Friday, February 28, 2014

Her Usual Pukey Self

Rafe tells Sami he traded his cane in for a better model.  Just like he traded Sami and Kate in for a better model. #DAYS
Daniel said Nicole doesn't seem like her usual perky self.  Doesn't he mean her usual pukey self? #DAYS
Eric takes a one-second look at the story and says it's great.  I'm sure he'll do an in-depth job of punching it up for Jennifer. #DAYS
Abby acknowledges that with EJ it's over.  Over except for the shouting, as they say. That will happen when Sami finds out. #DAYS

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Next Polar Vortex

Ciara says she loves Hope for letting her keep the earrings.  What have we learned here? You can buy love... really. #DAYS
Jordan says she's happy and nothing will change that. Translation: change is roaring in like the next polar vortex. #DAYS
Sonny & Will, save some time. Stop telling everyone individually you're getting married and rent a billboard. #DAYS
I need a refresher. How is it that ex die-hard homophobe T is now best friends with Sonny and Will? #DAYS

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Cat Reciting The Gettysburg Address

Aidan working with Hope on the PTA bake sale? Have the #DOOL writers no creativity... or shame? #DAYS
Ciara knows exactly which earrings she wants BEFORE going to the store? She's a disgrace to shopping crazed females everywhere. #DAYS
Ciara says when she grows up she wants nice things like Sami has. Including enough husbands to have her own basketball team. #DAYS
Gabi doing calculus is about as likely as my cat reciting the Gettysburg Address... in Latin. #DAYS

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


JJ wants to know who Abby's "older man" is." Tell him it's Mr. Noyb, Abby." #DAYS
Q: "How can Nicole fix what she has done?" A: Try the supersize tube of Elmer's. #DAYS
Daniel and Jennifer make up for the time they've lost.  How do I make up for the cookies I just tossed? #DAYS
Nicole catches Daniel & Jennifer in-flagrante, "What are you doing?" What, she doesn't recognize a scene from a Misty Circle movie? #DAYS

Monday, February 24, 2014

Divine Intervention

You know that trip to Mars they want people to take, but they won't be able to return? EJ has graciously volunteered Abby to go #DAYS
...In the event Abby refuses, EJ might want to volunteer. #DAYS
Eric tells Sami to be quiet. He'd better go back to the priesthood; he needs divine intervention for that. #DAYS
Jennifer: "I am not going to live in fear any more." Most people would like to hear her say she's not going to live in Salem any more. #DAYS

Friday, February 21, 2014

Angry And Bitter

"Brady, you are angry and bitter," says Eric angrily and bitterly. #DAYS
Who died and made Marlena Nicole's inquisitor general? #DAYS
JJ says he hasn't done anything to break Jennifer's trust.  Then spends the rest of the episode telling her how he broke her trust. #DAYS
Abby says EJ only had sex with her because he wasn't getting any at home, then says it was because they felt a mutual bond. #confused #DAYS

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Crocodile And Captain Hook

Why are Abby and EJ like the crocodile in Peter Pan & Captain Hook? Once you've had a little taste you can't stop chasing after more. #DAYS
Gabi insists Nick has changed.  His socks, maybe... #DAYS
Nicole is trying out her Beverly Hillbillies Jane Hathaway hair-do today. #DAYS
EJ says it was tough staying out of Sami's bed.  Most men take a cold shower. EJ's shower wasn't quite so cold. #DAYS

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The "L" On His Forehead

Abby says she knows Sami always forgives EJ.  I think this time he's raised the bar on forgiveness. #DAYS
Will & Sonny's engagement rings look like normal wedding rings to me.  #DAYS
Lucas talks about changing his name.  If he did he'd have to change the "L" on his forehead. It does stand for "Lucas," right? #DAYS
JJ to Theresa: "I can see right through you."  Her blouse, too. #DAYS

Monday, February 17, 2014

Delivering Pizza To The Streetwalkers

JJ gets community service.  In Salem, community service is delivering pizzas to the streetwalkers. #DAYS
Gabi notes Sami lied about Sydney and EJ kidnapped her.  Sami brushes it off... she and EJ don't sweat the small stuff. #DAYS
Nick tells EJ what he knows so EJ will know where Nick stands. If Nick doesn't shut up, he may not be standing much longer. #DAYS
Sami says her relationship with EJ is different than Gabi's relationship w/Nick. For one thing Sami hasn't tried to kill EJ... lately. #DAYS

