Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'll Give Her A Jump

The Halloween party rocks at the Felta house. Chelsea, appropriately dressed as She-Satan, comes downstairs.

A couple of witches, a goblin or two and a zombie wander through. Oops... check that. The zombie was John Black crashing the party.

Stephanie the racing wallflower watches.

Morgan is either a retro 1970's flight stewardess with a plastic hat or a Tupperware container. She walks up behind Max, "Coffee, tea or me?"

Max misses the opportunity, "Coffee?"

"Guess again."

Max realizes it's a trick question, "Tea?" He turns around and sees Morgan, "Oh, Definitely you."

Chelsea and Stephanie soak it in.

"I wonder where she got the costume," says Stephanie, "Retail tramp? I'm surprised they didn't come as bride and groom. Two days ago Morgan's website said 'uncommitted,' and now it says 'in a relationship.'"

Chelsea advises her to get over it, "Where did you go last night? I was looking for you." Stephanie flashes back to evil things and ducks the question. She says she is trying to move on but feels like she has no control over her life. She just knows things would be different with Max. She tells Chelsea about her job at the Cheatin' Heart and says she's trying to figure a way to tell Max about it, too.

Max interrupts. They compliment his non-costume. Max says he came as a bartender and then turns to Stephanie, "I hear you got a job at the Cheatin' Heart." Chelsea books. Max says he's glad about her getting the job, "But why didn't you tell me?"

Santo Domingo. White robe clad Sami and Lucas stand on the balcony of their hotel room as Sami calls to check in with Kayla, "I wanted to check on my babies – I forgot, how many of them were there again? " Lucas can't believe they did this on the twins' first night home. He's concerned that their Santo Domingo lawyer had 10 grand worth of bling on his wrist. Lucas thinks all this means EJ won and the DiMeras get exactly what they want.

EJ meets Kate in the hospital. He asks what this is about. She tells him the DNA results are in. EJ stares.

Sami and Lucas hug and reminisce about an old movie. Sami decides just because something is intangible doesn't mean it's not real, "No matter what we go through you will be in my heart for all the Days Of Our Lives."

EJ presses, "Am I the father?" Kate hands the results over to him. EJ jumps for joy, "YES! I HAVE A SON! I AM THE FATHER!"

Chelsea looks around the party to see if Professor Fallon has arrived. Just in the "nick" of time, he walks in the door dressed as an angel. They smooch and she thanks him for coming. Nick gets maudlin on us. He was supposed to be trick or treating with the kids. She knows it's hard for him but thinks it's better this way. He decides tonight is about them.

Morgan asks Cordy to join them. Cordy says she isn't in the mood. Outside Ford chases a girl through the hallway and Cordy slams the door.

Back to Ford and his latest prey, "You are smokin' hot!"

Max thinks he ought to bounce Ford. Stephanie tries to get him to talk about the job. She hopes it's not awkward for him with her working there. Max asks why it would be. Then he drops the dreaded F-word on her, "After all, we're just friends." Morgan comes up wearing her Tupperware hat as Stephanie removes the dagger from her heart.

Morgan says, "I was wondering where y'all ran off to. So what'd I miss?"

EJ is ecstatic, "This is a bond that can't be broken until we get the next DNA test. If Sami loves the boy, she will also open up her heart to me."

Kate thinks he's underestimating the bond between Sami and Lucas, "For all you know, they won't go through with the divorce."

Lucas says romantic movies always end happily. Sami says theirs will too. She wants to take advantage of the room. Lucas isn't into it. Sami thinks she can help get him in the mood.

A knock interrupts and Sami answers. A guy has brought the divorce papers for Sami to sign. Lucas walks out and asks if he has to sign, too. Perry Mason asks, "Are you her husband? I just assumed you were the..."

Lucas interrupts, "New model? He's back in Salem waiting for his bride."

Perry's head spins. Sami tries to be helpful, "It's complicated." She starts to sign the papers, but hesitates.

"This is crazy," says Lucas, "We'll find another way."

Morgan "likes" Stephanie's costume, "You look just like one of the boys." Before the eye-scratching contest has time to get started, one of the sisters interrupts and says the girls are complaining about Ford. Macho Max offers to go beat him to a pulp, but Morgan says that won't be necessary yet. She goes to talk to the nuisance.

Max asks where Stephanie went last night. "No place. How come you changed the subject when Morgan came up? Why wouldn't you want her to know about your job?"

"Morgan is concerned about our past," says Max, "I told her we moved on."

"Did you tell her about the cave," asks Stephanie.

Max is uncomfortable, "I didn't go into details."

Stephanie presses, "Why not? Would she think there is still something gong on?"

EJ wants Kate to find out where his son is while Sami and Lucas are in Santo Domingo. Kate says she will do what she can. EJ goes to share the good news with Stefano.

Lucas wants Perry to leave so he and Sami can beat the dead horse again. Lucas takes an Australia clipping out of his wallet, "Remember, we were going to go there on our first anniversary. I picked it because it's such a cheap place to go since neither of us have jobs, and we could let the twins hang out with that Ciara-Pocket gang and send Will back for another round with Helge in Switzerland." Now, he thinks their dreams are over. Sami says they can still do things like that. Lucas says EJ won't let her. He tells her about threatening to kill EJ, "I said I would kill him with my bare hands."

"You might be able to take him if your bare hands were holding an Uzi," says Sami, "But you really have to stop making threats like that."

Lucas asks, "But what if there is a way to make EJ Wells disappear forever?"

Sami asks, "Won't that happen when NBC drops this bomb in favor of a good show?" She forbids him to kill EJ and reminds him how "wonderful" it was to be on death row. Lucas agrees, but says it's hard for him. Sami says it's hard for her too. They think it's hard? They don't have to watch this tripe. Now that's hard. She hesitates and then signs the papers. She hands the pen to Lucas. He waits an eternity, and then takes it and signs. Sami breaks down.

Max and Stephanie decide they're just friends. Stephanie is OK with him seeing Morgan but doesn't think she's his type. "Oh," asks Max, "And just who is my type?"

"Maybe someone who can drive a stickshift," says Stephanie. She decides she is fine with it and happy for them.

Max smooches her cheek, "Oh, and for the record, you don't look like just one of the guys."

"But does this racing suit make my butt look fat?"

Max is diplomatic and doesn't answer, but does think she shouldn't have sewn the "Goodyear" patch back there.

After Max walks away, Chelsea comes up to Stephanie and says she saw Max kiss her. "It was on the cheek," says Stephanie, "It doesn't count. She thinks working at the Cheatin' Heart will be sheer torture, "I blew it. Max was one of the good guys and I let him get away."

A group of sisters ooh and aah as Nick challenges them to get water from a saucer into a glass without touching the saucer. Carmen takes him up on it.

Stephanie wretches as Morgan and Max dance. She tells Chelsea she kind of likes Morgan, in a homicidal kind of way. Chelsea advises Stephanie to play the field. Stephanie says that's what Kayla told her to do. She goes outside for some air. Max watches.

Perry Mason leaves with the signed documents. Sami tells Lucas they did the right thing and vows they will get back together as soon as they can, "Maybe we'll go to Australia for our second honeymoon."

Lucas looks in her eyes, "I'm gonna miss this face."

"And I'm gonna miss being short-sheeted."

Lucas sits her down and decides to make tonight about them.

"I love you," says Sami.

Lucas moves in, "I love you, too."

Stefano listens to classical music. He turns it off when EJ arrives. Stefano sees the look on EJ's face and senses the results are in. "Congratulations," says EJ, "You have a grandson."

Stefano claps his hands together, "BRAVO!"

Ford the sot puts his arm around Max and says he likes him. Morgan gives him coffee. He orders beer nuts to go with the coffee, and then drops the cup, "My bad. I guess that's my cue to leave."

Ford takes out his car keys and Morgan snatches them, "You're not driving anywhere." Ford insists he is in good enough shape to drive.

"Maybe I can call my mom to drive you," says Chelsea, "She's the head of security here at the university."

Ford about faints, "That's your mom? That hot chick with the brown hair? Yeah! Let's call her!"

Chelsea wretches, "You really are sick."

Chelsea takes Max aside and the conversation moves from the high-school level to the seventh grade, "What do you think of Stephanie?"

Max asks, "Did she ask you to ask me?"

"I think she'd like you to ask her to the sock hop."

"Well," says Max, "I think she's a great girl."

"That's not what you said when you were trapped in the cave," says Chelsea.

Max says all Stephanie wants is a friend. Chelsea wants Stephanie to be happy. He goes back to Morgan and Ford.

Chelsea answers the doorbell. Cordy's sourpuss parents have come to pick her up. Chelsea invites them in. They decline and say they will wait in the car. Stephanie joins Chelsea and they go to check on Cordy.

As the girls go past them, Ford and Max argue.

Chelsea tells Cordy her parents are waiting for her. Cordy hears Ford yelling outside and breaks down. The girls press, but Cordy says, "I can't talk about it."

EJ tells Stefano Sami doesn't know about the test results yet. Stefano toasts, "La vita buono."

"Life is good," says EJ. He tells Stefano the stem cells have been stored and toasts Stefano's good health. Stefano asks about a name. EJ says Sami has narrowed it down to John or Squints as a tribute to John Black. Stefano says, "I will call him Gianni – A powerful name. And I will be his mentor."

Sami and Lucas smooch on the bed. Lucas offers a massage. He goes to get the oil, "Save my spot." As Lucas leaves, someone slides a note under the door.

Sami gets it and opens it, "Oh, God, what does EJ want?" She reads the note, "DNA test confirms that the boy is mine. We have a son." Sami looks over in the direction of poor Lucas.

Ford holds up four fingers, "How many fingers am I holding up? Right – three." Nick walks up. Ford slurs, "Who invited the professor?"

Nick tells Max, "Therese's car needs a jump. Can you help."

"I'll do it," says Ford, "I'll give her a jump."

"SHUT IT," says Max, as he and Nick walk out.

Ford tells Morgan he either wants his keys or a lift. Morgan will drive him. As she goes to get her stuff, Ford spikes her drink. Morgan comes back and Ford toasts Halloween. Morgan drains the cup and they leave.

