Friday, April 29, 2005

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

”Seeing Jack is enough to make a person believe in miracles,” says Hope.

“I just hope Jack gets over the idea of me hitting on his wife,” says Patrick.

Hope has a bad feeling about Billie and Bo.

Patrick says, “Hope, you can’t blame them for looking for their daughter.”

“OK,” says Hope, “Why couldn’t Bo just tell me where they were going?”

As the door closes, Billie begs Bo to open his eyes, “Oh why didn’t I listen to you. You warned me. Wake up, Bo, I need you.” She starts mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

At the front, Shawn, Rex and Lucas stand watch while waiting for Brady to return. Someone comes. They all turn and point their artillery at him. Of course, it’s Brady, “I got a lead. Time is running out. We have to move fast and find Phillip tonight or he’s gonna die.”

Phillip asks if Stami is an American, “Are you with the military or ISA?”

Sami thinks, “How the hell can I tell you I’m Sami Brady?” Stami flashes back to his instructions. He tells the voice, “This is too dangerous.”

“This can’t be happening,” thinks Stami, “I can’t die.”

Phillip asks, “Who are you? We have to work together or it’s all over. What the hell are you doing here?” Stami stares.

Roman says, “Wow. Lemme get this straight. You two are engaged?”

“We had no idea,” says John, “We thought the two of you were gone.”

John tells Marlena after losing her he didn’t want to go on living.

Kate says, “Sharing our terrible grief is what brought us together.”

Roman says, “Well, obviously the two of you got real close while Doc and I were gone, so does that mean you want to stay together now that we are back?” Kate stares. John stares. Marlena cries.

Kate says, “Roman. You and Marlena are back. That changes everything.”

John says, “Mentally Kate and I were grieving and just wanted to pick the pieces up, so we hopped into bed and that really helped.”

“You would have done the same thing for Roman if the situation was reversed,” Kate tells Marlena.

“You thought we were dead,” says Marlena, “John I told you if anything happened to me you should move on with your life.”

“Hey, you’re alive. You don’t know how happy that makes me,” says John.

Kate breaks the news, “John just proposed to me tonight.”

“Well,” says Roman, “Doc and I have always had perfect timing.”

“It’s hard to believe you survived,” says Kate.

“Listen,” says Roman, “You and John and probably Marlena and I are in shock right now, but I do believe everything will work out.” The thunder rolls. “Well, speaking of timing.”

John says, “Let’s go home.” Kate tells him not to forget his cane.

Marlena says, “The last time I saw you, you couldn’t even use your legs. You were on the raft. You are making an amazing recovery.”

“I’m getting along,” says John. He flashes back to Stami giving him the drugs, “I just can’t get over this. You in my arms again. Let’s go home.”

Stami struggles. Stami prays, “Mom, Dad, if you can hear me in heaven right now, this would be a good time to help.” He says to Phillip, “Help could be on the way from Brady.”

Phillip says, “Brady Black? Who the hell are you? Brady Black is my nephew. Who are you?”

Stami says, “Everybody knows Brady. I’m guessing he’s got Rex and maybe even Shawn involved too.”

Phillip asks, “How do you know these people?”

Stami says, “I’m just someone who made a deal with the devil and got in way over her head.”

Phillip reels, “HER head? Are you a woman?”

The boys make plans. Brady says, “I’ve found somebody who may be able to help us.”

Hope called the police. They will look for Bo and Billie’s car and call if they find it. She tells Patrick, “I don’t know what Billie would do if Bo wasn’t there for her. She doesn’t have to worry about that, though. He’s there. Will it always be like this, Bo choosing Billie over me and my sons? He still has a place in his heart for Billie. I know Bo loves me but I also know he loves being her knight in shining armor.”

Patrick says, “I really think this is about finding their daughter.”

“Ever since they found out she’s alive everything has changed,” says Hope.

Patrick says, “You know I’m not your husband's biggest fan. But I admire him for his determination to find his daughter.”

“It’s just he’s caught in the middle between Billie and me and keeps choosing her,” says Hope.

Patrick asks, “Do you wish Georgia never came into the picture? When you heard about the bloodstained sweater did just a part of you hope that meant Georgia was dead?”

“Please breathe,” says Billie. Bo comes-to. Billie kisses him.

He says he’s OK. He asks what happened. She tells him he fell in. They try their phones. No signal. Bo says, “Try not to panic.” A little late for that, if you ask me. “We’ll be here for a while.”

“Who is this guy,” asks Shawn, “and how does he know where Phillip is?”

The guy comes up to them. Brady introduces him. Dan Matthews. Dan was a civilian contractor forced to evacuate when the rebels took over. He escaped when the others took his crew hostage. He knows where the bunker is. Brady bets that’s where Phillip is, too. After a microsecond of deep thought, Shawn heads for the bunker. Rex tells him to cool it. The action heroes need an action plan.

Stami can’t let Phillip know who he really is. Phillip says, “I know what you’re doing here and I know who you are.”

In the penthouse, John asks Marlena, “How’s the old place look to you?”

Marlena answers, “Like heaven.” John swerves. Kate and Marlena walk him to a seat. Marlena smiles and walks over to the pictures. John comes over and comforts her. “Happy tears,” says Marlena as she looks at pictures of the kids. She’s overwhelmed to be home. It isn’t real to her.

“It’s real,” says John, “You’re home Doc.”

Kate watches. Roman tells her, “We weren’t even able to spend out wedding night together, but now we can make up for it.” They hug.

“I wanna see my children,” says Marlena.

“I can fix that says John. Well get them all together after our little private reunion.” John collapses. Kate sends Roman up for John’s special pillow. And his teddy. Roman and Marlena share a “what’s-going-on-here” glance.

Roman goes into the bedroom. He finds Kate’s things, “Kate, don’t tell me I lost another woman to John.”

Downstairs John struggles. Marlena gives him a back rub, but the experienced Kate takes over. Marlena watches.

Bo is up and around. Fit as a fiddle, “Maybe if you climb on my shoulders you can reach the trap door.” Up she goes. She can’t quite reach it. She comes down and encourages him to sit down. He died five minutes ago, so she doesn't want him to strain himself too much.

Billie whines, “I got us right into another DiMera trap.”

They broke the cardinal rule, “Never go down a blind alley without backup,” they singsong in unison. Make sure your backup ins't an impulsive bimbo.

Bo says, “I don’t know if this will make you feel any better but I don’t’ think Georgia is in half the danger you and I are in.”

Billie says, “We’ll never get out alive. That’s probably good because Hope will go ballistic.” Always looking at the bright side.

The boys plan.

Phillip says, “I’m so damn thirsty. You’re undercover right, for the corps, ISA? What was the plan here? The escape plan?”

Stami says, “I hate to disappoint you soldier, but there is no plan.”

Phillip mumbles, “We gotta work together. I know how to get out of here. The first thing we gotta do...” Stami turns around and does a double-take when he sees the unconscious Phillip.

Roman lifts Kate’s nightgown off the bed. He flashes back to the evening he gave it to her. He asked her to save it for their honeymoon.

“Well John,” says Roman, “looks like you got to see her in this first.”

Roman comes down with the pillow. Kate situates John on the couch.

Marlena tells Roman, “Your wife seems to have the Magic touch.”

Roman says, “The two of them have definitely set up housekeeping.”

“My concern is the pain John is in,” says Marlena.

Kate goes to get John a drink. Marlena stops her, “Kate, I can handle getting my husband a glass of water.” This is starting to look like the Maggie-Bonnie thing.

Roman tells Kate to pack up and they can give John and Marlena some privacy. Kate protests. Roman says, “They don’t need us around here, and I want to see my own place.” Oops.

Kate breaks the news, “I hate to tell you this, but I sold your house.”

Stami tells Phillip, “If you have a plan to get us out of here, I’m all ears.” Phillip is unconscious. “Phillip, don’t’ die on me now. What am I gonna do?”

The guards talk. One says Stami infiltrated too easily. The other goon says, “I say we put them out of their misery.”

Brady tells Dan to go to the airport. Dan gives them the map and leaves. The boys sneak toward the bunker.

“Whoever is doing this is out to hurt us, not Georgia,” says Bo.

Billie says, “I hope you are right. What’s that noise?”

“Hissing,” says Bo, “Oh, man, not snakes again!”

Hope tries to call Bo’s cell phone. Not working. “I’m going to call the only person who might know where he went,” she says.

Billie smells gas. Bo sees the nozzle it’s coming through, “Great. Someone’s trying to asphyxiate us.”

The guard unlocks Stami’s chains. Stami snivels, “Please don’t kill me.”

Philip tells them, “Leave me alone. One of the goons hits him with his rifle butt. Stami begs, “Please don’t shoot me. Please.”

The boys have the bunker surrounded. “I hope it’s not too late,” says Shawn.

Roman goes off the deep end, “You did what?!

Kate says, “I felt I needed to move on.”

Roman says, “It didn’t take long did it? Since you’re so quick with decisions, here’s one for you. Who’s going to stay in the penthouse tonight, you or Marlena?”

FF on Kate with John and Marlena staring at her in the background. Inquiring minds want to know.


Roman says, “We've got news for you, too. Cards on the table doc?”

Billie asks, “What do we do now?” Bo says, “Try to figure a way to get out of this place.”

Belle tells Hope on the phone, “I hate to be the one to tell you this but Shawn went off to rescue Phillip. Shawn is in a war zone and I am scared to death.”

SuperShawn tells Brady, “Yeah, I’m going in after Phillip.”

Thursday, April 28, 2005


The big reunion continues in the airport, “I can’t believe you’re here says John.”

Kate had given up hope. They want to know how Roman and Marlena survived.

Roman tells them about the trawler, “They were holding us captive on it and then took us to the castle where Tony held us prisoner.”

John says, “Tony? No that’s impossible. We’ll just hunt him down like a dog...”

Roman says, “It's done, John. This time he’s dead for good.”

The Fearsome Foursome flies into the jaws of death. They bicker. Rex berates Shawn, “The only reason you want to bring Phillip home safe is so Belle can break his heart.”

The bearded, suffering Phillip asks for water. The goon torments him. Phillip says, “I’m dehydrated. If you don’t’ give me water I will die.”

Mr. Nasty says, “That’s the whole point.”

Stami has arrived at the scene where Phillip is held hostage. He’s in his fatigues, “Where am I and what the hell am I doing here?”

Jack walks up and sucker punches Patrick in the hospital. They pull them apart.

Jennifer asks, “What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you,” says Jack, “letting that snake back in your life?”

Bo tells Billie someone else is in the house. The impulsive nitwit runs into the room and falls into a hole. Bo chases and yells for her.

