided. She smacks him again.

Arianna meets Roman at the pub. She asks him to run a name for her – Meredith Hudson.

Rafe lies in a heap. "Now you won't ever get away," says Meredith.

Kate thinks she and EJ are both complicated people. EJ gives her a devilish smile, "We had our... areas."

"I think the less said about that the better," warns Kate, "And about Nicole."

"I think the less said about that the better," says EJ. Stefano comes out and invites them in for a toast.

Nicole tells EJ she's going up to check on Sydney. When EJ goes into the rumpus room, Nicole takes out her phone and calls Brady, "We have to meet now."

Chad arrives. Mia tells him she dumped Will like a load of yesterday's garbage.

Will wonders how he can fix things with Mia. Sami says when you lose someone's trust she's not sure how to get it back, "That's the one thing I never got right." Sami would have an easier time counting the things she did get right.

Meredith prepares the mortar.

Roman says Sami already asked him to run a check on Meredith. Like every other guy in Salem, He wants to know what's going on.

"Whatever it is, it isn't good," says Arianna.

Apparently, Meredith is going to build an entire wall out of one box of mortar. She works her trowel and gives Rafe her cute little glassy-eyed, freaked-out murderess stare, "You are finally going to pay the way Emily had to pay."


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Monday, September 28, 2009


Rafe pounds on the door to Sami's apartment. Sami answers and sees his battered and bleeding skull, "You look terrible." Rafe tries to tell her what's going on, but Sami interrupts, "You don't want to be with me, so you know what? You're dead to me."


Rafe reels backwards as the slamming door hits him in the forehead. No problem, another blow to Rafe's head is but a drop in the bucket.

Groggy Rafe wakes. Meredith sees him stirring, "Rafe... can you hear me?"

Sami calls and leaves another message for the lost child. Arianna arrives and they both fret because they haven't heard from Rafe. She asks Sami if they can work together on this.

Chad tells Mia he heard her talking to Will, "You left school so you could have a baby. You were a virgin. We had sex. It must be mine. You cut me out of your life, but I would never have let you go through that alone."


"I knew you better than anyone," whines Mia, "You would have found the money for an in 'n out clinic."

"They do abortions, too," asks Chad, "I thought they just sold burgers." He goes into a rage, "What the hell did you do with my kid?"

EJ asks Nicole if she's going to stonewall all the way home. "No," says Nicole, "I'm not. I'm gonna tell you the truth. Now."

EJ sits and gets comfortable enough to listen to the concoction Nicole is about to come up with, "Should I get Sydney, since we're going to be listening to a fairy tale?"

EJ prepares himself for another whopper as Nicole launches into things, "You are a DiMera. You know everything. If I had a big secret, don't you think you would know about it? You and Sydney are my life. I would never do anything to hurt you. And that is the truth. So help me God."

God steps in, "You're on your own, kid."

Daniel is disgusted with Victor for not supporting his undying love for Chloe. Victor is disgusted with Daniel for loving the little tramp. Chloe listens outside the door as Victor tells Daniel he doesn't have his blessing, "I'd rather die than see you marry that whore."

Daniel seethes, "Don't you EVER... ... ... (you have time to go fix the kids' lunch if you want)... ... talk about Chloe like that again."

Sami agrees she and Arianna should work together, "After we find Rafe, we can go for each other's throats again." She can't believe Rafe would just disappear, "He's never done anything like this before." Think again Blondie.

Meredith checks Rafe out. No pulse, "Damn! I never realized if you slam an iron fireplace poker and a ten pound brick into a guy's head it could kill him."

Victor asks, "Daniel, what do you know about Odysseus?"

"Not much," says Daniel, "But if you're going to start pontificating about him, I'll bet he was Greek."

Victor tells the story of the Sirens, "They were so alluring that when his ship sailed by their home, the crew had to tie Odysseus to the mast so he wouldn't go running after them."

"Were the sirens cheap, two-timing, adulterous hos," asks Daniel.

"Of course not," says Victor.

"In that case," says Daniel., "Chloe is not a siren."

Victor huffs, "A man like you can get any woman he wants."

"No," says Daniel, "if you can't respect Chloe I am out the door."

Chloe walks in. Victor ties Daniel to the mast. Chloe whines, "Daniel don't. Victor is right. I'm not worth it."

Mia says she wouldn't have done things differently if Chad had called to let her know where he was, "We were both in high school – we couldn't have given her the life she deserves."

"A girl?"


"Do you have a picture?"


"I want to see her."

Arianna tells Sami she and Rafe didn't have anything to do with each other for quite a while. Sami says she knows that, but doesn't have details, "What caused the two of you not to speak for so long?"

Arianna says, "We were just lucky, I guess."

Rafe returns from the dead. Meredith tells him she's been following his career. She has somehow come up with a scrapbook, "You were suspended, but it came too late for Emily." She picks up a picture of Grace, "So sad she's gone and unfortunately for you the two of you won't be reunited because murderers go to hell."

EJ tells Nicole he thinks he's been played one too many times. Sydney cries. Nicole gets up to go see what's wrong. EJ tries to stop her, "Mary will take care of it."

Nicole comes unglued, "Don't you ever keep me from my little girl!"

Arianna tells Sami a few years ago she made a mistake and Rafe helped her. Because of that he took a big hit and she wouldn't blame him if he still weren't talking to her, "But that was in the past. And don't forget Rafe helped you lie to EJ. Not only that, I found out EJ and Nicole left the country, so EJ might be behind Rafe's disappearance. If he were here, I think he would question both EJ and Nicole."

"If he were here," says Sami, "Why would he be questioning anyone about his disappearance, and why Nicole?"

Meredith checks Rafe's phone. She tries the password, "E-M-I-L-Y." It doesn't work, so she tries another, "S-A-M-I." It gets her in. She turns to Rafe, "You changed the password from 'Emily' to 'Sami' – One more betrayal. One more way to disrespect the woman you murdered. Emily would want to make sure I never let you hurt anyone else. Or change your password again."

Mia tells Chad she gave the kid up for adoption and doesn't know where the she is, but she's sure the baby has a good home. Chad is skeptical. He insists Mia is the type of person who would never hand her kid to a total stranger.

Nicole bounces Sydney. She tells EJ she's not sure what's wrong. EJ overreacts and says he thinks they need a doctor. Nicole tries to settle him down and tells him this isn't like Grace, "I will protect Sydney for all the Days Of Our Lives. if you don't believe anything else I say, believe that."

Chad demands to see the adoption papers. Mia tells him it's too late to do anything. Chad erupts, "I'm gonna get my own lawyer. "I'm gonna stop this phoney adoption and I'm gonna get my daughter back."

EJ and Nicole continue to worry about Sydney. EJ gives her some baby aspirin.

Arianna flashes back to her conversation with Rafe about the miscarriage. She stops short of telling Sami about it. Sami suggests calling her dad, "Lets' get the police involved in this."

Meredith takes Rafe's wallet. She finds memorial cards for Emily and Grace, but tells Rafe he won't have one because there won't be a body. She gets in his face, "The world will be a better place once you're gone."


Daniel tells Chloe never to say that again. Chloe beats herself up and tells him Victor is right. Daniel insists Victor is just being cruel. He starts to leave with her but Victor stops them.

Nicole tells EJ she was concerned about being a mom but found it came naturally. Sydney wrestles her as Nicole asks if being a mom counts for anything with him.

Chad and Mia argue. Mia loses it and refuses to give him the adoption agency's name. Chad figures he can gets some juicy info from her computer and he grabs for it. Mia sees what he's doing and she tries to yank it from him. Will walks in as they tussle, "HEY! What are you doing?" Will and Chad throw a few punches at each other and the fight is on.

