Monday, October 02, 2006

Beg, Borrow Or Filch

Bo and Hope have pie for dinner. Hope doesn't think it's very healthy. Bo says it's OK because she's getting her fruit, "And mom deserves a treat. On the other hand, maybe it will kill the demon seed inside you." Hope is concerned about Belle and her baby. She wishes she could have reached Shawn.

Hope dials her call phone. Bo says, "It's late. Hope, stop."

Hope says, "I am calling my son. Our son."

Mimi stands stunned as Bonnie comes into her apartment and says, "Hey, baby, I heard Shawn leave." So did the people in the next county.

Mimi staggers. Bonnie insists Shawn loves her and will remember that in time. Mimi explodes, "There is no marriage. He made that clear. He and I are finished."

Shawn shoots hoops. The ball rolls across the playground and stops as a stiletto pump steps on it. "I'm really good at cheering guys up," says the pro. Shawn rejects her and threatens to call a cop.

Lucas dresses. Sami watches and clears her throat. They're going out to eat. Sami suggests cooking at home instead. Lucas fears for his life, "Suffering through two of your meals in one day could be cruel and unusual punishment."

EJ shows up at the door. Sami introduces her 'new roommate.'

Sami explains the parental arrangements. EJ hopes Will appreciates it. EJ wonders if Lucas will be comfortable sleeping on the couch. "Who said anything about sleeping on the couch," asks Lucas.

The hooker guesses Shawn is having girl trouble. She sits beside him as he has a beer. He'd offer he one but he doubts she's old enough to drink. She drops a medal with an angel on it. She says her friend gave it to her when she ran away. She gives it to Shawn.

Willow introduces herself. Likewise Shawn. Willow says, My grandfather's name is Shawn."

"Mine too," says Shawn, "So I wonder which long-lost relative you are."

Hope asks what the brat had to talk about. Bo tells her she was playing matchmaker, "Most children want their parents to be together except Shawn."

"You gotta give him some time," says Hope.

Bo tells her about Patch and Billie kissing. "Poor Kayla," says Hope, "I know what it's like to look at your husband and feel like you don't know him anymore."

"It's not the same thing," says Bo, pulling the knife from his chest before she can twist it more, "You do know who I am. I'm the same immature guy I was when we met. Except I love you more than I did then." Bo says he told Chelsea there is only one woman in his life – Hope.

Sami protests. She says Lucas was just being cute. All they share is a child, "He is sleeping on the couch."

"Good," says EJ, "Then I'm sure Lucas won't mind if I ask you on a date."

Bonnie says, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We are gonna get Shawn back."

Mimi yells, "It was one of your plans that got me into this mess in the first place, Mother!" Mimi insists it's too late.

Bonnie says she is wrong, "Shawn is your future. Our future."

"You mean our meal ticket."

Shawn tells his new best friend about Claire, and how Mimi knew the truth about her all along. And about Belle. Willow asks if they used to be in love or still are.

The bloated Hope had four slices of pie. They waddle out of the diner as Hope tells Bo she doesn't have a good feeling about any of this, except finding out Claire is their granddaughter. Bo takes her hand and says, "Family is what it's all about Fancy Face." Closer... closer... Bo backs off and decides they should take it slow. He suggests a walk along the waterfront.

Bonnie schemes. Mimi says this was always about Bonnie getting her hands on the money, "What was I thinking taking marriage advice from you? How could I be so stupid keeping the secret from Shawn? Thanks a lot, Mother. That's one more time you screwed up my life."

Sami didn't know EJ was interested. Lucas certainly did, "You'd be the only one on the planet if you didn't realize that. He's been after you ever since he got to Salem. You know that."

EJ says their first meeting was "interesting" but she was with Austin then and he couldn't ask her out. "How about it," he asks. Lucas stares.

Sami says it's short notice. Lucas butts in, "We're having dinner tonight with Will." Sami and EJ decide on tomorrow.

"Don't rush in," says Lucas, "This could be confusing for Will." Sami says she will talk to him.

Bo and Hope conveniently wind up at the Fancy Face. Hope accuses him of going there on purpose. Bo claims it was totally subconscious. He suggests taking advantage of the fact they are there and going on board, so he can take advantage of something else. Hope thinks he was right – they should take it slow.

Shawn tells Willow he still loves Belle. She's married to his best friend who is also his uncle. She asks if Belle loves him.

"It doesn't matter," says Shawn, "She's committed to her marriage."

Bonnie admits this is because of her and her bad choices. Their life has been one disaster after another. That's why she wanted Shawn for Mimi, "Because he's the best. Not the brightest... just the best."

"He is," says Mimi, "And that's why this hurts so much."

Bonnie says, "For all the Days Of Our Lives, I've just wanted you to be better than me. I wanted my precious, beautiful, special, smart – well three out of four ain't bad – girl to have everything she deserved. But I screwed up your life like mine and I'm so sorry."

Mimi says, "People like us... Our dreams never come true."

Sami, Lucas and Will arrive at the diner. The waitress tells Sami she looks so much better in person, not like the hag she saw on TV. Sami gets defensive and the waitress leaves just before Sami leaps to scratch out her eyes.

A high-school-hottie comes over and asks, "Are you Will Roberts? I'm Brooke. Can I have your autograph? I've seen you in school. I think you're cute in a Napoleon Dynamite geeky kind of way."

Will, out to prove he's got nothing to prove, reels at the backhanded compliment, "Napoleon Dynamite?"

Brooke leaves. "Well," says Mommy, "She's not Natalie Portman." Sami makes over Will. She pulls the most dreaded, hated mommy maneuver of all. She sees a speck of dirt on his face and licks her thumb and rubs it. Will nukes, "I hate this! I hate you!"

