Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Choking On Their Testosterone

Bo and Hope lie in bed in the Fancy Face. What will the morning after bring...

Max wonders if Stephanie feels strange about racing him tomorrow. She says yes, but tomorrow he will be just another driver to beat. They both think they will win. Max asks, "Before a race, do you bring breakfast to all the drivers."

"They're easier to beat if they're sick to their stomachs," says Stephanie, "Actually, just the ones I've kissed."

Shawn grumbles, "We have to get to work." Max asks what his problem is.

Mimi comes to see Patrick in jail. He senses something is wrong. Mimi gives him the news about Shawn. He tells her she had to know the truth would come out eventually. "He's gone for good," says Mimi.
She cries and apologizes for talking about her problems on the day of his preliminary hearing. Patrick asks how it happened. She tells him about the baby monitor. She thinks he was already looking for an excuse to leave her and she gave him one.

Mimi asks how Patrick is doing. He says he asked Tek to poke around but he's come up empty. He tells her he is there because his good friend Jennifer called in a tip. Mimi tells him about her and Jack moving to London. "Wow," says Patrick, "Is the DOOL budget that bad? " We establish that Abby is living with Maggie. Patrick says Hope believes he is guilty.

"If she's turned on you like that then you're better off without her," says Mimi.

Bo tells Hope he has missed seeing how beautiful she is when she is sleeping, "It's almost like we're back together again, huh?"

Hope is silent. She wonders how Belle is doing. She wants to go to the hospital. "Not just yet," says Bo, "I've got something for you." He gets up. Hope wonders.

Stephanie is sorry this is happening to Shawn. He tells her he needs to work it out himself. Stephanie goes to make a phone call. Max asks about Mimi. Shawn says he doesn't trust her now. They talk about the GP. If the engine is as good as Shawn thinks it is, they will be rich.

"Even after every major car company in the world sues us for stealing the idea," asks Max. Shawn goes to work under the hood.

EJ is with a reporter. He predicts Stephanie will win the GP, "She will leave her rivals choking on their testosterone. That includes Max Brady. He's tough. I can understand why you predict he will win, but if you spent more time down at the track instead of in the press club bar, you'd know Stephanie has beaten him in every time trial."

The reporter leaves as Kate walks in. She tells him he is good copy. She's happy about the media coverage. EJ can't wait for the race.

"If we win," says EJ, "Stephanie will be the next big thing in racing."

Kate says, "You're awfully confident."

EJ says, "Because I thrive on competition and because in the end I never lose." EJ leaves. Kate stares.

Abby comes into the garage. Max asks whom she is cheering for tomorrow.

"Both of you," says the diplomat.

"You're fired," says the boss.

Abby says Jack and Jennifer are doing well. She has visitors form the Leukemia and Lymphoma society to pick up.

Shawn isn't sure what he will do, "Sit back and hope for the best, I guess."

Stephanie figures that's a great plan for a mind as feeble as Shawn's, "Is your relationship with Belle one of those things you hope works out?"

Mimi isn't surprised Hope isn't standing by Patrick, "When things get tough, she ditches her man. She did it with Bo. It must run in the family. Shawn did it to me."

Patrick thinks Shawn will feel differently when he calms down. Mimi says, "No. He's so done with me. I wanted to level with him. I was so scared to lose him. And now I have anyway. I am so in love with him."

"Someday he will regret losing you," says Patrick, "Especially if he winds up with Belle."

"Shawn sees everything in black and white," says Mimi, "A brain as weak as his can't process color. With Shawn, either you're honest or can't be trusted. You can imagine where that puts me. I'm sure he will try to get back with Belle. Even though she's married. Marriage vows are only sacred when they are convenient."

"Yeah," says Patrick, "Like when you have to tell a lie in order to get someone to take his marriage vows."

Mimi asks about Hope. Patrick doesn't know if he still has a chance with her, "What I'm thinking is that maybe she doesn't want to have a future with Bo... or me."

Bo serves breakfast in bed. "What kind of muffin is this," asks Hope.

"I... uh... don't know."

"I don't care," says Hope, "I'm starving."

Bo starts to chomp into cold pizza. Hope asks if that's what he is having for breakfast. "It's nutritious," says Bo, "You have all your basic food groups, fat, grease, sugar and salt."

"You can't eat that," says Hope, "The muffin was supposed to be your breakfast, wasn't it? What am I going to do with you?"

"I've got a few ideas what you can do with me," says Bo." Instead, she offers him a bite of the muffin.

"Cooking for one is no fun," says Bo, "I would love to take care of you and your baby. A lot has come between us. We can't go back but I'd like to go forward. How about coming back to me?"

Hope can't make a decision like that right now. She isn't ready, "Being with you and falling asleep in your arms, I hadn't felt that safe in a long time."

"Doesn't that tell you that we should be together," asks Bo, "You and me together... no matter what the world threw at us didn't matter, because we were together. No matter what has happened, you will always be my heart and my home. That will never change."

