Monday, February 12, 2007


Roman comes to Sami's apartment. He's upset about the little trick Sami pulled on Kate. Sami insists she can explain. Roman nukes. She stole the surveillance disc. He says he could arrest her. "What the hell were you thinking," he screams.

Sami explains about the TV show, and what Kate did to her. Roman interrupts her and says no one saw the TV show, but thousands of people saw what she did, since it aired on the news. He thought she had changed, "I thought I could trust and admire you, but I was wrong, again."

Max and Mimi are in the lab with Nick, who made DNA tests on the skeleton's bone marrow. Nick says, "The DNA is a match. There is a distinct marker for what we call the 'lying gene.' It's your father, Mimi – David Lockhart."

The brat talks to Abby on the phone. She says had such a cool time in Canada.

Abby thinks the brat is developing a crush on the nerd. Chelsea disagrees. She still thinks Nick did some great things in Canada, though.

Billie walks in. She asks if the brat's ears were burning. She just came from Bo and Hope and they were going on and on about how great she did in Canada. Hope said she is sorry she ever doubted the brat. Chelsea is overjoyed. She didn't think Hope would ever say something like that.

"You've come a long way, baby," says Billie, "I am so proud of you."

Shawn comes into the stateroom. He has purchased sun suits and stuff for Claire. Belle thinks she should not be spending money on things like that, "Where is my damn sun suit? " She's worried about the immunization papers. Shawn shays they will tell the doctor they are lost.

Dr. Deardon tells Captain Kendrick there is something strange going on in Shawn and Belle's cabin and they need to check it out and see if Shawn and Belle are who they say they are.

Celeste comes in with goodies for Abe and Theo. Abe wanted her to buy a small box of Valentine's candy. Celeste already did. She gives Theo a toy car and has him come over to her. If Daddy says it's OK they can go to the ice cream store. By the time Theo is twenty he'll weigh 400 pounds and have no teeth.

Abe trips as he walks past Celeste. She asks if he has heard anything. He says there is nothing to hear. Celeste doesn't agree. She can't imagine Lexie would just leave like that. She asks how Abe is doing. He's not concerned about himself at the moment. Theo asks about his mother every day. Abe is running out of things to say. What is worse he won't be able to take care of Theo any more. His eyes are getting worse. Lexie's vanishing act has kicked the air out of him, "I kicked her to the curb like a rat and now I can't figure out why she wouldn't want to come back."

Theo needs somebody to be there. Celeste thinks Abe is Theo's rock. "This rock is crumbling," says Abe, "I was thinking maybe for a while he could come to live with you."

Sami says, "That's an awfully short leash, Dad."

"What do you man by that?"

"I do one little bad thing to a woman who despises me and it changes everything," says Sami.

"Don't turn it around on me," says Roman, "What you did was inexcusable."

"What she did was worse," says Sami, "I'm not asking her to be my friend. I just want her to leave us alone."

Roman insists all the TV show did was prove Sami couldn't lift a beam when she wasn't in an emergency. What she did to Kate was public humiliation. Sami refuses to apologize. She says the blame for this is hers, not Roman's. She sticks out her hands so he can cuff her, "Go ahead. Arrest me. I did the crime. I am more than willing to do the time."

Dr. Rebert comes into the lab. Nick looks at a paper he has with him and asks if that is the ad for the lab assistant. Dr. Rebert says it is, and they ran it in the paper today. He leaves and panicked Nick calls Abby. He needs her right away.

The brat says she has to face reality. She is enrolled in college and needs a way to pay for it. Billie says, "I'm working on a job opportunity for both of us. I have our corner picked out and everything."

"I appreciate that," says the brat, "But I think it's time I started doing things for myself."

Billie chokes, "I'm sorry... who are you? What happened to the girl who is always looking for a handout?"

"I guess she grew up," says Chelsea, "Kicking and screaming."

But, still, the brat needs a job. Billie shows her the lab assistant job ad in the newspaper. Chelsea says she asked Nick if there were openings and he told her there weren't, "Why would he lie to me?"

Billie thinks maybe Chelsea misunderstood. The brat says she is sure she understood clearly. Billie thinks maybe the opening came up when they were gone. The brat doesn't think so. Billie comes up with another one – maybe the job was already filled before the ad ran. She says that happens all the time. "Or maybe he just doesn't want me around," says Chelsea.

