Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anything In Pants

Roman is on the phone with commissioner Jeffrey Taylor and confirms Marlena is missing. He tells Carrie the bad news, “Marlena never showed up for her empowerment group this morning. She is missing.”

Carrie gasps, “What are you saying?”

I am saying she is missing,” says Roman.

Meanwhile Tek watches the heartfelt plea from Sami and Lucas' apartment as Will walks in. He gives the unbelievable play-by play for the cops gathered around as Bo walks in. At Sami's apartment, chaos and joy reigns. Fortunately, Will has returned from being kidnapped unharmed. Unfortunately, he has sustained major injuries as the crowd at the apartment nearly crushes him to death.

EJ relishes the fact that his first big broadcast could become really big news.

John discovers Abe and Lexie having a wonderful family moment with Theo. Abe tells him, “We're having his favorite happy meal and will spend the day in the park, go to the science museum to see the T-Rex exhibit and pretend his mommy isn't the slimebucket we know her to be. The old Theo has left the show to pursue a movie career along with Jason Cook. The new Theo speaks! “I love you, Daddy.”

Bo says he didn't get anything out of Lockhart when he interrogated him. He wonders if Patrick getting arrested gave Will the chance to escape. Tek tells Bo about Patrick's request for Tek to help him. Tek doesn't think Bo set him up, but someone else might have. Bo won't have it. He tells Tek they can't spare the manpower. Tek turns up the heat and tells Bo no one in his family is safe.

Emotions run amok as they ask Will about his kidnapping. “What do you mean,” asks Will, “I wasn't kidnapped.” Sami tries to convince him that he was but Will tells her, “The reason I didn't go back to school is because I... I... I ran away.”

“Mumble, mumble, mumble,” says the crowd.

Roman tells Carrie the Trenton police have retraced Marlena's steps up to the time she disappointed.

“Why couldn't she have stayed at home when there are so many women in Salem who need help, Including me,” asks Carrie.

That would have made too much sense,” says Roman. He calls John and asks him to come over, but doesn't tell him why.

Bo tells Tek not to take anything Lockhart says seriously. Tek protests and Bo explodes, “I don't want you wasting your time. He's guilty. End of story. And if I hear another word about that 'innocent until proven guilty' crap...”

Will might want to start wishing he had been kidnapped. At the moment Sami is considering murder. He reminds Sami she did this when she was pregnant with him. Sami doesn't let him get very far with that angle. Then he reminds her of her absence when she was Stan. Seeing his big story turn to dust, EJ tells the news crew it's time to go.

Lucas takes over. Will says he started thinking about things after Sami's wedding fiasco with Austin. Will knew he would be the joke of Salem High again, “And now with this TV plea, I'm going to be an even bigger joke.”

That did it. The juvenile has successfully turned the tables on the adults. Lucas asks what he did.

“I went to Chicago,” says Will, “I watched the Cubs play the Pirates, and then I went and saw the White Sox play the Cleveland Indians, and... do you guys know who Jessica Simpson is?

Finding out he slept on a park bench Sami freaks, “Haven't I taught you anything? There are crazies out there.”

The understated Will replies, “I didn't have to leave Salem to know that.” He's glad to be back, though. Three meals a day sounds pretty good, not to mention catching up on his favorite soap, Salem Place. Sami is one furious woman. But she's glad he's back.

Kate brings up a good point, “If Will wasn't kidnapped, how did the guy who called Sami know about it?”

Bo tells Tek he's heading to Sami's to get info about Lockhart, “So we can stop hearing this broken record about how he was framed.” Out in the hall he runs into John who tells him Roman wants to see him.

John says he's happy Bo found the missing evidence disc, “Too bad Michaels had to die in the process.”

“Yeah, well, when you're a dirty cop bad things happen,” says Bo.

“Yeah,” says John, “Too bad she was dirty instead of just incompetent like the rest of the force. My going undercover is what got her killed. I always thought Alex North had a plan here at the cop shop. It could have been Michaels. Now we may never find out.”

Bo says he doesn't know about that what with Lockhart's arrest, “Maybe he wanted to be the big boss' inside man... Big boss as in Tony DiMera.” John asks about Hope and says maybe it will speed things up if Bo can make the charges against Lockhart stick. He goes into Roman's office where he gets the Doc shocker.

Lucas thinks whoever made the call is keeping tabs on them. EJ thinks that person may be watching them right now. Sami panics and runs to call Roman and have the place swept for bugs.

