Friday, October 06, 2006

Going To Hell In A Hand Basket

Abe and Lexie romp on the couch. “Just like old times,” says Abe.

“I wouldn't say it's just like old times,” says Lexie.

“I know,” says Abe, “Because we both wonder if it's real.”

A detective lets john into Marlena's room. The detective tells him they have gone through her things and checked the place out. Supersluth John, of course, wants to “have a look around” because they might have missed something. He stoops to inspect the grisly hunk-o-blood dripping down the door jamb. He gives it a little whiff. Only God knows why. Detective Cheney gets a call. He hangs up and tells John they discovered the blood was not only not Marlena's, but it was pig's blood.

OMG,” says John, “Now we're dragging Kate into this, too. Somebody's screwing with my family. They won't get away with it.”

Sami is in Belle's room. Belle wakes up and asks about her mom. No news. Belle wonders why all these bad things are happening. Sami tries to encourage her.

Phillip comes down and wants to know why Shawn is still there. Shawn once again says he is sorry and he knows Phillip had a difficult decision to make. He leaves. Phillip sighs.

Stephanie hovers between life and death as Patch agonizes. Billie leaves and Kayla moves in. Patch blubbers and tells her he remembers holding his baby girl in his arms, “Stephanie, you are my baby girl. Yes you are.”

His mood changes and he starts to leave. Kayla asks where he is going. “Just give me a minute,” says Patch. Kayla moves in on Stephanie and tells her things will be OK now.
EJ walks up with a bouquet of flowers and asks Lucas how Stephanie is doing. Lucas says she is OK. Lucas and EK play 20 questions as Lucas tries to figure out who the flowers are for. Not Stephanie... not Belle... getting closer... Jealucas finally gets the idea, “Don't tell me they're for Sami.”

Kate asks Victor if he heard Belle lost the baby. Yes, Victor heard. Kate thinks now Belle can be with Shawn, which will be for the best. Victor wonders when she jumped to that conclusion. “When I decided to face reality,” says Kate, “Phillip deserves much better.”

Victor tells her to butt out, “We've interfered with their lives enough.”

“Really,” says Kate, “Does the name Lauren mean anything to you? It should. Because she's the surrogate who's having our son's child. Tell me, do you want Bonnie Lockhart as part of your family?”

Shawn is all packed up and ready to run away. We have no idea where he is going but perhaps Jan's cage is still available. Mimi tells him she is canceling the contract with the surrogate.

“Fine,” says Shawn, “It's not my baby... If that's what you want.” He heads out the door.

“So you really don't care,” says Mimi. Shawn tells her Belle just lost his baby. Mimi is shocked. She asks if Belle is OK.

“Physically,” says Shawn, “As far as I am concerned, you and Phillip can do whatever you want with the baby.” Shawn leaves. Meems steams.

Patch sits and cries. He tells Billie he remembered Stephanie. He says he doesn't know if he can handle it. Billie says she thinks he can and walks away as Kayla comes up. They fall in each other's arms. Patch cries like he's Belle on a roll.

John goes through he stuff in Marlena's room. He finds a receipt for a storage facility. Andre says it wasn't in the room when they searched it before. “Of course it wasn't,” says John, “Someone planted it here for me to find.” John twirls the note, works his jaw, squints and thinks.

Belle tells Sami Phillip is home with Claire. She tells her Shawn is suing for partial custody. “OMG,” says Sami, “But you're glad he's doing it, aren't you?”

Belle says, “I want Shawn to be a part of our life. I'm glad he's fighting for us.”

“You mean Claire,” says Sami.

“Yeah,” says Belle, “I'm still a little out of it.”

I'm glad things are back to normal, then,” says Sami, “I know you love Shawn. As it turns out you have a child together.”

Belle wishes Marlena were there. She could really help. Sami calls john to find out what's happening.

Sami tells him he is with Belle. She tells him she lost the baby and asks about Marlena. John says he is working on a lead right now. He promises he will find Marlena and bring her home.

Sami hangs up and tells Belle john is following a big lead. Belle thanks her for making the call. “You are my baby sister,” says Sami, “I would do anything for you. Even call the dreaded John Black.” Hugs and tears.

Lucas wants to know what EJ is trying to prove bringing Sami flowers. He's trying to prove he can make Lucas jealous at the drop of a hat.

