Thursday, October 05, 2006

Conniving Liar

Patch tells Billie both Stephanie and Max are alive. Billie wants to take him to the hospital. He says he can't go.

The techs wheel Stephanie in. Kayla wants to go in but they won't let her. OMB tells Kayla Max is banged up but he'll make it. Hugs.

Lexie is shocked at what Tek has told her, "Abe is using me? He thinks I'm involved in that officer's death?"

Tek says, "And he thinks you're responsible for the threats against the Brady's. He's hoping you'll slip up and he'll get the goods on you."

"No," says Dr. Slut, "Abe wouldn't do that. Not to me."

"Ask him for yourself," says Tek.

Abe goes through evidence that Abby found in Max' garage. It rules out Lexie as a suspect and makes things look pretty good for Patrick Lockhart, too. As Roman heads for the trial he turns to Abe and says, "You can cancel your date with Lexie. Or not. I was right, wasn't I... you don't want to." Roman leaves.

Cameron grills Bo. She says he has a personal vendetta against Patrick. Bonnie yells out her agreement and the judge tells her to shut up. Cameron goes on and claims Patrick is being railroaded. The judge asks about Bo's vendetta against Patrick. "It involves his wife," says Cameron.

Dr. Ross says, "Now that Lexie is gone, there may be some hope for Belle, but the only treatment is to take the baby." She needs Phillip to sign the consent forms. She hands them to him and leaves. Shawn and Phillip pace. Phillip sits down and says, "I promised you I would to everything I could, but I can't risk losing you, honey." He holds the consent form and Shawn watches. The pen hovers over the papers.

Lexie asks if it's really true. She can't believe Abe would think she is capable of murder. Tek says Abe thought she was the one threatening Sami. She excuses herself, "I have to get ready for my date."

Cameron says her client is blameless. He cared for Hope when Bo didn't. Bo was consumed with jealousy and set out to destroy Patrick. She says Patrick says he wishes to speak. Judge Fitzpatrick allows it and shuts Bettis up before she can object.

Patrick says he is sorry Hope has to be dragged into this. He tells the legend of the poor innocent guy who was framed by the big bad cop, who also happened to be his girlfriend's husband, "She is carrying my baby. It made Bo jealous, crazy, well, more crazy. He said he would make me pay. He planted the evidence in my home. I didn't kill Eve. I want to be together with Hope for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Fitz asks Bo if this is true. Bettis says Bo is not the one on trial. Bo says, "I don't like him, but I wouldn't frame him. I will take a polygraph if I have to. The evidence says he is guilty. We didn't get the wrong guy."

Roman steps up from the back of the courtroom, "That's not entirely true." Feel the brotherly love.

The doctor orders tests and procedures for charcoal girl. Kayla gives the medal to OMB who goes to check on Max. Max walks in after he leaves. Kayla thinks he should be resting. He says he'll rest when he knows how Stephanie is.

"She's well done," says Kayla.

He says he is so sorry. Kayla says it's not his fault.

Patch would go to the hospital if he thought he could do some good. He remembers shat Stephanie said, "What kind of dad am I? It's because of me she went to the track angry. Who knows what was going through her head?"

"She's lucky it wasn't the steering wheel," says Billie.

"What if I am the reason she lost control," says Patch, "It's my fault."

Phillip says he knows it's Shawn's baby but he has to take care of Belle. Shawn says, "I would do what you are doing. Of course, we will conveniently forget that when Belle dumps you." Doctor Ross comes back in. Phillip gives her the consent papers. She tells nurse Janet to take Belle to the delivery room. Shawn agonizes.

Abe FricasseeLexie lets Abe in. He says he's sorry to be late. He rubs his hands together and asks, "Which of my favorites are you making?"

Lexie smacks him, "You SOB!" Looks like she's making Abe Fricassee."

Billie says, "Don't do this to yourself. She didn't crash because of you. Max' car blew up in front of her."

Patch ramps up the self-pity, "The last thing she said to me was I'm the father who is never there."

Billie says, "You didn't know you had a wife and child. You didn't turn your back on her any more than I turned my back on Chelsea."

"But you still blame yourself don't you," says Patch.

"Yeah I do," says Billie, "What happened with you and Stephanie? I thought you were getting along."

"It's not that," says Patch, "She not only wants me to be her dad, she wants me back with her mother. My family is better off without me."

