Thursday, September 21, 2006


Sami and Lucas are playing the waiting game in her apartment. Sami is freaked. She's driving Lucas crazy. Lucas says he is dealing with this in his own way. He's doing everything he can to keep from taking a drink. Sami cautions him not to do that. Lucas vows to stay strong for Will because he needs them.

Sami agrees. She wonders if they are too late. Lucas comforts her and assures her Will is going to be OK. Lucas says Will is lucky that he has the best of both of them. Sami bawls, "Yeah, he is lucky... that he didn't turn out like me." Lucas says he didn't mean it that way.

EJ comes to the door to go over plans for tomorrow. He needs them to plead with Will's captor. The TV crew will do the live feed from Sami's apartment. He tells them Kate and Austin worked hard on putting all this together. This reminds Lucas Carrie and Austin have been gone quite a while.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Austin sit together drinking at Dune. Carrie tells Austin she needed this, after their tough session of poster hanging. Will has told them both about being happy they are a part of his family. They think the poor kid has been through a lot. Carrie thinks he must be so scared right now. Austin reaches for her hand. Carrie yanks it away, "Austin, don't."

Blubbering Belle runs into the police station followed by Mimi and Bonnie. She tells John about Phillip absconding with Claire. John asks, "Why would you worry about Phillip leaving with Claire. He is her father."

"We just found out he's not," whimpers Belle, "Shawn is." John squints so hard his ears bulge out.

Phillip comes into Nikita's office. He wants to talk to whoever is in charge. He tells Nikita to get his boss. Nikita says he is alone. Phillip demands to see the results of the DNA test. Nikita tells him the information is confidential. If he shows Phillip the results he will lose his job.

Phillip spews fire, "If you know what's good for you, you better get those results right now! I don't give a damn about your job!"

Shawn walks into the office, "Show it to him."

Nikita panics, "Ztay away from me – you vant me to lose job?" Shawn convinces Nikita. Wild-eyed Phillip promises to look quick then go. Shawn tells him he won't like what he sees.

Lucas leaves a message for Carrie, "Give me a call when you get this. I haven't heard from you in a while." EJ thinks Carrie's battery probably just ran down.

Carrie's batteries are just fine. Austin asks why she pulled away. Carrie says they can't be together as long as Will is missing. Austin just doesn't know how to stay away from her. Carrie doesn't want to sneak around, "Right now there is no way we can be together."

John wants details. Belle tells him the brat didn't doctor the report. She tells him about the night of forgotten passion in the burning barn.

Bonnie chimes in, "Having sex while you're unconscious? That's quite a trick. I'd put better odds on the test being wrong."

"I don't know," says Belle, "I'm unconscious about most things."

Mimi tells Bonnie she isn't helping. Belle tells John Phillip just snapped and took off. Bonnie says she doesn't blame him.

"Obviously Phillip wasn't in a rational frame of mind," says John.

"Yeah," says Belle, "Other than that, there was nothing normal about his behavior."

Nikita goes over the results, "Shawn Brady is zee fazzer." Phillip disagrees.

Shawn jumps in, "Phillip..."

The demon spews green bile, "I SAID NO! IT'S NOT TRUE!" He turns his head 360° for good measure.

"I know it's a shock," says Shawn, "Right now the best thing you can do is go home to Belle. You are scaring Claire." Two cops come into the room behind Phillip.

Mad Dog Kiriakis turns and sees them, "You stay away from me!"

One of the cops says, "Just let us have the baby."

Lucifer wails, "YOU AREN'T TOUCHING HER!" The cops say if Phillip doesn't cooperate, they will have to turn Claire over to child protective services. Phillip calms down a little and asks, "If I give her to you, will I give her right back?"

"Yes," lies the cop.

"Right back to me," asks the madman.

The cop says in a soothing voice, "Yes. We will give her right back to you." Phillip buys it. He hands Claire over and the cops jump all over him. Phillip is under arrest.

EJ says there is a special 800 number set up for people to call after the TV segment. Will's pictures are on the website. Sami calls Austin. She leaves a message to call her.

Lucas says, "I thought we decided not to call Austin."

"You're right," says Sami, "It made too much sense to call him. They should have been back by now."

"Yeah," says Lucas, "Something isn't right here."

Sami cries, "You think something happened to them?" Lucas doesn't know. He heads out to find them.

Carrie assures Austin she isn't going back to Lucas. She just can't leave him right now. Austin understands. All Carrie wants is to be with Austin, "If I'm gong to break my marriage vows I at least owe it to Lucas... I have to be there for him."

John tries to calm Belle down. He also tries to stop the earth from turning on its axis. He has better luck with the earth. "Phillip will come home when he calms down," says John.

Belle knows Phillip would do anything to keep from losing Claire. Roman says he will tell his officers to be on the lookout for a raving lunatic with a baby.

