Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Loony Bin

A lot of things come back from the dead on DOOL, but in this case it appears that DOOL itself has made the big comeback. The Prevuze team has been working for weeks to install the right satellite equipment to be able to receive the new digital signal. Yesterday we got that job done and waited with the proverbial baited breath this morning as it was time for the feed to pop in.

When it did, it was like seeing an old friend we thought was long gone. We're still having some technical issues on this end, but they won't affect you at all. In a nutshell...


This is the first of what we hope to be many more day-ahead episodes.

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Once again, we have to thank everyone who has helped us with this project and also our readers for their patience.

Now, let's get back to having some fun.


Nicole comes out of the pub and thinks about being pregnant. She smiles, "It's a miracle."

"Miracle... maybe," booms the Lord, "But I think in your case, we can be certain it's not a virgin birth."

Maggie greets EJ at Chez Roughage and they talk about Caroline. EJ says he's there to meet a client. He was supposed to be taking Johnny to the zoo but had to change those plans. He goes over, sits with Phillip and says to tell Victor he doesn't have a prayer.

Lucas comes back into the DiMera mansion and finds Sami's comatose body, "Dammit, Sami, how many times have I told you not to watch two episodes of DOOL back-to-back? "

Phillip disagrees with EJ, "Nicole is entitled to squat."

"Thank you," says EJ, "But I'm not sure we're right for each other. You know, Nicole was the victim of a deception." Phillip says that's not his father's problem. "What about good faith," asks EJ.

"There was nothing good about her and leave my father's mistress out of this," says Phillip, "And don't forget, nobody crosses Victor Kiriakis."

Victor talks to officer Chadsworth and demands to see Caroline. Kayla comes in and says Victor is used to getting his way. She tells Chadsworth she can handle the situation. The Chadster goes off and Kayla tells Victor Caroline doesn't need his help.

Mad Dog Brady waits and paces alone in her cell. Bo comes up. He tells her she's not getting out anytime soon.

Lucas works on Sami. Sami stirs. She immediately starts worrying about Caroline and decides she has to get to the station. Lucas tires to calm her down and says he's taking her to a doctor.

Kayla tells Victor Caroline doesn't need him. She knows Victor cares but she thinks the DA has it out for her and Victor doesn't need to butt in. Victor says, "In all my years of loving your mother I have never done anything intentionally to hurt her and I certainly don't intend to start now."

He walks off. Patch walks up to Kayla, "What did he want?"

"What he always wants," says Kayla, "My mother."

Caroline tells Bo she's innocent but doesn't want them looking at Max as a suspect. She knows it looks bad. "This isn't over," says Bo, "For one thing, they can't do anything until the gas chamber is refurbished." He assures her they will continue to look for more evidence. Caroline wonders what if they don't find any other fingerprints on the knife. "Let me put it this way," says Bo, "Statesville will be serving a lot of chowdah in its dining room."

"Don't do anything stupid," says Caroline.

"You can't just ask me to stand back and do nothing," says Bo, "But I’m not gonna tamper with evidence."

"You're damn right you're not," says Caroline, "Of course, let's face it, you wouldn't know evidence if it walked up and slapped you in the face. If you do tamper with it, I'll turn you in myself."

Melanie remembers Bo telling her not to leave town. She overhears Maggie talking about the Kiriakis table and remembers hearing Victor is one of the most powerful men in town.

Phillip tells EJ this is Victor's battle. He meets a group of Japanese tycoons and tells EJ to scram.

Nicole bumps into EJ with that beautiful, glowing 'we had monkey sex in an elevator and now I'm knocked up' look in her eyes.

Patch says he doesn't trust Victor, "He can be a creative badass." Kayla worries that Victor could get to Caroline.

Caroline has turned things around on Bo and reassures him she will get out of there. She tells him not to throw away the opportunity to be the police commissioner, "If you get that job, you can walk the last mile with me when they take me in for my lethal injection." She says she didn't like Trent but is innocent. Chadsworth comes up and says there is another visitor. Victor comes up behind him and Chadsworth opens the door so Bo can leave. Mad Dog makes a break for it and it takes all three guys to subdue her.

Victor tells Caroline he couldn't stay away. Caroline is upbeat, "I'll be out of here in time to make chowdah for supper."

"I'll see if I can get them to revoke bail," says Victor. Victor asks about her attorney. Caroline tells him she's using Mickey. "Good God," says Victor, "Let me get Gene Briscoe working for you."


Caroline refuses, "If Michelangelo Horton was good enough for Joan of Arc, Mickey is good enough for me."

"Yes," says Victor, "But look what happened to Joan."

"I know," says Caroline, "But they gave her a substantial discount on her legal fees."
Victor wants to do more to help. Caroline tells him to cool it. Victor can't agree to do that.

Sami sits in her curtained-off little room and insists she feels better. Lucas says Maggie picked Allie up, "She's letting her play with the cutlery at Chez Rouge." The doc grills Sami about what she's eaten lately. He's not sure why Sami fainted, since it appears she hasn't eaten at the pub in weeks. He wants more tests. Sami protests but the doc is grim and insistent.

Victor points out Caroline was caught holding a knife that killed a man, "In the eyes of the DA that's a slam dunk." Caroline says she knows the judge will set bail and she'll be out in no time. Victor won't let her spend another night in jail. He's going to fix it so she doesn't.

Patch tells Kayla not to worry about Victor. He says the cops are looking at Melanie as a suspect, "She hated Trent. He tried to pimp her out." Kayla points out Max threatened Trent, too. "Max doesn't have it in him," says Patch, "There isn't room for it what with all that brown stuff he's full of." Then he tells her about Nicole. Bo comes up and chimes in that Nicole's marriage to Victor was invalid. Chadsworth gives him a report. Bo looks at the folder and says he thinks it might be the break they are looking for.

"What is it," asks Patch, "The lab report on the fiber?"

"No," says Bo, "It's a 50% off coupon at Tubby's Donut Shop"

Phillip the tycoon barks into the phone. Melanie comes up to him, "Is your name Kar-a-oke? "

Phillip says, "Close enough."

Melanie says, "Then you're just the man I'm looking for."

Nicole asks EJ for a few minutes. He's busy, but asks what it's all about. Nicole smiles gently, "EJ... I'm pregnant."

Beads of sweat erupt on EJ's forehead as he yanks the Guy Manual out of his pocket, and looks at the index under the letter "P." He reads, "We sincerely hope you're not trying to look up the word 'pregnant,' but in that unfortunate circumstance, calmly look around the room you are standing in. Over many doors in public places, you will find a sign that says 'EXIT.' Locate one of those signs and use it. Quickly."

Lucas tires to talk Sami into cooperating. He kids her and then backpedals, "I make stupid remarks when I'm nervous."

"You must be nervous a lot," says Sami.

"You know," he says, "I've never stopped caring about you. In fact I said that to Chloe just yesterday when we were romping around the Horton Cabin naked. But I guess some things just aren't meant to be."

"I thought we were meant to be," says Sami, "In fact, I said that to EJ just the other day when we were romping around the DiMera mansion naked."

Nurse Battleaxe comes in for blood. Sami panics. "I promise I'll be gentle," growls Battleaxe. Lucas asks to stay. Sami hates this. Battleaxe moves in.

Sami can't look, "Squeal."

Caroline doesn't want Victor to hurt someone else while he's trying to help her, "It's enough just knowing you are (say it with her) here for me." Victor says he never stopped caring because he never stopped loving her and never will.

Bo goes through the evidence on the fibers, "The lab report says it's cotton. I want everyone in Salem wearing cotton arrested immediately! It's a long shot, but it's the only way we can help Ma."

Victor insists he's not going to lose Caroline again. Caroline insists she won't even be charged with a crime. Victor asks her to trust him. She begs him to let her handle this her way.

"What are you going to do," asks Victor, "Put your faith in God?"

"He's never let me down," says Caroline, "I hope I can say the same about you."

Bo and Kayla talk about Caroline. Kayla thinks Victor is using this to manipulate her. Bo thinks they are past that. Kayla insists, "You never stop wanting love. She can be weak where Victor is involved." Bo insists she won't let Victor get involved. He says he's looking for evidence to prove Mad Dog's innocence.

Nicole beams, "We're gonna have a baby."

EJ chokes, "But... you told me... that you couldn't..."

Nicole smiles, "It's a miracle."

EJ changes his tune and kisses her, "Nicole you just made me the happiest man in the world."

Nicole snaps back to reality. "What are you going to tell me," asks EJ. Nicole starts to tell him but he gets a call. The client has canceled. Now he's free. Nicole says there is still time to take Johnny to the zoo. What she has to say can wait until later. They make a date for dinner tonight.

Melanie says, "I need your help, Victor." Phillip 'splains that Victor is his father. "I need him to help track down a killer," says Melanie.

Sami is anxious. Lucas tells her to relax and be a good patient. "I'm staying right here with you. I'll hook up with Chloe later."

"I've never known such a sensitive guy," says Sami, "So, how are things going with the two of you?". He tells her things seem to be going well with her, but Chloe wants to get back into singing, "There's no way I can be in the same house with her with that going on." Sami thinks Chloe would be a huge hit in Vegas. Lucas wants to change the subject. Sami admits to being a little jealous but thinks Chloe isn't right for him.

Lucas thinks the same thing about EJ. Sami gets defensive about EJ and says they aren't a couple. She says she just wants a job so she can get out of the loony bin over at the DiMera mansion, "I don't want to be with EJ and nothing will change that."

Victor agrees he won't do anything Caroline won't approve of, "But I will never give up until I find the real killer."

OJ Simpson yells from the next cell, "You and me both, buddy."

Victor asks who wanted Trent dead. Mad Dog quips, "It would be easier to find someone who didn't want him dead." They both chuckle. Victor says it does him good to see her smile. Chadsworth comes and takes Victor away. Caroline sighs and cries.

Kayla calls Kimberly to give her the latest family news, "I'll put the full details in our Christmas letter."

