Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jobus Interruptus

Hope: "Deimos' murder brought back memories." Hope gets nostalgic when it comes to murdering someone. #DAYS


Lani calls off nookie with JJ when she remembers she's supposed to be at work — jobus interruptus. #DAYS


Gabi: "JJ and I shared a dance when we were both out of our minds." That doesn't exactly narrow down the time frame. #DAYS


Chad: "We've all moved on." Right, except for Abby, Gabi, JJ and Chad. #DAYS


Dario Scores



Abigail Gets A Clue

One day with a new writer and Abigail's brain comes back to life. Let's hope this trend continues.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You Should Live So Long

John thanks Kate for the warm welcome home. It's not as warm as the one she gave him years ago when they wound up in bed. #DAYS


Angelica: "I do NOT have MOOD swings."


Hattie: "Go to" LOL!


Adrienne to Lucas and Justin: "I can't wait until the two of you grow up." You should live so long. #DAYS


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Thrill Of Victory

...or, from Anjelica's point of view, the agony of defeat.

Busty Broads

Lani and JJ celebrate the fact they are both off.  They certainly are, and as an added bonus, they aren't on duty either. #DAYS

Theo: "Dimera security is state-of-the-art." The art he's talking about must be cave drawings. #DAYS

"Coy doesn't cut it with me," says Anjelica coyly. #DAYS

That Weekend Master's Degree From MIT

André: "What's the problem?" Abby: "It's my husband." It's your husband AND his wackadoodle wife. #DAYS


André to Abby: "Which husband were you referring to?" Good one, André. #DAYS


So now Theo is a computer expert? They must've SORASed his education. Maybe he got that master's degree from MIT over the weekend. #DAYS


Friday, July 14, 2017

Dario's Tactical Error


Jade: "Kayla treated me like dirt." Was that before or after you filmed your friends having sex? #DAYS


Brady panics when he finds Nicole & Eric's kissed. WITHOUT PROTECTION. Now everyone in the room has everyone else's cooties. #DAYS


Tripp orders a burger – medium. Kayla adds to her mounting list of screw-ups by serving it medium-well. #DAYS

Crazy In Love

Abby & Dario — They may not be crazy in love but they sure prove you don't need to be in love to be crazy. #DAYS

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Slept With Half The Guys In Town

Dario tries to cozy up to Abby until Jennifer, the human chastity belt, walks in. #DAYS


Kayla: "You're smart, quick and empathize with patients." So your instincts are right, Tripp. You don't belong at Salem Hospital. #DAYS


Jade: "I can't be with you this summer." Joey: "Drat the bad luck." #DAYS

Jeez, Nicole, I wouldn't think a kiss would be that big of a deal for a woman who's slept with half the guys in town. #DAYS

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Theo Has A Lot To Learn



Hell Hath No Fury

Theo: "Can't we be friends?" Claire (veins bursting from neck): "CAN'T
WE BE FRIENDS?" Hell hath no fury, Theo, hell hath no fury. #DAYS

Sonny's angst is a little confusing since he voluntarily confessed and
refused to listen to his attorney. #DAYS

Waitress: "The guy left a phone charger & a dirty magazine." Hope: "What
magazine?" Waitress: "Soap Opera Digest." #DAYS

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tripped Up

Kayla: "I"m trying to figure out how I screwed up meds on three
different patients." It's simple—you "Tripped" up. #DAYS

Everyone wants Sonny to get away with murder. Who do they think the is,
Hope? #DAYS

Kayla: "My marriage hasn't fallen apart." ...lately. #DAYS

Who's been married the most times? Marlena

That Cute Little Maid's Uniform

Steve may only have one eye but he can still see it all.


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