Friday, February 23, 2007

Kidney Pie

Robinson Crackpot and his girl Friedbrain putter around their island paradise. Shawn ties twine around the bottom of a tree, apparently to make sure the bark stays on. Belle is worried about Claire's boo-boo. Shawn claims to have everything under control.

The brat sits in the car with Dr. Prevert. She says she doesn't want to put him through the trouble of making him dinner, especially since she's the main course. She takes his hand off her thigh and suggests they go to Dune. Dr. Prevert wants something more intimate, "I have a hot tub."

The brat says, "Dr. Prevert..."

"Call me Alan."

"Don't you think it's inappropriate?"

"No more inappropriate than you jumping my bones when you first met me," he says, "No more games. Don't you find me attractive?"

"You're my boss," she says, "Aren't you too old for me?"

"Age is an experience," he says, "Why don't you let me teach you?"

Bo calls for the hospital surveillance tapes. Kayla and Bo talk about the situation. Kayla thinks someone must've seen something, "You know, maybe someone saw a strange guy walking around the place with a surgical mask up around his face and a patch sticking out like Pike's Peak." Bo says Wells is the first suspect, but it could be anybody. A dejected Kayla thinks maybe Steve took him.

Patch tells EJ he's sure no one saw him leave with John. He asks what the plan is. EJ says, "How about murdering a steak and kidney pie. With one of John's kidneys. That would be delicious. HAHAHAHAHA!" Don't worry. He was just kidneying.

The brat doesn't think her $120 calculus book should get near a hot tub. Dr. Prevert says, "The hot tub is the reward. I have done my homework. I know you were arrested for prostitution. I thought you would be a willing partner." The brat tells him she isn't willing. "You really want this job don't you," asks Dr. Prevert, "Your job description is to follow orders!"

The brat tries to leave. Prevert grabs her and demands a kiss goodnight. The brat struggles. Suddenly, SuperGeek pulls Prevert out of the car and throws him to the ground, "Get out of here!"

Prevert looks up and says, "What the hell?"

Nick goes ballistic "YOU CAN NEVER TOUCH HER!. NEVER!"

The kiddie corps worries about Claire's owie. The medical facilities on the island aren't good, although no one has walked away with a patient yet. Shawn decides to go search for food and aloe vera.

"While you're at it," says Belle, "See if you can find some cold cream trees, too."

Kayla tells Bo Steve was acting different when he came home from jail. He walked out on her, for her own good. She tells him about the choking incident.


Kayla begs him not to go after Patch.

Patch yells, "This is wrong! It's sick!"

"Of course it is," says EJ, "It's DOOL. But it's necessary. Let's just all get on board."

Patch thinks taking John's kidney will kill him. He asks what EJ wants if for. EJ tells him it's none of his business what he will do with it."

Dr. Demento walks into the room. Patch screams, "That isn't a real doctor. He cuts people's insides out for cash!" EJ backs him off and tells Dr. Demento the nurse is prepped and ready to go. Patch staggers around the room like a lost pinball.

Shawn tosses banana leaves and curses Phillip. Belle asks him to quiet down or they will upset Claire. Shawn wonders what he was thinking. Belle says he had no other choice. She reminds him he they survived in Puerto Rico. Shawn beats himself up anyway.

Nick threatens Prevert. As they start to leave, the brat stomps on his foot. Dr. Prevert hops like a crippled bunny and screams, "You keep your mouth shut about this, Chelsea! You too, Fallon. Or you'll both be out of a job."

Kayla goes into detail about Patch choking her. "I think Steve has done the right thing," says Bo.

"Would that be choking me or kidnapping John," asks Kayla. She thinks Patch took John as a part of the grand DiMera plan and EJ only dropped the charges to make Steve available to him.

Patch staggers and rants. He stands between EJ and the door to John's room, "You wanna cut him up – you go through me. EJ restrains him. He thinks Patch needs a little more programming. Patch drools, "John was on the DiMera program and that didn't work out too well for you!"

"Well," says EJ, "It didn't work out so well for John, either, did it?" Patch reminds him John escaped and had a life for a while. "True," says EJ, "But that life was with Marlena. Can you think of a worse torture than that? "

Patch points toward Dr. Demento and slobbers, "I'm not going to let this butcher carve him up!"

EJ says, "You're one of us now."

"Don't let this hack cut John up."

"OK," says EJ, "We'll do it your way. If you can find somebody else to operate, you go ahead. You know anybody?" Patch goes into a daze.

