Monday, February 19, 2007

The Grassy Knoll

The brat comes in for her interview with Rebert the Pervert. He says he normally doesn't do this kind of thing this late in the day. He doesn't conduct interviews this late either. The brat is impressed he would see her after treating him like "man candy." Rebert didn't mind. Nick listens through the door.

Celeste tells Theo they're going to have spaghetti for dinner and afterwards his dad can read his new book to him, "Barney Escapes From Salem" – Braille edition. Theo isn't impressed so Celeste sends him away. She turns and finds an envelope. She opens it and reads, "A speeding ticket. How many times have I warned Alexandra to slow down?" She looks at the picture that came with the ticket, "This is her license plate, but that certainly is not my daughter!"

Sami picks up the Oxford English Dictionary – Unabridged. Oh, wait, on second look, it's a bride's magazine the size of the Manhattan phone book. She tells Lucas she subscribed years ago. She reminisces about being a little girl dreaming about her wedding. She doesn't say which one. Lucas promises the wedding of her dreams. Sami loves her ring, "Diamonds are forever."

"Then that last one I gave you must have been Zirconium," says Lucas. He says there will be no jinx this time. Sami is having trouble searching for a wedding dress she hasn't worn before. Lucas tells her this is it. He tells her to do it all and do it right. Sami reminds him about the last time. Kate sabotaged it. This time she is pregnant. She's nervous, "And Kate still wants to ruin things."

There is a knock at the door. Sami says she hopes it's not EJ. Lucas opens the door to find Kate standing there. Sami may have been better off if it was EJ. Kate wonders if Sami is going to apologize to her. Lucas says he invited Kate over so she could apologize to Sami. He tells her they are engaged.

Patch vibrates in bed. He stops for a few seconds. Kayla puts in another quarter. Patch dreams about his torture. EJ tells Steve he is one of them and will do as EJ says. Patch hallucinates and grabs for EJ. Reality pops in and Patch is choking Kayla. Kayla cries out. Patch flails like Pee Wee Herman in a vice raid.

Nick eavesdrops. Dr. Rebert is sorry Chelsea was disappointed. Chelsea tells him Nick used both of them. Rebert offers the job. Chelsea freaks and accepts. "What, no kisses this time," asks Rebert the Pervert. He claims he was kidding and tells her she'll start tomorrow after class. Chelsea leaves. Nick intercepts her. She says she knows he was eavesdropping. He says he was planning to recommend her. She doesn't buy it. She knows he doesn't want her working there. "You're right," says Nick, "I don't."

Kate comes out of the bathroom after puking her guts out. She and Sami argue. Sami's phone interrupts. Celeste asks to see her tight away, "If you're not here in ten minutes, I'm calling the police."

Sami hangs up and tells Lucas it was a telemarketer. She says she can't stay there with Kate hanging around so she is going shopping. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Kate questions what she is doing going shopping at that hour. Sami huffs out.

Kate asks Lucas what that was all about. She wonders if Lucas isn't curious about this. He claims he's not. Kate lectures him for not listening to her. She wonders if he proposed to spite her. She tells him he's a fool for proposing.

"Proposing had nothing to do with that," says Lucas.

Patch bawls like a little girl and apologizes. Kayla yells for him to stay away from her. She picks up a vase to protect herself. Patch screams that EJ is in his head. There's plenty of room for him in there. Patch remembers the words EJ said, "You're one of us now."

Lucas tells Kate to let go of her anger. Kate thinks Lucas has lost his mind. She thinks he has forgotten the past. She asks if he would like Will to wind up with a woman like Sami. Lucas says it's not about Will; it's about Kate being a control freak. He wonders why she set up the phony reality show. She says she had to prove Sami lied about saving his life. Kate is grateful to Sami for HELPING save Lucas' life. She runs through the events of that night, and says she figures Sami and EJ somehow wound up together.

Lucas asks, "What? Are you on drugs or something?"

Kate says, "Sami did not save your life. EJ did."

