Monday, October 09, 2006

Operation Cheese Bomb

John and Marlena talk after Marlena's rescue. John has arranged the first flight to Salem. Marlena can't figure why it happened. John thinks someone is playing mind games with them, "This puts us at a severe disadvantage. You need to be on your guard." But John thinks Marlena can take care of herself. John must be back on drugs.

"Apparently I can't," chuckles Marlena.

Marlena decides she will go back to Salem and be there for her family, including Belle in her pregnancy. John tells her Belle lost the baby. Marlena gasps.

Lucas and Will argue over what to watch on TV as Sami is on the phone with Abe. She hangs up and says, "Good news. John found Marlena and will be bringing her home tonight. Now I can relax and enjoy my date with EJ." The doorbell rings. It's the aforementioned EJ. He hands her a rose, and Sami tells him she is ready.

"That's exactly what a guy wants to hear," says EJ, "I assume you're ready to go to dinner, too." As they leave, EJ turns to Will and Lucas and says, "Enjoy the show."

Once the coast is clear, Will and Lucas stand up and remove their bathrobes to reveal they are still fully dressed, "Enjoy the show," says Lucas, "We certainly will."

Eduardo and Kate are at dinner cooking up a business deal. Phillip comes to her table and drags her away. Kate protests and wants to know what this is all about. "This is about Claire," says Phillip, "You knew all along she was Shawn's. How could you keep that from me?"

Belle says, "I think I've been concentrating on myself too much. I've been selfish."

Carrie says, "You can't change what you are. But what's really selfish is to stay married to Phillip."

Belle says, "Shawn doesn't want any kind of a future with Claire or me."

Shawn comes up to the door of Belle's room and hesitates.

EJ and Sami are in his car on the way to their hot date. EJ ogles Sami. Sami tells him to pay attention to the road. Sami asks where he is taking her. EJ says they are going to Chez Rouge. "I love that place," says Sami.

"That's not the only thing you will love about tonight," says EJ.

Phillip and Kate argue. They work their way back to the table and Phillip tells Eduardo to get out.

Eduardo has a firm grasp of the obvious, "I can tell you have pressing personal business."

Kate steams. Phillip tells her to save her indignation. She knew and didn't tell him. "I know you're upset," says Kate, "But Belle and Shawn slept together behind your back."

Phillip won't let her get off course. He pounds the table, "Stop lying to me!"

Sami and EJ enter the restaurant and Maggie greets them. Maggie doesn't have EJ's reservation and can't seat hem.

Meanwhile, our two commandos, Lucas and Will, break into EJ's car. Lucas tells Will they can only expect Maggie to stall Sami and EJ for so long. Lucas opens a package of Limburger cheese and Will nearly hurls at the smell of it. The two adolescents then stuff the smelly wad into the heating system of EJ's car.

Belle tells Carrie about Shawn's lawsuit for custody. Phillip was devastated by it, but a part of Belle kept thinking Shawn and her should have this beautiful little child. "This is awful," says Belle, "I'm married to Phillip, but I can't stop thinking about Shawn this way. He dropped the lawsuit. I have no idea why he changed his mind. And he and Mimi are getting divorced. If he doesn't want a future with Mimi, why doesn't he want to be with me?"

Shawn listens outside the door. Belle continues, "Shawn and I are over. I don't want to see or talk to him ever again."

"Operation Cheese Bomb is complete," says Lucas. Will thinks punking EJ is fun but asks Lucas if they are doing it because he wants Sami back. Lucas stares.

EJ insists they had a reservation. Maggie apologizes. She tells them the restaurant is completely booked. EJ presses. Maggie suggests a seat at the bar, "Maybe I can find something for you in an hour or an hour and a half."

"Don't put yourself out," snorts EJ.

Maggie is indignant, "I beg your pardon!"

Sami tells EJ, "It's not the place it's the company." They decide they can go somewhere else.

As they leave, Maggie calls Lucas, "The chicken has left the coop, and the royal pain has left the castle."

Will presses Lucas about Sami. Lucas says, "Things aren't that simple. We have to hurry. Sami is coming back with the Euro trash."

Kate tells Phillip he was rude and he is embarrassing her. She didn't mean to hurt him. Phillip says, "There they are, those magic words, 'I didn't meant to hurt you.' It's always about you. Why would you do this to me?"

Kate says she was afraid he would lose both Claire and Belle. She did what she thought was right. He asks, "How are you going to fix this? You can't. There is nothing you can do, so don't even try.

Kate says, "Maybe I should have told you the truth, but I did what I thought was right."

Phillip says, "There's nothing you can do. And don't come near me again."

Shawn sighs and stares the stare of the damned. He tosses the flowers he is carrying into a wastebasket as he leaves.