John says, “I can’t believe my bastard half brother did this to us again.”

“Tony is dead, John,” says Roman.

John says, “We’ve had this conversation before.”

Marlena tells them they aren’t the only ones who were in the castle.

Roman says Jack is alive.

Marlena says Cassie was with them.

Kate is thrilled, “Cassie alive?”

“Our daughter is alive,” says Roman.

Meanwhile, back at the torture chamber, the goon says, “You can have water as soon as you answer our questions.”

“I’ll give you name, rank and serial number,” says Phillip, “or I’d rather die.”

“Then,” says the goon, “you will get your wish.”

Stami stands at the door and thinks, “I have to do this to get my REVENGE, so what do I have to lose?” Your life, toots. Stami knocks.

Shawn and Rex argue as the engines drone in the background. Brady tries to bring some sanity into the situation, a losing proposition. Rex hated leaving Mimi. Shawn hated leaving Belle.

Brady says he didn’t have to lie to Nicole.

“Yeah,” says Lucas, “if you die she gets the Kiriakis fortune.” Lucas and Brady argue.

“We’re all risking our lives and we’re just edgy,” says Brady.

Rex tries to convince Lucas Sami didn’t mean to do what she did. Maybe he should give her a second chance.

Lucas is sick of her stunts, “I love her but she is pathological and I’m not going there again. I have Will to come home to. I’m here to bring Phillip home. When Belle sees Phillip she will have second thoughts about you, Shawn.”

The guys decide to stop arguing. The pilot comes out and tells them he can’t land the plane. They have to jump. Oh, joy.

Hope holds up her badge and yells, “DETECTIVE BRADY, Stop.”

Jack says, “Abby told me how Lockhart played you while I was gone. News flash, Hope, Tony never died. He survived and Lockhart is still working for him.” He turns to Patrick, “You set me up.”

Billie stirs, “What happened?”

Bo says, “You ran into a dark room and fell into a hole, you impulsive bozo,” or something to that effect.

Bille asks, “Can we hold the I told you so's?”

Bo says, “You almost wound up dead.”

“Almost doesn't count, Bo,” says Billie, “Is the lecture over yet?”

Bo asks, “Are you sure you’re OK?”


“I’m coming down to get you.”

“No,” says Billie, “Don’t!”

Kate wants to go see Cassie. Roman says tomorrow morning will be better, “Then we can take Rex.” Kate is sullen. “OK,” says Roman, “what is wrong here?”

“Rex is out of town on business,” says John. Way out of town.

“John,” says Marlena, “tell me about Brady, Belle and Sami. How is Sami since the wedding was canceled?”

John asks how Marlena knows the wedding was canceled.

They tell John Tony tortured them with every bit of bad news going on in Salem. We flash back to Roman and Marlena watching John and Kate on TV in the castle. They discover John and Kate have
moved on.

John wants details on Tony’s death.

The pilot will land alone and tell them he had engine trouble. The guys can meet him later to get outta Dodge, once they have rescued Phillip.

“No one ever got hurt jumping,” says the encouraging pilot, “It’s the landing that kills you.”

“Somehow I will get out of here, Belle, and get home to you,” thinks Phillip. He flashes back to their wedding night. He toasts her, “To the Days Of Our Lives.” Back to reality. The guard says, “Stop talking and I will give you some water.”

The defiant Phillip says, “Give me water and unlock the chains.”

The goon asks, “How stupid do you think I am?”

“More stupid than you look,” says Phillip. POW!

A figure opens the door for Stami, “Come in.”

Stami enters. S/he looks around, “Love what you've done with the place.”

The guard points a gun at Stami.

Stami turns around, “WHOA!”

The guard asks, “Who are you what are you doing here?”

Jack tells them about the freighter, getting captured again and being taken back to the castle, “Lockhart helped,” insists Jack. Hope asks if he has proof. Jack says he can’t prove it.

“Because it’s not true,” says Patrick.

Jack rants, “You are part of Tony’s plan.”

Hope asks if Jack is sure Tony is dead.

“As sure as I can be, without having the body right in front of me.” He goes on to tell them Cassie, Roman and Marlena are alive, but he doesn’t think Victor and Caroline made it.

Hope believes Patrick. He saved their lives. She wants hard evidence Patrick worked for Tony. She also wants Jen to tell her where Bo and Billie went and why.

Billie says if Bo comes down they will both be trapped.

Bo has an idea. A rat crawls over Billie’s shoe. Billie looks up and sheepishly says, “OK take your time. I’ll be fine.”

“OK,” says Bo, “this might take awhile.”

“Great,” says the less than enthusiastic Billie.

“You didn’t see Tony’s body,” asks John.

“No, that’s a fact,” says Roman.

Marlena thinks Tony’s dead. John is skeptical. Roman joins the Tony-is-dead party. Kate is glad they escaped. She’d hate to think of any of their loved ones having that kind of death. John thinks something is wrong.

Marlena tells them about Victor and Caroline.

They all hug.

The guard roughs up Stami.

Stami asks, “Didn’t you get your orders?” Inside, motions the guard. He tells the other guard Stami is an infiltrator.

Stami protests, “We work for the same guy.”

“Who,” asks the goon.

Stami says, “I don’t know his name. He calls me on the phone. He ordered me to come here. How else do you think I would have these clothes?”

They chain Stami, “This is what we do with spies.” The guards leave.

Stami asks Phillip, “What other things do they do to spies?”

Phillip says, “They kill them.”

Stami says, “Thanks for breaking it to me easy, Phillip.”

Phillip asks, “How did you know my name, who are you?”

“The person who’s going to die with you,” thinks Sami.

Rex isn’t too excited about the jump. The pilot gives them instructions. The boys pray, “God please guide us and bring us home safely with Phillip.”

One after another, the Stuporheroes jump, “GGEERROONNIIMMOOooooo

Did you ever wonder why paratroopers yell “Geronimo” as they jump? Legend has it a group of original paratroopers training for duty during WWII took a break one evening and went to see the 1939 movie Geronimo. One of the group, Private Aubrey Eberhardt, had his first jump the next morning. His buddies asked if he was scared. He said no. To prove it he would yell something at them as he was falling. Having just seen the movie the word he chose was the name of the brave warrior, Geronimo. The tradition stuck.

Hope says Bo promised him he wouldn't run off with Billie again. And the poor twit actually believed him. Jen tells her about the DNA tests. Hope is skeptical. Jen says Bo insisted on going.

“Of course he did,” says Hope, “Billie can play him like a fiddle.” I think Hope is more concerned about them fiddling around.

Jack tries to defend Bo.

Hope is frustrated, “Why is it every man she meets insists on being her knight in shining armor?”

Bo has made a rope out of sheets. He yells down to Billie, “I’ll pull you up.”

Billie says, “Oh you’re a regular knight in shining armor.”

Bo pulls. As she starts up, Billie says, “First floor ladies lingerie.”

Stami struggles. Phillip tells him not to try. He will just tear up his wrists. “I can’t die here,” says Stami. He flashes back to a tender moment with Lucas. The collapsing bed. Talk of the wedding. Stami cries. Phillip asks if he will be all right. Yeah, I was just remembering things.

“I guess it's true,” says Phillip, “when you are about to die your whole life flashes before your eyes.”

“Just the good parts I hope,” says Stami.

“So now what,” asks Stami. Phillip says it’s curtains. Stami whimpers.

The Stuporheroes have landed. Brady tells them to stay there while he does reconnaissance work, “If I’m not back in 20 minutes take off without me.”

Brady leaves. Shawn wishes him luck.

Jen has no idea where Bo went. Hope knows the DiMera’s are behind this.

Patrick doesn’t know where Bo and Billie are. Hope tells everyone to stop bickering. Hope needs to tell Bo about his parents before he finds out from someone else, “Billie won’t be happy until they both wind up dead. I swear to God if something happens to Bo, I will make sure that selfish, manipulative witch pays.”

Billie shouts, “We’re almost there.”

“What's this WE stuff,” asks Bo. Suddenly, I mean, didn’t we all see this coming, he slips and falls into the hole. Billie calls for him, “Please wake up, Bo.” She hears a grinding sound, “Oh no, the trap door’s closing. Bo, you were right this was a setup. Oh, no.”

John says Caroline was like a mother to him. He bonds with Roman. John says they have a lot to catch up on, “Let's head back to the penthouse.”

“Well, Mrs. Brady, let’s go,” says Roman. He kisses her hand and sees the ring, “Wait, what the hell is this. This is not the ring I gave you.” Kate stammers and looks at John for help.

John says, “I gave it to her. We’re engaged to be married.”

FF on the shocked Marlena.


Billie says, “Wake up Bo, come on I need you.” She rolls him over. Blood and gore, “Oh God!”

Brady tells the others, “We have to work fast and find Phillip tonight, or he’s gonna die.”

“Let’s just say I’m someone who is in way over her head,” says Stami. Phillip asks, “HER head?”

Patrick asks Hope, “Did just a part of you hope that meant Georgia was dead?”

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Both Barrels

Mickey and Maggie have taken the baby home to get him off the set. Jack thinks Jack Jr. knew he was his dad. Jennifer thinks it’s amazing to have laughter back in the family. Abby promises she will never take Jack for granted again. Small talk. Abby’s friends didn’t think Jack was cool, they thought he was crazy. Jack promises they will never be separated again. Group hug.

Belle and Mimi get back to the apartment. Belle is glad the authorities stopped John form going after the guys. The Fearsome Foursome had too big a head start. If it were up to Kate, Shawn wouldn’t come home at all, “I can’t believe my dad would have anything to do with that selfish witch.”

At the airport lounge, the waiter introduces the two couples; one celebrating their 50th anniversary and the other celebrating their engagement. Kate is embarrassed. John doesn’t care if the whole world knows. They toast “us.” Roman thinks that couple looks familiar. He and Marlena go over to congratulate them.

Kate goes to freshen up. Roman, of course goes over to the older couple, Judge Adams and his wife. Roman and Marlena tell them they were held captive by Tony. We go through the usual, “We thought Tony was dead” stuff. Roman congratulates them and promises to catch up later. Roman and Marlena leave. Mrs. Adams says, “I didn’t know they were still married.”

Roman gets a shot of tequila. Might as well. Kevin’s paying for it. John looks around the room.

Patrick and Hope talk. Patrick thinks Hope should feel better because the girls are OK. Hope obsesses over why she hung up on Billie after Billie totally insulted her, “I’ll never forgive myself.”

Patrick says he should have called Hope from the scene of the accident instead.