Sami arrives at Celeste's. Celeste asks if Sami saw Lexie that night. Sami says no. Celeste says Sami is lying, "I know you were with EJ the night John was shot." Sami claims it's a lie. Celeste plays her trump card. She shows Sami the ticket with the picture of her and EJ together in Lexie's car, "That's you helping the man who tried to kill your stepfather!"

Patch and Kayla talk about what EJ said, "You're one of us now." Patch tells her he confronted EJ and then something happened to him, "I don't remember... he said something about Stefano choosing me. What's wrong with me? I coulda killed you tonight." Kayla insists they will get him help. He tells her there is no help for this, "I'm better off dead."

The brat understands why Nick doesn't want her working with him. It's because she makes fun of him, "But I'm not doing it to be mean. If you knew me you'd know I did it because I really liked you – as a friend."

"I am still your friend," says Nick, "If I hadn't pretended to be someone else you never would have let me see who you really are, a loathsome, selfish little snot."

Chelsea says, "You still don't get it."

Nick says, "No, Chelsea, you don't get it. I love you."

Kate says EJ needed Sami and Sami needed EJ.

"And what then," asks Lucas, "EJ hid behind the grassy knoll? Where is your proof?" Kate has none.

Celeste does. Sami looks at the picture, "OMG! My hair is a mess. But I can explain." Celeste tells her to save her breath until Abe gets home. Sami tells her she didn't want to do it. She flagged down the car and was so relieved it stopped, she got in without looking to see who was in it. It turned out to be EJ.

Celeste accuses, "You didn't tell the police because you are lying."

"EJ held a gun to me," says Sami, "He forced me. If I hadn't helped him Lucas and I would have both died that night. I begged him. He said he would if... I let him have sex with me. So I did. I let him plant his seed in me."

Celeste gasps, "Oh dear God! He raped you, darling." Sami nods. Hugs and tears.

Patch thinks he hurt Kayla. She says he stopped himself. He wonders what if he can't stop next time. Kayla says they are going to undo this. Steve thinks it's impossible, "You're not safe with me around. And that's when I'm sober. I will kill myself before I lay a hand on you again."

Kayla insists they will get him help. Patch says no one can help him. She reminds him John was one of Stefano's pawns. He reminds her John never got his memory back and is in a hospital bed in a coma at the moment.

"Details... details," says Kayla, "I want you to talk to Marlena." He says it won't do any good. He doesn't think he can beat this.

Nick stammers. He's sorry if this makes her uncomfortable. She says she's uncomfortable for him. He asks if she still wants his friendship. She says he already broke that promise, "As of tomorrow it's just you and me and the real Dr. Patton. I think he kind of likes me. I'll see you around, Lonely Splicer."

Kate tells Lucas it's not too late to put the kibosh on the wedding. Lucas reminds her there is a kid on the way. He points to his own life without a father. Kate is horrified. Lucas piles on. She's constantly rewriting the past and not learning from it. Kate thinks she didn't teach him about true love. Lucas doesn't think she cares about anybody's happiness. He tells Kate she isn't welcome there anymore.

Kate says, "I'm your mother, Lucas."

"Not any more you're not."

Sami talks about Alan Harris raping her. Celeste tells her this wasn't her fault. Sami says it wasn't too long ago that she kind of had a crush on EJ. She flirted with him. Celeste says she didn't ask for this. She has to go to the police. Sami refuses.

"Why not," asks Celeste.

"I'm pregnant."

Celeste asks, "The baby is EJ's?"

"I don't know," says Sami, "Lucas just proposed to me. Things would be perfect for us if this hadn't happened. When he finds out I cheated..."

"Forced intimacy doesn't constitute cheating," says Celeste, "It's evil."

Sami cries, "There is a 50% chance evil is growing inside me. EJ will figure this out soon."

Celeste asks, were those EJ's exact words – that he wanted to plant a seed?"

"I certainly wouldn't have said anything like that," says Sami, "He said Stefano sent him to do that."

Celeste thinks she has been stupid not to see this. She stares into some other world, "The worst is yet to come."

Sami says she has to go. Celeste thinks Tek witnessed the crime, not Alexandra. She thinks EJ murdered Tek and Lexie, too. Celeste says Sami's secret is safe with her, "And, oh, God, if EJ knew that picture exists..." Sami promises not to say anything about the photograph. She leaves.

