Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Psychopath

Chloe stands at Daniel's door. He opens it and asks if she got his message, "I meant what I said. It's over. We can't be together."

"That's why I'm here," says Chloe.

"What part of 'can't be together' confuses you," asks Daniel.

Bo gets another vision. Guns... Hope... Kayla. Hope tries to get through to him as he stares and drools.

Maggie is on the phone with Jessica as she walks in oblivious bliss. Suddenly she discovers Sleazo drowning in his own blood.

Rafe grunts and groans as he tries to get up, "Sami, be careful."

EJ is on the phone as he sits in his corporate jet and says the meeting went well.

ACK! SAMI THE WHINER! NO! I would rather inhale powdered Bhut Jolokia chili peppers than watch more of her hysterics.

Too late. Sami nukes.

Nicole tells Dr. Baker she wants Sami's baby. Baker resists. Nicole thinks they should just trade, "I'll give you Mia's baby for Sami's and a player to be named later."

One of Sami's nutty personalities tries to drag the rest of them out of bed and go hunt down Dr. Baker and her kid. Sister Teresa says, "Samantha, please, you mustn't get out of bed."

Sami says, "I have to find out what is wrong with my child."

"The same thing that is wrong with your other children," says Sister Teresa, "Their mother is an immature, screaming, whining self-centered idiot." She agrees to go and find out as Sami explodes. Sister Teresa leaves and the room goes mercifully quiet.

"The drums... the drums," gasps bwana Ramar, "I can't hear anything. They've stopped beating."

"When things get quiet," says his faithful guide, "Is when we really have to worry."

Dr. Baker and Nicole discuss the swap. She tells him how Sami wound up at the clinic. Dr. Baker thinks that's the most outrageous story he's ever heard. "Stranger things have happened," says Nicole, "Have you forgotten what show you're on? "

"The first time I laid eyes on you I knew something was off," says Baker, "Now I'm convinced. You're a psychopath."

Chloe and Daniel discuss their relationship. "When I listened to your message the first time," says Chloe, "I understood. When I listened again I wanted to kill you." Daniel asks her to leave. "There is no way in hell we can end this," says Chloe, "I can't stand it. That message TORTURED me."

A gal in the audience leans over to her neighbor, "Yeah... she can dish it out, but she can't take it."

Hope figures there has been another Bolucination. Bo says he really doesn't know what it was. He's reluctant to talk about it as Patch strolls in. Patch plops himself into a chair at their table, "I think I might have a lead on Moron-o's killer."

Actually, Maggie has a better lead. She rolls Sleazo over. Blood gushes like the volcano at the Mirage Hotel.

EJ is on another call. He tells Stefano he's just leaving Rome. He thinks their future there is bright, but he's coming home for the birth.

Out in the hallway, Sister Teresa asks the nurse where the doctor is.

Baker tells Nicole to get out as she rants about his checkered past as a doctor. They threaten to tell the world what each other is up to. Nicole plays him like a fiddle and insists she was meant to have Sami's baby. Baker thinks a baby switch will be impossible to pull off.

"PREDICTABLE," snorts Daniel.

"What is," asks Chloe.

"Every plot on this show right now," says Daniel, "Including your reaction." He and Chloe continue to spar. Daniel says he doesn't want to break up her family. Chloe says, "You don't tell someone you love them and then dump them in a voice mail. I truly do hate you."

Patch says he has a buddy who is a hard core computer geek who gave him the info, "It may connect DiMera to the killer."

The nurse won't let Sister Teresa go in to see Baker. Sister Teresa plays along and the nurse leaves.

Nicole establishes the fact that neither Mia nor Sami have seen their kids. She continues to work Baker. She says she heard Sami tell the nun she wishes she was never pregnant and doesn't want the kid. She insists she and EJ will give the kid a good home, "Better than Sami ever could. Quieter, anyway."

Daniel agrees the voicemail was a bad way to drop the bomb on her. "I'm more than angry," growls Chloe, "I'm disgusted."

"It won't do you any good to judge your own behavior like that," says Daniel, "So you're saying you think I'm the scum of the earth? This is good let it out."

Chloe asks, "Good?"

Daniel says, "Yeah, it's really good because it's going to make it easier for us to go our separate ways." They slam into each other like a couple of locomotives colliding head-on.


Patch tells Bo and Hope about Holchrin International, "It's a holding company that owns Capstar Banks and WHAT A COINCIDENCE, Capstar is headquartered in Salem."

"So you're saying Stefano is going after the government bailout money," asks Bo.

