Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The 10th Time Is A Charm

Sami is stunned. She asks what Lucas said. He tells her he asked her to marry him. He rambles on as only Lucas can do. Sami breaks up, "I can't, Lucas. I can't."

Patch and Kayla are together in the cop shop. Patch says they will let him go in a couple of days. Kayla wonders what will happen then, "Will the episodes just stop?"

"DOOL episodes," asks Patch, "We certainly hope so. But this stuff going on in my brain will probably drag on until the end of time or until we wish it were the end of time."

A cop comes to take him back to lockup. Kayla loses it. EJ walks in. He says he came because he has decided he'd like to drop the charges. Steve declines the offer. He says he'd rather stay right where he is.

Chelsea throws her heart, soul and bod at Dr. Patton. After several minutes of raw mauling, she senses something is wrong, "Uh... You're not Dr. Shane Patton, are you?"

Dr. Rebert gives her his real name, "I have to ask, young lady, are you on drugs."

"Not today," says the brat, "But if you have some for sale, I'm ready to bargain. If you didn't send me that picture, who did?"

Nick knocks at Chelsea's apartment door. No one is home. Nick wonders what he was doing. Abby tries to mitigate things. Nick freaks, "When Chelsea finds out, it's over."

Abby tells him lying isn't an alternative. If he and Chelsea are meant to happen he will get through this.

Captain Kendrick comes into Shawn and Belle's suite, "There is a problem with the passports." Shawn gets defensive. He offers to get off the boat and solve everybody's problem. Kendrick says it is his duty to detain him and asks for their passports.

Belle comes up with the documents. Kendrick looks them over and determines they are fake. He kicks the doctor out and asks Shawn for the truth. Shawn says, "I assure you we are not criminals. Idiots, yes, criminals, no." Belle tells him someone is trying to take their daughter. She admits the passports are fake. Shawn begs him to work something out with them.

Nick remembers his adventure with Chelsea in Canada. He thinks they really clicked. Abby says Chelsea thought the same. She went on and on about Nick's heroics. Nick thinks she will reconsider when she finds out what a coward he has been. Abby tells him he has to make it right.

Chelsea hopes Dr. Rebert won't hold this against her when he reviews her job application. She runs off. Billie chases. Dr. Rebert huffs.

Sami bawls. Lucas asks her to stop. He doesn't get it, but, hey, that's Lucas. Sami says she doesn't deserve him. Lucas tells her how great it can be. He asks if she loves him. Of course she does. He loves everything about her. Sami is convinced. She agrees to marry him. Tears. Kisses.

EJ asks the cop to go get Patch's release papers. Patch don' wan' no stinkin' help from EJ. EJ explains he is merely trying to run a business. He doesn't want to make more enemies so he's dropping the charges as a practical manner.

Patch isn't feeling quite as practical, "Since we're all so chummy maybe you can tell me why you tortured me?"

EJ says Steve is delusional. Patch says he is going to retaliate for the torture. EJ will be the one begging for mercy.

Billie catches up to Chelsea. She suggests this might go back to the time when Chelsea worked at the hospital. Maybe some guy who was a patient or orderly developed a crush on her when she was working there. The brat wonders why he would do that, "Probably because he is hideous." She decides to go talk to Nick. He can figure it out. She leaves and Billie goes to a pay phone to call Nick.

Nick answers. Billie gives him the scoop. He thanks her and heads for his place.

Kendrick won't make a deal. Shawn offers to disappear in New Caledonia. He begs for a chance.

Sami twirls her ring. Lucas asks her to try it on. Perfect fit, of course. I guess he ought to know her size by now. Sami backs off and cries. She wishes everything were perfect with her family. Lucas knows Phillip is a bit obsessed. He can't imagine anything like that happening to their baby. Sami says she can't either, but her heart obviously is not in it. Lucas has a surprise for the kid. It's a stuffed kangaroo with a little baby in the pouch. Lucas smiles, "I can't wait to have this baby. Not just for the obvious reasons, but this way I'll know it's mine right from the beginning."

Once again, Lucas finds his foot securely attached to the roof of his mouth. The boy definitely should have his jaws wired shut. Sami runs right off the rails, "How could you say something like that?" Sami hauls off and smacks him as she bawls incessantly.

