Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Trash And Flash

Lucas and Sami make out. He tells her when he put the ring on her finger he meant it to be forever, just like last time. Their best days are yet to come. Sami wishes she could believe it. So do we.

Lucas gives Sami a pendant "For our little baby girl," which, of course, may wind up being Satan's Spawn. Lucas, however, continues to walk down the blissful path of ignorance (a well-trodden path for him, but I digress) because Sami, who loves and trusts him more than anything in the world doesn't love and trust him quite enough to tell him about her night with EJ. Like the sands through the hourglass, so will our torture continue. Sami wonders what if it isn't a girl. Lucas says he'll put a football on it. Or a whoopee cushion. He can't wait to tell the world she is pregnant, but he will wait if that's what she wants. Sami thinks they shouldn't be buying the baby gifts so soon. Lucas rambles about the baby while Sami tortures herself. The viewers passed the point of torture long ago.

Kayla begs Patch not to leave, as he throws his things into a suitcase. Patch is in meltdown. He says he nearly choked the life out of her and there will not be a next time. He's leaving.

Phillip looks over the side of the boat. Willow sports her new outfit. What there is of it, anyway. She thinks the ship is a floating palace. She's been in at the gambling tables taking advantage of some easy marks. She pays back Phillip's loan in full. He don' want her stinkin' money. Willow decides to head back to the tables. Phillip stops her, "We're here for one reason – to get my daughter back."

Belle says she has never been so scared in her life, except for that time she found a zit right on the tip of her nose. They are one sunrise from losing their little girl. Shawn promises no one will break up their family. Belle asks, "Do you have a plan?"

Shawn says, "It's dangerous but I think it's our only chance."


Willow tells Phillip she isn't stupid. Coulda fooled Phillip. She says she knows why they are there. Phillip doesn't think Shawn and Belle will just wait for them to dock. Jumping into the ocean in the middle of nowhere with a child would be one of the dumbest things anybody could do. That's why he is sure Shawn and Belle will try it. Willow tells him to lighten up. Not till he gets his daughter back. Willow asks why Phillip doesn't hire a nanny to take care of Claire. Someone like – Willow. Phillip chuckles.

Shawn's big plan is to steal a life raft and head out into the infinite void. Belle wonders how they will navigate without a compass. Shawn says he'll use the stars, "Just like I did on the Fancy Face."

"You mean the one you navigated straight to the bottom of the Salem Sea," asks Belle. Shawn says they have to take a chance and go for it or they will lose Claire forever. Claire figures being born as the daughter of these nitwits wasn't such a great idea.

Sami says the baby is private, not a secret. Lucas thinks if people find out, it's no big deal. Sami tells him to keep his trap shut about it.

Lucas trap is the closest thing on earth to a perpetual motion machine, "At least we know when you conceived the child."


"You know – that night," says Lucas, "You saved me and conceived a child in one night. You're superwoman." Stuporwoman doesn't like thinking about that night. She was scared. He comforts her. Sami just wants to focus on her family.

There is a knock at the door. We hear EJ through the door asking them to open up. Why in God's name Sami actually opens the door is beyond any reasonable person's imagination, but she does. EJ busts in looking like the cat that ate the canary and booms, "You're secret is out! He turns to Sami, "You're shining like a Botticelli!" And the Emmy for dumb simile of the year goes to... EJ runs on, "Kate told me the marvelous news! I wanted to be the first to congratulate you!"

Kayla freaks. She tells Steve he can't leave. They argue. Endlessly. He has to get as far away from the DiMeras as he can so they can't find him, "Don't try to stop me. Don't make me live all the Days Of Our Lives with your blood on my hands."

EJ says Kate told her the happy news. He came to mend wounds. Lucas tells him he can go. EJ says he wants to know the date so he can mark it on the calendar. Lucas and Sami wonder why he would want to know the date. EJ says he didn't mean to be presumptuous, but he assumed he will be invited to the wedding. OK, if you were fooled by this, you are banned from Prevuze. Sorry. Prevuze aspires to a higher level of intelligence in its readers. If you rode the short bus to school, this is your stop. EJ just couldn't be happier for the two of them. He asks if there are any other surprises. Of course not.

EJ tells them about the wedding gift he is giving them – A month off with full pay and the company jet will be at their disposal. Lucas just couldn't accept. EJ says they will need the time off to get ready for being tormented by Kate for the rest of their lives.

More Kayla-Steve arguing. Kayla drags out their entire history. Steve doesn't know what was worse – being tortured by the DiMeras, or having Kayla dump all this baggage on him. Kayla says her soul was dead and buried with him. Now he wants to take the miracle of his resurrection from the dead away from her. Kayla tells him if that's what he's going to do he should strangle her right now. After that tirade, he's probably ready to.

Phillip doesn't think trusting Willow with his daughter is a good idea. He tells her Shawn knocking her up is the only reason they share the same space, "You're free ride is almost over."

"Shawn will set you straight," says Willow, "It isn't that easy to get rid of me. Especially if you don't have a fire extinguisher handy."