Meredith types into Rafe's phone.

Sami's computer sounds an alert, "You have a fake email message."

Victor does a 180° so fast we all get whiplash, "Whatever you decide I will accept. Not with my blessing but I will keep an open mind."

Chloe and Daniel say how much they appreciate magnanimous Victor's generosity. "But please," says Daniel, "From now on, spare us the Greek mythology."

Mia pulls the boys apart. "What's going on," asks Will. Like father like son. Chad says he wanted Mia's computer to read her diary.

Will turns to Mia and gasps, "You told him."

Chad says, "No. she didn't. I figured it out."

Will can't believe it, "No one in Salem ever figures anything out. Especially if it's obvious."

Chad demands, "Where is the baby?" Silence. Chad heads out to find his kid. He follows the breadcrumbs.

Nicole says she will call the doctor as soon as they land. Sydney goes to sleep and Nicole asks where they go form there. EJ says that depends what coked-up Brady has to say, "You have no idea how much I want to believe you. Because if everything you're telling me were true, that would mean I'm not as stupid as I really am."

Sami reads Rafe's email, "I have to work things out for myself and get away for a while. Don't try to contact me. I wish you all the happiness in the world."

Arianna gets a text from Rafe, "I'm out of town, maybe for good. I miss you but need time alone. I'll be fine."

Arianna asks, "This is how he says goodbye? This isn't right at all."

Chloe leaves. Daniel assures Victor, "Eventually you'll see the best in Chloe."

"I take it that means she's going to start wearing low-cut blouses again," says Victor, "All I want is for you to be happy." They hug – a guy hug, of course. Daniel leaves.

Will says even if Chad found the baby he couldn't undo the adoption. He suggests calling Mickey to see if Chad has any rights. He goes to call the Mickster and tells Mia he won't mention her name. After Will leaves Mia sighs and then bolts like a horse running from a barn fire.

Daniel and Chloe cuddle on the park bench and debrief about their encounter with Victor. They talk about her becoming 'Mrs. Jonas.' Chloe just can't wait. Daniel doesn't wait; he dives right in.

Victor swills booze and remembers his argument with Daniel. Henderson comes in and asks if Victor needs anything. He says he overheard and thought what Victor did was gracious.

"Yes," says Victor, "Not that the cheap slut deserved it."

Sami broods about Rafe taking off. Arianna tires to support her and tells her Rafe loved her so much and this isn't the first time he's tried to get a little distance, "He always comes back. Like a bad penny."

Meredith taunts, "If Stefano hadn't brought me back here you wouldn't have been in this predicament."

Rafe asks, "Stefano?"

Meredith shushes him, "You have plenty to worry about. I have to go get some supplies and when I get back, we can get to work." She leaves. Rafe stares. And bleeds.

Will comes back into the kitchen and finds Mia missing.

Mia finds Chad on the pier. She apologizes that he had to find out about the baby like that. Chad thinks it's amazing he has a kid out there somewhere. "But she's someone else's little girl now," says Mia, "And what would you do with a baby? What kind of life could you give her?"

"I can get her all the free coffee I can sneak out of the Java Café," says Chad, "and free tickets to the Salem High baseball games."

"I carried her for nine months," says Mia, "and dreamed about raising her. She wasn't born yet and I loved her as much as I loved you, but I knew she would be better off with someone else. So you need to let it go. You need to let her have her life. Maybe we can have ours again."

Chad picks up on that one, "So are you saying you want to get back together?"

Sami rereads Rafe's email and remembers Rafe saying he wants to be a father to Grace, "I have made such a mess of my life. Please God, let me not have ruined Rafe's too."

God wrinkles his brow, "Have we met?"

Rafe dreams about chasing after Sami. We leave him where we came in, pounding on Sami's door, "Listen to me! Your baby is still alive. Nicole switched them. Sydney is your baby!" The fantasy ends and we pan up to suffering Rafe.

Meanwhile, Arianna bumps into Meredith in the seedy section of town. If she didn't bump into people, Arianna wouldn't ever have anyone to talk to.

Nicole takes Sydney to powder their noses. EJ drones, "I love you very much, but if you're lying to me there will be hell to pay."

Satan jumps in, "Don't worry too much about that payment. We can settle up when both of you get down here."

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Friday, September 25, 2009


First things first. Here's a short recap of what we missed yesterday...

Nicole and EJ arrive in Paris. Happiness abounds. They put the honey in honeymoon. Unsupervised, Sydney becomes a dancer in the Folies Bergère.

Stefano informs EJ he married Kate. EJ has a stroke.

Will is upset about what happened to his dad. Maggie tells him about the Stef'n-Ho marriage.

Kate dreams about Daniel. Phillip tells her about Lucas' episode and blows his stack at her. Later, she meets Daniel for real and tells him about her marriage to Stefano. She overhears as Lucas once again disowns her.

Phillip warns Stefano. Stefano warns back.

Sami lectures Lucas for his binge. She says if he doesn't clean up his act he will never see his daughter again. She forces him to check into rehab. Lucas tells Sami Mia is an addict.


Lucas apologizes to Will and we have a barf-bag worthy father-son moment.

Arianna badgers Troy to introduce her to the big boss. She insinuates she will sleep with him if he makes the introduction. Brady accuses her of coming on to Troy. Arianna lets it slip she knows Nicole had a miscarriage.

Arianna shows up at Sami's apartment demanding to see Rafe.

Brady goes searching for Nicole. He calls her cell phone and EJ answers, but the connection is bad. Brady thinks it's Nicole and says the secret is out.

Chloe shows up at the hospital and stirs things up. Lucas asks Chloe's forgiveness and says it will take a while for him to forgive her. Much to the delight of the Lumis, it's goodbye to Chloe and Lucas.

Daniel proposes. For the first time ever, Chloe is at a loss for words.

* * * * *

And now for today's thrilling episode...

Brady is outside struggling with phone reception. He thinks he's got Nicole on the phone. Inside the hotel room, EJ listens as Brady says, "Nicole, I need to talk to you. The secret is out! Call me back."

"What secret would that be," asks EJ. Brady hears EJ's voice, his eyes go wide and... well... unfortunately he didn't wear his Depends today.

Daniel takes a knee, "Chloe... will you marry me? Will you make me the happiest man in the world?" He means except for Lucas, of course, who gets rid of the two-timing ho.

Chloe beams, "Yes, of course I will marry you."

Mia is in the kitchen. She gets a call from Chad. He says he's at the hospital to check up on Lucas. Mia tells him Lucas has already checked out and gone to get help.

"Get help," repeats Chad, "Just like you did?"

"That's right," says Mia, "Lucas is pregnant."

Chad says her going to rehab doesn't make sense, "It can't be true."

Arianna is at Sami's place confronting her, "Where is my brother? If I find out you did something... so help me God..."

God rolls His eyes and longs for times past and towns with simple problems like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Rafe wakes up, stares at Meredith and asks, "What the hell are you doing?"

Meredith sneers, "What I should have done years ago when you killed my sister."

"Years," asks Rafe, but she just died last year."

"They SORASed her death," says Meredith.

Mia don' give no stinkin' flip what Chad thinks, "Stay away from me." She hangs up. Will shows up.

He says he's doing better now that Lucas is in rehab, "I respect what you did. You didn't want your baby to go through what I have. You gave her up to parents who can really love her."

EJ grits his teeth a la Bo Brady, "Answer me Brady!" Brady tells him to put Nicole on the line. EJ refuses and Brady hangs up. Nicole bounces in all happy-happy. EJ bursts her balloon and tells her what Brady said, "What secret is he referring to?"

