Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bakin' And Prayin'

Maggie and Hope are setting up Jack and Jennifer's goodbye party. Hope hates to think of it as a going away party. Maggie suggests, "Let's call it a 'Jack is in remission and he and Jennifer are going on an adventure party.'" They speculate about where the spectator might send them once they are over there.

"They might wind up being Pulitzer Prize journalists," says Maggie.

Hope is despondent, "That means they would be disqualified from writing for DOOL. I hate saying goodbye."

Abby and Jennifer pack. Jack drags his suitcase downstairs. Abby tells him to take it easy. Jack says there is nothing in the world that will slow him down. His parents arrive.

Kayla and Bo sit in the pub and talk about the Jack-Jennifer-Frankie situation. She asks if things are looking up with Bo and Hope. "Not really," says Bo. Kayla doesn't understand. At least the divorce didn't go though. Bo says they have a lot to work out.

Kayla understands. This gives her the opportunity to rag about her situation with Patch. She can't blame Billie for what happened with him.

Bo insists when his memory comes back Steve will pick up where he left off, "Unfortunately for me Hope remembers every single thing I have ever done. If we get back together, I'll just move into the doghouse permanently. She's pregnant with Lockhart's baby and that complicates things."

Shawn stares out the window. Mimi says she woke up and thought it was all a bad dream, "In real life your brother doesn't get arrested for murder on the same day you find out your husband had a baby with his ex-girlfriend. Unless it's my life, or anyone else in Salem, come to think of it.

Shawn says he couldn't sleep, "Now I can finally tell Belle and Phillip Claire is my daughter."

Belle sulks that Claire can say 'dada' but not 'mama' as they walk into their apartment. Phillip holds her and says, "Aw, she'll always be Daddy's little girl." Smoochie-smoochie.

Bo tells Kayla he talked to Frankie, "He says he's doing OK. He'll move on but it won't be easy." Bo and Kayla speculate about life without Hope or Steve. Bo thinks Lockhart has done many more dastardly deeds than just kill Eve. Kayla presses about Hope. Bo tells her, "She's not ready to get back together."


"Slow down," says Bo.

"Slowing down is for sissies," says Kayla, "You gotta make your move!"

Maggie gives Hope ginger ale and crackers. Hope doesn’t remember being this sick with her other pregnancies. She wonders if she is carrying a murderer's baby. She also wonders if someone planted the evidence. Bo thinks he's guilty.

"Maybe you should trust him," says Maggie.

"I want to," says Hope, "I want things to be the way they used to be, but that's not possible."

Maggie says, "Look at Jack and Jennifer. Miracles... they happen, Hope."

Patch arrives for the party. Jo fawns over him. Abby and Jennifer go upstairs for JJ. Patch gives Jack a pipe as a going away present, "to go with the land of tea and crumpets." They talk about Jack and Jennifer's pending trip.

Shawn asks how Mimi is doing.

"What's one more baby between lovers," she asks.

"It's weird we never figured it out before," says Shawn.

Phillip feeds Claire and Belle brings a picture from a trip to the fair. Phillip suggests a professional portrait before Belle starts showing, "We don't want that baby to take the limelight from Claire."

Belle asks, "Do you still resent this baby I'm carrying?"

"You mean Satan's Spawn," asks Phillip, "Of course not."

The party heats up. Maggie says Lucas can't be there. They discuss Will. Maggie says, "Alice is in the kitchen, bakin' and prayin'."

Jennifer thanks Maggie for agreeing to look after Abby. Jo busts out into tears. If you look closely, you can see a mannequin is playing the part of Vern.

Jennifer tells Hope she can't believe it about Patrick, "The gun is registered in Patrick's name, how does he explain that."

"He can't," says Hope.

"Things will work out the way they are meant to work out," says Jennifer, "Jack and I are a perfect example of that."

Hope says, "I'm gonna book a flight tonight and come to see you."

Jennifer squeals, "Good! Just bring Bo with you!"

Bo says, "When I look in Hope's eyes, something is missing."

Kayla says, "I know what you mean. When I look in Steve's eyes something is missing – one of them."