Bo tells Kayla he has the final lab report on the fingerprints, "Caroline's prints are the only ones on the knife." Bo gets a call. He says the report can't be right. He hangs up and tells Kayla, "That was the DA's office. They're going to arraign Caroline and charge her." Pan to Victor.

Bo and Kayla visit Caroline. They tell her about only her fingerprints being on the knife.

"What does that mean," asks Caroline.

"Let me put it this way," says Kayla, "You won't be missing OMB much longer. "The DA feels there is enough evidence to charge you. You will have to stand trial for murder." Hugs.

Melanie tells Phillip that's her story. Phillip wants to know why she came to them. She says she knows they are powerful. Phillip says he's sorry for her loss, but neither he nor his father are PIs. He wishes her luck and goes off.

EJ and Nicole seal the date. He invites her to the mansion and then nuzzles in and smooches her, "Give me just a little clue as to what this is all about."

"I don't have a clue," says Nicole.

"That's obvious," says EJ, "But I was just wondering what you're going to tell me."

"Prepare for a big surprise."

Lucas wishes Sami luck in standing on her own two feet. He says he'll be there to help her with the kids. Sami says nothing is going to stand in her way.

The doctor comes back in and makes the big announcement, "You're not dying... you're pregnant."

"Can we get a second opinion," asks Lucas.


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Big Brother

A lot of things come back from the dead on DOOL, but in this case it appears that DOOL itself has made the big comeback. The Prevuze team has been working for weeks to install the right satellite equipment to be able to receive the new digital signal. Yesterday we got that job done and waited with the proverbial baited breath this morning as it was time for the feed to pop in.

When it did, it was like seeing an old friend we thought was long gone. We're still having some technical issues on this end, but they won't affect you at all. In a nutshell...


Later this morning, we'll post the first of what we hope to be many more day-ahead episodes.

Check back for that and please pass the word on your forums and blogs.

Once again, we have to thank everyone who has helped us with this project and also our readers for their patience.

Now, let's get back to having some fun.


Sami sits at her computer and builds a spreadsheet, "Let's see, put two in this row and two below it and now if I could figure out how to add them on this spreadsheet I'd know how much that is. I just love technology!" Lucas walks in and gets on her case. EJ closely follows him and they trade wisecracks. Well, I guess in their case, it's dumbcracks. They each announce they are taking their respective offspring for an outing. Sami puts the kibosh on their plans, "Neither of you are taking them anywhere. What — do you want them to have a life or something? "

Hope rushes into the pub and sits with Chelsea. Chelsea announces the hospital administration is being difficult and actually making her take classes to become an occupational therapist, "I'm going to be taking applied physics and Dean Robbins will be my professor."

"I hope your class is in a meat locker," says Hope. She tells her the dean will be even more boring than usual this year and the primary suspect is Mad Dog Brady.

Bo tells Roman Caroline isn't doing well, "Her babysitting business is off 99%,"

"Why not 100%," asks Roman.

"I spent a few minutes with her," says Bo.

Max dresses to go help his ma. He blames himself for bringing Trent into everyone's life. Stephanie defends him, "All you did was clean up his messes."

Melanie picks that moment to slither in, "Are you talking about me?" Max hugs her. Melanie thinks it looks like a bad time and says she'll come back later. Stephanie leaves instead and says she will meet Max at the jail. Melanie asks if Max trusts her. Well, of course he does. Melanie says, "I just want you to know your secret is safe with me. I know you killed him."

Bo and Roman go over the fats of the case with Patch. Patch plays devil's advocate. The devil appears and asks Patch not to do that, "My reputation is already bad enough." Abe comes in and asks if he can help. The mayor follows and taunts.

Hope says, "Caroline is just a suspect."

"So were Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Aileen Wuornos at first," says Chelsea. Hope can't say who the other suspects are. Chelsea says she has a good idea who they might be.

Max says he didn't kill Trent. Actually, he thinks Melanie did it. He's upset she's letting Mad Dog go down for this, "Are you as self serving and shallow as your pretend to be? Are you ever going to do something good in your life?"

Lexie sends Theo off with Dr. Mark. Kayla shows up. Lexie gasps, "Kayla, I'm surprised to see you here." She updates Kayla on Theo. Kayla asks if Lexie has any regrets that she quit her job as Chief of Staph. Lexie tells her she doesn't. "It's a good thing," says Kayla, "since I'm the NEW Chief of Staph. Could you get your junk out of my office pronto? "

Lucas says he told Sami he was coming over and she should have known better than to start the twins napping. He wants to take Allie anyway. Sami says he can deal with a cranky little girl if he wants to. Instead, Lucas goes to get Allie. Once he and Sami are alone, EJ says, "You seem to have something on your mind."

"No," says Sami, "It's still a total vacuum."

EJ sits down at her computer and rummages around. Sami tries to stop him but EJ finds himself looking at her resume, "I'm impressed," says EJ, "that you're using your initiative to do this."

"Initiative I've got," says Sami, "Skills — not so much."

The mayor is "concerned" about another murder in town and a Brady in jail. He says he's surprised they put Mad Dog behind bars, but even at that, he thinks there is a conflict of interest. He thinks someone more objective should handle the case. Bo gets defensive. Roman tells the mayor, "The best men are on the case."

"When can I meet them," asks the mayor, "I guess I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but don't forget, Big Brother is watching."

"As dull as this show is," says Roman, "He's probably the only one."

The mayor sneers, "Don't make me call out the watchdogs or your mother will go down and so will all of you. I don't like the way the Brady's have run this town."

Chelsea tells Hope she thinks Melanie murdered Trent.

EJ goes over Sami's resume, "What are your skills?"

"Writing bad resumes," says Sami, "But I had the best SAT scores in my class. Unfortunately, it was because the rest of the class was just a bigger bunch of ree-tards than me."

"That's hard to believe," says EJ. He tells her to stay positive, "What else have you done?"

"I took four years of piano," says Sami, "I sucked at ballet, so I can't put that on there. I helped run Austin Reed Corporation in to the ground and my big skill is forgery. I don't think I'll find a job."

"I can't imagine why," says EJ, "You do have sexy eyes. That should be on the list."

I know what would help," says Sami, "It would be great if I could get one of those instant law degrees like you got."

Lucas comes in and announces, "I'm leaving with Allie."

"I'll alert the media," says EJ.

The mayor asks if Abe wants to do freelance work for him. He needs someone to watch the Brady boys, "Caroline can't babysit in jail." The mayor says he'd be willing to give Abe a healthy advance. Abe says he can't be bought.

Hope tells Chelsea she has to get to the station. Chelsea decides she will go see Theo. Hope asks how her social life is going. Chelsea says luckily she doesn't run into Daniel much at the hospital. "One of these days you'll find a guy who sweeps you off your feet," says Hope, "Just keep your broom handy." Chelsea says she wishes she had handled breakup with Nick differently. Hope asks, "Do you still have feelings for Nick?"

"No," says Chelsea, "Besides, he has his eye on someone else."

Melanie and Max argue. She storms out.

Lexie congratulates Kayla. They go for coffee, work be damned.

Bo fills out the suspects board, There's Ma, Max, Nick..."

Roman interrupts, "No way. Nick's a geek. He couldn't be involved in something that brutal."

"You're right says Bo. "The only one he ever killed was willow. It wasn't nearly so brutal to 'accidentally' throw her head against a rock." Bo adds Nicole to the list. Roman can't believe she and Trent were married. Hope walks in and names Melanie.

Lucas is peeved Sami put cloth diapers in the bag, "You know they don't fit me right." Sami insists they are good for the environment.

She tells Lucas she's working on her resume, "I don't have a brother who owns a billion dollar company."

Lexie warns Kayla to watch out for Pruneface Thomas. Abe joins them. Kayla gets a page and runs off. Abe tells Lexie about the mayor's offer.

Abe's old buddy Scott walks up. Abe tells him he's no longer commissioner. Scott asks to talk to Abe alone, "I need a favor."

Stephanie comes into the office as Bo hides the secret board. Patch tells her Mad Dog isn't the only suspect. He can't say who else is. Bo asks if Stephanie thinks Melanie is capable of murder.

The doc brings Theo back. He's pleased with his progress. Chelsea comes up and gives him a snow globe. Mark leaves. Chelsea and Lexie talk about Theo and then Chelsea goes to see Mad Dog.

Abe thinks it's an intriguing proposition. Scott says, "People respect you. The time is right, Abe. How 'bout it? How about running for mayor. You know how it goes... mayor now, in two years, you're governor, in two more years, vice president. You even look a little like her when you're wearing glasses."

Melanie asks if everyone thinks she killed Trent. Stephanie leaves to talk to Max.

Max tells her about the fight he had with Melanie. Stephanie tells him she's inside.

Bo has a few questions for Melanie, "For starters, did you kill Trent Robbins?"

"No," says Melanie, "I did not."

"Oh," says Bo, "Well, I guess that ends that."

Sami thinks arresting Caroline is all a mistake. EJ comes back. Sami tells him everything is fine and suggests they both take the twins and go. EJ asks if everything is all right. Sami puts up a brave front. Off goes EJ. Sami tells Lucas to go too. She calls for Roman. They won't let her talk to him. Sami freaks and then faints.

"Abe says he doesn't think now is the right time to run for mayor."

"It's an election year," says Scott.

"Is that significant," asks Abe. Scott says he would finance Abe's campaign. Lexie overhears. Scott leaves and Abe tells her what's up.

Stephanie, Max and Chelsea go to meet officer Bennett.

Melanie says she came to Salem for a fresh start. She thinks she would have been better off in France. Bo tells her she's a suspect, so she can't leave town.

Lucas comes back to the mansion and finds Sami on the floor. He rushes over and tries to wake her but it's no use. She's already seen this episode.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Detoxing Dimwit

Caroline backs up in fear, "OMG, I thought I took care of you!" Sslloowwllyy, Trent the zombie stumbles toward her and then falls on her. The two tumble to the ground in a heap. Caroline struggles to get out from under him and grabs the bloody knife in his back as Trent goes into spasms. "Hold still," screams Caroline, "I can't get a good set of my fingerprints on the knife if you keep wiggling like that." Finally, using all the strength she has, Caroline rips the knife out of his back and sits there shaking and sniveling.