Mia says, "I almost changed my mind a buncha times." If you don't speak teen, 'a buncha' means 'several.' "The parents," she assures him, "are great people."

"It was a closed adoption," says Will, "So how would you know that?" Oops.

Nicole says she just can't imagine what Brady is talking about. She plays dumb. It's not a stretch. Stern EJ proposes she call Brady while he listens in on the fun.

Arianna softens and says she realizes Sami really doesn't know where Rafe is, "My brother is crazy in love with you."

"One out of two ain't bad," says Sami, "So why doesn't he call?"

"Because something is terribly wrong."

Rafe insists he loved Meredith's sister. He says he fell in love with Sami, but Sami wasn't a replacement for Emily, "I never forgot about her. She meant everything to me. How can you thin you'll get away with this?"

"That's just it," says glassy-eyed wacko Meredith, "I don't want to."

Danny boy puts the ring on Chloe's finger and they smooch around on each other. Chloe is sooooo happy. And sooooo married. "Now," says Daniel, "we will be together for all the Days Of Our Lives." Daniel decides they should tell Victor, "I'm hoping his attitude toward you will change. Maybe we can get him to move from seething hatred to simple dislike and disgust." He tells her Victor supported him while she was in the coma. Daniel decides he can't wait to tell Victor. Chloe says while he is doing that, she wants to share the news with someone.

Mia bobs and weaves and says the report at the adoption agency said the new parents were good people. Will buys it, says he knows she gave the baby away out of love and we have a tender hug until Mia's phone rings. It's Brady. He tells her he needs to see her right away.

EJ hands Nicole the phone. Nicole stammers. EJ says he will make the call and grabs for the phone. Nicole stops him, "Just give me a couple minutes and I will make up some cockamamie story and tell you what's going on."

"That will be a first," says EJ.

Nicole sighs and weaves her tale. She says she thinks Brady is doing cocaine again. EJ feigns concern. Nicole rambles on and wings it until EJ blows up and accuses her of lying. Nicole chokes. EJ scowls.

Brady finds out Mia is at home and says he'll be right over. Mia hangs up and tells Will it was Maggie. He smooches her and starts to go. She stops him, "You are the best person I've ever met. Your parents must've done something right."

"They did," says Will, "They sent me away and let Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie raise me."

EJ paces and lectures, "I have been sensitive to your tendency to dissemble from time to time." For those of you who don't speak adult-with-the-mind-of-a-teen, that means she has a tendency to 'make things up.' "I heard Brady on the phone," he says, "and he was sober and serious."

"I know," whines Nicole, "His behavior is erratic."

"So you've known about it for weeks," says EJ, "and this is the first I hear of it?"

"Yes," says Nicole, "Because I know you don't like him."

EJ jams the phone in her face, "Just make the call. Call him!"

Meredith tells Rafe she lost her job at the hospital because they said she was unstable.

"I can't imagine," says Rafe, "People lose jobs. It happens. When you lose a job you just find another."

"Don't patronize me," snaps Meredith, "I can't go on without my sister. She knew how to make me OK. We were the same person and now that she's gone I'm just getting by day to day. That's why I don't care if I get arrested or die, just as long as you die first.

"I wouldn't think of it," says Rafe, "Ladies first."

Chloe meets with Father Matt at the pier. She thanks him for his help. "I've been thinking," says Chloe.

"God does work miracles," says Father Matt.

Chloe tells him she's listened to her heart and realizes Lucas and her were never meant to be together. She thanks him for his understanding, "I know ours wasn't a real marriage."

"The Catholic church doesn't condone divorce," says Father Matt.

"But you know the higher-ups," says Chloe, "How about an annulment?"

"An annulment," asks Father Matt.

Chloe beams, "Daniel just proposed. It would mean more to me than anything if you and God would bless our union."

God rolls His eyes and longs for times past and towns with simple problems like Sodom and Gomorrah.


Victor hugs Daniel. He's so happy. Apparently Daniel has told him he's staying at the hospital but hasn't dropped the Chloe bomb. They kibbutz around about Kate. "I have some other news," says chipper ole Dan, "Chloe and I are getting married."

Mt. Vicsuvius erupts.

Arianna decides it was a mistake to come and see Sami. So instead of leaving she rants about how much Rafe thinks of Sami and what an ingrate Sami is.

Rafe tells Meredith she can walk away from this. She accuses him of begging for his life and swears she is avenging Emily's death. She walks over to an old cabinet and takes a brick off of it, then quotes Romeo and Juliet...

"Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun."


William Shakespeare shakes his head, "My work... my life... has come to this... soap opera fodder." He breaks down.

Ernest Hemingway walks up behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder, "You're wrong, Will. They don't sell soap any more. These days they sell feminine hygiene products."

Sami defends herself, "I am not good enough for Rafe but I love him." Hearing that testimony to Sami's self-esteem, Arianna backs off and says she had no right to say what she did. They agree to let each other know if they hear from Rafe.

Arianna leaves. The fools' parade continues as Will arrives. "We need to talk about Mia," says Sami.

Brady tells Mia he screwed up and isn't sure EJ and Nicole can give her baby a happy life.

Nicole refuses to call Brady, "We are on our honeymoon."

"And," says EJ, "You are refusing to put my mind at ease."

"There is no putting your mind at ease," says Nicole, "It's one of the most active vacuums I've ever seen." EJ vows to find out the truth. She tells him to call Brady himself.

EJ says he knows Brady won't talk to him and decides they will have to talk to EJ in person, "I will get the truth out of both of you in a flash." He leaves.

Victor swills a big drink, "I'm sure Chloe has her charms but look at her track record. Phillip, Brady Lucas..."

"Maybe those men were a little screwed up before they got involved with her," says Daniel.

"Screwed up," asks Victor, "You mean like being a teen-molesting, grandma-chasing, patient-groping letch? She destroys every man she touches. I won't let her do that to you." Too late.

Sami says Lucas told her about Mia. Will tells her the substance abuse issue is a lie, "She said that because she didn't want them to know she had a baby."

"She had a baby," gasps Sami, "She gave it up?"

Brady says EJ doesn't know the big secret, but is suspicious. He says he can't get hold of Nicole. Mia loses it and Brady tells her to be calm. Chad stands outside and eavesdrops.

We pan away from the offending brick. Just as we suspected, Rafe's hard head has crushed it to dust. Rafe slumps unconscious and bleeding. Meredith rambles, "I read the police report. I know Emily suffered. That's why your death will be slow and painful."

Out in the audience, Gertrude turns to Beulah, "I guess that means she's going to make him come out here and watch along with us."

Daniel says he gave Victor too much credit thinking he would take the high road. Victor insists loving Chloe will be Daniel's downfall. Chloe stands outside the door and listens as Victor refuses to give his blessing, "I'd rather die than see you marry that whore."

Chloe sticks her head in the room, "That's OK with me."

Brady tells Mia they will talk soon and assures her she will get through this. He leaves. Mia stares, "Will... oh God!"

God rolls His eyes, "Not again."

Will asks Sami not to tell anyone. Mia calls, "Whatever you do, don't tell anyone about my baby. Ever." Will says he will come and see her. He hangs up tells Sami they will talk later. He leaves.

Chad comes into the kitchen. Mia jumps out of her socks, "You scared me. What are you doing here?"

"You had a baby." Mia swallows her tongue. "We had sex," says Chad, "You were a virgin. The baby you had and gave away was mine, wasn't it?" The guy's as sharp as a marble.

Nicole and EJ are on the plane winging their way back to Salem. Nicole broods. EJ paces, "Are you just going to stonewall me the entire way home?"

