Monday, September 25, 2006

Virtues Of Bad Girls

The screws bring Patrick in to see Hope. He tells her he was starting to believe she wasn't going to come to see him. “I'm here,” says Hope.

“Does that mean you believe I'm innocent,” asks Patrick.

No,”says Hope,”It means I'm here.”

Bo comes into Roman's office and tells him he wants another shot at Lockhart.

Hester, er, I mean, Carrie sits in the pub contemplating her sinful deeds. Austin comes in and sits by her. They start to build the rationalization for their little peccadillo. Well, peccadilloes. They didn't plan on being on the roof together. It just happened. And, OMG, “If Sami knew the night you proposed to her...”

“I know,” says Austin.

“What Sami said is true,” says Carrie, "I'm a slut."

“No way,” says Austin, “That doesn't even begin to describe it.”

“And Lucas said I need to stop being the victim,” she says.”

“That's more like it,” says Austin, “You cheated on Lucas and you're the victim. Now you're talking.” Austin assures her it will be OK, but guilt ridden Carrie thinks she doesn't deserve for it go be OK. Carrie thanks him for letting her stay in his hotel room last night.

It was my pleasure,” says Austin.

“I need to find a home,” says Carrie.

Salem doesn't have a home for wayward girls anymore,” says Austin, “So I hope you will find that home with me.” The innocents kiss. Well, they make out. Holy cow, it's a full-blown tonsillectomy.

Lucas comes into Sami's apartment and asks where her boyfriend is. Sami says, “He's with...”

“Oh,” says Lucas, “Hester... right. Well, we have to focus on getting Will back.” Sami agrees. The doorbell rings. Kate, EJ and the action news team arrives.

Kate barges in and tells Lucas he looks like hell. He appreciates her support. Sami thanks them for coming to help with the search for Will. Kate is happy to do it, “Will is my grandson, for God's sake.” Sami and Kate start to snipe at each other. EJ referees.

Hope is there because she believes people are innocent until proven guilty. “Gee, thanks,” says Patrick.”

“We have shared a lot,” says Hope, “and I want to hear your side of the story. But, please, no legends. The evidence is piling up. It's going to be hard to convince me you're not guilty.”

Roman tells Bo that Sami and Lucas are going on TV to make the appeal this afternoon. Bo vows to break Lockhart before that. “If Patrick is not our man,” says Roman, “We have to do whatever it takes to find Will.”

Kate tells Sami and Lucas the broadcast will air live as a part of the Salem Midday Fluff show. Sami is beside herself but Lucas tells her to calm down. EJ advises them on the best way to talk to the scoundrels who have kidnapped Will. Sami wonders what if they are too late. Lucas reassures her. Kate suggests she say something, and perhaps Austin and Carrie could horn in on the appeal as the aunt and uncle. Oops. She said the magic word. Lucas don' need no stinkin' aunt and uncle around there.

Austin and Carrie reel in their respective tongues. “People are watching,” says Carrie. “Can you blame them,” asks Austin, “You usually have to go to a circus to see a sideshow like us. Besides, we'll be together for all the Days Of Our Lives.”

Until it's Mike's turn again,” says Carrie, “besides, flaunting it is not cool. What's really going to be hard is when all my friends and family find out about this. They will know I am not who they thought I was.”

They already knew you were a person who would leave one husband at the drop of a hat to run off with another guy,” says Austin.

You're right,” says Carrie, “Old habits are hard to break.”

Bo tells Roman he's off to see what he can get out of Lockhart. Roman cautions him whatever he gets out of Patrick, he wants it to hold up in court.”

“You know me,” says Bo, “Strictly by the book.”

I'd feel a whole lot better if you could read,” says Roman.

An officer comes into Roman's office with the report on the murder weapon. Bo stays as Roman looks at it.

Bo asks, "Is Lockhart's gun the murder weapon?"

Roman hands him a file, "See for yourself."

Hope begs Patrick to tell where Will is if he knows. Patrick proclaims his innocence. “I have heard that from every perp I have ever arrested,” says Hope.

“Both of them,” asks Patrick, “Is that all I am to you now, a perp?” Hope runs through the damning litany of evidence against Patrick. He has an excuse for everything and insists he would never have told Tek about the shoes if he had them sitting in his house. He says they aren't sure the gun is actually the murder weapon. He also wonders why Deep Throat wouldn't have wanted Jack and Jennifer to know his identity unless this is some kind of setup.