Bo, and Hope rush up. It takes the other two cops longer to get there since they don't want to spill their coffee. Bo sees Caroline shaking and grasping the knife, "MA! Put that knife back where you got it!" Caroline rams the knife into Trent's back.

Kate and Daniel go into a room in the hospital. "Lung cancer," gasps Kate, "I need a cigarette." Daniel tells her he's not positive.

"You're not positive," screeches Kate, "Why would you tell me I have lung cancer if you're not sure."

"That's the way things are done at Salem Hospital," says Daniel, "Besides, I just wanted to pull your chain." Daniel wants a biopsy, "It may be in its early stages." Kate don' wan' no stinkin' sympathy. She also doesn't want Daniel to tell anyone. A nurse calls him out. Daniel resists but Kate tells him to go. Daniel leaves and finds Nicole outside.

Phillip finds Chloe in the pub and yanks off her napkin. Salem's just full of cutups today. "Where's Lucas, "he snickers."

"Don't know," says Chloe, "Don't care."

Melanie conceals Trent's ID as she gets her money. She and Nick argue about who should pay. She wants to see some of Salem's hotspots. Nick says he isn't sure where Daniel and Kate go. Melanie thinks there are a few things she can teach him. The professor is ready to learn.

Max steps out of the shower and asks Stephanie, "Are you going to join me?"

Shocked Stephanie asks, "Why is there blood all over your shirt?"

"I need to get a new blade in that razor," says Max.

Caroline stammers and dotters. Bo asks what she has done.

Nicole describes her symptoms to Daniel. He gives her a form as Kate comes out to leave. She sees Nicole and pours out the sympathy, "Run out of alcohol?"

Kate walks off and Daniel tells Nicole, "This looks like a classic case of the DTs."

"The DTs," asks Nicole.

"Yes," says Dr. Jonas, "DOOL Tremens. If you don't stop watching that show, you're going to kill yourself."

Chloe says she wasn't really serious and Lucas is running errands with Allie, "Living with a baby 24/7 is exhausting."

Phillip beats Prevuze to the punch, "Are you talking about Lucas or Allie?" Chloe defends Lucas, "And may I ask, where is Miss Steel Magnolia?"

"She's visiting her mother," says Phillip, "Mrs. Iron Daffodil."

"You'd better stay out of trouble while she's away." Phillip suggests he and Chloe can stay out of trouble together.

Doug and Julie arrive at Chez Rouge. They immediately take note of Melanie across the room. Maggie and Mickey fill them in on her. Julie thinks there is something about Melanie she doesn't like.

Caroline reads from the bloody copy of the Guy Manual she found in Trent's Pocket, "This is not what it looks like."

Hope tells her to shut up until she gets an attorney, "Let him talk your way into the gas chamber instead." She turns and tells Bo he has to arrest his mom. He can't afford any mistakes. Bo suggests Hope call Mickey and tells Jenkins to read Caroline her rights.

Jenkins drones, "You have the right to remain silent.,,"

"Forget it, buddy," says Caroline.

Max tells Stephanie he just happened to be strolling through the cemetery and he and Trent got into a fight at OMB's grave.

"OMB never could stay out of a brawl," says Stephanie.

Melanie gushes over Nick defending her. She says she's going to keep coming up with ways to thank him until he's completely satisfied. She walks over and sits on his lap and has dessert.

Julie watches the disgusting display, "One word... Troublemaker."

"How do you know that," asks Doug, "You've never even met her."

"It takes one to know one," says Julie.

Hope calls Mickey and tells him about Mad Dog Caroline being arrested. Mickey hangs up and tells the crowd what happened. Maggie tells them Trent was Melanie's father. Mickey goes over to tell them the bad news, that Trent is dead. Melanie dances around the room singing a modified version of "The Wicked Witch Is Dead."

Bo tells the cop to haul Mad Dog in, but not to use any names when he radios in, "There's a donut in it for you."

Mad Dog babbles, "I didn't kill anyone. The knife did." They haul her off.

"This does not look good says Bo," says Bo.

"You sure know how to assess a situation," says Hope, "But you did the right thing."

Nicole tells Daniel she is on a steady regimen of alcohol. She thinks it's food poisoning, "I'm nauseous."

"You certainly are," says Daniel.

Nicole gets testy, "I need a drink, stat!"

Chloe is glad she and Phillip are still friends. So is Phillip. He says he was angry when she hooked up with Lucas but they have too much history to throw it all away. And she has too many assets. He grabs her MP3 Player, "What are you listening to these days, The Jonas Brothers?"

"No," says Chloe, "But I'm doing a couple of idiot brothers." She tells him she's actually listening to opera and would like to get back into singing. Lucas watches from outside.

Stephanie and Max smooch as she gets as they both get phone calls. Melanie tells Max about Trent and also tells him Mad Dog Brady has been arrested. Stephanie gets the same news.

A cop shows Roman the bloody knife, "We pulled this from Trent's body."

"Do you think it was the murder weapon," asks Roman. Bo hauls Mad Dog in. Roman sees her bloody hands, "No... This can't be. Ma, how many times have I told you to wash your hands after burying a knife in someone's body? " Bo 'splains what happened. Mad Dog claims innocence. Roman tells her everything will be OK, "The lethal injection procedure is very humane these days. Besides, once we get you booked, you can practically walk right out of this place."

Mickey, Maggie, Doug and Julie arrive. Mickey takes Mad Dog into Roman's office to talk. Bo tells the other three stooges what happened. He turns and looks at Roman's closed door, "Wish I could be in there with her."

"You can," says Doug, "Mickey left his rubber hose out here. You can take it in to him." Nick and Melanie walk in.

Stephanie can't believe Trent is dead. Max thinks Stephanie believes he is the murderer.

Nicole says she has stopped shaking. She needs vodka in the IV. She asks Daniel to stay with her. They talk about Chelsea, then Victor finding out their marriage and divorce settlement is invalid.

"You could get a job," suggests Daniel.

"The shakes are coming back," says Nicole. Daniel leaves to check out the tests. Nicole whispers, "I hope you burn in hell, Trent."

Kate gets a call at Chez Rouge. It's Daniel just calling to check up on her. She says she's waiting for a client. Daniel can't believe she's working and tells her she doesn't have to put on an act. Kate plays it cool, "Save your sympathy for the detoxing dimwit." She hangs up.

Chloe says she promised Lucas she would help with Allie so she can't get back into singing. Lucas walks up. He says he hates to see her sacrifice her dreams. "Where's Allie," gasps Chloe.

"I dumped her on Alice," says Lucas, "You don't expect me to look after the little runt, do you? " Lucas says he thinks she should focus on her career. He tells her Phillip can help.

Julie introduces herself to Melanie and extends her sympathy. She and Doug walk off. Nick offers to take her home. "No," says Melanie, "I want to stay and figure out what happened."

"You're more likely to do that than the SPD," says Nick.

Bo comes up, "Melanie, I hate to do this but I'm going to have to ask you to identify the body." Melanie agrees to do it. "Thanks," says Bo, "We'll call you when we're ready. We have to brush off a few of the maggots first."

Melanie falls all over Nick, "I'm so glad you're here. I don't know what I would have done without you."

Mickey and Roman talk about Mad Dog's situation. Roman has no choice but to put her in the slammer.

Stephanie says, "I know you didn't kill Trent. Not with Mad Dog Brady out there. But seeing the blood on your shirt freaked me out. I'm worried." They head for the station. We pan to the bloody shirt on the dresser.

Patch joins Hope, "What are you doing at the crime scene," asks Hope, "You're not part of the SPD."

"Gadfly Investigations is just here to help out," says Patch.
Hope wants Patch to keep investigating Trent's past. Patch examines the body, "I don't like to speak ill of the dead but a lot of people will be better off with you gone."

Daniel finds Nicole making a list of things she can sell online. Daniel asks if she isn't going to fight for her settlement. Nicole says yes but she's preparing for the worst. Daniel says he has the results of her tests, "There is really nothing wrong with you, except you have the worst of all STDs – you're pregnant."

"You've got to be kidding me," says Nicole.

Lucas announces he's the new CFO at Titan. Chloe can't believe it. Phillip jumps in, "Where else were we going to find a convicted felon who helped run Myth-Ick into the ground, has been investigated by the SEC, who has no education, and the brain of a mayfly? Come on, Titan is on pretty sound financial footing and we have to get someone in there who can really screw it up before the government bailout passes us by."

Lucas says, "I found out the Kiriakis Foundation is underwriting the Kansas City Opera Theater. They're putting on a production of Moogoletto and I think you'd be perfect for the lead part." Phillip offers to help her get a job. Chloe thinks Lucas is special. Likewise. Phillip leaves. Outside he looks back in at the happy couple and sighs.

Patch surveys the crime scene. A cop hands Hope the initial findings. Hope says, "Aside from being stabbed in the back it looks like Trent had one hell of a rough night."

Patch says, "He pissed a lot of people off."

Hope says, "One person went so far as to kill him."

"How do you know," asks Patch.

"Dead body," says Hope, "Knife in the back."

Patch shakes his head, "You amaze me."

"More than one person did this to him," says Hope.

"Did you happen to see 'Murder On The Orient Express,'" asks Patch.

"Yes," says Hope, "And apparently, so did the DOOL writers."

"I'll bet my good eye Caroline didn't kill him," says Patch.

They haul Mad Dog Brady off to the big house. Roman helps her walk the last mile.

Julie bawls out Bo for arresting his mom. Bo says he won't rest until he finds out who killed Trent. Max and Stephanie walk in.

Hope prays, "Shawn, please help Caroline. She's going to need all the help she can get."

A detective walks up behind her, "Hope, are you praying to OMB?"

Hope looks up, "He got a promotion."

The detective shows her a fiber they found. "Maybe this can help us find the killer," says Hope.

Roman on one side a priest on the other, Mad Dog Brady walks the long corridor. They take her to her cell. Roman closes the door. Mad Dog takes her tin cup and scrapes it across the bars, "Let me outta here you lousy screws!"



