Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Dreaded "I - Word"

Max is on the phone with Mimi. He tells her he can't get together tonight because things are too stacked up at the garage.

As he walks into the garage, he notices the door is unlocked. Abby rolls out from under a car, covered in fake grease. She tells him she knew he was backed up and she came in to help. Help herself to Max, that is, "Face it, Max, you need me more than either one of us realizes. She seems to realize it OK.

Billie comes in and yells for the brat. Nick and she speculate about where she might be. Nick thinks he shattered her world. He goes on a guilt trip. He lost a friend.

Bo and the brat argue. Chelsea reads Patrick's statement and claims it isn't true. Bo knows Lockhart called Chelsea the night John was shot. He doesn't believe her story and says he will never believe her again.

Max says it's not that he doesn't trust Abby but asks if she knows what she is doing. Abby runs down a list of everything she did, "The only thing I had trouble with is no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't crank the crankcase." If Max knew she was so talented, he would have never let her go. Abby thinks he is the talented mechanic. She runs through a list of his automotive conquests. Max takes her hand. He appreciates her helping him. Now that Max' work is taken care of he invites her to dinner. She goes to change.

Meanwhile, Mimi burns a TV dinner.

Billie assures Nick Chelsea won't hate him forever. She twists his stupid trick around and tells him he made Chelsea want to be a better person. The walls crumble under the force of the idiocy. Billie says it's time for Nick to stop feeling sorry for himself.

Hope wants to discuss the situation. Berserk Bo babbles. The brat insists Patrick is lying. Bo doesn't buy it. Bo says Patrick has nothing to gain by lying, but Chelsea does.

Nick and Billie keep it up. Nick wants to fix things but doesn't know how. Billie tells him it's not the end of the world. Nick says, "It is when she finds out you and I slept together."

"That will never happen," says Billie.

"That's what I thought about Dr. Patton," says Nick.

Billie asks, "What are you saying Nick?"

Nick says, "I'm saying that secrets have a way of coming out."

Bo thinks the brat's goal has always been the same as Patrick's – to come between him and Hope. They argue and bicker. Bo tells her to cut out the innocent act. She insists she has changed. She begs Bo to believe her. She didn't know Patrick was planning to kidnap Hope.

Max and Abby are at Chez Rouge. They talk about 'Bones.' No one knows how he got to the church. Abby wants to know how Mimi is holding up, "Any chance she could have a stroke over this and die? " Max says she is concerned her family will all end up in jail and she will be alone.

Abby digs, "She has you."

"Yeah," says Max, "For what that's worth. I'm trying to help but it's just... she deserved a break."

"If you say she's a good person I believe you," says Abby.

He apologizes for going off like that. He has felt overwhelmed by everything over the past two weeks. He wants to help Mimi fix things.

While they are being so honest, Abby has something to tell him. Max must have thought she was a brat saying all those awful things about Mimi, "The truth is, I was jealous and I am sorry." Jealous. Who would have guessed?

Billie wants to focus on the positives. She tells Nick he's smart and attractive and Chelsea likes him. One out of three ain't bad. Nick asks if Chelsea actually said she likes him. Billie tells him she didn't say that, but if she didn't like him she wouldn't be so devastated about what she did. If Billie can twist logic around like that, she should be a politician. Nick asks, "Why is it so important to you for me to stay in your daughter's life? After what we did, I'd think you wouldn't want me anywhere near you."

"If I stayed away from every guy I've made love with," says Billie, "I'd be living in solitary confinement."

Bo wants to believe the brat, but he can't. He can't have her around any more. Hope interrupts. She says they need to talk in private. Chelsea begs. She needs Bo in her life. Hope too. He thinks she should have thought of that a long time ago. He walks over and opens the door, "I want you out of my house. Don't ever come back."

The brat bawls, "Dad, please I swear I didn't do..."


She leaves. SLAM!

The brat stands outside and cries like Belle on a roll.

