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The Cojones Have Skipped A Generation

Unfortunately, we've lost the DOOL satellite, perhaps permanently. While everyone who uses the feed is continuing to assess the situation, I am, in conjunction with Barb at the Salem Spectator, asking for a Canadian reader, or someone in the US who can receive the Canadian broadcast, to help by recording and uploading the show. That way, our blogs will remain at least a bit ahead in the US. If you think you can help Prevuze and other blogs, please contact me at Thanks.

Vivian lies in-sarcophago and curses Kate for taking so long to get to the mausoleum from the Kiriakis mansion, "My God, there is a defenseless woman in here... TEMPUS FUGIT!"

Kate busts in, listening to Vivian on her bluetooth, "My God would you put a sock in it! You're not the only one in the world with problems you know. I, for example have to deal with the rare disorder hair blueificitis."

"Thank God you're here," gasps Vivian, "Now, I'll tell you how to get me out."

"Get you out," asks Kate, "What in the world would make you think I would want to get you out?" Vivian whimpers.

Victor is in the Kiriakis den with Bastardregard. Bo tells him Brady was at the hospital but left before Arianna passed away. Victor announces Brady is back with Nicole and is worried he might start using again, "Damn drugs."

"You're right," says Bo, "Damn drugs." Victor says that wasn't meant to be a slight about Hope. He asks if Bo has been to see Hope lately. Bo says yes and Victor says he thinks that's good. "I'm not so sure she thinks it's good," says Bo.

Meanwhile, back in the prison infirmary, Hope putters around until Leigh comes in. Hope says she wants to ask about April, who died from the appendectomy. Leigh plays dumb. It's not a stretch. She asks Hope to go down and pick up the files on the new inmates, "And grab yourself a cup of coffee." Hope leaves. Leigh calls the warden, "Get down here... Hope is asking questions again."

Rafe cries and kisses Arianna's hand. Sami leaves as Rafe hugs Gabi. Tears, tears, tears.

Outside, EJ tosses the flowers he brought Arianna at Sami, "There... Happy now?"

"No," says Sami, "I prefer roses."

Kate asks, "What's in it for me if I pop the top on this thing."

"I told you," says Vivian, "You'll get revenge on Victor and Nicole."

"Yeah, but letting you out could ruin a lot more lives than theirs," says Kate.

Vivian reminds Kate, "We have a lot in common. Neither of us forgets and neither of us... uh..."

"You are right," says Kate, "I do not forgive."

Sami cradles the flowers and goes into a snortfest, "A young woman just died. Does that mean nothing to you?"

"She died," snaps EJ, "Trying to make sure justice was served and I got my children back."

"Aren't those two things mutually exclusive," asks Sami, "I forgot. It's all about you, isn't it?" she claims EJ was using Arianna and turning her against Rafe. EJ says he knows Sami is hoping whatever proof Arianna had died with her. Sami flashes back to Arianna telling her she wouldn't get away with it. She starts to walk off.

EJ demands Sami tell him what the proof is, "Or I'll just find out from Will."

"And why would he tell you," asks Sami.

"Because," says EJ, "he's as desperate as everyone else for this plot to move along."

Hope keeps wondering if there was an investigation in April's death. Leigh wonders if she thinks someone is covering something up. The warden walks in and wants to know what they are talking about. Hope tells her they are talking about April and wonders if the warden wants to know why she died.

Victor thinks Hope and Bo are just giving up on each other. He decides to call the governor and try to push him into pardoning Hope. Bo says Hope doesn't want that and wants to go it alone. Victor doesn't think that's good. He says he thinks Bo should push her harder, and also thinks Bo is still teed off at what Hope did to him, "Your family is in big trouble and you've got to do something about it."

"I hate it when you are right," says Bo.

"Well, when you're around, someone has to do the thinking," says Victor.

Vivian begs Kate to help her. Kate wonders why Isabella's sarcophagus is outfitted with air vents and multimedia, "I think you outfitted this for someone else. Who was your intended victim? Someone turned the tables on you, right? Vivian caves in and tells her it was Maggie.