You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

If It Looks Like Mud...

I'm afraid there isn't much to report in the way of a satellite update this week since Norris won't be over to install our equipment until Monday. We're pretty sure he'll make it because he's in jail. After he hauled in his sixth straight state cow chip hurling championship, he decided to go for the double and pulled out all the stops to be named the Winos Gone Wild Wildest Wino for 2008.

It turns out the wild stunt he pulled to put himself over the top in the contest wasn't against the WGWWW rules, but unfortunately, it was illegal. I mean, who knew that filling the mud volleyball pit with cow manure would be considered assault?

We're a small town and the WGW mud volleyball tournament is one of our most popular events of the year. Everyone in town had at least one family member in that pit and when they found out what Norris had done, there wasn't a whole lot of sympathy for him. So now, no one will bail him out.

That would have been OK, because Norris, being the local satellite technician hauls in more money than our local Lehman Brothers representative who qualifies for a large chunk of the government bailout. So although no one in town will bail him out, Norris should have been home free except for the unfortunate fact that his wife was playing on one of the teams. At the start of the game, she slipped and gave the term "in deep ca-ca" new meaning. Now she's so mad she won't bail Norris out either or let him anywhere near his money, which she figures will be hers once the divorce is final.

So my strategy is to let him sit in jail until Monday morning when he's supposed to come over to the Prevuze compound and look at the satellite dish. I'll bail him out right before he's supposed to come over here and since that's early enough in the morning that the bars won't be open yet, my guess is he'll make it this time.



We'll let you know how that works out. In the meantime have a great weekend and remember the old adage, if it looks like mud but doesn't smell like mud or taste like mud, don't play volleyball in it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bigmouth Bo

Caroline walks into the dark cemetery. She carries flowers and approaches OMB's grave. Suddenly we hear heavy breathing. Geez, you'd think Danny and Granny could find a better place.

Oops, must not be them, because Kate rushes up to Daniel in the hospital. She makes it a point of telling him how uber-busy she has been so it will be all that much more of a shock when her world comes crashing down. She thinks it was a rotten time to do this. Daniel scolds her, "Coughing up blood is serious. An MD degree qualifies me to say things like that."

"That's OK," says Kate, "Lexie is still working on whether or not coughing up blood is a big deal."

Nicole joins EJ at the pub. She wants him to help with her problem with Victor. EJ asks what's behind this. "Bigmouth Bo," says Nicole.

Bo and Hope are at Chez Rouge to have dinner with Patch and Kayla. Hope tells them all she turned down the commissioner's job. Bo announces he's thrown his hat in the ring. Melanie comes in and orders vodka and tonic, but the bartender calls her on it and asks for ID. She backs off and settles for a soft drink. She goes through her purse and conceals what appears to be Trent's ID as Nick finds her.

Max sneaks in the dark and removes his shirt. Stephanie knocks on the door behind him, "Max?"

Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla talk about the commissioner's job. Bo says he was browbeaten into going for it. Bo knows if he gets the job, he will be able to keep an eye on the mayor, "We can't let DiMera's lackey take over the department or Salem will be an open city."

"What you're saying," says Patch, "is that things will get better."

The mayor walks up and overhears the conversation. He tells Bo there is no guarantee he will get the job.

Daniel hands Kate some medibabble and says he doesn't have a definitive diagnosis. He wants more tests. Chelsea joins them. She goes straight for Kate's jugular, "I should have known you'd do anything to keep seeing him. You're pathetic."

Nicole tells EJ she told Victor herself because Bo and Hope had figured it out. She says Victor wants the settlement back, "I hate Bo Brady and my dearly departed husband. "

Maggie will be working with the Green Restaurant Association. Mickey wants to know if she hasn't done the green stuff already. This turns into a fully gratuitous hucksterfest for the GRA whose motto is, "If it's crap, but it's green, we serve it."

Melanie continues to hide the contents of her purse and says her dad won't get to her.

Max stuffs his bloodstained shirt in a pile of clothes on the floor and opens up for Stephanie. She thinks something is wrong with him and says it's about time to do something about that. She rubs his shoulders and thinks he's soooo tense. Max tells her things will be better now. She wonders how. He says they will never have to worry about Trent again, "Just trust me." He moves in and they concentrate on other things. Pan to the bloody shirt.

Caroline visits OMB and tells him there is a full moon.

Chelsea rants. Kate says she doesn't blame her for being angry. There is no forgiveness within Chelsea, though. "It wasn't a relationship," says Kate, "It was two people reaching out for a little warmth."

"It sounds like you grabbed more than warmth," says Chelsea. The brat continues to mouth off.

Kate says, "Whatever happened is over now."

Chelsea asks Daniel, "Then why did you call her and ask her over here to talk about the next step?"

Daniel tells her she misunderstood. He starts to say more, but stops short.

Hope introduces the mayor to Kayla. Patch walks around the room swiping tips off of other tables. Bo says he didn't mean to imply the job is in the bag. They mayor says he will consider him along with the other candidates. He leaves. "I'm not counting my chickens," says Bo. He turns to Hope, "Present company excluded. If you want to climb the ladder you have to be squeaky clean. I have a few reprimands in my pocket."

Hope notes, "If you get this job, you'll have to play by the department's rules."

"Rules," asks Bo.

Caroline talks to OMB. She wishes he were still there for Max. She rages about Trent, "That's why I took care of him tonight. We don't have to worry about Trent any more."

EJ asks, "Why are you referring to Trent as your dearly departed husband?"

Nicole asks, "Did I say that?"

EJ says, "Yes, you did." Nicole says he's on his way out if he isn't gone already. She is amused the regents will soon know Trent's ex was a porn star. They go back to talking about Victor's cash – EJ says they should stay positive.

Maggie gushes about the GRA. She shows us the website. TIME KILLER ALERT. f Maggie's mouth is moving you should be zapping.

Maggie and Mickey get so excited about the GRA, they attack each other right there. Melanie sees the display and giggles, "Oh, look, people sucking face!"

"That's a true and long lasting love," says Nick, "His marriage to Bonnie Lockhart was hardly a blip on their marital radar screen."

"Someone should tell them to get a room," says Melanie, "A dark room." A referee skates up and gives Melanie a game misconduct. Nick calls Maggie and Mickey over and introduces them.

Stephanie and Max bask in the afterglow. She asks where he was earlier. Max says he was down at the garage. He says he's always happy there and can think more clearly when he's up to his elbows in grease. "If you would have answered your cell phone you could have had me all afternoon," says Stephanie.

"Like I said," says Max, "I'm always happy to be at the garage."

Kate and Chelsea talk alone. Kate hacks. She tells Chelsea Daniel doesn't know what is wrong so there will be more tests. Chelsea says she doesn't want her to be sick. Just dead. Kate asks for some slack. She says she never intended to hurt Chelsea especially with what happened with Billie and Nick. She says this was a fluke. She knows they have wounded Chelsea and she is sorry for that. Chelsea is unmoved. She says she thought Daniel was the one. He was – for Kate. Kate says she should think about second chances since people make mistakes. Chelsea no can do. She walks away and Kate goes into a coughing fit.

Nick explains the Trent-Melanie-Max relationship. Maggie asks Melanie, "Where have you been?"


"What a coincidence," says Maggie, "So am I." Maggie launches into another disgusting GRA commercial, then notices Nick has a bruised hand.

Kayla tells Bo she is sure he will be the commissioner. They leave and Hope tells Bo she hopes the job works out. Bo suggests a stroll to the cemetery.

Nicole says she would do anything to keep Victor from taking back her money, "I got that money the old fashioned way. I earned it like Smith Barney."

EJ asks, "Did Smith Barney earn it's part of the government bailout?"

"I sure know how to pick them," says Nicole, "Every guy I've been with is a jerk." EJ asks if she can prove Trent was violent. Nicole says she could but they would have to dig up a few neighbors from back then.

"Would you dig them up because they'd be willing to testify," asks EJ.

"No," says Nicole, "I'd dig them up because all of our neighbors from back then are dead." EJ says if Trent takes the stand he'll paint Nicole as opportunistic. "Trent's not gonna make it to the stand," says Nicole.

Maggie, Mickey and Melanie all gather around and ask how Nick hurt his hand.

Stephanie goes for round five. Or six, they've lost count. "Are you trying to kill me here," asks Max.

"You started it," says Stephanie. Max decides he wants a shower. Stephanie decides she will join him. Max asks her to wait a minute and makes up some story about the shower taking more time to warm up for two people or some such thing. He turns away from her and Stephanie sees big scratches down his back, "Did I do that to you?"

"You're a real tiger," says Max, "ROOWWRRRR..."

Caroline hears the heavy breathing. She turns and looks into the weeds, "Gasp! You!"

Mt. Katetubo erupts and spews. She tells Chelsea she puts on a good act but not good enough, "You don't have to forgive me, but I know you still have feelings for Daniel, so forgive him. I won't see him any more, even as a patient." The brat says that won't help. She leaves and huffs past Daniel.


Kate tells Daniel all is not forgiven. Daniel hems and haws and gives her the bad news, "You have lung cancer, Kate. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning."

EJ asks what Nicole isn't telling him about Trent. Nicole runs off sick.

Melanie holds Nick's hand and stares at it. Nick asks for his hand back. Melanie doesn't remember him hurting it. He thinks he banged it up when he hit the thug in France. She decides from now on she'll take care of him, "I'll start by buying you dinner. She conceals the contents of her purse as she grabs her money.

Max is in the shower. Stephanie bends down to get her cell phone and check messages and sees the bloody shirt.

Bo and Hope find a couple of cops in the cemetery. Lopez asks if Bo is going after the commissioner's job. They tell Bo the whole force is behind him, "We figure we can really start slacking off if you're the commissioner."

Caroline gasps, "I thought I took care of you. What's wrong with you?" We go back to Hope, Bo and the cops.


Trent is on top of Caroline with a knife in his back. She pulls it out and gets her fingerprints all over it as she whimpers. Bo, Hope and the cops run up. Caroline sits there fumbling the knife and whimpering. She's desperate for something to do or say. She sees a copy of the Guy Manual sticking out of Trent's Pocket. For lack of any other escape route, she pulls it out of his Pocket and reads the first excuse she can find, "It's not what it looks like."