Abe and Lexie share a happy moment as the song they danced to on their first anniversary comes on. “We didn't have much back then,” says Lexie, “But it didn't matter since we had each other. Now, I have practically the whole town.”

Abe stands and kisses her as Theo yells from the peanut gallery, “Do it again!” They oblige.

Tek walks into the place and soaks it in, “Hey carvers.” He fills Abe in on the Will Roberts case. He tells them just to pretend he's not there. Easier said than done. Abe scowls. Lexie stares. Theo plays with his food.

Roman gives John the details. John says Marlena called him last night. Roman says lately Marlena hasn't been herself. He's wondering if she did this on her own.

You mean pulled a juvenile stunt like Will and ran away,” asks John, “That fits. Check the ball parks.”

“Maybe she just split for a couple hours to get her head together,” says Roman.

It would take a lot more than a couple of hours.” says John. He thinks it was weird of her to ask him for a separation right after they got back and then to turn around and split for New Jersey.

Carrie says she talked to Marlena. She doesn't think her behavior was at all weird. Her work means a lot to her and Carrie is really worried.

“So what's the plan,” asks John.

Plans are for wimps,” says Roman, “I think you should go to New Jersey and wander around until you find her.”

Carrie thinks someone should tell Belle and Sami but, under the circumstances, it probably shouldn't be her. John makes the big announcement about Will, “I heard it on the radio. Apparently this televised appeal worked.”

Bo arrives at Sami's apartment. Sami fill him in on Will's odyssey.

Did the Sox win,” asks Bo. Bo tells Sami Lockhart made the call, “He is after me and he thinks the way to make me suffer is through my family.”

Your family suffers anyway,” says Sami.

Kate thinks that sounds a little fishy. Bo shuts her up, “Would you like to be put back on the suspect list?” Sami wonders what about Lexie. Bo tells her they are checking every lead.

Will munches on a sub as Sami realizes Lockhart killed Eve and could have killed Will. Will reminds her he wasn't kidnapped. “You are never leaving this house again,” says Sami.

“With Patrick behind bars he's no longer a threat, right,” asks EJ. Bo stares.

Lexie thinks it's a shame about Patrick. Theo announces to the entire restaurant that he needs to go to the bathroom. Lexie gets up to take him as Tek watches.

Once Lexie is gone he makes a beeline for Abe's table and tells him he should have a career in Hollywood.

I wish I could,” says Abe, “But all I can get is DOOL.” Tek tells him he hopes he gives up this bogus investigation soon because Lexie isn't involved in any of this.

Will eats like a school of piranhas. Sami wonders why the cops in Chicago didn't question him about being out of school. He says he did. He told them he was a gifted student, graduated at 14 and was attending the University of Chicago on a biological science scholarship.

“And they believed that,” asks Lucas.


They must be as dumb as the cops in Salem.”

“He must be his mother's son after all,” says Sami. She tells him he was right about her running away when she was pregnant with him. She tells him why and says the only thing in her life she is proud of is him. She thanks him for always managing to forgive her and stick by her. She understands why he's angry for walking out on Austin. She wants to explain and hope he will forgive her.

Bo says hearing all this the first name that comes to mind is Alex North.

“Tony DiMera would have escaped from prison before Alex North came back from the dead,” says John.

Bo says, “Tony's secure. He's not in the Salem Jail. And people on this show come back form the dead faster than you can get a half-caf extra cream latte at the Java Cafe.” Roman confirms he called the prison and Tony is still a guest. An officer sticks her head in the door and tells John his flight to NJ is booked. Bo offers to drive him home. They stop on their way out as Roman gets a call from the Trenton PD. Roman hangs up and tells them, “The police found a bloodstain in Marlena's hotel room.”

Austin, EJ and Kate are having a drink at Dune while the debrief about the news conference. Kate called and said the ratings for the appeal were #1. Austin hopes it doesn't take another kidnapping to keep the ratings up. EJ reminds him they have the upcoming Salem GP. Carrie buts in and congratulates them on their coverage. Kate congratulates her and Austin on their adultery. She points out Will went off the deep end when Sami didn't marry Austin. She wonders what he will do when he finds out about them. She's concerned he'll start up the matchmaking routine with Sami and Lucas.

Will is still angry at Sami. He thought she had changed. He got up in church and told everyone how proud he was of her, and then she walked out on Austin, “You just left him at the altar, standing there like an idiot.”

He's used to that,” says Sami.

“Every time I start to feel happy, Mom does something to screw it up. Austin can never take Dad's place, but I was starting to feel like I was part of a real family. Well, two real families, since you married Aunt Carrie.” Lucas has something to tell Will.

