Friday, March 27, 2015

Carter's Little Liver Pills

Theresa and Nicole both confront Brady. How lucky can a guy get? #DAYS
Man, Ali Sweeny is huckstering everything on TV these days except Carter's Little Liver Pills. #DAYS
Will: "I broke sonny's heart." Not to mention his trust. #DAYS
Cole, there are other fish in the sea and most of them don't have a barracuda for a mom. #DAYS

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Town Groveler

Not only is Will now the town whiner, but he's also become the town groveler. #DAYS
Would someone please tell Paige the truth so we don't have to suffer through this until the May sweeps? #DAYS
Will is soooo upset that Sonny saw Paul. Gee, kid, at least Sonny didn't bang him LIKE YOU DID. #DAYS
Xander: "Friendships never die." Maybe not but old friends do if they don't fork over the diamonds. #DAYS

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Not Eve's Type

Yes, Daniel, when Nicole says, "That guy knows how to treat a woman," you may take that as a direct slam at you. #DAYS
Crud. The new #DOOL closed-captions don't show the name of the person speaking. Now I have to remember all the minor character names. #DAYS
Paige says she thought Daniel slept with Eve. She should have known Daniel isn't Eve's type. You know... like... an adult. #DAYS
Eve called Jennifer a bitch twice today. I'm shocked. Shouldn't that be "annoying bitch?" #DAYS

May The Whores Be With You

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Diamond Jubilee

Aiden says he enjoyed representing Ben. I'll bet he's enjoying getting Clyde's payment even more. #DAYS
Eric wonders if Serena is celebrating something. A "diamond jubilee," if I don't miss my guess. #DAYS
Theresa wakes: "Brady make love to me." It's Clint, honey. Must be hard to remember when you've gone down w/everything but the Titanic #DAYS
New guy, rejected by Nicole: "A man can always dream." Dreams can turn into nightmares, too. #DAYS

Melanie Misinterprets

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Biggest Whiner In The History Of DOOL

Serena comes into her hotel room and finds it trashed; either that or she's really a slob. #DAYS
Nicole throws herself at Daniel. Daniel resists. Today must've been the day for the female writers to come up with the script. #DAYS
A long, close shot of Eve's derrière. Today must've been the day for the male cameramen to record the show. #DAYS
OK, Will just replaced Belle as the biggest whiner in the history of #DAYS

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Weird Is The New Normal

Nicole thinks things were weird when she walked in on Serena. In Salem weird is the new normal. #DAYS
Serena has something better to do. Nicole has something better to do. I wish I had something better to do than watch stuff like that. #DAYS
Paige couldn't stay away from JJ. If JJ wants her to do that, the most effective Paige repellent would be a product called "Truth." #DAYS
Nicole: "Putting on a suit doesn't make people see the real you." Her dress the other day certainly revealed the real Nicole. #DAYS

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Love Triangle

Lucas wonders what's going on with Will, Sonny and Paul. Just a wild guess, but... Love triangle? #DAYS
Sometimes I wonder if Lucas was once hit in the head with a Paul Narita fastball. #DAYS
It seems Melanie has been reading the Guy Manual: "When in doubt, blame the ex-girlfriend." #DAYS
By the way, who in Dubai is named "Elsa?" She must be someone's Swedish maid. #DAYS

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