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

You're Not Horrible, Just Screwed Up

Mad Max and the Thunderbroom work outside the pub. Max-is-jus-so-peeved and he SWATS at that stinkin' ole dirt. Lo'dhamercy. That dirt will never get in Max' way again. Melanie comes up to him and tells him she knows how he feels. She's been at the controls of a Thunderbroom herself. Max thinks his father is a low life swine. Melanie can't get used to being around Trent. She needs to get out of Salem. Max refuses to let her go.

Nick joins Chelsea in the pub. She thinks she's clueless when it comes to men. Nick wants to know why she's narrowing her cluelessness so much. He offers to listen to her tale of woe. She tells him about Kate's health problems. Nick had no idea STDs could affect the lungs. Chelsea thinks something is still going on between Danny and Granny, and she can't find it in her heart to forgive them. Nick plays Dr. Phil. She thinks she's lucky to have him but then realizes she really doesn't. Chelsea says she doesn't get what he's doing with Melanie. Things fall apart. Chelsea disses herself in a desperate and pathetic attempt for sympathy. "You're not horrible," says Nick, "Just screwed up."

"You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet," says the brat.

He says if he's interested in Melanie, that's his business. Chelsea doesn't trust Melanie and doesn't think Nick should.

Phillip and Lucas are at dinner at Chez Rouge. Phillip welcomes Lucas back to Titan. Lucas tells him Chloe is babysitting as Chloe waltzes in and sits down with them. Nicole joins the crowd as Lucas gets all bent out of shape when Chloe tells him she's hired a babysitter. Lucas takes off as Nicole tells Phillip she needs his help. Lucas comes back and says he talked to the babysitter and all is well. He and Chloe get into it and she huffs off. Nicole follows. Phillip says he thinks Lucas was a little hard on Chloe. Lucas gets defensive but says he will apologize.

Over at the bar, Chloe and Nicole rant about Lucas. "I'm not ready for the whole 'family' thing," says Chloe, "At least, not until my scars heal." She says she's starting to feel trapped. Chloe doesn't think she's cut out to be a mom. Nicole is glad she can't have kids. Lucas interrupts and apologizes for blowing up at Chloe. He asks her to dance. Chloe heads for the dance floor. "I meant on the table," says Lucas. As they dance Lucas says he likes having her in his world.

Meanwhile Phillip and Nicole talk. She tells him she's ruined if Victor doesn't honor their divorce settlement. Phillip says Victor won't budge on this. Nicole thinks Trent doesn't deserve to live. If she had the means she'd kill him herself. Lucas goes back to the cabin. Nicole leaves, too. Phillip toasts getting what they want. Chloe wonders if Phillip knows what he wants. He wonders if she does.

Nicole calls EJ for help.

Roman works on a cold case. Bo says Hope thinks Roman is judging her for not taking the commissioner's job. Roman says he'll give up his career before he'll work for some corrupt SOB, "Stupid, yes, corrupt, no." He goes back to suggesting Bo take the job. Roman really pours it on. He calls the mayor's office to recommend Bo. Roman hangs up and works on Bo some more. "In other words says Bo, "You want me to take one for the team." Caroline comes in and says she's worried sick about Max. Bo assures her Max won't go after Trent. Caroline reminds him Max is impulsive just like Bo. Bo didn't realize they were in that much trouble. Roman agrees to call Max and talk. He says he'll take Max to dinner. Bo will go too. Caroline says that's not good enough. She says they have to get Trent to leave Salem. Bo and Roman think their hands are tied. Caroline snaps, "Well, mine aren't."

Ho'livia sslloowwllyy slides her hand up her leg and straightens her stocking. Trent announces, "...and a good time was had by all." One out of two ain't bad. He smooches her and then drops cash into her Wonderbrasitory. Maybe it's a tip. Two things don't survive in this crazy world: teams that don't make their free throws and hookers who don't have a pay before play policy. Trent escorts Ho'livia to the door and cops one last feel, "Keep it warm for me." As she leaves he gets a call from Claude who says Trent is trying his patience. Claude either wants the money Trent owes him or Melanie. Trent wonders how he can get the money. He figures he just CAN'T hand Melanie over but after two seconds of thoughtful reconsidering, decides he has no choice.

Melanie gets a text from Trent saying he wants to see her. Melanie doesn't want to go but Max is all for it. Max and Melanie arrive and Trent tells them he's in bad trouble. Claude has resurfaced. Trent thinks if Melanie doesn't go clean up his mess he's a dead man. Sarcastic Max is heartbroken. Trent plays the daddy card with Max. He says he feels a connection. Max doesn't. Trent takes the daddy card back from Max and plays it on Melanie. He begs her to help. Max tells him to leave her alone. Melanie starts to buy his line and Max steps in. Melanie makes a call as Max goes off the deep end.


Max and Trent roll around as Max beats the crap out of him. Chelsea and Nick run in out of the wild blue yonder and stop him. Nick says he has cash. He says he will give Trent the grant money. Trent doesn't want the grant money. He wants Melanie to help him. Melanie explodes. Trent says both his children are losers. Max takes Melanie out as Trent loses all control.

Outside Max assures her Trent is as good as gone, "In one way or another he's leaving Salem tonight."



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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Locker Room Lolita Makes A Comeback

Mayor Greasehispalm takes Hope into the Abe Carver Memorial Office to talk to her about taking the commissioner's job. She's the best qualified person in Salem because the commissioner has to be able to find a babysitter at a moment's notice, slice Detective Bo Brady to ribbons with her tongue while planning a girls' night out and go down easier than a two foot putt when some guy hands her a crock about the legend of some flower. What's more, the new commissioner must only have been back on the job a couple months after being off for an extended period of time. In addition, she must have at least one son who qualifies as a full-blown cretin.

Hope tosses the "glass ceiling" chip on the table since we doofs who watch this show couldn't possibly have the mental capacity to grasp the concept on our own. Finally, she tells Mayor Onthetake she'll have to think it over. Mayor Underthetable says he has to have an answer by the end of the day and knows Hope will make the right decision. He leaves. Hope goes outside, where Bo and Roman treat her like she just got elected third grade eraser cleaning princess. Bo sees the opportunity to rake in the commissioner's salary without having to do the work himself. Roman hits her with the fact that if she turns the position down and Mayor Graft points one of his lackeys, it will be a lot harder to get Stefano.

Roman and Bo work on Hope to take the job. Hope doesn't think it will work. Bo and Hope talk alone and Hope keeps up the resistance. Hope's Chevrolet necklace sparkles as Bo plays the DiMera card. Hope says she's worried about being away from Ciara, whom she hasn't seen in months anyway. Hope wonders if Bo would be OK with her being his boss. Bo says only if she wore six inch spiked heels, carried a whip and kept reminding him what a bad boy he had been. They find common ground as the thought of that kind of turns Hope on too. She tells Bo she can't take the job merely to get Stefano. Roman interrupts and says Mayor Croneymonger is on the phone and he wants Hope's answer. Hope takes the call and turns the job down. Bo supports her decision, but reminds her he's still been a very bad boy.

Stefano rambles about the nature of a pawn, which he thinks was made for sacrifice. Rolf reminds him John's brain is about fried and John is toast. Stefano doesn't want that. He wants to see John suffer. Stefano confides in Rolf. He tells him John is only a pawn. His end game is really to destroy Marlena once and for all.

Nicole comes back from another pukefest. She runs into Trent and really starts feeling nauseated. She tells Trent he owes her $10 million. Nicole tells him Bo and Hope found out about her past as Misty Circle. Trent gets ideas and says if she's really hard up for cash, maybe she can accomplish that if Locker Room Lolita makes a comeback. Max interrupts as Trent harasses her.

Nicole goes off and Max threatens to kill Trent again. Trent tells Max he will never really be a Brady because deep down inside, he's just like his dear old dad. The sober but nasty one, that is. Trent walks away. Inside, Nicole contemplates a knife on the bar, but has to run off for puke-a-paloosa-twosa.

John has trouble focusing as Anna warns him Marlena is going to divorce him. John faints. Anna keeps talking... she's used to people losing consciousness when she babbles on. John snaps out of it. He says he will urge Marlena to reconsider divorcing him. John loses focus again and goes down like a Kansas City quarterback. Anna panics.

Kayla asks Marlena if she wants to talk about her troubles. Marlena tells her John is spiraling out of control. Marlena blames herself for his actions. She says she's giving up on John. If that's the case, Kayla thinks John might have some hope after all.

Daniel rakes Nurse Bumbleup over the coals for nearly killing some poor patient. Kayla takes him to task for acting unprofessionally. Daniel bites her head off and runs into Chelsea as he stomps off. Chelsea is there to check out granny. Daniel has already done that. He can't tell her anything about Kate, including why they slept together. Daniel takes the responsibility for that. Chelsea runs out.

Nurse Bumbleup brings Daniel a file containing Kate's test results. He apologizes for his earlier outburst. After the nurse leaves, Daniel looks at Kate's file and calls the Salem Mortuary to make a reservation for her. He also calls Kate to come in and talk. Chelsea watches.

Kayla checks John out after they wheel him in. she suggests calling Marlena. Anna calls her and tells her John is in the hospital. Marlena rushes to John's side. John insists he's fine and thinks the fact that Marlena is there might mean she doesn't despise him after all. Marlena says she could never despise John, just treat him like dirt. John asks if she still wants him out of her life and Marlena just walks off.

Kayla looks at John's x-rays and gasps. When Marlena comes down Kayla shows her the shocking cranial x-rays. She explains that the main cranial region is completely clouded over.


John decides he wants to go home. Anna and Kayla try to stop him. Kayla says she isn't sure what's wrong with John. That would require her making a diagnosis and she doesn't have much experience with that kind of thing. He gets a call and heads off. Kayla tells Anna John could be heading for disaster.