Max comes back inside and looks around like a lost puppy.

Stephanie comes in and tells Cordy Ford left. Chelsea says whatever she tells her will not leave this room, "What did he do to you?"

Cordy trembles, "He... he... raped me."

Stefano thinks the boy should grow up in Italy, "And then off to an English boarding school like his father. Where is he? I want to meet him?"

Kate shows up right on cue. EJ brings her in and says, "I assume you have located my son."

"I should get a finders fee," says Kate. Stefano welcomes her with a kiss. Kate says the twins are with Patch and Kayla. Stefano has a meltdown, "MY GRANDSON IS WITH THAT INSANE STEVE JOHNSON?"

"Not for long father," says EJ.

Lucas comes back with the oil. Sami wads up the note. Lucas senses something is wrong and asks Sami what it is. "I'm sorry," she cries, "It's just hormones kicking in again."

He has her lay down and massages, "Think about happy places and happy times."


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hate, Loathing And Disgust

Marlena enters the bustling pub and sits with Bo and Hope. They share some small talk and then Bo asks what he can get Marlena. "I'll just have something light," she says, "A triple martini would be light enough for a start." Bo leaves to get the drinks.

Hope asks how Marlena is doing. Marlena gives a better zombie stare than we got from John in Sami's zombie dream, "I'm up, I'm doing things, I'm suicidal, homicidal, you know, the usual."

Marlena has bought a scrapbook for pictures and memories. Hope offers to help her put it together, but Marlena says she needs to do it by herself. Hope says they will never forget him. Marlena stopped by the church on the way over there and prayed no one they love will ever be taken away before their time again. God agreed, but only because he wanted to shut her up.

Lucas offers to take care of the kids and get Sami breakfast in bed when they get home and start sharing their wonderful life with the twins. Sami bursts his balloon. They're going to Santo Domingo for a divorce.

EJ meets Kate. He says he's brought supplies for their little caper. Kate says, "If Lucas finds out about this..."

EJ says, "All right, Kate, Lucas is not going to find out about this. He still loves you."

"Oh, yeah," says Miss Sarcasm 2007, "That's why he changed his name to Horton. So, what kind of supplies did you bring?"

EJ holds up his shiny new Glock, "The lethal kind, darling. This gun is untraceable."

"Big deal," says Kate, "The Salem cops couldn't trace it if it had your name engraved on it. What are you going to do?"

"Step away from the car," says EJ, "and I'll show you. Lucas will think we hired an assassin." BANG! BANG! BANG!

Lucas wants to discuss this. Sami reminds him, "We have talked it to death." Truer words were never spoken. Belle walks in. Lucas decides it's time for him to go check on the kids.

Belle wants to know what she interrupted. "I don't want to talk about it," says Sami – Which, of course, means she spends the next five minutes talking about it.

Belle understands how Lucas might feel, "How would you feel if Lucas was marrying someone else."

"I'd kill her," says Sami, "So, how are the wedding plans coming?"

Belle says, "That's actually why I came to talk to you. I need some good advice. But since no one else is available, I came to you."

Sami asks, "If you came to me for good advice you must be hard up. It's that bad?"

Belle drops the bomb, "I slept with Phillip."

Marlena says she is trying not to be bitter. She describes her bitterness. Hope vows to find John's killer.

Marlena zones, "We know who killed him." Marlena says she just wants to get away.

Bo comes back and overhears. He says John lived on his terms, "He was fearless. We can't run."

Marlena says, "I could use some help with Sami."

Bo says, "Anything, you know that."

Marlena says, "Well, I'd like you to stop this wedding from happening until the Guinness Book of World Records can verify this next trip to the altar would set a record."

EJ surveys the hack-job he just did on Kate's vehicle, "Not bad."

"Kate growls, "You're going to buy me a new car." They go over Kate's story. Kate thinks she should call Roman instead of 911. She'll beg him not to tell Lucas, which means he'll immediately tell Lucas and Lucas will come running. "What if he doesn't," asks Kate.

EJ reassures her, "He'll be here, all right?" Kate asks him to get a piece of glass and cut her on the forehead. EJ doesn't want to, but Kate insists. EJ picks out a good sharp piece and goes to work.

Kate squeals, "If Lucas doesn't believe this, this time I'll lose him for good."

Marlena says, "If John were here he would find some way to stop the wedding. I know it sounds far-fetched but he might even dress up as a nun and sneak up to the belfry and be a sniper."

"No one is that stupid," says Bo, "But since John isn't here, I'll have to stop it for him."


Belle is confused, as usual, "What does it matter where it happened? That's not important."

"ALL the juicy details are important," says Sami.

Belle tells her, "In the room over the pub."

Sami is shocked, "As in the room you share with Shawn?" Even Sami doesn't understand this one.

Belle tries to rationalize, "I care about Phillip but I love Shawn and want to marry him, and get a little on the side." She thinks it was a stupid mistake.

Sami tells her to make that clear to Phillip, "And NEVER tell Shawn."

Belle drags out the other news bomb, "Someone else knows – Hope."

It's a good thing Sami is in a hospital. She about has a heart attack, "HOPE KNOWS?"

Belle whines, "She figured it out. There was no way to deny it."

Sami gives her best advice yet, "There is always a way to deny it. Have I taught you nothing?"

Belle whimpers, "She said she wouldn't tell."

Sami's sarcasm reaches new levels, "Oh, good, then you have nothing to worry about."

Belle asks, "You think Hope will tell?"

"I'd look for it in tomorrow's edition of the Salem Enquirer," says Sami.

Belle knows Phillip doesn't want to let her go. Sami wants to know what will happen the next time. Belle insists Shawn is everything to her. Sami advises her to stay as far away from Phillip as possible. "He's a friend," whines Belle.

"He's your lover," says Sami, "You have to lay down the law or lose Shawn."

Bo wishes they could convince Sami she isn't alone in this. He decides he will talk to Sami and set her straight. Poor delusional Bo leaves.

"I hope he survives," says Hope.

Marlena thinks of John, "Don't ever take your husband for granted."

"I'm so sorry," says Hope.

Marlena says if Bo can't reach Sami there is another way, "Kill EJ Wells."

The cops photograph Kate's car. Roman supervises. He offers to take Kate to the hospital but Kate refuses. Roman is surprised the casings are right by the car, but the cars were moving and the casings should be back down the road. Kate says she can't explain that one, "Things just happened so fast."

Roman inspects the driver's seat in Kate's vehicle. There is a bullet hole right in the middle of it, "Just how far down did you duck?"

"Clear under the dash," lies Kate.

Lucas rushes up, "What's going on? Mom! Are you OK?" Kate says she never thought he would come. Hugs.

EJ brings flowers and gifts to Sami's room. The chocolates are for the nurses, for taking such good care of Sami. Sami wants him out, "Lucas will be right back, in case you feel industrious and decide to mop the floor."

EJ asks, "You haven't heard. There was some kind of an emergency with Kate." Sami panics and starts to call Lucas. EJ tells her Roman is involved and he just assumed Lucas would call her when he got the chance. Sami decides to call later. EJ asks about Santo Domingo.

"Lucas won't go," says Sami.

EJ is smug, "Maybe today will be the day he changes his mind."

Roman announces they are wrapping things up. Lucas gestures, postures and struts, "I know who did this and why."

Roman tells Kate he probably will want her to come to the station later to make a statement. Kate says she has told him everything there is to tell. "You'd be surprised what comes back to you," says Roman.

He leaves. Lucas asks why Kate is way out there, "You hate the country."

"I was just driving to relax," says Kate.

Lucas thinks the DiMeras are getting desperate, "You're not even a Brady."

"But you're my son and you're married to one," says Kate, "I suppose that's close enough. But you need to be with Sami. I can take care of myself."

Lucas wants her to have something that will help her take care of herself. He pulls out a gun, "Take this and use it if you have to."

Hope says it's human nature to want revenge. Marlena says she has been fanaticizing about ways to kill EJ, "These are more than fantasies. If I had acted on them last year, John would be alive today. If EJ dies the DiMera dynasty dies." Hope tries to talk her out of it as SSK music plays in the background, as if we need that to realize Marlena is completely wigging out.

"These thoughts are not going away," drones the possessed Marlena.

Hope assures her, "They will."

"Hope, I'm a psychiatrist," says Marlena, "I testify in trials. I know how to set up an insanity plea. You know – The grieving widow at the breaking point, terrified her children and grandchildren are in danger. Juries just eat..."

Hope cuts her off, "Stop it! This isn't you. You haven't been a serial killer in years. If you kill EJ it would ignite more violence. You need to rely on Roman and Bo."

Marlena doesn't think so, "I don't trust Roman and Bo anymore."

Hope thinks it's time for food. Maybe she'd better get a couple more drinks while she's at it. "I’m going to get something for us to eat," she says.

Marlena goes completely off the deep end, "NO! YOU'RE NOT! The DiMeras only understand one kind of justice. I hope I have the courage to dispense it."

Sami kicks EJ out again. He smirks and leaves. Belle says, "There's a weird vibe in the room when you are together."

"You're imagining it," says Sami, "The only feelings I have for him are hate, loathing and disgust. I'm just marrying him for my family and my kids."

Belle leaves. Sami huffs. Bo comes in. He announces that he's there to keep her from marrying a DiMera.

Kate doesn't want the gun. Lucas says he will get himself another one. Kate refuses. Lucas thinks this is the only way she can protect herself. Kate insists, "I will reason with Stefano." Lucas makes her shove it into her purse.

Kate apologizes for what she said to Sami. She vows it will never be business as usual again. She wants Lucas to go back to Sami because she needs him, "I have screwed a lot of things up in my life but you weren't one of them. You managed to do that all by yourself."

EJ announces to Stefano that Lucas will be ready to go to Santo Domingo soon. Stefano is ecstatic. He wants EJ and Sami to honeymoon at the villa. EJ also tells him they're doing another DNA test, "The boy may be mine."

"This could be such a blessing," says Stefano.

"More than that," says EJ, "His stem cells could save your life." Stefano decides they should keep all this to themselves.

Rolf announces a visitor, "The lovely miss Roberts."

"Is Kate here too," asks EJ.

