Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cold Enough To Wake The Dead

Down goes Nick. Fallon the felon has fallen. #DAYS
I guess the Salem River is cold enough to wake the dead... temporarily, anyway. #DAYS
Will wonders what's more important than Sami running his life. Ending someone else's. #DAYS
Will tells Lucas nothing is really simple anymore.  Except Lucas. #DAYS

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Jan Spears Memorial Rock

So they send Nicole to interview a guy she's had a relationship with and worked for. Can you say #ConflctOfInterest ?? #DAYS
Caroline to Victor: "YOU SOB!" I'm guessing she's not there to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. #DAYS
What a coincidence: Gabi conks Nick with the Jan Spears memorial rock. #DAYS
Update on Jan Spears: they've moved her to the vegetable section of the Salem Supermarket. #DAYS

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sing It, Sister

Wouldn't it be great if Daniel and Jennifer had a pistol duel at 15 paces and both lost? #DAYS
Oh, JJ, I thought you were hip. That's an OLD iPad you're using. Those models are soooo 2012. #DAYS
Sami: "Nick's not getting away with this." Kate: "Sing it, sister." Sami: "♫ Nick's not ♪ getting away with this ♫" #DAYS
Nick runs on about arranging Gabi's NY job—The following commercial break was to allow time for Nick to get his foot out of his mouth. #DAYS

Friday, November 22, 2013

Two Lost Souls, Four Lips

Daniel and Nicole... two lost souls, four lips. #DAYS
Eric says he really doesn't feel like talking. Surprise, Eric, when Jennifer's talkin' everybody's talkin'. #DAYS
Sami: "Gabi, I'm not attacking you." Translation: "I'm bribing you." #DAYS
Will thinks it's unfair to have to choose between Sonny and Arianna. But somehow it's OK for Sonny to choose between Will and the club #DAYS

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Exoneration On Tablets Of Stone

Will tells Sami he and Sonny don't want to get into it over Gabi's job. That's like holding red meat in front of a hungry lion. #DAYS
Eric thinks if Kristin shows up she'll help clear him?. He has a better chance of God sending down exoneration on tablets of stone. #DAYS
Sonny wonders if he just saw Sami back off. You just saw her head out to find Gabi and blow her stack. #DAYS
Marlena: "Go to hell." Vic: "I'll meet you at the gate." Actually, they're thinking of naming one of the circles in hell "Salem." #DAYS
Victor hasn't read the Guy Manual chapter "Things never to say to a woman." — "You'll come to your senses," is one of them. #DAYS

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wrestling With Kristin

EJ asks Sami where the children are.  It's the right question to ask, but he asked the wrong person. #DAYS
Sonny calls Gabi a selfish bitch. Gabi protests, but only about being called selfish. #DAYS
Bishop White says he needs to hear from Eric what happened.  I'd say the video is kind of self-explanatory.
Caroline: "The pub is empty. That's not a good sign." It is if you've ever been the victim of her chowdah. #DAYS
Father Matt says many priests wrestle with celibacy. Bishop White thinks it looks more like Eric was wrestling with Kristin. #DAYS
EJ moves in and backs away. He almost turned the tables on Sami's "cutting it off" strategy. #DAYS

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Big Family Hug

In Sami's dream, EJ asks her to let him get it out before she says anything. I hope he's talking about the words he wants to say. #DAYS
Shane, Kimberly, Kayla, Caroline, Hope Roman all gang up on Theresa. This is either going to be a big family hug on an intervention... #DAYS
...But on #DOOL all interventions end in family hugs anyway. #DAYS
Will says if anyone knows a contract it's Justin. Why... Because he's written so many bad ones? #DAYS

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Misty Circle Film Festival

Sami wants blueprints for a guillotine. They're obsolete... Not guillotines, I mean blueprints.  Now they use computer design. #DAYS
Sami was a bit too indignant about Kristin with her corresponding escapade with Austin hanging over her like the sword of Damocles. #DAYS
Nicole wonders if the Eric-Kristin video was NC-17. Nope. It was as bad as a Misty Circle film festival. #DAYS
Sami sees Kristin's message on EJ's phone. Don't people in Salem lock their phones? #DAYS