No need. The officers drag Phillip in kicking and screaming. Belle wonders where Claire is. "She's with her father," says the officer.

"I AM HER FATHER," screams Mad Dog.

Shawn brings Claire in. Belle and Shawn and baby enjoy a family hug as Phillip looks on and seethes.

Roman says Phillip can go as soon as he posts bail. Shawn says he and Mimi will take Claire home. Bonnie thinks that's a bad idea. Shawn convinces Belle to let him take her, "She's hungry and doesn't need to be hanging around a police station for a couple of hours." Belle thanks him as Mimi gives her zombie stare.

Shawn leaves with Claire and tells Belle she will be fine. Mimi offers to help Belle any way she can. Belle thanks her. It's just one big happy family. She follows Shawn.

John says he couldn't reach Victor. Belle tells him about Shawn and Mimi taking Claire home. John asks if she will be OK. Belle doesn't know. Hugs.

EJ gives Sami a cup of his nanny's tea. Sami says nothing will make her feel better as she takes a gulp. She thanks EJ for being her friend. She says she doesn't deserve it, "Will has been kidnapped because of me. If I hadn't blackmailed Lexie..."

EJ says, "Don't do this, Samantha."

Sami cries, "If anything happens to him I will never forgive myself."

"You can't blame yourself," he says.

"I do," says Sami, "I am stupid. I should have gone to the police. If anything happens to Carrie and Austin I will never forgive myself."

Carrie decides she should get home. She looks at her cell phone and discovers Lucas tried to call. Austin tells her he is staying with Sami until Will is found. Carrie says she is pleased he is helping Sami like that.

BUSTED! Lucas walks in and asks, "What the hell is going on here?"

Shawn, Bonnie and Mimi bring Claire into Belle's apartment. Bonnie offers to watch her so he and Mimi can "have some time together." Daddy Shawn takes charge. He goes upstairs with Claire. Bonnie snorts, "He's already starting to act like he's her father."

Mimi rolls her eyes, "Maybe that's because he is, Mother. This is what I knew would happen. This is the beginning of the end for us."

Roman says he is sorry about Phillip.

Belle whines, "Now I'm going to have two children with Shawn and we are married to different people."

John reminds Belle of her MARRIAGE COMMITMENT.

"Jeez, you are so picky," says Belle.

"It won't be easy," says John, "I know better than anyone what it's like to find out the children you raised aren't yours. It hurts. Over time, you find out it doesn't make that much difference. They all turn out to be bums, whether they're yours or not. You love them the same, though."

Roman tries to help, "Claire will wind up with two fathers who love her very much. You don't want her to have just one father do you? She would go through life feeling inferior compared to everyone else it town."

John asks, "Can you tell me what you are thinking right now."

"I try not to think too much," says Belle, "It gives me headaches. I stayed with Phillip because of Claire."

John says, "Then the question you have to ask is this how do you see this playing out in the end? Not just for you but also for Claire."

Mt. Lucas erupts, "You're unbelievable! My son is missing and you're chillin' having cocktails at Dune! I thought you were helping me out!"

Carrie says they passed out flyers. Lucas backs off. He's sorry. When Carrie didn't answer his calls it tripped him out. Austin says it's his fault. He pressured Carrie into stopping for a drink.

Lucas backs off. He tells Carrie he's sorry he overreacted. They have both been great to him, "I love you. You are the best wife and brother anyone could ever ask for." Lucas hugs her and Carrie throws Austin a nasty glance.

That hug squeezed them all right back to Sami's apartment. Sami hugs Carrie. She's so glad they are OK. Carrie tells her about stopping for a drink at Dune, "We were feeling frazzled. It was a bad idea." Sami understands her needing a break. Lucas tells Sami she needs to get some sleep. Sami says she can't.

Lucas vows he isn't leaving her alone tonight. She tells him she won't be alone. Lucas glares at EJ. Sami says it's Austin who will stay with her, not EJ. She encourages Lucas and Carrie to go get some sleep so they will be ready for the TV thing tomorrow. They leave as Austin arrives. Lucas thanks him for staying with Sami.

Bonnie thinks the baby food is disgusting. She brags that she never made her kids eat anything she wouldn't eat herself. Mimi thinks that's why she was a blimp all through high school. Bonnie protests. She thinks she did a pretty good job of raising her kids.

"Yeah," says Mimi, "Is that why Patrick's in jail, Connor has all but disowned our family and my life is going down the tubes as we speak?"

Bonnie says, "First of all, Patrick is innocent. Connor is at that age where all he wants to do is hang out with his friends and SORAS. And you... I'm sorry I let you down. I tried to change the tests."

"But Shawn found out and it's over now," says Mimi, "He knows Claire is his and there is no going back."

Bonnie says, "At least he doesn't know the rest of it."

Mimi says, "If he did, he would hate me for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Belle asks, "Are you asking if I want to leave Phillip?"