"No," says Nicole, "I'm going to tell you the truth, now. EJ sits and prepares himself for more dissemblage.

Sami calls and leaves another whiny, forlorn message for Rafe.

Rafe, however, is tied up at the moment. Insane Meredith rants, "When you wake up maybe you'll be sorry for what you did to my sister and sorry you're still alive."

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday Eve

BULLETIN: I have just learned there was no feed today. At least this means the trouble wasn't with our equipment, so tune in tomorrow for another episode of "As The Satellite Dish Turns."

Guys, I got no signal at all this morning. As I said Saturday, I have no clue what causes this, except that we must be in a fringe area for reception.

All I can say is hang in there and we'll wait and see what happens tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll try to get the Canadian feed and one way or another we'll have a post tomorrow.


Look at the bright side. It's Friday Eve. That's better than Hump Day Eve any day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All Grown Up And Mature And Stuff

It looks like we're back on track with the feeds. Here's a short recap of yesterday's "lost episode:"

Victor and Kate argue, and Kate tells him she's marrying Stefano.

Lucas tells Phillip about Kate and Stefano's pending nuptials and asks him to try to stop Kate.

Phillip joins the Lucas Horton "Have you disowned your mother today" club and tries to get Kate to plead insanity.

Kate insists Stefano wasn't behind the attempt on Phillip's life.

Chad, Tad, Mia and Will discuss their school project on becoming parents.

Lucas has hallucinations, drinks himself into a stupor and passes out in front of the kids.

Chloe follows Daniel home like a lost puppy, but they wind up sleeping separately.

Pre-wedding sniping ramps up at Chez Rouge.

And with that, on with the show...

Melanie meets Phillip at the docks and tells him she's suing the SPD. Phillip counters with the Stef'n-Ho wedding bomb.

Kate shows up at Chez Rouge. Maggie badgers her and gets nasty. She's peeved that Kate used her to frame Daniel and doesn't give a damn about anyone except herself. Stefano comes up, "Maggie... do I have to remind you that you're the 'help?'"

Maggie snorts, "Do I have to remind you it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?"

"When the bride is Kate," says Stefano, "it's bad luck to see her before, during or after the ceremony."

Maggie leaves and Kate turns to Stefano, "Why couldn't we just go to a justice of the peace instead of humiliating me in public?"

Victor walks up behind them and overhears, "Why buy a trophy if you can't show it off?"

Lucas lies sprawled out on Maggie's kitchen floor. Will decides this would be a good time to join Patch and Kayla in Bora Bora. Chad doesn't think it's a good idea to leave such a mess on Maggie's floor.

Arianna is on the phone with a lowlife, "The Big Guy is about to lose his best dealer, and I want to meet him." Brady bumps into her.

Meredith surveys the results of her poker job as Sami comes to the door and fumbles for her keys.

Back at Chez Rouge, Kate and Victor trade jabs. Stefano reminds him he's a guest. Victor turns to Kate, "I have a wonderful idea, why don't I give you away?"

"That's what all of the men I've been with eventually want to do," says Kate.

Lexie tells Maggie this is difficult after seeing what Kate put Daniel and Chloe through. She looks over toward Kate and raises her voice, "Kate should be in jail. Oh dear... did my voice carry?"

Victor goes to get Kate a drink. Kate tells Stefano she wants to get on with it and get out of there. Stefano tells her there is one more thing he wants to do before the ceremony.

Sami can't find her keys, then gets a call from Sister Claire. She says she worked through some things and will talk to Rafe. She hangs up, finds the keys and goes inside where Meredith has worked the miracle cleanup of the century. Meredith watches as Sami tries to call Rafe. Realizing what Sami is doing, she hurries to turn Rafe's phone off.

Brady gets snotty, "Well, I guess Copernicus was wrong – the earth doesn't revolve around the sun, but around you instead." He rushes into the pub. Arianna follows apologizing. He tells her he's there to meet a client and not to see her. They mutually decide he can come into the pub even though she works there and when he does, they will both be civil. Brady gets sarcastic, "Well we're all grown up and mature and stuff aren't we? And I hate it."

Melanie chuckles when she finds out Kate is marrying Stefano, but Phillip tells her it's not funny. Melanie keeps it up, "I can just imagine Christmas with that family... opening presents in body armor with hired muscles standing around watching." Phillip insists Stefano is making Kate marry him. "Really," says Melanie, "Just how is he making her do that?"

"He's cleaning up after her," says Phillip, "I told her if she married him I'd no longer be her son. In the end she chose him over me."

"It's not the end yet," says Melanie.

Stefano asks Lexie and Abe to stand up for them. Lexie refuses. She and Stefano start bickering. Theo comes up and wants to know if they are fighting. He begs Lexie to walk down the aisle and Lexie caves in. Stefano says he has a special job for Theo and takes him off. Abe tells Lexie he wants to bring both Stef'n-Ho down.

Meanwhile, Victor taunts Kate. He asks if she is going to choose the DiMeras over her own family. She says it's not a choice. Stefano breaks things up and announces the judge is there.

Victor turns to Kate, "And so begins the life sentence you so richly deserve."

Arianna serves Brady a cup of coffee and tells him it's on the house because she snapped at him. "What," says Brady, "You're trying to get back into my good graces?" He surveys the measly cup of coffee, "I guess my good graces come cheap." Brady asks if her ex has arrived in town. She tells him he's not coming to Salem.

"Shocker," gasps Brady, "Most imaginary boyfriends tend to be fickle."

Arianna insists he's not imaginary. Brady asks her to be truthful with him. She counterattacks instead, "What about your 'ex?'"

"Nicole isn't an ex," says Brady, "She's a friend." Arianna wants to know why he's covering for her.

Sami leaves a message for Rafe as Meredith watches with unconscious Rafe sitting propped up next to her. Rafe slides down the wall into a Lucas Horton pile on the floor. Meredith jumps out of her skin, but Sami doesn't hear.

Mia tells Will she's scared and suggests calling 911. Lucas wakes up calling for Will.

Melanie defends her decision to help Daniel and Nathan with Chloe, "Your mom tried to poison Chloe several times. Kate's like that bunny with the batteries – she keeps going and going. We didn't mention the brand because they didn't pay us enough for a product placement ad. Anyway, she hasn't married Stefano yet. We gotta do something."

Stefano greets the judge as he joins the happy party at Chez Rouge. Things get started immediately. Lexie comes up the aisle scowling, followed by Victor and Kate. Victor stops at the front of the room and hands her over, "She's all yours, Stefano. You're getting one in a million." The ceremony begins.

Brady and Arianna keep it up. Brady insists Nicole is nothing but a friend. Arianna flashes back to overhearing Rafe and Nicole talking about the miscarriage. She gets a call and walks out after trading a few choice nasties with Brady.

Brady sits alone, "If your boyfriend's imaginary, who's calling you?"

Sami sits dejected and stares at her phone, "Well, I tried. Maybe Arianna knows where he is." She heads for the pub.

Lucas struggles to get up. He stands and staggers, "Whew! That first step's a doozy!" Will suggests Tad and Chad leave but they stay for the show as Lucas announces Kate is getting married. Will tries to shut him up. Lucas suggests a toast and starts searching around the kitchen for some booze. He can't find any liquor and says he'll go to the convenience store and get some. Chad grabs him, walks him over to a chair and has him sit down.

Ah... the moment that comes into every DOOL wedding. The preacher says, "If anyone knows of a reason that this man and this woman should not be joined in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." Pan in on Phillip. We wait... and wait... and wait...