Lucas needs to sell a few vowels so he can buy a clue, "Just tell me. Why are you so upset?"

EJ cautions Patch not to threaten him. He motions toward Kayla, "Instead, you should go build a life with this beautiful woman." Patch freaks and tells EJ not to touch Kayla. Kayla tries to back Steve off. The cop tells Patch he is free to go. Kayla suggests he go sign the release papers and she will meet him later. Steve goes.

EJ tells Kayla Steve is dangerous, "The next person he attacks may not be as willing to forgive." Kayla is relieved EJ dropped the charges but knows he didn't do it out of compassion. She promises to keep Steve away from EJ if EJ stays away from him. She threatens to kill him if he hurts Steve.

Maggie arranges flowers. Chelsea shows up and asks if Nick is around. Maggie says he isn't, but she expects him home for lunch. The brat asks if she can wait around until he gets there. Maggie says she can wait in Nick's room.

Chelsea enters geek-world. She looks at Nick's stuff. She picks up a tube and reads the label, "Zit-Zapper, eeeeuuuuwwwwwww!" She surveys the remainder of the room and looks at a poster for the movie "Shane." Next to it on the wall is a poster for the movie "Patton." She gasps, "OMG!"

Belle asks how the captain would feel if someone was trying to take his child. She begs. Shawn puts in his two cents. Suddenly, Phillip and Willow barge into the stateroom. Phillip says, "You're not gonna take my daughter anywhere. Did you really think I'd let you get away with this? Game over, Belle. Give Claire to me."

Phillip shows the captain his passports. He boarded in New Caledonia. He also shows the captain the court order giving him custody. He wants Shawn and Belle arrested and he wants Claire.

Sami apologizes about her eruption. Looselips says it just slipped out. He just meant they don't have any baggage this time. OMG, this couple has more baggage than American Tourister. They will know from the git-go it is their child, "And SHE will know too." Lucas thinks it's a girl but will be OK if it's a boy. Sami says she keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop. Kate or EJ. Lucas asks what EJ has to do with this. Sami stammers around. Lucas wants their baby to be born to married parents, "It's old fashioned, but I'm an old fashioned kind of guy."

Sami promises to be the world's best wife and mom. She promises to make him happy. Smooches. Pan to the fire.

Patch sits down across form EJ. He says they both know his springing Patch is part of the game.

EJ leans toward Steve and whispers, "It's come down to this – A battle of wills. If you try to defy me, someone you love, Kayla for example, will get hurt. That's the game. Let's see if you're good enough to play." EJ walks away.

Patch zones, and grabs his head.

Nick comes to the door of his room. Chelsea obsesses, "Shane Patton... You lying piece..." She sees Nick at the door, "How could you do this to me?"

She tells him about running into Dr. Rebert at the hospital. Oh, the humiliation! He apologizes. He never meant to hurt her. She says that is exactly what he did. He didn't have the guts to tell her that he is a lying pathetic nobody.

Sami says, "This is how I want it to be for all the Days Of Our Lives, us together with our family, a roaring fire, and your mouth running like a B2 Bomber with the afterburners on." Lucas assures her the wedding will be fine. Everything will work out. There is a knock at the door. Lucas answers. Oh, goody, EJ.

Patch freaks. Kayla asks if he is OK. He says he thinks he is just dehydrated, "Nothing a longneck filled with Budweiser wouldn't take care of." Something drops out of Patch's jacket as he starts to put it on. He picks it up. It's a jewelry box. He says it's for her and hands it to her. Kayla opens it. It's a gold pendant with interlocked hearts. He says it means their hearts are connected forever. Kayla asks him to drop this thing with EJ.

Shawn gives the captain Willow's resume. He says Phillip has traded up from Belle to a prostitute. Phillip tells Captain Kendrick Shawn and Belle are kidnapers, "I'm sure you have heard of the Kiriakis Shipping line. That would be my father and me. Unless swabbing decks on tramp steamer is what you want to be doing, you will see to it that Claire is handed over to me."

Nick wants to explain. He says he was goofing around on his computer at work. He found her blog. He wanted to reach out to her. He knew she wouldn't listen to him, so he sent a picture of his boss, and suddenly was in over his head.