Nick and the brat arrive at her apartment. Nick goes to make the Horton cure-all tea. He thinks she should call Billie. The brat can't deal with the lecture right now, "Not that she wouldn't have done the same thing." Nick tells her he's sorry he put her through this.

She wonders why he followed them. He says, "I thought it was weird for Dr. Prevert to invite you out to dinner. Plus, he was talking trash at the lab." She thanks him for saving her.

Patch asks, "How about Lexie?"

"No," says EJ, "I want a doctor."
EJ suggests Marlena. Patch stares. "Or Kayla," says EJ. Patch says no way is he dragging Kayla into this. "Either you find a doctor, or you shut up," says EJ.

Kayla reminds Bo John called Steve a killer. Bo thinks that doesn't mean anything. Kayla wants him to help find Steve before he does anything else. She has no idea where he might be right now, though. Bo asks if she is prepared for him to arrest Steve. She tells him Marlena convinced her to have him committed, "Just help me Bo, please." Hugs.

Shawn apologizes for all the times he has disappointed Belle. Belle says they wouldn't have gotten this far without his cockamamie thinking. He reminds her about his scheme to kidnap JT. She went along because she loved him. It didn't help, because they lost JT. In other words, JT was a lot more fortunate than poor Claire. Belle assures him Claire is happy. Ignorance is bliss. Shawn says it's only for now. Belle says things they used to think were important don't even matter now. What matters is Claire doesn't have to grow up as a Kiriakis. That's the most important thing they can give her now.

"Yeah," says Shawn, "Who would want to grow up a millionaire instead of living like you're back in the Stone Age? "

Belle decides to step up to the plate. She says she was once a spoiled rich kid, but now she's a spoiled rich adult. Anyway, she knows what they are up against. Shawn decides he can officially stop feeling sorry for himself. Belle decides to begin her new life of responsibility by building them a house.

Nick thinks the brat would have been fine without him tonight. She isn't sure about that. She apologizes for being rude. She hopes he doesn't lose his job. Nick thinks Dr. Prevert will fire him now. He says he just wanted the brat to like him. She says she does. He asks if she could find it in her heart to forgive him.

Patch says he doesn't like the options. EJ says, "That's not my problem. I'll give you fifteen minutes to get Kayla here." He hauls out the devil card and tells Patch to keep his name out of this, "Now run along."

Bo has an APB out on Steve. Kayla asks if he can bring EJ in. Bo can't, "Even if he is involved, EJ won't give us anything." Plus, he has a tendency to sue the department. Kayla really thinks Bo should talk to EJ. Bo crumbles like a house of cards.

Kayla heads for the Salem Inn to wait to see if Steve comes back. Bo tells her to be careful.

Kayla leaves. Bo dials his phone. EJ picks up. Bo tells him to get to the hospital – He wants to talk to him about John black. "Oh," says EJ, "I hope he hasn't taken a turn for the worse."

"Cut the bull," says Bo, "Just get down here before I get you here myself."

Suddenly, the TV screen goes totally blank. Silence... Apparently EJ actually did cut the bull.

EJ tells the Dr. Demento to take the kidney if John dies, "It will have served its purpose."

The brat tells Nick she should hate him for what he did, "But stop apologizing. I'm not in the mood. You should hate me too but you came to my rescue tonight. It was partially your fault I go involved but it was mine, too. I'm leaning heavily towards forgiving you. So all those things you wrote... if your whole lab geek thing didn't work out, you could write self help books."

They decide they both learned their lesson and are friends. The friends shake hands.

EJ comes up behind Bo as he goes through a file. Bo sees EJ and asks what he did with Patch. EJ immediately threatens suits if the Salem PD is going to start harassing him again. Bo again asks what EJ did with Steve. EJ evades.

Bo yanks EJ up by his tie, "What did you do with Steve?"

Kayla finds Steve in the apartment. He worries that he scared her. She starts to hug him, but he backs her off. Kayla says she thinks she knows where he has been. Patch fesses up, "I took John."

"Is he all right," asks Kayla.

"No,, says Patch, "He's still a vegetable.." Patch doesn't want any questions.

Kayla goes for the phone, "I'm gonna call the police."

Patch stops her, "No. No police. If you call them, people will die. John will die."

Nick gives the brat tea. She contemplates looking for another job. Nick says she should report Dr. Prevert, "He should lose his job. If you don't file a complaint, this could happen to other people." She asks if he will back her up. Of course he will, even if he loses his job, "I can always find another job. But not another you." Eeeeeeeuuuuwwwwww.

"Why do you confuse me like this," asks the brat.