Billie says she wants Nick in her life because he is good for Chelsea. Nick thinks Billie is afraid the brat will go back to her old habits. Billie asks him not to give up on her.

While Bo rants, Hope calls Billie and tells her Chelsea left upset.

"Is this about Nick," asks Billie.

"No," says Hope, "It's something worse. She and Bo had an argument. We shouldn't get into it over the phone. It will be much better to talk about it the next time we get together. By that time it will be history but we'll have so much fun beating that poor dead horse. Please just find her."

Billie tells Nick what happened. Nick gets an idea, "She'll try to find Abby."

Max says he couldn't tell Abby was jealous of Mimi. His accident made him temporarily blind, deaf and dumb. Abby tells him she had a huge crush on him and acted immature. She apologizes. He tells her she doesn't have to. He can't believe he didn't see it. "I've grown up a lot since then," says Abby, "It's been an amazing two weeks." She senses something is wrong and asks Max what it is.

Max tells her he doesn't know what to do with his life, "There is something missing. It's right in front of my face, but I don't know what it is."

Abby sits in front of his face and says, "You need to get back on the circuit again before you go crazy." Too late.

He says that chapter of his life is over, "I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone. Ever since the crash with Stephanie, I'm scared. I'm scared I could hurt someone else."

She insists any team would kill to have him, "Maybe you don't need to start racing right away, but you should get into the pits."

"I live in Salem," says Max, "That's the pits." He tells her she's so smart. He takes her hand and thanks her for coming out and listening tonight. He has really missed her. Likewise. Max says, "You're not the only one who had a crush."

Bo says the brat is out of their lives for good. She's bad news. Hope tries to defend her, but Bo plays the trump card, "What about Zack?"

"That was a mistake," says Hope, "But hanging on to all the anger won't help."

Chelsea sobs in the garage. The door opens. Billie comes in and asks why she is there. The brat says she is waiting for Abby. Nick sneaks in as the brat bawls.

Billie assures her that her whole family loves her. It's only a one hour show, so listing the individual exceptions to that wouldn't be efficient. Billie loves her, too.

As smart as Nick might be, he doesn't always think things through. He chimes in, "And so do I."

It wasn't a really good time to put in his two cents. Mt. Pinatubo erupts in the garage, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? I TOLD YOU I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN. GET OUT!"

Billie goes over to him and suggests he leave. Probably a good idea. Chelsea is flaming out and the garage is full of gasoline. The brat continues to scream as Nick leaves. Billie tires to console her, "It's been quite a night, hasn't it – between Nick and your dad. Nick didn't mean to hurt you."

The brat surfaces from her sea of tears, "And Dad?"

"He has a temper," says Billie, "He never means what he says. He just isn't very skilled at talking. Don't forget, he lives with Hope, which means he never gets any practice."

The brat has a pity party. She decides she and Billie are cursed. Billie insists they are not. She says she has never been happier. She thought the brat as lost to her forever. Unfortunately though, they found her. She's proud of the person Chelsea has become.

"You haven't heard the whole story," bawls Chelsea, "You'll probably change your mind."

Hope and Bo talk. Actually, Hope talks, Bo listens. She thinks they allowed Chelsea to do what she did because they turned their backs on each other. They shouldn't do that to Chelsea. Bo doesn't understand.

"Who asked you to understand," says Hope, "Just listen."

Bo says, "You're the reason I'm turning my back on Chelsea."

Hope says, "You haven't heard anything I've said, because that's not what I want."


Max fesses up. He thought about asking her out when he broke up with Chelsea. He thought it would be impossible, "You know, Chelsea's your best friend. And you seemed much more young and innocent than Chelsea."

OMG! He used the dreaded "I-word." Abby explodes, "INNOCENT?" She also claims she's not that much younger than the brat. Whew! We just came frighteningly close to another "Who's a virgin" conversation.

Max admits Abby would have been a refreshing change after the insanity of dating Chelsea, "But your dad is crazy. He would fly home and kick my butt. That's why I held back. I'm beginning to wonder if it wasn't a huge mistake. Now, I figure it's too late."

