Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Let's Do It

Sami and EJ kiss their way into the bedroom. "This is one place Lucas can't spoil our evening," says EJ.

Peeping Lucas spies and wonders where Will is. Will comes back with a paper bag. "I've been thinking...," says Will.

"That makes one of us," says Lucas. Will wonders if all these tricks mean he is going to grow up to be like his mom. Lucas asks if he would have thought of all these tricks on his own.

"No," says Will, "I'm too grown up. But I really am loving it, and this next prank will keep EJ away from Mom forever."

Marlena tells Belle she is glad she's home with them. Belle appreciates the invitation. She thinks she should call Phillip. Marlena wonders if she should do that, "You have a lot of thinking to do, don't you?"

"Too much thinking gives me a headache, though," says Belle.

Phillip tells Claire to have sweet dreams as the doorbell rings. Mimi is at the door to talk about the future of their baby.

Bo says he had a great time on the boat last night. So did Hope. Bo suggests talking about their future. Hope says, "A lot happened today. Patrick was exonerated. I'm having his baby. I know as much as you don't want to hear it he is gonna be a part of my future."

Kate tees off on Shawn. Shawn says, "It was my baby, Victor. How could you play God with our lives like that? Nico rushes in with his gun drawn. Victor wants to talk. Shawn says, "It's too late for talking."

Will shows Lucas a paper bag. Lucas doesn't think it's a good idea. He thinks it might be illegal. Will asks if he has a better idea. Lucas can't come up with one. They need a lighter. Will pulls it out, "I swear, Dad, I'm not smoking."

Sami and EJ fool around in bed. For the second time tonight, Sami smells something strange. Smoke rises. The sprinkler system goes off. As he and Sami get soaked, EJ opens the door and discovers a stink bomb.

Bo knows Hope wants Patrick to be a part of their baby's life but that doesn't change things between them. Hope reminds him he said no pressure. Bo vows to raise the baby as his own, as he gets a call from Henderson. He hangs up the phone and tells Hope, "It's Shawn."

Shawn rants. He respected and looked up to Victor. He says he pulled this stunt because he wants Victor to feel the same way he feels. "That's impossible," says Victor, "You don't even have a grandson, much less one that's the town idiot."

Nico grabs Shawn and tells Victor Henderson called Bo. Victor asks to speak to Shawn alone. Nico leaves and Victor asks, "Who are you really trying to hurt – me, or yourself?"

Phillip doesn't want to talk now. He has to get back to Belle. Mimi asks if Belle will want to be reminded what she lost when their baby is born. She says she won't, and will hate Mimi. Phillip wonders if they give up their rights what happens to the baby. Mimi says that's up to Lauren. She has talked to Lauren who just happens to be on her way over there.

That's Lauren's cue. Doorbell. The elusive Lauren comes in with Mr. Doyle, her notary. Phillip hesitates a moment and then says, "Let's do it." They sit down with the notary and Phillip signs the papers.

Belle whines, "Phillip is grieving as much as I am over the loss of our unborn baby, so I should be home with him." Marlena tells her she knows she's not sure what she wants to do with the marriage. She asks her to think carefully before giving Phillip any false hope. Belle says she thought about leaving Phillip when Shawn filed the lawsuit, but then he dropped it without any explanation. So Belle doesn’t want to see him again.

Marlena thinks Belle is looking for a reason not to make a decision, "Does Phillip want to be married to someone who loves someone else? When John and I advised you to commit to your marriage that was before we knew Claire was Shawn's child. So now it's OK to trash it."

Belle points out this is kind of like Marlena doing the same thing when she found out Belle was John's instead of Roman's. Marlena says she never regretted that decision. "And I had a really happy childhood," adds Belle.

Marlena says, "You're at a crossroads. What is it that you want? You need to make decision and stick to it even if Shawn's not in the picture. In your heart what is it that you want?"

Sami and EJ cough as they figure out someone has planted a stink bomb at the door. EJ wants to go give the adolescents a taste of their medicine. Sami tells him she will do it instead. Now they're really in trouble. Sami leaves. EJ says, "Lucas you're in big trouble, my friend."

Sami storms into the apartment to find the juveniles in their bathrobes. Sami goes berserk. She gives them both barrels. The boys claim innocence. Sami screams, "I can understand Will acting like a child, but I can't understand it from you, Lucas."

EJ comes in and gets Lucas in a hammerlock. Sami pulls them apart as EJ screams at the two kids, "You're paying for everything! I think a couple of months in a juvenile center will do Will a lot of good." EJ shoves Lucas and says he's itching to call the police as he leaves.

After he's gone, Lucas mocks EJ. "It isn't funny," yells Sami, "How could you do this?"