EJ and Sami continue to argue about the truth. A subject neither of them knows much about.

"Young William is going to crack," insists EJ.

"He's already cracked," says Sami. Will rushes up and tells EJ to get away from Sami. EJ backs off and apologizes as Lexie watches. EJ leaves. Sami and Will stare.

The warden says they investigated April's death, "She died of aseptic shock. As they were wheeling her out, she fell into the septic tank." The warden says delaying her trip to the hospital wasn't the issue. She gets into a file cabinet and shows Hope April's file, "There is nothing anyone could have done for her."

Kate brings up old issues between her and. Vivian retaliates with old issues of her own, but realizes that doesn't help her cause, "Kate, you need to think outside the box."

"You will never be able to do that," chuckles Kate, "because you are inside the box."

"I get it," says Vivian, "People hate me and think I'm getting what I deserve. OK, let's do it. Make me mad... make me crazy... made me dead... I can't stand all the people telling me off." Kate says she can't believe it but she's feeling sorry for Vivian.

Hope looks at the file and sees April has been cremated. The warden gets a call and announces Bo is there.

Kate apparently decides to let Vivian out. Vivian tells her where the lever is and thinks about all the revenge she's going to pour out on people. Kate struggles with the lever. Victor walks in, "Kate what are you doing here?"

Lexie tells Rafe Arianna was a registered organ donor and she just happens to be a perfect match for a person right there in Salem Hospital who needs a heart. If you think that's a bizarre and unrealistic coincidence, wait until you hear this... Arianna is also a perfect match for a DOOL writer who needs a brain. Lexie urges them to donate Arianna's heart. Rafe says it was Arianna's wish and they have to do it. Gabi is reluctant. This whole scene wins the Emmy as the most forced conversation in a contrived scene. Even Lexie, Gabi and Rafe talk about the fact that if Arianna was a registered donor, Lexie doesn't have to ask their permission to donate Arianna's heart. Anyway, Rafe and Gabi agree to do it, Lexie thanks them and you've had your organ donation PSA for the day.

Stefano comes into the rumpus room and comforts EJ. "She was tough, says EJ, "Not as tough as the 2010 Hummer that ran her down, but she kept on fighting." He says he didn't find out what proof Arianna had. "I now know two things," says EJ.

"Two things are about the limit of what your brain can hold," says Stefano.

"First," says EJ, "I know it was Samantha who shot me. Also, I know that will knows about it. And I know that Samantha and Will know what the proof is."

"That's three things," says Stefano.

"I never said I could count," says EJ.

EJ tells Stefano how Will stepped up and defended Sami at the hospital, "He's certainly not the milquetoast his father is."

"Well," sighs Stefano, "He's like Katherine... The cojones have skipped a generation."

"With the result," says EJ, "That I don't think I'll ever get Arianna's proof." Stefano tells him not to throw in the towel yet.

Out in the Ejami section of the audience, Mable Smoot from Hardup, Saskatchewan whispers to her neighbor, "If the towel was all he was wearing, I'd sure let him throw it in."

Hope comes in to see Bo. "I've got some bad news," says Bo. He tells her about Arianna's hit and run... and death.

"OMG," says Hope, "I wrote her a letter asking her to forgive me. Then I hired some guy who drove a 2010 Hummer to deliver it to her. He phoned and said he never got it delivered because he hit a bump in the road outside the pub and had to take the Hummer in to have it checked out."

Vivian coaches Kate to tell Victor she's there to pay respects to Izzy. Kate hesitates.

Sami suggests Will go visit Lucas for a while. Will says, "I'm not running away. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't help you... if I wasn't (say it with him) there for you." Big hug.

Dr Walters prepares for the transplant. Rafe and Gabi join Will and Sami. More hugs. Dr Walters thanks Rafe and Gabi. Gabi falls apart and runs off as the wheel Arianna's body out.

Stefano says he never trusted Arianna. He also says he had her followed, "I had my man follow her right to the pub in his 2010 Hummer."

