Friday, November 05, 2010

Booze-Soaked, Money-Grubbing, Baby-Swapping Whore

Unfortunately, we've lost the DOOL satellite, perhaps permanently. While everyone who uses the feed is continuing to assess the situation, I am, in conjunction with Barb at the Salem Spectator, asking for a Canadian reader, or someone in the US who can receive the Canadian broadcast, to help by recording and uploading the show. That way, our blogs will remain at least a bit ahead in the US. If you think you can help Prevuze and other blogs, please contact me at Thanks.

Nicole is with Victor in the den. He wonders if she wants a drink, "Oh, I forgot, does Dracula want blood." Kate appears and says she knows all about the insarcophagation.

Brady is with Vivian. She thinks he's Lawrence. Phillip pops in and asks if someone is there with him. He claims he's visiting his mom's grave. Vivian calls for Phillip.

EJ denies he's in love with Sami. Stefano thinks EJ has more motivation than wanting his children back, "If you want you can send her to prison, OR you can put her back in your bed." EJ tells him to drop it. "I knew I was right," says Stefano.

Sami is on the phone talking with Roman about the little memorial they will have for Arianna at the pub. Roman decides he can speak at the service. Sami hangs up and flashes back to Arianna showing her the "proof." She vows to find the camera as Rafe comes back from Arianna's real funeral. They share a stare and he hugs her. He backs off and says he's having a hard time accepting that Arianna is gone, but Gabi is helping him through it. She reminded him of the girl who has Arianna's heart, who will come back to haunt them.

"I’m glad you let Gabi say it with her be there for you," says Sami, "If you need to say it with her be there for your mom, that’s OK." Rafe needs to be with Sami, however. Probably in the Biblical sense.

EJ gets a call and says Rafe has just left the funeral. EJ makes nefarious plans.

The mystery hand looks at the mystery stuff on the mystery desk.

Maggie finds Melanie at the pub. The real mystery is why she would be looking for her in the first place. Melanie is trying to come up with something to say about Arianna that doesn't include the phrase, "Drug dealing lowlife." The gals wonder why Victor now doesn't want Phillip and Melanie to move in with them.

Kate makes herself comfortable as Victor tells Nicole how Kate found out about Vivian. Kate is smug as Nicole begs Victor to make her shut up, "You can't do that, can you?"

Kate says she knows Victor will protect Brady, "Yes, Victor is my bitch."

Phillip apologizes for butting in and also tells Brady he's sorry about Arianna. Brady asks him to get out. Phillip offers to call Maggie. "I’m not usin', " claims Brady.

"You're talking to dead people," says Phillip, "If you're not using what are you hiding in your hand?" They struggle over the bluetooth. Phillip puts it up to his artificial ear that came with his artificial face and hears a voice, "That's Vivian."

Rafe tells Sami the day he met her was the best day of my life, "Right in front of the day the bullies beat me up on the playground at school."

EJ gets a call, "He is? That's interesting."

Nicole and Kate trade barbs. Victor asks Nicole to try to make the best of a bad situation. "Yes," says Kate, "The past should remain in the past. And the future should remain in the future, and the present..." You get the idea.

Vivian tells Phillip she's in the coffin next to him. She also tells him Brady put her in there, and tells him about the monitor. Brady asks who Phillip thinks would trick out a sarcophagus for a premature burial. Phillip sticks his face (well, it's someone else's face) into the camera, "Vivian, I think you have some 'splainin to do."

Sami and Rafe are at the pub. Caroline joins them and extends her sympathies. "No," says Rafe, "I’m here with Sami by choice." Caroline goes back to prepare more food. Rafe gets sad talking about Arianna and Sami comforts him.

Melanie wonders what's keeping Victor.

Victor asks, "When Vivian goes mad, how will we be able to tell?" He tells Nicole Brady doesn't know that Kate knows and continues trying to referee between the gals.

Vivian says she'll explain when she gets out. Phillip starts to let her out, but Brady stops him.

Gabi and Will join Rafe and Sami. Sami sends Gunga-Will off for water. Rafe thanks Melanie and Maggie for coming. Melanie wonders where Phillip and Brady are. She leaves to make a call. Roman steps up and gives Rafe his condolences.

Back to the Victor, Nicole, Kate show. Victor thinks Kate is enjoying rubbing his nose in her new-found power. Kate wants to talk about Phillip.

Phillip insists they can't leave Vivian in there. Brady reminds him what Vivian can do to Victor if she gets out. Phillip agrees, but thinks that doesn’t' give them the right to bury her alive. "She was going to do it to Maggie," says Brady. He tells her about the pet-cemeterification of Izzy and the rest of Vivian's plan. Phillip stews.

EJ shows up in the pub and causes a stir. Rafe decides they should let him stay and see how much people liked Arianna. Sami takes Rafe aside and asks if he is sure about this. "Lets make this about my sister," says Rafe.

Melanie eulogizes Arianna, "I don't have many friends because I say stupid things. But a little known fact about Arianna is she was deaf."

Roman talks about Arianna, "Let me tell you about grace under pressure. Then I’ll tell you how Arianna collapsed under pressure, unlike Grace."

Caroline says she was at ease with Arianna, especially after reading her the riot act about not doing her job at the pub.

Gabi says she always knew Arianna would say it with her be there for her.

EJ slugs down a drink and takes his turn at the podium, "I don't think any of us wills stop missing her. Well, except for the driver of the SUV... he certainly didn't miss. She died as my friend and is even now on my side."

Rafe's turn, "My sister was full of life, until she was run over."

