Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Extra Krispy

The race is about to start. The announcer says, "Max Brady is the hometown favorite. Too bad he's not here. If Brady pulls a no-show the race will almost certainly be won by his gorgeous rival, Stephanie Johnson."

The brat stands behind her and says, "That is unless the gorgeous Stephanie Johnson decides to pull a no-show, too."

Frankie wonders what Max is up to. He and Baldy, a.k.a. Travis, are working on the car and staying away because the buzz on Shawn's engine is intense. The glove stalks with a wrench as Max says Stephanie will be eating his dust.

Bonnie tells Cameron Reese they are trying to railroad Patrick, "Bo thinks his precious family is too good for the Lockharts."

That's not nice," says Cameron, "But it's also not a motive."

"I have a motive for you," says Patrick. Bonnie and Cameron wait with baited breath.

Mimi tells Bo and Hope about Shawn walking out on her. She says she knew he was Claire's father. She's known since the transplant. Mimi knew they all deserved to know, but lying is so much fun. She apologizes and runs off.

Bo says he thought she was a good kid, "Not like her older brother."

Belle suffers. And when Belle suffers, everybody suffers. Lexie tells Phillip her blood pressure is too high and they need to give her meds to bring it down. Belle wonders if the meds will hurt the baby. Lexie says the benefits will outweigh the risks. Shawn rushes in. Phillip tells him to get out as Belle goes into full-blown hysteria.

The team of docs and dummies tends to Belle. Shawn and Phillip want to stay but the doctor kicks them out. So does Lexie. Phillip assures her they will be right outside.

Out in the hall, Phillip gets in Shawn's face, "She was doing fine until you got here."

"I'm worried about my kid," says Shawn.

"I'm worried about my wife," says Phillip, "Did you ever once consider Belle?"

Hope heads for the hospital as Bo vows they will put Lockhart away for life. He tells her to take care and she leaves.

Patrick tells Cameron this is a setup. Cameron thinks the evidence is interesting. She says their strategy will be to portray the Salem PD in a bad light.

"I didn't need a high-powered attorney to do that," says Patrick.

Patrick hugs Bonnie. He notices Mimi has stopped crying, "Were those tears for me or Shawn?"

"Me," says Mimi.

"Maybe at the end of the day Bo will be the one in jail," says Patrick.

Cameron comes back after talking to DA Bettis. She says, "You are being charged with murder one. They are going for the death penalty. It could be worse. They might sentence you to spend the rest of your life with Hope."

Roman tells Abe they are making sure Bo didn't go after Lockhart for personal reasons. They talk about Abe's investigation of Lexie. Roman wonders if Abe is using his badge to get back with his wife.

Max thinks his car is in great shape and will be really fast. Travis and Frankie tell him to take it easy in the race. "It takes brains to race," says Frankie, "But I think you will do well anyway. Stephanie is a smart driver."

Max gets in and fires up the car as liquid leaks from the bottom.

Stephanie says, "Max couldn’t get away from you fast enough. He was sick of your lies and games."

"I'll ask him about that," says the brat, "And while I'm at it I'll tell him his sweet little Stephanie is a Class A Bitch because you went after him before he was my ex."

"You can't blame me for Max breaking up with you," says Stephanie.

"I can blame him for not trusting me, but if it wasn't for you he would have given me a second chance. Why did you decide you had to have my boyfriend when you have so much? You've been a Brady all your life and they love you."

"My dad was missing most of my life," says Stephanie.

"Yeah," says the brat, "but he came back and he's probably on his way here right now to support you. My parents don't even know where I am most of the time. Of course, neither do I after I smoke a little crack."

Stephanie says her family may never get back together. She wants to be part of a happy family, too. Kayla walks in. Stephanie wonders where Patch is. Kayla says she knows Patch wouldn't miss the race for anything. Patch walks in with Billie. Well, this is going to work out well.

Abe insists he can keep his work and personal life separate. Roman wonders why he's still investigating Lexie with Patrick behind bars. Abe thinks she's hiding something. He insists he's doing his job, "I'm doing my job too, pardn'r," says Roman. Abe leaves, Roman sighs.

Lexie tells the boys Belle's situation could become critical. She's refusing to take the meds. Phillip says he will sign the consent form. Shawn jumps all over him and says it's Belle's body and she has the right to refuse the meds. Lexie backs up Shawn. Phillip wants to talk to Belle. Lexie tells him the best thing he can give her right now is his support.

Lexie leaves and Shawn tells Phillip to respect her choice. Phillip asks, "How am I gonna tell my wife it's OK to die?"

"Mimi would be happy to do it for you," says Shawn.

Stephanie is upset Patch didn't come with Kayla. Patch says he invited Billie and he's sorry if that upsets her, "I told you I don't know that first thing about being a parent." Billie tells Chelsea they should go.

