Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rooftop Rendezvous

JR continues to deny he has a "habit." Nicole says he will try to blame anyone but himself. JR blames Belle. Belle lost her mom, broke up with Shawn, married Phillip and JR was determined to be there. [Yeah, while they were walking down the aisle, Belle jammed the needle in him.] He had to be there for his little girl. Lexi wouldn't give him the stuff, so he called his ISA doctor friend, so he could walk his baby down the aisle, "You believe me don't you?" Kate stares. BB stares. Nicole really stares.

Rex wants to know about the abortion. Jan tells Rex he might not want to hear the story. It's sad. Jan says she was telling Mimi about a girlfriend of hers who had an abortion without telling her boyfriend. Rex said they should have been able to communicate; her girlfriend was selfish. Rex says, "What's this all about, Mimi?"

Belle says they shouldn't be having this conversation. Shawn wants to explain. It was because Belle called. When he saw the wedding invitation at Alice's it was like a fog was lifted from his head [leaving absolutely nothing in there]. He had to find her. He had no other way to get into the church. It was locked. What else do you do when a church is locked except smash your motorcycle through a stained glass window? He thought she wouldn't have called if she wasn't sure. "We spilt up because you abandoned me," says Belle. She shoves his coat back at him.

Jan says Mimi is upset because it's a sad, sad story. Rex says, "This could never happen to us. The guy had a right to be a part of this decision. I don't blame him for being upset. That decision was unforgivable."

Shawn says he would not abandon Belle. Belle says, "But you did!" Shawn says he still loves her. Belle says, "Don't do this." Shawn knows he treated her horribly. He isn't proud of what he has become. He needs her help. Belle says it is too late. She's married. Shawn says, "You wanted to talk." Belle says "Yes, but it was a huge mistake. I am married. This was supposed to be your ring." Shawn asks, "Tell me before you go, do you still love me?" Belle turns and stares.

Jen can't believe Patrick is taking sides. What he did to Hope was terrible. Patrick says it sounds like Bo is the one interested in Billie. Jen says it sounds like he has fallen under Billie's spell. Patrick sys he won't fall under the spell of any woman. Jan leaves to check on the baby.

Hope walks by the dock and flashes back to being there with Bo. She's telling him somewhere deep inside Bo still loves Billie. Bo says it is Hope that he loves. Blah, blah, blah. Bo says they will be together for the rest of the Daze of Their Lives. Hope stares, "Then why do I feel so alone?"

JR promises the medication was just for today. Nicole wants to know why he is still on it. "Today is not over," says JR. [Tell me about it. It's been "today" for three weeks.] He tells BB he's done after this. He knows what they are thinking. Just because he went behind Lexi's back doesn't mean he's a junkie. BB asks him if he stole the drugs from the hospital. JR changes the subject. He says this intervention isn't necessary. He's sorry for lashing out. BB says, "Aw shucks, it was the drugs talking. You just have to stop." JR tells Kate he's sorry, "Can you forgive me?" Kate says of course. She never really thought he was on dope, just that he was one. Kate hugs JR. Nicole says, "I can't believe this."

FF on JR and Kate hugging.


Shawn tells Belle he would never have returned her ring.

Julie asks Hope, "What did Billie do to trick Bo to go with her?"

Billie says, "I am Georgia's mother this is her father and we are here to see our daughter."


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