Hope asks, “What if Bo had picked up the phone?”

Patrick says, “All these what-ifs will drive you crazy.”

Hope wonders where Bo is.

Bo and Billie plan their attack on the house. They crouch behind the bushes with their guns drawn. Bo thinks they are rushing in too soon. They shouldn’t be there right now. “God only knows what they’ve done to her,” says Billie.

Bo tells her, “I’m trying to get you to open your eyes.”

Billie snaps back, “My eyes are open. Has Hope convinced you this is just another DiMera trick?”

Mimi says Belle used to love Kate. Belle says, “She used to love me. Now I can’t even look at her. I never used to believe the things Sami said about her but maybe they are true. Mom has only been dead a few months and now he’s moving on with her?”

Mimi says, “I can’t believe she would want Shawn to die.”

“She only cares about Phillip, Rex and Lucas,” says Belle.

Mimi tells her, “She never thought I was good enough for Rex. I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to have her as a mother in law. But now I’m terrified Rex won’t come home and if he does, how can we have a future anyway?”

Belle says, “What happened to Jan was an accident.”

“There is no way to prove it,” says Mimi, “If Jan wakes up she will lie and, it serves me right for all the lies I have told. I know you think Rex will forgive me, but what is Kate going to do when she finds out?”

“I think she will try to turn Rex against you,” says Belle, “Who is she to judge anyone? Shawn thinks Kate wants Billie to be with his dad. Meanwhile she is going on with me about the sanctity of marriage. I can’t believe dad can’t see her for the hypocrite she is.” Dad’s a tripped out junkie.

Roman says the last time they were there he wanted to kiss her. Marlena says she wanted that, too. He kisses her. Marlena reels, “Roman, we can’t do that.” She runs off. Roman follows.

Kate comes back into the room. “I guess it’s time to go,” she says to John.

Roman apologizes. Marlena says, “Roman we can’t let that happen again. My future is with John and yours is with Kate.”

Kevin comes up and tells Roman the call will come through in 10 minutes. Roman apologizes for kissing Marlena. “That’s OK,” says Marlena, “It just can’t happen again.”

Meanwhile, Kate and John give each other a tongue-tonsillectomy.

Abby fills Jack in on what has happened while he was gone. “The Red Sox won the World Series, and guess what else?”

Hope is getting a bad feeling. Patrick wishes she would stop worrying. When he was growing up, Salem was famous for the great couples. She and Bo are one of them.

Hope runs through the inventory of great Salem couples. The couples are great because they stayed together.

Patrick asks, “What about Roman and Marlena?”

Hope says, “They were parted by death in a way. Marlena thought Roman was dead. Then John was Roman and...” Roman was Kris or was he, who knows, and, Oh, the confusion. It’s hard to believe Bo and Billie even fell in love in the first place.”

Patrick speculates, “Maybe they went home. Why don’t you call and find out?”

Hope calls. Patrick stares.

Bo and Billie bicker. Bo tells her, “You’re an ISA agent. You’re throwing your training right out the window.”

Billie rants at Bo, “Don’t talk to me about caring about our daughter. She could be lying in there bleeding to death right now!” Man, this poor schmuck just gets it from both barrels. One of them is named Billie and the other Hope.

Billie runs off. Bewildered Bo asks, “Am I talking to myself here?”

Mimi says Belle has to understand where Kate is coming from, “She’s terrified for her sons.”

Belle says, “Kate isn't worried about Shawn. She would trade Phillip’s life for Shawn’s in a heartbeat. I miss my Mom so much. Dad, Sami, Brady and I are such a mess right now. Right now? How about always? I know if she were here she would make it all better.” Hug.

Marlena can’t wait to see John. Roman says he will hurry and be right back. Marlena pines, “Oh John, I can’t wait to see you.” She sits down.

John finds his cane, “I’ll worship the day I don’t’ have to carry you anymore.” He turns and sees Marlena sitting there. Slowly, Marlena turns. She sees John. This is it. Finally. The spine-chilling reunion. They run to each other’s arms. Hugs and crying abound.

The place is dark. Bo says, “They could be lying in wait for us. On three.” Bo kicks in the door and yells, “POLICE!” The furniture is covered and the house is dark. Bo says, “It’s obvious no one’s been here for some time.” Billie wants to check upstairs. Bo tells her, “We’re not gonna find anything, Billie.”

Billie says, “You’re right, but somebody sent us here on purpose. We’re gonna search this place from top to bottom.”

“OK,” says Bo, “but whatever happens we keep our cool.” As if they had any to lose in the first place.

Hope gets no answer. She calls Bo’s cell. Again, no answer. Patrick suggests she ask Jennifer. Hope doesn’t want to disturb them, “He’s disappeared again and you know what that means. Something’s going on between him and Billie and they don’t want me to know about it.”

Jack rambles. He gives Abby the cake. He lights the candles. Jennifer says, “This is so surreal to watch the two of you laughing and talking.” The group blows out the candles. Yet another group hug.

Belle makes more tea. Mimi wants to cry when she thinks about the message Rex left. Belle says, “If I would have known Shawn would put his life in danger...”

Mimi interrupts her, “We can’t think that way. I just thought, do you think Shawn will wait to tell Phillip when he gets home or do you think he will tell him over there? And what do you think Phillip will do?”

John says, “Tell me this is real, Doc.”

“Oh,” says Marlena, “Just hold me.”

Kate comes in. SURPRISE-SURPRISE, “No it’s not possible. That can’t be Marlena. It is. It’s her. Oh.”

“Kate,” says Roman, “Hello beautiful.”

Roman,” Kate gets faint. He grabs her. Kate says, “This isn’t happening. Marlena’s dead. You’re dead. It’s impossible.”

“No,” says Roman, “It’s not impossible. I am right here. Just come here and kiss me.”

“Oh, you’re really back,” says John.

“I’m back,” says Marlena through the tears, “I’m back to stay.” Another tonsillectomy.

The birthday celebration continues. Jennifer goes to the cafeteria to get some plates and forks. “We don’t need no stinkin’ forks,” says Jack. They start eating with their fingers.

Jennifer bumps into Hope. Jennifer tells Hope about Jack. More hugs. Patrick looks confused.

Billie says, “Totally deserted. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make sure we got here. What gives?”

Bo tells her, “We’re not gonna help Georgia by making ourselves sitting ducks lets get out of here.” They hear a noise.

They position themselves outside a door. As they open it a voice inside says, “Momma.”

Belle doesn’t know if Shawn will tell Phillip, “but it doesn’t matter now. We can’t lose them. I already lost my Mom this year. I couldn’t bear it.”

The cake is half demolished. Jack says, “When you come back from the dead you can have your cake and I can eat it too.” Jack rambles. He’s going to college with Abby. He will be the school mascot. Abby asks what happened to him. He says, “Let’s table that,” and hugs her. Abby rambles. She finally gets around to, “I don’t’ think she was ever serious about Patrick.”

This strikes a chord. Jack says, “What, she was serious about Patrick Lockhart?”

“No,” says Abby, “He’s just been there for her.”

“You mean,” asks Jack, “like fixing things? Tell me more. How has Patrick been there for your mother?”

Jennifer doesn't know the details and doesn’t care, “Right now we have all the Days Of Our Lives left together.”

Patrick is happy for Jennifer. Maybe.

Hope wishes she knew where Bo was.

Jennifer tells her he went with Billie.

As they talk Jack walks up and sucker punches Patrick. They roll over the furniture and onto the floor.

A doll in the room says, “Momma!”

“It’s a sign,” says Billie. Sharp as a tack, ain't she?

Bo says, “That doll didn’t make the floor creak. Someone else is in this house.”

Billie runs into the room and falls in a hole in the floor. Oh, no, not another hole-in-the-floor-trick. Bo yells for her. Billie lies unconscious in the abyss.

John says says, “I feel like I’m in the middle of a hell of a dream.”

“It’s real,” says Roman.

“This is as close to an out-of-body experience as I’ve ever had,” says Kate.

“And we can all pick up where we left off,” says Roman.

John says, “The coast guard gave me your clothes. The blood, the DNA matched, help me here. I watched you disappear. Help me understand.”

“We have so much to explain,” says Marlena.

“Yeah,” says Roman, “And I’m sure you and Kate have an awful lot to tell us too.”

John and Kate turn and stare at each other.

Roman purses his lips.

FF on Marlena.


Brady says, “Ill see you boys on the ground.” He jumps from the plane, “GERONIMOOOOOoooooooo!” The others follow. Shawn says, “Hang in there Phillip, we’re coming to get you.”

Bo peers into the abyss where Billie lies. Meanwhile, Hope asks, “What is it about Billie Reed? Why is it every man she meets insists on being her knight in shining armor?

Roman looks at the Hope Diamond on Kate’s finger and says, “This is not the ring I gave you,” Kate turns and says, “John!”

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

French Fries Smothered In Catsup

Nicole messes with the files, “Everything is set for tomorrow, Chloe’s big day. I have to make sure she never wants Brady to see her again. Oops.” She jams the scalpel into the counter.

Meanwhile, the grotesque Chloe says, “Brady I’ll finally be back the way I was and we can be together.”

Nancy reminds Chloe there is risk. She’s told Chloe 100 times BB loves her the way she is. She encourages her to call Brady.

Jennifer prays. Jack stands behind her holding a birthday cake. Jennifer and Abby hug. Abby sees Jack, “Daddy!”

“I know, says Jennifer, “I wish he were here too.”

“He is here, Mom.”

Jennifer tells her, “Just get some rest.”

“Not before she’s had her cake,” says Jack.

Jennifer turns around, “Jack, Oh my gosh. It can’t be.” Big reunion. Abby watches almost in terror, “Daddy is it you? I knew you’d come home to us.”

“It’s me,” says Jack.

“It is you!” Group hug.

Kate can’t believe John just proposed. John is confident everything will be great for them. He’s going to take care of her. She believes he is the most amazing man and will never let her down.

John says, “I never thought I’d fall in love again after Doc.”

“Me neither,” says Kate, “Roman and Marlena are gone. My love for you is real.”

John asks, “I’m not pushing you, am I?”

“I want this more than anything in the world,” says Kate, “You’re the only man for me now. I can’t wait to marry you.” They kiss.

Marlena tells Roman people help fellow travelers. They see the couple is at it again. Roman suggests they call a cab and pay the driver when they get to Marlena’s house. Good idea, but conveniently Roman’s satellite phone battery is dead. Maybe the kissin’ couple will let them borrow a cell phone. Marlena goes to ask.

