Friday, October 31, 2014

Better Than Those Old Grainy Porn Tapes

After he saw Daniel and Kristen in bed, I'm surprised Brady's hair didn't turn white.  I saw it and mine did. #DAYS
What did we learn from Brady walking in on Daniel and Kristen? Leave the door open—It's so entertaining for your friends and neighbors #DAYS
Eve: "Eric! Just the man I want to see." I think she means, "just the gender I want to see." #DAYS
Brady just stands and watches Kristen and Daniel.  Live is a lot better than those old grainy porn tapes of his. #DAYS

Every Young Guy's Dream

Brady suddenly realizes if a gal he dates can't make it as a total conniving slut, she dies. #DAYS
If Sami's exit from Salem gets any longer Alison Sweeney will be back on the show before Sami leaves town. #DAYS
Sonny encourages Will to follow his dreams. Yeah, it's every young guy's dream to live with his mom. #DAYS
Kristin's worried about a slut ruining Brady's life.  Maybe she wants to keep that honor all for herself. #DAYS

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Where We Left Things Yesterday

Daniel and Kristin find a unique way to express their mutual hatred.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trash Day

Just imagine the hype and the ratings jump Days Of Our Lives will experience when Sami returns from Hollywood... and EJ from the dead. #DAYS
Jennifer says what she and Daniel had is gone. That's the way I feel about my garbage, too, after every trash day." #DAYS
Brady ain't buying what Kristin is selling.  In this case it looks like all those drugs killed a few too many brain cells. #DAYS
Jennifer says she wants to live in the real world.  Then she shouldn't come back to Salem. #DAYS

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If He Gets The Milk For Free...

Find the dolly in the garden. #DOOL comes up with yet another creative way to ditch the kids. #DAYS
Brady says he has no clue where his relationship with Theresa is headed. I do: if he gets the milk for free... #DAYS
Conniving, scheming Anne is acting like a blithering teenager with Kristin. #DAYS
Ciara wants to leave, Kristin may; Sami, the kids, Jennifer, EJ: gone... What, are they getting rid of the whole cast? #DAYS

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Scream-Writer

If this story is about Sami, Universal doesn't need a screen-writer. They need a scream-writer. #DAYS
Be careful, Will. LA is where writers go to die... or write #DOOL, which is the same thing. #DAYS
Chad says he and Jordan aren't a "thing" yet. With guys, it's not a "thing" until you're naked. #DAYS
So now it's Chad and Jordan. Man... the women of Salem get passed around like a fast-burning doob at a Grateful Dead concert. #DAYS

Friday, October 24, 2014

Porn Star Turned Baby-Snatcher

JJ plans to use the tired old "I can't bang you because my dad was a rapist" excuse. #DAYS
Sami: "EJ loved a good catfight." Hey, here's an idea, let's have one now in his memory. #DAYS
Sami doesn't remember the last thing she and EJ talked about. As I recall it was the fact he was spewing blood everywhere. #DAYS
Sami tells Nicole: "You're a former porn star turned baby-snatcher." Attempted murder more fits Sami's style. #DAYS

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Fireproof Envelope

OFPS, Stefano get off it. You're only upset because you didn't get to kill EJ yourself. #DAYS
Mary Beth: "I didn't tell your mom you got birth control." Say it a little louder, MB, I don't think they heard you in Chicago." #DAYS
EJ killed by a junkie. Once again the SPD hits the nail right on the head. Wrong nail, unfortunately. #DAYS
Hey, Clyde, I'm thinking next Father's Day is going to be a pretty inauspicious event for you. #DAYS
Sami tells Sydney if they're sending the picture to EJ they'd better get it in an envelope. Better make that a fireproof envelope. #DAYS

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