Kate bounces in. Stefano kisses her and asks about the wounds on her forehead. Kate claims it was just a minor auto accident. Rolf volunteers to examine her, but Kate doesn't want him to bother. Rolf wants Stefano to rest. Stefano argues, but relents. On the way out, he tells EJ he's proud of him. "I love you, father," says EJ.

Once Stefano leaves, EJ asks, "How did you know I'd be here?"

"Lucky guess," says Kate. She tells him Lucas showed up, "I should never have doubted his gullibility. He's a wonderful son."

EJ says, "Now Lucas will divorce Sami and that will pave the way for my wedding."

Kate is pensive, "And Lucas will get hurt."

"In every game there are winners and losers," says EJ, "Unfortunately for Lucas, it's checkmate."

Sami says, "I've heard all the arguments."

"But not listened," says Bo. So here we go again. Bo goes over all the reasons she shouldn't marry EJ. Sami goes through all the reasons she should.

"There is something you could do for me," says Sami.

"Besides shut up," asks Bo.

"You could support me," says Sami, "My mind is made up." Bo asks what he should tell Marlena. "Tell her I'm a grown woman who can make up her own mind," says Sami, "She could use a good laugh."

Lucas comes in and says Kate will be fine. He asks for a moment alone with Sami. Bo hugs her and leaves. Lucas tells Sami what happened to Kate. Sami is glad he went to be by Mommie Dearest's side. This whole scary incident has convinced Lucas, "We have to go to Santo Domingo and get a divorce."

Bo is back in the pub smooching Hope. He asks where Marlena is. "She left to go check on her SSK knife collection," says Hope.

Bo tells her things didn't go well with Sami, "It's time for the alternative."

Hope asks, "How did Marlena look to you?"

"Like a woman who just lost her husband," says Bo. Hope tells him about the evil Marlena and her plans to murder EJ. "We want this over," says Bo, "But not by murdering."

"Marlena wouldn't do that."

"I'd understand if she did," says Bo, "Vigilante justice could be the only way out, especially in a town where the police force is so incompetent."

Lucas says, "This whole situation made me think."

"Now we're really in trouble," says Sami.

"If I agree to this," says Lucas, "You have to make EJ look like an idiot."

"It hasn't been hard to do with you," says Sami.

"I want to take you wherever I want," says Lucas, "I want to meet you and have you in my arms as much as I can."

"We will be together for all the Days Of Our Lives," says Sami, "I promise." Translation: We may never see them together again.

"Every time you come though that door of his," says Lucas, "I want him to get that sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. I want him to know he's not the right man for you."

"And EJ is so full of himself he'll have to suffer in silence because he will never admit defeat," says Sami.

And so it is. Little Johnny and the girl with no name won't even make it home for their first night. Steve and Kayla will watch them while Sami and Lucas fly off to Santo Domingo. Patch has taken to them already. He's calling them Cuff and Inseam. Sami says the sooner they get this done, the sooner they can start meeting in romantic places, "Lucas, thank you for being the most perfect almost-ex-husband a girl could ask for." She kisses him.

Lucas says, "I love you, Sami." More passion ensues.

Kate shows EJ the gun Lucas gave her. He asks if she knows how to use it.

"Yes," says Kate as she points it toward his temple, "Just aim and shoot."

EJ moves the gun away, "Let's just hope for the time being it remains a token of Lucas' affection, OK?"

Kate says, "Well, if Lucas ever learns the truth and you are responsible, you will find out what a good shot I really am."


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Maybe I'll Break A Few Commandments

Inside the hallowed halls of the Felta house, Cordy is preparing to leave. Max acts like he gives a damn and tells her everyone will miss her. Ford and his date stagger in. Ford screams, "IT'S PARTY TIME! WAKE UP, LOSERS!" The DOOL writing staff wakes up.

Ford's date shushes him, "Everybody is sleeping!"

"Aww..." says Ford, "It's time for the audience to wake up anyway"

Ford wants scotch, rocks. Max thinks he's had enough scotch. In that case, Ford wants champagne. He slurs, "I'm shorry if I embarrashed you, Cordelia."

Patch stands at the window thinking about life. Kayla gets out of bed and joins him. They lost John and Benjy. "And now Pocket-man," says Patch, "He took up a lot of space."

"In here or your heart," says Kayla, "At least you're not going to lose me." Kiss.

"That really would kill me," says Patch, "Again."

Suddenly, they hear a noise. Patch says he will check it out.

Nick rages and pounds on the door, "Leave my kids alone!" Chelsea tells him about the weight-triggered bomb. "Don't panic," panics Nick. Nick's mind races. He calculates weight vs. speed factors as he inspects the bomb she's standing on. He recognizes it as a land mine, "It's an S-4250. The 'S' stands for 'smithereens,' and the 4250 is the approximate number of pieces your body will be in when it blows."

Chelsea whimpers, "You have to help me. I don't want to die."

The audience yells in unison, "That makes one of us!"

Patch tells Kayla to dial 911 as he opens the bedroom door and heads into the jaws of death. Kayla listens

"What are you doing here," asks Patch. Silence. Patch yells back in, "Hold off, I nabbed our thief." Kayla goes out into the living room to find Stephanie.

She tells them she's heading for her old room. Mom and Dad, of course are curious. Stephanie explains, "Whenever something good happens in my life, it's my job to ruin it." Kayla hugs. Patch wonders.

Ford taunts Cordy, "What? You're not in a party mood? There's a shocker! I KNOW! I WANT MOMOMAS!"

"That's Mimosas," says Bimbette,

Max thinks Ford has had enough. Ford slurs, "What're you? The new house mom?" He decided he'll get the booze while Bimbette gets the tunes. Bimby leaves and Ford heads for the kitchen to get champagne.

Now that Ford has left, Cordy comes back out. "We need to talk," says Max.

Nick huffs, puffs and finds an old TV. Chelsea whimpers, "What are you doing? What if it doesn't work?"

"I'm not cheating Salem out of the pretties girl in town. If the bomb goes off, whoever she is and wherever she is, she will still be safe, while you head for kingdom come." Max instructs her to step off while he slides the TV onto the bomb, "One... two..."

Patch and Kayla are in the bedroom with Stephanie. It doesn't take Patch too long to figure out it's going to be girl talk and he won't be welcome. He goes into the next room. Kayla asks why she kicked him out. "I didn't want him to know his daughter is a tramp."


Stephanie breaks down, "I'm terrible, Mama. I went to a party tonight and made out with a guy. He had his hands all over me and I was cool with it." Kayla thinks if she really were a tramp she'd be in his bed right now.

Max thinks Cordy's leaving is sudden. Cordy thinks it's none of Max' business. Max asks if this has to do with her date with Ford. Cordy deflects the question. Max offers to listen. Cordy says there is nothing to talk about. Max gives up and leaves. Cordy sits in a heap. On his way out, Max brushes by Ford and bumps into him. Ford wonders what that was all aobut, "I know – You're not getting any from Morgan so you're taking it out on me? What a shame, Max."

Max grabs him, "You really are drunk." He throws him on the couch. Ford starts to get up, but Max warns him, "Do yourself a favor and stay down."

Chelsea whines, "If we don't make it... I'm glad you were in my life."

"If we don't make it," says Nick, "We'll just have to pick up the pieces."

He positions the TV beside the bomb, "One... two... three..." he pulls the switcheroo. Chelsea clamps her hand over her mouth and rushes off, "I'm going to be sick."

Nick asks, "Have you been watching DOOL again?"

Sudden banging on the door interrupts the pukalicious moment. Chelsea whines, "What are we gonna do?"

Stephanie says she pulled her tramp act to get back at Max. Kayla asks if she was supposed to move into the sorority house. "I was," says Stephanie, "until the Max and Morgan show started."

Kayla says, "You can't really fix things with him if he doesn't want to fix them."

Stephanie says, "Or with him and Morgan in front of my face."

The pounding on the door gets louder. Then, the bomb starts beeping. Umar Abhud barges in and pulls them out of the room, "GET DOWN!" The three of them lie there forever and then the beeping stops. Nick and Abhud look at each other. Umar goes back into the room to check it out. He comes back and says it was never on, "Whoever did this really wanted to scare you."

"They succeeded," says Nick, "Being locked alone in a room with Chelsea was the most frightening thing I have ever been through." Nick wants to see the boys.

"All in due time, Mr. Fallon," says Abhud.

The cops mill around the scene of the fake-bomb caper. Nick wants to know where the boys are. Now that the case is closed, Billie and Jett show up. Nick explains what happened. Jett says he is going to go find out what he can, but in the meantime, he brings Mr. Abhud over. Abhud, in turn, produces the kids. After the big reunion, Nick bawls them out for following him.

Umar sends the kids back to the police car and tells Nick their father really is alive.

"What," gasps Nick, "A DOOL character back from the dead? What will they think of next."

"It's safe for the children to be returned to him," says Umar.

Billie comes up. Inquiring minds want to know, "Who kidnapped my daughter?"

Umar explains the father's enemies wanted to use the kids for leverage, but the dastardly ne'er-do-wells have been apprehended, "The danger is over and the parents are greatly in Nick's debt."

"They certainly caught the criminals quickly," says Billie.

"That's because the Salem Police weren't involved," says Abhud.

Nick asks to talk to the kids. Umar grants his wish.

Nick goes over and gets the boys out of the car. Grab that box of Kleenex, folks. Chelsea watches as Nick has his tender goodbye. The boys, of course, wonder if Nick is going to come with them. He says he'll miss them, but can visit sometime, I want my kids to be just like you, smart, funny and great all around guys, who would be boneheaded enough to follow me into a dangerous situation like this. You know where to find me." Hugs. Artemis and DeMarquette will never forget him. High fives and the tearful exit.

Nick turns to Chelsea, who by this time is pumping more capacity than the Salem Water Works. Hugs.

It's early morning in Salem. Morgan comes into the living room, finds Max sleeping and kisses him. She says she had been out looking for Chelsea, but got a text message from her and she is OK. Max tells her about Decker the drunkard being there last night. Max says he slept on the couch after Decker left to make sure he didn't come back.

"He's a pain," says Morgan, "But a harmless one." Max thinks he's the reason Cordy is dropping out.