The Devereaux clan shares a happy reunion. Jack flashes back to Madison. Jennifer wants to know what’s wrong. “I’m just making sure it’s the real you. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you all about it later." Jennifer will just love the part about Madison. "Right now there is something else I have to do.” Smooch.

Roman doesn’t want to call John or Kate.

John puts the ring on Kate’s finger with the help of a forklift. Kate knows they will be happy. Kate is worried about Belle, “I think she will have a hard time accepting me, especially if she breaks up with Phillip.”

“As soon as she sees how happy you have made me she will come around,” says John.

Kate says, “I hate for Phillip to come home and find...”

John shushes her, “Let’s just bring him home first. Let’s go on home.”

Marlena asks why calling John or Kate would be a mistake.

Roman says, “I think breaking the news should be done in person.”

“Especially,” says Marlena, “if they have moved on without us.”

Jennifer wants details. Right now Jack just wants to savor the moment. He says Mickey told him she and Abby were at the hospital. He turns to Abby, “I’m so sorry about the people in the car with you. I’m glad you’re going to be OK.”

Abby says, “I never felt better. Let’s go home now.”

Jack tells her she’s staying right there, “Look at you. You are a young lady. What happened to my little girl?”

“Can you believe she turned 17 today,” says Jennifer.

Jack says she should make a birthday wish.

“My wish already came true,” says Abby, “It’s the best present I ever got.”

“I’m never going to be separated again from you. Never,” says Jack.

Chloe tells Nancy, “I won’t be with Brady while I still look like a monster.”

Nancy says, “None of it matters anyway. Did he stop loving you when you had leukemia? No. He was there through all of that. You do remember that don’t you?”

Chloe remembers. She flashes back to Brady telling her the way he feels won’t change. He loves her. Chloe picks up Brady’s picture.

One of the nurses tells Nurse Nicole she has been taken off the surgery schedule tomorrow. Nicole protests, “No you can’t do that!”

Roman tells Marlena John loves her and Kate loves him, “Let’s go home and you can see for yourself.”

A guard runs up to Roman with a message from Shane Donovan. Shane has to talk to Roman. Roman decides to wait for the call. They head up as we pan in on John’s cane.

In the airport bar, John apologizes. He knows how much Kate wanted to get out of there. He used to come here with Doc. She used to go crazy over the french fries here. He flashes back to a scene in the airport bar just before their honeymoon. Kate asks if he is all right. He just needs to sit down. They go sit, and none other than Marlena and Roman walk in.

Marlena spaces out, “I used to come here with John all the time when we were using his private jet.” She has the same flashback. John gropes her and makes a scene in the airport. Marlena says, “Oh, I wish Shane would call. I just want to get home.”

“We’ll give him 30 minutes,” says Roman, “Then we’re outta here.” Roman sees someone across the room, “OMG! I don’t believe it. Look who’s here,” says Roman. Are you sucked in by this? I’m not sucked in.

Jennifer asks Jack what happened to him. Jack says, “Long story short Tony DiMera held me captive.” Jennifer reacts to the fact that Tony is alive. Jack continues, “He was alive, but he’s dead now. There’s no way he could be alive.” Wanna bet? “Roman, Marlena and Cassie are alive. We think Victor and Caroline were there too, and we don’t think they made it out.”

Dr Weiss gives Chloe a sedative. He’ll see her in the morning.

Chloe says Nancy should go home. Nancy says she had planned to stay. Chloe says, “Why, so you can try to talk me out of having the surgery?”

Nancy relents, “OK I’ll go, but remember you still can change your mind.”

“I know mom.” Nancy leaves. Chloe pops the pills.

Nicole says her allergies aren’t that bad. She wants to work tomorrow. She says she needs the money. Her mom is sick. Sob story. Nicole masks up as Nancy comes to the nurses’ station. Nancy says, “If she’s sick, I do not want her anywhere near my daughter!”

Jack tells them about the fire in the castle and his escape. Maggie walks in. She asks who else is alive. Jack runs through the ever-growing back-from-the-dead inventory. “Well,” says Maggie, “as one of the thousands of Salem residents who have come back form the dead, I guess anything is possible.”

Roman, of course, does not see John and Kate. Instead, a man walks up and Roman introduces him as Kevin Jackson. Kevin is a former detective who took disability when he was wounded in a shootout. He just started working here for extra money, “The old pension only goes so far.” He tells Marlena about the shootout. He is only alive because SuperRoman was so brave. Roman asks for a few minutes with him in private. Marlena leaves. Roman hits Kevin up for cash, “Listen, Pard, I’m in a bind, could I borrow $20?” When Roman calls you ‘Pard,’ hide your wallet.

“Say no more,” says Kevin, “I’ll seat you in my section.”

John is going to pass on the food. He doesn’t have the munchies at the moment. He tells Kate the ISA will try to intercept the boy’s plane when it lands. He orders the finest champagne.

Kate wants to celebrate, “You are the one good thing in my life.” Yeah, forget her sons. They kiss.

Roman is going to have whatever they have on tap. He orders french fries. He tells Marlena, “I think that’s what we had when we were here before. “

Marlena doesn’t remember being there with him before.

He reminds her. She flashes back. Blah, blah, blah. In this revisionist flashback, he tells her about the french fries there. He’s introduced her to anchovy pizza and french fries smothered in catsup, “There might be hope for you yet.”

Marlena asks, “Have you noticed all of our memories have to do with food?”

“All my good memories have to do with you,” says Roman.

“I thought I came here with John first.”

“It’s one of the many things you did with John that you did with me first, up to and including marrying him,” says Roman.

Nicole insists she just has allergies. There will be no risk.

Nancy threatens, “If anything happens, you will never work in nursing again.”

“I can live with that,” thinks Nicole.

Nancy leaves. The other nurse tells Nicole how ugly reconstructive surgery is.

Nicole wonders, “OMG! can I go through with this?”

Chloe dreams. Brady tells her it’s time to take the bandages off. He cuts them off. He carefully unwraps them. Ho boy, avert your eyes and prepare for the worst.

Brady reels in shock. Chloe asks, “Brady what is it.”

The diplomatic Brady says, “It’s just gonna take some time.”

Chloe demands, “Brady give me the mirror.”

Chloe looks into the mirror, “AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! OMG!” She turns and cries. “No,” she says in her sleep.

Chloe tosses and turns. In her dream Brady tells her he will always love her no matter what. He kisses her and we pan out and see the beautiful Chloe. “Brady,” she calls in her sleep, “Now everything’s all right. We can finally be together again.”

Outside the window Nicole stares at the scalpel, “You’re not giving me any choice, Chloe. If I go to hell at least I’ll have Brady while I’m on this earth.”

Mickey walks into Abby’s hospital room with Jack Jr. Visiting regulations are pretty liberal in this hospital. Jack meets Jack Jr. Jack can’t believe it. Oh, the bonding.

The french fries come. Marlena does the honors with the catsup.

The champagne comes, “I never thought I’d be happy again,” says Kate, “Now I have a future to look forward to.”

John says, “I look forward to spending the rest of the Days Of Our Lives in love with each other.”

“This has to be forever,” says Kate.

The waiter quiets the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have two couples here celebrating special occasions. One couple is celebrating 50 years of marriage, and the other couple just got engaged.” He asks them to stand up.

Pard and Marlena can’t see as John and Kate stand up and take their bow. Roman shrugs his shoulders to indicate he can’t see what’s going on.

John and Kate sit down. “That was very embarrassing,” says Kate.

“I don’t care if the whole world knows,” says John, “Here’s to you and me, kid.” That one will win the Emmy for the worst Bogie imitation of all time. They toast. They kiss.

Roman thinks the couple looks familiar. He’s not sure if he knows them. They decide to go over and congratulate them. John and Kate kiss as Marlena and Roman work their way through the crowd. FF on Roman pointing at the lovebirds.


Belle tells Mimi, “Kate isn’t a bit worried about Shawn. She would trade Shawn’s life for Phillip’s in a heartbeat.”

Billie tells Bo, “Don’t talk to me about caring about our daughter. She could be lying in there bleeding to death right now.”

Hope tells Patrick, “Something’s going on with Bo and Billie and he doesn’t want me to know about it.”

Jack runs up to some guy and says, “Get your hands off my wife!” He slugs him and the guy goes tumbling over the seats in the waiting room. Jennifer yells, “Oh, Patrick!”

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Rock Of Gibraltar

Nancy confronts Nicole. She saw her trying to peel a label of the file. She's going to call Dr. Weiss and report her.

On the plane, Jack wakes Cassie. He tells her this is Abby's birthday.

Abby asks where she is. Jennifer tells her she is in ICU. Abby thanks Jennifer for being there. She loves her so much. “Likewise, I'm sure,” says Jennifer.

Abby says she had a dream, "It was the best dream. We were all together. I didn't have to make a wish because it had already come true. We were all there. I wish all wishes could come true.”

“I pray this plane has our sons on it,” says Kate. She tells John, “You shouldn't have come out tonight. Let's go back to the penthouse.”

“No,” says John, “We'll stay here and watch that jet and find out who's on it.”

“We're almost home,” says Marlena.

“Good ole Salem, USA” says Roman, strategically leaving out the state.

Marlena says, “It's been nearly a year. Now we're so close I can't wait one more moment.”

Roman says, “I'm gonna grab hold of Kate and never let go.” He detects some concern in Marlena, “What is it?”

“I just feel there have been so many changes. We don't know what we're going home to. I feel disconnected.”

Dr. Roman says, “You can talk to me about anything.”

“Roman, I'm scared.”

Kate can’t stand seeing John in this kind of pain.

He tells her, “As long as I have you with me, I can get through anything. I love you Kate.”

Kate says, “After Roman died, I told Phillip I couldn’t imagine loving another man, but he told me I was so full of love [Kate's full of something. It might not be love, though.] I shouldn’t let that part of my life go. He wondered if there could be anything between you and me. I didn’t know because I was so filled with grief.”

“I noticed you didn’t say anything when I said I loved you,” says John.

“I know,’ says Kate, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.”

Kate says, “I just can’t stop thinking about the boys being at the mercy of Shawn’s insane plan. It gave me hope because you had such strong feelings for me. You were very brave and I was a coward. Because I have loved you for a long, long time but I couldn’t admit it. I just put the thought aside. But the truth is that the past is in the past. We can’t change that. But our future is blessed and I believe that my future is with you.”


The group on the plane anticipates their arrival. Roman asks why Marlena is scared.

Marlena says, “We’ve been gone so long I don’t know what we’re coming home to. Thanks to Tony we’ve had graphic picture so of what John and Kate have been up to. They thought we were dead. It’s natural they would turn to each other for comfort.”