"Isn't everybody?"
Patch gets a call from Kayla as Bo re-hallucinates.

Kayla tells Maggie the guy she drug in is still unconscious.

Rafe struggles and flashes back to getting the third degree from Sleazo.

Baker refuses to pull the switcheroo. Sister Teresa barges in.

Chloe and Daniel suck on each other like dry leeches.

Bo zones. Patch asks what's up. Bo tells him he had another vision that involved Hope. He also tells Patch that Kayla got shot in the vision. Then he decides he shouldn't have said anything. Patch decides they have to keep Hope and Kayla apart.

"My God," says Bo, "The Salem Mall will go out of business."

EJ flashes back to telling Nicole about his business trip. He gives his word he won't leave her again.

Baker tells Sister Teresa he is doing everything he can and shoves her out the door. Nicole now thinks they have no choice but to pull the kinderswitch.

Hope gets off the phone, "Roman thinks we should track the money from the killer's end and see if the trail leads to Stefano."

"That's a great idea except for one thing," says Bo, "We don't know who the killer is, so how are we gonna do that?"

"Roman left the details for us to work out," says Hope.
She decides she wants to go see Kayla. Bo tells her that's a bad idea.

Kayla thinks Sleazo was mugged.

Rafe scoots across the floor to the cell phone lying there.


When Rafe reaches the phone he discovers

a) It's not an iPhone and he wouldn't be caught dead using just a regular run-of-the-mill cell phone.

b) He's not listed on Sleazo's 'friends and family plan' and is too distraught to go on.

c) The signal is on 'roam' and even the FBI can't afford to talk when it's that expensive.

If your answer was d) The battery is dead, you win an all-expenses-paid trip up the Salem River in a leaky rubber raft.
He chucks the dead phone, grunts, groans and collapses.

Sister Teresa comes back in and tells Blathermantha she doesn't have much information, "All we can do now is pray. And get hysterical."

EJ calls and leaves a message for Nicole telling her he's on the way home.

Baker says he's done with Nicole. Nicole threatens to go to the authorities and tell them about the baby brokerage he has going on there. He threatens to take her down with him. Nicole reminds him of the joys of life in prison, "Ask yourself, is it worth it?"

Dr. Baker asks her how she will feel about this in five or ten years, when the kid goes off to college, "Are you gonna be able to handle the guilt that will follow for all the Days Of Our Lives ?"

Nicole is adamant, "Yes! I can handle it! We have an opportunity to put Sami's baby with her biological father."

Bo stammers and says he enjoys Hope's company. Patch realizes anyone would know that's a lie, so he steps in and says Kayla has an emergency and Hope can't go see her right now. He leaves. Hope wants the truth.

Kayla tells Maggie the babysitter called and she thinks she left something in the car. The sitter can't find L'il Joe's stuffed dog so Kayla's going to go look for it. Maggie offers to drop it off. Kayla agrees to keep her informed about Sleazo's condition.

Chloe and Daniel bask in the afterglow and seem to have resolved most of their differences. Chloe says she is still angry. Daniel smooches away the fury. The ubiquitous cell phone rings. Daniel reads the text and says he has an emergency. He has to go. But first...

Baker caves like the 1986 Red Sox. Nicole hands Mia's baby to him and says goodbye. Baker leaves and Nicole blubbers. She picks up Miss Junior-Junior.

Daniel apologizes for having to leave. Chloe forgets her purse so he tells her to lock up. They smooch and Daniel runs out. Chloe finds her purse, hustles out the door and...


Bo tries to tell Hope he just enjoys her company. Anyone can see through that. He says he wants to make the case a priority and put their personal lives on hold. Hope says she is worried about him. Bo says he's OK as long as she's by his side. She moves from his side to his lap.

Sleazo wakes up. Kayla says she thinks he looks familiar, "Have you ever held anyone hostage at Ava Vitali's house?"

EJ rants about Nicole not answering her phone. He leaves another message telling her the plane has landed and he'll be back soon.

Nicole whines, "I'm your mommy." Miss Junior-Junior cries. Nicole shushes her and promises she will be very happy, "Happy birthday my beautiful little girl."

Sister Teresa prays and asks God to restore the health of the kid. As they finish Dr. Baker walks in with Mia's baby and tells Sami her baby is perfectly healthy, "Would you like to hold your daughter?" Sami blubbers.

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Anonymous Leslie said...

Nicole thinks they should just trade, "I'll give you Mia's baby for Sami's and a player to be named later."