Dr. Kayla dulls Stephanie's case of Poormeitis with drugs and tells her she doesn't have to move back into the sorority. She thinks Stephanie might meet another guy. Stephanie don' wan' no other stinkin' guy. Patch comes in and announces that Dr. Johnson has a page from the hospital. Kayla leaves to check it out.

Patch tries to be cheerful, "What's the word?"


Stephanie apologizes for not being a better daughter. Patch thinks she's perfect. He says he's clueless as to what they were talking about but if it was about Max, he might be able to help. He makes his best shot at sounding like he knows what he's talking about, "For most guys it's all about geography. You know, where is she gonna be and how often can I see her." Stephanie acts like that actually meant something.

Patch goes on, "Adrienne told me the Heart has been really busy since the auction. She might be able to use your help there. If you don't want to work with Max, I'll shut up."

"Tell him you don't want to work with max," chants the audience.

Max asks if Morgan asked Cordy about her date with Ford. Morgan thinks maybe the date was just a bust. Max asks, "If Ford did something to Cordy, what's to stop him from doing it to another girl."

Jett comes up to Chelsea. Chelsea ask, "Did you finally stop bleeding?"

He says he missed her. She says she's been pretty busy at school. He says he likes his job and has been hoping to run into her on campus. He thought they had started something. He wonders if he did or said something to hurt her. Chelsea brushes it off. She says she just thinks their schedules are too busy. Jett asks he out to dinner.

Chelsea shoots him down and goes over to Nick. They talk about the boys and the empty apartment Nick has to go back to. Chelsea takes his hand. Jett watches.

Chelsea asks Nick to take her back to the Felta house. Jett butts in and says he can take her. Nick says he will do it and goes for the car. Jett tells Chelsea it looks like maybe she and Nick are "on again." Chelsea says the relationship has been on and off for a while, "Last night Nick showed me the type of guy he is. He is a whiz at disarming unarmed bombs."

Jett asks, "So does that mean dinner's out?"

The poor guy can't get a straight answer. Billie interrupts with a hug from Bo. She tells Billie Nick is taking her back to the sorority house. As Billie leaves to tie up loose ends she says, "Don't ever scare me like that again."

Jett asks about dinner, "Is that a no?"

"It's an 'I'll call you,'" says Chelsea.

Patch thinks if they work together Max will realize he wants Stephanie. Stephanie thinks Max will know it was a setup. She apologizes for being such a slut with Jeremy.

Patch says, "Live and learn, right?"

Stephanie just wants to be more like Kayla, "She wouldn't get into stupid situations, like having a husband who flies off the handle and spends a lot of time in mental institutions."

Patch tells her it took Kayla years to become as screwed up as she is, "Making mistakes is human."

"I'm definitely human," says Stephanie. The jury is still out on that.

Kayla comes in. She says she got someone to cover for her at the hospital because God forbid she should have to work. She asks for coffee. Patch will get some and invites Stephanie to breakfast.

"Can I put my two cents in," says Kayla.

"Can I stop you," asks Stephanie.

"Take a leap of faith and let Max go," says Kayla, "Start over with somebody new."

Chelsea and Nick sit on the couch back at the sorority. Chelsea wonders is Nick ever thought they would wind up together on the couch like this after their big adventure this evening, "China Lee knew you would take care of the boys. I've been thinking about all the times you've tried to save me or make me think I'm special. You're a hero, Nick, and I love you for that." Nick dives in for his 'thank you.'

Billie and Jett come back as the cops clean up. Jett wants to go get some sleep. "Its' our first Halloween on campus," says Billie, "Nobody is gonna be sleeping."

Jett asks, "Has Chelsea mentioned me? I feel like I might have ticked her off or something."

Billie tells him to talk to Chelsea herself after breakfast, "Come on – I'll treat."

"All I want is breakfast," says Jett.

Max and Morgan sneak in and advise Nick and Chelsea to come up for air. "Don't you have something better to do," asks Nick.

"As a matter of fact I do," says Mas, as he and Morgan head upstairs. Chelsea's jaw hits the floor.

Chelsea invites Nick to stay. Nick says he has to face the empty apartment sometime. Chelsea asks, "Do you want me to come with you?" He says he doesn't. Chelsea tells him about the big Halloween party the sorority is throwing tonight. She asks him to come, "If your red cape is not at the cleaner."

"Tights optional," he asks. Chelsea says she's going as the devil. Nick decides to wear his collar, "Maybe I'll break a few commandments."

Kayla and Stephanie in bed. Patch barges in, "All right! Family bed!" He climbs in and tells Stephanie Adrienne needs help at the Cheatin' Heart. Stephanie will think about it.

She heads to shower and then will join them for breakfast.

Patch climbs back in. "Imagine that," says Kayla, "A job where Max works. You're a hopeless romantic." He asks what Stephanie was crying about. She tells him she blew things out of proportion.

"So that's all I get," says He asks.

"She just made some mistakes," says Kayla.

"I can tell you one thing that wasn't a mistake," says Patch, "Us."

Patch looks around to check if the coast is clear and then they both dive under the covers. It's been so long, Patch can't remember what to do next.

Outside, Stephanie cries, "You'll never forgive me Max. Not after last night."


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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Have a great weekend, gang.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Max arrives at the sorority house. As he talks things over with the girls, Nick rushes in, "Max, I got your message, what do you want?"

Max asks, "Have you seen Chelsea tonight?

Nick is still out of breath, "No."

"Well," says Max, "No one can find her."

Nick asks, "Did she turn sideways again?"

Max says, "No, it's not that we can't see her, she's actually missing... gone."

Max gives him the details. Nick thinks it's weird. Morgan tells him about the rapist. Nick calls Billie.

Sami and Lucas sit in her hospital bed. "I wish it could be like this forever," says Sami.

"You mean just us, together," asks Lucas.

"No," says Sami, "I mean with you not talking." Smooches. EJ watches and leaves. Sami tells Lucas there is no choice. Lucas wishes Stefano would wake up dead. He wonders why Sami doesn't just string them along until Stefano dies. Sami says Stefano is smarter than that and tells him about the quickie divorce in Santo Domingo. It looks like Ludicrous may soon be 3 for 3 when it comes to his marriage-quickie divorce ratio.

Kate looks at the kids in the nursery and flashes back to one of her many disownments. A significant zapping opportunity if there ever was one.

Kate sighs, looks at the kids and says, "Your daddy is angry at me right now but I will find a way to make sure we are together for all the Days Of Our Lives. I will spoil you like your father."

EJ comes up behind her, "Which father?" He asks if when Lucas takes them home she will ever see them again. He thinks it was a nice performance in Sami's room when Kate told them the boy looked like Lucas. EJ thinks she's terrified Lucas has banished her, "What would you say if I said I could give you your son back?"

The group at the sorority house fills Billie in on the things that happened at the party, and Chelsea leaving because of the call from security. Billie calls to verify her office called Chelsea. Jett gets right on it. "What did Chelsea look like," asks the security whiz.

"Has it been that long since you've seen her," asks Max.

Billie asks for more details. Her phone rings. She goes off to answer it as the group organizes a search. A somber Billie returns, "That was Jett. No one from our office called Chelsea. She was set up."

Lucas argues. Lucas accuses. Lucas huffs. Lucas rants. He ain't grantin' no stinkin' divorce. Sami says, "You agreed I had to marry EJ."

Lucas snorts, "Yeah, well I take it back. I don't agree to anything."

John Kerry watches, "And they accused me of flip-flopping."

Kate asks what EJ wants. He wants Kate to convince Lucas to divorce Sami. "Been there done that," says Kate, "It doesn't work. Besides I think Sami is already planning to divorce him without me getting involved."

EJ thinks she is but Lucas isn't on board. EJ guarantees Lucas' forgiveness if she cooperates, "What do you say?" Kate stares.

Bambi bounces downstairs with flashlights. The search party assembles. Billie announces that she got the police working on it.

"Darn it," says Morgan, "We were really hoping to find her. Besides, I thought you had to wait 24 hours before the cops would look for a missing person." Billie says she was able to pull strings because Chelsea's father is a cop.

As Billie leaves, Ford comes in, "This better be good. I was in the middle of a hot, crazy dream."

Max tells Ford about Chelsea's disappearance, "Do you know where she is?"

Johnny cries and interrupts Kate and EJ. Kate goes over and quiets him. "You have a way with kids," says EJ.

"There are a lot of things about me that would surprise you," says Kate, "When Lucas was a small kid I could quiet him just by whispering in his ear. It really didn't even matter what I said. But now the last thing he wants to hear is his mommy's voice. The bond between us is broken." EJ insists the bond between them is stretched but not broken. He works on Kate to let him help her. Kate is skeptical. She thinks she's better off playing the contrite mother, "EJ, this time you are on your own."

Sami and Lucas argue about whether or not she should marry EJ. Sami thinks the DiMeras are dangerous and Lucas shouldn't mess with them. "I'm dangerous too," says Lucas, "It's time I proved that."

Ford insists he doesn't know where Chelsea is. Nick leaves to start looking for her. Outside, he gets a call. Chelsea blubbers, "Nick... I'm in trouble. You have to help!"

Lucas decides he isn't going to play fair. When he goes trick-or-treating at the DiMera mansion, after they give him his candy, he'll trick them anyway. Sami says she knows EJ is in love with her and she will use that to destroy him and his entire family.

EJ continues to work on Kate. Kate tells him to get lost. "Your son has a lot of clout with Samantha," says EJ.

"That's love," says Kate, "You wouldn't know anything about that."

EJ points out he and Kate have common goals and he will be disappointed if Sami and Lucas don't get divorced because Kate failed to help.

The Glove yanks the phone away from Chelsea, "If you ever want to see her again, do want I say. I'm going to give you an address. If I see the police I'll kill her." Nick gets the address and writes it on a piece of scratch paper.

We here at Prevuze have an advantage you don't. We have seen the rest of this ridiculous episode. At this point, the only thing that makes sense would be, instead of heading for the mystery address, Nick runs home and leaves the piece of paper with the address on it sitting out where it is visible. The DOOL writers do not have to thank us for clearing up this gaping hole in the imbecilic plot. You may now continue reading but, as always, have those barf bags ready.