“I‘m glad we know about them,” says Roman. I’d hate coming home and find out later. Doc, it was rough rollin' back into Salem years ago and finding out you and John were living what was supposed to be our life. Then we made a mistake. We went on as if nothing had happened. When I found out you had feelings for John it threw me off.” And I’ve been off ever since.

Marlena says, “This time will be different. We have each other.”

The pilot comes on the loudspeaker and tells them the plane has clearance to land. The plane heaves and bodies go flying.

Jennifer is on the phone with Maggie. Maggie’s happy to take care of Jack Jr.
Besides, says Maggie, “Being here has a benefit. This is a Bonnie-free zone. Jennifer asks for an overnight bag. Mickey comes out and asks if Abby is OK. Maggie says they are keeping her for observation.

Mickey asks, “Do you think if Jennifer would like us to take the decorations down? Wait. I have an idea. If Abby can’t come to her own party...”

Maggie finishes, “We’ll take the party to her.”

The nurse comes into Abby’s room. She says Chelsea is awake and asking for Abby. Abby asks the crucial question, “Does she know her parents are dead?”

Nurse Nicole coughs.

Nancy nags, “You shouldn’t be at the hospital with germs like that. What are you doing with my daughter’s X-ray?”

Bo lectures Billie. He says he shouldn’t be leaving town without telling hope.

Billie thinks it’s OK, “If we waste any more time, I’ll never forgive myself, Bo. It’s Ogden. Right outside of Salem. Our daughter might have been right under our noses all this time. Let’s check it out and then you can go home to Hope. Please?”

Abby and Jennifer come in to see Chelsea.

Chelsea says, “They won’t tell me anything about my parents. When do I get to see them?” Abby stares.

The pilot says, “Sorry about that folks, the air is a little choppy up here.”

“I just had an awful Days-a vu about escaping the island and drowning,” whines Cassie.

Roman asks if Marlena is OK.

Marlena says, “Just when you say it’s going to be all right, that happens.”

“Hey,” says Roman, “The nightmare we’ve been living is just about over. For real this time.”

“Thank you for being here,” Says Marlena.

“I didn’t have much choice,” laughs Roman, “I would never leave you.”

“There was a time I thought we would never get off that island. If we wouldn’t have been in the situation we were in, I never would have made love with you,” says the guilt-ridden Marlena, “I love John so much and I love you too.”

Roman says, “I know exactly how you feel. Because I feel the same way. We were together for months sleeping in the same bed. I don’t like the thought of being separated from you, but I want to get home.”

“Roman what are we going to do?”

The plane lands. The pilot tells the group, “We might have some explaining to do about your lack of identification.”

Roman asks Jack, “Can you drop Cassie by the pub on your way?” Apparently, Jack has a limo waiting. Roman continues, “Cassie try to explain to pop what happened and I’ll get there as soon as I can.”

Marlena asks if they will just let Jack and Cassie walk off the plane.

Roman says he will deal with immigration, “And this gives you and I a few more moments to prepare and then we’ll go back to our real lives. Are you ready?”

John gets a call, “Damn, yeah, yeah, yeah.” He tells Kate the Fearsome Foursome weren’t on the plane that just landed.

Kate says, “That means they’re gone and we can’t stop them. Phillip is in a combat situation. How can we expect them to compete with a war?”

“Let’s go home,” says John. They start to walk out, but John collapses. Oooos and Aaahs from the crowd of gawkers in the airport.

Nicole says she was replacing the labels because they’re the wrong colors.

“My husband color-codes his files, too,” says Nancy.

“Is your husband Craig Wesley,” asks Nicole, “Oh he is my hero.”

Nancy hands her the file. Please take care of my daughter tomorrow she leaves. Man, is she ever easy.

As Nancy walks off, Nicole thinks, “Oh, Nancy Chloe’s surgery is going to be a real nightmare.”

“Bottom line,” says Bo, “Hope and I almost broke up. I can’t break any more promises with her.” But I will. Just you watch.

Billie says, “I need to know you’re with me, Bo, or I can’t do this.”

It’s time to break the horrible news to Chelsea. Jennifer says, “Sweetie your parents...” But in true DOOL fashion, Chelsea instantly falls asleep. Jennifer takes Abby out.

Jennifer thinks the nurses are waiting to tell Chelsea about her parents after she gets stronger.

Abby says, “She’ll never see her parents again except at the funereal.
We never even got that with Dad. He’s not coming back is he?”

Jennifer says, “There were times I wanted to believe he was, but he’s not. He’s gone.”

“No DiMeras in sight,” says Jack as he enters his house. Mickey is sitting on the couch. Jack says, “Mickey!”

Mickey says, “Jen’s not here, Jack... OOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD!

Jack says, “I’m here alive in the flesh. Long story short I was held hostage. What’s wrong?”

Mickey says, “Jack I’m afraid there was an accident. Abby. But she’ll be all right.” Jack rushes out. Mickey gives him the car keys.

The flummoxed Mickey stands at the door doddering as Jack heads for the hospital.

Marlena asks, “What if it’s not as we imagined?”

Roman says, “You’ve got a big case of the jitters. And I’m just the guy to fix that up.” He fixes a couple of drinks. “To us and going home.” Let’s get plastered we’re probably gonna need it. “We haven’t been separated in... How long has it been?” Interminable for your audience.

The pilot gives them clearance to leave the plane. So much for Roman dealing with immigration.

Off they go.

Kate asks how John feels. “Better, thanks.”

Kate says, “I think we should go home.”

John says, “There’s something I want to ask you first.”

Kate wants to go. John says, “No, all of a sudden I’m in a really big hurry to do this.” I’m about to collapse. We’re in the middle of a busy airport, what time could be more romantic?”

Nicole changes labels. The nurse grabs the files form her, “The anesthesiologist needs to review all the records before the surgery tomorrow.”

Nicole asks, “Should I, oh, what the hell, I’m desperate and he’s the only one who knows what to do here.” She dials the phone.

“You’re on your own,” says Bo, “and I’m not. I’m not free to go running off any more.” Even though I do it every other day.

“Oh,” says Billie, “so you’ll be at home holding Hope’s hand so she won’t be jealous.”

Bo says, “She has reason to be Jealous.”

The sarcastic Billie says, “A moment of silence for Hope’s suffering. If this had happened to you, I’d be there for you. Turn the car around I’ll go by myself. Who needs you?”

“Good question,” says Bo, “Georgia does. Our daughter needs me.”

Nicole flashes back to when Stami told her to be a nurse. No one answers the phone. Nancy comes up behind her talking to a nurse. She’s in agony waiting for the surgery tomorrow. Nicole eavesdrops. Nancy says, “Chloe has had complications before. What if the Dr. Slips or gets tired?”

Nicole thinks. She picks up a scalpel, “This isn’t the time to be squeamish. It’s the only way Brady will ever be mine.”

Bo pulls up to the place in Ogden. He has a bad feeling about this, “We just happened to have the address delivered to us, it’s the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. It feels like a trap.”

Jack comes up to Maggie in the hospital. Maggie is shocked, “HOW...”

“Two words,” says Jack. Bad writers. “Tony DiMera.

Abby always felt like Daddy was somewhere out there waiting to help them, “I guess it’s because I know where he is – in heaven. He’s at peace and I can talk to him. He can hear us, right?”

“I don’t doubt he can hear us,” says Jennifer.

Abby says, “I just want to be able to talk to him.”

“Listen,” says Jennifer, “let’s just say a prayer, OK? Lord we thank you for all the blessings you have given us. I pray you will heal Abby and help Chelsea. We want to thank you for Jack.” Jack walks into the room. “He was the best father and husband anyone could ask for. We know he can see us now. We will always love him.”

“Roman,” says Marlena in the airport, “we’re home.”

Roman says, “Now we just have to find John and Kate and give them one hell of a surprise.”

Kate thinks they should go home.

“You’re making it tough for me to propose,” says John.

Roman and Marlena will talk about how to break the news in the cab. Unfortunately, they don’t have any money, and cabbies usually want payment.

Kate asks, “Propose?”

“Ah,” says John, “Now I’ve got your attention.”

“Propose what?”

John says, “What does a man usually propose? I was going to make this more romantic, but I cannot wait to do this any longer.” He pulls out a ring with the Rock of Gibraltar mounted on it. “I wouldn’t have made it if you weren’t by my side. Kate Roberts, will you marry me.”

“Oh yes,” says Kate. They attack each other with Roman and Marlena in the background.

“Oh look,” says Marlena, “That couple is so much in love they are kissing in the airport. That’s romantic. It’s also convenient. They may just give us a lift home.” Marlena heads toward the couple. Roman chuckles and follows.


Nicole says, “I have to make sure Chloe never wants Brady to see her again.” She jams the scalpel into the counter, “Oops.”

We see Brady as Chloe’s voice says, “Brady what is it?” A figure looks into a mirror and screams, “OMG!”

Jennifer turns around, “Oh my gosh! It can’t be.”

Kate tells John, “I know my future is with you. We’re going to be happy.”

“OMG. I don’t believe it,” says Roman.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


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Friday, April 22, 2005

All Roads Lead To Ogden

Nancy runs up to the hospital desk looking for Chloe. Chloe comes up and says she has been to St. Luke’s, “Brady was there. I wanted to talk to him so much just to let him know I was alive. But I didn’t. When he sees me I want him to see the woman he fell in love with. I just keep picturing walking down the aisle to him.”

Nurse Nicole is on duty, “That is not going to happen,” she thinks.

“It’s too late says Belle. They are gone.” Kate says she should have stopped them when she had the chance.

Belle freaks, “You knew they were going through with this plan? How could you?”

John asks the airport guard how this could happen, “Salem airspace was shut down. Well, I have a private jet and will go after them.” The guard reminds him there is a no-fly restriction.

Roman, Marlena and Jack are on the plane and homeward-bound. “I can’t believe we’re finally going home,” says Marlena.

“I told you this would happen,” says Roman.

Marlena suggests they should use the satellite phone to call the family. No, Roman thinks that would be a reasonable and responsible thing to do. He just wants to walk in on everyone so they can have all the fun of watching them have heart attacks. Jack agrees. Jack remembers this is Abby’s 17th birthday. Maybe he’ll be back in time for a party.

Abby wakes up in the hospital, “Where am I?”

Jennifer tells her she is in the hospital and was in an accident.

“Will I be all right?” Jennifer stares.

“Who is doing this to us,” asks Billie, as she holds up the terrifying bloody T-shirt.

“I’m gonna get some answers, and I’m gonna get ‘em now,” says Bo.

