Monday, February 26, 2007

The Miracle Of Life

Phillip and Willow pull up in a car. Phillip rants about losing Claire. He tells Willow it's the end of the line for her. "You're turning me in to the cops," asks Willow.

Sami and Lucas are at dinner together. They go over details for the wedding. Sami is concerned about the prices. "Come on," says Lucas, "Money's no object. How many times do you get married in your life?" Lucas should just have his foot surgically implanted in his mouth. It would save time.

Lucas rephrases. Sami thinks they are tempting fate planning a big wedding. Lucas says they have both changed, "What could possibly go wrong?"

EJ walks up behind Lucas, "I could think of something."

Bo and Roman discuss Steve and EJ. Roman decides to try to call Kayla again. Bo tries reaching her at the pub. No luck. Roman wonders if she is crazy enough to go after Steve by herself. Bo scolds him for washing his breath.

Patch tells Kayla she has to rip out one of John's kidneys. Kayla thinks that could kill him in his condition. Patch tells her she doesn't have a choice.

It's Willow's turn to rant. Phillip says he isn't turning her in, but the free ride is over. Phillip doesn't give a damn about Shawn's baby now that Claire is gone. Willow says, "Maybe the Kiddie Corps made it to an island in Kangaroo Land."

If Shawn survived Phillip thinks he will try to contact his family, "Smoke signals travel pretty far these days." Phillip says he can handle things without Willow's help. He suggests she can work at a massage parlor. He says Willow blew it and their deal is off.

She grabs the keys, "It's over when I say it's over."

Roman gives one of his flunkies pictures of Steve and Kayla and tells him to have the boys search for them. Roman would like to put a tail on EJ, but is concerned about another lawsuit. Unless someone comes forward they have nothing and EJ knows it. Bo thinks Shawn could help.

EJ says the odds of any marriage's success are daunting. He suggests Sami take Lucas' advice. She shouldn't cut corners on the wedding. He says he has a work thing Lucas needs to handle. Lucas has been working with him on the big Duncan-Davidson deal. EJ wants a copy of the contract. Lucas says he's busy. He thinks one of EJ's gophers could call to have the contract faxed. EJ wants his head gopher to do it. So, Lucas goes to make the call. EJ will keep Sami Company.

Sami asks EJ what he wants. "I'm onto you," says EJ, "I know your little secret."

Kayla asks why Patch is asking her to do this. Patch tells her it's not important why. He just wants her to get in there and dekidnify John. Kayla thinks this is insane. She tells him he doesn't have to do this. Patch insists Kayla is John's only chance. If she doesn't do it, the butcher will come back and rip his guts out. Kayla starts to call Bo. "I can't let you do that," says Steve.

Phillip threatens. Willow says she will scream. Phillip grabs her wrist. Willow drops the keys. She begs him not to kick her out. He says the fact they lost Shawn and Belle is her fault, "Just go."

"What kind of monster are you," asks Willow.

"I'm the two-faced, one-legged flyin' purple people eater," says Phillip, "What about all the gambling money you won on the ship?" Willow gives him a sob story. He hands her a wad-o-cash and tells her to get out of his life.

"You're a bastard," she cries, "I will not forget this!"

Willow leaves. Phillip reaches into the back seat and gets a box, which has "Remains" scribbled on its side.

Bo thinks Shawn can testify against EJ because he was his courier. Roman brings up the little detail that Shawn never witnessed a crime, "And Wells has Lockhart running scared." Bo says if Lockhart thinks EJ is going down he might just come out and testify against him.

"We have to find Shawn," says Roman.

Phillip walks into the office carrying his ossuary, "You can't. This is all that's left of them."

Patch tells Kayla if she walks away John will die. Oh, the angst! Kayla points out this isn't her area of expertise. Patch gives her a pep talk. If she doesn't do this others will die.

"Who else has EJ threatened," asks Kayla.

Sami says the only lies she has been telling are the lies he is forcing her to tell. EJ accuses her of lying to him right now, "I know the truth – you're pregnant. I have proof. I went through your trash." He pulls the damning letter out of his pocket. It confirms her sonogram appointment.