*~*~*~*~*~*~ crickets *~*~*~*~*~*~

Sami comes into the pub and finds Brady. She asks about Arianna. Brady gives her that same look the tiger gave Siegfried & Roy just before turning Roy into finger food. Sami changes the subject and tells him she's looking for Rafe. Perceptive Brady senses something is wrong. Sami whines, "Listen, I know this may sound stupid..."

"I'm used to that," says Brady, "If your lips are moving, it sounds stupid."

"I have a really bad feeling," says Sami.

"That's because I dropped a fork on that chair and you're sitting on it," he says.

Meredith has moved Rafe to a seedy warehouse. She has him tied up and gets in his unconscious face, "Welcome to your new home."

Lucas asks who the guys are. They say they're friends of Will. He gets macho, tells them they aren't in charge and starts looking for his car keys. Will calls Maggie and tells her about Lucas lack of sobriety. Lucas staggers around the room. Tad and Chad reel him in.

Stefano invites Phillip to sit. He says he just came to watch, "Please, don't let me stop you." Theo brings the rings.

Kate takes the ring, puts it on Stefano's finger, starts crying and vows, "Till death do us part."

Stefano puts the ring on her finger.

The judge says, "I now pronounce you man and wife. you may kiss the bride. Stefano moves in.

The judge then announces, "I present to you Stef'n-Ho." Victor slowly applauds.

We move to the reception. Victor taunts Kate, "It's a pity Phillip couldn't stay for the party. I almost feel sorry for you."

On the liveliness scale, the reception is exceeded only by the Jonestown massacre. Theo livens things up when he decides he wants a glass of champagne along with everyone else. He grabs for a glass and it spills all over Kate's dress.

Maggie meets Will at the hospital. Will fills her in on Lucas condition, "They had to pump his stomach." Will is upset. Maggie comforts.

Sami tells Brady she was at a retreat. "Were you soul searching," asks Brady.

"I suck at it," says Sami.

"It works better if you have a soul," says Brady. Sami says she can't Patch things up with Rafe because she can't find him. Brady suggests maybe the two of them need time.

Meredith checks Rafe's phone and finds no messages, "It looks like no one is worried about you and no one but you knows I'm back."

Lexie apologizes for Theo's behavior Kate tells Theo it was just an accident. Theo apologizes. Kate tells him things like this don't matter between friends. She invites him to get something to eat.

Stefano turns to Lexie and smiles, "You see,... One big happy family."

"Oh, yeah," says Lexie, "One big happy family. Smooth sailing from now on."

Likewise, the Bosun's Mate turns to the captain of the Titanic, "Smooth sailing from now on."

Brady advises Sami not to decide what Rafe is thinking until she talks to him. She says she did that at the convent and it didn't go well, "Then Rafe called back and said he needed to talk to me, but hasn't called since."

Brady says he can't imagine what she and Rafe went through with Grace, but has a friend who went through a miscarriage, "I think Rafe loves you more than anything. Don't give up. Call him again." Sami pulls her phone out.

Wackadoodle Meredith rants at Rafe, "My sister loved you. She thought you loved her, but you didn't. You don't kill someone you love." His phone rings. Meredith looks down at it, "It's her again. She will never talk to you again."

Mia thanks Chad for helping scrape Lucas off the floor. He accuses her of lying about her drug abuse and hopes someday she'll tell him what really happened.

Will comes in to see Lucas.

Stef'n-Ho arrive back at the DiMera mansion. He has everything prepared just perfectly. Kate says she thinks this would be nice for a young couple really in love. She thanks him for making this nothing more than a deal, "Now it's time for me to live up to my end of the bargain. You'd better put another bottle on ice."

Stefano chirps, "We are going to be a glorious couple. You are strong but you're also lonely and there is a little girl in there who is very sad." He toasts her, "Don't be sad any more. Be happy. It's your time." Clink.

Sami gets Rafe's voice mail again. She tells Brady Rafe said he was going to leave town and thinks maybe that's what he has done, "He's moved on. Maybe I should do the same thing." We hear cheering from the Lumi and Ejami sections of the audience.

Meredith stares at Rafe's phone, "Mr. Hernandez is no longer taking calls." She turns to Rafe's lifeless body, "No one can help you. Not now. Not ever."

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rube Goldberg

On Saturday we told you all about the trials and tribulations of publishing Prevuze while working with our 1985 satellite technology. We didn't say anything, however, about the trials and tribulations of publishing Prevuze while on the road. And, indeed, Prevuze is on the road today.

Suffice it to say, it's a Rube-Goldberg-caliber mess to get the (unreliable) satellite signal from the point we capture it at the Prevuze Compound to the Prevuze-mobile at its remote location.

Today it didn't work. Somewhere along the line one of the contraptions in the long chain of hardware, software and carrier pigeons that gets the show out has failed. Personally, I suspect one of the hamster wheels that power part of the system, but you never can tell.

The upshot of all this is I didn't get the feed and will have to wait to get back to the Compound to find out what happened. The good news (I guess) is that will be this afternoon, so at least I'll be able to correct whatever is wrong and get a posting out tomorrow.


In the meantime, take solace in the fact that it's Hump Day Eve. I realize that's grasping at straws, but what was I supposed to say – take solace in the fact that you have a long grueling week ahead of you and have only gotten through one excruciating day so far? Hump Day Eve sounds a lot better. Make it a good one.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Now Pronounce You Slimeball And Wife

Today's inspirational reading is taken from the Guy Manual, Chapter 9, "Taboo Guy Behavior."

Thou shalt not speak erotically of thy friend's wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter or mother (or, if you're a perverted doctor, grandmother). Thou shalt sayeth, "She is a lovely girl," not "I'd do her on the fifty yard line at the Super Bowl."

Thou shalt not moveth in on thy best friend's girl. For thou to maketh advances is a sin. For thou to getteth caught is bad freakin' news.

Thou shalt never pisseth off thy partner before having sex. There is severe penalty for such action for she shall cutteth you off like Lorena Bobbitt with PMS.

But these are trivial compared to the most vile of all guy sins:

Thou shalt never sucker puncheth. The serpent in the garden of original sin looketh down upon the sucker puncher. Consider the lilies of the field, how they wilt and die in the presence of such a low and cowardly form of human pus. For the fires of the lowest circle of Hades shall burn yellow as the streak down the back of the sucker puncher and he shall loseth his guy-card for eternity.

Thus sayeth the Guy Manual.

Nicole and EJ toast each other as they fly off to Paris.

Out in the audience, an Ejami turns to a Lumi, "Did Prevuze just say EJ and Nicole are toast."

"No," says the Lumi, "But they will be pretty soon, and then we can go back to fighting each other like the Hatfields and McCoys."

Brady and Victor meet at the pub and discuss Chloe's decomafication. Brady tells him there is more to the tale. He says he helped facilitate Daniel in getting Chloe back, "With Daniel off the hook, the suspicion shifts to Kate. Phillip will want my head for it."

"Why," says Victor, "He's already had two of them."

Phillip brings Melanie home. He broods and asks what's going on with her and Nathan. She asks if he cares about that.

Daniel brings Chloe back to her room to rest. She begs him to stay. Daniel assures her, "I am not going anywhere." True to his word, Daniel doesn't go anywhere. Except to her lips... And tonsils.

Lucas blows his stack when he finds out Stefano and Kate are going to get married, "Have you lost your mind?" Kate flashes back to Stefano's "proposal" followed by her hissy fit.

Chloe and Daniel make up for lost time. "Lie down with me," begs Chloe.

"You mean lie with you in the Biblical sense," asks Daniel. Having never heard of the Bible, that one stumps Chloe. "I need you," she pants.