John tries to get past the guard. The guard won’t let him pass, “And if I may say so, you’re in no condition to go anywhere.” Low blow.

Belle lays into Kate for letting the boys go through with their plan. John comforts her. Kate stares.

“To think that in fewer than two hours I’ll be seeing John,” says Marlena. It’s just your standard puddle-jumping flight from Europe to Salem, “There are going to be so many happy reunions.”

Mimi says she is also angry with Kate. John tries to calm them down. Kate says, “I should have said something to stop them.”

Belle says to John, “None of this would be happening if she had acted, I hate her. You two aren’t together are you?” Kate and John stare.

Bo took the T-shirt to the lab. They have to find out if that was real blood, and then run DNA tests. He finds a luggage tag in the bag, “Humph, we have an address.”

“Maybe we’ll find her,” says Billie.

Bo says the address is in Ogden (Utah?). “It’s near here,” says Billie. Oh, that’s right, Salem is nestled right between Europe and Utah.

Bo says whoever sent this wants them to go to that address, “We’re waiting for the lab result. If it turns out to be Georgia’s blood we’ll come up with a plan.”

Billie overreacts, “What if it costs our daughter’s life? Are you willing to take that chance?”

Abby says, “I hurt all over.”

Jennifer is sorry.

“What about Chelsea and her parents?”

Jennifer gives her the bad news, “I’m sorry, honey, but her mother and father croaked. Chelsea’s injuries are more serious than yours. We need to pray for her.” In the meantime, she gives her Lambie.

“Remember when Dad brought her home for me,” asks Abby, “I wish he were here.”

“So do I.”

The plane continues its journey. Jack thinks, “Seventeen years old. I can’t imagine anything better than to get home in time to celebrate Abigail’s birthday.”

Jack imagines Jennifer making a cake and thinking, “The one surprise I couldn’t give Abby is her dad coming home.” Jack busts in and says, “Surprise!”

Back on the plane, Jack thinks, “Jennifer, I can’t wait to come home and surprise you.”

Marlena is wondering what it will be like to be with John again. She’s sure Roman is thinking the same thing about Kate. She wonders what they are walking into, “I think it’s going to be awkward.”

Belle asks John, “How can you even think of moving on with Kate?”

John says, “Your mother’s gone, honey. I’m still alive and I need to move on. I don’t know where I’d be without Kate. My life has been hell. Kate and I shared the same horrible pain once we lost Marlena and Roman. I’ve asked her to shack up with me permanently. I hope you can accept that.”

“I can’t. You’re making a huge mistake. You will both regret it.”

The nurse asks if Nicole is the new floater. Nicole hems and haws. The nurse will introduce Nicole to the people involved with the operation.

Jack stares out the plane window and imagines the reunion. Oh, the wonder of it. Then he imagines the real reunion with Jennifer.

“This time it WILL be for real,” he says.

Roman says Marlena should try to get some sleep.

Marlena says, “I can’t. Every time I close my eyes I see the video of Kate and John making love. And if we hadn’t seen them together we wouldn’t...”

“You’re right,” interrupts Roman.

Marlena asks, “How are we going to face them after what we’ve done?”

Kate asks if John wants to call their arrangement off. No, he wants her to move the rest of her things in, “I want you in my life. Not just until I am completely back on my feet. I want you in my life because I have fallen in love with you.”

Back at the apartment, Belle can’t believe this is happening, “Before Mom died I used to think things always worked out, but now I know that’s not true.”

Mimi says she’s going to look at Rex’ laptop and find out more about what the Fearsome Foursome is up to. Mimi scowls, “OMG this is incredible!”

Bo can’t find Hope and Lockhart’s car is not in the parking lot. Billie just wants to find Georgia.

The McDNA tests are in! The blood is a match.

Billie wants to check out that address with or without Bo.

Bo says, “You’re not rushing off again. You’re being irrational.”

Billie snaps back, “The hell I am. I am driving to Ogden with or without you. That is our daughter’s blood. Either she was in an accident or someone has hurt her. Haven’t we suffered enough?” Flashback to Georgia’s grave, “I will not bury my daughter again.”

“Well, you’re not driving to Ogden yourself. I’ll go with you,” says the idiot.

Jack’s imagination runs wild. The reunion is going well. The half naked couple covers up as Abby comes in. They escape to another room. Abby sees her presents and Jennifer rushes out with the cake, “You look disappointed.”

“Not at all,” says Abby.

“Well” says Jennifer, “I have a real surprise for you. What is the one thing you have wanted more than anything? Close your eyes.” Jack rushes out in a bow.

Abby opens her eyes, “Daddy!” Oh, the joy.

The nurse introduces Chloe to Nurse Nicole. Nicole fakes a nasal twang and says she has allergies. The nurse tells Nicole she sounds awful and should probably find a substitute for the big operation tomorrow.

Nicole says she will be fine and will be at the big event. “That was way too close,” she thinks to herself.

Nancy wants to know why Chloe is out of bed. She’s not sleepy. Nancy says, “You know you’re just worried about the operation.”

“Yeah,” says Chloe, “but I can’t stop thinking about Brady and seeing him today. I heard what he said – We’d be married by now and starting a family.” Nicole listens. Chloe continues, “After this surgery I will be ready to meet him.”

Nancy finishes the thought for her, “And I promise Brady will drop Nicole just like that,” she snaps her fingers.

“Yeah,” thinks Nicole, “but there won’t be any surgery.”

Roman says if they tell John and Kate they were together it will just bring trouble. Marlena says, “I can’t live a lie.”

Roman wonders, “Do you think they will tell us what they did?”

Marlena says, “I don’t know. I hate this position we’re in. If we say nothing we’re being deceitful. If we bring it up, it will be awkward.”

Roman pushes her, “Promise me you won’t say anything. What John and Kate don’t know won’t hurt them.”

John says, “I won’t lie to you. I still love Marlena and you love Roman. But I know they aren’t coming back.”

“Kate says I know, but...”

“I can’t live my life without you by my side,” says John.

“I know. I can’t help thinking about my sons right now.”

“Lets get this situation under control then we’ll talk about you and me, says John.”

Kate says, “I don’t’ know what I’d do without you.”

Mimi says, “This isn't about rescuing Phillip. Rex made a video for me in case he didn’t make it back.”

The lame video plays scenes of Mimi and Rex running across the screen like cartoon figures. After the two-bit intro, Rex comes on and says, “In case you haven’t gotten the message I love you and want to marry you, to love honor and protect you for all the Days Of Our Lives. I don’t care if we can’t have children. We’ll adopt.”

Mimi scowls, “Rex I don’t deserve you. What will you say when you hear the awful things I’ve done?”

Mimi imagines Rex coming home and finding her in chains, with a cop dragging her away. The cop spills the beans about the abortion because it’s Mimi’s motive. Mimi calls for Rex’ help. Rex says, “You lied to me. Who are you? I don't ever want to see you again.”

As the cop drags her out the door, Mimi screams, “I’m sorry.”

Mimi says, “I’m gonna lose Rex no matter what. I have to leave Salem... for good.”

Bo can’t find Hope. Billie says they can call her from the car. Jennifer just happens to walk out holding a cell phone. It’s Hope’s. She left it there so, conveniently, Bo can’t contact Hope to tell her about his stupid plan to go to Ogden. Jennifer advises Bo he shouldn’t go with Billie.

“Thanks Jen,” snaps Billie as she sticks the T-shirt in her face, “This is Georgia’s blood. She’s been hurt.”

Jennifer asks, “Hope has to know if he’s gong to run off and put his life in danger don’t’ you think?”

Jack daydreams. He meets Jack Jr. He tells Abby she has to blow out her candles and make a birthday wish. Abby says her wish already came true with Jack coming home. “It won’t be much longer now,” thinks Jack.

The guard at the airport says a private jet has just requested permission to land.

“Maybe,” says John, “the boys changed their mind.”

The nurse tells Chloe, “Dr Weiss is the best there is. He’ll look at the injuries with a sophisticated scanning system and if there is any problem, he’ll cancel the operation.”

“Thanks to me,” thinks Nicole, “there will be a problem.”

Nancy encourages Chloe to get back to bed.

Chloe says, “My face had better get back to normal so I can be with BB again.”

Nancy says, “It’ll all work out.”

“Not if I can help it,” thinks Nicole, “Now I just have to make sure the Dr. gets the wrong x-rays so the operation is canceled.” She starts going through files.

Nancy comes up behind her and shouts, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Billie rides the “Hope-hung-up-on-me” wave again, “I am not waiting one more minute. Bo doesn’t have to go, but I am going.”

Bo tells Jennifer things will be OK. “Tell hope if you see her.” You can bet on that.

“Hope isn’t gonna like this one bit,” says Jennifer.

Belle tells Mimi she can’t run away, “It’s not your fault. Jan fell and hit her head. Do what you tell me to do – follow your heart.”

Mimi watches the computer. Rex drones on, “I thank God for you every day, Mimi. I love everything about you. Your sense of humor, loyalty, goodness, that cute little way you wrinkle your nose every time you tell me a whopper, Remember how much I love you.”

Mimi whines, “If Rex gets killed it’s my fault. It’s God’s way of punishing me.”

“That’s ridiculous, says Belle, “We can’t blame ourselves, just pray for them to come home safely.”

John says they can’t ID the incoming aircraft.

Kate says, “I hope it’s our loved ones coming home to us.”

On the plane, Marlena says, “I can’t believe we’re finally home.”

We see a cornucopia of scenes from the plane, the airport and the hospital waiting room.


Billie tells Bo, “Let's go check out this lead and then you can go home to Hope.”

Jack comes in and finds Jennifer rambling, “...and he was the best husband anyone could ever hope for. I know he can see us now.”

Marlena says, “Roman, I’m... scared.”

Kate says to John, “The past is in the past, and I believe with all my heart that my future is with you.”

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Cavalier Captive

Hope paces in the waiting room. Patrick comes in and asks about Abby. Hope tells him Abby is out of danger but Jennifer blames Hope for hanging up on Billie. Patrick says he was there and doesn’t blame Hope at all.

Billie worries about Chelsea. She can’t imagine what she is going to do when she learns about her parents. Bo tries to be positive.

Billie just won’t let go of the fact Hope hung up on her, “You know what was hard – being so helpless. If Hope had only given you the message.”

Bo says, “Billie this tragedy has brought up thoughts of Georgia. When this is over we’ll start looking for her again.”

Lexi comes out and Billie asks how Chelsea is. Lexi stares.