Mimi signs the papers. She apologizes to Lauren for all the inconvenience. "Well, I guess I should be going," says Lauren. Mimi walks out with Lauren and her mute notary. Phillip sighs.

Outside, Mimi gives Lauren the check and they leave. Mimi stares.

Phillip's phone rings. Belle asks about Claire. Phillip says she's sleeping. Belle tells him she has good news, "My dad found my mom."

"OK," says Phillip, "What's the good news? "

Belle tells him she's at the penthouse. Phillip wonders why she didn't call him. She says she was excited to see her mom and dad. Phillip asks if she is coming home. Belle doesn't answer, but asks if he would bring Claire by, "Please do this for me." Phillip sighs.

Victor asks Nico to give him a moment with his grandson. Shawn says he blames Victor for the loss of his job. Bo and Hope come in. Bo asks Shawn what is going on. Shawn tells him Victor knew he was Claire's father.

Bo turns to Victor, "Why did you do this to your grandson?"

"He's not my grandfather," says Shawn as he storms out. Hope follows. Bo rakes Victor over the coals.

Sami wants to talk to Lucas alone. As will leaves she tells him, "You are not off the hook!"

"It wasn't my idea," says Will, "But I'm glad it worked."

After Will leaves, Sami blasts Lucas, "What is going on?"

"Nothing," says the adolescent.

Sami says, "If you're going to act like this, we shouldn't live together any more."

Bonnie helps an invalid man into his room as he practically has a heart attack. Mimi stands in the hallway. As Bonnie comes back out, Mimi tells her to stop poaching on old men. Bonnie claims she keeps the hearts of the old geezers ticking.

Mimi tells her they terminated their rights with the surrogate. That practically stops Bonnie's ticker.

Phillip brings Claire into the penthouse. Marlena immediately hauls her upstairs.

Belle tells Phillip she's going to stay there for a few days, with Claire. Phillip asks, "Are you leaving me, Belle?"

"Honestly," says Belle, "I'm not sure what I want. But it is, of course, all about what I want."

Phillip says, "This is because of Shawn."

"It has nothing to do with him," says Belle.

Phillip says if she's thinking about leaving him, she owes it to him to tell him right now. He doesn't want her to stay with him if she doesn’t want to, "Claire and I deserve better than that."

"I'm sorry," whimpers Belle.

"I'm sorry too," says Phillip, "Give Claire a kiss for me. Goodbye. He starts to leave but turns and takes one final look back. Belle bawls.

Bonnie wonders how Mimi could have given up her kid, "That baby was my annuity. What part of the Kiriakis fortune do you not understand?"

Mimi leaves in disgust. Bonnie makes a call, "Hi. This is Bonnie Maureen Lockhart... Mimi's mom. We need to meet. How about Chez Rouge in an hour."

Victor says there is no excuse for what he did. He regrets it. Bo says the fallout from this secret will hurt a lot of people. He wonders how Victor will make up for that.

Shawn tells Hope, "My life is a mess. I just wanted to straighten it out by driving a car through a wall."

Hope says, "I'm so glad you learned your lesson after the motorcycle stunt. I am there for you."

"Thanks, Mom," says Brainiac, "Just be careful if you ever find yourself standing behind a stained glass window or a wall ."

Hope says, "I love you, my son, I love you." Hugs. "I know you are grieving over the loss of your unborn child but believe me, if that child had been born as dumb as you are, you'd be in a lot worse shape."

Lauren meets Bonnie at Chez Rouge. Bonnie tells her she wants Mimi's baby.

Shawn says, "Not only did I lose the baby, I lost Claire too. Phillip is the only father she's ever known." He tells Hope he dropped the custody suit. Hope thinks he should talk to Belle. Shawn doesn't know if he will do that. He asks what's up with her and Bo. Hope doesn’t know what the future holds with Bo, but she's there for Shawn. Likewise. Hugs.

Shawn and Victor come out of what's left of the house. Bo says, "Victor has something to tell you."

Belle tells Marlena Phillip is gone. She says he left because he wanted Belle to tell him things were going to work out, and she couldn't do that.

Marlena promises things will work out, and Belle can stay there as long as she wants and live with Mommy and Daddy in a world without adult responsibilities. Belle doesn’t know where she should go. She feels like she is starting her life all over again, "You are my inspiration."

"And you are my inspiration," says Marlena, "I guess that explains why we're both so uninspiring. I am sorry I wasn't there for you during all this. Things will be OK because we are a family and will support each other." Hugs.

Victor tells Shawn he's sorry. He would like to re-enter the engine agreement. Shawn doesn't want his pity or anything to do with him, "We are through as family, but if you think I was pissed wait till Phillip gets through with you."


