Monday, March 19, 2018

A Matching Set

Steve: "A long time ago Bo took my other eye…" Now thanks to John Steve has a matching set. #DAYS

Scenes we'd like to see: John digs a dart out of his eye, "OK, maybe you should give up your dream of being a professional dart player." #DAYS

Saturday, March 17, 2018

When Abigail looks in the mirror...



Friday, March 16, 2018

Rubbing Off

OK, so what we have here is Abby channeling Gabi pretending to be Abby in front of Jennifer and Kayla and the whole bunch pretending to have a clue. #DAYS

Apparently Galauragail, or whomever she is at the moment still has to account for her whereabouts to Mommy. #DAYS

Eric takes a break from work to talk to Eve. Apparently Jennifer’s work ethic is rubbing off on him. #DAYS

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ides Of March

JJ tells Valerie his wedding plans with Lani are, "none of your business." "None of your business" is a phrase rarely heard in Salem and less often understood. #DAYS

Dr. Laura/Kayla's fuchsia eyeglasses are so ugly even Elton John wouldn't wear them. #DAYS

No matter what Abby has or hasn't done, if ever there was a case where an insanity defense would be valid, hers would be it. #DAYS

Gabigail: "There is no way I'm going back to Abby's dark, dank attic." Technically it's a belfry; and there are bats in it. #DAYS

Note: Today is the Ides of March, as in Ides rather be watching something else. #DAYS

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

After The Poop Hits The Fan

André to Abby: "I do love that dress on you." I've always favored that
color of monkey urine myself. #DAYS

JJ: "You're a good guy Eli." Let's see how he feels about that after the
poop hits the fan. #DAYS

Abe: "I'm getting 'grandfather fever.'" Yep. It's his daughter's kid.
About the only thing we know about that relationship is who the mother
is. #DAYS

Johnny Walker Black

Maggie discovers Eric and Jennifer having a little dessert at the pub.
Or was that an appetizer. #DAYS

Maggie catches Brady drinking: "Brady Black! What are you doing?" Johnny
Walker Black. #DAYS

Victor: "A good businessman doesn't let his feelings get in the way of
his goals." Yet he let his feelings for Maggie get in the way of his
plot against Eve. #DAYS

Monday, March 12, 2018


Why do people in Salem almost always open the door or answer the phone in these situations? #DAYS



Victor told Eve in about Brady's scheme in order to get Maggie back. One word: whipped. (I would have made it two words but Prevuze wants to be family friendly). #DAYS

Brady gets BUS-TED! #DAYS

Brady begs for a chance to make things right with Eve. If she rejects him she's a smart cookie. If she takes him back she has the IQ of a cookie. #DAYS

Friday, March 09, 2018

Eve Of Destruction

Gabi could plead insanity because she would have to be insane to handle
the planted evidence the way she did. #DAYS

Even though Gabi didn't kill André she is now guilty of attempting to
destroy evidence. #DAYS

If Dr. Laura is a Psychiatrist, can't she cure her other wacko
personalities, Gabi and Abby? #DAYS

Eve's last name should be "Of Destruction." #DAYS

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