Friday, November 27, 2020

Kate Succumbs

One more notch on Kate's bedpost and it will turn to sawdust. #DAYS

Gwen: "Jake's a dog." And with Kate he's found a bitch to hook up with.

Jack… Jennifer… Face-to-face. Critical mass? #DAYS

Abby: "I should have come to you privately about this." Gee, even Abby
can come up with a moment of sanity now and then. #DAYS

Jack: "I am the father of that wonderful woman." Abby has a sister? #DAYS

That was the most touching scene with Jack and Abby since she stalled
around until he made that 60-story drop in the elevator. #DAYS

Once again Kate succumbs to a tender touch… and a beard that would sand
down the roughest pine board. #DAYS

Jack: "We're the best damn family in the world." I didn't realize 2020
had been that bad for families. #DAYS

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Worry, Maggie, Worry

Marlena says she has spare wedding rings in the bedroom. Heck, as many
times as Marlena
has been married she probably has more wedding rings than Tiffany. #DAYS

Phillip: "This is nothing for you to worry about." Worry, Maggie, worry.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Two Pit Bulls Attacking A Bunny

Xander: "Claire's nuts." Xander offers Charlie a little Claire-ity about
his new girlfriend. #DAYS

Jan says she's not carrying a torch for Shawn. She's not… it's a
bonfire. #DAYS

Jan: "We both had a man who didn't want Phillip and we lost our minds."
Yeah, haven't found them yet, either. #DAYS

Jan: "I've never figured out why people spend a gazillion dollars on a
wedding." Hmmm… maybe Jan is in fact sane after all. #DAYS

Shawn invites Phillip to the wedding. Whenever Shawn walks into a room
the collective IQ drops precipitously. #DAYS

Xander: "If you see so much as a decimal point out of place I want to
know about it." Charlie: "What if Phillip uses floating point math?"
#ForNerdsOnly #DAYS

Scenes we'd like to see: Both Jan and Phillip show up at Shawn and
Belle's wedding and sit in the back of the room making out. #DAYS

I've finally got Charlie figured out: He's a eunuch. #DAYS

Shawn and John gang up on Charlie. It's like two Pit Bulls attacking a
bunny. #DAYS

Julie: "I've discovered co-ed baby showers are all the rage." It's true.
They're all attended by women and gay men. #DAYS

The minute they find Belle, the wedding will be annulled. Of course, Jan
didn't think of that since her brain has been replaced by the rock she
fell on. #DAYS

It would save a lot of time if Jan's wedding dress could be converted
into a straight jacket. #DAYS

Thursday, November 19, 2020




Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Kate's Bedroom

Chad asks Jake: "What have you been up to." For one thing, Kate's
bedroom. #DAYS

Shin promotes Jake from cycle shop monkey to Vice president. So
realistic. #DAYS

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Born A Bad Girl

Both Abe and Eli say they hate lying to Lani. Apparently not as much as
they hate her wrath. #DAYS

Tripp insists he did not rape Allie, while they continue to ignore the
elephant in the room… or, rather, the baby in the next room. #DAYS

Allie: "Tripp didn't yell or anything… I almost started to believe him."
They'll probably be engaged pretty soon. #DAYS

Eli: "I've started the ball rolling about the baby shower." Lani: "There
isn't going to be a baby shower. I've decided not to have the babies." #DAYS

All her visitors just waltz in to see Kristen. Statesville must be the
only prison in the country with an open-door policy. #DAYS

Kate: "I was born a bad girl." Yeah, the same year as Jake's mother. #DAYS

Abby: "Are you going to give me the silent treatment for falling asleep
in Jake's lap?" Chad: "No. That calls for a spanking." #DAYS

Eli: "We should work this out." Lani: "No. No more words. You put the
"lie" in Eli." #DAYS

Friday, November 13, 2020

Ground Zero For The Zombie Apocalypse

Xander and Sarah need to cool it. In Salem it's a felony for a husband
and wife to work together. #DAYS

Ava! Yet another dead person appears, proving Salem is ground zero for
the Zombie Apocalypse. #DAYS

Eli and Abe fumble around to tell Lani what they were planning and come
up with a surprise baby shower. Lani sees right through it. Guys
throwing a baby show is less likely than your dog throwing a welcoming
party for your new cat. #DAYS

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