Bo thinks whoever is targeting the Brady's has something to do with Marlena's disappearance. While Bo is taking John to the airport, Roman will have a little talk with Patrick. John reminds him Patrick was behind bars when this happened. Bo says he has a history with the DiMeras, though. He hopes Roman can get some info out of him.

“I'm gonna break this guy,” says Roman.

Carrie thinks Sami and Lucas would be happy together. Austin thinks things will work out, but doesn't think Lucas is ready to jump back into the dating game. Carrie says she talked to Roman and now feels better about her and Austin. She tells him about Marlena's disappearance. Austin is optimistic since Will turned out to be OK.

EJ asks if Kate thinks Sami would make a move on Lucas. “Sami would make a move on anything in pants,” says Kate, “but that is beside the point. I don't think she can get Lucas out of her system.”

EJ says, “Maybe we should see what we can do about that.”

Lucas tells Will he and Carrie split up. Will blows his stack, “What is it with my parents and relationships. I know kids in the 9th grade who stay together longer!” Sami drops the second nuke and tells him Carrie and Austin still love each other. Lucas tells Will they will spend more time together, but ground him for his little stunt. Will appeals to Sami, who backs Lucas up. Lucas says Will is going to need more consistent parenting, so he will move in with Will and Sami, if it's OK with her. Sami reminds him the other bedroom is now an office and there are only two bedrooms.

“I'm sure we can work something out,” says Lucas.

Theo tells Tek they are going to the museum. Tek tells them all to be careful. Abe gives him a look.

John heads out on his mission to slay dragons for Marlena.



Hope tells Bo, “Shawn is going to want to be involved in raising Claire, and he should be. I just hope he takes into consideration what Phillip will be going through.”

Belle asks, “What is it.” Phillip says, “It's Shawn. He's trying to take Claire away from us.”

Mimi tells Bonnie, “Shawn knows that Claire is his daughter now. My life with him isn't going to change.”

Stephanie has her hair up in a towel. Max tells Stephanie, “You're a professional. You have to wear a helmet.” Stephanie asks, “What?” Kiss.


Blogger Michelle said...

"This isn't the way I remember 'the Legend of the Flower' turning out"...hahahaha! Great Prevuze today...I love it!

4:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I know kids in the 9th grade who stay together longer!"

HI hihihih good one Will !

Can't wait to see new Shawn !

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze always gets me laughing, but today - HILARIOUS!!!

Can you maybe show a pic of the new Theo; I don't ever get to watch and I'm curious....

And regarding the new Shawn - I have seen his pictures and he is not very attractive. I personally like this Shawn, especially since he quit with the long greased-back hair.

Thanks Prevuze!!

7:13 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

So many good Prevuze and pictures this morning!! Phil behind the wheel, "Sluts On The Rebound Table", all LOL-worthy.

Besides the quips mentioned above I got a good laugh out of Roman supposedly saying "plans are for wimps...go to New Jersey and just wander around". You could have added, "plans are for wimps and real cops".

Snarly and his attitude of "innocent until I decide someone is guilty" is really wearing thin!

7:30 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Can you maybe show a pic of the new Theo; I don't ever get to watch and I'm curious...."

The Prevuze team is on the road this week, which makes it impossible to respond to picture requests very quickly. We'll do what we can, but those who watch the show will probably see the new Theo in advance of our ability to post his picture.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I agree with Applecheeks - what an attitude for a cop. Wasn't he always telling Hope that HE was innocent until proven guilty?

As I predicted, Lumi ended up apologizing to Will instead of reacting like parents would in real life.

I loved the Patrick and the legend picture. Also Abe not getting work on anything but DOOL and Squints' plans to wander New Jersey. HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze today!!!

7:47 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"Roman tells Carrie the Trenton police have retraced Marlena's steps up to the time she disappointed."

Disappointed??? A Freudian slip??? hehehe The Trenton police will have to go back pretty far then!!!

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will must get a big allowance! Who does he think he is? Ferrus Buller! There is something stinky her!!

12:01 PM  
Anonymous billyjill said...

"Mickey got away with it! Jennifer got away with it! Where did I go wrong!"

Oh my sides, my sides, they ache! Thank you Prevuze.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

""Roman tells Carrie the Trenton police have retraced Marlena's steps up to the time she disappointed."

Disappointed??? A Freudian slip??? hehehe The Trenton police will have to go back pretty far then!!!

I believe that should be "disappeared." Doing Prevuze on the road is always an adventure.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn + Willow = Swallow


7:33 AM  

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