Billie says, "Kayla wants you in her life. So does Stephanie."

"They don't know me," says Patch, "I don't even know me."

"The question is what do you want," says Billie, "If you could write your own book, you'd want your own life back wouldn't you? Are you willing to spend the rest of your life wondering what might have been?"

"No," says Patch, "What about you?"

"I'm thinking of a career of falling for married men and then convincing them to go back to their wives," says Billie.

Steve and Billie... "Sillie" ???

Roman tells the court about the accident at the track, "At the garage we found a glove, a note and a scorched toy car. Our crack detectives put all that together, plus the fact that the note said the car had been tampered with, and, after hours of brilliant police work, figured the car had been tampered with."

He reads from the note, "Dear suckers: you have the wrong man. The tormentor is still at large. The evidence in Patrick's house was planted. He has been framed."

"From this," says Roman, "Our top cops finally figured out that the evidence in Patrick's house was planted and Patrick had been framed." Roman says they found forged receipts and fake gun registrations. They verified Patrick did not purchase the gun that killed Eve, "Nor did he purchase the rare brand of Italian shoes. We found a receipt for those in the name of an Orinthal J. Simpson. The note also predicted when a certain car reached 200 mph it would explode. We now are certain whoever left the note is the same person who killed Eve, and has been causing trouble for the Brady's. We think the burned toy car is this person's sick way of thumbing his nose at us."

Bettis says it appears Patrick was wrongly accused and she drops the charges. Cheers. Cameron, Patrick, Bonnie and Mimi high five. Cameron turns to Patrick, "You'll get my bill."

The doctor says Stephanie has regained consciousness. Kayla goes in to see her. She tells Stephanie she is sorry this happened, "How are you feeling?"

"Like I was in a wreck," says Stephanie, "Does my hair look OK? "

Kayla just wants her to get better. Stephanie asks if Patch is there. Kayla says he isn't. Stephanie bawls, "Where is he?"

"I'm not sure," says Kayla.

Belle stirs. "She's coming out of it," says the anesthesiologist.

"She's always out of it," says Phillip.

Belle asks about the baby. Phillip gives her the bad news. "My baby," wails Belle, "NOOOOOO! You promised me! You've been playing God since the beginning. You never wanted this baby. Get out. GET OUT!"

"I'm so sorry," says Phillip.

"I WANT YOU OUT," screams Belle.

Phillip asks Shawn to stay with her. Shawn sits. Belle bawls. Hands entwined. Shawn comforts her. He knows how much this hurts her. He says Phillip had no choice.

"My baby," blubbers Belle, "Our baby!"

Shawn tells her they have to be grateful she is OK. God knows why. Phillip watches. The nurse gives Belle a much-needed sedative.

Phillip comes back in and Belle says, "Phillip, I'm sorry." Phillip tells Shawn he needs a moment alone with her. Shawn leaves. Phillip hugs Belle.

Abe wonders what that was for. Lexie says he used her and her son. Abe figures out Tek told her what he was up to. She says it doesn’t matter how she found out. What matters is he is a conniving liar. She asks how he could do it. She plays the Theo card. He loves Abe. Abe says he is sorry. He was wrong. He says he meant what he said to her. He hated deceiving her. Her actions aroused suspicions. Lexie unloads on him. Abe says he wants to come home to them, "It is true. I still love you."

Everyone congratulates Patrick. Bo tells Hope there was no indication the evidence was fake. Hope doesn't buy it. Roman stops him as she walks away. They go outside.

Hope apologizes to Patrick. She was wrong for doubting him. Hugs. She wishes he and the attorney hadn't aired their dirty laundry.

"Dirty laundry," says Patrick, "Is that how you feel about me and the baby?"

Patch comes to the hospital and asks how Stephanie is doing. Kayla comes out and says she is stable. Patch goes in to see her.

Billie tells Kayla she is praying for her. Kayla thanks her. She tells Billie they need to talk.

Patch tells Stephanie he's sorry he didn't come right away. He doesn’t know anything about being a father. He just doesn't remember anything. He asks if she could put up with him if he would give it a try. She has to get better first, though. He begs her to get better and give him another chance.

Shawn tells Margie the babysitter he will watch Claire. Margie leaves. It's time for Claire's nap. He puts her down and she cries. Phillip walks in as Shawn tries to figure out what is wrong with Claire. Claire floods the room with tears, proving for certain she is Belle's daughter. Phillip asks what Shawn is doing there. Shawn says he came in to check on Claire and wonders why she is crying. Phillip picks her up and Claire stops crying immediately.

