Friday, September 22, 2017

Salem Male Fashionistas

What the hell is with that jacket André is wearing? André is the Kate of
Salem male fashonistas. #DAYS

Sonny, Will and Paul. It may be Sonny's dream but it definitely
qualifies as a three-way — or, dare I say, a MANage a trois? #DAYS

Eric's letter to Nicole: "Being friends means more to me than anything…
so I never want to see you again." #DAYS

Paul: "What understanding do you have with Eric?" Brady: "He stays away
from Nicole or I punch his lights out." #DAYS

The Miracle



Thursday, September 21, 2017

Rude Awakening



Demon Rum

The Salem Chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union gangs up on Lucas.


As Long As We Can Still Have Sex

Brady: "Eric would never come between Nicole and me." Yeah, especially if she dumps you and you're out of the picture. #DAYS

Justin: "You should never give up if you love someone." Brady better hope no one passes that advice along to Eric." #DAYS

Abby: "Let's wait until we're married to be together. What do you say." Chad: "Sure. As long as we can still have sex." #DAYS

Hope: "Being Commissioner wouldn't be right for me." Rafe: "Why?" Hope: "It would put a damper on any crimes I might want to commit." #DAYS

Brady, If Nicole won't be faithful working at the Center, chances are she won't be faithful anyway. #DAYS

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Chad and Abby frolic in the church.  DO IT IN THE PEW! DO IT IN THE PEW! #DAYS

Jennifer, Kate, Maggie and Kayla gang up on Lucas. Damn. They sent the entire Women's Temperance Union. #DAYS

Abe: "We can't control our feelings; just our actions." Her history shows Nicole can't control her actions, either. #DAYS

So Many Men, So Little Time



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sonny Bunny



A Dying Swan Dive Into A Vat Of Whiskey

This is the first time Will has come back from the dead but, hey, he's still young. #DAYS


Will returns with more wisdom than Lucas. That wouldn't be difficult even if Lucas was sober. #DAYS


Sonny: "Lucas fell off the wagon." It was more like he dove off. A dying swan. Into a vat of whiskey. #DAYS


Friday, September 15, 2017

Add A Zombie To The Mix

Good call, Hattie. Angelica won't be refuting your story anytime soon. #DAYS

Wedding seating will have to include a bride's side, three groom's sides
and an "enemy of the couple" side. #DAYS

Will returns!  Two doppelgangers weren't enough. They had to add a
zombie to the mix. #DAYS

There once was a guy named Lucas
Who was the Salem town dufus.
He drank himself numb,
Turned into a bum.
Attempts to save him are useless.  #DAYS

The Hormones Are Kicking In

Eric: "Prove you're my mom—What's your full name?" Marlena: "Marlena
Evans-Craig-Bradford-Brady… oh, hell no one could remember that." #DAYS

Protip for Theo: When she says, "I want to be your girlfriend" and her
next words are, "I lied," proceed at your own risk. #DAYS

Theo: "I want to be your boyfriend." Claire: "I want to be your
girlfriend." Translation: The hormones are kicking in. #DAYS

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sitting At The Right Hand Of God Almighty

Nicole: "Having Holly is like having a piece of Daniel back." Daniel
isn't coming back—He's too busy sitting at the right hand of God
Almighty. #DAYS

Hattie's moment of clarity: When she realizes Marlena really can
prescribe shock therapy for someone. #DAYS

Brady's going to the wrong group for help. He needs to join
Nicoleaholics Anonymous. #DAYS

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Abby: "Why wouldn't I be happy?" This is Salem. There is a cityordinance against being happy. #DAYS

OMG! Rafe and Hope in bed. This is a perfect example why God made uprules against fornication. #DAYS
Abigail separates Kate and André: "Both of you, knock it off!" When Abbyis the voice of sanity all hope is lost. #DAYS

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