Friday, September 15, 2006

Caveman Style

Max and Abby are together in the garage. Abby is in tears. Ultra-observant Max senses something is wrong. Abby tells him Jack and Jennifer are missing.

Max says, "I wonder if... No... Frankie and Jen are married."

"Not really," says Abby.

Max says, "Yeah, but they wouldn't have just..."

Abby interrupts, "Right. That's why I'm scared something might have happened to them." Hugs.

Jack Stammers, "You really think this cave looks like the place we... uh... we..."

Jennifer helps him out, "We first made love. Why all the word clutter? Is it that hard to say?"

"It's a cave."

Jennifer gets a little sarcastic, "We've been in a lot of caves, have we? This cave doesn't remind you of any other cave we've ever been in?"

"That was a long time ago," says Jack, "A lot has changed since then, hasn't it?"

Kate pumps Roman about Bo running out with the search warrant. EJ reminds her they don't have to tell them anything. Kate doesn't buy it because she was linked to the case. She's staying there until she's completely vindicated. Roman checks the weather report to see when hell freezes over.

Abe asks why Kate and EJ are so interested in the case. EJ tells him it's because of his association with Kate and their new TV station. They have to know about this so they can disseminate the information to their viewers.

Abe says, "How can it have any credibility with a name like Mythic?"

Kate helps him out, "That's Mythic – as in legendary, not as in fictitious. We thought it would lend a lot of credibility to the station as opposed to calling it something not very credible like NBC."

Abe snorts at Lexie, "Why are you hanging around?"

Bo tells Patrick he has a search warrant. Patrick insists he didn't kill Eve. Bo shows him the shoes, the gun. Patrick says he has never seen this stuff or met Eve. Bo says the evidence ties him directly to the murder. Bo tells Hope, "Here's your proof. This creep. He's the one you never should have trusted." Patrick sneers.

Jennifer wonders where the time has gone. Jack thinks he wasted it. Jennifer says she has loved being married to him. Jack admits at least it was never boring. Jennifer wonders where the next adventure will take them. Jack says, "Out of the wilderness to get some supper." He starts to go. Jennifer follows. He wants her to stay there. He promises he will be back soon.

Lexie reminds Abe she is there to see him. They were supposed to go to dinner. She thinks his tone sounded suspicious. Tek has Lucasitis and can't help chiming in with a few snide remarks for Abe.

Lexie wants to know why Kate is there. Them'z fightin' words for Kate. EJ pulls them apart. Roman asks what EJ has been up to.

Patrick insists this is BS. "I'm talking about the murder, not the plot," says Bo, "And I have enough evidence to arrest you. Patrick Lockhart, you have the right to remain silent..."

Roman presses. He wants to know what's in EJ's past he might not be so proud of. EJ says he once had some drinks with friends and then got on a tour bus. The driver got sick, so inebriated EJ got behind the wheel. Things went well at first, but when he drove up in front of Buckingham Palace, he thought it would be a great idea to knock the busby off one of the soldiers. The soldier didn't think it was funny. The police didn't think it was funny. Fortunately, the arresting officer was a fan, so he only got a slap on the wrist.

Roman asks for more EJ stories. EJ doesn't want to waste the police department's time.

Bo hauls Patrick in. He sends officer Kasaras downstairs with the evidence. Bo drags Patrick into his office, "I've always knows you were no good, even before the writers did. Now everyone will know it too.

Abby wishes Frankie had never come back to Salem. She knows he did a good thing for her dad, but Jack might still be dying in spite of the experimental procedure. Now they will never be a family.

Jack comes back with roots, berries and firewood. Jennifer drags out the matches she conveniently took at Enid's, but Jack doesn't see them. He tries knocking stones together. No luck. She gives him the matches. Jack abandons his stones and looks disappointed.

Jennifer says, "I know you would like to do it caveman style."

Jack perks up, "Not a bad idea!"

Jennifer yells, "THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT, JACK! "

Jack lights the fire. He has fond memories of being on the train to nowhere in the dead of winter. Flashback to the train. They unleash their shackles as well as their undying love.

Jennifer is a little reluctant about the food. She insists someone will find them and they will survive this.

"Even if we do get through this there is no guarantee I will be around," says Jack.

