Friday, July 29, 2005


Bo comes downstairs and proudly displays the fish he reeled in, “I caught lunch.” Hope won’t touch it until he cleans it. He checks his PDA, “We’re gonna track DiMera down, and he will tell us the truth about my daughter, Caroline and Victor.”

Shawn comes in wearing a bath towel.

Mimi is distraught, “What if Rex never trusts any one again?” Just to make Shawn happy, she tosses in, “Belle is going to spend the rest of her life with Phillip.”

“No way,” says Shawn.

Phillip talks about the baby. He asks Belle, “You’re excited, aren’t you?”

Belle says, “No!” Phillip stares.

“Oh, man,” says Lucas, “I can’t believe Rex left town. I guess Mimi is as bad as Sami when it comes to lying.”

Sami sneaks around Eugenia’s. Eugenia feeds her fish. Sami pulls Nicole out onto the balcony.

“Bartender, I need another drink,” says Nicole.

“Hey, come on,” says Sami, “This was your idea. Once your plan works we will get the proof Eugenia is hiding. Lucas and I will be back together and will be a happy family with Will.”

“Good French toast,” says Roman. Kate rolls her eyes. Roman says, “I need some more syrup though if you’d pass it to me.” Scoot. Roman tries again, “Is that a new outfit?” Silence. “Don't you think this silent treatment is childish? OK I guess not. I guess you’ll never forgive me. Kate, there's no baby anymore.”

“That’s true,” says Kate, “So I guess the question now is who will Marlena choose. You or John. If she chooses you, do you choose her?” Roman stares.

John puts pictures of him and Marlena by her bedside. He sprays perfume into the air. She wakes with a gasp, “What’s that smell?”

“Your favorite perfume,” says John, “I brought a few things from home. I’m your husband, John. And we have a beautiful daughter, Isabella.”

“Yes,” says Doc, “I know. I remember. I remember all of it.”

John smiles, “You do?”

“Kate,” says Roman, “John is married to Marlena and she will want to be with him.”

Kate asks, “Are you sorry about that?”

Roman says, “No, I’m not. I love you, Kate, and I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together.”

Kate says, “If that were true, I would want that too. I love you too. John and I and Marlena and you are connected in ways no couples should be connected. I do not know if we will ever get over it.”

Marlena says, “I remember all the things you drilled into me yesterday, is what I meant.” We already knew that, didn’t we?

“Your memory will come back,” says John, “There is just one other thing I would like to try.” Strawberries and crème. She takes a bite.

“That’s good,” she says, “But that’s all. I don’t know why you keep touching me.”

“Because I love you.”

“I don’t know you,” says Marlena, “I’d like you to leave please.” John goes.

Lexie is outside, “How did it go?”

John shakes his head, “How long will this last?”

“I wish I knew,” says Lexie.

Bo has finished cleaning the fish.

Hope says she called Maggie to see how Zach was doing. She tells him about Marlena, “Maggie had more news. Belle is pregnant. Belle and Philip are having a baby. I do not know how Shawn can deal with this. Shawn must be devastated.”

“Man,” says Bo, “You leave Salem for a day and things really change. Maybe this is the jolt Shawn needs. Belle and Phillip are married. Till death do they part.”

“You don't want the baby,” asks Phillip.

“It’s not that. I can’t stand the thought of losing my best friend,” Says Belle.

Mimi stares at a picture.

Shawn says, “I love Belle and Belle loves me and that won’t change.”

Mimi says, “It changed for Rex and me.”

Shawn says, “Don't you think Belle could use a friend right now?”

“Oh,” says Mimi, “I forgot. The whole world turns around Belle.”

“I know you’re hurting but this is your own damn fault,” says Shawn.

Phillip wishes Lucas a happy birthday. He drops the baby news. Lucas congratulates them, “When Sami was pregnant she told everyone Austin was the father. Having an honest relationship with her was impossible.”

“We have a marriage based on complete trust,” says Phillip.

“What was I on when I came up with this plan,” thinks Nicole. Flashback to her cosmo. She lays the plan out to Sami, “I saw this movie once. If someone has important papers they would never let them get destroyed. If Eugenia's house was on fire, what would be the first thing she grabs before she gets out?”

Sami says, “The evidence. But we could be arrested for arson.”

“If it was a real fire,” says Nicole, “But if there’s smoke, there is not necessarily fire. I need a drink.”

Sami says, “Today is Lucas’ birthday. Getting this proof is the best thing I could give him. You have the smoke bomb, right? Nicole pulls it out and almost drops it. “Oops, Bombs away,” she giggles.

Sami says, “Lets get going, and I will make you the biggest pitcher of cosmos you have ever seen.” They climb the ladder as Sami rolls her eyes.

“The good news is there are no physical causes for the amnesia,” says Lexie.

John demands, “Who is the best amnesia specialist there is?”

Lexie says, “Alex North.”

“How soon can we get him on board,” asks John.

Lexie says, “I’ll call him. In the meantime Marlena needs to see familiar faces. If Roman visited...”

John growls, “I don’t want her near him.”

Marlena sleeps.

Bo liked the fish. He thinks the cleaning was the key to its preparation. Hope didn’t eat much. She’s worried about Shawn, “What’s he gonna do, Bo. Shawn and Belle are meant to be together.” In a sanitarium.

Bo says, “I don’t wanna argue about this. This trip is for us to get away and remind us how lucky we are.” He hauls her into the bedroom.

“I’m sorry,” says Shawn, “Mimi, I shouldn’t have said that. OK, well, I’m gonna go get some air.” He leaves.

Mimi paces. She picks up Rex cologne, “This is all I have left of you. You’ve gotta come back, Rex. She picks up a book and finds a note addressed to her. “OMG,” she says as she opens it.

Shawn hears Phillip ask if Belle wants to come. She doesn't. Lucas wheels Phillip out. Belle goes back in. Shawn follows, “I just came over to talk about us.”

“I’ve made an important decision,” says Belle.

John shows Marlena pictures. Marlena isn’t impressed. Roman comes in. John tells him to wait until he and Doc are done.

As far as Marlena is concerned, they’re done, “I don't want either of you here, please. I know you said I was married to you... and you... and that I have children by both of you. I’d like to you to stop torturing me.”

“We’re just trying to help,” says John.

“Just tell me why I’m here,” says Marlena.

“You fell down the stairs,” says John, “You lost the baby.”

Marlena asks, “I was pregnant? How the hell old am I? She turns to John,
I lost your baby?

“No,” says Roman, “It was our baby.” Marlena thinks, “I really get around, don’t I?”

Phillip and the birthday boy arrive at Kate's.

“How you doing,” asks Lucas.

Kate says, “How do you accept your spouse sleeping with his ex?”

“You’re talking to the wrong person,” says Lucas.

Everybody loves everybody. “I’m not so sure Roman does,” says Kate.

“If you love Roman,” says Phillip, “fight for your marriage.”

Kate says, “Sami’s determined to destroy me, and get her claws back knot you and Will. We can’t let that happen.”

Sami and Nicole sneak through the ductwork. Nicole says, “Santa could really get stuck in here. I’ll bet that’s why they call it Clause-trophobia.”

They crawl. They banter. Sami assures Nicole she will get Brady back. They get to the apartment, but can’t find the smoke bomb. Nicole says she put it down to fix her hair.

“You what,” asks Sami.

“Hey,” says Nicole, “Don’t knock it. My hair is my best feature.”

“You incompetent bimbo,” says Sami.

Nicole snaps back, “Don't' call me a bimbo, you... bimbo!”

Rex’ note says, “You taught me to trust. And that’s why our love will last forever. No matter what the world throws at us, I know you will never lie to me. And I pledge the same to you, my love. Our beautiful family will never want for anything. I love you, Mrs. Rex Brady.”

Mimi sobs.

Marlena asks, “I was pregnant with my ex-husband’s child?”

“I can explain,” says Roman. Roman is doing a lot of explaining these days.

“Don’t make this any worse,” says John. Lexie calls him out. “I mean it,” he says to Roman on the way out.

“I have good news,” says Lexie.

A confused Marlena asks, “How can my ex-husband father my child? Are we recently divorced?”


“Then I must have been cheating on my husband,” says Marlena, “Am I a tramp?”

Kate asks where Rex is. They tell her about Rex and Mimi, the baby, the abortion, the whole story.

“I knew Mimi wasn't right for Rex,” says Kate.

“He’s gonna be OK, Mom,” says Phillip, “but I have some news which will make you happier. Belle and I are having a baby.”

Kate is ecstatic, “This is so wonderful.” She thinks to herself, “Now she’ll never leave you for Shawn.”

Belle tells Shawn, “This baby means Phillip and I have a responsibility to each other now. I owe it to the child to see that she has both parents. You’re right, I don't love Phillip like I love you. But I love him. Maybe my feelings for him will grow as the baby inside me grows. Phillip is my life now – Phillip and my baby. We can never be together.”

Shawn says, “You can’t mean that.” These two have the IQ of Einstein. Unfortunately Einstein is dead and his IQ is zero.

Belle says, “You and I can’t ever be together.”

Shawn shakes his head.

Bo goes up to the deck to make sure they are still on course.

Hope looks at the PDA, “OMG. OMG. Bo will not believe this.”

Lexie says, “Dr. North has agreed to treat Marlena. I guess he knows her.”

“She never mentioned him. At least, I don’t think so,” says John.

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” says Roman, “You and I have a very long history.”

Marlena says, “But I am married to another man. Do I love him or do I still love you.” John works his jaw.

Back at the balcony. Sami says, “Dammit there is no smoke yet. You pressed that button didn’t you, Nicole?” Nicole insists she pressed the button.

“My God, smoke, fire,” says Eugenia. She grabs the fish.

“I told you I pressed the button,” Nicole giggles.

Kate tells Phillip he will be the best father, just like Lucas.

Bo comes back downstairs and tells Hope, “Something’s wrong with the navigation system,”

“We’ve got something bigger to deal with,” says Hope. She holds up the PDA.

Mimi says, “Damn you Belle, this is all your fault. I’m gonna make you pay. Big-time. I’ll never let you wear my cashmere sweater again.

“I’m sorry Shawn, it’s over,” says Belle.

Shawn says, “What we had was true love. You can’t throw that away.”

“Just go,” says Belle.

“I will never stop loving you he says,” as he storms out.

Outside, Shawn mumbles, “Damn you Phillip. Damn you to hell.”

Kate says to Lucas, “Don’t tell me you’re thinking of getting back with Sami!”

Lucas says, “Sami and I are through unless she proves she’s right.”

Kate insists, “I’m innocent. She will never find any evidence to prove me otherwise.”

Sami says, “Eugenia thinks her apartment is on fire, and all she grabs is the fish and a plant.”

Eugenia grabs the tapes. Sami watches.

“This is it,” says Sami, “Now I just have to figure out how to get those tapes.”

Bo tells Hope, “Tec says the message is a complex mathematical puzzle. If we can surprise Tony we can get him to tell where they are.” A dark figure watches them through the porthole.

John comes back into Marlena’s room. He tells her a specialist is coming to treat her. Immediately, Lexie announces, “Dr. Alex North.” Marlena stares at him.