A cop interrupts the slurp-fest. He says he's there on orders from the DA. Chloe immediately jumps to Daniel's defense.

Lucas blithers, "I can't believe this. This is like the Twilight Zone."

"That's not at all true," snorts Kate, "Twilight Zone was a good show."

Lucas rants, "How could you marry a man that tried to kill your own son?"

Stefano steps in and says, "Because Kate realizes that is a false rumor." El Suckerpunch wants to know what's behind all this.


Roman comes in with news about Daniel.

Nicole toasts again, "To a new life for you, me and Sydney." EJ says he's already happy with his life. Nicole philosophizes and tells him change is for the best. EJ says he can't think of anything to keep them apart and, of course Nicole can't either.

Victor says he will talk to Phillip. He says he's proud of Brady for his role in saving a young woman's life, "One of Phillip's weakness is he is a mama's boy – I'll talk to him."

"No," says Brady, "I think this is something I need to settle with Phillip on my own."

Phillip says he doesn't care what goes on with Melanie and Nathan. In spite of that, Melanie tells him all about it. We, as innocent bystanders are forced to listen to her ramble on. Especially those of us who don't have a remote with a Fast-Forward button. She claims Nathan is just looking after her, "You're upset because you think I sided against your mom."

The cop tells Daniel he's cleared of all charges and they are doing everything they can to make sure Kate is locked up. He leaves as Lexie comes in and tells Daniel he's well enough to go home. He says he isn't leaving without Chloe. Chloe whines, "Daniel, maybe you should leave."

Roman says there were no injuries to Daniel, so he got Lucas' charges reduced form assault and battery to dipwadidness and doofusicity. Lucas scowls at Kate and leaves with Roman.

Stefano assures Kate, "Lucas will someday see the light, as dim as his bulb may be." Stefano says he knows she will be able to convince everyone that marrying him is a good thing and not only that, she will be able to stay out of prison. He gives her a kiss and leaves to plan the big wedding.

Kate grabs her purse and starts to fling it as Roman comes in, "Kate, you got some 'splainin to do."

Phillip says this isn't about Melanie siding against his mother. He says he just doesn't get it that she trusted Daniel, "What convinced you to put it on the line for him?"

Brady interrupts, "That would be me."

Father Matt comes in to visit Chloe. She makes Daniel leave and tells father Matt she broke her vow to God and she and Daniel have been punished for it, "Will the punishment ever stop?"

"That," says Father Matt, "is what viewers have been asking themselves for years."

Stefano has called Lexie to the mansion to tell her he's getting hitched again, "I've had feelings for this woman for a while and finally decided it's time to start getting it for free."

"Who is it," inquiring minds want to know.

Stefano makes the big announcement, "It's the lovely Katherine Roberts."

Ah, yes, that famous DOOL cow makes yet another appearance as Lexie has it right then and there...


Roman tells Kate Chloe and Daniel's statements just came in and they match, so the SPD has dropped charges against Daniel, "They think you are the one who poisoned her and you held Daniel against his will."

"There is no proof," says Kate.

"Proof is for wimps," says Roman.

Phillip gets defensive and wants to know what Brady is talking about. Brady tells him about his role in helping save Chloe. Phillip goes apoplectic, "You SOB!"

Stefano says he and Kate agree this union will bring their families together. Lexie gets sarcastic. She wants to know what's really going on. Saved by the bell. Lexie gets a call from EJ. He asks how Stefano is dong. Lexie holds the phone out to Stefano so he can give EJ a first-hand report.

Chloe tells Father Matt she stayed away from Daniel for a while, but finally told him she wanted to be with him and then she was poisoned. Now she thinks this is punishment for breaking her vow to God, "How can God expect me to give up the man I love?"

"Things will work out one way or another," says Father Matt, "What's a mere sacred vow when you can have a child-chasing, granny-grabbing, family-wrecking, patient-groping doctor?"

Lucas comes back in to see Kate. He growls, "When the rest of the family finds out you're marrying Stefano that SOB is all you'll have."

"Good," says Kate, "At least I'll finally be rid of you."

Roman comes in and tells Kate she'd better have a seat.

Brady defends his actions. Phillip is uber-peeved that this implicates Kate. The boys grab at each other, but Melanie pulls them apart. Phillip tells him if he wants to play hero from now on he should leave Melanie out of it. Phillip storms out.

"Well," says Melanie, "that was fun."

"Losing Stephanie really shook him up," says Brady, "A few days after she dumped him he was all over you. Literally. He doesn't waste any time does he?"

Lexie gets back on the phone and makes excuses for Stefano. She vows to keep an eye on him. She hangs up, gives Stefano a look and reminds him of EJ's history with Kate.

"I like to keep it in the family," says Stefano.

"This is complete and utter insanity," says Lexie. She finally backs off and says she will (say it with her) be there for him. Hugs.

Father Matt reminds Chloe the church teaches marriage is sacred and forever. Apparently, Chloe has redefined 'forever.' A couple of times. Father matt tries to reassure her, "If you just hang in there, you will soon know God's blessings."

"What about Lucas," asks Chloe.

"He gets the biggest blessing of all," says Father Matt, "He won't have to put up with your whining any more."
Father Matt tells her to take care and leaves. Daniel comes back in and starts up right where he left off.

Kate sits. Roman tells her the SPD didn't find anything when they searched for clues. "Not surprising," says Kate, "The SPD couldn't find a clue with a GPS and a flashlight."

Roman wonders who helped Kate get rid of all the evidence. Kate insists there was no cover up. She makes a few parting cracks and toddles out.

Melanie tells Brady Phillip and Nathan were fighting over her at the police station, "I used to have no guys and now I might have one too many. Giggle."

Maggie meets Victor outside the pub. She tells him Daniel was brought into the hospital and Victor rushes off.

Kate gets back to the DiMera mansion and discovers something amiss in her room. She calls Stefano and tells him her bedroom has been ransacked. She claims Stefano's people were too thorough and Roman is suspicious. He assures her there is nothing Roman can do. He wants her to concentrate on their wedding... TONIGHT. Bossie the DOOL cow makes another appearance. "You are a very dangerous woman," says Stefano, "which is exactly as I like it."

Chloe tells Daniel Father Matt just gave them his blessing, "Apparently he feels the Ten Commandments were overdone when God included that stupid thing about adultery." Daniel just knows they were meant to be together. He dives in as Victor comes in asking what happened.

"Kate happened," says Chloe.

Maggie finds Lucas in the park. She apologizes for keeping Daniel and Chloe's affair a secret. Lucas isn't in a forgiving mood so he sucker punches her. Phillip walks up.

Chloe tells Victor Kate tried to kill Daniel. "That lunatic bitch is going to pay," says Victor. He storms out.

Stefano insinuates if Kate doesn't marry her tonight he'll testify against her, but reminds her that husbands can't testify against wives. Kate wants to know if they are flying to Vegas. Stefano tells her they will get married in Salem.

"I don't think that's even legal," she protests.

"Anything is possible with me," says Stefano, "Be at Chez Rouge in two hours. You don't have to worry about what to wear. I took the liberty of selecting a few outfits for you to choose from. Check your closet and choose a dress."

Kate hangs up, walks into the closet and looks at her new wardrobe. She selects a dress, "White... that's a color I've never worn at a wedding before."

Back on the plane, Nicole tells EJ Sydney is asleep. "Where's Johnny," asks EJ.

"I knew I forgot to pack something," says Nicole.

EJ gets serious and Nicole wonders why. "I have a confession to make," he says, "I don't think you will like it."

Nicole braces herself. "Truth is," says EJ, "you were right. If you hadn't become pregnant with Sydney I wouldn't have married you. I couldn't really admit that at the time."