Shawn says, "You know, we could be here for all the Days Of Our Lives." Belle says she misses her family, but if she has to be stuck on an inland she's OK if it's with him and Claire. Shawn is OK with it too. The viewers are OK with it, too. John Lennon breaks into "Imagine" as we contemplate a world without Shawn and Belle.

Bo lets go of EJ's tie. EJ thinks Bo is as disturbed as Patch, "If I have done something wrong, why not arrest me? If I haven't, why did you bring me down here? Sooner or later the penny will drop and you will never ever win."

Patch says Kayla needs to do what he says. He needs help for John. Kayla wonders if he knows how dangerous this is. He tells her they have to go. "What if I don't," asks Kayla.

"You have no choice."

"Are you threatening me?"

Patch says, "Please... Sweetness... I need you."

Patch staggers to the door and opens it. Kayla hesitates, and then walks out into the hall.

Shawn and Belle finish the lean-to. Storm clouds brew. They decide to get Claire and get inside. Shawn tells Claire, "We're gonna take good care of you."

Belle says, "We're going to take good care of each other."


The brat tells Nick before all this happened, he was just Abby's geeky cousin. Dr. Patton was a mystery man who she thought was going to be her soul mate. Then she finds out he wrote all those wonderful things. Nick says he knows it was wrong, but she would never have listened to him otherwise. He tells her the words were true, every one of them. Kiss.

The brat says, "Tomorrow we take down Dr. Prevert, right?"

Bo tells EJ Stefano and Tony thought they were indestructible, too, "Where are they now, huh? Your luck will run out."

"It never did on the racetrack," says EJ.

"Maybe that's why you aren't racing any more," says Bo. Bo tells him the PD is working on a case to make him accountable for all the gloved hand crimes.

EJ wonders if the only thing the police are this bad at is bluffing. I guess EJ hasn't been in town long enough to really get to know the Salem PD. "You have nothing on me," says EJ.

"We'll see, when this hand is played out," says Bo as he walks away. EJ stares.

Dr. Demento drops a cigarette and crushes it with his shoe. Patch grabs his tools flings them into the trash, "Your services are no longer needed." He tells Kayla all she has to do is rip out one of John's kidneys. FF Kayla.


EJ tells Sami, "It's because you know that child isn't Lucas'. It's mine." Lucas walks and stares.

Kayla says to Steve, "He will not survive here! You need to get on the phone and call an ambulance right now, because I'm incapable of dialing a phone myself." John vegetates.

Phillip rants at Bo, "Because of you my little girl is dead and I won't rest until the entire Brady family pays for that."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Prevuze was on fire today! I started laughing at the first paragraph, "Robinson Crackpot and his sidekick Friedbrain...tie rope around a tree apparently to keep the bark on", and never stopped.

Great pictures (including a moving one) and prevuisms - "He was just kidneying." HAHAHAHAHA

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Salemfairy said...

Great Job on each inch of Prevuze today!

World Peace, hunger or global warming... I've never seen 'Imagine' used for a better purpose than this!

"John Lennon breaks into "Imagine" as we contemplate a world without Shawn and Belle."

7:22 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I bet the sets used for the island are the ones used for the Horton cabin, Puerto Rico and Melaswen. They're probably getting a bit worn out by now.

I LOL over Alex North. How does Prevuze remember this stuff?

Along with what's been mentioned above I also loved cold cream trees and EJ cutting the bull. HAHAHAHAHA

Fantastic Friday Prevuze - and I'm still anxiously waiting for that special Saturday edition. :}

8:12 AM  
Blogger FROG said...

At least EJ didn't say he was going to have Squint's kidney with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I know the kidney is suppose to be for sale but it hit me it might be for Stephano. Or maybe I'm the last person in the world to think of that.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...'s for Stephano

9:18 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I bet the sets used for the island are the ones used for the Horton cabin, Puerto Rico and Melaswen.

And Victor's living room after Shawn drove into it.

I LOL over Alex North. How does Prevuze remember this stuff?

Bad memories are hard to erase.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

I must comment on the scenes of yesterday - Marlena The Compassionate lecturing Kayla about Patch.

She's so blase about telling Kayla she shouldn't think twice about institutionalizing Patch. Yet, this is the same woman who threw hissy-fits about a doctor wanting to transfer John to a rehab clinic so he doesn't vegetate any worse than usual in his comatose state.

And as for the big kidney transplant....if that's all Stef needed to be cured you'd think he would have had one a long time ago. Why didn't EJ offer one of his up?? He's at least related.


11:41 AM  

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