“Hello Marlena,” says Dr. North, “It’s been a long time.” OMG! Roman-A-Rama!


John tells Dr. North, “Even the most unlikely person could pose a threat to my wife.”

Brady asks, “How could you listen to a damn thing she said to you?” Chloe says, “Everything she said was true. Maybe you should just let me go and pretend like you never found me.”

Bo says, “It’s the only lead we have.” Hope says, “It could lead us into another trap!”

Eugenia screams at Nicole, “You idiot! What have you done?” Sami watches.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Brain Mojo

Chloe sleeps. Brady kisses her. She wakes up. He says, “Good morning, beautiful.”

Chloe says, “I was just having the most amazing dream and I wake up and you’re here. It wasn’t a dream.” Smooch. Giggle. She sits up and sees the scars. Oh, the discouragement.

“Chloe,” says Brady, “you have your meeting today with Dr. Travis. Before you know it you will be as perfect to yourself as you are to me. I promise.”

Nicole cries in her cosmopolitan, “I can’t put a hit out on Chloe. Brady would suspect me immediately. How can he stand kissing her with her face like that? Just the thought of him making love to her makes me want to hurl. Help me, cosmo. Get my brain mojo working.”

Sami walks in. “Henderson,” yells Nicole, “Get her out of here.”

Sami says, “I wanna get Lucas back, Nicole, and to do that I have to hang Kate from the nearest tree. Are you up for it?”

Roman is on the phone checking on Marlena, “I’ll be down there soon. Is John there? Thanks, Lexie.”

Kate says, “This is kind of like being married to a junkie. You are addicted to Marlena. You don't' sleep in my bed, and first thing the next morning, you’re checking on her.”

Roman says, “I’d be doing the same thing for you.”

Kate snaps, “I’m your wife! She doesn’t need you but you need her.”

“If you keep making a big issue of this, our marriage isn’t going to last very long,” says Roman.

Mimi sighs. Mimi cries. Shawn comes out, grabs a roll of paper towel and gives it to her. She chuckles and thanks him. Shawn says he couldn’t sleep last night himself. I am living a nightmare with Belle pregnant with Phillip's baby.

Mimi says, “In one day, she ruined both our lives.”

Shawn defends her. Mimi says, “Please don’t defend her to me. She only thinks about her husband. She wants everything. Men in love don't see clearly. I’m a woman. I know. She probably got pregnant on purpose. Now that she’s going to have a little Kiriakis prince or princess, she doesn’t give a damn if she breaks your heart.”

Phillip tips the delivery boy. Belle comes in and wants to know what’s going on. “That was David from Chez Rouge. I ordered almond croissants, strawberries with crème fresh and some kind of chocolate thing.” He’s lucky Belle doesn’t just barf right there in front of him.

“Technically,” says Phillip, “this is our honeymoon. I don’t ever remember being this happy. We’re a family now. Would you like a strawberry?”

Belle practically upchucks, “I’m sorry Phillip. I can’t do this.”

Shawn tells Mimi, “Belle is probably sick over what happened.”

Mimi saw the caterer, “Phillip is pulling out all the stops for his pregnant bride.” What a cad.

Shawn says he is going over there to stop this travesty. Mimi tells him to stay put.

Phillip gorges as Belle says she’s sorry. Phillip says if he could be sick instead of her he would, “Not to bring up such a downer, but something Mimi said to you last night stuck in my mind. She looked at you like she hated you. then said ‘paybacks are a bitch.’ Do you know what she meant?”

Kate says, “You don’t pull punches do you? Now you want out of the marriage.”

“Listen, Kate,” says Roman, “I made a huge mistake not telling you. I regret that. Please understand. We were under extreme duress. We didn’t plan it. We needed somebody. So we turned to each other. And to be honest, there is a history there.”

Kate says, “Now every time I see the two of you together... Just drop the white night thing. Are you still in love with Marlena?”

Sami wants Nicole to help her find evidence.

Nicole asks, “Why do you want to get together with Lucas? I was married to him and I don't see what the big attraction is... Oh, all right.”

Sami grabs Nicole’s drink and tosses it out the window, “I have already broken into Eugenia's and didn’t find anything.”

Nicole says, “I won’t help you unless you help me get Brady back. And that means getting rid of Chloe.”

“How am I supposed to do that,” asks Sami.

Chloe never wants to leave this place. Brady says she is the girl he fell in love with. Brady wants to stay there in bed all day, but Chloe has to go to her appointment with Dr. Travis and this just happens to be the one day out of the year Brady actually has to go to work, “I can’t wait to marry you. Trust in our love, OK?”

Chloe says, “I'll try.” Oh, what a trooper.

Brady says, “I’m going to take a shower. You can join me and we’ll soap up and drive each other crazy.”

After Brady leaves, Chloe says, “If my scars can’t be healed, I can’t marry you, Brady. No matter how much you love me I can’t marry you looking like this.”

Nicole says she won’t help Sami unless Sami helps her.

“What can I do you can’t do for yourself,” asks Sami.

“I need Brady back,” says Nicole.

Perfect timing, Brady walks in, “Like that’s never going to happen.” He sees the drink in Nicole’s hand, “Started early, I see.” Sami scurries behind a drape.

Nicole says, “Brady, I love you.”

Brady says, “The feeling is not mutual.”

“I guess the only way to get you to pay attention to me is to cut my face,” says Nicole.

“Get out,” says Brady.

Nicole reminds him, “This is my house.”

Brady says, “Good old granddad is coming home and when he does this will be his house, and you will be on the street.”

Roman says he didn’t intend to leave Kate on her honeymoon night.

“But,” says Kate, “making love to Marlena was of your own free will.”

Roman says, “I didn’t tell you the truth when I got home. I was afraid... you were engaged. I wasn’t sure you wanted to be my wife. And I’m still not sure. Doc is probably insecure about this too. She might think John still loves you, and that’s why she didn’t tell him right away.” Kate spins around.

Belle flashes back to her “paybacks” conversation with Mimi. Apparently Mimi didn’t follow through. Belle says Mimi is upset about Rex and not thinking rationally right now. Mimi had a rational thought once but, fortunately, it didn’t last.

“It’s gotta be rough,” says Phillip, “I’m guessing she’s jealous of you too. She can’t get pregnant and you’re having a baby. She just lost the man she loves and you’re having breakfast with me.”

Belle says, “I’m just afraid of losing Mimi as a friend.”

“Give her a little time and she’ll realize you’re the best friend she can have,” says Phillip.

Mimi tries to stop Shawn from going over.

“What am I supposed to do,” asks Brainiac, “Phillip is over there seducing the woman I love.”

“Shawn, wake up, you have lost Belle. It’s over,” says Mimi.

Chloe asks Dr. Travis if she should go ahead with the surgery. He’s going to run more tests and then will have a better idea of how serious the skin condition is. With the arrogance only a doctor can muster he says, “You’re lucky that your young man found me. If your scars can be erased, I’m the doctor who can do it.”

“He wants to marry me,” whines Chloe.

The miracle worker asks, “Aren't young women in love supposed to be happy about that?”

Chloe says, “I know you will do your best, but with each surgery I look worse than before. At least you’re offering me some hope. My future and Brady’s are in your hands.”

Brady tells Nicole, “The Titan board voted to remove you immediately. You’re out of a job. But you’ll be OK. There are plenty of men out there who don't know you are a liar and tramp. I grew up with Sami as a stepsister. You’d think I'd know an evil bitch when I saw one. And then there’s that nurse who fouled up Chloe’s surgery. How far would you go to keep Chloe away from me? That nurse was you, wasn’t it?” He walks out. Nicole stares and flashes back to her nurse caper.

Brady comes back, “Oh, by the way, I hired a private investigator to find that nurse, and if it turns out to be you, you will wish you were never born.”

“I can’t believe you can’t see how this will turn out,” says Meems.

Shawn insists, “Belle will leave Phillip when the time is right.”

“What,” she asks, “When Phillip dies of old age.” Hey, she’s catching on.

“No,” says Shawn, “When his rehab is done.”

Mimi says, “I’d pay a million bucks to see that. It will never happen. When did you have this little chat? Was it before she was pregnant?”

Shawn says, “Sooner or later she will tell him and they will get an annulment.”

Mimi says, “An annulment? She’s pregnant with his baby! A baby changes everything.”

Belle whines, “I can’t imagine not being friends with Mimi any more.”

Phillip says, “I’m going to do my best to distract you from this. We are having a baby. We are going to have the best baby of all time. Come over here. I have a surprise for you. He hands her a present. This is the first of many presents I’m going to give you until we have our beautiful baby boy.”

“Or girl,” says Belle.

She opens it, Awwwwww, “A baby book. It’s so sweet.” Belle goes through it, “Baby’s birthday, the happiest of all the Days Of Out Lives.”

Phillip says, “Honey, I know what’s going on here. I know what’s wrong.” Belle stares.

“What about you and John,” asks Roman, “You were engaged.”

Kate yells, “How dare you accuse me! We were working our way through grief.”

Roman asks, “Did you get that little tip out of a book... Cope with your grief by shacking up with one of your best friends... Come on. You were about to marry one of the richest men in the country. Now you’re back to being a cop’s wife. Bummer, huh?” Yeah, especially since the cop is you.

“No,” says Kate, “The question is not about my feelings for John. The question is, and always has been, can you get over your love for Marlena?”

Doc Travis comes back in the office. He sees Chloe reading a bride’s magazine and says, “I’d choose a classic-style dress.” Actually, I think he’d look a little pudgy in it.

“Dr Travis,” whines Chloe, “do you think I will look like one of these brides?”

He says, “It’s not a slam-dunk. I just went over the instant test results. It’s complicated. If you’re up for it, so am I. They tell me you’re a singer. What do you sing, Rock. Jazz, or do you just constantly sing the blues about your scars?

“Opera,” says Chloe.

Doc Travis says, “My daughter was a dancer. Ballet. What’s it going to be, Chloe? Do you need more time or should we schedule the procedure.”

Nicole tells Brady, “I couldn't have pulled off posing as a nurse.”

“Nicole,” says Brady, “you would do anything to get what you want. If you are responsible for this you will pay for it.”

He leaves. Sami comes out of hiding, “Nicole, what do you see in that jerk, anyway.” Uh-oh, she might have heard that ‘evil bitch’ remark.

Nicole says, “Do you see why I can’t let Brady know I was that nurse? But you were the one who gave me the idea.”

“No, I didn’t. Stan did.”

“You’re up to you neck in it, too,” says Nicole.

Sami tells her, “Nobody knows I was Stan and no one would believe it.”

“Kate would believe it,” says Nicole, “And if she would, Lucas would. So you have to do what I want.”

“No, Nicole,” says Sami, “You have to do what I want. OK, we have the goods on each other. All right. We do my agenda first.” Nicole pours another drink.

Sami says, “I need you to think not drink.

Nicole says, “I do some of my best thinking this way. And I just came up with a hell of an idea.” Slurp...

“Nicole, that was a brilliant plan,” says Sami, “It gets the job done. Kate will get what she deserves and I will get Lucas back.”