"And why now?"

"To set up a good reason for leaving you when the bomb drops," says EJ, "Plus, our relationship started out in an unconventional way but it's now the best thing that ever happened to me. I have never been happier than I am right now."

Nicole decides this is a positive thing. Positively sickening. EJ kisses her. Nicole stares and frets.

Lucas tells Phillip, "Mom is getting married."

"Married," asks Phillip, "As in a husband and wife, holy matrimony kind of way?"

Lucas growls, "As in, 'I now pronounce you slimeball and wife.' Our mother is marrying Stefano."

Stefano squeezes himself in to his tux.

Kate dresses. Victor rushes in, "Dammit, Kate, what in God's name have you done?"

"You're right," says Kate, "I guess it was pretty inappropriate for me to select a white dress."

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our Stinkin' Satellite System

Years ago when we purchased the Prevuze Compound the previous owners(when they owned it, it was the Pre-Prevuze Compound) had installed a satellite dish on the perimeter of the property. The Compound is located far enough from a major metro area that OTA TV signals are "iffy" and were more so back then.

The old dish which we "inherited" was made of fiberglass (a.k.a. plastic that weighs a ton). We played around with it and learned how to use it and decided we liked it. And, one of the advantages we got from it was we discovered a day-ahead feed of Days Of Our Lives. Long story short, that led to an early form of Prevuze, which led to this blog, which we began five years ago.

We found the old dish useful, but its weight and small diameter caused problems so we jumped into the "modern" big-diameter mesh dish market and had all new equipment installed. (These dishes, by the way, are sometimes called a BUD – Big Ugly Dish).

That system worked fine for us for a few years and by that time this website was going strong. Then, apparently, one day I said something that offended the realm of Heaven and we were struck by lightning. We had an electronic meltdown that made the Melaswen fiasco look like a small short. That disaster not only zapped all our computers, CD players, DVD players, recorders and whatnot, but it also completely fried the "new" satellite receiver.

I think that time Prevuze was down for at least a week. And, of course, the BUD technology being practically ancient, we could no longer get the receiver we had before, so, thanks to Mr. Insurance Man, we upgraded that to something called 4DTV.

Then a year ago, DOOL went digital and we once again had to upgrade to a converter that would allow us to see the new signals. Again, Prevuze was down for several days while we made the conversion.

Our satellite cable is above ground due to the long distance and rough terrain between the dish and the receiver. So, in the interim, we've had trees fall on the cable and sever it, animals chew through it and various other catastrophes.

In other words, while the Satellite has been useful, it has also been a bigger pain the butt than Maggie Horton when you're trying to keep a secret.

If you've been with us any time at all, you are aware we've dutifully tried to keep the thing in repair to the point there is almost nothing our overpriced repairman Norris can do if anything else goes wrong. A few weeks ago we lost the signal and we had Norris come in and install even more new equipment to increase our signal strength.

By that time I thought our troubles were over. Then, whammo, two days this past week the signal goes down like Kate Roberts on a first date. When that happened, I didn't know what the deal was. I can tell by surfing around that the system is working properly. Other channels come in extremely well, but we just couldn't receive DOOL.

Then on Wednesday morning, like magic, the signal came back looking as good as ever.

So I said all that to say this: these old satellites can be tricky little things. The satellite we scrape the DOOL signal off of is, of course, a Canadian satellite and "points" toward Canada. Each satellite has its own "footprint" and my thinking now is the Prevuze Compound is on the fringe of the "footprint" for the Canadian satellite).

With all the changes, upgrades and repairs we've made to this system it seems to be working well and I just think our troubles this week were caused by conditions which made us unable to receive the signal in a fringe area. I think we're stuck with that problem and from time to time we're just not going to get the signal.

I guess we'll just have to live with it and when the signal fades we can wait it out until we get it back. On occasion, if the signal fades for long enough, I'll try to get hold of the Canadian broadcast and update you somewhat in advance, anyway. But recapping the Canadian Broadcast on a long term basis wouldn't be feasible. It's a lot more work and a bigger pain in the butt than Maggie Horton when you're trying... oh, already used that one.

So to recap all that Lucas Horton-esque wordiness: After all our troubles this week, our satellite system seems to be working well and we just have to face the fact that being on a fringe area there will be some days we don't get the signal. When that happens, bear with us and we'll ride it out together.

Man, I could have saved a lot of typing if I'd have said that in the first place.

Make it a good weekend and we'll see you on Monday, as long as we get a signal.


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Friday, September 18, 2009

Lip Gloss

Chloe lies in her hospital bed, tells Lucas he's a good man and begs him to do the right thing, "Stop Kate before she really does kill someone."

Kate and Stefano survey the empty motel room. Kate rants as Stefano tells her to calm down. He makes a call.

Phillip is on the phone with Brady as Roman comes into the Kiriakis mansion. He tells Phillip, "I'm looking for Kate. She is now a person of interest."

"I didn't know there was anything interesting on this show," says Phillip.

Maggie bustles into the holding room and tells Nathan and Melanie that Chloe has totally recovered. Joy abounds. "Now," says Maggie, "people are using the word 'hero' instead of 'criminal.'" Melanie asks if they can go. Maggie stammers.

Bo is at home bouncing Ciara around. Hope bursts his balloon, sends Ciara upstairs and announces they are leaving.

Maggie tells Nathan and Melanie they are setting bail. Melanie wants to know why they need bail if they are heroes. Maggie finds that hard to explain. She says her only concern is how the hospital board will react to Nathan's decision to take things into his own hands. A cop comes in and says Nathan is free to go. Melanie starts to bounce out with him, but the cop stops her. It seems poor Melanie has to stay in jail. Unfortunately, it's not a life sentence.

Chloe's incessant whining tells us she has fully recovered. She begs Lucas to help her find Daniel, "She will kill him."

Lucas says, "Not if I get to him first."

The coiffure-transformed Maxine runs in and restrains Chloe from getting up as Chloe goes into total meltdown, "Why -wah- won't -wah- anyone -wah- listen -wah- to -wah- me?"

"Oh, God," says Maxine, "if we only had the option of not listening to you."

"Daniel will have to get someone else to help him," says Lucas.

Daniel staggers through the woods and collapses.

Chipper but totally clueless Bo asks, "Where are we going?"

Hope says the shrink thinks a new environment would help Ciara, "Jugs and Dooley said we can stay at their vacation house." Bo picks up the phone and starts to make arrangements for time off. Hope stops him, "You're not coming with us." The lead balloon dropping into the middle of the living room leaves quite a mess to clean up.

Stefano finishes making the arrangements and gets off the phone, "If Daniel is in town he will be found within the next fifteen minutes and eliminated as a threat."

"Eliminated," asks Kate, "What does that mean?"

Al Pacino steps between them, "Don't ever ask him about his business."

Housekeeping shows up. Stefano instructs her to clean the entire room. He tells Kate he arranged this and she will make sure there is not a trace of human activity in this room. He assures Kate he's looking out for her.

Daniel lies on the ground and moans. He calls for Chloe, struggles to get up and staggers off.

Lucas calls Kate. He tells her they just tranqued Chloe, "They had to stop the whining somehow. Chloe says you're the one who poisoned her. I know I accused you of that but you wouldn't do that would you?" Kate sighs.

Hope 'splains that the shrink thinks Ciara is picking up on the tension between them. Bo don' give no stinkin' damn what no stinkin' shrink thinks. "You gambled with our daughter's life," says Hope.

"And won," Bo reminds her.