“Hope,” says Patrick, “We have slept together. We are having a baby together. Do you think I am capable of this?” The guard standing behind Patrick soaks it all in. Patrick continues, “Do you think I could look you in the eyes and tell you I am innocent if I wasn't?” Hope reminds him her track record in that area is pretty shoddy since Bo looked her in the eyes many times and told her he didn't tamper with the evidence. Patrick says, "The truth is there is only one person who could have set me up to take the fall for all of this, and that's Bo."

Austin and Carrie leave the pub. Austin insists she is not a bad person, “How long did you try to make it work?”

“You're right,” she says, “It was at least three or four days, wasn't it? He's better off without me. He's right when he says I'm never satisfied.”

“I know that,” says Austin, “After all, you came running to me five minutes after you slept with him. Jeez... My philosophy is once a king always a king, but once a knight's enough.”

“I don't trust myself to do the right thing,” she says. Translation: there is no cure for chronic nymphomania. “How can you love me?”

Because my philosophy apparently isn't your philosophy,” he says, “It'll be tough, but if I force myself, I can live with that. I was unfaithful to Sami. You're acting like you are the only one to blame here. We are in the same boat.”

“Yeah,” she says, “The Llooooovvee Boat. Maybe I don't know what love is. I wish Marlena was here.”

Austin suggests the call her. Carrie doesn't want to. “Nobody expects you to be perfect,” he says, “You should be happy you can live up to those expectations.” He suggests maybe she should go see her dad at the station. He offers to go with her. She decides she can go alone. Austin will go over to Sami's to help with the TV appeal.

Lucas tells Kate it's over with Carrie. EJ tells Kate he knew about Carrie and Austin's antics last night, “But I thought it would be more fun for you to find out this way.”

Kate tells Lucas she is sorry, “You and Carrie made the perfect couple.” Lucas insists Kate wanted Carrie to be with Austin. Kate says she came to understand his relationship with Carrie was good, “Maybe you can patch things up.”

“Yeah, maybe if I contract a hit on Austin.”

Sami jumps down his throat for even saying something like that even though he claims he was kidding. “I'm sick of the good girls like Carrie who charm you and then stick a knife in your back and leave you in a pool of blood. I'll stick to the bad girls.”

Well, if you think Carrie is a good girl, you're going to have a small problem finding a bad one,” says Kate. She stares at Sami and says, “You are not going to go back to appreciating the non-existent virtues of bad girls. Not if I can help it.” Lucas tells her she doesn't have a say in it. The bickering goes on until EJ calls them over to get started on the appeal.

The technician sits them on the couch, moves them closer... closer... and has them hold hands. Kate hurls.

Carrie arrives at the police station to tell Daddy she's been a bad little girl. Roman figures out right away it's not a social call. “I can never hide anything from you,” says Carrie, “Especially when I come to your office and blurt it out.”

Hope tells Patrick to leave Bo out of this. Patrick insists he has been set up and the most logical candidate is Bo. Hope says Bo would never frame an innocent man for murder, “If I had to make a choice right now, then I'd believe Bo.” Bo stands at the door and listens. He tells Fancy Face she is right. Patrick goes nuts proclaiming his innocence. Hope reminds him of that pesky little detail – all the evidence against him.

Tough guy Bo says, “The evidence says you're guilty as hell.”

Carrie drops the Austin bomb on Roman. After all his years living in Salem, even he couldn't believe this one, if it wasn't Carrie. She insists she loves them both. Frequently. “Lucas and Austin were constantly fighting over me like I'm some kind of prize. I'm no prize, Dad.”

Oh, that's not true,” says Roman, “Booby Prize.”

“Lucas deserves a better wife than me,” she says, “How could I do this to him?”

Kate tells EJ she has a bad feeling about this – abut Sami and Lucas, that is. She thinks Sami will use this to lure Lucas back into her life and her bed, “Lucas is wounded and Sami will swoop in just like a vulture after her prey.”

“Lucas has got his own head on his shoulders,” says EJ, “I hardly think he's going to be ready for a relationship for a long time.”

“It doesn't matter what Lucas wants. If Sami is ready, she'll move in for the kill. And I will lose my son.”

Sami worries about saying the right thing during the broadcast. Lucas assures her they will both do OK.

Austin arrives. He wonders what EJ is doing there. EJ 'splains his role, “If you have a problem with me being here, you need to leave now.” Kate butts in. Since Austin has been so busy with his brother's wife she wonders if it's best that he's there right now.