“Stop before I barf,” says Nicole, “OK, equal time. What’s the plan to get Brady back?”

Sami says, “There is no plan that will get Brady back. He will love Chloe until the day he dies. Get out of town while you have the chance.”

Nicole says, “I am going to get Brady back and you are going to help me, OK? Get with the plan, Stan.” Yeah, Sami’s thinking, “Crawl back in your hole, Nicole.”

“OK,” says Sami, “First we get the proof.” She guides Nicole out, bumping into walls and furniture.

Brady and Chloe get back to the cabin, “Tell me what happened with Dr. Travis,” says Brady.

Chloe says, “The test results weren’t what he hoped for. But he’s willing to do the surgery. He said there are no guarantees. Oh, yeah, and he’s a cross-dresser.”

“With surgery,” says Brady, “there are always risks.”

Chloe says, “I will make up my mind soon. But I have made a decision about something else.” She takes his hands, “I have a question to ask you. Brady Black, no matter what happens, with or without the surgery, will you marry me?” Brady kisses her. We'll take that as a

“Kate,” says Roman, “Are you ever going to forgive me?”

Kate says, “Getting another woman pregnant... that’s hard to forget.”

Roman says, “I didn’t say anything about forgetting.”

“I don’t know,” says Kate, “I need time.”

“Kate,” says Roman, “time is not the healer. Love is the only thing that can do that. I love you but somehow I get the feeling you will never believe me.”

“Marlena lost her baby,” says Kate, “but all of use may lose our marriages.”

Mimi says, “It’s all about being perfect with Belle. A perfect wife doesn’t leave her husband when she’ pregnant.”

Shawn says, “Belle and I are going to be together.” He goes into his room and slams the door.

Phillip tells Belle, “I know what has you down, sweetheart. Here we are about to have this baby and your mom just lost hers. It’s going to take a few months but eventually your parents will be able to spoil their grandkid just like my mom and Roman. It will all be perfect.”

Shawn bangs the wall. Belle contemplates. In a dramatic triple scene, Mimi says, “You made me suffer, Belle. I’m going to make sure you suffer too.”


“What’s wrong with the navigation system,” asks Bo. “We’ve got something bigger to deal with,” says Hope. She holds up the PDA.

Roman tells Marlena, “You and I have a very long history.” Marlena says, “But I am married to another man. Do I love him or do I still love you.” John contemplates and drinks coffee.

Belle tells Shawn, “Phillip is my life now – Phillip and my baby. We can never be together.” Shawn says, “You can’t mean that.”

“Damn you Belle,” says Mimi, “I’m going to make you pay.”

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

As The Wheel Turns

The FF III rocks. Bo and Hope smooch. Hope remembers the great times on FF I when Shawn D. was just a little shaver.

“And,” says Bo, “If the port wasn’t exotic and romantic when we arrived, it sure as heck was when we left.” He checks his PDA, “I’m sorry to break the mood, but...”

“We can’t let DiMera get the best of us,” says Hope, “We have to crack the code, and once we do, we have to bring him to justice.”

“We have to,” says Bo, “Ma and Victor, possibly my daughter, their lives depend on it. I’d trade that scum’s life for theirs in a heartbeat.” He snuggles in, “Let’s forget about that, huh?”

Pan in on the FF III’s wheel, The compass moves, As The Wheel Turns...

“Patrick, this is so awesome,” says Chelsea, “I’ve never won anything in my entire life and now, thanks to you, I have a brand new car.”

Patrick teaches her to drive a car with a stick shift. They lurch off into the night with Patrick yelling, “Whoa-whoa-whoa, take it easy!”

Max thanks Billie for a nice evening, “What did you learn about me?”

“Other than being a good dancer and extremely flirtatious, not much.”

Max asks, “Are you saying I’m shallow?”

“I don’t know,” says Billie, “are you?”

Max says, “How about we go inside? I’ll bare it all for you.”

“I don’t think so,” says Billie, “Let’s stay out here. Care to tell me your life story?”

“I got nothin’ to hide says Max. Got anything to drink?” Billie goes for lemonade with Max insisting he wants something stronger. Max peels down and jumps in the pool. Billie turns when she hears the splash. Max says, “It’s perfect. When you get back you should come on in.” Billie smirks.

Roman can’t believe Kate would think he would rather be with Marlena than her. “I don’t know, Roman,” says Kate, “I’ve seen the way you look at her. She’s the love of your life.”

“Kate,” says Roman, “she’s the mother of my children, but you are the one I wanted to come home to.”

“That might have been true once, but if you had really meant that, you would have thought twice before taking your ex-wife to bed.” Roman thinks, “Heck, I didn’t think twice, I thought about it dozens of times.”

Mimi unloads on Belle. She accuses her of being selfish.

“Selfish,” asks Belle, “You’re the one who’s selfish. If you would have told Rex all this a long time ago, maybe he wouldn’t have left you.”

“How dare you say that,” screams Meems – SLAP!
You’re the reason I lost Rex and I will never forgive you, NEVER!” Mimi lunges at Belle but Shawn breaks it up. Shucks. That would have been a good one. Mimi woulda creamed her.

Phillip wants to know what Belle did to deserve such wrath. Mimi asks Belle to tell him, “You want the whole world to know anyway, right?”

“That is not true,” says Belle, “I never meant for Rex to hear what I said.”

“Of course you did. You knew he was right outside. If he would have heard it from me, he might have forgiven me.”

Belle is rubbing off on Phillip – he’s clueless, “What are you talking about?” Mimi fills Phil in. She asks him to talk to Rex for her.

Phillip is sorry Mimi had to go through all this. He hasn’t heard from Rex.

“It was the hardest thing I ever went through,” says Mimi, “I asked Belle to be there for me but she wasn’t. So I went to the clinic... And from that second on, Belle judged me. Because we all know she is perfect.”

Belle insists she never judged Mimi and says she is not perfect, “You wouldn’t have kept Rex anyway, because your relationship was based on a lie.” That did it. Mimi is ready for round two.

Phillip wants to talk to Mimi alone. He sends Belle and Shawn out to make out and beat the dead horse again. Phillip tells Mimi he’s surprised to hear this because he thought their relationship was strong, “Rex just needs a little time to process this.”

Mimi says, “I know Rex. I’ve never seen him like this before. I doubt he will ever give me another chance. Our relationship was based on trust and I lied to him over and over. I’ve lost him.”

Up on the roof, Belle says she never should have shouted the news to the world, “If Mimi wouldn’t have waited so long to tell him the truth...”

“Yeah,” interrupts Shawn, “kind of like you waited so long to tell Phillip about us.” Belle stares.

Roman tries to wiggle out of it. Kate tells him, “What I can’t get past is the two of you came back here and didn’t say anything. What? Were you just going to keep it a big secret forever?” Yes, that was Roman’s big plan.

Roman tries to turn the tables, “You and John didn’t exactly rush to tell Marlena and I you had made love.”

Kate says, “We were engaged and living together. You can read between the lines, can’t you?” If you can’t read between the lines, you won’t make it in Salem. “You raked me over the coals and made it seem like I had dishonored your memory by not waiting longer. And, all that time, you had committed adultery. The man I loved and married would never have done something like that to me a year ago. And then, that first night back, you asked who was going to stay in the penthouse. I think deep-down you were hoping I would stay there with John, because then you would have your precious Marlena all to yourself.” Oh, come on, Kate, you’re such a sweetie who wouldn’t want to be with you?

Max tries to coax Billie into the pool. Billie just wants to talk. Billie averts her eyes and tosses him a towel as Max climbs out chuckling, “I don't' mind if you stare. I keep myself in pretty good shape and I don’t mind if a beautiful woman checks it out.”

“You’re pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

“In my profession, you have to be,” says Max.

“I like a man who has confidence,” says Billie, “and you do. But you’re driving too fast on this track, little one.”

Max wants to know why she came back to Salem, “I heard you’re a hotshot ISA agent.”

“I am no hotshot, but I am in the ISA. I came back to Salem with no intention of staying. But I’m staying because I’m here to find my daughter.”

Patrick clears the debris. Chelsea says, “Thank God it’s just boxes I hit. The car’s OK, right? I guess I’m gonna need a few more lessons, huh?”

“Yeah,” says Patrick, “but tomorrow. It’s getting late.

“OK,” says Chelsea, “You drive. I’ll put my hand on top of yours. That way I can get an idea of how you handle your stick.”

Bo sleeps. He wakes up. No Hope. He goes to search. He finds her sitting up on deck, “I woke up and you were gone.”

Hope says, “I think we’re in trouble. But at least we’re hundreds of miles away from Billie.” Pan in on the compass, As The Wheel Turns...

Belle thinks what she and Shawn are going through is totally different than what Mimi and Rex are going through. Shawn disagrees. But Belle reminds him the kid has now entered the picture. She can’t tell Phillip now, for God’s sake. Belle wants to handle this her own way and tell Phillip when the time is right. Unless she has a hangnail, then they couldn’t possibly tell him.

Mimi walks Phillip through the whole baby-abortion-Jan thing. Lucky Phillip. He gets through the whole agonizing thing in a couple minutes. It took the viewers a year. Phillip tells her not to give up hope. You’ll never guess who calls Phillip on his cell phone...

Roman tries a little history-revision. “All I was doing that night at the penthouse was asking who was going to sleep where. You had just sold my house. I was a little angry. All I meant was...”

Kate is somewhat of a historian herself, “All you meant was who was going to be sleeping WITH whom. You should have been honest. If John and I would have known you and Marlena had been intimate...”

“Would that have made a difference,” asks Roman, “We didn’t see the point in hurting you.”

“Why would you keep it a secret unless you thought we wouldn’t understand? And why wouldn’t we understand unless we thought there was still something going on between the two of you,” asks Kate, “I’m feeling like I really don't know my husband. And after your actions tonight, needing to be with Marlena, I’m just wondering if we really belong together.”

“Waitaminute,” says Roman, “Are you saying you are giving up on me?”

Max didn’t know Billie had a daughter. Billie says, “She’d be just about your... No, she’d be a little younger than you.”

“I can’t believe you could have a daughter my age,” says Max.

“If your trying to flatter me,” says Billie, “It’s working.”

“Who’s the father,” he asks.

“Your brother Bo. We thought she was stillborn, but apparently the DiMeras have had her all this time.”

“What do they want with her,” asks Uncle Max.

Billie says, “She’s a Brady, Max, and the DiMeras hate the Bradys. So I’ve taken a leave of absence from the ISA to search for my daughter. Bo and Hope are out there looking for her right now. If they can find Tony DiMera, it might lead them to Victor Kiriakis, Caroline Brady and our daughter.”

“I hope they find everybody,” says Max, “Caroline was so good to me when I didn’t have anybody but Frankie. She doesn’t deserve this any more than your innocent daughter.”

Billie changes the subject, “Speaking of innocent, what’s going on with you and Chelsea? Are you interested in her?”

“Chelsea’s not innocent,” says Max, “and we’re just casual. Using each other.” Billie stares.