Ford gets defensive with Max. They trade threats. Ford is looking forward to wiping the floor with Max. Max is looking forward to cleaning the floor himself. Ford snorts, "I'm outta here."

Sami thinks it will be fun running EJ around in circles. Then she can go back to Lucas and run him in circles. Lucas says EJ won't let her go. He refuses the divorce. Sami gets nasty, "I'm doing this, Lucas, with or without you."

Kate thinks she can win her son back on her own. She watches as a nurse walks up to the twins cribs, removes the signs saying "ROBERTS," and replaces them with signs that say, "HORTON." Kate yanks the dagger from her heart and cries.

Morgan comes back. No news. Max is going to the police station to fill them in while Morgan hangs around the house, "I'm sure Chelsea will be OK, but will you."

"Of course," says Morgan, "I'm tough... a steel magnolia." Max doesn't trust Ford and thinks Morgan should tell him he's not welcome back there again.

Nick enters the sleazy dump. As he sneaks toward the interior, Artemis and DeMarquette come running up. He asks how they got there. They found the address in the apartment and caught a cab, of course. They tell him that's something they did in Vegas all the time. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you're a kid smart enough to catch a cab out of town. Nick wants them out of there. He hears a noise and decides it's too late, so he asks them to hide and stay quiet. They want to help, but Nick convinces them to stay back. He turns and walks into the jaws of death.

"Welcome, Mr. Fallon," says Mr. Creep.

"What have you done with Chelsea," he asks.

"She's fine," says Creepo. Nick says he wants proof, but doesn't wait. He rushes the dude. Creepo brushes him off and says, "Try that again and she dies."

From the bowels of hell, we hear Chelsea whimpering, "Nick! Please help!"

Lucas thinks a quickie divorce is not the answer. Sami argues. "Let me protect my family from the DiMeras," says Lucas.

"Who's going to protect us from you," asks Sami.

Kate drones, "My son has now removed all traces of me from his life. He ran down to the courthouse while Sami was getting her sponge bath and changed his name. My name. He said he would do it, but I thought he was just angry."

EJ asks, "What do you have to lose now? I can get your son back. Let me help you."

Chelsea screams for help. Nick says it will be OK. He asks the guy what he wants. Of course, he wants the kids, "And I'm getting impatient." Nick says they are with the sitter, and then rushes Creepo. They roll around on the floor.

Kate agrees to work with EJ, "Provided you do what I want."

"Lucas will come running," says EJ, "I promise that."

Kate asks, "How will you accomplish that?"

"By hurting you." Suddenly, Kate sees a few flaws in the plan.

Sami and Lucas yammer on. Just let good ole Lucas handle it and things will be OK. Sami agrees. Lucas scoots her over, gets in and hugs her. He asks her to try to sleep. Sami coos, "Lucas, I love you."

"You know I love you too."

Morgan says she can't ban Ford, "He's a Decker. Even though he's a jackass, the Deckers have donated a lot of money to the school."

Max says, "In my world, people like Ford get their butts kicked for being a jackass."

That turns Morgan on, "I'd like to see that."

Max continues, "If I see him pawing another girl around here, he will find out I'm not just talk."

Morgan can't control herself now. "I like a man who's not just talk," she pants. She gives Max a hot kiss, "Hurry back." You can count on that. Max leaves. Outside the house, Max takes a look back and tries to compose himself.

Nick and Creepo continue to roll around on the floor. Artemis and DeMarquette rush up to help Nick. Creepo has Nick in a combo headlock, half-nelson anaconda-vice hold.

Nick looks up and sees the kids, "RUN!"

The kids take off and Creepo gets up to chase them. Nick grabs his foot and DOWN GOES CREEPO. He gets up, turns and punches Nick in the gut. Nick collapses and Creepo shoves him into a dark room.

Chelsea stands there shaking, "I'm standing on a bomb, Nick. If I move, it's gonna go off."

Nick surveys the scene, "You mean your weight is all that's keeping the bomb from exploding?"



EJ thinks they have to do something to make Lucas think Kate's life is in danger. Kate is sarcastic, "Assuming he cares whether I live or die."

"He's your son," says EJ, "He loves you. We have to set up an encounter where your life is threatened. It will work. Do we have a deal?"

"Lucas can never know," says Kate, "If he finds out, the deal is off."

"My lips are sealed," says EJ. He says he has to go make arrangements, but promises it will be fun.

After EJ leaves, Kate staggers up to the nursery window and looks at the Horton kids, "I have to do it – so that we can be together."

Lucas and Sami snooze. Sami dreams and whimpers. She hears EJ reeling off all the names in the Brady family as well as a few others, "Eric Brady... Carrie Brady... Rex Brady... John Black... Marlena Evans... Max the dog... Sami "wakes up" and gets out of bed. She walks into a dark mass morgue. Bodies lie covered on tables. Sami whines, "Lucas, what's happening?" A hooded figure approaches.

One of the bodies sits up. The shroud covering him falls. John turns and looks at Sami. Sami jumps out of her skin, "JOHN! YOU'RE DEAD!"

Zombie John talks in a monotone, "We're all dead, Sami." Sami looks at a toe tag, "Hope Brady." She looks at another, "Marlena Evans." She backs off crying, "How is this possible." John comes up to her. "Who did this," asks Sami.

"You did."

Sami cries, "I can stop this."

"You'd better hurry," says the zombie.

All the zombies sit up. Sami bawls, "I'm not gonna let this happen."

PrevuzeThe hooded figure comes closer. He lowers the hood. Sami stares at horrifying zombie EJ.


Lucas wakes Sami and says it was just a dream. Sami panics, "Lucas, I'm getting a divorce. I don't care what you say I'm getting it."


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Marriage From Hell

Trick or treaters walk through Salem in really scary costumes, carrying big packages to hold their candy. They go from door to... oops... sorry... it's just Chelsea and Stephanie meeting up. Nick isn't helping them move into the sorority house because he couldn't find a sitter for Artemis and DeMarquette.

Stephanie thinks they could have left some of the heavy stuff for Nick. They're excited about living in the IFT house. They decide to go in and find out if they are rooming together.

Ford invites Max to their next frat party. The girls come in and Morgan runs up to greet them. She tells them there are two beds available. One is upstairs in a single room, and one is with Cordy. Chelsea decides to room with Cordy. She leaves Stephanie to lug her stuff upstairs. Stephanie watches Max and Morgan and stews.

Kate status: Not Disowned.

Kate looks at her grandkids in the nursery. Nincomplucas comes up. Kate begs, "They're my grandchildren, Lucas. Please don't shut me out of their lives."

Sami sits up in bed eating something green. We'd best not go there. EJ walks in. Sami insists Lucas is the twins' father. EJ is positive he fathered one of them. They argue. EJ says, "You have to admit your son is the spitting image of me."

Sami says, "Shut up. We're going to get something straight right now."

The girls unpack in Chelsea's room. Stephanie thinks Morgan and Max are getting serious. Chelsea says, "We both know you have feelings for Max."

Stephanie doesn't want to talk about it. She suggests asking Cordy to move so they can be roommates. They go out into the main area to party.

Max asks, "Are Chelsea and Stephanie are moving in?"

"No," says Morgan, "They just hauled ten tons of stuff in here because we're having a rummage sale."

Max seems preoccupied. Morgan asks, "Is there something I should know about?"

Kate status: Not Disowned.

Kate thanks Lucas for staying.

"I still want you out of my life," he growls.

Kate status: Disowned.

She asks if her grandkids are going to be banished from her life as well. Lucas says one of them may not be his. Kate says he will be the father no matter whose kid it is. Lucas tells her they found the guy who hit John. It was Andre's cellmate.

"So Sami was right," says Kate, "The DiMeras killed John. Is Stefano going to get away with it again? If it is Stefano, that is." Lucas is positive it was. Kate says he doesn't know that for sure, "Stefano has always enjoyed playing with his victims, not killing them." Lucas thinks Kate should be happy about the situation. She says she isn't.

Sami tells EJ the son doesn't look like him, "He could start talking with a British accent and that wouldn't change my mind." She says their marriage will be in name only. She also tells him about John's murderer being Andre's old cellmate. EJ claims he doesn't know anything about it. He says he can't speak for Stefano, however. Sami tells him he's probably glad he's got her under his thumb. EJ says he doesn't. He fell in love with her because she is her own person. He asks her to make the best of it, as something similar to Santeen music plays in the background. Sami says she wants nothing to do with him, but she is stuck with him, "If I were you, I'd be prepared for the marriage from hell."

Max tells Morgan he has already told her everything about Stephanie. Morgan presses. Max goes through the Jeremy thing, "So what if I told you I wanted to go back to her?"

"Then," says Morgan, "I'd be on my merry way."

"And what if I said I'm not having any more encounters with Stephanie," he asks.

Morgan smiles, "Then I might want to hang exclusively."

Stephanie goes up to check out her room. Ford asks Chelsea where she is going. Upstairs. "What," gasps Ford, "With a party goin' on down here?" He tells her Cordy has serious issues. He says he spent a bundle on dinner, she ate two bites and wanted to leave. He thinks she's weird and insecure. Suddenly, slime oozes, "But I think you're the kind of girl who would want to stay to the end of dinner and maybe have dessert."

News Bulletin! Sami tells EJ she is just doing this to end the vendetta. News Bulletin! EJ wants to fall in love but will accept the fact it won't happen. He asks if she thinks he's happy to marry a woman who hates him. Sami knows what the stakes are. EJ advises her not to mess with this, "John black is dead because you changed your mind."

"Gee," says Sami, "And I thought it was because a car slammed into him."

Kate status: Disowned.

Lucas lectures Kate. He says she never could let him make his own decisions. He knows she tried everything to keep him away from Sami, "We would have already been married for years if not for you. I kept forgiving you because you're my mother. You repay me by getting involved with Stefano. I've already filled out the forms. From now on I'm Lucas Horton. I'm through being your son."

Kate status: Disowned and disgraced.

Kate sulks off. Lucas catches up and says she forced him to do this. Kate insists she loves him. Lucas thinks maybe she does in her own little way. Kate is desperate. She agrees to stop seeing Stefano, even though she needs the money. She will prove she had nothing to do with Sami marrying EJ. She breaks down, "I can't lose you."