"That means we can still find out what the proof is," says EJ, "Thank God for your suspicious mind."

"Which reminds me," says Stefano, "I left your mind splattered on the bedroom wall in case you want to try to get it back."

Rafe says the recipient of Arianna's heart is a fifteen-year-old girl, "I'm sure she'll be the next unfortunate pregnant teen in Salem and come back to ruin our lives, but maybe there is some good that can come out of this." Sami says she thinks he's an amazing man. Rafe gets teary-eyed, "I need to pull myself together and (say it with him) be there for Gabi." Sami comforts him. Rafe whines, "For whatever reason Arianna could never see what EJ was... or is. I don't know what I will do the next time I see him."

EJ gets off the phone and says the henchman said Arianna went back to Rafe's place and then gave him the slip, "So now what do we do about it?"

Fall is here and the squirrels are gathering nuts. Several people in Salem have disappeared.

Hope tells Bo about April. She says she thinks there is a cover-up going on, "Something is wrong."

Victor discovers the bluetooth in Kate’s ear, "Good God!"

"That's right," says Kate, "I know your dirty little secret." Right now, Victor's dirty little secret is what's in his 'Depends.'

Hope continues to tell April's story, "They didn't get help to her soon enough. It's like they were deliberately letting her die."

"Incompetence is not a crime," says Bo.

"I know," says Hope, "Or you would be in prison with me."

Bo says he'll look into it, but Hope backs him off and says she will handle it. "I do not like where this is going," says Bo.

Kate says she knows Brady put Vivian in there, "Brady told me himself. I overheard him pouring out his heart to Arianna." Victor tells Kate what Vivian has been up to. Kate says she thinks Brady was a little off to do what he did, and Victor's weakness is Brady, "I could blow him out of the water right now, which means I have you by the... light of the silvery moon."

"I've never quite heard it put that way," says Victor, "but you'd better check what's in my 'Depends' before you grab me there." Victor scowls. Vivian smirks.

EJ works at his desk and finds a folded dollar bill. He remembers Arianna giving it to him when she was in prison.

Gabi and Will come back. Gabi says she talked to their mom and Rafe takes her away. Will tells Sami about the conversation. He says he doesn't think Gabi will ever forgive him. This leads to another stupid argument about who is to blame. Then Will decides it all falls on EJ, "I'll do whatever it takes to stop him. Can I have a loan for a down payment on a 2010 hummer?"

Sami tells him to be prepared for a fight. Suddenly she stops short, "When you saw Arianna outside the pub, she had just come from the loft. Do you think there is any chance that camera is in her room?" WELL, DUHHHHHH...

Bo thinks Hope is obsessing. Hope thinks there is a pattern of neglect in the prison and also thinks she can stop this from happening to someone else. Bo asks her to let him know if something else happens.

"That's a good idea," says a viewer, "If something happens, wake us up, too."

Victor asks, "How much?"

Kate is married to Stefano and runs her own business. She don' need no stinkin' money, "Did you really think you could keep me quiet by throwing money at me?"

"I know in the past, guys have gotten you to do a lot of things by throwing money at you," says Victor, "What do you say we go up to the mansion and talk terms over a snifter of brandy?"

Victor and Kate walk off chuckling and talking. "Damn," thinks Vivian, "A brandy sounds really good right now."

Gabi and Rafe look at a picture of themselves with Arianna. Gabi remembers right after the picture was taken they were all fighting again. Rafe reminds her right after that they were laughing, "Arianna isn't gone, she's just with us all the time now. I just hope she looks the other way when I'm fooling around with Sami."

EJ tells Stefano he won't give up, "I just keep thinking about the last time I spoke to her. She said she wanted to meet me at the pub. I got there as quickly as I could. I just... I wonder how long she was there waiting for me."

Will tells Sami Arianna was at the pub waiting for EJ when he got there. Sami wonders if she had time to hide the camera in her room, "We don't know how long she was at the pub. She might have had time to go up to her room and hide the camera before you got there. We have to get to her room before EJ does."

And the race is on...

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Anonymous Lali said...