Max pulls Stephanie outside and says she is putting Shawn on the spot. Stephanie feels awful. "There is another reason I wanted to get you out here alone," says Max, "This..." kiss. "I want to say goodbye in private."

"Goodbye," says Stephanie.

"You're going to see Kate," says Max, "The next time we see each other we will be in our cars. It'll be you versus me. I've never looked forward to a race like this one. Just be careful. The 'versus' is only temporary."

"In that case I'll be careful," says Stephanie, "One more kiss like that, and I'll be too distracted to drive. Or is that your plan? See you on the track."

"You're such a punk," says Max.

Stephanie leaves. Shawn tells Max he's glad Chelsea is out of the picture. Max says at least he knows she didn't doctor the report, "We have a lot of changes coming up."

EJ walks in, "I couldn't agree more." He tells Shawn he was sorry to hear about him and Mimi.

Shawn snorts, "How the hell did you hear about that?"

Bonnie comes to see Patrick. The guard takes her arm to escort her around to her seat. For the first time in her life, Bonnie says to a man, "Get your hands off of me!" Just as Bonnie gets seated, the guard tells them time is up. "I just got here," says Bonnie.

"Not my fault," says the guard. Bonnie tells Patrick they will get through this as a family. He appreciates the pep talk but says he may not beat this thing.

"You're no more a murder than I am," says Bonnie. She screams she loves him as they take him away.

Kate appreciates Stephanie stopping by. Stephanie asks if EJ is around. Kate says she just missed him. Stephanie says she is happy with the car. She'll be even happier once she sees it. Kate says she couldn't have asked for a better driver – the press has been going wild about her. "And now," says Kate, "I have another assignment for you. I'm hoping you will find it challenging and accept it."

EJ tells Shawn he bumped into Bonnie at the diner and that's how he heard about Mimi. Max wonders why he is there. EJ says he's there to wish both of them the best in the race. Stares of confusion.

Hope has to be going. Bo protests and then invites her to lunch. Hope says she isn't in the same place emotionally as Bo and she isn't ready. Lunch is such a big step.

"OK," says Bo, "We'll take this at a snails place. Kind of like a DOOL plot. I've got to go anyway. I have to be at Lockhart's preliminary hearing."

"I didn't know that was today," says Hope.

"Good," says Bo, "That means you haven't been talking to him."

They argue about Patrick. Hope thinks he's become a different person. Bo thinks he's a cop killer. Hope refuses to jump to conclusions. Like Chelsea she's turned over a new leaf. The baby kicks. All that matters to Bo is she's the baby's mom, "She's going to be one lucky baby."

"Why do you keep saying 'she,'" asks Hope.

"Just a feeling I have," says Bo. Hope kisses him.

Patrick's battleaxe lawyer Cameron Reece is there to determine if there is sufficient evidence to have this hearing. "This isn't the first time someone was falsely accused," she growls.

DA Bettis and Cameron get into it. Cameron reminds her it's up to her to prove his guilt.

"Doggone it," says Bettis, "That pesky little 'innocent until proven guilty' thing just won't go away."

Mimi says, "Cameron Reece is sharp. There is no way the DA will win." Bonnie says, "I hope I'm wrong, but even good looking DA's can win."

"Let's hope lawyers who are... uh... not exactly runway models can win, too," says Mimi.

Kate lays out the requirements for Stephanie's next 'assignment,' "For this job you will need a different set of skills... Empathy, intellect, conversation skills. Actually, it's not a job; it's more of a favor. And it concerns Phillip."

Shawn says, "What EJ is trying to say is, 'Good luck boys, you're gonna need it.'"

"Seriously," says EJ, "I wish you luck and a safe race."

Abby brings in the men from the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. We have introductions and an exchange that has nothing whatever to do with the, I use the term loosely, plot.

Once they leave, EJ says, "If you're the best you have to compete against the best. If you can't compete against the best, you have to compete against guys like you. May the best man, or woman, win. Whatever happens, you have both won my admiration and respect." He leaves. Max scowls.

Bo is at the courtroom. Hope shows up. Bo is upset she came. Reluctantly, he goes in with her.

Bonnie says, "Well, well look who showed up."

"Look who she's with," says Mimi. Patrick looks and disapproves.

Hope comes over to the Lockharts and says hi. She goes back over by Bo. Patrick starts to follow. The battleaxe stops him and says he shouldn't talk to Bo. He tells her, "I'm not interested in talking to him."

He goes over to Hope, "I'm glad you came." He asks how Hope is doing. Peacemaker Bo steps in and shoves him away.

Baldy comes into the garage says the car is looking good. Max wonders where Phillip is. Shawn thinks he's not there because of him. Baldy says he's not there because Belle is in the hospital.

Shawn is concerned, "They were supposed to release Belle yesterday evening." Baldy says Phillip called and sounded worried.

Kate tells Stephanie Phillip will need a friend very soon.