Shawn Sr. comes in singing, "Hail! Hail! The gang's all here." He hit the sauce early today. Abby is with him. Kayla wonders where her mom is. Old Man Brady tells her she's back at the pub planning the victory party. Translation: The show is over budget already.

OMB gives Stephanie a medal his mom gave him. She says she was looking forward to the race but Patch has burst her balloon.

Kate comes in and tells Stephanie to get over to the Mythic PR table. On the way out, Stephanie gives Patch a look that could kill, "One of my biggest regrets was I never thought you'd see me race. Now my biggest regret is the man I thought you were never really existed. You don't know that first thing about being a husband or a father."

Bo goes through a file as Roman comes up. He wonders if Bo is certain about the evidence. Bo says he is sure. Roman says Reese could attack Bo, "She could go after your relationship with Hope. Cameron Reese will go after your life."

"I'll stick to the evidence," says Bo, "I built this case brick by brick."

"Not a good tactic since you're a few bricks shy of a load," says Roman, "She will knock down the wall of evidence. If you take the bait, Patrick walks. Don't get angry. That's what she wants. She's gonna rip the scab off every wound you've got."

Bo knows what it means to testify against a perp. Roman tells him, "Patrick is more than a perp. If hatred drove you to pursue this case, I will pull the plug on it."

Patrick pleads not guilty.

Bo tells Roman Patrick is guilty as they go into the courtroom.

Patrick tells the judge he was framed as he looks at Bo.

Patch tells Kayla he's sorry. He wasn't thinking. Stephanie was right. He doesn't know anything about being a father or husband.

Kate tells Billie, "It's OK to spend time with Steve, but you shouldn't throw it in his daughter's face. Mythic stands to make too much money if she wins."

Patch starts to go because he thinks Stephanie doesn't want him there. Billie says he is wrong.

Kayla tells OMB Patch is moving on. OMB tells her she made him fall in love once, and she can do it again.

Shawn paces. Hope comes up and asks what's going on. He fills her in. Hope says Mimi told her what happened. Shawn doesn't know how she could have kept the truth from him. He says he wouldn't have left her if she had told him. Hope thinks maybe things will turn out for the best. She asks Shawn if he and Belle still love each other. Shawn turns away.

Phillip tells Belle, "Lexie wants me to support your decision. All I can think about is all that happened when I was deployed. I got a medal for being brave, but I'm not brave enough for this. You can't ask me to let you go."

"I'm scared," says Belle.

"I know," says Phillip, "Just let Dr. Ross give you the medication."

"The baby needs me," says Belle, "I can't. I need you. Promise me if I have a stroke you won't let them give me that medicine."

"I can't promise that," says Phillip. Belle's monitor moves up the scale to the "Belle-didn't-get-what-she-wanted " level and sounds off. Phillip promises.

Hope asks again. Shawn says he left her because she is a liar. He reminds Hope Belle is still married to Phillip. Hope says, "I have one thing to say to you. It's taken me a long time to realize it. At some point you need to be with the person you love. Otherwise you keep making mistakes."

Shawn asks, "Which one was your mistake, Mom? Dad or Patrick?"

Max arrives and pulls Victor away from Kate. He tells him Shawn and Phillip aren't there. He promises he will win, though.

Kate tells Stephanie to go win the race as Max walks up and tells her it's time to go down to the track. Stephanie tells Kate, "Keep your daughter away from my dad."

Kayla hugs Stephanie on her way out. Patch stares. After Stephanie leaves, Kayla sees she left the medal on the counter.

Abe meets Lexie. He apologizes for being late. Lexie is just glad he is there. She shows him a picture Theo drew of the three of them. Abe says he'll call Theo tomorrow. Lexie suggests, "You could leave a note on his pillow. I could make you something to eat at home." Abe thinks that would be nice. He agrees. Lexie says, "To have another chance with you is like someone canceled the end of the world."

Roman says, "Lockhart looks sure of himself."

"What else is new," snarls Bo.

Roman asks, "Is Hope coming?"

"No," says Bo, "She's at the hospital."

The defense requests the evidence be reviewed before they go to trial. Bo insists this is just a damn lawyer's game. Roman tells him to take a chill pill, "You can't take the stand right now."

Too late. "Calling Bo Brady to the stand," says Judge Fitzpatrick.

The brat says she can't believe Billie is doing this. Billie says her relationships are none of Chelsea's business. Chelsea says, "You're not just wrecking their family. You're wrecking ours, too."

Frankie gives Kayla back the medal. He's sorry, but he didn't get to Stephanie in time to give it to her.

The group in the suite watches the race. Stephanie started on the pole.

