Friday, July 29, 2016


Patch says he'd do anything to get Kayla back; apparently including taking a minimum wage part time job. #DAYS
Parker invites Dario to dinner when Nicole comes over.  He's a little young to be a wingman, but seems to be effective. #DAYS
Hal had better back off.  Joey might smash Hal's fist with his jaw. #DAYS
Kayla doesn't want Joey around people who have no direction or goals. So stay away from your dad, Joey. #DAYS

Thursday, July 28, 2016

In Training To Be A DOOL Writer

Justin wonders what made Sonny decide to come back. Maybe Gay Pairee wasn't as gay as they say it is. #DAYS
Summer wonders how Theresa can remember something that never happened. Maybe she's in training to be a #DOOL writer. #DAYS
Summer: "You had to have a baby to get Brady." Theresa: "Actually it took a vagina to get him and a baby to keep him." #DAYS
Take Deimos' offer, Victor. You know the old saying: "Half of more money than you'll need in ten lifetimes is better than none." #DAYS

Tate's Prayer


Playing Doctor

Playing doctor or doctors playing?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A License To Play Doctor

Adriana says Blanca is the only one who would care enough to offer her tea.  Someone has a case of the "Poor Me's" #DAYS
Patch ignores Kayla's call. Oh, jeez, Steve, stop giving her the silent treatment. That's the woman's job. #DAYS
Fynn wants to examine Kayla. Since he's an MD he must think he has a license to play doctor. #DAYS
Don't walk out, Steve… punch Fynn's lights out. (I've been reading the guy manual). #DAYS

Monday, July 25, 2016

Not A Good Judge Of Women

Ciara to Hope: "Rafe is crazy about you." Actually, Rafe is crazy with or without her. #DAYS
Adriana: "Rafe is not a good judge of women." We knew that when he hooked up with Kate. #DAYS
Don't worry about Blanca being there, Rafe. What you were saying about her was probably inaudible with your foot in your mouth. #DAYS

Friday, July 22, 2016


Awkward (adjective) - causing or feeling embarrassment or inconvenience. Or, to put it simply... THIS

A Little Action

Kate has to use her ice skates to leave the Kiriakis Mansion because that was one cold meeting with Deimos. #DAYS
Shawn: "Rafe's all over it." André: "And I'm sure he's all over Hope." Dang! Tony beats Prevuze to the punch. #DAYS
Deimos: "I get it — you need action," he says in his quest to get a little… action. #DAYS
Kate wonders what makes her always go to the wrong man. Maybe it's just she's the wrong woman for all men. #DAYS

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Quit While You're Ahead

Today on #DOOL — Rafe paints the wall down in the dungeon. To match yesterday's excitement, viewers get to watch it dry. #DAYS
Hey Rafe, instead of rushing back to Hope how about calling paramedics? #DAYS
Theresa: "Any word on Tate?" The word that comes to my mind is "gone." #DAYS
Guy Manual advice: If you talk her into going to see the Cubs, don't press for seeing the White Sox too.  Quit while you're ahead. #DAYS

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Thought For Today

Am I getting the symbolism right? Ghost of Christmas Past: André — Ghost of Christmas Present: Aiden — Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come:Eduardo. #DOOL
Hope: "I'm dead, Rafe. I'm dead." Doc: "She's dead, Jim. She's dead." #DOOL
Thought for today: Where there is life there is hope. Where there is Hope there is Rafe. Where there is Hope & Rafe there is boredom. #DOOL

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