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shocking and Cruel

Eric wants Kristin to repent.  To Kristin repentance is being sorry... only if she's caught. #DAYS
Kayla pulls Johnny away to show him how to apply the ointment. Translation: get the kid off the set. #DAYS
Maggie tells Daniel about the wedding: "It was so shocking and cruel..." that she couldn't wait to spread it all over town. #DAYS
Kristin sucker-punches Nicole then turns tail and runs.  Apparently she's been learning a few things from Lucas. #DAYS

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Amoral, Sick Sexual Predator

Rootin' Tootin' Kristin pulls out a gun. I know gun control is a controversial issue but no doubt in Salem we need nut control. #DAYS
Eric vs. Brady. Kristin vs. Marlena. Weddings always make people stop and contemplate the joys of life. #DAYS
"Your son is an amoral, sick sexual predator," says Kristin the amoral, sick sexual predator. #DAYS
Rory wants JJ to come over and get naked with him and Bev? You need to think this through, Rory. #DAYS

Monday, November 11, 2013

Turning The Other Cheek

T puts the moves on Abby, continuing the death-spiral that is her love life. #DAYS
When it comes to Marlena, Father Eric isn't exactly turning the other cheek.  #DAYS
Jordan says she's tired of running. I'm tired of watching, but we don't always get what we want. #DAYS
Victor: "Eric can't keep it zipped better than the rest of us." Careful, Vic, or Maggie will keep yours zipped permanently. #DAYS

Friday, November 08, 2013

The Wedding Of Shame

Kristin sees the video and drops her flowers.  Not to worry. She was actually deflowered long ago. #DAYS
And if you live in Salem and you're not at the wedding of shame... YOU LOSE! #DAYS
Brady yells: "TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!" The audience responds: "LEAVE IT ON! LEAVE IT ON!" #DAYS
Jordan about Rafe: "He's a patient... that's all." Translation: The ice woman begins to thaw. #DAYS
I hope Father Matt can perform exorcisms because Eric looks like he's going to need one. #DAYS

Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Sucky Bus

Jen thinks Daniel banged Theresa just to hurt her. Right — When men are chasing tail that's all they think about: "Who will this hurt?" #DAYS
Sami wants answers from EJ. She's using the "when you want something from a man, fuse your body to his" interrogation technique. #DAYS
Victor says Kristin has the morals of an alley cat.  An insult to alley cats everywhere. #DAYS
Victor calls Kristin a succubus referring, no doubt, to the sucky bus he's about to throw her under. #DAYS

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Cave Paintings

Daniel insists Eric isn't thinking straight. That makes sense.  Thinking straight requires thinking. #DAYS
Eric says he advises against straying from traditional vows. Irrelevant for Brady & Kristin since they've strayed so much already." #DAYS
Marlena doesn't like being at the mercy of technology. That's because when she was born cave paintings were state-of-the-art." #DAYS
Kristin tells EJ not to judge her... then judges him for doing far worse. #DAYS

Monday, November 04, 2013


Marlena thinks it would be just like Kristin to download a virus. Or for Eric to pick one up having sex with her. #DAYS
Jordan says this excursion could be helping Rafe's mental state. If her mental state is Texas, his mental state is Rhode Island. #DAYS
Daniel kicks Jennifer to the curb. What a coincidence. It's the same curb he landed on when she kicked him out. #DAYS
Daring Jordan has a cookie and a half. #yolo #DAYS

Friday, November 01, 2013

The Flash Is Out Of That Drive

The way this storyline is dragging out I'd have to say the flash is out of that drive. #DAYS
When Marlena and Kristin were kids there was no such thing as a flash drive... carrier pigeons were state-of-the-art. #DAYS
Hey, Marlena, why not look at what's on the flash drive instead of sitting there talking to it? #DAYS
NBC breaks into the show with a word from the news anchor: "Marlena, WATCH THE FREAKING FLASH DRIVE ALREADY!" #DAYS

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