Chelsea never knew a stick shift could be so exciting. She just wants to sit there in the car and enjoy it, and it’s contents, for a while. Patrick leaves. Chelsea fantasizes.

Billie can’t believe Max said that, “You’re using her.”

“It’s a two-way street, sweetheart,” says Max.

“And just how is Chelsea using...” she sees Patrick walking up to them, “”

“She’s been coming on to me one way or another for a long time,” says Max, “she wants to hook up with Patrick and she thinks I’ll make him jealous.” We hear the sound of Billie’s jaw breaking as it hits the ground.

Patrick wants to know what Max is doing there. Billie says he drove her home. Max kisses her cheek and chuckles as he brushes past Patrick. Patrick scoffs as Max gives him a little ‘toodeloo’ wave.

“It all makes sense now,” says Billie, “You and I need to have a talk.”

Max finds Chelsea sitting with her eyes closed in her car. He gets in and she attacks him, “I have been waiting for this forever. I want you to make love to me.”

Hope says she came up and noticed they were three degrees off their original course. Bo says that shouldn’t happen because this is all new equipment. He speculates they may be in a strong current and there isn’t much wind.

“While I was up here,” says Hope, “I looked at the riddle again.”

Bo drones, “No compass, no maps, no stars to guide you, count to three and your daughter will be beside you.” They pledge to figure it out. The wind picks up. Bo locks the wheel and they go back to bed. The wheel struggles.

Phillip answers the phone. He wonders why Rex would leave town without telling him, “Yeah, uh-huh. Look, Mimi’s here with me right now...” Dial tone.

Mimi grabs the dead phone and hits redial, “He turned his phone off. He’s never going to talk to me again.”

Shawn says, “I’ll let you sort this out your own way, but only if you promise you will tell Phillip how you really feel.”

There is just not enough room in Belle’s brain to process all this, “There’s the baby, my mom is sick, Phillip is injured and my hair’s a mess and I just need time to think this through. I really don’t need you pressuring me. I need your support.”

Belle goes back into the apartment. Phillip tells her about the call from Rex. Mimi thanks Phillip for being a real friend and starts to leave. Belle doubles over. “OMG,” says Mimi, “are you pregnant?”

Kate says, “I never gave up on you Roman, but I moved on with John. What could have been more natural? We were two lost souls who found each other. But we never knowingly committed adultery.

Roman thinks Kate is making too much of this, “I made a big mistake with Marlena, but we’re both paying for it. Not only did she lose her baby, but she also has this whole lame-nesia thing. Do you think we need to be punished any more?”

“Now that you are back,” says Kate, “there are so many complications between the two of you, I think It’s pretty obvious that your relationship is far from over.”

“Kate,” says Roman, “I wish there was something I could do to wiggle out of this and prove how much I love you.”

“There is,” says Kate, “You can leave this hospital tonight and come home with me. Are you willing to do that for us, for our marriage?” Roman stares.

Chelsea pushes Max away, “What the hell are you doing?”

Patrick asks Billie, “So what’s going on?”

Billie asks where Chelsea is. Patrick says she’s enjoying her new car. “Oh,” says Billie, “so she can handle a five-speed.”

“Not exactly,” says Patrick, “I have to give her a few more lessons.”

“You are aware,” asks Billie, “that she has a major crush on you?”

Patrick gives her the I-ain’t-aware-stare.

Max wants to know what’s wrong with Chelsea, “You just asked me to make love to you.”

“I didn’t mean you!”

“Oh,” says Max, “Let me guess, you were daydreaming about Patrick Lockhart, weren’t you?”

Billie asks if Patrick has a thing for Chelsea. Patrick says, “Come on, Billie, you know there’s only one woman I’m interested in right now.”

Billie gives him the I-ain’t-aware-stare.

Bo and Hope make love. A gloved hand picks up a phone and says, “Sorry to inform you, sir, the Brady vessel has corrected its course and locked its wheel... Yes sir, I’ll activate the cloaking device and continue to follow.”

On the FF III, the wheel lock is deactivated. Bo and hope make love, As The Wheel Turns...

Chelsea says, “Who I like and who I don’t like is none of your business.”

Max says, “You’re not trading up with Patrick, he’s not very sharp.”

“I’ll decide who I need and who I don’t need,” says Chelsea.

“We’ll see about that,” says Max.

Billie asks, “Who is she, Jennifer?”

“No,” says Patrick, “I’m not interested in Jennifer.”

“Who then,” asks Billie.

“Who’s the dense one now,” asks Patrick. He plants a big one on her just in time for Chelsea to walk up and soak it in.

Max walks up behind her, “You may need Patrick, but he sure as hell looks like he doesn’t need you.” Chelsea scowls and stomps off.

A gloved hand watches Bo and hope through binoculars. The FF III creaks. Hope wakes with a gasp, “I just got this crazy feeling like someone’s watching us.” Don’t you wish. The ratings are in the tank.

Kate has opened the escape valve. Roman doesn’t take the opportunity, “You’re not being very reasonable right now. Doc has just lost her baby. She may wake up and if she does, she will need help remembering who she is. I need to be here for her.”

“I’m your wife,” says Kate, “Your place is by me.”

“I’m sorry, Kate. I need to stay here.”

“You’re making a very big mistake,” says Kate.

“I’m sorry you see it that way,” says Roman.

Kate starts to leave, turns back, then goes off in a huff.

“Are you kidding me,” asks Mimi, “You’re pregnant?”

“Yes,” says Belle.

Mimi asks Shawn if he knew. Shawn says, “Yes.”

Mimi says, “Well, all this is a little too ironic, isn’t it?

Belle thinks she and Mimi should have a little chat. Mimi wonders who the father is but Belle assures her it’s Phillip.

Mimi tells Belle, “You should have told Phillip from the beginning. I wonder how Phillip would feel if he knew you were about to annul the marriage and take the baby with you!”

Belle says, “Don't' you dare say anything!”

Mimi turns and says, “Hey, Phillip!”

Shawn asks, “What are you doing, Mimi?”

Mimi says, “I’m about to teach my dear best-friend Belle that paybacks are a bitch.” Stares all around.

FF on the Payback-meister.


Belle goes through a baby book, “Baby’s birthday, the happiest day of our lives.” Phillip says, “Honey, I know what’s going on here. I know what’s wrong.”

“Shawn, wake up, you have lost Belle. It’s over,” says Mimi.

Kate asks Roman, “The question is, and always has been, can you get over your love for Marlena?”

Nicole tells Sami, “I am going to get Brady back and you are going to help me, OK? Get with the plan, Stan

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Wrong Answer

Mimi chases Rex into his apartment. No Rex, “OMG, All his stuff is gone. He left his keys. He’s really gone.” Mimi calls Rex’ cell phone and leaves a message, “Please, don’t do this. I did it because I love you. We can work this out.” Let’s do lunch.

Mimi frets, “What if he doesn’t call. I have to find him. Rex is the best thing that ever happened to me and now I’ve lost him. SOB!” She picks up a picture of her and Belle and tears it up.

Bonnie is at the door, “Mimi, what the hell is going on with Rex?”


Phillip thanks Shawn for everything as they wheel into his apartment. Belle will fix supper. Phillip wants her to take it easy. He is sorry about her mom and the baby.

Belle says, “I think the amnesia is a defense mechanism or something. She was tortured when she found out she was pregnant.”

Phillip says, “Our parents still love each other. I have to leave a message for Austin to let him know how mom’s doing.”

Shawn helps Belle in the kitchen, “There is a lot we need to talk about.”

Belle says, “I need to talk to Phillip ASAP and in private. There is nothing left for us to talk about.”

“Our entire future is at stake,” says Shawn.

Belle reminds him, “I am pregnant with Phillip’s baby. Nothing about our lives will ever be the same.”

Sami’s soliloquy: “Sami, you have to think. There has to be some way to burn Kate for good. Tony said he had proof she set me up. I just have to find it.” Sami leaves but comes back to pick up her PDA, “This time I will be prepared, and I will get my revenge if it is the last thing I ever do.”

When she turns around, Lucas is at the door, “You will never learn will you, Sami?”

“It’s time for you to come back to me, Marlena,” says John, “When you wake up, I will be the first thing you see. You will remember everything.”

Roman comes in and asks how Marlena is doing. John says, “I would appreciate it if you would leave us alone.”

Roman says, “I have to remind you, it was my baby she lost. I’m going to be here for her and you can’t stop me.” Kate watches.

Lucas says he came to apologize. He thought he was rough on her at the hospital, “but maybe I wasn’t. Still trying to get revenge? My mom has been through enough.”

Sami ramps up the battle of the tortured moms, “My mom nearly lost her life and now she has amnesia.”

“So,” says Lucas, “you should be there for your mother instead of hurting others. You still just blame everything on my mom. Mom had nothing to do with Marlena losing the baby.”

“I believe that,” says Sami.

Lucas asks Sami, “When are you going to get it through your head my mom is not the monster you believe she is?” You mean Katezilla?

Sami says, “Oh let’s not get crazy here. She didn’t want my mom to have that baby. She admitted it. I blame her for ruining what could have been the happiest day of my life.”

Roman refuses to leave, “I was the father of the baby she lost. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let you keep me away.”

“Let’s take this outside,” says John. Outside the room, John says, “She doesn’t need you, Roman.”

Roman insists, “If she needs me, I’ll be there for her.”

John asks, “What does she need you for?”

“How long have you been walking around wondering who the hell you are,” asks Roman, “If I can make her remember I think you’d be the first person wanting me to do that. Maybe you want to start a new life just like when you reinvented yourself as John Black.”

John says, “You’re the reason she fell and almost died. You pushed yourself on her in the castle.”

“That’s not the way it happened,” says Roman.

John presses, “I can only imagine how you manipulated her. Like on the island, trying to talk her into doing you because you were dying. What did you say to get her into bed at the castle?”

Roman says, “I said ‘yes’ when she asked me to make love to her.”

Wrong answer. ARE YOU RREEAADDYY TO RRRUUUMMMBBBLLLEEE??? John and Roman go a few rounds. Kate referees.

Bonnie tries to calm Mimi, “I found Rex resignation notice on my desk.”

That doesn’t help calm her, “OMG, it’s true. He’s left Salem.”

Bonnie says, “Don’t tell me you told him about the baby.”

“No,” says Mimi, “Belle did. She blurted it out.”

“She must feel terrible,” says Bonnie.

Mimi says, “I doubt it. All she feels for is herself. The only reason she married Phillip is Shawn didn’t want her any more. And the only reason she is still with him is because she feels sorry for him. I can only hope someday those two get a clue and she loses both of them just like she made me lose Rex.”

“I just want to take a step back and figure out how to handle this,” says Shawn. Belle takes a step back to deliver Phillip his protein shake.

Phillip says, “You take such good care of me. What would I do without you? I’m tired. I guess we should go to bed?”

“Yeah,” says Miss Enthusiasm.

Phillip says, “Hey, Shawn, thanks for all your help.”

“OK,” says Shawn, “I’ll see you later?”

Belle says, “I’ll walk you out.”

Outside Shawn says, “Just wait one night.”

“No, I won’t,” says Belle.

“What about us,” asks Shawn.