"Are you kidding me," says Billie, "He sweats like he is having a heart attack when you are around. He has such a crush on you."

Chelsea says, "It's just weird he didn't tell me. I thought we were becoming friends. Was I completely wrong?"

Mimi can't believe the bones are all that's left of her dad, "He wasn't much of a father, and he's even less of one now. I always thought he loved me. I thought maybe someday I'd see him again and he'd be proud of me and be sorry for being away. I don't even know how he died. Mom and Connor killed him, Max. Why else would they steal the bones?"

Max wonders if they shouldn't go to Abe about this. This might be Mimi's only chance to find out what happened to her dad, but Max can't make the decision for her.

Celeste is stunned. Abe never thought he would ask that but he wants the best for Theo. Since the best wasn't available, he settled for Celeste. Celeste turns things around. She thinks maybe she could be his resident psychic, "What do you say?"

"It's every man's dream to have his mother-in-law move in," says Abe.

Belle suns herself. Shawn walks up to her wearing a diving mask. He has flippers on his hands and is slapping them together like a demented seal. He looks so stupid she recognizes him immediately. Shawn tells her he won a diving competition and got all this cool stuff as prizes.

"This is just like the Titanic," says Belle, "Only it's the plot that's sinking fast instead of the boat." She tells him about playing with Claire at the pool and meeting some new friends. And she actually remembered to use their fake names. Things are so wonderful.

"And we'll be happy like this and together for all the Days Of Our Lives," says Shawn.

Billie thinks there is a good reason why Nick didn't tell the brat about the job. Maybe Nick sees her as a wild crazy thrill chick now that he's spent time with her. Chelsea says, "I would have bet my life on it that Nick was a virgin. Did you know he did the deed with an older woman?"

Billie winces, "What older woman? Did he tell you that? You should let it go."

"He didn't tell me who," says Chelsea, "If he lied about the job because he doesn't want me there, I'm going to corner him until he tells me why."

Billie offers moral support. The brat says she can go with her and help keep her from strangling him.

Nick tells Abby about the job opening. He shows her the ad in the paper. He asks Abby what he should say.

"You finally have to tell Chelsea the truth," says Abby.

Roman tells Sami to put her hands down. He already replaced the disc. She isn't going to jail. But if something like this happens again all bets are off. He orders her to stay away from Kate and EJ. He asks about Lucas. Sami says he is going to tell him.

Roman says, "Lucas loves his mom despite her eccentricities."

"Eccentricities," screams Sami, "Someone is eccentric when she has 12 cats. Kate is the Bride of Satan." She hesitates, "Oh, sorry."

"No offense taken," says Roman, "Just back off. Period." Roman leaves.

Sami bawls. Lucas walks in and finds her. Hugs. He asks what's going on. Sami blubbers, "I have to tell you something and I don't think you'll like it."

The waiter serves two smoothies to Shawn and Belle. Make that Mr. and Mrs. Perkins. He leaves. Shawn says they are married in the eyes of the ships personnel. He points out a line of islands. He is thinking when they stop for a port o' call in Melaswen they could go hiking for the day. Belle vetoes that. Shawn tells her Phillip can't be everywhere, but he agrees to stay on board.

Belle reads the newspaper and gasps. She shows it to Shawn. Shawn reads the article about a missing couple and a child abduction. Belle freaks, "OMG somebody is going to see this. They will recognize us."


Belle heads for the cabin as Shawn tells her she is overreacting. Imagine that... Belle overreacting.

Nick runs through a few scenarios trying to figure out how he can break the news to Chelsea so it will have the least impact. Abby tells him it's over. Nick says he will figure out something, "I could say, yeah, Dr. Rebert looks very much like Dr. Shane Patton, but it's like... it's a doppelganger."

"A what?"

"A doppelganger," says Nick, "It's someone who looks exactly like someone else, only it's not them." Abby thinks this is a recipe for disaster.

Abe is grateful for Celeste's offer. He accepts for Theo's sake. Celeste says they need closure on Lexie. She believes they will have it someday if they stick together.

Sami bawls and stammers around. Lucas says his mom called him. He could barely make out what she was saying between the screaming and four-letter words, but he thinks it's great. He thinks Kate and EJ got exactly what they deserve.