Marlena goes to see Stefano and demands the disc containing John's memories. She calls Stefano a sociopathic bastard and says she knows he has it. She tells him about John's seizure. Stefano is unmoved. Marlena can't understand how he lives with himself. Stefano can't understand how anyone could live with Marlena. Marlena begs. Stefano says John's fate was sealed years ago. Marlena huffs off.

Rolf comes down, tells Stefano he's accessed University Hospital's server and confirmed John's brain is a time bomb. Right before John flames out is when he will be ready to be reprogrammed as Stefano's pawn. Stefano says they don't need John any more. He tells Rolf he can retire this outdated model and find someone new to play with.

Marlena looks at the pictures of John's brain and vows to save him.


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fortune Cookie Philosophy

We're on the road, so here is a bit shorter version of today's show:

Trent wants to clear the air with Melanie and get back to the way things used to be. In the good old days, she'd let him pimp her out without a fight. Trent tells her he knows she would have gone through with things in France if her idiotic friends hadn't shown up. Trent figures if Melanie is going to behave like a whore he might as well capitalize on it. That does it. Melanie wishes Max had killed Trent when he had the chance and throws her hat in the ring by threatening to kill him herself. As they argue, Trent backs into the gutter and steps on a wino. This angers the wino who also threatens to kill Trent. Melanie huffs off in disgust.

Nick confronts Trent about messing with Melanie. He threatens to go to the board of regents. Trent threatens to tell the grant commission Max doctored Nick's grant work. Melanie watches as Nick calls Trent's bluff and tells him to stay away from Melanie. Trent refuses so Nick adds his name to the nation of suspects threatening to kill Trent. A passing car sports a bumper sticker, "HONK IF YOU WANT TO KILL TRENT."

Hope supports Lexie and tells her Abe did a noble thing. Lexie tells Hope she supports Abe, or at least that's what she keeps telling herself.


Lexie says nothing will stop Abe from going after Stefano, but now he doesn't have to do it by the book, not that he ever let that l'il ole book bother him before.

Bo and Roman try to convince Abe to come back to work. Abe refuses to come back and work for a corrupt administration, but suggests Roman should take the job. Roman don' wanna. He refuses to work for a corrupt administrator, too, although he never considered Abe to be as corrupt as the mayor. He convinces Abe he won't take the job, so Abe moves on to his second choice, Bo. It's pretty bad when your second choice is that close to the bottom of the barrel. Bo don' wan' no stinkin' commissioner's job either. Roman gets called away; Abe continues to work on Bo.

Roman calls Bo from the station and tells him the mayor has picked Abe's successor. Bo heads out as Lexie comes in, says Hope heard the same thing and went to the station, too.

Anna and Marlena get together and talk about John's recent strange behavior. Marlena thinks he's headed off the deep end. She's totally baffled. She also doesn't understand John's recent behavior. In fact, Marlena is so concerned, she's decided to split. The problem is Ava. Marlena thinks John's problem is biological. She thinks he just wants a woman in his bed. He's willing to settle for Marlena, though. Anna tells Marlena she's out of her mind. Anna has a firm grasp of the obvious. Anna encourages Marlena to give John another whirl. Marlena thinks John is short-circuiting. Marlena can't bring herself to continue to invest in John. He's kind of become the Lehman Brothers of husbands. Bipolar Anna finally does a 180 and decides Marlena divorcing John wouldn't be so bad after all.

Marlena and Anna wrap things up. Marlena decides she doesn't want to see John self destruct, but figures there's no rule that says she has to watch. After Marlena leaves, Anna calls John and tells him it's time they had a nice long talk.

John comes in and finds Stefano reading the classics to the uber-SORASED Johnny and Allie. Stefano thinks John is there to provoke him and tells him to take his best shot. John wigs out and gets what he calls a little headache as he and Stefano trade barbs. Stefano goes for ibuprofen (Just holler when the excitement gets to be too much for you). John refuses the meds because he doesn't trust Stefano. He tells him he's half owner of everything Stefano owns. Stefano says John's hubris astounds him. John thanks him and says he's been using Enzyte for a couple of months. Each thinks the other belongs in prison. Stefano is happy because John likes his new self better. He tells him this is not a little fight any more, it's war. Stefano reminds John he created him and can destroy him. John continues to get "headaches." He wants Stefano to hand over his house. Stefano vows his grandchildren will live there. John says Stefano's grandchildren will hate him. He says Stefano could have salvaged some dignity by playing ball with him. Stefano extols on virtues like that and says he thinks dignity is all smoke and mirrors. John is tired of Stefano's fortune cookie philosophy.

Rolf comes in after John leaves and tells Stefano everything is ready. He cautions Stefano that soon John's brain will overload and he will soon be dead.

The mayor and Roman have a private conversation. Roman likes the mayor's choice for commissioner. The mayor comes out and blathers for an eternity in front of the TV cameras, then announces the new commissioner is Hope Brady. Back at the carver residence Abe tells Lexie he couldn't convince Bo or Roman to take the job so he made a few calls and arranged for Hope to get the job. He didn't have enough time to warn Hope. The TV camera pans in on a stunned Hope.


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Monday, September 22, 2008

All's Well That Ends Well

Nicole stands outside the pub and the fakey looking wind simulating a night breeze blows her hair. She picks up a megaphone and says, "ATTENTION, SALEM! ATTENTION, SALEM! If Victor finds out I'm married to Trent, I'll have to give his money back."

Three guesses who walks up behind her. If you guessed it was Victor, you win a FREE COPY OF TODAY'S PREVUZE! Victor asks, "Nicole, what the hell are you babbling about now?"

The blood drains from Nicole's head, "OMG, Victor, did you hear me?"

"No," says Victor, "But if you're talking, I know it's babbling."

Lexie comes in and rages at Stefano, "How could you do this to me?"

Max insists he was protecting his family. Bo lectures and tells him to cool down. Patch backs Bo up. Bo tells Max he has to apologize to Trent. Max refuses.

Melanie stomps in and Trent stops her. He thinks they can rise above this. Melanie says she won't forgive him. She threatens to kill him with her bare hands. Trent denies pimping her out. Max pulls her away. Trent tells him to stay out of it, "You turned my daughter against me." Patch separates them. "You saw what happened," says Trent.

"With my left eye," says Patch.

"I didn't see anything," says Bo, "I'm a Salem cop — our observation skills aren't exactly too keen."

Melanie tells Trent she would have gotten him the money if he had just asked. "How," asks Trent.

"I prefer to pimp myself out," says Melanie. Caroline tells Trent to leave.

Bo tries to step in but this situation requires someone who can handle it. Caroline bats him away like a gnat and laces into Trent. Trent and Caroline bicker. Melanie runs out of the pub. Max tries to follow but Patch stops him.

Caroline spews, "You are a sickening disgrace!" She walks off in disgust. Patch tells Trent to go. Max continues to try to get at him. Trent says, "This isn't the end of this. No one smears my good name and gets away with it." He leaves.

Patch tells Max to calm down. Stephanie tries to help and tells him Melanie is safe now. "NO SHE'S NOT," screams Max, "She's still my sister and that's not safe for anyone."

Nick runs into Melanie, "He's a jerk. He doesn't deserve your tears. No one is that despicable." Big hug. Three guesses who walks up behind her. If you guessed it was Chelsea, you win a FREE COPY OF TODAY'S PREVUZE II!

Stefano tells Lexie to calm down. She tells him about the review board and accuses him of masterminding the lockdown. Stefano muses, "All's well that ends well." Lexie tells him she resigned anyway.

Stefano can't believe it, "They exonerated you but you quit your job anyway? It's a darn good thing Abe can support you."

Lexie drops the other shoe, "Abe quit his job today, too."

"You're not the sharpest couple in Salem," says Stefano, "but you certainly are entertaining." Stefano isn't sorry his nemesis Abe quit. Lexie tells him Abe quit because people like Stefano manipulate the system.

"I'm innocent," says Stefano, "There is no way I could mastermind something as stupid as a couple with an autistic child needing expensive care both quitting their jobs on the same day. I'm good, but not that good." Lexie says now Abe will go after Stefano with everything he's got.

Bo, Hope and Caroline debrief. Victor gets a call. Bo watches, "We need to tell him the truth now."

Bo makes Caroline promise to stay away from Trent. Caroline snorts, "I don't need a babysitter... I AM THE BABYSITTER! "

Bo approaches Victor and tells him about the incident with Trent and Max. Victor thinks Trent is despicable. Bo says there is something Victor needs to know about Nicole.

Stefano reminds Lexie Abe has failed to thwart him in the past. "He's not a cop now," says Lexie, "so there are no restrictions or regulations to stop him."


"When did regulations and restrictions ever bother him before," asks Stefano. Lexie says Bo, Roman, John and the whole family are all out to get him, too.

"So it's that load of nutcases against me," asks Stefano, "At least it's a level playing field." Lexie suggests he leave Salem. Stefano interprets that means she cares for him.

"You've gone unpunished far too long," says Lexie.

Stefano remains calm, "That's not true. For starters, you are my daughter." He thinks his children are disloyal to him for sending him to the facility when he was a vegetable.

"I did everything I knew how as a physician," says Lexie.

"No wonder I didn't recover," says Stefano, "I deserve better than that." Lexie says maybe they could have done more but didn't try.

Nicole asks for privacy. Bo leaves. Nicole and Victor go outside.

Bo sits with Hope and says Nicole wants to tell Victor about her marriage to Trent in private. Hope is skeptical that Nicole will tell the truth.

Nicole begins her tale of woe, "My past has caught up with me."

"The past is in the past," says Victor.

That's true," says Nicole, "But when you find out what I did, my past will be in the future."

"Then you're future's not too bright," says Victor.

"Neither am I," says Nicole.
She tells him he was her third husband. She tells him she was married to Trent.

"Why the hell should I care," asks Victor.

"Trent and I are still legally married," says Nicole. Victor's eyebrows crash into the Brady pub sign above his head.

Patch and Kayla sit with Stephanie. Patch asks about France. Stephanie tells the story. "I knew it," says Patch, "Next time I'm following my gut."