Belle insists she loves Phillip. "Not the way you love Shawn," says Carrie, "I know how you feel. I didn't want to hurt Lucas either but every time I saw Austin I knew it was a lie. I had to end it."

"Is that what you think I should do," asks Belle.

"You love Shawn," says Carrie, "Tell him you want to spend the rest of your life with him."

Marlena is ready to go home. She says she shouldn't have come there. She should have been with Belle, "I came her to prove I could stand on my own two feet and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt I can't."

"Is this the part where you click your heels together three times," asks John. So that's how they always get back to Salem so fast.

"I am home," says Marlena, "Amazing how easy it was to find. I'm sorry about all the time I let slip away. I love you. You're the only person I've ever truly loved. Except for all the others."

Kate catches Phillip and tells him he doesn't mean that. Phillip says he does, "Stop looking out for me. I am a grown man. There is nothing you can do."

Kate begs. Phillip is unrelenting, "You let me think I was Claire's father when I wasn't. You're not my mother any more."

If Kate's going down, she's not going down alone, "I'm not the only one who knew."

Phillip catches on quick, "You're not talking about Mimi and Bonnie are you? Who knew?"

"Just let it go," says Kate.

Phillip picks up a plate, "If you don't tell me I will smash every plate in this restaurant."

Kate sighs, "Your father." Phillip turns into a zombie, drops the plate and walks out.

Belle blubbers, "I could never leave Phillip." Carrie wonders how he would feel if he thought Belle was staying with him but didn't love him.

"I married Lucas because I thought it was what I, needed but you married Phillip because you were thinking of him."

"I was selfish too," says Belle, "I leaned on Phillip when I needed him but the minute Shawn was available I nearly threw it all away. You and Lucas did not have kids. Phillip and I have Claire."

"You and Shawn have Claire too," says Carrie, "I know you think you are doing the right thing. But your love for Shawn isn't going away. One day Phillip will realize he will never be anything but second best. Let Phillip go so he can build a life with someone who loves him as much as you love Shawn."


EJ and Sami get into his car. Sami is chilly. EJ turns on the heat. They turn and stare at each other. Sami turns green and asks, "EJ, what is that smell?"

"It smells like an animal crawled inside the engine." A couple of varmints, actually. Sami bolts and nearly gets sick. EJ suggests waiting until the smell clears. Sami says she couldn’t get back in the car without a gas mask. EJ calls a cab.

Shawn picks up a baseball bat and heads for Max' racecar. Phillip rushes up and stops him. He tells Phillip, "Gramps pulled the plug on my engine like it was a high school science project. How could he do this to me?"

"That's nothing compared to what I just found out," says Phillip, "He did it to both of us. He let you think Claire wasn't your kid. Mom just told me he knew. She didn't want to go down alone."

Shawn screams, "The whole damn world knew Claire was my kid!" He gets in the car and drives off.

Kate has come to Victor's house. Victor tells her, "This had better be important, Kate."

"It's a dire emergency," says Kate.

"With you," says Victor, "That could be a bad manicure."

Kate spills the beans, "Phillip found out I knew about Claire."

"Oh, damn," says Victor, "Just what I need. More bad publicity."

"You won't believe what he said to me," says Kate.

"He was hurt," says Victor, "He will forgive you. You are his mother, but he will forgive you anyway."

"He says I'm not his mother any more."

"He'll get over it," says Victor. He hands her a scotch and says he will call tomorrow and work things out. Kate decides to beat a hasty retreat. Victor senses there is more and asks what she isn't telling him.

Kate's cornered, "I might have accidentally mentioned you knew about Claire too..."

Lucas and Will chuckle over their escapade. Will thinks it was a great idea to TP those trees in front of Arthur's house on the way home. Lucas is on a roll. He goes in to saran-wrap the toilet and then short-sheet Sami's bed .

Lucas hopes EJ brings Sami back to her apartment and calls it a night. Will says it's naïve to think EJ will do that. "Yeah," says Lucas, "He probably has his apartment all decked out with champagne and caviar." Lucas pulls a card out of his pocket and looks at the phone number on it. He makes a call to the Moonlight Escort Service.

EJ lights a candle. Sami thinks he thought of everything. He breaks out the champagne. He thinks they should have just started their date right there and avoided the headache. Sami mocks something he says and he wonders if she is having a laugh at his expense. Sami says she thinks his accent is adorable. He thought she was the one with the accent. Closer... closer... doorbell.

"If that is Lucas I will kill him," says EJ as he opens the door. A woman walks in and throws her arms around EJ. "Baby, where have you been," she says, "I missed you so much!" Sami raises her eyebrows.

Victor explodes, "You MIGHT have let it slip I knew about Claire?"

"I was just trying to calm him down," says Kate.

"And you figured implicating me would do that," asks Victor.

Kate says, "He put two and two together and figured out it was you."