Sami can't believe he went through her trash. She says she wasn't telling anyone about the pregnancy. He says there is only one reason why she didn't tell anyone, "Ordinarily, you would have shouted it from the rooftop, but it's because you know that child isn't Lucas'. It's mine." Lucas walks up and stares.

Roman goes through the box. He pulls out a ripped up shred of the raft, a teddy bear, a few body parts. Phillip tells them the story of the cruise ship, "They jumped overboard. They found the life raft shredded and overturned with blood on it." Bo asks if they know whose blood it was. Phillip pulls the blood-work analysis out of his pocket, "It was Claire's."

Bo is stunned, "How am I gonna tell Hope?"

Phillip screams, "Tell her you are all to blame! Because of you my little girl is dead and I won't rest until the entire Brady family pays for that."

Kayla thinks this is about Stephanie. Patch tells her he's trying to protect everyone but if she doesn't operate John will be the first to die. Kayla staggers into the operating room. She looks down at the mannequin on the operating table and pretends it's John, "Oh, John, I am so sorry. I am so sorry."

We witness the beginning of the operation through the curtain. Kayla operates. Kayla agonizes. The orderly offers to finish. Kayla refuses.

Patch hears a siren and looks out the door. John's blood pressure drops.

Phillip wigs out. A cop comes in and says they have a lead on Patch. Roman leaves.

"What has that crazy lunatic done now," asks Phillip.

Bo goes into crazy lunatic mode himself. He grabs Phillip and tells him it's as much his fault as anyone's, "Get out of here before you get hurt!"

"I've always looked up to you, big brother," sneers Phillip, "But I'm not afraid of you."

You're no brother of mine," says Bo. He throws him out and goes over and strangles Claire's teddy bear, "This can't be!"

Gunga Din returns. He thinks Sami looks upset. He tells EJ the contracts are being faxed to the office. EJ apologizes for not being clear, but he needed them faxed to his apartment instead of the office. The gopher tells him that's too bad. Sami tells him to go make the phone call. She insists she can handle herself. But she thinks it's sexy that he is so protective. Or possessive. Whatever. Lucas leaves. EJ keeps it up, "I am utterly delighted that we are pregnant."

"We are not pregnant," says Sami, "This baby is Lucas'."

EJ disagrees, "About 8 weeks ago you and I made love..."

"You don't get to use that word," says Sami, "You raped me."

Patch comes back in. The sirens fade. Kayla staggers out, "It's over." Patch stares.

Kayla removes her surgical gown. She says John made it but there is a chance of infection, "The next 24 hours are critical."

Kayla's assistant runs through the room carrying a cooler. She wonders who the kidney is for, "He will not survive here! You need to get on the phone and call an ambulance right now."


EJ tells Sami, "You had a choice."

Sami doesn't think it was much of a choice, "It was extortion. I did it to save Lucas' life."

"In the process," says EJ, "another life was created." EJ thinks they should get a paternity test. Sami refuses. EJ says there is a good chance the baby is his, "If you don't get the test I will tell Lucas. Nobody raises my child but me. You got that?"

Lucas returns. EJ thanks him for gophering the extra mile. He tells Lucas he wants to discuss the little one on the way.

Willow comes back to Phillip. She says she is desperate. She has no place to go. No insurance. If he doesn't help another innocent child will die.

Roman returns. He tells Bo there is still a chance they will find the Kiddie Corps. Bo gets an epiphany, "Tell them to make it a search and rescue! Shawn, Belle and Claire are not dead!"

Kayla begs Patch to call. "They won't like it," drones Steve. She knows he has been warned to keep his mouth shut, but says they would never have let her come there if they wanted John dead. She insists they get John to a hospital. Patch zones. He doesn't want John to die. Kayla takes she phone from him.

Bo shows Roman a piece of shredded vinyl from the raft, "When Shawn was a kid, I taught him to use the Naval code."

"That's great," says roman, "He can't use his head, but he can use his navel."

Bo spells out the letters, "S-A-Y-F! "

"What the hell does that mean," asks Roman.

"It means they're SAFE," says Bo, "Shawn flunked spelling along with everything else. He sent me a message. He and his family are alive."