Kate status: Up in the air.

Cold-hearted Lucas Horton says, "You already have."

Kate status: Disowned.

Sami says, "Welcome back EJ."


"That's the real EJ I just heard," says Sami, "You're threatening again."

EJ says it's not a threat. He was just reminding her what happened with John. He wants her to decide if she is truly committed to ending the vendetta. If she isn't, he thinks she will spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder, "Stefano won't walk away from his decision. Choose wisely, Samantha."

Chelsea laughs at the dessert remark. She thinks it was a lot like something Jeremy would say, "We're so not happening, Ford." Lucky guy.

Max asks, "Are you asking me out?"

Morgan says, "That depends on whether you are really available."

"If I am?"

"You should talk to Stephanie," says Morgan.

"I don't need to," says Max, "She chose Jeremy and I think I'm choosing you. But your family is wealthy. They won't want you dating a bartender. A half-witted girl-smuggling ring dupe would be OK, but a bartender – never."

"They'd get over it," says Morgan, "Maybe I can make you happy in return."

Max makes his decision, "Your parents will have to deal with it. I don't want to see anyone else. Lets give it a shot." Kiss. Stephanie watches.

Cordy walks through the room. Ford grabs her arm, "Hey, wanna dance?"

"EEEEEEKKKKKKK!" Cordy peels out. The shocked crowd watches.

Stephanie and Chelsea run after Cordy. Morgan asks Ford what he did.

Ford plays dumb, "I just asked her to dance and she flipped out." Morgan says it's guys like Ford who give the Greek system a bad rep. Morgan heads for Cordy's room as Max gives Ford the evil eye.

Cordy sits in her room in the fetal position and cries. Morgan asks her to unlock the door. Cordy doesn't budge so Morgan uses her passkey. She stoops down and asks what's wrong. Cordy says she is just tired.

"Of what," asks Morgan.

"Of this place," bawls Cordy, "...Of school." She informs them she dropped all her classes and is leaving.

Kate status: Disowned.

Little Johnny and the nameless girl fuss. Kate watches, "Goodbye my darlings." She tells Lucas she's leavening as the nurse wheels the twins out for dinner. She gives them to Lucas to take to Sami. Kate thinks he's going to be a wonderful father. She walks off. Lucas tells her to wait.

Kate status: Up in the air.

EJ insists he isn't trying to pressure Sami, "I just want us to get married ASAP." He thinks if they fly to Santo Domingo she can be divorced within 24 hours. Sami says she will talk to Lucas about it.

Ford makes the rounds. He walks up to Carmen and whispers in her ear. Carmen's jaw hits the floor and she takes off. Max goes up to Ford, "Not having much luck with the ladies?"

"It's not that," says Ford, "I'm just trying to be nice. You know, my date was crazy."

"Are you talking about her or yourself," asks Max.

"Sorority girls want to play with fire, but cry when they get burned," says Ford. He leaves to grace another girl with his presence.

Morgan tries to convince Cordy to stay in school. Stephanie says she knows what it feels like to be used and dumped. Chelsea asks if this is about Ford. Cordy doesn't answer. Morgan says they will support her. If she needs anything at all they are there for her. Cordy cries. They decide they are going to all miss each other. Chelsea wants to have a goodbye party. Cordy just wants to be alone, so they all leave.

Outside, Morgan has an epiphany, "Something isn't right. We'll just leave her alone tonight and maybe tomorrow she'll talk about it."

Sami decides she wants to get divorced in Salem. It will mean so much more to her. EJ thinks that will take months. Stefano will think she is stalling.

Kate status: Toss up.

Lucas brings Johnny in. EJ moves toward Lucas and the kid but Sami cuts him off, "Don't you take one more step towards my child." EJ freezes. Lucas wants to know why he is still there. Kate brings the girl in. Sami holds them both, and tells Kate it's OK for her to spend some time with them. Lucas takes the opportunity to run out into the hallway and short-sheet their cribs.

Kate status: Foot in the door.

Sami asks which one Kate thinks looks most like Lucas. Kate thinks it's the boy. Sami agrees. EJ wretches. So does Johnny. Sami and Lucas smooch. EJ thinks the girl is as beautiful as her mother.

"What are you doing here," asks Lucas. EJ decides he has overstayed his welcome and leaves.

"What was that all about," asks Lucas.

Morgan instructs a group of girls to be there for Cordy's exit.

Chelsea asks Ford why Cordy wigged out. "I don't know," says Ford, "I'm telling you, she needs meds in a big way." He walks off.

Max tells Stephanie he thinks Ford reminds him of Jeremy. Stephanie is worried about Cordy. Morgan jumps in. Max promises to watch out for the girls. Translation: Look out, girls. Max says he can't stand Ford's type of guy. Morgan and Max go off. Chelsea tells Stephanie she has to tell Max how she feels. Stephanie is tired of guys who don't want her. Max and Morgan watch as she storms out. Chelsea chases.

Kate status: Invisible.

Lucas grills Sami about EJ. Sami doesn't want to talk about it. Lucas thanks her for giving him two of the most beautiful kids he has ever seen, "They will be smart like their mommy."

Sami smiles, "Don't you mean like their daddy?"

"Only if their brains stop developing right now."

The most important thing to Lucas is Sami's happiness. Sami breaks down. She loves him and always will. Smooch. EJ listens from outside.

Kate has had enough. She starts to leave and thanks them for letting her spend time with her grandchildren. Sami tells her she can stay if she wants. Feel the love.

Kate status: One big happy family.

EJ seethes and walks away from the door, "Isn't that lovely? On the other hand that gives me a wonderful idea."

Chelsea goes into Cordy's room. She pretends to be looking for her MP3. She makes small talk with Cordy, "How did your parents feel when you told them your decision?"

"My dad was furious and my mother cried."

"Ford tried to hit on me," says Chelsea.

Cordy reels in shock, "OMG! DON'T LET HIM!" This naturally piques Chelsea's curiosity but Cordy, of course, doesn't want to talk about it. She wants Chelsea to let her alone.

Chelsea says, "If you change your mind..."

Cordy cuts her off, "I won't." Chelsea leaves. Cordy sits and stares.

Outside, Chelsea tells Morgan Cordy won't talk. "Maybe tomorrow," says Morgan, "after the suicide." She asks about Stephanie and Chelsea says she wasn't feeling well so she went home.

Once again, Carmen shoves Ford, "Get away from me, Decker!" Max tells him to get out.

"This party is dead anyway," says Ford. He leaves as Carmen thanks Max. Max turns to Morgan, "I don't like Ford."

"I'm a Chevy girl myself."

Chelsea's phone rings. She listens and hangs up, then announces that was a call from campus security. The person told her she left her car lights on, so she has to go out to turn them off. Max offers to go with her. No need, of course.

As Chelsea heads into the abyss, Morgan thanks Max for looking out for the sisters. She asks him to go out and check on Chelsea.

Outside, Chelsea fumbles for her keys. THE DREADED GLOVE CLAMPS HER MOUTH.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blubber Butt

Shawn and Phillip are in the pub arguing. For some strange reason no competent person can figure out, they both want bipolar Belle.

Shawn lays down the law to Phillip, "Leave Belle alone. She's off limits to you."

"Not for long," growls Phillip.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Phillip smirks, "She's miserable. Maybe if you paid attention you'd realize that." Shawn tells him to get out.

Phillip claims he is the one who makes Belle happy, "So what are you gonna do about it?"

Shawn says he doesn't have to do a damn thing. He claims Belle loves him and will marry him, "I'm done with you."

Phillip says, "No. Belle is done with you."

Hope wants the juicy details. Belle stammers and tries to deflect the questioning. Hope runs through the evidence, "You're wearing a robe. You're crying. The sheets are ripped off the bed. The vase is broken. The flashing neon sign outside the door says, "Belle and Phillip's love nest." The truth is written all over your face. You didn't just cheat on Shawn? You didn't just have sex here in this room with Phillip?" Ciara becomes uncomfortable with the line of questioning.

Sami is asleep in the bed in her hospital room. Lucas kisses her and inspects the twins. After looking into their eyes he can see they aren't strangers. They're everyone they've ever loved, "You're everybody all wrapped up into two little bundles of joy." He hopes they don't have too much of their old man in there, though; Just their mommy, "One more thing, your daddy loves you... already." Fortunately, seats in the audience have been equipped with barf bags.

Bo and Abe walk into the hallway of a seedy apartment building. Bo can't wait to get his hands on this guy. He and Abe knock and Roman answers. Harry Jenks sits there in a chair demanding his rights, "I don' know what youse guys want. I keeps my nose clean."

Bo asks who hired him to run over John. Harry snorts, "I ain't sayin' nothin' until I see my lawyer."

Abe takes a phone out, "Send a squad car over to pick up EJ Wells. We have a guy here claiming neither he nor EJ had anything to do with John's death. That's enough evidence for me to put them both away for life."

"Besides," says Harry, "Youse guys don't have no search warrant."

"A what," asks Bo.

"I think it's that thing in your pocket you made out your grocery list on earlier," says Abe.

Bo pulls it out and shows it to him, "But give it back to me. Hope will kill me if I forget to pick those things up at the store. You're going to jail."

Abe gets off the phone, "His real name is Jake Hinero. He just got out of prison for writing for DOOL."

The cop shows up at the door with EJ. We go through the perfunctory amenities and then EJ gives Jake a quizzical look.

Sami sleeps. Lucas picks up the fussy little girl. He flashes forward to 2013. He's in the pub with the girl. Sami and EJ come in. Johnny just won his first dressage competition. The girl begs for a horse. Lucas says he can't afford one. He reminds her she got violin lessons instead. "Oh," says Sami, "Is she studying with Jonathan Martin also?"

"Who is that," asks Lucas.

"He's the first-chair violinist with the Cleveland Symphony. Our little John is taking lessons from him."

"Oh," says Lucas, "No. She's taking lessons from her school music teacher." It's been wonderful, but they have to rush to get little Johnny to his fencing lessons. Sami follows EJ, and on the way out, gives Lucas a pitiful look.