“I have to go,” says Belle, “goodnight.” Belle goes back inside.

“Dammit,” says Shawn.

Phillip tells Belle, “I’m sorry I was rude. I just didn’t think he would ever leave.”

Phillip wonders if there is something on Belle’s mind. Yeah, a molecule. Belle says, “There is something I have to tell you. Something you might not like to hear.”

Phillip says, “Oookkkkk...”

Lucas says all Sami has to do is prove Kate set her up.

“Eugenia confessed,” says Sami, “I just have to find a way to prove it. I’m not going to frame Kate. She’s guilty and so is Eugenia. When I prove it you’re going to be begging for me to forgive you. If you’re lucky, I will.”

Kate breaks up the fight.

“All right, John, I’m sorry,” says Roman, “but you owe me an apology.”

“You just accused my wife of coming on to you,” says John, “You’d better explain.”

“It wasn’t anybody’s fault ,” says Roman, “It just happened. We were vulnerable. We didn’t know if we were going to get home. We had given up. In a very, very weak moment we turned to each other. We were all we had.” Flashback to the castle. Oh, the hopelessness!

Roman says, “Tony did every damn thing he could to manipulate us.”

“And that is what I am supposed to buy as an excuse,” asks John.

“It’s not an excuse,” says Roman, “Doc referred to it as the Reverse Stockholm Syndrome.”

“If Marlena was aware of what Tony was up to, she would never have fallen for it,” says John.

“She is no more infallible than I am,” says Roman.

“You were just waiting for the right moment,” says John.

“Don’t go there,” says Roman, “The only thing we ever talked about or lived for was getting home to you and Kate... until we saw the live feed.”

“Oh I see,” says John, “Now it’s because you and Marlena saw all that, huh? Damn!”

“You were making love to my wife,” says Roman.

Bonnie comforts Mimi, “Rex was a good guy and one hell of a looker. But he’s not the only bull at the rodeo. Look at the bright side.”

“There is no bright side.”

“Believe me,” says Bonnie, “I’ve been there. I just lost Mickey. No man has ever treated me with such kindness. I thought we’d grow old together. I mean I’d grow old and Mickey would grow older.”

Mimi whines, “I don't want to move on. I want Rex.”

Bonnie says, “Who is to say he won’t come back? Use this opportunity to take stock. Explore new directions. Or spend the rest of your life alone.”

Mimi is inconsolable, “If I can’t have Rex I will spend the rest of my life alone.”

Bonnie says, “You’re broken hearted but you will get over it in time. Just because Rex was your first doesn’t mean he will be your last.”

“Stop it,” yells Mimi, “The love of my life just left me.”

Bonnie shifts gears, “Honey, the perfect man is living right here.”

Mimi says, “Not Shawn! I am not in love with Shawn and he loves Belle.”

“And Belle is married to Phillip,
says Bonnie, “He will turn to you. You have always been close. Maybe Shawn is the Brady you were meant to be with after all.”

Mimi says, “OK, it’s time for you to leave, Mom.”

“I’ll go,” says Bonnie, “but promise me you will think about what I said.”

Mimi says, “You mean me and Shawn and the Kiriakis trust fund will be happy together? Goodbye.”

Bonnie leaves. Shawn comes in. Mimi drops the bomb, “Rex left. He left Salem.”

Shawn says, “Huh whaaa? Rex left Salem?”

Mimi says, “Thanks to your girlfriend for blurting out my big secret. Now she’s ruined two more lives.”

Belle says, “Something’s happened Phillip. It has to do with us and our future.”

“You’re starting to scare me. Just come out and say it,
says Phillip.

“I’m pregnant.” Phillip’s jaw drops.

“Your mother is evil,” says Sami.

“I know she isn’t a saint,” says Lucas... His cell phone rings, “Hey, Phyllis, can you give me a second?” He turns to Sami, “It’s my headhunter about a job... what do you have for me?”

Sami says to herself, “Lucas won’t believe me without proof. He doesn’t know what Mommie Dearest is capable of, but I do.” Flashback to confronting Eugenia. “Eugenia is the answer to all of this. How do I get the truth out of her?” Lucas negotiates in the background, “I don’t know if it’s right for me... It’s a big choice, McDonalds or Burger King... I’m going to have to think about it.”

John says, “Our grief is what brought us together.”

“It didn’t hurt any less when we saw what we saw,” says Roman, “Our life was a living hell.”

John says, “So now you’re blaming Kate and me? What Marlena needed was for you to be supportive, not too throw yourself on top of her when she was vulnerable!”

“I didn’t do that,” says Roman, “From what we saw of you and Kate, it was clear no one was coming after us. And, we saved Cassie and the others. Don’t forget that.”

“I’d like to say I understand,” says John, “but there is no getting around the bottom line. Unlike Kate and me you knew we were alive and that didn’t stop you.”

John leaves. Roman looks at Kate.

“Tell me,” says Kate, “when you were making love to Marlena did you stop for even a second to think about me?”

“You’re serious,” asks Phillip.

“Yeah,” says Belle, “I found out today. This is going to change our lives.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“We talked about waiting until we were ready,” says Belle.

Phillip says, “Things don’t always go as you plan. Who needs to wait? We’re ready. This baby will bring us closer. What could be better than that?” Belle is distant. “Belle, I know this isn’t what we panned but you are happy, aren’t you?”

Belle blurts, “I think having this baby is a huge mistake.”

“You think Belle did this on purpose,” asks Shawn.

“Why couldn’t she just have kept her mouth shut,” says Mimi, “I just lost the love of my life. He’s never coming back.”

“I’m sure that’s not true.”

Mimi says, “Helloooooo... he resigned. He left his key. I think he’s gone. He got a job offer in Chicago and he said he’s going to take it.”

Shawn hugs her, “I’m sorry. I know how much you loved him. It doesn’t make sense.”

“It’s because he hates me,” says Mimi.

Shawn tells her, “I just came back from Belle and Phillip’s.”

Mimi asks, “Phillip is home?”


“I have to talk to him,” she says.

Shawn tells her, “Just calm down. Rex will call. You know how he gets.”

Sami drinks and thinks, “Why didn’t I think of this before?”

Lucas says, “I gotta go. Why do you look so jumpy? That’s the same look you get when you’re plotting something.”

“Yeah, I am I’m figuring out how to get my life together,” says Sami.

Lucas says, “I hope you do that. I gotta go. Please stay out of trouble.” Lucas leaves.

Sami says, “The person who should be worried is Kate. And Eugenia is going to help.” Sami leaves.

“Kate,” says Roman, “you gotta know you were in my every thought.”

Kate asks, “Even while making love to Marlena?” The nurse goes into Marlena’s room and closes the blinds.

Roman is distracted. Kate sighs, “Never mind. It’s pretty apparent your only concern is with Marlena.”

Roman insists, “You know that’s not true.”

Kate says, “Deep down I think you would have been happier if you wouldn’t have escaped.”

The nurse offers to bring in a cot for John.

“No,” says John, “I wont be sleeping. If she wakes up I will be here for her.” The nurse leaves.

John pleads, “Marlena, it’s John. I know you are there and can hear me. I’m not angry . I still love you and always will. I know what happened couldn’t be your fault. Tony’s always trying to tear us apart and Roman took advantage of that. He played right into Tony’s hands. For that I will make that man pay.”

“I don’t understand,” says Phillip, “Are you saying you don't want the baby?”

“No,” says Belle, “Of course not. It’s just not that simple.”

“Why aren’t you happy, then,” asks Phillip. Belle flashes back to Shawn.

Belle says, “I don't know. I guess I’m just scared. What if I’m not ready to be a mom?”

“Sweetie,” says Phillip, “you’ll be an incredible mom. What else is bothering you?”

Belle whines, “Phillip, I’m still...”


“How can we reach Rex,” asks Mimi.

Phillip says, “Mimi, Rex loves you.”

“That was before.”

“Before what,” asks Phillip.

“Belle knows,” says Mimi, “She couldn’t keep her mouth shut. If you gave a damn about me you would have supported me.”

Belle says, “Mimi –“

“Shut up,” says Mimi, “Perfect Belle, nothing is ever your fault. You’re selfish.”

Belle says, “If any one is selfish, it is you, Mimi. If you would have told Rex a long time ago, maybe he wouldn’t have left you.”

BITCH SLAP, “I will never forgive you, Belle, never.”

FF on the slapee.


Out on the F ancyFace III, Bo tells Hope, “I woke up and you were gone.” Hope says, “I think we’re in trouble.”

Kate says to Roman, “You were hoping I would stay there with John, because then you would have your precious Marlena all to yourself.”

Shawn asks, “What are you doing, Mimi?” Mimi says, “I’m about to teach my dear best-friend Belle that paybacks are a bitch.”

Monday, July 25, 2005

Win One For The Gipper

It’s the big party at Alice’s. Patrick and Billie dance. Maggie comes in. Bonnie wants to know what she is doing there. Maggie says, “Mickey’s credit card company called. You are so busted!”

Jack, Jennifer, Frankie. Jack is in rare form. Jack wants to know, “What is Chelsea doing here dancing with Patrick? And what is Billie doing dancing with your brother?”

Rex paces on the roof. Mimi comes out. She wants to explain. “There is nothing to explain,” says Rex, “You had an abortion without telling me. That’s what you and Jan were fighting about. Dammit, Mimi if you had just been honest Jan wouldn’t be in a coma and our baby would still be alive.”

Phillip ‘splains to Lucas what happened with Marlena.

Marlena wants to know who everyone is. “Why are you all staring at me? Stop touching me. Doctor, who are all these people?”

Lexie says, “They love you and care about you.”

“We don’t want to upset you, Marlena,” says John

“Who is Marlena,” asks Marlena.

Belle says she won’t tell Phillip until he comes back from the war. Or until he’s recovered enough to take it. I can’t keep it straight.

The nurse comes in and says Belle will be happy to hear the news.

“What news,” asks Belle.

“You don't have an ulcer, Belle, you’re pregnant!”

Rex agonizes. Mimi tells him why she lied to him, “Every time I brought it up, you would say how it wasn’t the right time to start a family.”

Rex says, “I was speaking hypothetically. I would have changed if I would have known.”

Mimi shouts, “How was I supposed to know that? I didn’t want to be the one responsible for ruining everything.”

“Well guess what. Now you are,” Says Rex.

Sami makes introductions.

John shuts her up, “Your name is Marlena Evans-Craig-Brady-Black. You are my wife.”

Marlena asks Lexie to have everyone leave.

“I am pregnant with Phillip’s baby,” asks Belle. No, with his full-grown adult.

“We’ll still be together,” says Shawn. Yeah, and you can tell Phillip just as soon as the kid is ready for college.

Phillip wheels in, “The nurse says you have important news.”

“Yes, I do,” says Belle. Phillip stares.

Yyyeeehhhaaaa... Bonnie tells Maggie she just bought a few things. Maggie reels off a litany of things Bonnie bought. Bonnie breaks down in tears. Maggie fans herself.

Jack says to Frankie, “It looks like your brother and Billie are here on a date.”

