Friday, May 22, 2015

Sainthood Comes, Sainthood Goes

Brady: engagement ring. Will, Paul and Sonny BO-ring. #DAYS
Abby points out Jennifer didn't give Paige's feelings any thought. She didn't — sainthood comes, sainthood goes. #DAYS
Paige, why are you even listening to JJ's rambling excuses?" #DAYS
Abby lectures Jennifer on morality. BWAHAHAHAHA! #DAYS
Kimberly isn't just a helicopter mom. She's an entire fleet of Blackhawks. #DAYS

JJ's Condition


Adorable JJ


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sex On A Conference Room Table

She's female, JJ. You're just supposed to know what she's thinking without her having to tell you. #GuyManual wisdom. #DAYS
Marlena says Stefano's psychotic behavior killed Kristen.  Well, yes... that and a 500 foot fall. #DAYS
Paul to John: "I'm surprised you haven't advised me to have sex with Sonny on a conference room table." Ooooo... low blow. #DAYS
JJ to Paige: "You are too good for me." I think this time JJ is right on target. #DAYS

Paige Clobbers JJ

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Drinking Game

New drinking game... take a drink every time someone in Salem is alone, says something out loud and someone overhears. #DAYS
Things I learned on #DOOL Number 171: Whenever you want to evade a question, just say, "it's complicated." #DAYS
Eve: "I can explain everything." Translation: "I can't explain anything, but here comes a load of BS." #DAYS
At least Adrienne and Justin have a level playing field — Cheater's Field located in Adulterer's Stadium. #DAYS

Paul Smacks Will

Paige Trumps JJ's Surprise

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Conflicting Statements

Oh boy: WillPaSon. Translation: I Will Pass On WillPaSon. #DAYS
Maggie to Nicole: "My son is reasonable. He cares about you a lot." Conflicting statements, if you ask me. #DAYS
Fashion note: Are faux leather shoulder pads the "in thing?" Both John and Eve are sporting them. #DAYS
Paul punches will. With a right cross like that, maybe his arm is good enough to go back to pitching. #DAYS

Monday, May 18, 2015

So Many Characters, So Little Time

Another tough workday for Jennifer, shopping for party supplies. #DAYS
Now that Justin has destroyed his own marriage he's moving on to try to destroy Sonny's. #DAYS
I don't know who's more irritating: Jennifer, Eve, Nicole, Xander, Serena, Daniel, Cole — so many characters, so little time to vent. #DAYS
Even in Hi-def I can barely read the messages on those #$@&%*!@#% phones. #DAYS

Friday, May 15, 2015


You know what would have really spruced this show up... if Marlena would've pulled a reversal & tossed the goons out the window. #DAYS
BULLETIN (true story): MO Speaker of House quits in a sexting scandal & is replaced by someone from POPLAR BLUFF. Plot straight from #DAYS
Theresa: "My baby's so little and has already been trough so much." Yeah, like having you as a mother. #DAYS

Confused Goons

A Soft Porn Smorgasbord

Thursday, May 14, 2015

As Checkered As A Cheap Salesman's Suit

Where we left things off yesterday — Stefano: "Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill you." Marlena: "Would you settle for one lame reason?" #DAYS
Guy Manual advice for Daniel: "Nicole's past is as checkered as a cheap salesman's suit, so chasing the slut just does not compute." #DAYS
Abe wants Chad's help. Nothing like the police going to the local organized crime family to do their job. #DAYS
So, at the start when Serena stabbed Xander. I wish just once they'd have a fantasy like that be real. #DAYS
Two things about "Skinny Cow." 1)They won't make you skinny. 2)Implying you're a cow is insulting. #DAYS

Marlena's Logic

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