"I hardly know him," says Stephanie.

"I hope we can fix that," says Kate, "Most adult men don't like discussing things with their mother, especially my adult sons. You didn't hear it from me, but that marriage is falling apart. Belle and Phillip do not have a future together."

"Because of Shawn," says Stephanie, "Claire is his daughter. He and Belle used to be in love."

"Used to be," asks Kate, "No. They never fell out of love. She will leave Phillip for Shawn."

Stephanie drops the Mimi bomb, "I guess you're right, now that Shawn has left Mimi."

Kate is shocked, "When did that happen?"

"Last night," says Stephanie, "It's really not my place to say anything, though." Kate likes her sense of discretion and reminds her she'll find out what happened anyway. She asks if Stephanie will take her up on her proposition.

How can Stephanie turn her down? Kate's a pro at making propositions, "If you want me to give anything more than friendship, it's not going to happen. I'm involved with Max Brady. Well, sort of involved."

Kate just couldn't be happier for Stephanie and Max, "I'm just asking you to offer friendship. Nothing more."

The girls pull Bo and Patrick apart.

"Keep your hands off," says Bo.

"Keep your hands off," says Bonnie.

Hope hugs Mimi and asks where Shawn is.

"He didn't even tell his own mother," asks Mimi.

"He was probably going to tell me right after he told the neighborhood hooker," says Hope.

Shawn and Willow... "Shallow" ???

"Shawn dumped me last night," says Mimi.

Shawn freaks. Baldy says Belle had some kind of relapse. Shawn bolts. Max yells, "Shawn! The race! Come on, man!"



Stephanie reams Patch, "You don't know that first thing about being a husband or a father."

Lexie says, "Abe loves me." Tek says, "Lexie, he doesn't want to date you. He wants to indict you. He's gathering evidence and once he has enough, he's going to arrest you."

Shawn asks Hope, "Which one was your mistake, Mom? Dad or Patrick?"

Cameron grills Bo, "You said it would be easy for you to frame Patrick Lockhart."


Anonymous Abe Carver said...

I have a small correction for Bulldog. I now purchase all Salem PD badges from Fisher Price. No one in my family has had anything to do with dem crackers since cousin Eliza left Uncle Tom and crossed the icy Ohio River. We especially try to avoid that cracker Jack.

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK! I'm lost now ! Who is Baldy ?

And great prevuze by the way ! Bonnie saying to a man for the first time : Get your hands off me ! lol

5:56 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"OK! I'm lost now ! Who is Baldy ?"

Wouldn't we all like to know? He just showed up in today's episode. He looks like he's supposed to be some kind of chief mechanic or something. Maybe he won a "Be on DOOL" contest like the guys from the Leukemia and Lymphoma society did. I went back and looked again in the tape and turned on the closed captions. They do not give him a name when he speaks but, believe me, Baldy fits. You could use his forehead for an emergency mirror.

6:06 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

So Leukemia & Lymphoma are the cause du jour? Maybe they should paint Max's car pink and put a pink bow on it.

Mimi's great line, "Marriage vows are only sacred when convenient" could also have the tag line "or when DOOL writers decide you're a super couple and have to be pushed together no matter what".

Got a good laugh out of Hope's statement that Shawn was going to tell her about Shimi's breakup "right after the neighborhood hooker".

6:51 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

If Jr. runs off before the big race to see about Princess Belle, Max should fire him on the spot. (He won't, of couse, he'd get away with it.)

Kate's wheels are turning already, trying to pair Phillip with Stephanie. She and Hope can compete for the Buttinsky Mother of the Year award.

Love Shawn/Willow "Shallow"! HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze today. Thanks!!

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the Shallow comment. lol
Funny, spending the night with a guy, kissing him those aren't huge steps but let's not have lunch! Gotta love the DOOL writers idea on what is small steps and what is commitment.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

All you picture perps - Bulldog, CrazyDaisy, Prevuze - live long and prosper!!


8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You could use his forehead for an emergency mirror."

Lol just as in Friends, Ross's grilfriend Bonnie's head at the beach, he noticed it was 5:30 in the morning because he saw it reflecting on her bald head ! ha ha !

9:47 AM  
Anonymous elisa said...

"He didn't even tell his own mother," asks Mimi.

"He was probably going to tell me right after he told the neighborhood hooker," says Hope.

And all this time I thought Carrie was the neighborhood hooker.....*sigh*

11:33 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"All you picture perps - Bulldog, CrazyDaisy, Prevuze - live long and prosper!!"

And we can't forget Salemfairy and Applecheeks. We appreciate them all!

12:19 PM  
Anonymous billyjill said...

Wow, Shawn IS from Star Trek!

Abby has been supposedly involved with the leukemia/lymphoma stuff for a while now, with all her Light the Night Walk stuff. Probably comes from her aplastic anemia and her dad's Hodgkins.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn+Willow=Swallow HAHAHAHAHA

7:31 AM  

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