Lucas stands up, “I didn't know it was garbage day around here.” Sami begs him to back off. Lucas insists Will is their son, and he is the one who will be there to support Sami, not Austin.

“Just like I told you,” says Kate, “This is how it begins.”

Bo tells Patrick the ballistics test proved the bullet that killed Eve came from his gun, “How you gonna explain that away, huh?” Patrick huffs and looks away. He claims the gun isn't his and the registration is fake. Bo moves on to something else. He wonders why Patrick made a call to Sami on the day of Will's disappearance. Patrick claims he didn't.

“You're a liar,” says Bo, “And you're gonna fry.”

Roman asks if Carrie had it to do over, would she choose not to get together with Austin.

“No.” she says adamantly.

So much for the repentance route,” says Roman. She just wishes she had never married Lucas in the first place. He tells her the important thing is to learn from our experiences.

I learned two men are better than one,” says Carrie. She assures him she will try to learn from her mistake and grow from it. She swears she loves Austin.

“Then you grab onto it and hold on,” he says, “because a love like that only comes along once in a lifetime, or, in your case, every other day.”

Lucas begins the appeal. He tells Will thorough the magic of television they love him and want him back. He talks about Will's friends at school, the football team misses him, they are passing out flyers and all that. He breaks down as he tells him he's proud he is his father. He begs whoever is holding him not to take their personal problems with him or Sami out on Will. Sami cries.

Roman made it all better for Carrie. He decides to call Marlena. Jeffrey Taylor answers. He tells Roman Marlena never showed up. Dumb-da-dumb-dumb.

Bo tells Hope he has to talk to Patrick alone. Patrick proclaims his innocence as Hope leaves.

Bo plays tough cop, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Where is Will Roberts?”


“That's not the truth. But we will get there eventually,” says Bo.

Sami makes her appeal. She talks about Lucas and Will working on his curve ball. They were going to the World Series this year. She wants Will to know how sorry she is for all the disappointments. She talks about not being able to hold him when he was a newborn. She thinks sometimes Will acts like a grownup while they act like children, but that's not going to happen any more. She wants whoever has him to take it out on her, not her son. As Sami begs, Will walks in the door and says hi to Austin.

“Hi, Will,” He jumps out of his skin, “WILL!” Oh, happy day!



Kate says, “I don't think she can get Lucas out of her system.” EJ says, “Maybe we should see what we can do about that.”

Roman tells John and Bo, “The police found a bloodstain in Marlena's hotel room.”

Lexie tells Abe, “I love you so much.” Kiss. Tek watches.

Will stammers, “The reason I didn't go back to school is because I... I...” Flash to Lucas. Flash to Sami.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lumi are back! Lumi are back! Lumi are back!

Love the constant digs at Carrie. She's such a whore and I'm so happy to see that everyone finally sees that too!

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Carrie is a whore but she only Ho's up with Austin.
Can anyone splain to me why the h e l l Marlean would leave Salem. She's not to long got her memory back and someone is always trying to kill her. Dam! she needs to hire the secret service.

5:37 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Re: Marlena. Not only that, but her daughter was devastated due to the latest non-wedding through and her grandson had just gone missing. As Prevuze said, "Dumb-de-dumb-dumb." HAHAHAHA

LOVED all of the pictures today, especially the last one. HO HO HO

I was especially glad to see Prevuze on this Monday morning!!

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a great Prevuze. I laughed all through it. I looking forward to seeing this episode. I think it will be a embarasing day for the Robert's family in general!

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucas reminds me of Charley Sheane. He also said he preferred bad girls over good girls. Yeah!

7:15 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

Blood on Marlen'as bedsheets? This can mean only one thing!

Marlena really is a woman!

7:29 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

If Bo could read. HAHAHAHHAA

I loved the Ho's and the comments about Perfect Carrie.

Why doesn't Patrick just take a lie detector test? Of course even if they came up with him telling the truth it wouldn't shut up big shot Bo.

Thanks,'s the only thing that got me up and going this Monday morning!! :D

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha, yes, Carrie is a regular modern-day Hester Prynne is she not? Thank the TPTB there's not a little Pearl to tag along ;)

But maybe perhaps Carrie has been shacking up with John, afterall he was a priest wasn't he? *rolls eyes*

I wonder what Nathanial Hawthorn would think of, I shudder to think.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Wow, this was just chock full of great Prevuze lines! Loved the HOHOHO picture!

6:29 PM  

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