The little girl lays into Lucas, "Why does Johnny get everything, and I don't. I HATE YOU!"

Phillip says Shawn hasn't even decided what he wants to be when he grows up. Fortunately, Shawn has a lot of time to think about it. Phillip says he knows how Belle really feels, "I just inspected her."

Hope grills. Belle denies. "Were you trying to get caught," yells Hope, "I have to go talk to Shawn.

Belle blubbers, "No! You can't!"

"I want the truth now," snaps Hope, "And I want it out of your mouth."

Belle weeps, "I'm sorry. I don't know how it happened. Please don't hate me. It's not an affair. I was vulnerable.

Hope won't let her use John's death as an excuse. She backs the little tramp into a corner and slices her to ribbons.

Shawn says whatever Phillip and Belle had is over. Not surprisingly, Phillip doesn't think so. Shawn says, "You're never having Belle in your life or bed again."

Phillip throws down the gauntlet, "Who says she isn't already there?"

ARE YOU READY TO RRRUUUMMMBBBLLLLEEE? Shawn throws a roundhouse right and the melee is on. This is a good one. They take turns breaking furniture over each other's head. Shawn picks up a spray can and gives Phillip an eyeful. As they roll across the floor, the pub comes crashing down around them.

Lucas says he doesn't care if his kid isn't a prodigy as long as they don't inherit something from him. Coincidentally, scientists just recently isolated the pranksterism gene.

Lucas fast-forwards several years as Preppy John and his nauseating friends walk into the pub. The amorphous blob that the little girl has become sits at the bar crying in her beer. One of the snot-boys asks John, "Isn't that your sister?"

John corrects him, "She's my half sister."

"She doesn't look anything like you," says another one of the Preppies.

"She doesn't look like anything to me," says another.

Preppy number one shouts, "Hey, Blubber Butt, do you know why God invented alcohol? So fat chicks can get laid too."

The preppies decide to blow this dump, "This place is for losers."

Blubber Butt cries.

Lucas snaps out of it, "No. It isn't going to be like that. You won't make the same mistakes I did."

EJ claims he has never seen this guy before.

"Yeah," mumbles Jake, "I don't hang around with pretty boys." The NASCAR poster in the background proves it. Well, that does it for the Salem cops. They haul EJ down there to have him and Jake say they don't know each other and they let EJ go. That is some fine police work.

After EJ leaves, Roman says, "It's looking like the DiMeras didn't have anything to do with John's death. Case closed. Let's head for that Donut Emporium around the corner."

Well, not so fast. Abe gets off the phone with a new piece of information. He has discovered Andre's cellmate in jail was none other than Jake. Not only that, Roman presses random buttons on Jake's phone and finds a speed dial to Andre. Abe grabs Jake and reads him his rights as he hauls him off.

"There it is," says Bo, "Black and white – The DiMeras put the hit out on John. What are you going to tell Sami?"

"Nothing," says Roman. Bo thinks she has a right to know. Roman has to go see the new babies but he vows not to break her heart today.

Lucas sits by Sami, "I'll do everything I can to protect my kid, but what about when I'm not around any more?"

Blubber Butt walks up to a pair of tombstones. Lucas Horton. Samantha Wells DiMera. John the snot joins her, "It's a pity they died so young."

"My father died of a broken heart," she blubs.

Johnny taunts, "And you will die of cirrhosis of the liver."

"I never stopped loving my dad."

"That was your mistake."

Blubber Butt grovels, "Could you lend me a little money?"

Johnny Boy tosses a couple of large bills onto the ground, "There... so you can die a little quicker." Blubber Butt blubbers.

Lucas stares.

Shawn and Phillip tear the pub apart. Phillip slams Shawn's head onto the bar over and over again. Caroline comes running out, "STOP! STOP! That bar is expensive mahogany! " She runs after Phillip with a shillelagh, "Knock it off! Get out of here!"

On his way out, Phillip tosses a wad-o-cash onto one of the few tables left and tells Caroline that will cover the damages.

Caroline grabs Shawn and picks up where Phillip left off. Shawn promises to clean things up and leaves. Caroline rages. She calls Bo, "You'd better get down here! Shawn needs you!"

Belle claims she hasn't been chasing Phillip. She never meant to hurt Shawn. She wishes she could take the moment back. She was confused and Phillip was there. Hope says her heart breaks for Belle's loss but she won't accept her using that for a reason to cheat, "How could you?" The water works flows.

Belle agrees – What she did was horrible, but she swears it will never happen again. Hope says her instincts say he should tell Shawn the truth. Belle insists Shawn is her life. If she loses him she couldn't take it, "I need him."

Hope relents, "All right. I'll keep your secret. And hold it over your head forever."

Belle sniffles, "Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet," says Hope, "There is one condition. You cut Phillip out of your life completely."

Shawn uses a wet-vac to clean up the blood. Bo comes in, "How many times have I told you, if you wanna fight you take it outside." Technically, the way they tore up the pub, they are outside at the moment. Shawn tells Bo what Phillip said about Belle.

Bo snorts, "What is he? freaking crazy?" He realizes he just wasted precious breath. Bo says he talked to the commander. Apparently he got a letter questioning Shawn's worth as an applicant. Shawn thinks Phillip must have sent it.

Sami wakes. "How do you feel," asks Lucas.

"I feel like I got sucker punched by a Mack truck," says Sami. Roman comes in. He has seen the kids and thinks they are gorgeous. He hands Sami a couple of teddy bears the size of live grizzlies. She tells Roman about EJ's new demand for DNA tests. Sami senses something is wrong with Roman. He says he's just shocked the idea of having tests came up again.

Sami asks about the killer. Roman says they are running down some leads. He tells her to rest and not worry about EJ, and then leaves.

EJ looks at the twins in the nursery and smiles.

A nurse walks up, "Which one is yours?"

"Does it matter," asks EJ, "They are both perfect. So full of promise."

The nurse points at the boy, "He looks like he must be yours. I think he's full of something else."

Lucas thinks Roman acted strange. Sami thought he was more upset about the DNA tests than he should have been. Lucas thinks EJ wants to sink his hooks into Sami, "I want him away from us for all the Days Of Our Lives." He suggests leaving Salem for good. They have to stop the show and break for commercial because of all the cheering.

Bo advises Shawn to stop playing into Phillip's hands, "Trust the woman you love. Let Phillip spin his wheels. You do trust her don't you?"

The poor boy sighs, "Yeah I do."

Belle says Phillip is out of her life for good. She swears she won't let Hope down and thanks her for doing this. Hope says she isn't doing it for Belle. She is doing it for Shawn. If she suspects Belle is still seeing Phillip, she will tattle.

Hope grabs Ciara, "Let's go see daddy." Shawn knocks. He and Bo come in. Belle frets about the face wounds. Hope gives Belle a dirty look as she and Bo leave.

Shawn admires the new sheets. Belle admires his new face. Shawn asks, "Didn't you just change the sheets yesterday?"

"I got bored with them," says Belle.

Shawn knows something's up. Belle doesn't have a long enough memory to get bored with anything.

Lucas rants about EJ getting to their kids. He decides they will cross that bridge when they come to it. He says no matter what happens he will love Sami and their kids, "and will try to find a really good violin teacher for Blubber Butt." Smooch, hug.

As Belle cleans Shawn's face, he says this gives her good nursing practice. He says he just let Phillip get to him, and it won't happen again.

"That's right," says Belle, "Because he won't be around any more, except for those times he comes to visit his kid, which I am now pregnant with." Shawn asks when she decided all this. She says she just doesn't want to lose any one she loves any more. This is the best news Shawn has heard since she agreed to marry him, "Especially after what Phillip said."

"What was that," asks Belle.

"It doesn't matter," says Shawn, "I love you more than ever now. Things will be all right." Smooches.

Bo is upset the kids are off getting a bath, "How can they be dirty? They were just born."

They all just can't believe John is gone. "And his killer is trying to lay claim to our kids," says Lucas. Sami tells them about the new DNA tests. Somewhere in the interim, she has picked up a whole lot more information about the guy who hit John than she got from Roman. She asks about him, "Does he have any connection to the DiMeras?"

Bo doesn't want to talk about it, which, of course is his cue to ramble on, "He was Andre's cellmate."

"So killing John was a warning to me," says Sami. Lucas can't take it. He goes to check on the kids. Sami begs him to stay.

Lucas books. Bo chases.

Hope tells Sami she doesn't have to marry EJ. Sami claims she does.

EJ looks at the kids. He vows if one of them is his he will be the best father they could ask for, "You will be a DiMera like no other."

Hope again insists Sami doesn't have to marry EJ. Sami says she would rather spend an eternity making EJ miserable than go to another funeral.

Bo assures Lucas they will talk Sami out of marrying EJ. Lucas isn't going to let EJ ruin his family, "If he turns up dead, you know who to go after." If Lucas were any smarter he'd be a hammer.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Den Of Sin

Phillip tells Belle if she gives the word he will stay out of her life for good. Belle shuts the door. It seems she doesn't want him out of her life, "I couldn't bear it." Hot kiss. Down we go. Belle gasps, "I can't!" Oh yes she can.

Downstairs, Hope prepares for Halloween at the pub. Shawn comes up and gives her the bombshell about his police academy enrollment. He starts to go upstairs.

Phillip and Belle romp.

Hope calls Shawn back. She wants to know what happened with the academy. "I broke the law," says Shawn, "They frown on that. Sometimes, anyway. Somebody tipped them off."

Hope asks, "Shawn, who would do that?"

"Other than Claire?"

Upstairs, clothes fly. Phillip removes his jacket... his leg.

Sami lies in bed with her babies' bed next to her. Lucas comes in and admires them. He thinks Marlena was amazing delivering them. Sami thinks Lucas was, too. "How so," asks Lucas.

"You didn't pass out."

Lucas is sorry he wasn't there for Will's birth, "But I will be there for the next one. And the next... and the next... and the next..."

Sami cuts him off. She thinks fathering all those babies would tire out EJ. They decide to choose a name for the baby girl. Sami likes the "J" theme, "How about Julia?"

"Julia Roberts is taken."

"Julia Horton isn't," says Sami, "How about Jane... no... sounds too 1950's."