“They are,” says Abby. She tells Jack about Chelsea wanting to win the car. She was going to come to the contest with Max, so Patrick brought Chelsea and Billie brought Max.

Frankie thinks they are dong the right thing, “My little brother is nothing but trouble, especially when it comes to impressionable young women.”

“Being so close to you is making it really hard to concentrate on dancing,” says Max

“Does that line really work for you,” asks Billie.

Chelsea tells Patrick, “Max is coming on to Billie like Mrs. Robinson.” I guess that makes Patrick Mr. Robinson. Patrick doesn't want to catch Chelsea with Max again.

“Are you saying that because you are jealous,” asks Chelsea.

Bonnie says, “Listen Red...”

“Don’t call me that,” says Maggie.

“OK,” says Bonnie, “Listen, gray with a henna rinse, I have a dance contest to run.”

Bonnie sashays off. She announces the dance contest. First prize is the car. When the audience picks the couple, Bonnie will decide which half of the couple gets to keep the car.

Max wants Billie to have the car. “Why,” asks Billie, “So I’ll owe you something?”

Trick Pony plays. Twang. Bar tender hit me one more time. Unless you are a big country music fan, this is a great zapping opportunity.

Jack has a spell during the dance.

Rex obsesses. Cries. Lectures. “I don't' know how I’m ever going to be able to trust you ever again.”

Phillip tells Belle about the amnesia, “Your dad hopes if she sees you her memory will come back.”

“Well then,” says Belle, “lets’ go.”

Belle bumps into John. Sami comes in and tells Lucas about the amnesia. Lexie lets them go back into Marlena’s room.

Kate grabs Shawn and holds him back, “Not so fast. Family only.” Let him in. Isn't everyone in Salem related one way or another?

Belle says, “Mom, it’s me, Belle, your daughter. You know me right?”

Marlena says, “I’m sorry, I don’t seem to know you.”


The group tells Jack to sit. He claims it’s just a stitch in his side. He tries to get Jennifer and Frankie to go out and finish the contest. Billie says she will stay with Jack.

“What am I going to do with you,” asks Jennifer.

“Win,” says Jack. As Jennifer and Frankie go back to the dance floor, Jack yells, “Win one for the Gipper!”

Max wants to dance with Abby. “OK,” she says, “but if we win we give the car to Chelsea.” Oh, right. Any typical teen would want to give a car she just won to a friend, I'm sure.

Frankie asks if Jack is OK, “He wouldn’t keep something from you would he?”

“Oh no,” says Jennifer.

“I promise I will keep checking into it,” says Frankie.

Billie says, “You’re not good, Jack, you’re pale, you’re not breathing well. I think you need to get yourself checked out.”

“I’m dying says Jack, “and I don’t have much time left.” Billie stares.

Rex drones on.

Mimi says, "Everyone kept saying I had to tell you..."

Rex asks, “Everyone? Who knew about the this?”

Mimi reels off the names, “Mom and Patrick. Tec. Dr Evans. Shawn. The Salem Tabernacle Choir.”

Rex asks, “How could you tell all those people and not me.”

Mimi says, “I thought you would hate me.”

Rex says, “I don’t hate you, it just hurts because you kept it from me. That’s why you can’t have children, isn’t it? All I wanted to do was marry you, have a family and grow old with you.”

Mimi says, “We can still do all those things, Rex.”

“I don't see how,” says Rex, “Not after you betrayed everything our relationship was based on.”

Marlena doesn’t know anyone.

John says, “Relax, Doc. Try to stay calm.”

Marlena asks, “Are you talking to the doctor or me?”

John says, “I was speaking to you. You are a psychiatrist.”

“Tell me who you are,” says Marlena, “And tell me how this happened. John gives Marlena her bio. He introduces Belle, but not Sami. So Sami takes it upon herself to bust in.

Sami introduces Roman. Marlena gets confused. She turns to John, “I thought you were my husband.” You haven’t heard the half of it, Doc.

Sami tries to hug Marlena. Doc reels.

Everyone leaves.

John asks Lexie,
“What brought this on?

Lexie gives the rundown, “Right now we let her rest and give her body a time to heal itself.”

“How long can this go on,” asks John.

At least through sweeps,” says Lexie, “I’ll have her moved to a private room. Excuse me.”

John. Roman. Staredown. “Not now,” growls Roman.

“No,” grits John, “Not now. SOON.”

Sami blames Kate. Kate tells her, “You’ve got it all wrong, Sami.”

Sami says, “You did everything you could to come between them. Just like you set me up, so you could ruin my chance at happiness...”

Lucas breaks it up, “Sami, stop it! That’s enough!” Slap him upside the head, Sami.

Jack lays it all out for Billie. Billie says he has to get another opinion.

“No,” says Jack, “Lexie sent the tests all over the country and they all came back and said, “Dead Man Walking.”

“Jennifer must be devastated,” says Billie.

“She doesn’t know,” Says Jack.

“You need to tell your family,” says Billie.

Jack says, “In the long run it won’t change anything. They just got me back. Please don’t tell anyone.”

Twang. Heartache. Bonnie circulates.

Billie promises she won't tell, “What’s your plan?”

Jack says, “Frankie Brady will replace me.”

“You’re crazy,” says Billie, “You can’t just order up a romance.”

“Just look at them,” says Jack.

‘This is insane,” says Billie.

Jack says, “Is it insane for a man to want to protect his family? Look at them. Why did Frankie never get married? Because he still has a thing for Jennifer.”

Billie says, “You would go ballistic if Patrick...”

“I have to make sure Jennifer does not fall into his hands,” says Jack.

Jennifer and Frankie, Max and Abby are eliminated. Max claims it’s because Abby wouldn't let him hold her close enough.

Jack says, “That’s my girl! No contact until you are married at 35.”

Patrick and Chelsea twirl.

Two couples remain. A couple of nobodies and Patrick/Chelsea. The audience chooses our guys. Max yells “FIX... Patrick is your son.”

Bonnie claims it isn’t a fix, “So the car goes to Chelsea. Round of drinks on the house!”

Chelsea is ecstatic.

Max says, “I want to show you how to handle the stick.”

Patrick comes up, “Leave her alone, Brady, or you will answer to me.”

Maggie tells Bonnie she will pay for everything, including the car she just gave away.

Bonnie yells, “I’ll sue for breach of contract.”

“This isn’t over, Lockhart,” says Maggie.

Jack drags everyone out to dance. Billie and Jack. Jennifer and Frankie.

“See what I mean,” asks Jack, “They make a great looking couple.”

Patrick is going to show Chelsea how do drive a stick. She kisses him.

Rex rants, “You were going to spend 20 years in prison instead of telling me? What does that say?”

Mimi asks, “If I had told you, would you have forgiven me?”

Rex says, “You never were going to tell me were you?”

“Every choice I have made has been a mistake,” says Mimi, “I don't' know what to say.”

“There is nothing else to say,” Says Rex.

Mimi says, “I only lied because I love you. We’ll talk more once the shock has worn off.”

“No we won’t,” Rex whimpers, “It’s over, Mimi, I’m leaving Salem. I’m going to take that job in Chicago. I really did love you.” He runs off.

Mimi runs after him, “NOOOOOOOOO!”

Kate tells Sami, “Someone should lock you up in padded room and throw away the key.”

Lucas tells Kate he will handle this. He turns to Sami, “You need to start taking responsibility for your actions, Sami, and so do your parents.”

Lucas leaves. Sami says, “I’m going to wipe that smug smirk off your face, bitch.”

John and Roman seethe. Roman tells him he’s being ridiculous. “It’s not ridiculous. You slept with my wife,” says John.

“Well,” says Roman, “I guess now you know how it feels.”

Phillip and Belle smooch as Shawn watches.

Kate says, “Something’s going on between Shawn and Belle, and I need to put a stop to it once and for all.” FF on conniving Kate.


Lucas asks Sami, “When are you going to get it through your head my mom is not the monster you believe she is?” Sami says, “She didn’t want my mom to have that baby. She admitted it.”

John and Roman go a few rounds. Kate referees.

Shawn asks, “Rex left Salem?” Mimi says, “Thanks to your girlfriend. She’s ruined two more lives.”

Phillip says, “Why don’t you just go ahead and say it?” Belle whines, “Phillip, I’m still...” Phillip goes wide-eyed.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Hot As A Jalapeno

Frankie and Jennifer listen to music as Jack comes in.

“Frankie, of course,” whispers Jack. He walks on in “HI THERE!”

Jennifer says, “We were just taking a little trip down memory lane.”

“I hope you two will always be close. Always,” says Jack.

Rex can’t believe he will have a little brother or sister, “I just hope she doesn’t lose the baby.”

Mimi flashes back to her little talk with the abortion counselor, “I’m so sorry, Rex.”

“Something else is on your mind and I have a pretty good idea of what it is,” says Rex.

Belle and John hug. She goes to see Phil and Shawn, “This is a nightmare.”

“Just sit down and relax,” says Shawn, “Can I get you anything?”

“I can take care of her all right,” says Phillip.

Sami is frantic. “I’m sure you and John hope she miscarries,” she tells Kate.

Roman encourages her to go to the chapel and say a prayer.

Lexie comes out with bad news, “We couldn’t save the baby. We did all we could.” Hey, they could name it D.J. II.

“What about Marlena,” says John, “Is she gonna be all right?”

“Lexie,” bawls Sami, “Is my mother gonna die?” Lexie stares.

Frankie tells Jack he and Jennifer will always be friends. He doesn’t want to overstay his welcome like Patrick did.

“You’re welcome to bunk with us as long as you like,” says Jack, “Why don’t you just bring that tape inside and I’ll mix my hot-hot jalapeno dip and we’ll have a party.” Jack dances out.

“Well,” says Jennifer, “that was...”

“...strange,” says Frankie.

Jennifer says, “I have no idea what’s going on with him. I know something is wrong with him.”

Jack says to himself, “I’m not gonna be around much longer. the more I think about it Frankie is perfect.”

Flash forward. Jennifer can’t believe Jack is gone. Frankie tells her she has to go on for the kid’s sake. Frankie told Patrick to leave and never come back. Jennifer hugs Frankie, “I miss him so much.”

“I’ll take care of you,” says Frankie, “until you and Jack meet again in heaven.”

Back to reality.* “It’s the only way,” says Jack.

Rex says before Jan fell Mimi and Jan looked very angry.

“I told you,” says Mimi, “She wanted to break us up.”

Rex says, “It doesn’t make sense.** I’ve gotta know, Mimi, was Jan holding something over your head? Maybe a secret you don’t want me to know?”

“Marlena is critical,” says Lexie, “There is bleeding and head trauma. We’re doing everything we can.”

“Lexie, do more,” begs Sami.

“I wish I had better news,” says Lexie.

John wants to see Marlena. Lexie says, “Give us a few more minutes.”

“Why did this have to happen,” cries Sami. She turns to Roman, “She was going to have your baby. We could have been a family again.”

Phillip tells Kate she should be with Roman.

“He doesn’t need me right now,” says Kate, “I’ll be in the cafeteria.”