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Dick And Jane First Grade Reader

Brady plays nice with Theresa.  Go back to cocaine, Brady — it's less dangerous. #DAYS
...on the other hand, Theresa needs to stay away from Brady.  His girlfriends have a tendency to wind up in the cemetery. #DAYS
Eric says you just have to accept God's plan. So God's plan must be for him to quit the priesthood and hook up with Nicole. #DAYS
With the whole world telling JJ everything would be fine he's lucky he didn't get the electric chair. #DAYS
Daniel wonders if he's easy to read.  Like a Dick And Jane First Grade Reader. #DAYS

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Bic Boutique

Of course, when Hope said she'd never have to deal with Aidan again that was his cue to come onto the scene. #DAYS
Sami says Nick is who he has always been.  Unlike Roman Brady. #DAYS
Daniel asks if Nicole found anything to clear Eric.  Nicole backpedals like Brian London against Muhammad Ali. #DAYS
Gabi buys Nick's BS. If they gave her a penny for her thoughts she'd have to give them change. #DAYS
So Rafe giving Jordan a cheap pen finally got her in bed?  Guys everywhere head for the Bic Boutique for Valentine's presents. #DAYS

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In Too Deep

Nick wants to make up for the mistakes he's made. One of which as far as the gals are concerned is coming back to life. #DAYS
Roman lists the million things the SPD has gone after Stefano for.  Yet he's still walking the streets free. Imagine that. #Incompetence #DAYS
Eric says God doesn't want him to serve as a priest.  Of course not. God obviously would rather he hook up with a former porn star. #DAYS
Jordan says if Rafe's in too deep she's right there with him.  If he's in bed... not so much. #DAYS

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

They Can Also Bake Brownies

Sonny says Gabi can talk to him when she can't talk to others. I guess this closeness stems from the time when they hated each other. #DAYS
Sami expresses her love for EJ. EJ, however is a guy, so she's not expressing it in the right way.  She has her clothes on. #DAYS
Sami rushes off so Abby and EJ can get busy.  They can also bake Brownies. #DAYS
Marlena says marriage can go wrong or right.  In her case, she always went with "wrong." #DAYS

Monday, February 10, 2014

All Worked Up

Sami says EJ couldn't come to Johnny's game because of work.  Well, he was, in fact, all worked up. #DAYS
Hey, Nicole, way to cower and snivel like a schoolgirl while some guy tries to beat the crap out of Daniel. #DAYS
Daniel: "The clock is ticking and it's the 4th quarter." Yeah, and he and Nicole are Denver. #DAYS
Kate sneezes in Lucas' face. Can you spread STD's by sneezing? #DAYS

Friday, February 07, 2014

Basket Case

When you look "basket case" up in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Gabi. #DAYS
Gabi: "If someone tells me to stay calm one more time, I'm going to lose it." You're way past losing it, honey. #DAYS
Rafe gives Lucas the ole high-expectations thumbs-up. Too bad for them by the end of the evening their thumbs are all that'll be up. #DAYS
Lucas clears the air. Tonight he & Sheryl are friends.  At work he gets to be Simon Lucas-Gree. #DAYS

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Impending Disaster

JJ & Theresa can take each other down, or not. With a combined IQ lower than the outside temperature, they both might be going down. #DAYS
Jennifer says both her kids are walking on the edge. With any luck someone will push them both off. #DAYS
Maggie tells Abby she doesn't mean to pry. That's because with Maggie prying is an involuntary reaction. #DAYS
JJ says everything should go well in court then says everything's looking up. Do we need any more clues of impending disaster? #DAYS

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness Isn't Always True

Sami's with EJ; Abby's in the shower proving the old adage "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" isn't always true. #DAYS
After punking Theresa, one more jive move and JJ and the clerk would have gone straight to the Dancing With The Stars finals. #DAYS
Sami, headed into the changing room: "I won't see anything I haven't seen before." True, but the potential was certainly there. #DAYS
Sami to Carl: "Some men just don't like stickin' it to a woman." She might have found out differently if she had peeked in the shower. #DAYS

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