How about Jezebel," asks Lucas.

Sami likes it. Lucas says he was kidding. He reminds her of Jezebel's reputation in the Bible. "Hey," says Sami, "Don't forget, she's my kid." Sami tells him he can't take what EJ said to heart.

Lucas asks, "What if he is right? What if they have different fathers?"

EJ tells Kate the twins don't resemble each other. She reminds him there has been a DNA test, which proves Lucas is the father.

Marlena asks a lab tech about the DNA test. The tech tries to reassure her. She offers to rerun the test. Marlena isn't sure that will go over well with Sami. EJ sneaks and listens.

Hope reminds Shawn Phillip was trying to help him find a job a few months ago. Shawn thinks Phillip did that to get to Belle. He tells her about the little interruption at the church.

Upstairs... monkey sex devolves.

Hope says Belle just lost her father, "She has a lot going on." Translation, What goes on inside Belle's mind is an E-Ride at Disneyland. Hope wonders if Phillip would take advantage of her under the circumstances, "Besides, Shawn Douglas Brady, it takes two. Belle loves you."

Upstairs... Phillip takes a different kind of E-Ride.

Sami thinks the babies are Lucas', "We already have the DNA tests."

Lucas inspects the kids and says he thinks they don't look that different, "They're both ugly. But EJ will keep pushing us. We will just push back."

EJ tells Kate if he is right he and Sami will be bonded for life. Kate doesn't think she will ever fall in love with him.

Marlena interrupts, "You raped my daughter and stand here and gloat about it? You have caused unspeakable pain. DAMN YOU!"

SLAP! That one will be worth a rewind or two.

Hope says if Belle had feelings for Phillip she wouldn't have agreed to marry Shawn. "It's not Belle I don't trust," says Shawn, "It's Phillip."

Upstairs... feel the trust.

Shawn thinks Phillip is the one who ratted him out. Hope says, "Belle doesn't care what you do... garbage man... mechanic... Do you know why she doesn't care?"

"She can't tell the difference?"

Shawn says he filled the police academy application out honestly, and now they have a problem with him. He thinks that's a red flag. Hope tells him not to show Belle his insecurities "Don't show her you are consumed with jealousy."

Upstairs... Belle is consumed with something else. She scoots down and kicks a vase. Over in the next county, Old Harold sits on his porch and rocks, "Did I just hear a vase crash?"

Marlena rants, "You're lucky it was only a slap. I'd just as soon kill you. You stay away from my family. Stay away from those twins."

EJ asks, "Why do you refer to them as those twins instead of Sami and Lucas' twins? You sound if you have doubts about the father. There is a possibility that I fathered one of those babies."

Marlena says, "Well, I wouldn't buy any birth announcements quite yet."

EJ offers a DNA sample. Marlena tells him not to waste his time. He thinks Marlena is dying to know the paternity as much as he is.

"What," asks Marlena, "You think I would be anxious to know if either of them were fathered by a rapist?"

"Let's keep it civil."

Marlena ignores the advice, "When I look at you, I see an insecure boy in a man's body. You're in for a hard landing."

Lucas tells Sami they have to know for sure. He wants another DNA test. Marlena interrupts.

Sami begs Marlena, "Mom, you have to help me convince Lucas not to do another test."

Marlena shoots her down, "I agree with Lucas."

Shawn would rather have Belle think he is jealous than a naïve wimp. Hope asks what Shawn will do, "Are you gonna beat him up?" She suggests a little detective work to see if Phillip is playing fair. She advises Shawn to tell Belle about the police academy incident, "She might just surprise you."

Shawn asks if she is upstairs. Hope says she hasn't seen her car, but she did see Phillip's car. Shawn stares.

Upstairs... the clothes go on even quicker than they came off. Belle blathers, "This shouldn't have happened. It was a mistake."

Phillip insists they did nothing wrong, "It couldn't have been wrong or you wouldn't have done it. It was just sex."

"And it will never happen again."

Marlena wants to erase any shadow of a doubt. Sami absolutely refuses. Translation. Wheel those tests in right now. Marlena works on her. Sami attempts a low blow, "So do you think we should have Eric and me retested."

"That was a different situation and you know it," says Marlena. She and Lucas gang up on Sami.

Sami stands her ground, "I said no and I mean it." Translation. Wheel those tests in right now.

EJ sarcastically thanks Kate for the support. Kate reminds him about John. EJ says he had nothing to do with that. "If I find out you did," says Kate, "I will kill you myself."

Shawn comes back into the pub. He went out in the parking lot and checked, "It's Phillip's car." Hope tries to calm him down before he goes upstairs, "Don't say something you'll regret.

"The only thing I regret is not saying something sooner."

Blithering Belle Babbles, "Shawn can't find out about this."

"He won't," insists Phillip, "But you aren't happy. If you love Shawn so much, why haven't you married him?" Belle ushers Phillip out. She turns and leans on the door. Oh, the agony!

Marlena plays the genetics card. She asks what if the babies get some dreaded disease that is hereditary. (On this show, it's almost a dead certainty that will happen – Just ask Pocket). She says a lab tech told her he thinks they should rerun the test because there was a discrepancy in the first one. Sami thinks EJ must've paid the tech to say that. Marlena agrees it's possible, and says they need tight security on the second test. Sami doesn't care whose DNA the twins have. She and Lucas are the parents. Lucas nearly breaks his neck doing a 180, "You know... I agree with Sami. We're not going to have the test." Sami is half shocked he supported her. She thanks him. Smooch. Weep.

Shawn asks if Hope thinks something is going on upstairs. He starts to go up as Phillip comes down adjusting his jacket and looking guilty.

Speaking of guilt, Belle wallows in it up in her room, "I'M SO SORRY!" She looks in horror at the broken vase and begins tearing the cootie-saturated bed apart.

Marlena asks for time alone with Sami. Lucas heads for the cafeteria, "She doesn't want the test." Translation. Wheel those tests in right now.

Outside, Lucas finds Kate. He asks if EJ went home. "No," says Kate, "He's getting tea or something." Lucas asks if she put EJ up to the paternity comment. "No," says Kate, "He came up with that little gem all by himself." Lucas isn't buying it. He thinks Kate would love it if one or both of the twins turned out to be EJ's. Kate reminds him they are her grandchildren. Rosemary's baby skips a generation. He reminds her she conned Nick into lying. Nonetheless, Kate denies having anything to do with EJ's comment.

Lucas thinks she would do anything to break him and Sami apart, "Even if it means losing your grandchildren."

Marlena asks what if they could do the test without EJ knowing, "The results are worth knowing."

"What if EJ is the father of one of them," asks Sami, "What if I am bonded to EJ for all the Days Of Our Lives? "

Marlena says if the proof is there that EJ is not the father, EJ might go away, "If she you really believe the kids are Lucas', you have nothing to lose by having the tests."

Phillip is cheerful, "Hey, Shawn."

"What are you doing here," growls Shawn. Hope gets out of the line of fire.

"I gave Belle a ride," says Phillip, "I also brought her home."

"What were you doing in our room," snorts Shawn.

Hope carries the elusive Ciara and knocks on Belle's door. She walks into the room and surveys the den of sin. "Ho boy," says Hope. With an emphasis on 'Ho.'

Lucas thinks it's a little late for Kate to play grandmother. Kate gives him a package. She got something for the twins. Lucas opens it up and finds silver rattles, "I hope you saved your receipts. Don't buy them anything. As far as I am concerned they have one grandmother. Lucas PDA beeps. He takes it out of his pocket and looks at the message, which is his monthly reminder to disown his mother. "Looks like I made it in just under the wire," he says. He asks how she knew Sami was in labor, "Did EJ tell you?"

"At least someone told me," says Kate.

Lucas asks if she is the one who set EJ free. Kate dodges. EJ comes up. Lucas gets defensive, "So, you're still here?"

EJ is smug, "Well, I'm family and there is a celebration going on."

"Not for you," growls Lucas, "Those children are mine."

"We'll find out soon enough," says EJ. Lucas proves his irrelevance by telling him Sami has decided not to have the second DNA test. He suggests EJ take his tea and crumpets and leave. Behind them, the hospital techs soak it in. "You are making a spectacle of yourself," says EJ.

Lucas says, "I don't care! You raped my wife and think you can take my kids too. I'll kill you before I let you marry her and take our children!"

One tech turns to the other, "This is as stupid as some of the stuff they have on Days Of Our Lives."

Shawn gets in Phillip's face. Phillip claims he walked Belle to her door. They argue. Phillip says, "You and Belle have hit a rough Patch. Don't take it out on me."

"Leave Belle alone," says Shawn, "She is off limits!"

"Not for long," says Phillip, "She's miserable and maybe if you paid attention you'd know that. I'm sorry it has to be that way but I'll always love her and she'll always love me."

Golly gee. Belle is surprised to see Hope. Hope looks around the love nest, "What happened in here?" Belle says she knocked the vase over doing laundry. "You've been crying," says the ever-observant Hope. Belle claims it's because of John.

Hope seethes, "I love my son and there is nothing I won't do to protect him. I want to know what happened between you and Phillip here. I want the truth and I want it now!"

Lucas threatens to kill EJ with his bare hands if he has to, just as soon as the Salem High School wrestling team is available to hold EJ down for him. Lucas walks off. The techs watch.

Sami is on the phone with Eric, "Yeah, another set of twins. So when are you coming to Salem... OK Maybe we can meet in Colorado." Nurse Johanna interrupts. She says she has come to take a DNA sample.

Sami tells Eric she will call back. Marlena asks Johanna, "Could you give us another minute?" Johanna leaves.

Marlena tires again to convince Sami. Sami admits she's scared, "What if EJ is the father of both of them?" Marlena reminds her Lucas was supportive when they thought that before. Sami tells her to ask for the nurse.

Johanna comes back in. Marlena wants the results ASAP. "We can probably have them in 24 hours," says Johanna. Marlena doesn't want anyone to let the tests out of sight. She will walk to the lab with Johanna. Johanna asks Sami if she should take the samples now.

"The sooner the better," says Sami, "I hope we get the answers we're looking for."

Meanwhile, inside Belle, Phillip's quadruplets begin their long 12-month gestation.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.

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