Abe's doorbell rings. He answers it to find Max and Mimi. They say they have information for him. Max tells him the bones are Mimi's father's. The DNA matched hers. Abe says they will have to talk to Roman since he is no longer in a position to handle the case. They can't ignore the fact Bonnie and Connor may be involved in a homicide. Nor can the ignore the fact that three rank amateurs could figure out the identity of the skeleton before the Salem PD could.

A hospital staff person gives the brat an employment application. Billie tells the brat Nick will go to bat for her.

OMG," gasps Chelsea, "They want to know if I've ever been convicted of a felony. What do I put down?"

Theo and Celeste return. Abe sends Theo to take his coat off. Celeste says she talked to Theo about moving in and he's excited about it. Abe will give her the master bedroom. Celeste protests. Abe tells her, "It's too painful to sleep there anymore."

Sami says Lucas can tell her the truth. He insists he isn't mad, "I mean, I would have done a few things differently... you know, like throwing in a whoopee cushion and a stink bomb, but really, I think this was great. I don't want you to lose the fire inside of you."

"We'll have to keep eating at Mama Rosita's Cantina, then," says Sami.

Lucas says, ", "I'm not gonna let my mom ruin my life any more. You and the baby are my only priority. If Mom butts in she's out of our lives for good."

Shawn tells Belle to calm down. He might as well stick his head out a porthole and tell the angry sea to calm down. Belle takes her hissy-fit to a new level, "WE ARE GETTING OFF THIS BOAT!"

Billie says all she got was community service. She should check no, on the question of the felony. Suddenly, everything goes to slow motion as Dr. Rebert walks across the room.

The brat is mesmerized, "OMG! Mom! That's him! That is Dr. Shane Patton!"

Nick thanks Abby. He says that it's just that he's hopelessly in love. He asks Abby to come with him and watch his back. She agrees but thinks things might not be as bad as he thinks.

The screaming brat runs up to Dr. Rebert, "DR. PATTON! OMG! IT IS YOU!. Hug, hug. Kiss, kiss. Squeal, squeal.

Sami thanks Lucas for supporting her, "I guess it's you and me until the wheels fall off," says Lucas, whose wheel already lacks a few spokes.

Sami asks about the job. Lucas says he doesn't have much choice. It won't be easy. Sami is glad he stood up to Kate. Lucas has been thinking about poor John and Marlena lately; and Shawn and Belle. It's been hard for them, too. It's taught him you can't wait for what you want. It's been a hard year.

Sami tries to make sense of his runaway rambling, "Is there a question in there somewhere?"

"Yeah," says Lucas. He takes a knee and opens a jewelry box, "Will you marry me?"

Shawn tries to deal with the Tasmanian Devil running around the stateroom. He doesn't know what they will do on this island. There is a knock at the door. Captain Kendrick stands there and says, "Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, we've discovered some problems with your passports." Pan to a washed-out Belle.


Lucas says to Sami, "You can tell me, all right? Why are you so upset?"

The brat screams, "God Nick! How could you do this to me?" She runs up and beats the stuffing out of him.

Patch tells Kayla, "We're never going to be happy until we find out the truth. Wells is the only one who can give it to me."

Phillip and Willow barge in to Shawn and Belle's stateroom. Phillip says, "You're not gonna take my daughter anywhere. Did you really think I'd let you get away with this?"


Anonymous applecheeks said...

It's about time they had Lucas stand behind Sami!

Loved Mortimer's audition for a DOOL part. Just one question. Was Mortimer the guy or the dead horse?? HAHAHAHA

"Kate's the Bride of Satan. Oh, sorry Dad." Another one of many LOL Prevuze moments this morning. With a pending snow storm I needed it.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

""Kate's the Bride of Satan. Oh, sorry Dad." Another one of many LOL Prevuze moments this morning. "

That was actually in the show, AC. It is fair to say Sami beat us to the punch, though.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Prevuze observation was so correct - three outsiders solved the Bones case better and faster than Bo and Pard ever solved one.

I LOL over the Billie/Kate picture and Theo being a toothless 400 pounder. With the diet of cookies and crackers poor Claire is getting those two will make a good pair. HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze on a gloomy Monday! :D

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nor can the ignore the fact that three rank amateurs could figure out the identity of the skeleton before the Salem PD could." Prevuze took the words RIGHT out of my mouth!!!!

8:00 AM  

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