Belle wonders what if Shawn doesn’t come back. Maybe they should tell the police what Jan did to Shawn. Mimi doesn’t think that’s a good idea. If they told the police about that, the police would know she had a motive. Which I thought they already did anyway. Mimi tells Belle Rex is going out of town

Belle says, “Shawn is leaving town, Rex is leaving town, Meems, is there something going on they aren’t telling us?”

Rex finishes his downloads. The guys talk about what Mimi and Belle think about them going out of town. Lucas and Brady arrive. “Hey, guys,” says Rex, “we’ve got a problem.”

Sami puts on her makeup and becomes Stan, “Brady won’t be able to rescue Phillip, and if he does make it back he won’t be with Chloe. REVENGE is so sweet. Let’s see who’s next on my agenda. He opens a paper. “Phillip?”

Pan to Phillip thinking something strange is going on, “I gotta get out of here before it’s too late.”

Kate flashes back to her conversation with Lucas. John is playing with his computer. She asks how he is feeling. He’s dealing with the pain. He has discovered his ISA computer has been broken into. He’s ordering a full-scale investigation.

“No,” says Kate, “You can’t do that.”

He asks, “Do you know something about this, Kate?”

Innocent little Kate asks, “Why would you think I know anything about that?”

John wants to know, “Why did you react the way you did? I know you don’t want to endanger Philip's life, but if you know who’s hacking in tell me now.”

“Oh God,” says Kate, “just hold me. I may have done something really terrible. I think I let our sons put themselves in terrible danger.”

Rex went to a classified website, Hmmm... I wonder if Prevuze should be classified. “John may know and it looks like he’s called for a full-scale investigation.” They decide they have to go now. Rex twiddles to see if he can throw John off their trail.

Mimi thinks Rex and Shawn going away is a coincidence. Belle is suspicious, “If he and Rex are leaving at the same time and if they won’t tell us where, hello... they’re going to rescue Phillip! This is a suicide mission. We have to stop them. Come on.”

Phillip struggles. A creep walks in. “Rough day,” asks the cavalier captive?

“Maybe for you,” sneers the guard.

“No,” says Phillip, “I’m talking about you. I’m getting strange vibes. You haven’t gotten any orders from command and you don’t know what to do next, do you?” How on earth would Phillip know there are no orders coming in?

The guy slugs Philip. So much for being cavalier.

Phillip says, “I guess I hit a nerve, huh.”

“Bad news,” the creep tells his compatriot in private.

Stami contemplates his assignment. He reads on. Wait for instructions. Be patient. All will be revealed.

Hope thanks Patrick but says it’s her fault. Hope is even joining in on the Hope-bashing-festival, “Do you know how many of these calls I’ve gotten form Billie? Then the next thing you know Bo’s on a plane with her.”

Patrick says Billie not getting in touch with Bo didn’t make the difference.

Hope asks, “Why are you taking my side?”

“I’m not taking sides, I’m just telling you how it is.”

Hope says, “I just wish Jen and Bo could see it that way.”

Patrick brought Lambie for Abby. He’ll talk to Jennifer about Hope when he sees her.

Hope says, “Thanks. We just have to pray the girls will be all right.”

Lexi says Chelsea survived the surgery, “She is not out of the woods. It will be a difficult recovery IF she pulls through.”

Hope overheard what Lexi said. Hope says she’ll pray Chelsea will be all right.

That was Billie’s cue to rant, “How can she ever recover from this? You have ruined that young girl’s life.”

Bo tells Billie to cool it.

Billie ramps it up, “Because of Hope's ridiculous jealousy two people died tonight.”

Bo says, “Billie, don’t talk to my wife that way.” Billie stomps off.

Bo tells Hope Billie is reacting to what happened tonight.

Patrick comes up and says it was not Hope’s fault. Bo doesn’t want Lockhart’s two-cents-worth. Patrick wants Bo to step up and take responsibility for his actions. Bo wants to take it outside. Hope referees.

Lexi gets a page, “It’s Abe, I hope he’s OK.” She leaves.

The girls come into the apartment calling for Rex and Shawn. They aren’t there. Belle says if Shawn was going to put his life in danger he’d have left a note. She remembers he gave her a key to grandpa Tom’s trunk. That’s where the message might be. Flashback to the tender moment when Shawn gave her the key to the trunk.

Belle and Mimi open the trunk. Belle goes thorough the memorabilia in there, “Look, Shawn saved everything.” Stained glass, broken motorcycle parts, everything. She finds a videotape. They pop it in the recorder and watch.

Shawn pours his heart out on tape. He’s sorry he can’t tell her before he goes, “I’m doing this for you – us. If anything happens to me, if I get captured or killed, you’ll go to our special place and find this and I can say a real goodbye.”

The boys get to the airport. Brady will check with the pilot to make sure they are cleared for takeoff. Will is with Maggie and Mickey. Lucas starts to call him. Rex asks, “Isn’t Bonnie with them, too? That should be interesting.”

“He wouldn’t be there,” says Lucas, “if Sami hadn’t abandoned him. I’m going to call. This might be the last time I hear my son’s voice.”

Bo sees on his cell phone he missed a call from Shawn. He goes over to the pay phone to return the call. Can’t use a cell phone in a hospital, you know. So how did Bo know he got the message if his phone was off?

Shawn stutters, “Thanks for calling. I was just calling to say hi. How are you and Mom?” Bo tells him about the accident.

“That’s awful I’m really sorry. Well look Dad, I know you must be busy there. Is Jennifer OK?”

Bo says, “She’s pretty upset.”

“Just give her and Abby my best,” says Shawn.

Bo hears a plane in the background, “Shawn where are you? What’s going on?”

BB says, “If my dad catches us our asses are grass.”

John asks what Kate means by that, “I don’t have to ask you who hacked in do I? Are Rex, Lucas and my son on the way to try to rescue Phillip? DAMMIT TO HELL they re going to get themselves killed.” John mumbles. John gestures. He makes a call to try to stop them.

“I love you,” Shawn says on tape, “I always will. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you what I was dong before I left. Me, Rex, Brady, Lucas all have a [cockamamie] plan to rescue Phillip. I’m doing this because I love you. There are no words to describe how much you mean to me. You make me a better person. If I die, I have no regrets, knowing you will always love me. My life is complete. So, then I’ll be in heaven* and be waiting for you, and I will never stop loving you. Goodbye Belle.”


Mimi notes, “Rex could die too.”

Belle, a woman of action says, “Not if we have anything to do with it. Come on.”

Shawn says he’s on the roof and a plane flew over, “The reason I called is I wanted to thank you for the talk we had up here. I want to set new goals, do new things.”

Bo says, “That’s great, but you aren’t taking anymore risks, right?”

“Yeah. Listen, my cell phone battery is dying, so tell Mom I love her.”

“All right, bye,” Bo says into the dead phone. He goes back to Billie and asks if everything is OK. She says, “I hope so.”

Shawn hates to lie to Bo but, “at least they won’t worry till I get back.”

Stami thinks, “The whole world knows Phillip is being held hostage. What if my cover gets blown? This could be dangerous.”

The creep comes in and announces the DiMera castle has gone up in flames. Meanwhile, Phillip struggles. One of the links of his chains is pulling apart.

Lexi argues with Abe, “I didn’t mean
to sound like I have a job and you don’t.” OMG, his manhood is challenged, “Honey. I was in surgery. Don’t hang up.” Silence.

Patrick tells Hope Bo takes Billie's side whenever she and Bo have and argument about Billie.

Bo is concerned about Shawn’s phone call, “Shawn sounded more like himself, though.” I don’t really agree. I thought he sounded fairly sane.

Billie says, “Hope will be happy to hear that.”

“I’ll tell her later,” says Bo.

Billie says, “Hey you can’t count on later Bo. Look what happened tonight. No girl Chelsea’s age should be alone.” Billie flashes back to Georgia’s gravestone, “I know I haven’t been around lately and I’m going away for a long time. Oh, Georgia if only you had lived. We’d have had the most amazing life. You me and your daddy.”

Billie says, “I can’t stop thinking about Georgia.” Bo hugs her. Hope watches. The tympani’s roll.

Brady tells the gang the jet’s been grounded.

“It’s a done deal,” says John, “I just used my last favor. The ISA is grounding all the planes out of Salem. How could you let him do that? If they make that flight we may never see them again.”

Belle and Mimi come in, “You have to stop them, Dad. We found a video. We know what they are up to. I want Philip rescued, but what if they all wind up dead.” They all head for the airport.

Patrick tells Hope, “You can’t change what happened. The best thing you can do now is leave.” Hope scowls.

A nurse hands Billie a bag. Someone left it for her at the front desk. She looks inside and stares at Bo.

Stami gets a call, “I have your next assignment,” says the disguised voice.”

Stami says, “If you want me to go after Phillip you can forget it.”

The guard has discovered Phillip's weak chain, “Where do you think you are going?”

“Holding him makes us a target,” says the creep, “There’s only one thing we can do... kill him.”

The voice on the phone tells Stan to look outside the door. Stan finds a box. He opens it. Military camouflage. The voice says, “That’s your disguise and you’ll have all the firepower you need.”

Stami says, “This is too dangerous.”

The voice says, “This is the price you pay to get your REVENGE.

“OMG. This could be suicide,” thinks Sami.

The creeps load up to kill Phil.

“I reversed the order to ground the plane,” says Brady, “Money talks.”

John rushes into the airport and they tell him the plane is taking off.

Lexi tells Abe she will be home soon. I thought he hung up. Oh well. They can relax and listen to music and he doesn’t need his eyes for what else she has in mind, “Oh, well, if you’re tired I won’t wake you when I get in. Good night. I lov...” dead phone, “you.”

Hope peers though the window. Patrick has suggested going for a ride or a cup of coffee. “Let’s do it,” says Hope.

Billie takes the contents out of the bag. It’s a T-shirt with a tag that says, ”Georgia.” It is also covered in blood.

FF on the bewildered Bo.


“Who is doing this to us,” asks Billie. Bo says, “I’m gonna get some answers and get ‘em now.”

Mimi says, “No matter what I do I’m gonna lose Rex. I have to leave Salem... for good.”

John tells Kate, “I want you in my life because I have fallen in love with you.”

Roman tells Marlena, “What John and Kate don’t know will not hurt them.”

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Crying Over Spilled Milk

We see a shot of a beautiful stained glass window. Where are Shawn with his motorcycle when you need him? Hooded Chloe comes up to the altar, “Please, Dear God, let the surgery be successful and let my face heal quickly so I can tell Brady I’m alive before he winds up married to Nicole.”

Nicole worries Brady is risking his life so he can be reunited with Chloe, “Then it will be so-long Nicole, hello one true love of my life.”

