Friday, July 03, 2015

Here's A Clue...

Will wants to take responsibility. Sonny wants to take responsibility. They both can take responsibility for jumping in a lake. #DAYS
HAHA! Serena has tons of trouble breaking the elephant but somehow little Parker managed to break his. #DAYS
Eric, you and Nicole didn't "almost make love." You almost baked. #DAYS
Eric wonders how Nicole will tell Daniel what they almost did. Here's a clue... don't tell him. #DAYS

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Rafe thinks making a relationship last is the tricky part. With Rafe the tricky part was keeping his pants zipped around Kate. #DAYS
Abby tells Theo she'll go to the lake and make s'mores. Maybe if she really goes, Chad will get s'more. #DAYS
Why is Lucas even talking to Kate? #DAYS
Will says in LA he was weak and fell for the guy's line. Will has always been few colors short of a rainbow — so to speak. #DAYS

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Spaghetti Western

Bev says she isn't into dope in a serious way. She seems to be into JJ; that should be dope enough. #DAYS
Don't know about you but today the sound and picture are way out of sync for me. I feel like I'm watching a spaghetti western. #DAYS
Uh, is "spaghetti western" now politically incorrect? I mean no disrespect to spaghetti. #DAYS
Anne wonders where her master keys are. Theresa could be hiding them in her beehive hairdo... along with Anne's office desk. #DAYS

A Little Stinky

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Theresa is appalled at the thought of going to work.  She could call in sick: It's a clear case of Jenniferitis.
Abby's about as enthusiastic about moving in with Ben as a turkey is about coming to Thanksgiving dinner. #DAYS
Jennifer: "I could take some time off." How do you take time off when you're always off?" #DAYS
Theresa: "Everyone at the hospital hates my guts." Yet she wants to stay at the Kiriakis mansion where everyone hates her guts. #DAYS

Friday, June 26, 2015

Underhanded Tactics

Will: "I'll never write about my family again." I wish the #DOOL writers wouldn't write about Will or his family. #DAYS
Theresa tells Kimberly she hasn't lost her mind.  That must mean she never had it in the first place. #DAYS
Brady walks in on Nicole and Eric. The NSA doesn't overhear as many conversations as people in Salem. #DAYS
Kate: "I have no problem with underhanded tactics." Kate, in fact has a problem with anything BUT underhanded tactics. #DAYS

An Ode To Eric And Nicole

Gratuitous Nudity

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Kate says good morning to Clyde. Sits down and sees it's Stefano instead. Oops. #DAYS
Victor decrees Xander should die. His last name just went from Cook to Cooked. #DAYS
Just what I want at lunchtime. Flashbacks of Eric and Nicole slobbering over each other while they bake to death. #DAYS
After Nicole says Serena was smuggling diamonds, Daniel figures out what the secret compartment was for. #QuickStudy #DAYS

Xander's Close Shave

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One Roll In The Hay

Zoe: "Penny for your thoughts?" Chad: "No DiMera will ever sell anything that cheap." They'll just date women that cheap. #DAYS
Since she's suffering from heat stroke Daniel wraps himself around Nicole to keep the heat in. #DAYS
Chad: "The price of DiMera stock went down." So did Abby. #DAYS
Ben is determined one roll in the hay makes Abby is his again. I think Ben's Newton is missing its fig. #DAYS

They Caged Their Bodies


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