Shawn finds Kate and Victor at the hospital. They tell him Max is fine and Stephanie is improving. They discuss the fact that there was something very wrong with Max' car. Victor asks Kate to excuse them so he can talk to Shawn. Kate whisks off on her broom.

“I hate to tell you this,” says Victor, “But Titan is pulling out. We're not going to be financing your engine after all.”

Kayla assures Patch Stephanie will be fine, “And so will we, now that you have your memory back.”

He holds her head in his hands, “I'm so sorry, Kayla, I still don't remember you.” Oh, the despair!

Phillip arrives at the hospital and bumps into Mimi. Mimi says she heard about Belle and the baby and wonders if there is anything she can do. Phillip ain't happy. He knows Mimi has been lying to them all this time, “Don't say you were trying to protect me or Claire. The only person you were trying to protect was yourself.”

“Will you please tell me what we are going to do about Lauren,” asks Mimi.

“Who the hell is Lauren?”

“Our surrogate.” Phillip can't deal with that right now. Mimi tells him under the circumstances she thinks they should void the contract. Phillip wonders if that means they just void the baby too. He tells her that's not going to happen.

Victor tells Shawn he knows the engine wasn't at fault, but he knows it will always be associated with something ugly. Shawn protests, “But I'm your grandson. Your own flesh and blood.”

“This is strictly business,” says Victor. He walks off. Shawn stands beside the counter at the nurses' station and smacks it. That'll teach it.

EJ tells Lucas he thinks he still has a thing for Sami. Lucas doth protest too much and says he's just concerned because Sami's vulnerable right now. When she's like that she gets involved in things that aren't good for her.

“You mean like me,” says EJ

Lucas smiles, “You picked right up on that.”

“She's a grownup,” says EJ, “I think we can let her decide.”

“Grownup,” asks Lucas, “That's not exactly the word I would use to describe her.”

“How about we do this,” says EJ, “Either you make a claim for her, or I will.”

“Really...,” says Lucas.

Sami interrupts the boys. She admires the flowers. EJ tells her they are for Belle. He takes her aside and says he hopes they are still on for dinner. Sami says she can't do it because of the situation with Belle, Stephanie and her mom. He asks if she has eaten today. She says no. “That settles it, then,” says EJ, "You need taking care of. And I want to take care of you." He kisses her forehead. Lucas looks on.

Abe wishes there were a simple answer. Trust isn't a commodity. He takes a big share of the responsibility for what has happened in their marriage. When he was blind he lost his masculinity, and can understand why she would turn to another man for comfort. He gave her what Abe couldn't, someone who wasn't wallowing in his own self pity. Abe just wishes she had been honest with him.

Lexie says she has never felt completely deserving of a man like Abe. God knows, she has shopped around for one, though, “You're a person of such high morals and integrity. I just wonder how you could love someone like me.”

Opposites attract,” says Abe, “I will always love you for what you are, a loving, beautiful, kind tramp. I have to demand one thing if you want to give this marriage a chance... that you never see Tek Kramer again.” Decisions, decisions.

John and Cheney snoop around a chain link fence. They raise the door on a warehouse and walk in. Cheney wonders what all this is. “Beats the hell out of me,” says John, “I just hope whatever it is leads me right to my wife."

They rummage through the warehouse. They uncover an opening in the wall and find a large box. “Let's get this thing open right now,” says the brilliant John.

Sami decides she is in a mood to be pampered. “All right,” says EJ, “Pampering at eight o'clock sharp.” As he leaves he shoves the flowers at Lucas and tells him to give them to Belle.

Belle looks at a picture of her and Phillip. Maggie brings Claire in.

Kayla sniffles. Patch says he's sorry he keeps hurting her, “I know it causes you so much pain. Now I know what that feels like. Maybe I'm better off that way.”

Kayla insists he's not. Patch worries about losing Stephanie. He's already missed her whole life. What if he can't be a father to her? He breaks down as Billie watches.

Lexie promises Tek is out of her life for good. Abe is the only man she wants to be with at the moment. Round two.

Kayla tells Patch the only way he could disappoint Stephanie is to turn around and walk away one more time. She says he didn't think he'd ever get his memory back but it has happened. He reminds her he only remembered one thing. She tells him he has to make a commitment one way or another. He's either going to be in Stephanie's life or not.

