Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Life Of Celibacy

Eli to Xander: "Congratulations for rising from the dead." Coming back from the dead is so common on #DOOL, congratulations really aren't necessary. #DAYS

Well, they're even now. Rafe slept with Sami and Hope shook hands with Ted. #DAYS

Rex: "I'll never cheat on Sarah again." Looks like Rex is headed for a life of celibacy. #DAYS


This, of course, begs the question, "Why do things half-way?" #DAYS


Noooo Problemoooooo...



Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Xander Contemplates A Banana

Leo texts Xander. Xander contemplates a banana. Not too subtle, #DAYS

Sarah wonders if Nicole would want Eric to go to jail for murder. Xander could already press charges for assault and with Sarah as a witness it's back to the hoosegow for Eric. #DAYS

Chloe says Lucas isn't answering his messages because he's away. I guess they still just communicate by smoke signals in Europe. #DAYS

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Male Shirt Shortage

Sonny and Will can't stand being away from each other. That's understandable. They've only been divorced once. #DAYS

They've done a bit of a make over on Melinda so she'll look more like she could be Haley's sister. It didn't work. #DAYS

BULLETIN: The Red Cross is responding as quickly as possible to the male shirt shortage crisis in Salem. #DAYS

Monday, January 14, 2019

Down, Boy

Eve: "There was a time I could be bought." What? Now she does it for free?" #DAYS

Rex: "Am I interrupting something?" Down boy. You can't be upset Sarah is with Eric. After all, you and her are (say it with me) "on a break." #DAYS

Rex to Sarah: "You are the most important thing in my life. I will never jeopardize that." You mean you will never jeopardize that… again? #DAYS

Jennifer to Jack: "You taught me to be a champion of truth."

Clear The Kitchen Table And Jump On Each Other

Abby: "The three of you against me… nothing has changed." Except, for the moment, Abby is acting like she's sane. #DAYS

Brady and Chloe? Have her scars finally healed? #DAYS

JJ to Abigail: "Calm down." Have you ever noticed telling someone to calm down usually has the opposite effect? #DAYS

The Devereaux family: 1 Amnesiac, 1 Recovering druggie, 1 former trigger-happy cop, 1 recovering mental patient. #DAYS

Remind me – Is Haley Trask's sister or her granddaughter? #DAYS

Why don't Sarah and Eric just clear the kitchen table, jump on each other and get it over with?" #DAYS

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Gay For Pay



It Takes One To Know One

Trask wants Abby to press charges against Gabi. It can't be because there is a shortage of criminal cases. This is Salem, for God's sake. #DAYS

Abby says she and Gabi understand each other. Maybe because they're both nut-jobs and it takes one to know one. #DAYS

Brady: "Why is there nobody here?" Did you notice he was pointing to his head when he said that? #DAYS

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The Drug Market

Gabi says there is no excuse for what she did… as she proceeds to make excuse after excuse. #DAYS

Vic says Titan needs a CEO that knows the market. What market? The drug market? #DAYS

Sonny: "Last I saw Leo was following Xander to the hot tub." Will: "With any luck it will boil them both." Good one, Will. #DAYS

Tuesday, January 08, 2019


If Ted was the high-powered super-lawyer they're trying to make him out to be, he wouldn't be in Hope's office, she would be in his. #DAYS

Gabi: "Stefan tied me up in a chair overnight and the next morning when he walked in…" he had to clean up the pee on the floor around my chair. #DAYS

Rafe plays it "holier-than-thou" with Hope. Fact is, as unholy as Rafe is, Hope is the only one anywhere he can play it that way with. #DAYS

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