Friday, June 05, 2020

One Ring To Fool Them All

I wouldn't exactly say Steve is three-sheets-to-the-wind. I think he's at least at the five-sheet level. #DAYS

Another day another kidnapping plot. #DAYS

Since Ciara's engagement ring isn't really a ring, you might call it "one ring to fool them all." #DAYS

Thursday, June 04, 2020

The Bumbling, Incompetent and Corrupt

 Hope: "Zoey hit you with a bullet. Did that slip your mind?" Probably.
The mush that fills Rafe's brain would be pretty slippery. #DAYS

Patch says he's meditating. Binge drinking whiskey is helping. #DAYS

Zoey: "You're an inept criminal." Orpheus: "You're a terrible lawyer."
No wonder they wound up in Salem. It's a refuge for the bumbling,
incompetent and corrupt, #DAYS

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

The Gal Has A Point

If Brady was really crafty he'd look over Ciara's proposals and develop arguments against them for when she asks him about them. #DAYS

Xander: "I suspect Maggie and Victor wanted some 'time alone.'" Sarah gives him a look that says, "Eeeeeuuuwwww!" #DAYS

Let's vote on whether Claire should get out of Bayview: Against: 7,342,901,772 For: 1. Well, first, I see the entire world voted and, second, even Claire got a vote. #DAYS

Jake begs Ben to come back to work. OK, Ben, here's where you talk about more pay. #DAYS

Nicole to Brady: "I think you're going off the rails." Not unusual. I don't think there are any rails anywhere in Salem. #DAYS

Sarah's hair-beany isn't the only thing about her that's wrapped a bit too tight.. #DAYS

Claire: "Ben is a murderer and he got out of here. Why can't I?" Actually the gal has a point. #DAYS

Just think about it, Sarah. If Xander had succeeded with the embryo swap, MacKenzie would probably be alive today. #DAYS



Tuesday, June 02, 2020




Get Out Of Jail Free Card

"Sarah is wearing the beer can on top of a rat's nest hairdo." #DAYS

Sonny to Arianna: "Why don't you go put that bracelet in your jewelry
box?" Translation: "Let's get the kid offstage." #DAYS

Gabi's "Get out of jail free" card must be pretty dog-eared by now. #DAYS

Monday, June 01, 2020

Damp Socks and Salmonella

Rafe to Hope: "Mi casa su casa." Actually, not any more. #DAYS

Lani – Having an abortion so you won't lose the kid doesn't make a lot of sense. #DAYS

Zoey: "I'm still suing for custody of my nephew and I intend to win." And here I thought she was suing and intending to lose. #DAYS

Kate to Abe: "You're ratings are somewhere between damp Damp socks and salmonella. There's the title for this episode #DAYS

Friday, May 29, 2020

Off To Tanganyika

John to Vic: "You're going to rot in hell for what you did." And by the sound of his heart monitor, that will probably be sooner rather than later. #DAYS

Justin asks Adrienne if it's OK to be with Kayla. What part of "till death do us part" confuses him? #DAYS

Victor to Kayla: "You know I'm right. Caroline would agree with me." Ooooooo… he played the Caroline card. #DAYS

Kayla should choose Steve if she enjoys her solitude. What a faily… a daughter they never hear from, a son in prison and ahusband who's off to Tanganyika every time he changes his underwear. #DAYS

Justin proposes: "Kayla, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" If she answered him I couldn't hear it over the sound of the lead balloon crashing. #DAYS

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Creep: "Tell us where Jake is or we'll have some fun with your pretty little girlfriend." Fun? He didn't specify what that meant. Maybe Jake has a ping-pong table in the back room. #DAYS

Ben always knew his past as a serial killer would come in handy. #DAYS

Wouldn't the fact Ben was the Necktie Killer be all the more reason for the creeps to whack him? Or are we dealing with "honor among thieves" here? #DAYS

Where Birth Control Goes To Die

I don't think Ciara showed Ben exactly what he wanted to see. #DAYS

Abby's just sick about leaving those sweet little babies… she called them that because she doesn't see them enough to remember their names. #DAYS

Ciara: "My man was on death row for a crime he didn't commit. Right… he wasn't there for any of his first string of murders. #DAYS

Chad explains to the kids what's going to happen. Translation: "Technically, you're about to become orphans." #DAYS

Well, Jake was sure thrilled to get that "Save the Date" card. After he wadded it up I was surprised he didn't throw it in the trash. #DAYS

Jack's pep talk to Abby made me want to go out and ride a bicycle, not go to a mental institution. #DAYS

Chad to Abby: "It's time." Sounded like the warden talking to a condemned man. #DAYS

Lani gasps: "I'm late." Eli: "Late for what?" Well, it ain't her beauty shop appointment. Salem: Where birth control goes to die. #DAYS

Abby: "I'm going to beat this." If it's a dead horse, you already have. #DAYS

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