The mystery hands pick up the mystery box and mysteriously carry it off to a mystery place, but leave the mystery key.

Maggie tells Melanie she did a wonderful job. Melanie says Phillip and Brady shouldn't have missed the service. "Wait and find out what happened before you judge," says Maggie.

"That’s no fun," says Melanie.

Melanie and Gabi congratulate each other on their fine speeches. Maggie and Melanie leave. Will offers to stay with Gabi, who tells him she and Rafe are going for a walk. "Look both ways before you cross the street," says Will.

EJ struts up and asks Sami if she found the rosary. Rafe tells him to take a powder.

Melanie talks on her phone outside the pub and leaves a message for Phillip, "Where the hell are you?"

Vivian begs Phillip. "You're history," says Phillip. Vivian reminds him she gave him life. That's one reason why no one will forgive her. Phillip turns a deaf ear and he and Brady leave.

Rafe suggests expanding the restraining order to include Arianna. EJ says, "Once I find the proof Arianna had for me, it's over."

A gal in the back row of the audience stands up and shouts, "Don't we wish!"

Kate says she wants to talk to Victor privately about Phillip. Nicole says she Will check on Brady. "I’m sure he was at the memorial given the way he felt about Arianna."

"Shut up, you old harpie," snorts Nicole as Brady walks in. Nicole immediately blurts out, "Kate knows about Vivian." Victor protests, but Nicole says Brady has a right to know.

Victor gives he both barrels, "Listen you booze-soaked, money-grubbing, baby-swapping whore, I’ve had about enough of you!"

Brady tells Victor to back off, "Why would you tell Kate about Vivian?"

"I didn't," says Victor, "You did. Next time you pour your heart out to a dying woman make sure you're alone."

Kate adds her two cents, "OMG! How I have missed this place!"

I think Austin and Santino should do a makeover
for Kate's wardrobe. It might be their
toughest assignment yet.

Phillip walks in. Kate wonders why he is there. Phillip wonders the same thing.

Vivian calls for Phillip, "Come back... Come back, Shane... That Alan Ladd was a cutie... Oh, Vivian, I think you are officially gaga."

Phillip says at first he wanted to save Vivian, but then she talked and that changed what's left of his mind The group decides Vivian can just stay in the box and rot. Nicole thinks all this togetherness calls for a toast.

Vivian sees Phillip walk back in. Then he's gone, "I’m seeing things. Or was I? Hello, anyone there?"

Kate toasts Vivian, "May she get what she so richly deserves."

Vivian hears a noise and panics, "it's the sweet by and by." The lid opens, "Nice work Vivian, you're going into the light and you've taken His name in vain."

Victor says, "Marriage has an escape clause... till death do us part."

Vivian thanks Phillip and gets up.

EJ says Arianna is dead because of her. For once, Rafe gets emotional. Justin steps in and breaks them up. He says he was Arianna's lawyer and wants to talk about the will, "She left some things behind."

Gabi says, "Arianna didn't have enough money to afford a lawyer like you. How can you be her lawyer?"

Justin says, "Business has been slow lately. Just to keep my skills sharp, I’ve been doing everything pro-bonehead."
Then, Justin the mystery man lifts the mystery box.


Melanie says to Phillip, "Tell me what happened... and be honest with me."

Chad says to Will, "Whomever this is, they are going to pay."

Sami tells EJ, "No one wants you here, you SOB."

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Blogger Applecheeks said...

It's Friday! It's Prevuze! It's finally the end of this part of the sarcophagization of Vivian story. Now to the next part which will drag on just as long, I'm sure.

Gabi, who tells him she and Rafe are going for a walk. "Look both ways before you cross the street," says Will.

Will - what a card.

I think Austin and Santino should do a makeover for Kate's wardrobe. It might be their toughest assignment yet.

I don't know. Given how some of their creations have turned out, maybe they already ARE providing some of her wardrobe. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Looking forward to the Vic/Kate/Nic/Brady/Phil scenes. The rest sounds pretty lame.

I mean come on. DOOL couldn't pay an actress for one day's work to play Arianna's mother? Heck, grab the cleaning lady and give her a shot at it. Talk about cheap!!

LOL over Victor's statement:"You did. Next time you pour your heart out to a dying woman make sure you're alone." Victor and Caroline have the best zingers lately.

Too bad they didn't leave Vivian sarcoghagized one more day - Victor could've told her with turning back the clocks an hour this weekend she'll be doing another hour over in there. HAHAHAHA

Loved "No," says Rafe, "I'm here with Sami by choice." and Austin and Santino.

Thank you, Prevuze and TGIF and happy weekend everyone! :D

1:09 PM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

The Victor/Kate/Philip/Nicole/Brady scene was like The Godfather-Greek style.
And I agree with Bulldog-pay the cleaning lady a little extra and let her be Mrs. Hernandez. Or maybe she was too ashamed to be seen as member of this ultra-boring family.
When does Rafe get to wise up and tell Sami that he would, indeed, be better off if he'd never met her? Oh, wait, I just used the words "Rafe" and "wise" in the same sentence. I think I should go to bed.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

(Raising hand in cyberspace . . .
I know! I know!)

They could have hired Valerie Wildman who is rarely seen as Fay Walker. With a black wig, little creative Suntan #10 Maybelline makeup & a few hours in a tanning bed she could have passed as Latina-mama Hernandez. Most likely she works on the cheap and would appreciate a walk-on, bit-player scene in this tough economy!

P.S. My word verification is
"molike." People, can there be any doubt on this one?? Fay could have been "molike" Mrs. Hernandez!

6:32 AM  

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