Belle comes up. “I have to be strong for my mom and dad,” she says. Belle goes over and comforts John, “Mom will be OK.” He hugs her and the pain comes. Forget the pain, she’s gong to go call Brady.

Roman, Sami and John ask to see Marlena. Lexie says she is still unconscious, but hearing familiar voices might help. Lexie tells John he can come in first.

This upsets Sami, “The last person she will want to see is John.”

Roman tells her to cool it, “There is enough blame to go around.”

“Lexie thinks you may be able to hear me,” says John, “Just know we need you back. You fight like hell to come back to us.”

Marlena opens her eyes, “John? The baby?” John stares.

Jennifer and Frankie look at a yearbook. Jack comes in with the food, “Let’s play truth or dare. If you lose, you have to try my jalapeno sauce. Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” says Frankie.

“What is your idea of the perfect woman,” asks Jack.

Frankie rattles off his qualifications, “Intelligent, kind, great sense of humor, good mother, good wife and has to put up with me.”

Jack says, “You’re looking for the all around perfect woman... Jennifer.”

Frankie takes a bite of the hot sauce and pours a pitcher of water down his throat, “You’re next, buddy. Truth or dare?”


“Where do you see yourself in five years,” asks Frankie.

“That’s easy,” says Jack, “Heaven.”

Jennifer reacts, “What?”

“I mean,” says Jack, “I’ll be here with you and that’s heaven.”

Jennifer announces, “I am exercising my prerogative as hostess. We are changing the game to one I will always win.”

Marlena wants to know why no one will tell her about the baby.

John gives it to her straight, “The baby didn’t make it. You miscarried when you fell down the stairs.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO,” cries Marlena.

“I wanna know, Mimi,” says Rex, “What a re you keeping from me?”

Phillip wheels up and drops the news about the miscarriage. Rex and Mimi run off. He wheels up to Kate, “Are you sure you’re OK.”

Kate says, “I know Roman’s hurt. I wish I could help him.”

“This can’t be easy for him,” says Phillip.

Kate says, “Keeping it secret was the worst part. When did they think they were going to tell us? This whole situation is so difficult. I know John is hurt too. It’s going to be hard to get our lives back. I know this sounds terrible, but things probably would have been worse if Marlena hadn’t lost the baby.”

“So the truth++ is out,” sneers Sami, “Now my dad is going to know how evil you are.”

“Watch your mouth, Sami,” says Phillip.

“Now it’s payback time,” says Sami, “I have the truth++ on my side.”

Phillip tells her to go away.

Sami won’t let up, “I know you are guilty and now you will get what you deserve.”

Roman comes up and says, “Didn’t I tell you to stay away from Kate?”

Kate says, “I agree completely, Sami. Leave.”

Sami wails, “Not until you tell dad what you just said. If you won’t, maybe I should. She just told Phillip she’s glad Marlena lost the baby. She has no conscience. She is evil. Tell her you want a divorce and never want to see her again.”

John tells Marlena, “Belle and I are here with you. We’re thankful you will be OK.”

Marlena is in a trance. Postpartum statuation.

Lexie comes up. She sends Belle and John outside.

As they leave, Lexie yells, “Code blue! We’re losing her!”

Belle faints into Shawn’s arms as Phillip watches. Shawn yells, “What’s wrong, Belle? Open your eyes.”

Jack, Jennifer and Frankie play scrabble. Jennifer likes it because she likes to dazzle people with her word tricks. They argue about words like re-reiterate.

Jack has a flash-forward. Frankie and Jennifer play scrabble in front of a picture of Jack. Frankie says, “Do you remember that night we were playing and Jack was giving you a hard time about making up words? He was the love of your life.”

Jennifer says, “I’ll never be able to love a man the way I loved Jack, but I do love you. He was right about you. You are so great with Jack junior and his soccer team and the championships.”

“I’m just trying to be a good stepfather,” says Frankie.

Jack walks into the room in his angel-consume and watches. His picture winks at him.

“I think Jack is in heaven right now watching us,” says Jennifer.

Back to reality.* The game is a tie. Jennifer and Frankie 122, Jack 108. Frankie didn’t mean to ruin Jennifer's winning streak. Jack decides to celebrate the two champions. He’ll be right back.

“Belle was only unconscious a few seconds,” announces Lexie. Actually, with Belle it’s hard to tell the difference between conscious and unconscious. “Marlena was in cardiac arrest. Unfortunately her injuries ware more serious than we thought. I’ve called in two specialists.”

Phillip asks about Belle.

“She is stable,” says Lexie, “I’ll call the lab and put a rush on her test results. We can’t expect them instantly, it’s not like they’re DNA tests, you know.”

Phillip and Shawn go in to see Belle. Phillip feels responsible. “And I haven’t made things better,” says Shawn.

“What does that mean,” asks Phillip.

“Mom needs us,” yells Sami, “Don’t tell me you’re going to stay with Kate after this.”

“Kate and I gotta talk,” says Roman.

Sami rants, “The way you screwed with my life, Kate, I’m not butting out of yours. Didn’t you hear her, Dad? She’s glad Marlena lost her baby.” Rex comes running up with the cardiac arrest announcement. Sami and Roman run off.

“If you come back I will find a way to make this all work out,” says John. Marlena has turned to stone.

Belle wants someone to let Mimi know, “I’m gonna live.”

“We have a long happy+ life to live,” says Phillip.

Phillip leaves. Mimi comes in. Belle asks about her mom. “She has to be OK,” insists Mimi.”

Belle says, “Her losing this baby... you’re thinking about your own baby aren’t you?”

Mimi says, “Why did I do it? God is punishing me. Rex knows I’m keeping something from him.”

“You have to tell him,” says Belle, “The longer you wait the worse it gets.”

Mimi says, “I hear you, I’m just scared to lose him. Can we talk about this later?”

Belle shouts into a megaphone, “No, Rex deserves to know you were pregnant with his baby. You need to tell him now.”

Rex staggers into the room. He has heard it all.

“Stop it, Mimi,” says Belle, “Thank God he finally knows the truth++.”

Rex walks out. Mimi says, “How could you do this to me? Damn you Belle!” Mimi runs off.

Jack comes down dressed as a cowpoke, “HOWDY MA’AM! What are you looking at?”


“Here, wear this.” He tosses clothes at them, “Let’s go paint this little cow town red.”

Shawn comes in to see Belle. She says, “Rex overheard me talking to Mimi about her baby. I didn’t mean for him to hear.”

“Things will be OK,” says Shawn, “Then you will be able to tell Phillip the truth++ about us.”

“I dream about that all the time. Isn’t that awful. I want my future to be with you. I’ve made such a mess of my life,” says Belle.

Mimi chases Rex down. Rex says, “Mimi, how could you lie to me. When did this pregnancy occur?”

Mimi whines, “I never meant for you to find out like this.”

Rex screams at her, “I’ve had a million questions for you and you never were going to tell me, were you? WERE YOU?” Poor Mimi. Four Time loser: Ex-con; Alleged baby-killer; Liar; And, unfortunately, not the brightest bulb on the tree. Great whiner, though.

Roman and Sami walk in. Roman asks, “How’s she doing John.”

“The same,” spits John.

Sami begs Marlena to wake up.

Marlena’s eyes pop open.

“It ‘s a miracle!” Sami smiles.

“Come on buckaroos, shake a leg,” says Jack, “Alice’s is having a dance contest. First prize a new car. Grab your partner don't let go, you’re as hot as a jalapeno-oooooooooo.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” says Mimi, “I tried to talk to you about it. You kept saying you wanted kids someday.”

Rex stammers, “No... Mimi... you didn’t...”

Mimi says, “I shouldn’t’ have...”

Rex gasps, “You had an abortion!”


Belle and Shawn hug. Belle says, “Mimi may never speak to me again. I still think I did the right thing. Keeping Rex in the dark was torturing her.”

“I love you,” says Shawn, “Just promise me you won’t let anything else come between us.”

“I promise,” says Belle, “I’ve been doing some thinking over the last couple days. I’m gonna stay with Phillip for now until he gets better. When he is strong enough, I’m gonna tell him the truth. Once he knows how we really feel about each other he’ll give me an annulment and we can be together for all the Days Of Our Lives.” Smooch.

A doctor looks at Belle’s chart, “I think we have a reason why she fainted. She’s pregnant. Her mother lost her baby but Belle and Phillip are going to have one.”

Phillip says, “Losing my leg is the worst thing that’s happened to me. But I’m going to spend the rest of my life with Belle.”

Kate is distant, “Could you excuse me for a minute.” She goes into Marlena’s room.

Sami tells Marlena, “You’re going to be OK now. Mom, say something! Mom? Can’t you speak?”

“Marlena,” asks Lexie, “How are you feeling?”

The shell of a person that was once Marlena asks, “What are you all doing here? Who are you?” FF.


Sami lectures Kate, “You did everything you could to come between them. Just like you set me up, so you could ruin my chance at happiness...” Lucas breaks it up, “Sami, stop it! That’s enough!”

Belle says, “Mom, it’s me – Belle, your daughter.” Marlena says, “I’m sorry, I don’t seem to know you.”

“Is there really something wrong with you,” asks Billie. “I’m dying,
says Jack, “and I don’t have much time left.”

Rex whimpers, “It’s over, Mimi, I’m leaving Salem.” Mimi screams, “NOOOOOO!”

*Reality – as close an approximation as we can get to reality in Salem.

**Sense - as close an approximation as we can get to something making sense in Salem.

+Happy – as close an approximation as we can get to happiness in Salem.

++Truth - as close...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Jack's Funeral

Max and Chelsea are at the pool. Max is sooooooo glad she invited him, “The best part about swimming at night is so one can see what happens under water.” He pulls her in and kisses her. The longer Max stays in the pool, the slimier the water gets.

Billie thanks Patrick for trying to help decode the DiMera riddle.

Patrick is sorry they couldn’t figure it out, “At least we have the pool. That water will feel so good.”

Patrick is shocked when he sees the happy couple in the pool.

Billie whispers in his ear, “Here’s what we are going to do...”

Gloved hands open a box. It’s Frankie. He pulls out Jennifer’s picture and studies it.

Jack asks Jennifer if she is OK, “You’re still upset at what happened at the boat, are you?”

Jennifer is shook up, “What if Bo had opened the champagne instead of throwing it away? It scared me to death. I’m glad you didn’t offer to go help them find DiMera.”

“Actually,” says Jack, “I did. If anyone has an axe to grind with Tony DiMera, I do.”

Jennifer is shocked, “Please tell me you are not still entertaining that idea.”

“No,” says Jack, “Bo wouldn’t let me go.”

Jennifer is confused, “Since when did you ever let anyone tell you no to anything?” He flashes back to his death sentence with Lexie.

Jack says, “Actually I’m glad Bo turned me down. It gives me a chance to be home with my family.”

Jennifer suspects something, “Jack Devereaux! There is something going on with you and I want you to tell me right now.”

They wheel Marlena in. John whispers the magic words to Lexie, “She’s pregnant.” Lexie runs with the gurney. Roman comes up. “Get him outta here,” growls John. Kate takes Roman away.