Willow says she is just asking for help until she gets on her feet. She threatens to say it's Phillip's baby. She can see the headline now, "War hero knocks up hooker!" Eventually he could prove it isn't his but it would wreck his reputation. Phillip tells her to come by the mansion tomorrow and they will talk terms.

Lucas wonders how EJ found out about the pregnancy. EJ says good news travels fast. He wants to discuss maternity leave. Myth-Ick gives a full month, and he hopes Lucas will take full advantage of it. He congratulates them and leaves.

Sami tells Lucas EJ just figured out she was pregnant. Lucas gets a call. It's EJ. He asks him to meet tomorrow morning to discuss something important, "I want to talk to you, man-to-gopher."

Kayla tells the dispatcher where they are. Patch starts to leave. Kayla asks, "Where are you going?"

Patch zones, "I love you." He heads into the foggy abyss.

Kayla tells the dispatcher, "I need to call the police, too. A terrible crime has been committed here. A Kidney-apping."

Bo believes all three are safe. He tells Roman they have to keep this to themselves. Hope will believe the worst.

Roman gets a call. He tells Bo, "Kayla is with John. It doesn't look good."

EJ wants to discuss something in person. Lucas agrees. He hangs up and tells Sami, "Any idea what that might be?" Sami is clueless. She also has no idea what EJ wants to discuss.

EJ gets a call. Steve tells him it's done. "Splendid," says EJ, "Let's hear it for the miracle of life, eh?" Pan to Lucas and Sami.


Chelsea says, "Dr. Endo called me a colleague. Like I actually belong here working in the lab." Nick says, "That's because you deserve it." Chelsea asks, "I do?"

Jed asks, "What would you say if I asked you out." Abby kind of rolls her eyes and gives him a blank stare.

Shawn says, "I'm glad I'm here." Belle says, "Stuck with me." Shawn says, "Gladly."

Sami asks, "What is so freaking important here anyway?" EJ says," You are. You're the reason I came back."


Blogger Bulldog said...

Prevuze snuck in a thinker for a Monday morning. It took me awhile to get the horticulturist picture. HAHAHAHAHA

You know Sami isn't going to do the paternity test. If she did it would spare the viewers 15 months of "who's the daddy".

I loved HGTV and the whole stupidity of the kidney-apping. Great Prevuze today, thanks!!

8:01 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

When he was alone with Stefano he told him that he was the reason he came back to Salem and when he's alone with Sami he tells her she is the reason. Being told you are the reason EJ came back to Salem is going to get popular. Shawn has something to look forward to when he comes back. I'm impressed he hasn't told Patch the same yet. Oh well - there's always next week.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Yes, Bulldog, and this was a bad day for "thinkers"! The pic I had to read several times was John "living without a liver", but not sure if you could "kid without a kidney".

It's been a long, LONG, day! Thank God that I a few minutes to at least read Prevuze this afternoon, even if I didn't get to comment until now.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

oh boy

i bet that you all have been having a field day lately, what with all the goings ons...billy/nick, chelsea/nebert, marlena during the dream sequences when she was communicating with john in his doesn't get much better than that huh:D??!?

mp3 david bowie 07 moonage daydream 021473 nyc rcmh 4.59

lot of pregnant girl/women hanging around too huh?

welps, belle has to be getting some shawn flavored island love juice in her magical princess baby making area doesn't she? answer away because unlike all YOU, i am NOT watching tomorrow's ep courtesy of prevuze NOR am i TRYING to find a way to read the narrative of TWO days in the future dool - no, thank you watching the vhs of three or so days or weeks ago is quite fine:P

mp3 david bowie 08 five years 021473 nyc rcmh 3.55

you know i absolutely can't look at this page ever, or under extreme circumstances of tv loss or tape machine or tape malfunction, or power outage...dreaded demons of evil threatening the very john black-ness of the dooly-verse! lest i be ruined by cursed spoilers and also assume the face down position at the grocery checkout...but i got to stop in every now and hen and get some good belly laffs and guess what its looking funnier and better around here than ever congratulations and say hi to beau and hope for me...

also, just in case tony has you kidnapped (:P) for a slew of reasons i might add, do you have any working proteges of prevuzing in the wings, because what would we do without you :D thanks hellbent@dool rob whitlow

1:07 PM  

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