PrevuzeChelsea cries. She told him things she had never shared with anyone before. She trusted someone for the first time in her life. The person she thought had made her a better person turned out to be a liar, "God Nick! How could you do this to me?" She runs up to him and begins to relentlessly smack him. Fortunately for Nick, she fights like a girl. Unfortunately for Nick, so does he.

EJ invites himself in. He wants to check on Sami after her remarkable performance. He sees the ring box, "You guys celebrating something?"

Lucas makes the big announcement, "Sami and I are engaged."

"Well," says EJ, "Congratulations are in order!" He sees Sami's ring, "That's quite a sparkler you have there. Tell me, what inspired the sudden rush into engagement?" He sees the kangaroo and puts two and two together, "Are we expecting any additions to the family?"

Patch says he can't just forget about what the DiMeras did to him. EJ is the key to all this. he can't stop now that he is so close, "We're never going to be happy until we find out the truth. Wells is the only one who can give it to me."


Sami and Lucas claim the kangaroo is for Claire. EJ thinks that's sweet, "Congratulations on the pending marriage. I hear the 10th time is a charm." He invites them to join him in NY as he leaves.

Sami falls apart because Lucas almost let it slip about the baby. She blames her moodiness on hormones, though.

EJ stands out in the hallway, "You are hiding something, Samantha. Wonder what that can be?"

Chelsea says he made her believe in herself for once. She will always remember him as the guy who broke her heart.

Kendrick tells Phillip he doesn't take the charges lightly. Phillip orders him, "Take Claire away from them. Now!"

Belle and Shawn cower. FF.


Willow says to Shawn, "I'm pregnant and Phillip says he wants to take care of me and my baby. So what do you think of that?"

"Phillip says, "I want to take our little girl home." Belle asks, "What?" Phillip says, "Together, Belle, what do you say?"

EJ says, "Why don't we have a toast to your child. Here's to motherhood, eh?" Sami stares at him. If looks could kill...

Bo yells at Chelsea, "I've got a signed, sworn statement right here saying you were involved. I can't do anything about it. You're not my daughter."


Anonymous Law Student 2011 said...

Oh, look first post ;) So I see the beginning of a possible murder attempt starting here, does anyone else?? Sami has threatend Ej, along with Steve, but now Kayla? Hmmmm, wasn't there a Stefano line like this in the 80's?? I remember watching something like this over summer break.... Love the DNA clip in the corner...You guys make my morning coffee a lot more fun!!!

4:26 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Why don't the two braniacs call a lawyer and find out what their rights are before they get into it with Philip? Duh!

Prevuze is right up there with ET and Access Hollywood, first with the Anna Nicole baby scoop! HAHAHAHHAA

I loved Lucas' motormouth and a moving picture! Just the thing to brighten a snowy day. Thanks!

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Lucas and Sami really do get married this time please God just let them elope.

So who was that in the "commando" pic - I couldn't really tell and don't watch the show thanks to Prevuze!

7:32 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"So who was that in the "commando" pic"

That is Patch escaping from his room in the sanitarium. We thought about making some crack about his rear hanging out ourselves, but decided Patch is the butt of too many physical jokes anyway so we put an end to any thoughts of saying something about it. What we were going to say wouldn't have been as good as what BD did and we didn't want to go bottom feeding for a quick laugh.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Given the fact that Patch was escaping from the psych ward, I admire Prevuze’ restraint. It would have been so easy to regress to an infantile play on words, just for cheap, hysterical laughs. Call me crazy, but I’m nuts about Prevuze. This loony site is always good for a shock to the system!

For example, today’s pictures – Lockhart’s DNA & the poison ivy leaf. Not to mention Prevuisms like Belch having more baggage than American Tourister. HAHAHAHA

When I read Kayla’s statement, “Will these episodes stop?” I thought almost exactly what Prevuze slipped into the narrative. Of course, it would be insane to think that Prevuze would let THAT one slip by without comment.

12:52 PM  
Blogger FROG said...

Perhaps the insane asylum is next door to one of those big feed lots. Patch couldn't stand it any more - the wind was blowing that awful DERRIERE their way.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Hey, Frog. That rumbling sound you hear is the collective groan from thousands of Prevuze readers.


4:59 PM  

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