Oh Prevuze, I sure do miss getting my day ahead snark. Can you give us an update on whether you're still working on getting the day ahead feed? Hope you know that we the faithful are praying for good news soon. In the meantime, thank you for all that you do to bring us the lunacy of DOOL. The crap that the writers are putting out is awful, but your sarcasm makes my day.

Things are just not the same since
Sami got back with Rafe. I see from the spoilers that they will get married. Ugh! gag me!!

12:21 PM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

I don't know if I'd say Will's got cojones. Seems like Sami's got a pretty tight grip on them, figuratively speaking, of course. And still, no one is willing to take any responsibility for their own actions. To the writers, seriously, how long can everything in the free world be blamed on EJ?

Oh, and I really don't give a damn about Hope, or April, or why April really died, or any of that crap storyline, either.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the words "remorse" and "conscience" are missing from the lingo used within the Dool writing room. Everyone in this show and their mother acts like there are no consequences to their actions. At least Arianna was willing to confront Sami until her last dying breath but Sami, oh man, she is just cold.. And Rafe, the so called hero in this melee, is such a doormat and clueless waste of space and time. I know EJ is no angel and he is not someone I would defend but for freak's sake, he is not the justification for all of their actions. As for Will, he needs to step aside and extract himself from this mess - it is not his doing and not his responsibility to save his mother and her dimwit boy du jour from dealing with the consequences of their actions (and we should rewind all the way back to the Grace chapter for that is when the seeds to this killing weed that's suffocating the show were planted). All in all, I would like to see less of this boring annoying sami et her men clan yawn fest and more of other characters plus better stories. I am not a Sami hater but the way she has been put out there in the past two months has exhausted my patience.. and mr. eyebrows is just not doing it for me - I was not a Bryan Dattilo fan (he is funny but not the sharpest actor on Dool) but I feel letting him go and replacing him with a taller version of himself was a total miss.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

Remember EONS ago when another actress played Kate?

She and Vivian were wrangling over Victor then and Vivi had Kate shanghai-ed on an Oriental fishing boat. For a year or so, the Kate character was written off. When she returned Lauren Koslow was the new Kate---skinning & cleaning fish on this leaky old Japanese fishing boat. Hilarious!

Anyhoo . . . surely Kate must remember that and should be quite loathe to release Viv from her sarcopho-claustrophobia-gus. Latest crop of writers probably know nothing of this history, though.

The recycling of plots also seems to extend to name usage . . . April hadn't been used since the days of April Ramirez & Dr. Mike Horton, so I guess that one's fair game. Ha!

Did any of you ever notice that so many female character names on Days always end in an e sound, or actual "ie"? Maggie, Chloe, Julie, Sami, Ari, Gabi, Kinzie, Lexie, Sydney, Ali, Carrie, Marie, Abby, Mimi, etal. Cripes, for awhile when they were married, Roman referred to Kate as "Katie"! Doesn't mean squat, just idle speculation!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are all the usual commentors? I miss them. Anyway, I can't believe Prevuze missed the chance to get in an Elvis crack...

"That means we can still find out what the proof is," says EJ, "Thank God for your suspicious mind."

Caught in a trap... I can't walk out... cuz I love you too much baby...

PLUS - even the writers rip on poor Lucas. Stefano's comment was hilarious.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Vivian lies in-sarcophago.

Most excellent Prevuze!!!!!

I, for example have to deal with the rare disorder hair blueificitis."

Combined with over-Botoxification, Kate has the six million dollar head.

"Yeah, but letting you out could ruin a lot more lives than theirs," says Kate.

Vivian has made the sarcophagus a veritable Pandora’s box.

If you think that's a bizarre and unrealistic coincidence, wait until you hear this... Arianna is also a perfect match for a DOOL writer who needs a brain.


Sami suggests Will go visit Lucas for a while. Will says, "I'm not running away.”

Instead of Lucas, Sami should have suggested that Will visit Carrie and Austin. He would have been out of Salem is no time.