Sami runs in and asks Roman what happened. She sees Kate and freaks, “OMG, Kate was there.” She looks at Kate, “You had something to do with this. What did you do, push her downstairs so you could get back together with your ex-lover.”

Roman tells Sami to cool it, “It’s my fault.”

Belle joins the panic stricken group.

Shawn and Phillip talk about Belle.

John tells Belle Marlena is in with the doctors.

Lexie tends to Marlena, “She’s at risk for a heart attack. Marlena’s eyes go wide as pizzas, she stiffens up and does her best impression of someone in the electric chair.

Chelsea and Max swim and make out. Billie gets in the pool. Max swims over to her. His slime trail follows.

Patrick asks if he can join Chelsea.

Billie tells Max, “If you want me to leave, I’ll just go take a cold shower.”

“No,” says Max, “It’s time we got to know each other.”

Marlena convulses.

The Paramedic tells John and Belle, “They are doing everything they can.”

Roman tells Sami, “I got your mother pregnant and now not only could she lose the baby, but she could also lose her life.”

Sami stammers, “You and mom... Oh, Kate you did do something! You wanted my mom to lose the baby because you were jealous! If something happens to her the blood of my brother or sister will be on your hands!” I think Sami’s finally warming up to Kate.

Patrick grills Shawn about why he was on the roof with Belle. “Maybe you should talk to her,” says Shawn.

John recaps what happened with Marlena

“And what were you and Roman arguing about,” asks Belle.

“All right,” says John, “you need to know the truth. Your mother told me that the baby is Roman's.”

Belle says, “I know...”

“So you knew, too,” says John.

“I figured out she was pregnant,” says Belle, “and she told me the rest. She was afraid of losing you. All that matters now are that mom and the baby are OK.” Hugs.

Marlena calls for John. Lexie tells her to relax. John comes in, “Marlena, I’m right here.”

“I’m so sorry,” says Marlena.

Jack tells Jennifer nothing is going on.

“No,” she says, “you are acting different. You don’t have your spunk. It’s gone.”

Jack says, “Spunk? In the words of the great Lou Grant, ‘I hate spunk.’ I’m glad to be back with my family.” He has one of his pre-death spells, “It’s just I have a migraine coming on.” Jennifer runs for aspirin. Jack sucks down some pills, “Don’t take me now,” he says to the grim reaper, “Not like this.”

Jennifer comes back in. Jack takes the aspirin she brought. Jennifer says, “Maybe we should call Lexie.”

“I’m fine,” says Jack, “Just let these babies kick in. I’ll be back to my old self.”

Jennifer looks out the window, “OMG, I think there is someone in the garage.” She takes the fireplace poker and goes out to investigate.

Frankie looks at the picture of Jennifer and him, “So that’s where you were hiding,” he says. He flashes back to telling Jennifer he still loves her. She loves him too. Smooch.

Frankie hears a noise. He walks outside. Jennifer whangs him with the poker. She recognizes him, “OMG! Frankie! I am so sorry.” He says he’s OK, but he's really putting on a poker face.

Chelsea asks Patrick what he and Billie are up to. “A little project,” says Patrick, “Now we’re just cooling off.”

Billie asks Max, “What’s a big hotshot racecar driver like you doing with a little girl like Chelsea? You can get any girl you want.”

“I like her, OK” says Max. Mr. Racecar driver shifts gears, “I wouldn’t mind being with an older, more experienced woman.” The older, more experienced woman gulps.

Chelsea says, “There is a dance contest at Alice's tonight, and the winner gets a car. I wanted to win and told Max I would do anything if we won.”

Patrick is shocked, “YOU WHAT?”

Sami and Kate argue, “When you found out my dad was the father you couldn't handle it. That proves he and my mom belong together.”

Roman clarifies things for Sami, “End of story.”

Sami runs out.

“Kate,” says Roman, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s the same old story,” says Kate, “Sami always wants to blame me.”

“I know we haven’t had a chance to talk...” says Roman.

Ah, a new outlet for Kate’s wrath, “We have nothing to talk about. You and Marlena made love knowing full well John and I were still alive. I need some time, if you’ll excuse me.”

Sami smirks as Kate walks out.

Phillip asks Belle how Marlena is doing. Belle doesn’t know, “I’m scared. This ulcer is bothering me really bad.”

Patrick says, “Shawn told me something happened on the roof. You wanna tell me about that?” That ulcer'll kick in now.

John tells Marlena, “We’ll get all this sorted out later. Don’t worry about it right now.” Marlena smiles and croaks. Lexie rushes in as the machines scream.

Jennifer brings Frankie back into the apartment. He insists he is OK. They walk past her picture. He asks what’s going on.

She tells him the party on the Fancy Face III was a bomb.

“No wonder you’re freaking out,” says Frankie, “Is everyone OK? Who would do something like this?”

“Tony DiMera, “ she says, “He took Jack from me twice. I will not let him do it again.”

Frankie hugs her, “It’s OK. Jack is home for good. He’s not going anywhere.”

“So what is all this,” she asks.

“Just stuff I picked up at the Brady’s,” says Frankie.

She finds the picture, “Is this what you’re looking for?” She stares at him.

Jack hallucinates. He is at his own funeral, “What’s going on here? It’s not much of a party. What’s everybody...” He sees his picture set up in the middle of a flower arrangement, “No! Not my picture! That means I’m dead.”

He overhears a conversation, “Abby won’t come down. She’s upstairs crying her eyes out.” Translation: that’s one less actor we have to pay for this funeral scene.

The wake continues. Sami tells Roman, “I can’t believe he’s gone. He was one of the few people I really liked. I’m glad he’s gone so he can’t see Patrick sinking his hooks into Jennifer.”

Patrick tells Jennifer, “You’re not alone.”

Jack yells, “Take your hands off of her.”

“What are you going to do,” asks Patrick, “You’re dead.” Jack stares open mouthed.

Billie says, “Max Brady, are you coming on to me?”

“Call it what you want.”

“Aren’t I a little mature for you,” she asks.

Max says, “I think we could teach each other a few things.”

Patrick says, “I think I know what Max might want in exchange. Chelsea, you don’t have to do that to get a guy to go out with you.”

“I don't' have a choice,” says Chelsea, “I need a car. This contest is my only chance.”

“I’ll lend you the money for a car,” says Patrick.

Chelsea tells him, “I can’t take money from you. I’m gong with Max and you can’t change my mind.”

Sami brings Roman some water, “Look, I’m sorry for the way I acted with Kate. I was upset.”

Roman says, “You owe Kate an apology.”

“Of course,” says Sami, “If it will make you happy.”

“It would be a start,” says Roman, “I’m gonna go check on your mom.”

Sami walks up to Kate, “I’m sorry.”


“I'm sorry for accusing you of trying to kill my mother’s baby,” says Sami.

“Save it OK,” snaps Kate, “I know Roman asked you to apologize to me.”

Sami says, “Yes, he did. And unlike you, I would do anything to please him.” She goes off the deep end, “I will expose you and you will suffer for what you have done.”

Kate tells Sami, “If that’s your idea of an apology, you’re gonna need to work on it.”

Sami says, “I said I was sorry. Now, go to hell.” That gal sure knows how to apologize.

Phillip says to Belle, “Tell me what happened on the roof. I just want to know why you are so upset.”

Belle flashes back to Shawn telling her he loves her. She stammers, “Uh, Shawn overheard me on the phone with my mom. He found out Roman is the father.”

Lexie says Marlena is doing better. “We’ll just have to watch her very closely.” Lexie leaves. I guess she was speaking figuratively.

“You’re goanna be OK,,” says John,” We’ll get through this together.” Roman stares in the background.

Frankie makes excuses for why he has the picture.

“I think it’s amazing you held on to all this,” Says Jennifer.

Frankie pries, “What about you” Do you have any old love letters?”

Jennifer says, “I have stuff stored away from our time together.” He yanks out a mood ring.

“Frankie, she says, “I think I lost mine my senior year.”

“Here,” he says, “You can have this one.”

“I remember when you gave it to me at the Springsteen concert,” says Jennifer, “Why did you keep all this stuff?”

He says, “I guess I want to give it to the girl I marry.”

Jennifer thinks that’s weird, “This is our stuff. Why would you want to give it to her?”

Frankie confesses, “I thought one day you would be my wife. Well, that was a long time ago wasn’t it? I’m glad I kept it. It brings back great memories.”

“What else do you have stored away,” asks Jennifer.

“I don't' know. Knock yourself out.” Jennifer goes through the box.

Frankie tells her, “If something’s worth holding onto, I never let it go.”

Jack’s funeral. He tells Patrick, “I said get your hands off Jennifer.” Jack asks Roman for help stopping Lockhart, but Roman can’t hear him.

Jack tries Celeste. Lexie asks Celeste if she’s getting a vibration. “Come in, Celeste,” says Jack, “Can you hear me? I’m worried about Jennifer. Lockhart is no good.”

Lexie says, “Do you see something?”

“No,” says Celeste, “My friend Jack is dead and gone.”

Jack is frantic, “I’ve gotta stop that creep.”

Patrick tells Jack, “Too late, Devereaux. Jennifer is all mine now. There isn’t a damn thing you can do.”

Billie thanks Max but she doesn’t think dating him would be such a good idea. He wants to take her to the dance at Alice’s. Mr. Race Driver continues to leak oil, “If you don't want to go, I could take Chelsea.”

“No, no,” says Billie. “I’ll go.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea works on Patrick, “If you really want to help me, then take me instead.”

Patrick says, “You’re not going with Max. OK, I’ll take you.”

“Good, it’s a date,” says Chelsea.

Jack tells Patrick, “You think you got it made. I know my wife. She’ll see the fraud you are.”

“You have to face up to the fact Jennifer will wind up with someone and it won’t be you,” says Patrick.

Jack comes back to reality. He calls for Jennifer. No answer. He runs upstairs.

Jennifer finds the tape of their favorite songs. She finds a tape player and pops it in, “Ohmygosh, this is like a blast from the past.”

Jack searches. He finds Frankie and Jennifer listening to music. Stand by me.

John says to Belle, “No wonder you’re ulcer is acting up. Your mother and Roman...”

“It’s not what you think,” says Belle, “I need some water. I’ll be right back.” She walks out and writhes in pain, “What is wrong with me?”

Kate comes into Marlena’s room. John tells her she is stable.

Sami tees off again, “You shouldn’t be here.” Roman tells her to cool her jets, but Sami’s on a roll, “My father is her first love...”

“Sami,” yells Roman, “That’s enough!”

Marlena begs them to stop fighting. Another spell. Lexie runs in and throws the happy group out. The machines play a symphony.

Sami and John argue. John tells Sami, “Look what you did. She was stable. If anything happens now, I’ll hold you responsible.” FF.


“Where do you see yourself in five years,” asks Frankie. “That’s easy,” says Jack, “Heaven.” Jennifer reacts, “What?”

“Lexie,” bawls Sami, “Is my mother gonna die?” Pregnant pause.

Belle faints into Shawn’s arms as open-mouthed Phillip watches.

Rex screams at Mimi, “I’ve had a million questions for you and you never were going to tell me, were you? WERE YOU?”

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