Shawn wants Belle to just trust him. He needs to figure out a way to get out of the cabin. Claire conveniently picks that moment to load up her diapers and Belle heads for the bathroom to change her. While Belle is busy, Brainiac surveys the cabin. Suddenly, Belle yells, "Shawn! I figured something out! If you push the little handle on the toilet, the poop all goes away."

EJ says what he said about Kate was just a joke. Sami excuses herself. Lucas tells EJ he had second thoughts about working at Myth-Ick, especially with Kate there. EJ says if Kate interferes with business she is his problem, not Lucas'. Sami comes back and asks why EJ is still there. EJ takes the hint and leaves, but grabs their trash on the way out, saying he'll do them a favor and take it out for them.

Sami freaks. Lucas asks, "What's with you? I mean, I know you don't want people to know you're pregnant, but... especially EJ. Why?"

Outisde, EJ goes through the trash sack, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Steve and Kayla keep up the insanity. Steve really doesn't want to choke her. Kayla tells him to consider it a mercy killing. She begs him to stay. He can't. He loves her too much. She grabs the suitcase from him.

Belle has discovered an air vent in the bathroom. Shawn removes it. He's decides to shimmy down it and figure where it goes and then come back for her. If he gets stuck she is supposed to, "Push the Purser's button and order lots of Vaseline, "Be ready when I get back."

Phillip laughs at Willow's threat, "You're all trash and flash." Willow thinks Phillip needs her as much as she needs him. She threatens to go to the court and tell them Victor bribed her. Phillip sneers, "Claire's future is in my hands, not yours."

Phillip picks her up and dangles her over the ship's rail. Willow screams, "What the hell Phillip? Put me down!" Ho overboard!

Willow screams. She begs. Phillip brings her back up. Willow practically spits in his face, "I hate you!"

"I'm crushed."

Willow nukes, "You're a sick, twisted monster! I hope Shawn and Belle get to keep your kid!"

Willow leaves. Phillip limps off in the other direction. Shawn pops out of a vent like a Jerk-in-the-box. A guard walks by and checks things as Shawn stays out of sight.

Belle packs. There is a knock at the door. Ensign Stratton yells through the door that he needs to speak to them. Belle tells him she is undressed. She runs into the bathroom, turns on the shower and comes out wearing a robe. Stratton says he needs to speak to them both. Belle tells him Shawn is in the shower. Stratton will wait.

Lucas presses, "Why is EJ finding out a such a big deal?" Sami says she just doesn't like how he's acting so fake with them. She doesn't want to be around people like that right now. She claims she doesn't know why he wants to know if she is pregnant. Lucas tries to calm the raging sea of hormones that Sami has become. He wants her to follow doctor's orders. He begs her not to keep it a secret, "It will be fine. Trust me."

Kayla cradles the suitcase. If he's leaving he has to go through her. He can arrange that. She gets him down and beats him. Total hysteria reigns.

Sami refuses to tell anyone she is pregnant. Lucas asks if it's because she still has a thing for EJ. She tells him not even to think that. If anything she is afraid of EJ. She trusts Lucas to protect her, but it is EJ she doesn't trust. Lucas reminds her EJ offered to foot the honeymoon bill. He thinks Sami sounds a little paranoid. Sami thinks he's on EJ's side all of a sudden. The bluebird of happiness decides to find a better place to live and flies out of their window.

EJ is with Stefano. Together they take a little trip through Sami and Lucas' trash. EJ finds an envelope from Dr. David Lieberman confirming Sami's pregnancy, "Father, it's just as we hoped. A baby. And with any luck, a DiMera baby." Stefano makes a fist.

Steve and Kayla spiral into the vortex of unbridled animal sex. John Black style rough amore. Suddenly he sees signs of fear in her face, "I put that there!" He backs off. She begs him to stay as he runs out screaming, "I love you, Sweetness. I love you." Kayla falls into a heap o' tears.

Shawn has cold-cocked the deck guard and is wearing his uniform. He takes the guys keys and leaves him to die.

Belle stalls Stratton. She asks what this is about. He shows her a news story faxed in form the Toronto newspaper. It says Shawn and Belle are suspected kidnappers, meaning they violated the restraining order. Belle says it isn't valid outside the US. Stratton is going to take Shawn to the brig anyway. Belle thinks that's unfair to Claire. Claire lost the fairness game when she wound up with two crackpots as parents.

"I need to feed her," says Belle.

"Go right ahead," says Stratton.

"I need to feed her PERSONALLY," says Belle, "Come back later." Stratton says he will be back in 10 minutes. He leaves. Belle brings Claire a case of Zwieback.

Shawn sneaks.

Lucas insists he isn't defending EJ. Sami doesn't like EJ still living in the same building as them. Lucas tells her not to be afraid of EJ. She says she can't help the way she feels. He tries to get her to concentrate on all the good in their lives. Nobody will take that from them. Billy Preston sings in the background, "Nothin' from nothin' is nothin'..."