Rafe whines, "For whatever reason Arianna could never see what EJ was... or is. I don't know what I will do the next time I see him."

…and the blame game continues. Arianna was running away from Will because she videoed Sami’s confession. Will was harassing Arianna because he was encouraged by both his mother and Rafe to keep his mouth shut about Sami shooting EJ. When Arianna found out about the shooting, she was appalled and refused Rafe’s request that she become an accessory after the fact. According to Rafe’s logic, it’s EJ’s fault that Arianna died. It would appear that both Sami and Rafe bear a fair amount of culpability in Arianna’s death. It’s time for Rafe to put on his big boy pants and take a little responsibility.

"Incompetence is not a crime," says Bo.

…but it is a personal injury attorney’s wet dream.

And the race is on...

…and here comes pride in the backstreatch.
Looks like we’re headed for a steel cage catfight/bratfight match.

Word verification: lessies - close enough. TGIF and TGFP!!!

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Judith said...

Sami: "We have to get to Ari's room before EJ!!!1!!"

Just call your Grandma and tell her to padlock the damn room, but no, we'll be treated to a chase scene. Sami and Will will skid around the corner only to find EJ with his hands deep in Ari's underwear drawer.

Loved the look on Viv's face when she remembered why Kate was no friend of hers! Embryo-Philip(not "egg", Kate) as well as the fishing boat, and I'm surprised a sharp tack like Kate didn't throw Carly's previous sarcophagization in Viv's face.

And that prop bouquet was total crap, EJ would have sprung for much nicer, REAL flowers, but I guess the DOOL budget couldn't.

6:00 AM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

Thanks for making this sad occassion a little less so :)

And thus with Ari's death, so dies the only woman in town with a brain cell in her head. I may follow her to AMC, not sure if I can handle 2 soaps. Sounds like too much. Haven't had 2 in years.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Very late getting to this posting of Prevuze but it's still new to me since I haven't even seen yesterday's episode yet.

It's a wonder I didn't wake everyone in the house when I read "Incompetence is not a crime," says Bo. "I know," says Hope, "Or you would be in prison with me." They'd have to have a whole special wing just for the Salem PD.

As I stated at the time, maybe April's appendix wouldn't have burst if Hope hadn't stopped them from wheeling her to the ambulance to give her her saintly promise she'd be OK.

Of course only Hope will discover she didn't really have appendicitis at all and was poisoned for her organs or something.

I also loved "Arianna is also a perfect match for a DOOL writer who needs a brain." Calling Dr. Drake Ramoray!

Great DOOL/ratings comparison, Prevuze, and thanks for the recap. Happy Friday everyone! :D

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish EJ and Stefano would remember back when EJ shot John and tried to steal his organs and some of the other crap they have pulled - Sami was just protecting her children. I wish they could just give hope a vacation or bring her back and get rid of Carly I am sick of the whole mess with Carly I am enjoying not listening to Chloe whining lately. And wow did Will actually grow some I was amazed at how he stepped in front of his mother to protect her from EJ wow....

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

I worked a double shift yesterday, and by the time I made it home in the wee-wee hours of the morning the Prevuze reacap might as well have been written in Chinese...the only word I could make out was "cajones" which I peacefully fell asleep...So, after a refreshing night of zzzz's, I will proceed to comment on my favorite cajones, since today my comprehension skills seem much improved. I don't know about Will's cajones, since I didn't watch yesterday's eppi, but Lucas definitely forgot to pass his pair to his son. If it's at all possible, and Will does have a pair, they're probably passed on from mother to son in this case. The only person with real cajones lately is Sami, who's trying to cover her butt from being found out as EJ's shooter. I did watch today's eppi, and thankfully EJ's cajones seem to be intact also(although half of his brain cells must still be missing). If throwing Sami on a bed is his ultimate goal, he might be a little less violent in the beginning the next time they're in a bedroom together...obviously he's never heard of the expression "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". Although I must say, the entire scene was rather entertaining to watch...much better than the crap these cajones-challenged DOOL writers have been dishing out lately.

Looking forward to today's recap.

11:29 AM  

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