Stami comes to the door. He knows Nicole is still thinking about what he said. She has to sneak into the hospital and stop the surgery, “With this.” Stami holds up a paper bag.

Kate tries to convince the Four Mouseketeers they should not be going on the mission, “When John finds out about the mission, he’ll put a stop to it.” If he can sober up long enough. Kate picks up the phone. Shawn takes it from her.

Mimi comes into Belle’s apartment, “My whole life is over. I am about to lose Rex and if Jan dies I’ll go to prison for the rest of my life.”

Jennifer talks to Abby, “I’m so glad the doctors said you will be all right. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

Bo berates Hope about hanging up on Billie. Billie happily joins in. Hope says she thought Billie was exaggerating when she said it was an emergency. We’re really crying over spilled milk here. “They’re dead because of you, Hope,” says Billie.

“It’s not just that I want to be well again, but you have to save BB from winding up with that witch Nicole,” prays Chloe. “Witch” - you don't use the B-word when you're talking to God.

Stami shows Nicole what is in the bag – a full set of surgical scrubs complete with booties and a mask as well as a counterfeit nurses’ ID.

“You want me to pretend to be a nurse?”

“Unless you want Chloe back in Brady’s arms.”

“There is no way I can stop that operation,” says Nicole.

Billie pours it on, “That poor girl is in surgery fighting for her life and has lost her parents.” Hope stands right next to Satan for what she did. Bo was the only person in Salem – no the entire world – who could have gotten help there sooner.

Hope is sorry, but she says Billie is like the girl who cried, “wolf.”

Billie rants, “Two people are dead and a young girl is an orphan all because you begrudge me and my daughter having a small place in Bo’s life.” You go girl – lay it on thick.

Mimi thinks Tec somehow set them up to break into Jan’s house, “I know I shouldn’t have run away from the scene, but I was scared and that creepy guy was there. If Jan dies, I’ll wind up in the death chamber.”

Lucas says they all want Phillip home safe. Rex reminds Kate they are using John’s wonderful plan. Yeah, it was so great the ISA flushed it right down the toilet.

“No, you stole it,” says Kate.

Shawn says they’ve wasted enough time. They have to get going, “If we don’t leave Salem Phillip is going to die over there.”

Rex closes up the console. BB tells Lucas and Rex to talk to their mom as he and Shawn leave. Kate picks up the phone to call John. The boys stare.

Bo bawls out Hope. Billie piles on. Jennifer comes out and Hope runs over to her. Abby is stable. Jennifer sees something is wrong. Billie is having the time of her life. She tells Jennifer what Hope did. Billie is relentless. Hope is anguished.

Lucas asks Kate to listen to them before she makes the call. “OK, talk,” says Kate.

Lucas asks Rex to leave.

“Wait,” Rex protests, “She’s my mother too.” Lucas says he knows her better. Mom always liked him best.

Rex leaves and Kate and Lucas argue. Kate says it doesn’t mean anything to her if BB and Shawn get killed in the operation.

Belle tells Mimi to stop feeling guilty. Even though she is. Mimi says, “Once I start telling lies, I can’t stop. What am I going to do?” Uh, don’t start telling lies?

Shawn videotapes a message to Belle. He can’t tell her in person before he goes because she would try to stop him. If anything happens to him she’ll have this video and can see his tearful goodbye. If he dies, that’s a brain science wants to keep and study. The human race doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Stami says Nicole has never let anything get in the way of what she wants. Nicole asks “Who the hell are you?”

Stami thinks, “I’m Sami Brady, you slut, and I can’t believe I am helping you get your claws into Brady.” He tells her he’s the guy who’s going to help her get BB. He’s doing it because he thinks she’s despicable and being with her will ruin BB’s life.

Nicole says, “I’m not doing anything for you until I know who you are. Where did you get all this stuff?”

Stami says, “Let’s just say I have a good friend who’s helping me out. I have ways to get what I am after, but you, either you stop this operation or you will lose the man you love.”

Chloe knows Brady loves her for who she is, “but I also know if I went to him like this it would be just like when I had leukemia. He would drop everything to help me. I won’t be a burden to him a second time.” She lights a candle. Who walks in but Brady himself. He lights a candle. He asks, “Do you mind if I pray here?” Chloe turns away. “Are you all right,” he asks.

Lucas asks if it’s really OK with Kate if BB and Shawn get killed.

Kate spits, “Shawn doesn’t give a damn about Phillip. This is just another one of his schemes to get Belle, and I can’t believe you bought it. Let Shawn and Brady do it. Let them risk their lives.”

Lucas says, “The plan takes 4 people. Do you want Phillip home?” Kate stares.

Mimi doesn’t want to lose Rex. Belle says, “Then trust in your love. Tell him. Without trust and honesty there is no relationship.” Rex knocks and asks if Mimi is there. Belle lets him in.

He comes in and says he needs to talk to her. Belle leaves to give them privacy.

Rex has something to tell Mimi and STOP THE PRESSES, Mimi says she has something to tell Rex. He says she won’t like what he has to tell her.

Shawn packs. Belle is at the door. She comes in and sees him packing. Belle wants to know what he is doing. “I’m gong out of town for a few days,” says Shawn. Belle stares.

Chloe hesitates. Then she says she’s fine and runs off. Brady prays, “Dear God, how ya’ doin’ stranger, please watch over Phillip and bring him home safely. I know it sounds strange to hear me pray. I haven’t done it much since Chloe died. If she were alive we’d be engaged, maybe married. Building our future. I came to pray about Phillip, but it's all about Chloe. It’s always about Chloe. I wish she could come back to me. I know you can work miracles, but that is one miracle which is never going to happen.

“Being with me,” says Nicole, “is the best thing that ever happened to Brady. Why are you doing this?”

Stami says, “I hate BB and want to see him suffer.”

Nicole asks, “What did he ever done to you?”

Stami flashes back to all his/her arguments with Brady, “That’s personal, but Brady needs to be punished and the way to do that is never to have him get together with Chloe. Hooking him up with you will make it even worse for him.”

“So what you’re saying is you get REVENGE on Brady and at the same time, I wind up with him.”

“Yes, all you have to do is stop Chloe’s operation.” He hands the scrubs to Nicole.

Hope tries to explain herself. She walks off with Bo and tells him she is sorry. Bo says Billie is just determined to do everything she can to help Chelsea, “Let's not focus on what we can’t change.” Hope frets.

Kate says she wants Phillip home safe, but she doesn’t want to risk the lives of her other sons to get that. Lucas says Rex and he can’t let Phillip rot in some hellhole.

Stami says if Nicole isn’t on board he will have to find some other way to destroy Brady’s life and maybe hers too. They hear Brady coming in and rush Stami into another room.

Brady tells Nicole he’s leaving, while Stami listens.

Rex says he’s got to go away for a little while, “It’s like a field trip.” Where he is going is remote. He won’t be in touch by cell phone.

Mimi isn’t too shook up about this. Rex says, “You seem kind of relieved that I’ll be out of touch, Mimi. Is there something going on you don’t want me to know about?” Mimi stares.

Belle wants to know why Shawn is leaving. The dim little light bulb in her head comes on. He’s going to rescue Phillip. Shawn denies it. “Then,” asks Belle, “why are you going away?”

“Because of you,” says Shawn.

Chloe comes back to the candles. She prays, “When Brady knelt beside me it was all I could do not to let him see it was me. With your help that miracle will happen. I’ll finally be healed and Brady and I can be together all the Days Of Our Lives.”

Nicole says, “Maybe you shouldn’t rush into this. What if...”

“Listen,” interrupts Stami, “it has to be NOW.”

Nicole tells Brady, “I guess ‘be careful’ sounds pretty lame.”

“Not to me.”

“Come home to me, Brady.”

“I will and remember I have that surprise for you when I come back.”

“I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone,” says Nicole.

“I love you too,” says Brady. He goes upstairs to get ready. Nicole cries as Stami comes in.

“Oh, very touching – I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone,” he mocks.

“It’s true, says Nicole, “and he said he loves me too.”

“Yeah, but not more than anyone else. When he comes home, who’s he coming home to? You or the newly beautiful Chloe? You know what you have to do.”

Stami leaves. Outside he says, “How perfect. I got him.” Nicole watches him leave.

“What’s John gonna do when he finds out,” asks Kate.

“Hopefully,” says Lucas, “Phillip will be back by then. We’re running out of time. Promise me you won’t tell anyone about this mission, especially John. Promise you will look after Will.”

Kate says, “You can’t do this to Will. He hands her a letter for Sami, in case he doesn’t come back. He tells her it’s about Will. Kate takes the letter and promises him she will always watch over Will.”

Lucas promises to call Will. He leaves. “Oh, God please be careful,” whines Kate.

Mimi says she isn’t relieved Rex is going away. “It’s just we’ve both been so worried about what’s gong on with Phillip, Belle and Jan. Hopefully these things will be resolved for the best when you get back.”

She promises she will be waiting for him. “Unless I’m in jail,” she thinks.

Shawn says it’s hard being around Belle but not being able to be with her. So he needs to take off for a while and clear his head. That’ll take about two minutes.

Belle is peeved. She says he’s doing the same thing he did last summer, “You’re just running away form our problems. You are a coward. You’re not doing this because you love me. You’re doing it because it’s easier. And, as usual, you’re putting your needs ahead of mine and everyone else’s.”

“That is not true,” says Brainiac.

Belle goes on, “Phillip’s mom was right. You’re selfish and immature. She storms out.”

“When we return,” says Shawn, “you’ll realize I did this for you and our future.”

Jennifer doesn’t understand why Hope hung up. It’s “Gang Up On Hope Day” in Salem. Jennifer asks, “What if Chelsea dies? What if Abby has a permanent injury?” Jennifer runs off.

The nurse tells Billie and Bo Chelsea is out of surgery. They ask how she is. The nurse says they have to wait for Dr. Carver to tell them. Billie says that isn’t a good sign. If Chelsea was OK, the nurse would have told them instead of making them wait, “What if Chelsea’s dead,” asks Billie. Bo hugs her as Billie stares daggers at Hope.

FF on Hope the She-Devil.


Belle says, “Shawn and Rex are going out of town. Meems, is there something going on they aren’t telling us?”

“This is all your fault,” Billie tells Hope, “you have ruined that girl’s life.”

John tells Kate, “He got sucked into this so he would finance the suicide mission. Damn it to hell, they’re gonna get themselves killed!”

Phillip tells the creeps, “You haven’t gotten any orders and you don’t know what to do next.” The creep says through his ski mask, “Kill him,” and points his rifle at Phillip.

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