Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Knowledge Is Power

Billie flashes back to a time when cop Bo didn't call. She was worried sick about him. Poor ole Bo just can't win.

JR wants to know why Lexi wants to talk to her about the stolen drugs. They move to a more private place to talk as Sami watches.

Lexi says she hoped JR might look into the drug thefts privately. Sami eavesdrops and can't believe it. JR asks Abe if he is OK with JR doing an end-run around the police department. Abe is OK with it.

Shawn says it's not over yet. Jan tells Mimi if she loses Shawn because of her, Mimi and Rex are history.

Belle says Shawn would never drive drunk. Phillip says he was there and saw the report. He was hammered. He's just messing with Belle with all he has been saying. He got hammered and ruined their special day. But he can't ruin their love. "How could he do this," asks Belle.

Phillip says, "Because he's crazy. He's sick, and now we know why. I am not going to let him hurt you again. He will pay for what he did."

Kate calls the cops and tells them she has new info regarding Shawn.

Hope tells Jennifer she is wrong. Bo wouldn't go off with Billie without telling her. Shawn didn't get to the wedding in time. There is no future for Shawn and Belle, "My son is in terrible trouble. I can't fix it. I need Bo here with me."

Bo says it's not intentional that he makes his women nervous wrecks. Billie says it may not be intentional, but it seems to be unavoidable. We flash back to Bo's incident where he didn't call. He caves. He's sorry he didn't call. Billie will forgive Casanova by morning.

Jack is in a bar in a Cossack hat. Toady walks in. He tells someone one of the guys escaped. He hears Jack talking and walks up behind him, "Hey I had a feeling I'd find you here."

Sami sneaks around and listens. Abe says a private investigation can help keep it out of the headlines. JR will do it. He will keep it discrete. JR leaves "to get some air."

Lexi has to call Hope and give her the results of Shawn's test.

JR staggers around trying locked doors. I think he needs a cup of coffee. No, it's more serious than that. He needs Bawls. He fills the syringe and jams it in his leg. Sami watches, "You have always said knowledge is power, John, and this knowledge is going to make me very powerful."

"Where have you been," asks Toady. He's talking to Helge the waitress. He wants to know what time that apron comes off tonight. Tony calls, "Not yet, sir. The cops have the photo." Toady hangs up, "Sorry frauline duty calls."

Jack drops a quarter to call Jennifer. He leaves a message. He's alive and coming home.

Billie stares. Bo stares. The pilot tells them to buckle up for the landing. Bo needs to reach Hope. Billie says, "Good luck. If I know Hope you're going to need it."

Lexi calls Hope. Hope asks if Bo is there. No, Lexi can't believe Hope hasn't tracked him down. Lexi says Shawn was bombed. OMG says hope. She will be right there.

Lexi and Abe go for coffee.

The group talks. Shawn says he isn't leaving until he talks to Belle.

Kate pulls Mimi aside for an etiquette tip. She should not interfere in other peoples' business. Mimi doesn't mean to dis, but Belle and Shawn belong together. Kate says Belle has moved on. She and Phillip will live happily ever after.

Kate isn't going to let Shawn near Belle. Kate tells Rex to be careful around Shawn because he's plastered. Rex says he will talk to Mimi and she won't interfere.

Belle knows what Shawn did was wrong. Getting drunk and doing drugs -- it's not him. UB says it is since he's been around Jan. Belle wants to talk to Shawn. Phillip can be there if he wants but If he really loves her, he will get Shawn and let her talk to him.

The cops come to arrest Shawn. Shawn asks, "Do you know who my family is." "Yes," says the cop. "We refer to them as the Salem Psychos." The cops say they can do this easy or hard, it's up to Shawn. They cuff him. Kate smirks.

FF on Shawn the criminal.


Jack says, "I vould like zee room." He drops his stuff and we see his nazi-SS patch.

Teen-tramp-Georgia-wannabe says, "I'm going to make Patrick Lockhart fall in love with me."

Bo says, "I have to call and explain what happened." Billie says "OMG, Bo, you're bleeding."


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