EJ tells Stefano it looks like everything is going according to plan. There is a good chance he planted the DiMera seed. And it's only a matter of time until Patch comes to them. Words can't express how grateful EJ is. Stefano made him the man he is today. He will repay him with the greatest gift he can give him, "If it takes the rest of my life, I vow to get DOOL off the air. And I vow to make my father well again."

Kayla cries in the quiet dark apartment. Emphasis on quiet. She looks at their wedding picture. She resists heaving it across the room and hugs it. Then she drops it and staggers around like a drunken zombie.

Out in the hall, Stratton locks the door to Shawn and Belle's stateroom. Shawn hides until Stratton has left and then goes in, using the keys he swiped. Belle tells him they are going to throw him in the brig. She packs while Shawn checks to see if the coast is clear.

Lucas tells Sami to wipe EJ from her mind. If he finds out she is pregnant, so what, "What is the worst that could happen? What we have is forever. You have to trust us." Smooch. Sami says she will try. She gives a blank stare as they hug.

Phillip unlocks the door to his stateroom as Shawn watches and ducks back into his room. Phillip looks across at Shawn's room. Shawn tells Belle Phillip is outside. Belle says they've to get out now.

EJ hears noises in the warehouse and goes to investigate. Patch comes through the door. What happened to getting as far away from the DiMera's as he could so they couldn't find him? How the hell did he find this place? Oh well. If I wanted great literature, I'd pull my Dick and Jane Reader off the shelf. Patch tells EJ he wins, "Just don't hurt Kayla."

"Kayla's fate is in your hands," says EJ.

Patch attacks. He sticks a knife up next to EJ's throat, "We'll see whose fate is in who's hands." EJ flashes the devil card and Patch becomes a vegetable.

EJ says, "You are one of us, now. Let's start with something easy. Bring John Black to me."

Patch drones, "Bring John black. Bring John black."

Kayla hugs a robe. She makes a call, "It's me. I've got to talk to you. It's about Steve. It's a matter of life and death." FF.


Chelsea tells Dr. Rebert, "You know, I'm really anxious to show you what I can do. So I promise I will make you happy." Nick watches.

Mimi says, "My mom is hiding something." Max asks, "What?" Mimi says, "We have to find out what it is before it's too late."

Willow asks, "Are you looking for Shawn, Belle and Claire? Because if you are, they just left." Phillip screams, "Why didn't you stop them? What the hell is wrong with you?"

Shawn looks overboard and turns to Belle, "We've got to jump."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Kayla mention her history with Jack at all? The whole "Johnson men are violent" issue resonated strongly with both of them - especially as Jack did commit violent acts towards Kayla *and* Steve (by proxy)

It'd be amazing if Kayla called *Jack* and that precipitated his coming to Salem for a few eps. Matt and SN are so good and good together, it would be incredible.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Did Kayla mention her history with Jack at all?"

Kayla didn't mention Jack. I guess she decided this encounter was dark and weird enough without dragging him into it.

5:13 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

"Ho overboard!" LOLOLOL

Great stuff today. But, I gotta tell ya, just READING the Payla and Lumi blather is getting to be torture enough!

However, reading Prevuze is almost always an educational experience. Salem Sea [smack...sound of my hand hitting my forehead]! So THAT'S where Salem is...on the Salem Sea. That explains a lot. HAHAHAHAHA

6:18 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"So THAT'S where Salem is..."

As a matter of fact, this week on Prevuze you will finally learn EXACTLY where Salem is. The clues are right in front of your face in the episode that airs on NBC today. It's not just a matter of where, but also when...

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Now how are any of us supposed to concentrate on anything after that Prevuzetease??

How conveeeeeenient the air vents were big enough for Jr. to get his fat head (and the rest of him) through. That would have been entertaining had he gotten stuck in there. HAHAHAHAHA

Loved jerk-in-the-box and a case of Zwiebacks for Claire. Great Prevuze! :D

8:37 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Now how are any of us supposed to concentrate on anything after that Prevuzetease?? "

Prevuzetease - A new word! We like it.

Don't forget... as we so often learn watching this show, sometimes the anticipation of an event is much better than the actual reveal.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just love reading this everyday it brings a smile to my face. Even on those really bad DAYZ Prevuze cracks me up!!!

12:45 PM  
Blogger FROG said...

If Kayla gets any more clingy Patch will have to cover himself in fabric softener sheets!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"If Kayla gets any more clingy Patch will have to cover himself in fabric softener sheets!"

I understand the Payla crowd is getting together for a banquet tonight. The menu -- Frog legs.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Payla addict, but prevuze is making my Days of Our Lives better everyday. I cannot believe how I can laugh about my favorite couple and still look forward to them everday after a dose of prevuze. Keep up the fabulous work - I am prevuized and loving it. Steve n Kayla rock dudes!

4:58 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I am prevuized and loving it. "

Prevuized - Another new word! Today has just been a cornucopia of improvement for the English language.

5:20 PM  

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