Kate says she will always be Lucas' mother. Lucas says he didn't do this before because he felt sorry for her. But he can't have her in his life if she can't respect the woman he loves. Kate says she thinks Lucas is really angry with Sami, but is taking it out on her. Lucas shows her the door and tells her she's not invited to the wedding or the christening or anything else. Kate walks out without making her usual parting shot. Outside, she stares and sighs.

Kayla wants to call Bo and Roman and have Patch tell them what EJ said. He says she should call them and report him for domestic violence. He can't hurt her from jail. He hands her the phone.

The brat comes into the garage to see Abby. She says she got the job. Abby wants to know if she thinks Nick put in a good word for her. Chelsea says she doesn't think Nick helped. Abby asks if Dr. Rebert was hitting on Chelsea. The brat says their interview was more like a guy and girl talking, "And I know Nick was eavesdropping."

Abby says, "He practically..."

The brat interrupts, "Loves me. That's what he told me."

Abby asks, "How does that make you feel?" Silence.

Nick comes in and asks Dr. Rebert about hiring Chelsea. He tells Rebert the Pervert Chelsea tries to come off worldlier than she really is. Rebert reams him out, "Be careful how you talk to me, fella because you're already on thin ice around here!"

Abby thinks the brat took the job to punish Nick. The brat agrees. She tells Abby she has to go shopping for something to wear to work. Abby tells her lab workers wear white coats. Chelsea is grossed out. She hopes that isn't true. She decides to go shopping anyway. She'll study for tomorrow's big calculus exam right before the test. At least they have her acting like a real college student. Abby asks, "Which Shane are you dressing for, Nick or your new boss?" Chelsea stares.

Nick says he doesn't want Chelsea getting hurt. Rebert freaks, "This conversation is over!" He leaves.

Sami returns. Lucas tells her Kate is gone and also tells her he disowned her. He tells her what Kate said about EJ helping her. Sami says Kate is crazy. Lucas says Sami and the baby and Will are what are important to him. She hugs him and asks him never to forget she loves him.

Kayla takes the phone but won't make the call. Patch grabs his suitcase to pack, "I'm leaving you Kayla."


"It's like cowboy hats," says Patch, "My wifebeater is black. That means I'm one of the bad guys." Patch packs and scowls.



Belle asks, "Do you have a plan?" Shawn says, "It's dangerous but I think it's our only chance."

Patch tells Kayla, "Don't try to stop me. Don't make me live the rest of my life with your blood on my hands."

Lucas asks Sami, "What's with you? I mean, I know you don't want people to know you're pregnant, but... especially EJ. Why?"

Phillip picks Willow up. Willow screams, "What the hell Phillip? Put me down!" He appears to throw her overboard. Willow screams.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When he finds out I cheated..."

It sounds like they are making it that Sami still has doubts this was rape.

5:21 AM  
Anonymous MomofDna said...

OK, I actually like that. I didn't see that one coming--the photo of Sami and EJ in the car. And I'm glad Celeste knows, and seems to be on Sami's side.

I think I'd be a little more concerned that my daughter is dead, but whatever.

Does she at least make Sami pay the ticket??

6:09 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

"Does she at least make Sami pay the ticket??" HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good one!

Why does Kayla keep pushing Patch to go see Marlena? I think Marlena is a tad too unstable to be giving advice. Oh....I forgot....the only psychiatrist in town.

I'm still laughing over the brat actually acting like a real college student. And Barney escaping from Salem. An excellent President's Day Prevuze. I'm sure ol' George and Abe would agree. :p

6:43 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I'm confused about where this ticket came from. EJ picked Sami up in the middle of nowhere and then she got him through the roadblock - still out in the middle of nowhere. Then they went back to the cabin (around the roadblock?) still out in the middle of nowhere.

LOL at the Braille version of Barney (Ouch!) and Patch flailing like Pee Wee Herman in a vice raid (Double Ouch!!).

Great Prevuze, thanks.

7:24 AM  

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