Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Ted's Head On A Platter

Abe tells Lani he took a job with DiMera Enterprises. Lani: "Are you out of your mind?" Abe: "No, I have bills to pay." #DAYS

Kristen isn't positive Ted is dead. She should have ordered Xander to bring her Ted's head on a platter. #DAYS

Kayla tells Jack: "You are walking into unknown territory." That's actually what the sign says that's posted over the front door of Salem Hospital. #DAYS

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

An Entertaining Distraction

Jennifer: "Not only am I your constituent I am the mother of your children." A few more constituents like that and Jack could be known as "The Father of Salem." #DAYS

Eric: "We are here to join forever in marriage..." In Salem the word 'forever' refers to anything that lasts more than a microsecond. #DAYS

Kate: "Maggie came to me and was drunk as a skunk." Scientific note: No skunk has ever been observed consuming alcohol. #DAYS

Rex and Sarah's wedding will be declared null and void since they said, "For as long as we both shall live" instead of "For all the Days of our Lives." #DAYS

Eve: "I am just trying to get justice for Paige. She was everything to me." And her boyfriend was also an entertaining distraction. #DAYS

Monday, June 24, 2019


I don't like making predictions but I'll bet even 100 years from now they won't have masks that you can't tell when people are wearing them. Go ahead. Hold me to it. Get back with me in 100 years. #DAYS

When you look "cockamamie" up in the dictionary you'll find a picture of Rex and Sara's wedding in the hospital chapel on their coffee break.

Protip for would-be hit men: When you go to whack someone, just pull the trigger. Don't have a chat with them first. #DAYS

Friday, June 21, 2019

Back From The Dead Again



Reverse Exorcism

Claire's relationship with Tripp goes south. It has the same effect as Claire getting a reverse exorcism. #DAYS

Ben demands to call his lawyer. Eve: "Sorry, the phone lines are down." Tactical error, Eve. That'll get your case thrown out of court. #DAYS

Ciara to Ben: "I'm your new attorney." Why not? She could probably be as effective as the other ambulance chasers in town. #DAYS

Ciara: "When we were kids Claire and I would help my grandma make cookies." CLAIRE WAS ON A PERMANENT BOAT TRIP WITH HER PARENTS. #DAYS

One Adulterous Affair

Caroline was a saint. She only had one adulterous affair. That's a record for Salem. #DAYS

Sonny: "My Uncle Vic… he loved your great grandmother so much." So much they produced a bastard chile. #DAYS

Trivia: Peggy McKay was nominated for an Emmy several times but the only one she won was not for her role as Caroline on #DAYS.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Ravings Of A Madman

Kate would rather have Kayla relying on science and not the ravings of a madman. Rolf was a raving madman? Heck I didn't know he was a Days Of Our Lives writer. #DAYS

Kate to Marlena: "Will and Sonny deserve to grow old together… you know, like you and John have done." #DAYS

Lucas: "There is nowhere in the world we would rather be right now." I'm guessing Will does not share that sentiment. #DAYS

Will's out of body experience is giving me an out of body experience. #DAYS

Sonny: "I cannot live without you." So maybe if Will dies and that finishes Sonny off maybe they can get a two-for-one discount at the funeral home. #DAYS

Roman: "Will is going to be fine." Thank you Dr. Brady! #DAYS

Monday, June 17, 2019

Death Is Permanent

Gabi: "Arianna doesn't understand death is permanent." After watching #DOOL all these years, I had forgotten that myself. #DAYS

One benefit about Will marrying Sonny then immediately dying would be we don't have to suffer through the drama of their inevitable divorce when Paul comes back. #DAYS

Sonny says some of their friends will be there in spirit. If they don't hurry things along Will is going to be there in spirit. #DAYS




Friday, June 14, 2019

Goodie Two Shoes

Brady to Xander: "Where did you get the damn diary?" Normally Xander would say "None of your damn business." Instead goodie-two-shoes Xander makes an appearance. #DAYS

Nicole to Ted: " I don't understand how Holly can be alive." If they don't come back from the dead, it isn't #DOOL. #DAYS

Ted wants to tell Hope about Holly. Nicole: "I can't let you do that." And how is she going to stop him? #DAYS

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