…and it better not be Barry Bonds.

Hope figures there has been another Bolucination.

Bolucination – another word for the ever expanding Prevuze lexicon!!

Baker thinks a baby switch will be impossible to pull off.

"PREDICTABLE," snorts Daniel.

Ah, the juxtaposition of the scenes is priceless. Daniel/Chloe and Dr. Baker/Nicole…give me a break. Actually, give us all a break.

Daniel agrees the voicemail was a bad way to drop the bomb on her.

He should have used a Post-It note instead. Oh that’s right. That’s already been done before on an infinitely better program that employed writers with actual talent.

Chloe and Daniel suck on each other like dry leeches.

When painting a picture with words, Rembrandt has nothing on Prevuze!!!

Dr. Baker asks her how she will feel about this in five or ten years, when the kid goes off to college, "Are you gonna be able to handle the guilt that will follow for all the Days Of Our Lives?"

If the writers keep coming up with this kind of noxious garbage, there won’t be a DOOL in 18 months let alone 5 or 10 years.

Baker caves like the 1986 Red Sox.

…and Dr. Baker doesn’t look anything like Bill Buckner. Hmmm, maybe a porn star mustache would help.

Even though Dr. Baker has labeled Nicole a psychopath, he’s still willing to do business with her. The sweeps are coming up in May so we all know that Nicole will be finding herself in deep dodo by that time. On the incredible chance that EJ gives her a pass on her deceptions, Stefano most certainly will not. If the DiMeras are really as dangerous as implied, Nicole should be taking a long walk off a short pier for a swim with the fishes. Nicole has really been written into a corner. Maybe she’ll end up in Switzerland with the other cast offs. Actually, Gilligan's Island would probably be a better spot for all of them.

How very true Bulldog. Phillip needs to be lumped in with the big three automakers. Thanks for the great update Prevuze!!!

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they should hook up Dr. Baker and Nicole, they can go into the baby brokerage/switching business together and live happily ever after.

I can't wait for this whole thing to blow up in Nicole's face, and for her to be off the show, I am really tired of her... I so want her to be caught by Stefano and for Sami to come out looking good for once.

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Suddenly Dr. Baker can't do this? He's gone along with Nicole's idiocy this far what the heck? You'd think he'd make the switch just to get her and PsychoSami out of his life.

Maybe the ONLY thing that will eventually save Nicole from the DiMera gallows is she saved Miss Jr.-Jr. from going to the orphanage or something. Let's not forget, when he finds out about everything EJ is going to be as furious at Sami as Nicole.

My huh? moment - Maggie is going to stop by Kayla's car and get L'il Joes stuffed dog? Does she just happen to have Kayla's car keys or does Kayla - in a town rampant with unsolved crimes - leave her car unlocked? Just asking..

LOL over "The drums... the drums," gasps bwana Ramar..." Oh the descriptive passages Prevuze paints! HAHAHAHA And I passed the Rafe phone quiz!! Do I get another year's free subscription to Prevuze?

Thanks, Prev, for the laughs on my birthday! I think for an extra gift to myself I'll do even more Chloedan and Sami zapping than usual. :P

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

First of all, happy B-day Bulldog! And thanks for the pic of Phillip getting the news about the Citicorp fiasco. It proves once again that the ones at the top are clueless as to knowing what's going on around them! But given the hard economic times and company cutbacks it makes sense that Titan would have cut back on their newspaper delivery. Not to mention that Caroline probably coerced Victor to join her and Bo in their efforts to go green.

SOOO, Dr. HALFBAKED finally figured out that Nicole's a psychopath. I wonder what was scrambling his brain waves till now? The fact that she was wearing a fake baby bump not enough of a clue for him???

I agree with ya Leslie...Nicole is trapped in her own hell comes the sweeps! I can't wait for the slut to go down!

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can put up with most of the rubbish on DOOl but not Sami's constant crying and sreaming. Alison is a great actress so why have the writers turned her into a psycho screaming banshee? A high school drama class could come up with better storylines than the crap dished up on DOOL - especially this last year. EJ and Nicole do not suit at all. Daniel is disgusting and Chloe is a ho. Attention writers - enough with the babies and pedophile leacherous doctor. Perhaps steal some ideas from successful soaps like Y&R or B&B rather than rehashing the same old same old bull.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danloe is HAWT!

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Mia is going to turn out to be Nicole's daughter that she gave up when married to Melanie's father. So in the end she gave up her own granddaughter to sammi and the convent.

5:19 AM  

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