"You don't need to follow it," says Kayla, "You can always find it bellied up to the bar."

"I'd like your advice," says Stephanie.

"Why," asks Kayla, "You never follow it anyway. But if you want it, I'd just let Max talk things through with Caroline. So... how's Melanie?"

"Let's just say I'm not her biggest fan."

Nick and Melanie hug. The brat walks up and watches. Nick says they will get through it together. Trent walks up and shoots off a few snide remarks.

Inside, Chelsea grabs Stephanie and tells her about the disgusting PDA Nick and Melanie are putting on outside. Stephanie tells Chelsea Max tried to kill Trent and Caroline saved the day. She tells her about Melanie and Trent's fight. Chelsea thinks Nick must've fallen for Melanie's act.

"You know," says Stephanie, "it's OK to admit you're jealous."

Victor plays it cool. Nicole asks, "Don't you want to know how this happened?"

Victor is his old sarcastic self, "Is that a trick question?"

Nicole tells him she just figured she and Trent were divorced, "Back then I went by a different name... Misty Circle." Victor just about has another stroke laughing. Nicole tells him about the abuse. She says eventually she worked up the courage to leave Trent and changed her name to Nicole Walker. Victor chuckles uncontrollably.

Stefano says Lexie didn't do enough for him. She starts to leave but he rants. Lexie reminds him of the number of times he has thrown his children to the wolves. She wants an explanation.

Chelsea says, "I'm not jealous. I just think Melanie isn't the girl for Nick."

"And you think maybe you are," asks Stephanie.

"No," says the brat, "Nick and I are just friends and I don't want to see him get hurt, unless I'm the one doing the hurting." Stephanie tells her to let it go unless she wants to get back with him.

Nick threatens to call the cops but Melanie tells him she will talk to Trent. Nick thinks that's a big mistake, but leaves them to go at each other again. Trent apologizes. Melanie doesn't buy it. Trent claims he's sincere, "Uh... Do I still owe Claude money?"

Melanie explodes, "He's in jail for attempted rape and his friend is in jail for attempted murder! And I'm sure Claude blames you for all of it."

Bo joins Max and Caroline. Caroline rants on about Trent, "How could a parent do that? There is nothing I wouldn't do to protect you kids. Nothing."

"We're not kids, Ma," says Bo, "We're adults."

"When did that happen," asks Caroline.

Victor stops chuckling long enough to take a breath, "Nicole, if nothing else, you were always entertaining."

"That was before I got this part on DOOL," says Nicole.

Victor says he isn't going to let her keep his money, "We were never married — I don't owe you a settlement. Prepare yourself to become dirt poor again. Suddenly Nicole runs off to be sick. Victor laughs.

Lexie and Stefano continue to argue. Lexie disowns him, "You're dead to me."

Trent worries that Claude will solve his problems with the law and he will still owe the money. Melanie tries to run. Trent grabs her, "Remember, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Chelsea walks up to Nick and asks if everything is OK. Nick zones, "It will be once I get Trent away from Melanie."

Bo wants Max to promise he'll back away from his feud with Trent. Max growls, "I don't make promises I can't keep."

Stefano appeals to Lexie to reconsider. Lexie stands firm. Stefano insists his grandson will not be kept from him. He says he knows about Theo's autism, "I can see he gets the best treatment money can buy. I happen to know an expert in the field who will exclusively care for Theodore."

Lexie tosses Theo's chances into the crapper, "You disgust me!"

Kayla advises Stephanie just to go away somewhere with Max. "I just did that," says Stephanie, "And that's what got us in this mess in the first place."

Trent belittles Melanie, "I know about all your boyfriends. You can't fool me." Max walks up and tells him to get away.

Trent gets a call, "We'll continue this later." The audience groans. Trent walks off and Max takes Melanie back inside.

Nicole comes back from her hurl-a-thon and tells Victor she's better. Victor says he really couldn't care less, but he does care about his money, "You'll hear from my lawyers. It's always a pleasure, Nicole." Victor walks off.

Nicole stews, "Trent, you are so gonna pay for this."

Inside, Victor joins Bo and Hope. He thanks them for their help and tells them about Kate as the brat walks up.

Max brings Melanie up and formally introduces her to Caroline, "Ma owns the pub. It's practically a local landmark."

"Why is that," asks Melanie.

"She and Pa built it just before the American revolution."

"It has so much character," says Melanie.

"It had one more character when Pa was around," says Max. Caroline tells Melanie she can make the pub her home. Max excuses himself and runs off. Stephanie follows.

Caroline wants to show Melanie her room. Nick says he will hang out while Melanie gets settled.

Victor fills Chelsea in on Kate's condition. He says they will know more tomorrow. Chelsea decides she wants to see her. Bo says it's late, and the brat decides she will call Kate in the morning.

Victor tells Bo and Hope he will make Nicole pay him back back but will not have her charged with fraud. He still doesn't like Trent even though it turns out Trent has actually helped him.

Chelsea walks up to Nick and asks how he is feeling. Nick is non-communicative. "Would you like some company," she asks. "Great idea," says Nick, "I'll run up and see if Melanie can join me."

Victor calls Nico and says there is something he wants him to do concerning Trent.

Trent is on the phone, "I understand. I will."

Bo asks Chelsea what happened in France. Chelsea fills him in. Bo goes to make a call. Hope and the brat share a tender moment, "The important thing," says Hope, "is you didn't lose Nick."

"Of course not," says Chelsea, "We're friends."

Hope cuts to the chase, "You still love him don't you?"

Stephanie comes back and sits wtih Patch and Kayla. It seems she ran after Max, but couldn't catch up wtih him, "He was here one minute and the next he's gone."

"Didn't we just do the 'Where's Max' story line," asks Kayla.

Stefano appeals to Lexie to think about what is best for Theo. She storms out. Stefano wonders, "How could my children be so stupid?"

Trent stops Nicole. Nicole seethes, "You bastard, you owe me money." Trent says Victor is not his problem and walks off.

Nicole says, "Believe me, Trent, he will be."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Winos Gone Wild

We were scheduled for an appointment with Norris the satellite-guy yesterday afternoon. We waited with baited breath for his arrival, but unfortunately, I have to report, Norris didn't show. It's really my fault. If I would have checked the town events schedule I would have seen that the "Winos Gone Wild" festival had rolled into town on Friday and will be here all weekend. Ordinarily, this shouldn't mean much, but Norris is the state cow-chip tossing champion five years running and they're holding the championship as a part of the WGW event. I mean, there is no one around these parts who can toss the BS around like Norris.

But, hey, I have to support the WGW festival. Ours is a small town and we don't get many big-time events around here. Well, we did have a bar fight down at the local pub a couple days ago but it just turned out to be some meat-headed has-been race driver sucker punching his father and then threatening to shove a broken beer bottle up his... neck... I think it was. Some one-eyed guy with a pageboy hair-do tried to break it up but only because he was a member of the Sierra Club and the beer the race driver destroyed was brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water. It was either that or the fact that the beer had alcohol in it and the pageboy pirate can't stand to see our precious resources destroyed. Anyway, the pageboy almost lost his other eye until the race driver's mother stepped in and threatened never to babysit his kids if he has any. Man, that put a stop to the action right there.

And that's the only excitement we've had here in a long time. Unless you count that little incident down at the clinic (we're too small to have a hospital). It seems a totally comatose patient somehow masterminded a plot to take over the clinic and terrorize the patients. In a very unfortunate error in town planning, the clinic is located right next to our local Mexican dive, La Peeuwwwente. The tragic coincidences in this disaster just keep piling on. See, this was a Tuesday and at La PU (as we call it) every Tuesday is an all-you-can-eat bean burrito feast. Somehow, while still totally unconscious, this guy arranged to have La PU's sanitary exhaust system integrated into the clinic's ventilation system. The resulting catastrophe was so bad we actually got a Page-4 blurb in our big-city newspaper, the Bean Blossom Bugle. Patients at first began complaining of burning eyes, which soon progressed to full-blown hallucinations. They were mysteriously locked in on the first floor and were a pathetic sight as they hung out of the first story windows screaming for help. The local cops got involved but were no match for a comatose guy. The only way the incident was resolved was the lunch crowd left La PU.

So that died down pretty quickly and we just resumed our lives in this sleepy little town where nothing ever happens. This town is so small we only have one two-story building. It has two elevators but since it's only two stories no one ever uses them. Besides they're in the back of the building where the town diva practices her opera lessons and no one wants to go back there while she's wailing away. The ASPCA went back there once, but that was because someone reported a cat had been caught in a blender. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate. Anyway one day it happened. One of the local boys who had faked an injury to win the affections of a girl who once dressed up like a man... I digress. He had to go back and use the elevator. His shocking discovery rocks the town to this day. Apparently, the town diva and her friend had turned those elevators into the town brothel. It turns out the screams back there didn't have a thing to do with opera.

But around here, that stuff is all as out of the ordinary as a plot on DOOL, and when a major event like Winos Gone Wild comes to town, we all have to stand up and take notice. I went over to the festival grounds last night and was not disappointed. Norris had already won the BS hurling contest and was well equipped to be crowned the "Wildest Wino" with his Hummer pickup loaded with Ripple. I finally got a little disgusted and left after seeing all the signs goading the winos to...


Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, Norris learned to read. In the interests of dignity, I won't describe the horrific sight of Norris showing his gut.

I did have time to stop and make an appointment for Norris to POSSIBLY come by the Prevuze Compound on Monday the 29th and attempt to get our dish working. I had enough sense to make the appointment for the morning so that Norris can stop by the Compound on his way home from the bar.

So now, Prevuzers, we have to wait more than another week to find out if we can pick up the new DOOL satellite feed. Hang in there with me and we'll keep you updated. In the meantime have a great weekend and if you get a chance, stop by our sleepy little berg and help Norris and the rest of the winos celebrate.


Disclaimer: "Norris" is a purely fictional character who only happens to have the same name as a real satellite repair technician who lives in the same town where the Prevuze Compound is located and who stiffed the Prevuze team yesterday in favor of doing God knows what. Any similarity between "Norris" the fictional character and any persons living or dead is just a pure damn coincidence.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Constipated Busybody

Trent calls Nicole and tells her to get her butt and her checkbook over to the pub unless she wants Victor to get the news bulletin about their marriage. Then he calls to cover the spread on the Chicago–Tampa Bay game.