Lexie can't believe Abe. He tells her she is no longer a suspect. She doesn't believe he still cares for her. He tries to convince her, "Look in my eyes," he says, "Well, I mean look in Zack's eyes. I understand why you don't believe me. If I were you I probably wouldn't either. We have a lot of problems but isn't our marriage worth it? I'm asking you to make a leap of faith. I probably don't deserve it but I love you and I think you know that." He stops short of apologizing for her affair with Tek.

Lexie wants them to be a family. She loves him. But doesn’t know if he has a hidden agenda. "Let me show you," says Abe. Kiss. "For so long I couldn't show you but now..."

"What are you saying," says Lexie, "Are you saying..."

"I'm a walking Viagra commercial," says Abe.

Mimi picks up the phone and tells Bonnie she's going to end the surrogacy arrangement. Bonnie has a cow. She says she won't let her do that.

Phillip thanks Shawn for trying to help out. Shawn apologizes for giving him a hard time earlier. Phillip says he didn't want Belle to lose the baby. He says he is the only dad Claire has ever known. Claire comes first. He takes her to play.

Shawn calls Frankie and leaves a message for him to drop the custody suit, "I think that Claire should stay with Phillip and Belle."

Patrick is sorry he didn't give Hope a heads up. He says he is a good guy and will be a loving father. Hope knows he is a good buy but she can't think about that now. She says she is sorry and turns and goes.

Roman won't allow Bo to set the department up for a lawsuit, "Patrick didn't kill Eve." Bo says he will investigate on his own time if he has to. Roman forbids it. The top brass want Bo off the case, "Is Lockhart worth losing your job and wife?"

Roman leaves. Bo stares.

Billie says she knows how everyone in town feels about her but she isn't out to hurt Kayla. She won't stand in Kayla's way if Steve wants her back. She says she convinced him to come and see Stephanie. Kayla heads for Stephanie's room.

Patch has memory flashes. He flashes back to Stephanie as a baby. He bolts, yanks, jerks and fidgets. He reels. He bawls and looks down at Stephanie, "OMG! I remember! I remember you!" Kayla watches. Billie cries. Kayla cries. "I remember you," says Patch.



John says, "I just hope whatever it is leads me right to my wife."

Abe and Lexie are in bed. Abe says, "I have to demand that you never see Tek."

EJ tells Sami, "You need taking care of. And I want to take care of you." Lucas looks on.

Mimi says, "I decide what I am going to do with my life, and I don't care what anyone else has to say about it."

Frankie asks, "Why do you want to rethink this custody case?" Shawn says, "Claire is better off with Belle and Phillip."

Belle holds Claire and mumbles, "He's not gonna fight for you. For either of us."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great prevuze

lmao @ Sillie
Billie + Patch = Bitch ;)

4:54 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Billie + Patch = Bitch"


5:16 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

ROFL at Shawn 3.0, a.k.a. Blockhead. But what started me off was Bulldog's picture of Meem's M&M wedgie. I was thinking the same thing after seeing that "edible" underwear she was supposedly wearing. HAHAHA

Glad to see that Patrick is back in "legendary" form.

Stephanie "well done". Fabulous. But Steve shouldn't worry. The accident wasn't his fault. All that hair stuffed up under a racing helmet undoubtedly distorted her depth perception!

6:37 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Being home today I could LOL freely and I sure did - especially over Abe being a walking Viagra commercial and the crack Salem detectives being able to piece everything together what with the note and all. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Applecheeks deserves literary credit for the edible underwear pic. I just illustrated one of her comments.

GREAT Prevuze today, I'll have to re-read it for some more good laughs!!

11:11 AM  
Anonymous elisa said...

Belle holds Claire and mumbles, "He's not gonna fight for you. For either of us."

Two words a la "Nelson" pointing at her:

HA HA!!!!

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTH! All of a sudden after a whole year of Shawn coddling Claire when neither Belle nor Phillip could get STHU crying, now Phil has the magic touch?! GImme a break!
MiMi M&M wedgie,gross but genius!

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right about Lexie's skills as a doctor. The only thing worse than having her for a doctor is having Mickey for a lawyer!!


4:17 AM  

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