Victor and Kate talk about Belle. He says they should have told Phillip about Claire being Shawn's daughter.

Stephanie closes the gap. Max pulls away.

Abe tells Lexie he has to go to the station to take a statement. He tells her to go ahead and he will meet her at home. She tells him not to be too long. Lexie leaves. Abe says, "God, what am I doing?" Tek watches and scowls.

Hope reminds Shawn Patrick is innocent until proven guilty. "His whole family lies," says Shawn.

"You mean all those legends weren't true," asks Hope.

"I know you're carrying his baby," says Shawn, "Dad must be thrilled. He finally gets to be proven right." Hope leaves and says she will see Belle later.

Phillip tells Belle everything will be all right. She slips away and her monitor screams. Phillip panics and calls for a doctor.

Tek meets up with Lexie. She tells him he isn't going to ruin her second chance with Abe. Tek says Abe is setting her up. Lexie says, "Abe loves me."

Tek says, "Lexie, he doesn't want to date you. He wants to indict you. He's gathering evidence and once he has enough, he's going to arrest you for impersonating a doctor."

Roman takes a seat as Bo is sworn in. Bo testifies. He talks about all the damning evidence found in Patrick's closet, "It's obvious he murdered her."

Cameron springs to her feet, "Objection!"


Cameron says Bo's brother Roman is the commander and it would be easy for Bo to frame Patrick. She grills Bo, "You said it would be easy for you to frame Patrick Lockhart. Bo Brady has a very good reason to convince the court Patrick murdered Eve Michaels."


Dr. Ross says Phillip has a difficult choice, "If Belle continues the pregnancy there is no way she and the baby can survive."

Somehow Abby has worked her way back to the garage. She sees a glove and an oil slick on the floor. She finds a note and reads it, "Oh, no! Max!"

Extra KrispyMax has passed Stephanie but she isn't letting up. Stephanie pulls up to him. The crowd in the suite cheers. KKKEEERRRAAAASSSHHH! FIRE! "Oh, no," screams the announcer, "This looks like a bad one! Trouble in turn four! Shockingly, Brady's car has exploded!" Stephanie's eating his dust, all right. Hope she likes it extra-krispy.

Kayla turns to Patch and gasps, "Our baby!" Patch, Kayla, death, destruction. FF.


Phillip says to the unconscious Belle, "I promised you I would to everything I could, but I can't risk losing you, honey." He holds the consent form and Shawn watches.

Abe rubs his hands together and asks, "Which of my favorites are you making?" Lexie wallops him, "A knuckle sandwich, You SOB!"

Patch bawls and looks up at Kayla, "OMG! I remember! I remember you!"


Blogger TheYellowRose said...

OMG, the show actually sounds good today, LOL

In the preview for tomorrow's show, the part with Steve & Kayla - does it look like they're at the hospital? How's Kayla reacting?

Great Prevuze, as always - thanks!

4:19 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Man, I love those jabs at Lexie! Great Prevuze today!

5:38 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"In the preview for tomorrow's show, the part with Steve & Kayla - does it look like they're at the hospital? How's Kayla reacting?"

It's way too much of a closeup to tell where they are. Kayla is on the verge of tears.

6:16 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Loads of great prevuisms today, like the Belle-didn't-get-what-she-wanted alarm going off. Also LOL at the yawning audience and Shawn 2.0 suddenly being left-handed. (Not to mention 6" taller.)

And Pard is making sure that Bo isn't going after Patrick for personal reasons? considering that's the whole reason Bo has gone after Patrick for the past 2-3 years, Roman has a tough row to hoe there.

Great Prevuze!! I hope Patch really does get some of his memory back tomorrow and this isn't some stupid fantasy.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Tara said...

I've been reading for the last week with all that has been going on with Belle and her baby with Shawn. BUT, has the show forgotten about the baby Phillip is having with Mimi??? It seems like all Phillip says lately is, Belle you, Claire and this new baby are my life blah blah. Did he forget he will have a biological child of his own on the way?

7:07 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Did he forget he will have a biological child of his own on the way?"

That memory is in the part of Phillip's brain that was smeared across the race track. Phillip will probably regain that memory in the future, however, since at the moment, Max is keeping Phillip's brain smudge warm. Very warm.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn + Willow = Swallow


7:48 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Jr. and Phil could be having 100 kids with other people but if Belle is at all involved that's all they're going to focus on.

So the Glove got to Max's car..doesn't he have a pit crew? Or maybe if Jr. hadn't run off to be with Belle the Glove might not have been able to mess with it.

I LOL over spending eternity with Hope being worse than the death penalty. HAHAHAHHA

Very descriptive Prevuze today. And a moving picture to boot! Thanks!! :D

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm happy - the show seems to be getting so much better!!

8:14 AM  

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