Max and Stephanie arrive back in the US and go straight to the Brady pub. He thanks Stephanie for helping find his sister, but doesn't think it was much of a way to spend her summer. Stephanie asks, "What better way to spend the summer than to be in Paris with the guy who loves you and spend most of it in jail? "

"Think of the stories you can tell your grandkids," says Max.

"Or their boyfriends if I turn out like Kate," says Stephanie. Suddenly she notices Trent inside and decides she wants to go elsewhere. Max catches on. Stephanie tries to stop him as he rushes inside. As Max charges Trent like a mad bull, Stephanie calls Patch.

Max rushes in and says, "Hey, Dad." POW! A genu-wine Lucas Horton sucker punch! DOWN GOES TRENT!

Abe wanders aimlessly. He stumbles into his house and pays Kelsey, the babysitter. She asks about staying with Theo next week and Abe says he'll get back with her. She gives him an envelope containing Theo's latest evaluation and leaves. Abe sits and plays with Theo.

"HACK! COUGH! SPEW! RORLAMMPFF!" Phillip rushes out and hauls Maxine the nurse in.

Daniel gives his tear-jerking speech about how great Lexie is. A few of the board members stay awake. No one in the audience does. He and Lexie leave. Pruneface Thomas poses the question, "We will now vote on whether to dump Dr. Carver or keep the hospital on the slippery slope to oblivion."

Outside, Lexie tells Daniel thanks. "They'd be fools to get rid of you," says Daniel.

"That's not encouraging," says Lexie, "We know they're fools because they hired me in the first place."

"Don't worry," says Daniel, "The board knows Eleanor is just a constipated busybody with too much time on her hands." Lexie knows she let her personal life interfere with her job.

"You're doing a hell of a job," says Daniel.

"Does that mean you think I'm doing a good job," asks Lexie.

"No," says Daniel, "It means you've got the hospital on a path to hell."

"HACK! COUGH! SPEW! RORLAMMPFF!" Phillip calls Lucas, "You'd better get down to the hospital right away. Bring a mop and a bucket."

Abe and Theo play. Abe tells him he's going to be around more from now on. He opens the evaluation and reads, "Well, well, well, what do you know?"

"I know I wouldn't be dumb enough to get my nose out of joint and quit my job," says Theo.

Daniel asks, "Lexie... are you having second thoughts."

"I'm hardly capable of a first thought," says Lexie, "There is a lot of pressure. If I had known about Theo I might not have accepted the job in the first place."

Lucas runs up and Phillip fills him in. Nurse Maxine comes out and tells them they can go see her. Lucas goes in while Phillip makes a call. "Mom," he asks, "how are you?"

"Go away," says Mommie Dearest.

"Are you disowning me," asks Lucas, "That's a switch."

Trent struggles to get up, "What the hell was that about?" Max tells him he ran into Claude in France. Trent plays innocent. "You remember Claude," says Max, "You set your daughter up with him. You pimped out your own daughter!"

Pete comes up and hands an ice pack to Trent. Trent rages about what Max did. "I saw nothing," says Pete. Max rushes Trent again and Stephanie separates them. Melanie shows up. Trent is shocked she's there.

Melanie says hello to Daddy... SLAP!

Bo and Hope confront Nicole. "Misty Circle," says Bo.

"We'd like a word with you," says Hope.

Phillip comes in as Kate insists nothing is wrong.

Daniel suggests maybe Lexie should just take a break. Lexie thinks Theo needs a full time mom. "Then you know what you have to do," says Daniel, "Find someone who would make a good mother and hire her." Mickey comes out to get Lexie.

Pruneface speechifies, "It was a tough decision, but the board..."

Before she gets another word out of her mouth, Lexie stops her and promptly resigns. Julie and Mickey question her but Lexie is adamant. She says she will continue her practice but with a flexible schedule. Pruneface says this is unexpected and gives her the option to reconsider, since the board had just voted to retain her. Lexie says her family comes first. Daniel grabs her hand and squeezes it as she leaves.

Phillip and Lucas tell Kate they are staying until she gets x-rays. Phillip gets a call, tells Kate not to worry and runs out. Kate wants to know what they are up to.

Bo asks, "Would you prefer we call you Mrs. Trent Robbins?" Bo and Hope proceed to tell Nicole about what they dug up on Trent, "He's married to a woman named Misty Circle."

Nicole is smug, "Remind me to send an anniversary card."

Bo turns to Hope, "Maybe we should take her down to the station."

Nicole asks, "What do you want from me?"

Hope says, "How about the truth?"

Melanie and Max spew hatred on Trent. Melanie wants to know why he didn't tell her she had a brother. Max says when the university people find out about him his career will be over. Trent starts to drag Melanie out. Max grabs a beer bottle, smashes it, gets him in a headlock and shoves the jagged glass up against Trent's throat.

The Marines have arrived! Patch rushes up to Max, "You know better than this! Don't ever let me see you waste a full bottle of beer like that again! " Kayla and Caroline follow him in.

Victor asks Daniel if he has a minute, "What the hell were you thinking when you got together with Kate?"

"The same thing you were thinking when you slammed her," says Daniel.

Kate badmouths Chloe. Lucas wishes Kate would give Chloe a chance. She thinks Lucas is falling too fast and too hard. "She makes me happy," says Lucas.

Kate asks, "The same way she made Phillip happy?" Kate gets a game misconduct for that one. Kate vows to keep an open mind since Chloe is a step up from Sami. Lucas thinks she doesn't approve of his women. Nurse Maxine interrupts with a wheelchair. Lucas stuffs Kate in the chair and they wheel her off.

Daniel tells Victor he and Kate were together only a couple of times. Victor's sarcasm runneth over, "How commendable of you. You are a great disappointment to me. Your ill-advised dalliance with my granddaughter is over."

"No," says Daniel, "When she gets back we're going to sit down and talk."

"Not if I have anything to say about it," says Victor, "

Daniel says, "I'm not giving up on Chelsea."

Victor snorts, "You are not going anywhere near my granddaughter."

Abe plays with Theo. Theo gets a few things right, which is more than his parents are capable of. Lexie comes in. Abe asks, "How was the meeting?"

No answer. Lexie goes for Theo. Abe asks Theo to match a piece with the place it goes on the board and Theo gets it right. Lexie can't believe it. She is sooo proud. Abe has Lexie look at the report, and then he asks about the hospital again. Lexie tells Abe they voted her in, but she turned them down, "I resigned as Chief of Staph." Oops.

Lucas and Phillip talk. Lucas gets a call. He wants to let it go to voice mail. Phillip asks, "Who is it, Chloe? All I want is for her to be happy. We tried to make it work twice and it just didn't. You have my blessing. You get all my hand me downs."

Lucas says he has to prove he's a reliable parent, "That's not easy without a job."

Phillip has an idea, "Why don't you come back to Titan? The company has been doing really well lately and we need some doofus to turn it around."

Lexie tells Abe why she resigned. Abe tells her he resigned. They stand there facing each other and wet themselves.

Nicole tells Bo and Hope about her history with Trent, "Things were fine at first, but after a while his true colors started to show. He started to gamble, drink and became abusive. One time he came home trashed and told me I would be on the streets if not for him."

"The truth can be so painful," says Hope.

Nicole goes on, "He slammed me against the wall and I couldn't tell anyone because he would just do it again. You are the first ones I've told. One day I just left. I assumed he filed for divorce."

"You realize there are legal ramifications," says Hope.

"We have to tell Victor," says Bo.

Patch orders, "Give me the bottle, Max." Max claims his actions are justified.


Caroline steps in and begs, "Pop would not approve. He didn't like people who wasted beer any more than Patch does. Is this how you honor him?"

Abe tells Lexie about his great day. Lexie reminds him how much the therapies cost, "We have a mortgage, a car payment..." Not to worry, Abe says he's already getting feelers from consulting firms. Lexie thinks this is about Stefano.

Phillip offers four weeks vacation. Lucas accepts. Titan has a new janitor. Maxine wheels Kate back in. Phillip pulls out a computer and says it's time for a family meeting.

He opens the computer up and a voice says, "Mama, it's me!"

Kate gasps, "Oh, Billie!" Another voice pipes in. Another gasp from Kate, "Austin! I don't believe this. Where are the twins? "

"Back in their space-pod," says Lucas.

Maxine brings the x-rays to Daniel. Victor finds out Kate is still there and runs to the trauma center. Not bad for a guy who just had a stroke.

Max' beer bottle hovers as Caroline whimpers. Max lets go. Bo wants to know what's going on. Trent says he will press charges and wants Max arrested for attempted drama. Bo takes Max aside. Stephanie asks Melanie why she would encourage Max like that.

Max babbles. Bo tells Max to shut up, "What is going on?"

Lexie says she wants Abe's attention to be on Theo, not Stefano. Abe says he's doing this for Theo and he's going after Stefano.

Theo pipes up, "Choo choo." Abe and Lexie gasp, run over to him and see he finished his train puzzle. The jobless vagrants are so proud of their kid.

Kate smiles, "Good-bye! I love you, too!" She tells the boys their little intervention worked. Victor comes in. She wonders how he knew she was there.

"Daniel told me."

Daniel puts the x-ray back in its folder, "This can't be right. Maxine, tell Dr. Hoffman down in radiology I want another set of these."

"Eight by ten or wallet size," asks Maxine.

Nick tells Trent he seems calm for someone whose career is going up in smoke. "We won't let that happen," says Trent, "It might not be wise for someone with your academic potential to cross me."

Bo wants to know what Max was doing. Max insists he was protecting his family. Bo says Max could be in a lot of trouble and if he wants to stay out of prison he has to start by apologizing to Trent. Max refuses.

Trent tells Melanie he hopes they can rise above all this. "Not in a million years," says Melanie, "I hate you I would kill you with my bare hands if I could."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.

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