Roman comes into the holding room and says the DA is releasing Dr. Horton on his own recognizance. Unfortunately, Melanie was a naughty little girl in France, so she has to spend the night in jail unless she can come up with $10,000. Nathan assures her he'll get the money. Maggie and Nathan head out to find the money to spring Melanie.

Roman turns to Melanie, "If you need anything, Officer Neidermeyer will get it for you."

Melanie asks, "Does he have lip gloss?"

"Probably not," says Roman, "But I'll lend you mine." Roman leaves and Phillip comes in.

Kate tells Lucas he hurt her when he accused her of poisoning Chloe. She asks if Lucas will call if Daniel comes to the hospital.

Daniel staggers in the hospital hall. A cop sees him and calls Stefano, "He's here."

"Excellent," growls Stefano, "You know what to do."

The cop gets off the phone and walks up to Daniel. Daniel is happy to see the cop, but the cop is gruff, "Come with me."

Bo goes into a rage, "I did not gamble with our daughter's life! Instead of being happy that we have our daughter home, you want to put me through hell."

"A girl's gotta have a hobby," says Hope. She tells him to cool it so Ciara won't hear them.

Bo doesn't exactly cool it, "The only person to blame is that SOB Dean! Not you or me!" He grabs her, "Look at me! Can we have this talk without blaming each other?"

"We're not blaming each other," says Hope, "We're blaming you." Hope holds her ground and says she and Ciara will be staying at the vacation house.

Bo seethes, "You're making excuses to leave the same way you did when Zack died."

"Not only that," says Hope, "I'm using the same script."

"If you do this to us again," asks Bo, "what will we have left?"

Nathan comes into Maggie's kitchen with a bunch of junk to pawn. Maggie says he doesn't have to pawn his things. She will write a check instead, "I have the money. Mickey earns a fortune. A lawyer doesn't have to be successful to gouge his clients."

"No," says Nathan, "I want to do it my way."

Maggie asks, "Are you doing this because you want to be Melanie's savior?"

Phillip tells Melanie he's there to pay her bail. He says he admires Nathan for doing this. Melanie tells him this was Daniel's idea. Phillip asks, "He's still saying my mom is the one who poisoned her. Do you believe him?"

Lucas comes out into the waiting area as the cop restrains Daniel. The cop turns to Lucas, "I'd like your statement."

"You want a statement," says macho-man, "I'll give you a statement."


Lucas sucker punches Daniel, too.

Stefano and Kate are back at the mansion. Stefano brings up "the price" he is going to charge for helping Kate.

"Whatever I have to pay," says Kate. Stefano hands her a document.

Bo and Hope. Same argument. Feel free to zap. Justin shows up. Bo tells him Hope is leaving, "That's why you're here. You're leaving with her, aren't you?"

Justin claims he didn't know Ciara and Hope were going anywhere. Bo doesn't buy it. Justin says he's there to speak to Hope. Bo gets cranky but a call saves the day. Bo rants at the cop who called about wanting Jonas found. He walks outside to finish the call and ramp up the crankiness.

Justin suggests Hope go after him. "No," says Hope, "This is something I have to do."

"If you lose him," says Justin, "it will be the biggest mistake of your life. And Bo's luckiest break ever."

Phillip insists Kate is innocent, "She's a good person with a good heart."

Melanie is confused, "We're talking about Kate, right?" Melanie thinks maybe Phillip shouldn't bail her out if it will mean Kate goes to jail.

Kate is stunned. Apparently she wasn't aware of the total price before she bought into Stefano's help, "I didn't expect this."

Stefano smiles, "You can turn me down, but if you walk away... I need your answer now."

Kate flings the paper and has a temper tantrum, "All right! You win!"

Stefano is firm. He subdues her and puts his hands on her shoulders, "Listen to me. You will watch your temper and treat me with respect. And you will thank me for what I am about to do."

Kate knows when to back off, "Thank you, my love." Stefano steps away and asks why Kate is reluctant. Kate says they've always had a complicated relationship and her family will have to understand. Stefano hands her a pen, "Sign."

Justin tries to convince Hope-less to work things out with Bo. Hope says she thinks time away will help all of them. "Take it from someone who knows," says Justin, "it won't." He leaves. Hope stares.

Kate signs the agreement. Stefano looks it over, you've made me a happy man, Katherine. He gets a call. "What? You idiot! Just stay on the scene and keep me informed." He gets off the phone and tells Kate there has been a slight problem.

Phillip says he's still going to bail Melanie out even though she's dissing his mom. Melanie wonders how Victor feels about that, and says she thinks the best thing for him to do is walk away.

Maggie tells Nathan she likes Melanie, but knows she's infatuated with Phillip. Nathan insists he's not even thinking about Melanie in "that way." Maggie apologizes for intruding, but has her fingers crossed so it doesn't count. Nathan assures her she has nothing to worry about. "OK," says Maggie, "so, go take care of Melanie." He leaves

Maxine looks at Daniel's X-ray, "Somebody hit you before Lucas did."

Lucas calls Kate, "I just got arrested for punching Daniel."

Kate is soooo concerned about her son, "WHERE IS DANIEL?"

"That's not the point," says Lucas, "Daniel is at the hospital. He came looking for Chloe and I knocked him out."

"Was it a fair fight," asks Kate, "or did you land another one of your cowardly sucker punches?"

"Have you noticed how unusually cool this summer has been," asks Lucas.
He tells her he's on the way to the cop shop and Kate agrees to meet him there. She hangs up, "I have to go to the police station."

Stefano secures the lock on Kate's shiny new ball and chain, "Not without me, darling."

Phillip says he will never walk away form Melanie. He walks away. Melanie smiles as Nathan comes in and says he got the money for her bail. Melanie explains that Phillip beat him to the punch.

Kate gets another call. Phillip tells her Roman came by looking for her. "That bastard," snarls Kate. She asks if Phillip believes the accusations against her. He says he doesn't. Kate hangs up and tells Stefano, "I think there may be a loose end or two I missed."

"I know all about it," says Stefano, "Let's go."

Roman comes in with Phillip and releases Melanie. Phillip tells Nathan there is no need for him to stick around.

"I know what you're trying to do," says Nathan, "If you're not interested in her back off."

"Why," says Phillip, "because you are?"

"Yes," says Nathan, "I am." Melanie soaks it all in.

Bo plays with Ciara. Hope-the-shrew sends Ciara up to get Tommy Bear. Bo asks, "What did Justin advise... that the two of you get outta here so you can spend your first night together?"

If looks could kill, "You didn't just say that. He told me to stay with you, but after that hurtful comment that's one more reason I know I have to go."

Ciara comes back down. Bo scoops her up, "I'll call every day... five or twenty times. I love you."

"I love you too, daddy," says Ciara. Hugs. Ciara asks if Hope is going to hug daddy goodbye. Hope hugs Bo with as much enthusiasm as she hugs a bag of garbage when she takes it to the curb. She and Ciara roll out. Bo stands in the doorway and stares.

Chloe staggers out into the waiting area looking for Daniel. Maxine takes her to him. She leaves the two lovebirds in Daniel's room. Chloe caresses Daniel's cheek.

Daniel wakes, "Chloe... please tell me this isn't a dream."

"I'm hoping the same thing," says Chloe, "I love you."

"I missed you so much," says Daniel. Chloe dives in for some Danliciousness.

Roman lectures "Sucker Punch" Horton as Kate arrives. Roman leaves and Stefano comes in. Lucas wonders why Stefano is there. "Stefano is here to support us," says Kate, "In fact, I have some wonderful news."

"Yeah," growls Lucas, "What's that?"

"Stefano and I are getting married."

Lucas Scowls. Stefano beams. No doubt Lucas ensuing sucker punch will wipe that smirk off Stefano's face.


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