Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Murder, Pyromania and Adultery

Leo to Kate: "Show me the money." Showing it is one thing. Giving it is another. #DAYS

Sonny to Will: "Why don't you and Paul go on a double date with us?" What could go wrong? #DAYS

Jennifer to Abby: "What do you have to answer for?" Other than murder, pyromania and adultery? #DAYS

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Not that Julie is prying but I think her middle name is 'crowbar.' #DAYS

It's the Eve vs. Theresa showdown. Brady: "Do you guys have a third sister I could use as a tie-breaker?" #DAYS

If Brady plays this right he can lose both Theresa and Eve, which is the way his love life usually goes anyway. #DAYS

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Reader's Digest Version

Stefan says no one can take away what he and Abby had. And no one can take away the coming "who's the daddy" storyline if Abby winds up pregnant. #DAYS

Chad wants to expose Stefan for the sick human being he is. Yeah, he's almost as sick as Chad's wife. #DAYS

Jennifer: "Brady deserves to pbe happy, especially with what Nicole and Theresa did to him." When it comes to Brady's woman-troubles, that was the Reader's Digest version. #DAYS

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Who Can Keep Track?



Friday, May 18, 2018

Gordian Knot

Abigail tries to follow the slap with a left hook. Stefan blocks. A good thing for him. Any more damage to his face and he'll look like the hamburger you're going to have at your Memorial Day picnic. #DAYS

When Steve gets bionic eyes, will he still need a patch? #DAYS

John tells Steve he and Marlena are going to tie the knot. As many times as they've been married, that's got to be a Gordian Knot. #DAYS

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Rafe finally gets a clue that Hope wants to end their marriage. That's pretty good for him – it only took a few weeks after she said that's what she wanted. #DAYS

Scenes we'd like to see: Gabby emerges while Abby is visiting Gabi. → Gabi² #DAYS

Chad: "GABBY ISN'T REAL! GABBY ISN'T REAL!" Of course not. This is fiction. #DAYS

Chad pulls a Lucas move: sucker punches Stefan. #DAYS

Between the two beatings, Chad has given Stefan a face transplant… that went very, very bad. #DAYS

Sonny is falling for Leo's scheme hook, line and sinker. I'm selling my Titan stock. #DAYS

Today's big reveal: Abby remembers sleeping with Stefan. Of course the only person who didn't know about that was Abby, so maybe it's today's little reveal. #DAYS

Protip for Stefan: When a guy has a knife at your throat isn't a good time to be taunting him. #DAYS

Leo resigns. Get it in writing, Sonny, get it in… uh oh. #DAYS

BULLETIN: News outlets are reporting Hawaii's Kilauea has blown. They might want to confirm that. It's just as likely that was Abigail walking in to confront Stafan. #DAYS

The Salem Lunatic Asylum For The Hopelessly Deranged

To say Abigail is nuttier than a fruitcake is an insult to fruitcakes everywhere.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

For Old Time's Sake

Tripp: "With great power comes great responsibility." But not always great intelligence. #DAYS

John to marlena: "Will you marry me… one last time." Isn't that what he says every time they get married? #DAYS

If marlena marries John again she will be Marlena Evans-Craig-Bradford-Brady-Black-North-Black-DiMera-Black-DiMera-Black-Black. We now know he was never a DiMera but I'm keeping it in there for old time's sake. #DAYS



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