Bo tells Kayla Billie doesn't mean anything to Steve. He reminds her Patch will be at Jack and Jennifer's party. Kayla says she isn't going.

Shawn sees Phillip's car is back. In one piece. He decides it's time to go over and tell them the great news. Mimi asks to go with him. Shawn tells Mimi he loves her as they go over to Belle and Phillip's apartment.

Phillip says he isn't thrilled about Belle carrying Shawn's baby. He wanted THEM to have another baby. Belle wonders if he can raise the baby under the circumstances. He says he will love the baby as much as Claire. Smooch. Doorbell.

Shawn and Mimi come in. Shawn looks at Claire. Belle asks, "What's wrong?"

Alice smiles as people gorge themselves on her donuts. Jennifer tells Hope sooner or later she has to figure out what she is going to do. Hope says nothing will ever be the same. Jennifer insists she and Bo are the same. Hope drowns her sorrows in a donut.

Jo and Jack argue about how many times they agreed she could come and visit her. The mannequin next to her doesn't look very lifelike.

Maggie insists this is a happy goodbye as she bawls. The crowd follows suit.

Bo tries to get Kayla to go to the party. He accuses her of being a coward, "Just stay in his face. Go after Steve. Fight for him the way I'm fighting for Hope."

Kayla says, "Because we're both Brady's, right? Because Mom says Brady's don't give up, right? All right. We've got a party to get to."

Shawn says, "Before my father arrested Chelsea he wanted to do a DNA test on me."

"Why would he do that," snorts Phillip, "We know you and Belle never slept together."

"Apparently we did," says Shawn, "I got the results. The report that showed up in my hospital room was correct. I am Claire's father."

Belle is stunned, "Are you sure?"

"I had the lab run the test a second time," says Shawn, "She's ours."

Using every ounce of brain power she can muster, Belle figures things out, "That means you and I..."

"It happened the night of the fire," says Shawn.


"OMG," Belle swoons.

Mimi asks if Phillip is OK. Possessed Phillip whispers in Claire's ear, "It's OK, baby. It's OK."

Jennifer opens her presents. International calling cards all around. Jack officially bans Abby from having boyfriends while they are gone. Doorbell.

Steve answers the door. It's Kayla and Bo. Staredown.

Bo asks if they can come in. "I guess so," says Patch, "It's not my house." He tells Kayla he didn't know she would be there.

"Jack is still my brother-in-law even if you don't remember being married," she says.

Alice tells Bo it's nice to see him. She turns toward Hope and yells, "ISN'T IT, HOPE?"

"Yes it is," Hope thanks Bo for not giving up on Jack and Jennifer. Kayla thinks Bo is dependable. As she stares at Patch, she says, "Women like dependable men." She also announces Stephanie is at a race in St. Louis, just to make sure that base is covered.

Jack gets a London driving guide. He vows he's had it with crashing cars and faking his death, "The next time I go it will be at the real deal. And that will be a long time from now, because I promised Abby I'd dance at her wedding."

Jennifer says, "I guess that means you'll have to let her have a love life." Hoisted on his own petard.

Jack gives his farewell address, "I grew up thinking I knew what family was. Until I met Jo. And everyone else in the room. To quote Lou Gehrig, "Today-today, I consider myself-myself the luckiest man-man in the world-world. I wonder if they'll name my disease after me, too? I really never believed in fate or destiny but after a couple near death experiences things change and... I'm not going to cheat on my taxes any more. Fate brought me to the hospice where Steve found me. And it was fate that brought Jennifer and me back together, and all of us. And brought Steve back to Salem with me, so I could have a happy ending... or happy beginning. Jennifer and I are flying off to a bright new tomorrow." He grabs Patch, "So it's your turn. Kayla is standing right over there. You can walk away from your happiness, but you'll regret it if you do." Patch stares. One eye, anyway.

Phillip, desperately in need of an exorcism, says, "My pretty, pretty girl, I remember the day you were born. I told you Daddy will always be there." He turns his wrath on Shawn, "I don't give a damn if you spoke to the lab 100 times, I'm checking this out myself!"