"Damn, you're sharp," says John, "I can see how you could consider it."

"No," says Belle, "I love him. I shouldn't..."

Roman jumps in, "There is a big difference between shouldn't and won't."

Belle imagines being married to Shawn and trying to think up baby names. Allison? The baby kicks. Her great Gran will be her namesake. Shawn thinks it's perfect. He loves her so much. Cuddle.

Belle comes back to reality, a place she doesn't visit very often. John asks, "Isabelle, what are you thinking?"

"I try not to think too much," says Belle, "It gives me headaches. Everything is just so complicated."

Sami knows staying with her must be awkward for Austin. He insists he needs to be there for her. He bristles and tells her he forgot his razor. EJ leaves to get him one. Sami asks why he is so uptight. "Everything that is happening," he says.

Sami thought maybe Austin and Carrie were off somewhere talking about getting back together. She is glad Austin didn't take her advice about that. She doesn't think Lucas could get through this without Carrie.

Carrie tells Lucas he's done everything possible. She knows Will is going to be found. He thanks her for her love and support. He doesn't know what he would do with out her. Kiss. "Oh God," says Lucas, "I need you. I need you right now."

Shawn feeds Claire. Mimi watches as Daddy and daughter bond. Phillip and Belle arrive. Belle asks him not to start again. He assures her he won't do anything crazy, "I might take her for a pleasant little drive out at the racetrack, though. Claire is my baby, "Legally, there is nothing Shawn can do about it."

Sami says Lucas needs Carrie right now. Austin says he needs to get out of there. He bolts as Sami's jaw hits the floor, "Austin?"

Austin stops at Carrie's door, but changes his mind and heads for the roof. Lucas lies in and empty bed as Carrie leaves. Outside the apartment she breaks down into tears and heads for the roof. EJ watches and knocks on Lucas' door.

Austin punches his bag. Carrie comes onto the roof. Staredown. Passion. Austin paws her with his boxing gloves. Lucas opens the door and watches. FF.



Lexie tells Abe, "There's one thing I know for sure. I can always trust you."

Bo says, "I don't get you." The brat says, I'm just really glad to have you back in my life." Billie smiles.

Sami tells EJ, "I just know exactly how Lucas feels right now and I know that he needs Carrie to be there for him, and she had better not let him down."

Lucas screams, "You obviously don't need me because you've got your brother-in-law to kiss you and make you feel better." Lucas lunges at Austin, "You damn bastard!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't drink the tea Sami!

Great prevuze as usual!

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"John squints so hard his ears bulge out"
That seems to be one of the three expression that John is capable of. The other two are moon-face (at Marlena) and the one-eyed squint (when he's trying to think?).
Love the Prevuze!

6:10 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

That's why we call the lovable lunk, Squints. He does have one other expression - when he clenches his jaws. That makes his ears bulge out too. HAHAHAHA

"Connor has all but disowned his family." Well, shoot. He's never seen and hardly mentioned. The family has pretty much disowed him.

Good Prevuze. Can't wait for torrow and the Lucas/Austin smack-down.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Lucas/Austin smack-down."

Be careful. You could be pre-empting valuable Prevuze material for tomorrow. In the previews, it looked more like Lucas smacking down Austin. In real life, I think Austin would wad Lucas up and use him for a spitball. They're both in good shape, but Austin has got to have 30 pounds on Lucas. I suppose Lucas could use a little stragegy and bore him to death talking, though.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Squints squinting so hard his ears bulge out reminds me of that rubber squeeze toy that does that.

"Dancing with the ex-stars". Ooohh! Low blow! I love it!! HAHAHAHAHHA

I can't wait to see Vern the Mannequin and Demon Phillip. Thanks, Prevuze, for giving us stuff to look forward to! :D

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I'm all the Philip stuff good acting or just a lot of crazy screaming?

7:26 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"So I'm all the Philip stuff good acting or just a lot of crazy screaming?"

Prevuze does tend to... ahem... "overstate" some situations. So let's give Kyle the benefit of the doubt and say it's good acting combined with an overdone script and a few "Prevuzisms" thrown in.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Well, now I guess I'm going to have to watch what I'm doing while reading the Comments.

I'm used to making sure I'm not drinking anything as I read Prevuze. I got tired of cleaning up the keyboard after getting caught with something in my mouth when I hit a particularly good Prevuism or picture.

Prevuze' quip, "[Lucas] could bore him to death talking" caught me off-guard.

Anyone got a roll of paper towels handy? LOLOLOL

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Carrie doesn't want to sneak around, "Right now there is no way we can be together.""

The writers got lucky again - just pull out one of Belle's old scripts!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami should not drink the tea, because it is a DeMira love potion. Soon after you drink E.J.'s tea you end up making out with the person closest to you. Hey, E.J. I want some of that tea!

3:35 PM  

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