Shawn says Mimi lied when they took their wedding vows. Heather suggests maybe he needs more beer. Shawn says he has just a bit of trouble with alcohol and needs to finish this sober. Willow thinks he was raised right. He has good parents. Shawn thinks so about his mom, anyway. She asks about his dad. She'd give anything to have parents to get close to.

"Don't wish too hard," says the old philosopher, "It hurts more when you find out who they really are." She encourages him to work things out and walks away.

Hope has Fancy Face memories. Bo remembers teaching Shawn to swim. Hope says they will never be able to create those memories with Zack. She misses him so much. The baby inside her reminds her of being pregnant with Zack. The hurt will never go away. Hugs.

Lucas tells Will to apologize to the mother hen. He does. Sami is sorry, too. Will says he doesn't really hate her. Sami is trying to make up for her mistakes. She left Austin because she knew the marriage wouldn't work. She loves him but he was still in love with Auntie. She tells Will the old Sami wouldn't have realized that until she had been married to him for a couple of years.

"Progress not perfection," says Lucas.

Sami thinks maybe this happened for a reason. She didn't do it to be perfect. She did it for a reason.

Lucas says dating EJ isn't right for Will.

"I think they'd make a lovely couple," says Sami.

Will does a double take, "You're dating EJ? Here we go again!"

Bonnie insists Mimi and Shawn will get back together, "But just in case, start thinking about that big divorce settlement." Mimi is disgusted. Bonnie says, "If he's going to chase after Belle he has to pay for it."

Mimi says, "Mom, you will never stop." She hugs her as Claire cries. Mimi tells Bonnie to go without her. She wants to be alone.

"Don't sink too low," advises Bonnie, "That's the other Lockhart family motto: Never give in, never give up and never pay for what you can beg borrow or filch."

Shawn doesn't know what he's going to do about his dad. He thinks Willow has had it worse than he has.

"You play the hand you're dealt," says Willow.

"Even in poker you get a new hand once in a while," Says Shawn. He takes out a piece of paper and writes something on it, "My Aunt Maggie runs a restaurant, Chez Rouge."

"That's in the fancy part of town," says Willow.

"Take this to her," says Shawn, "Tell Maggie Shawn Brady told you to call. You're too nice a girl to do what you are doing."

"You think I'm nice," asks Willow.

Shawn looks at the medal, "You're the angel."

Bo misses Zack, too. He would live with ten times the pain if he could take hers away. He is sorry for giving the keys to the brat. Hope fires up her own pity party, "For months I've been blaming you and Chelsea, but I am responsible, too. I am his mother. A mother is supposed to protect her child." Bo says Zack was at a sleepover. She couldn't have known.

"I should have been able to stop him," says Hope. They argue. Hope thinks she failed Zack. Bo says she didn't. She wasn't responsible, "I will not let you do this to yourself. I love you too much."

The happy Roberts clan comes home. EJ comes out in the hall and asks how it went. Nice. He's looking forward to dinner tomorrow night. Sami too.

Will heads for bed and apologizes again to Sami. Sami tosses pillows and blankets at Lucas. Lucas can't believe it, "You really want me to sleep on the couch?"

"Are you propositioning me," asks Sami.

"No," says Lucas, "I'm just talking about sleeping. Are you afraid you can't control yourself?"

"Hardly," says Sami, "I just don't want to hear you snore. I need my beauty rest for my date with EJ." She goes in the bedroom. Lucas huffs.

Mimi holds a picture of Shawn and bawls, "Shawn I'm so sorry!" Pan out the window. Oh, the metaphor!

Shawn and Willow kiss. Willow says, "If you want I'll give you a freebie."


Shawn says no. He takes out his wallet. "I said you didn't have to pay," says Willow.

Shawn tells her to take the money and get a decent place to sleep and some clothes for her interview with Maggie.

"You're an angel," says Willow.

"Maybe we're each other's," says Shawn. She leaves. He picks up the medal and stares.

Bo leads Hope into the bedroom of the boat, "Welcome home, Fancy Face." Kiss. They continue to take it slow as they slowly jump into the sack...


Kate says, "You're awfully confident. EJ says, "Because I thrive on competition and because in the end I never lose."

Stephanie asks Shawn, "Is your relationship with Belle one of those things you hope works out?"

Patrick tells Mimi, "What I'm thinking is that maybe she doesn't want to have a future with Bo... or me."

Bo asks Hope, "How about coming back to me?" Hope chews her food.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Prevuze took the words right out of my mouth. Whose long-lost, unknown sister/daughter/mother/ex-wife will Willow turn out to be? HAHAHAHA

What kind of a "meal ticket" can Shawn be? He is a college drop-out and (sometimes) works in a garage! Speaking of Shawn...LOL at the picture of his evolution.

New FT babysitters for Claire - how true, how true.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A perfect Monday-morning Prevuze--thanks!!

I love how ever-righteous Shawn can tell his wife that their marriage is over, storm out of the house, and still expect her to babysit HIS child!!

6:56 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

""I love how ever-righteous Shawn can tell his wife that their marriage is over, storm out of the house, and still expect her to babysit HIS child!!"

But he turned down a 'freebie.' That takes him beyond 'ever-righteous' into the 'tower of strength' category.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Or more like a saint. I guess I missed the episode where Jr. progressed into sainthood.

Willow looks sort of like a young Nicole (at least in the picture).

I LOL over Jr.'s evolution. I almost missed original Shawn in there. Prevuze is slick!

Thanks for the much needed Monday morning chuckles! :D

8:48 AM  

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