Shawn and Victor go their separate ways. Hope says she thinks she's been so consumed with her own grief she hasn't been there for Shawn. Bo says he will help Victor dig the car out of his house while Hope drives Shawn home. They decide to meet for breakfast.

Bonnie doesn't want to let this chance get away from her. She tells Lauren intends to pay. She will mortgage Alice's to make sure Lauren is taken care of, "But only after you turn the baby over to me."

Phillip agonizes. He kisses Claire's picture and packs it. He looks at his wedding picture.

Belle stares. Belle cries. The doorbell rings. Mimi tells her she's sorry about Belle losing the baby. Small talk about Marlena. Mimi tells Belle she and Shawn are getting divorced. She thinks it's best if Belle doesn't know the details, "but Shawn is all yours." She tells her about signing away the rights to the baby, "I just want you to know I'll never stand in your way again"

Belle says, "There is nothing going on between Shawn and me."

"Don't be ridiculous," says Mimi, "There has always been something between you. Don't you think it's time you admitted it?"

Sami asks, "What is your plan, Lucas? To live on the sofa and criticize my boyfriends? We shouldn't pretend to be a family when we are not."

"We are a family," insists Lucas.

Sami says, "We shouldn't give Will false hope that we are a family."

"What if I do want to be a family," asks Lucas, "The truth is I still have major feelings for you."

FF Sami.


Shawn asks, "Belle, what do you want?"

Phillip says, "I'm sorry, Meems. I'm gong to miss you, but I don't belong here any more."

EJ says, "Of course, there is a tiny possibility I could be wrong." Kate smiles, "Or maybe not." Kiss.

John says, "It's a nice life." Marlena says, "It's a wonderful life. And I'm never going to leave it again."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mimi is dispicable. She just gave her baby away like it was nothing.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami the slut didn't waste any time jumping into EJs bed. I bet she catches kate and EJ and gets all uppity.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or one could put a positive spin on it, and say that Mimi gave that baby an opportunity to perhaps be adopted into a nice, normal, stable family...

Mimi is in no position to care for a child. Shawn doesn't want it. Phillip doesn't want it. Bonnie is the only one who wants it, but only because it means she can extort money from Victor or Kate...

No, I think the new writer is righting the wrong here and it's for the best. I wish Mimi could be a little more emotional or devastated about it, out of respect for those in the viewing audience who have actually had to give up a baby or who have lost a baby in any way--it is simply not an easy thing to do in any situation.

But the quicker this terrible plotline is ended, the better.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Prevuze was on fire today with all the pictures ! LOOOved the post-depression depressions ! haha !

And good Lumi cliffhanger :D Can't wait to see Sami's reaction !

I just hope Belle smack Meems after she learns Meems knew about Claire this whole time !!

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victor tells Shawn he's sorry.

Now, granted I don't have any grandchildren, but if I did, and one of them, say, intentionally drove a CAR through my living room, I doubt if anywhere in the conversation afterward would I be APOLOGIZING to THEM.....

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup I think for once someone (Mimi) actually did a responsible thing on DOOL. Why is it horrible to give the child a chance to be adopted by a good father and mother rather than be selfish and insist on raising the baby alone? The writers are finally having Mimi take the high ground.

Why is Shawn not on his way to jail? When will he learn not to drive into buildings??

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And how on earth was Max's car in any shape to be driven through a wall in the first place?? Didn't it just blow up a few hours before??

Or is it like Christine...?

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can anyone say Mimi did a responsible thing when she just paid someone she doesn't even know to take her baby.

7:39 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

There would have to really be something seriously wrong with someone who, every time they didn't get what they wanted, drove a vehicle thru a building. If he wasn't a BRADY his butt would be in jail. And the best thing Vic could do is make the jerk pay every cent of the damages. Don't let him off the hook at all!

I had to stop reading and stifle my laughing just at the pictures! Then when I got to Vic calling Jr. the village idiot I lost it again.

Phenominal Prevuze today, too many LOL moments to mention. Great way to start a gloomy day! :D

8:08 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Prevuze Rocks as always!! Max Brady's explosion, Abe's miracle recovery secret, Bob's Bean bonanza....it just went on and on.

So this is Marlena's big support for Belle - have her and Claire move into the penthouse but not to call Phil (the husband) to let him know where Belle is?? Sure glad Doc came back from NJ for this great maternal advice.

LOL at Belle's statement that Marlena left Pard to be with John, so Belle "really had a happy childhood." Of course, Sami & Eric got passed off to the grandparents in Colorado, but as long as Belle was happy......

8:30 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Belle "really had a happy childhood." "

If Belle had a happy childhood, she certainly seems to be making up for it as an adult.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see it now... Bonnie getting custody of Mimi & Phillip's baby as a way to draw Mimi and Phillip in as a future couple.

12:37 PM  

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