"Call him," says Victor, "I don't care what you say, but straighten it out."

SCREECH! KA-BLAM! "What the hell was that," asks Victor.

Carrie gives Belle more advice on how to wreck a marriage. Belle says, "I just want to close my eyes and open them and have the answer to all my problems standing there."

Marlena clicks her heels three times and transports to Belle's hospital room, "I'm here," she says, "I’m home."

Sami asks EJ, "Do you know her?"

"Does he know me," asks the bimbo, "Every last inch of me. Oh, so this is your new lady." She turns to Sami, "We were never exclusive." Back to EJ, "If I'd have known you were bed-hoping we should have used protection. Ssaayy... Maybe the three of us..."

She introduces herself to Sami, "Kandi, with an 'i.' Kandi Cane, You know, the kind you lick. EJ throws her out as she screams about child support.

"What was that," asks Sami.

"I have a bloody good idea who's behind it," says EJ. Lucas and Will crouch outside the window.

"You don't really think Lucas had anything to do with it," asks Sami.

"I most certainly do," says EJ, "With a little help. Like father like son."

Sami asks, "Why would they have any reason to ruin our night..."

EJ kisses her, "We're going to stop that from happening."

Sami says, "I'm gonna kill him."

"You know what," says EJ, "I know something that would kill Lucas, and it doesn’t involve you going to jail."

Sami gets the idea, "Enjoying our evening."

"We were just warming up," EJ kisses her, "Now why don't we serve up some sweet desert?"

"I don't know EJ...," says Sami, "I need to be convinced." He convinces her.

Lucas watches, "Dammit! You know, that cheese was really expensive. Great, he scores."

"That's just first base," says Will.

Belle is so glad Marlena is there. Marlena tells her she's staying right there with her family, "You need me and I need you." Marlena suggests Belle can come home with them.

Belle asks, "You're moving back in? That's so great."

John chimes in, "Your mom and I want to take care of you, [D]Izzy."

Phillip paces around the room with Claire. He wonders why Claire can't go to sleep. He gives her a cracker. He says he'll always be there for her when she can't sleep. He'll go to her soccer games and meet her first boyfriend and break his arm if he breaks her heart.

"Mumblemumbleglaforxinkdf," says Claire.

"I'm always gonna love you honey," says Phillip, "And they can't take that away from us."

Rubble. Destruction. The racecar sits inside Victor's house in a broken heap. Shawn crawls out of the car. Victor and Kate walk in. Victor yells, "What the hell are you doing?"

Shawn screams, "I am gonna make you pay!" FF.


Hope tells Bo, "Patrick was exonerated. I'm having his baby. I know as much as you don't want to hear it he is gonna be a part of my future."

Marlena tells Belle, "Darling you're at a crossroads. What is it that you want?"

Victor asks Shawn, "Who are you really trying to hurt – me, or yourself?"

Sami says, "If you want nothing to do with me then... Lucas interrupts, "Waitaminute. Who says I don't. The truth is I still have major feelings for you."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A son spying on his mother while she's on a date is just plain EEEWWWWW!!!!!

Please don't tell me this is an example of the new head writer's stuff...

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's even worse is the example his father is setting. What a loser. Hope Sami goes with EJ but of course she won't.
Sounds like Shawn has gone physco yet again too.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Why do the writers keep teasing us with Jr. nearly killing himself but not succeeding? JUST DO IT ALREADY and put the viewers out of our misery!

I loved the mystery being solved of how people are zapping to and from Salem so fast. HAHAHAHA And
also Prevuze depiction of what Lucas would do next..the short sheeting, etc. Unbelievable they'd have him doing all of that.

Great Prevuze and pictures today!

10:15 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

First two commentors stole my comments almost exactly. I'm sure glad Lucas moved in with Sami & Will so he could provide more parental guidance. This sort of stuff is just what the kid needs to learn at his father's knee. Sheesh!!

LOL at the picture of green Jealucas and Victor's cut at Kate that her "emergency" could be a bad manicure. Maybe like all those times Kate showed up with only one or two nails colored. What was up with that BTW?

10:24 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Why do the writers keep teasing us with Jr. nearly killing himself but not succeeding? JUST DO IT ALREADY and put the viewers out of our misery!"

Yes, it would be a good thing for the human race to get Shawn out of the gene pool. On the other hand, he has already done his damage by replicating himself and it's so much fun to dis the little imbecile. I mean, today alone by driving his car into Victor's house, he's given Prevuze years of material. This boneheaded stunt was truly a classic. It stands right up there with plowing a motorcycle into a stained glass window.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

I just saw the feed of tomorrow's episode and Applecheeks must be psychic! Kate was sporting not just one, but TWO nails painted white while the rest of them were a dark red.

Is this some trend I'm totally unaware of?

6:39 PM  

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