"That's fine," says Shawn, "but the results will be the same. Claire is my daughter."

Kayla goes over and talks to Steve. Patch hopes that sentimental stuff doesn't run in the family. Kayla asks, "You don't believe in happy endings?"

"Jack and Jennifer got theirs," he says.

"Is that all you have to say," asks Kayla.


Bo sits down beside Hope, "Bo Brady, here. I was wondering if we could spend the rest of the Days Of Our Lives together?" Hope wishes she could look at a crystal ball and figure things out. Bo suggests she should look at her heart.

Jack announces it is time to go. He hugs Jennifer.

Shawn says he is sorry. Phillip freaks, "You're sorry the baby I love is no longer mine? TAKE YOUR APOLOGY AND TEST RESULTS AND GO TO HELL!" Belle tells him he's scaring the baby. Claire cries. Shawn reaches down to pick her up. Beelzebub screams, "SHAWN, DON'T TOUCH MY BABY!"

Jennifer doesn't know how to say Goodbye. But she finds a way. She tells hope nothing has ever come between them. Not even the Atlantic. Tears flow. Right along with the sap.

Jack asks Abby, "May I have this dance?"

"It's a few years too early," says Abby.

"Consider it practice."

"But there is no music," she says. Jack hums as they dance. It's a good thing he has that reporter's job to fall back on. He tells her he won't let her down. She won't either. "When I was younger," says Jack, "I thought I'd be the next Jack Kennedy. Then I thought I'd be the next Woodward and Bernstein."

"You're an amazing reporter, Dad."

Jack says, "That's not the greatest thing I ever did. You are."

Jennifer and Alice cry together. Jennifer tells her she has been there for Jennifer her whole life, "You are the heart of this family. Every bit of love that we have and every connection all comes from you."

"One day your children and great grand children will make you feel the way I do now," says Alice, "I'll be with you always."

Jack rushes out. It's time for the flight. They have to go.

Jennifer gets up. Alice caresses Tom's picture, "Oh... Goodbye my darling until we meet again." Roy and Dale sing 'Happy Trails To You' in the background.

Belle pulls Shawn and Phillip apart. Phillip works his way around her and lands a haymaker on Shawn's chin. Shawn tumbles across the room in a heap. Phillip screams, "You stay away from my baby!" He grabs Claire and bolts out the door. Belle hyperventilates. FF.


Mimi says, "He knows Claire is his and there is no going back." Bonnie says, "At least he doesn't know the rest of it." Mimi says, "If he did, he would hate me forever."

Phillip tells Belle, "The bottom line is Claire is my baby. There is nothing he can do about it."

EJ and Sami sit on her couch. EJ says, "Don't do this, Samantha." Sami cries, "If anything happens to him I will never forgive myself."

Carrie and Austin are on the rooftop. They go at it* like a couple of minks as Lucas walks in on them.

*In case you wondered exactly what this means, let's just say they are NOT sharing their concern for Will.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodbye Jack and Jennifer. I'll need a couple of boxes of tissue when I watch tomorrow.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

A mannequin playing the part of Vern...LOLOL

If Hope's baby turns out to be Bo's we've all discussed whether that means she'd be having an elephant baby - seeing as how it would had to have had a 16 month gestation and all. I think Belle had beat her to it.

She & Shawn slept together in a snow storm in the middle of winter. She had Claire about 13-14 months later and didn't even start to show until the 13th month!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the prop department lost the little pillow that Hope used to wear when she was faking her pregnancy when she was married to Larry Welch....

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad that Jack and Jen are leaving, my favourite couple. Typical.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Since they've already pulled the "they slept together and didn't remember it" bit twice (with Princess Gina/Hope and John and Belle/Shawn) they surely won't do that again. So instead of Hope having the baby and Bo just having to deal with it want to bet she'll conveeeeniently miscarry?

I LOL over the Queen and the image of Beelzebub in desperate need of an exorcism. HAHAHAHAHA

Prevuze, you did it again. Excellent today!

8:10 AM  

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