“That's not all she wants,” says Patch, “What she wants is for you and me to be together.”

“Is that what you want?”

“What I want? Who am I. I don't want to hurt you. You gotta stop hanging on. That guy you were in love with – I don't know who that is.” He takes off. Kayla breaks down. Billie follows Patch.

Sami wonders why Lucas is staring at her. He tells her, “The world is going to hell in a hand basket, but you're out making dates, Your social schedule is more important.” Sami claims EJ is just trying to make sure she's taken care of.

Lucas blood pressure rises, “Yeah, I'll bet he wants to make sure you're taken care of in more ways than one.”

Sami wonders why he cares if she goes on a date anyway. Lucas tells her to do what she wants. Sami leaves. Lucas stews.

Frankie bumps into Shawn as he careens down the hall. Frankie wants to know what's wrong and Shawn dumps on him, “Victor just pulled the plug on my engine.”

Frankie says, “Maybe you should rethink this custody case. After all, if you don't sue, I don't get paid.” Shawn tells him Claire is better off with Belle and Phillip and storms off.

Phillip tells Victor and Kate there are two children's lives at stake here and he's going to make the right decision. Victor says he is proud of him. He tells Kate he's going to buy her a cup of coffee and drags her off kicking and screaming.

Mimi comes up and Phillip tells Mimi they need to do something about the baby soon. Kate thinks they should terminate the contract. Bonnie comes up and overhears. She figures Kate thinks the Lockhart's aren't good enough for her and her sons, “Well, she didn't mind using Mimi to keep Shawn away from Belle. So we don't have breeding or class? Well how classy is it not to tell your own son that the kid he thinks is his is actually another man's?” Mimi's jaw hits the floor as Bonnie tells Phillip Kate knew all along and conspired to keep everyone in the dark. Phillip doesn't believe her but Mimi confirms it.

Phillip leaves. Mimi says, “MO-THER, why did you do that?”

Bonnie says, “I wanted to tell the truth like you always did. And, boy, did it feel great.” She walks off. Mimi stares.

Frankie joins Belle and Claire. He says he has great news, “Shawn has dropped the custody suit.” Belle says that's great, but actions speak louder than words. She decides not to kill the messenger.

Frankie leaves. Belle tells Claire, “He changed his mind. He's not gonna fight for you. For either of us."

John rips the box open and finds Marlena. “Don't worry baby. John's here. John's here, but you'll be OK anyway.

“I knew you'd come for me,” cries Marlena.



Carrie tells Belle, "Let Phillip go so he can build a life with someone who loves him as much as you love Shawn.”

Kate says, “Maybe I should have told you the truth but I did what I thought was right.” Phillip says, “There's nothing you can do. And don't come near me again.”

A woman walks in and throws her arms around EJ. “Baby, where have you been,” she says, “I missed you so much!” Sami watches and wonders.

Victor and Kate walk into a smoke-filled room. Victor yells, “What the hell are you doing?” Shawn screams, “I am gonna make you pay!”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

"Does Lauren mean anything to you?" and "Who the hell is Lauren?" I had the same reaction. Glad Mimi clarified that she's the surrogate. There IS a whole other baby out there. 'Course, since it isn't Belle's I guess it isn't important.

Speaking of Belle, "...crying like Belle on a roll." LOL

Maybe Kayla needs to get in a car accident herself. That might jog Patch's memory.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jealucas - Jealous + Lucas? AMEN!

8:04 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Hey, way to go Bonnie! Isn't this about the first time Kate's actually been caught in one of her lies/schemes?

I LOL over the "real" reason Jr. dropped the custody suit. HAHAHA

And speaking of that blockhead (refer to yesterday's Prevuze), I wish Vic would knock his block off.

Excellent Prevuze today. Thanks!!

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is the guy in the jail picture with Patrick? Please forgive my ignorance...

8:10 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

That's the arrest picture of Jason Cook when he was arrested in Iowa. When I saw Patrick in his orange jumpsuit it was practically the same color as Jason's and it reminded me of that.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed how every day they're making Meems look more like Frankenstein's monster?

I guess it's because Halloween's coming. Hope's going to be a skeleton, Stephanie a toasted marshmallow ...

8:03 AM  

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