"Yeah," says Abby, "I guess so."

Max changes the subject, "So, now that you're this big coed you must have tons of guys falling all over you."

"Tons," says Abby. She's glad Chelsea talked her into going back full time. He thinks she made the right choice. She promises to stop by and check on Max from time to time.

"Name you price for keeping me in line," says Max.

"A million dollars and free repairs."

"It's a deal."

Nick comes into his office. Dr. Rebert is there. He tells him Chelsea told him to go to hell. "She seemed nice," says Dr. Rebert, "Not only that but beautiful and a great kisser. In the meantime you have your work to keep you busy. Anyways, I think I've just filled this job."

Billie tells the brat to give Bo time. Chelsea swears she did not help Patrick or did not mean to. Billie says Bo is being cautious, but it doesn't mean he will never forgive her. She says the good news is Hope believes in her. Billie says Hope told her that, "So let's go home and raid the chocolate cupboard."

Hope tells Bo she doesn't want him to cut Chelsea off for her sake. She thinks Chelsea is trying. They talked tonight like never before. She points out what Chelsea did for Shawn and Belle. If he turns his back on her she doesn't want to think about what might happen. She needs them both. Bo thinks Hope has a big heart, "But no, I can't give her another chance." FF Bo.


Billie tells Nick, "Knowing my daughter the way I do it's going to take a while before she forgives you. A while could be a very long time."

Chelsea tells Abby, "If I get the job, I'm pretty sure I could use him to make Nick jealous."

Patch says, "These DiMeras can come after me all they want. I couldn't take losing you again, Sweetness."

EJ holds a hand and says, "Nothing is too good for you, father."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Max might of wanted to ask Abbey out after he broke up with Chelsea but he didn't waste any time running to both Stephanie and Mimi. He's right about one thing though. Jack is nuts. They could do a lot exploring Abbey's dark childhood with that crackptot.

6:03 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Anonymous, you are so right. And speaking of things that could have warped Abby - she's the only Salemite I've ever know who was actually ANTI-SORASed.

When she and Jen first showed up in Ireland after their sojurn in Africa they had the same Abby as the one who left with Jen a few years before. I thought that was rather miraculous since Abby was actually age-appropriate.

But then, when they turned up in Salem, suddenly Abby was 5-6 years YOUNGER and a different actress.

Just what does happen when you are reversed-SORASed?? HAHAHAHA

6:26 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Once again the dead horse gets beaten. I wonder if he gets residuals from all these appearances? HAHAHAHA

As usual, great P&P (prevuisms & pics).

Thanks you'all.

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bo is just awful.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous MomofDNA said...

Last year, Hope BEGGED Bo to open his eyes and see what Chelsea was doing to them. Every single time Bo found out Chelsea had done something wrong, he turned the other cheek and made excuses for her, asking Hope to give Chelsea another chance.

Now that she is FINALLY getting her act together, and now that he and Hope are FINALLY back together and now that Patrick and Billie are FINALLY out of the picture, Bo is suddenly fed up with Chelsea and Hope is BEGGING him to give her a chance.

Can these writers not write subtlety???? Can things not gradually happen??? Why is everything changing at warp speed and new storylines are suddenly crammed down our throats, without any build-up????

7:50 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Just what does happen when you are reversed-SORASed??"

Your supply of Preparation-H runs low.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I totally agree with Anon about Jack. According to my latest soap magazine, Jack is suppose to be coming back for a "brief run". That's just what Salem needs to help solve their problems.

Don't know about anyone else but I'd sure hate to take my car to that garage and have Aby work on it.

I LOL over "I live in Salem, that is the pits" and the poor doc's case of cooties. HAHAHAHA Great Prevuze today! :D

8:03 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

OMG, Prevuze! I didn't think anything could be worse than FROG's little gem yesterday. But you just topped (or would it be bottomed) it with that groaner.


8:36 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Can these writers not write subtlety???? "

If you ask me, they can't write, period.

3:27 PM  

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