"I have a good feeling about this," says Jennifer.

"What if your good feeling doesn't reflect reality," asks Jack.

"We will hope for the best," says Jennifer. She force-feeds Jack. He thinks this is the best meal he ever foraged. Closer... closer...

Hope tells Kate about Billie's testimony at the trial. Lexie thinks Bo didn't show up because he wants the divorce. Hope tells her about the continuance. Kate says she knows Patrick has been on the other side of the law, but doesn't know why he would kill Eve. Lexie asks if Hope believes Patrick. Hope stares.

Patrick gets the third degree. He implies Bo set him up, and decides to keep quiet until his attorney gets there.

Bo grabs him and roughs him up, "You will get the death penalty. I'll see to it myself."

Max tells Abby no one can predict the future. Her dad has overcome incredible odds in the past. Abby wonders why they haven't called.

Frankie walks in. He insists there is no way Jack will let anything happen to Jennifer. He says he stopped by to see how Abby is holding up. "Not too good," says Abby, as she runs out. Max asks how Frankie is holding up.

Jack goes into convulsions. Jennifer performs the Heimlich. Once Jack calms down, he says he was choking. Jennifer is mad at him because she thought he was having a relapse, but choking to death would have been just fine. He thanks her for saving his life again and swears off the berries. He assures her tomorrow they will find their way out and get home, as he heads for bed.

Roman pulls Bo off of Patrick and tells him to get out and calm down. Outside Kate asks what happened, "Did Patrick confess?" Bo says when there is news she will hear with everyone else.

"I'll take this as a no," says Kate.

"This isn't a coffee shop," says Bo, "Will you please go?"

What's the difference between the Salem Police Department and a coffee shop?

The coffee shop has better coffee.

EJ says they have to call the news in to their editor. They leave.

Lexie tells Bo to have Abe call her when he's ready for dinner. She leaves. Bo and Hope stand there alone.

"I thought we'd be divorced by now," says Hope.

"I know it's difficult to find this out about Patrick," says Bo as he suppresses his joy.

"Don't even go there," says Hope, "Nothing has been proved yet."

"He will try to convince you I set him up," says Bo, "You don't believe I would do that, do you? Officer Kasaras was with me. I followed the law to the letter. I wouldn't set up an innocent person. You do know that about me, don't you?"

"My mind is spent right now," says Hope, "I don't know what to believe."

Hope wants to know how Bo figured it out. "Jack and Jen tipped me off," says Bo. He tells her about the call and Jack and Jennifer's situation. Maybe if Jen believes Patrick is guilty Hope will.

"I want to talk to Jennifer first," says Hope.

"Easier said than done," says Bo.

Jack lays his coat down for Jennifer. Jennifer thinks it's kind of early to go to sleep.

"What else are we gonna do," asks Jack.

Jennifer supposes they will just fall asleep since they are so tired. Jack pulls up a rock and lies down, "Good night miss Horton."

"Good night, Jack Devereaux."

Kate and EJ are in a bar. She thinks she's figured out why Patrick would want Eve dead, "Bo needs the disk to prove his innocence to Hope. If he produces it, Hope will take him back."

EJ completes the thought, "Patrick paid Eve for the disk and then killed her to keep her mouth shut." Kate nods yes.

EJ says, "I like it but... I can't help but think we've missed something."

Abe calls Patrick's attorney. Patrick asks, "What about my phone call?"

"I just made it for you," says Abe, "Calling your attorney for you is well within protocol."

"What if I wanted to order pizza instead," asks Patrick.

Tek, playing the part of Lucas today, jumps in with verbal shrapnel and tells Patrick he's headed for a big fall.

Bo tells Hope Jack and Jennifer were ambushed, "They sounded like they were fine. I have troopers out looking for them." Bo gets a phone call, "Bring it up."

He turns to Hope, "That was forensics. They have a preliminary fingerprint report. We should have answers soon."

Frankie is frustrated because there is noting more he can do. He should have blown off the pres conference. Max says he's done believing in Chelsea. He told her it's over. He asks what they will do to find Jack and Jennifer. Frankie doesn't know. Max says, "I know Jack and Jennifer are going to come out of this alive and you're going to get Jennifer back." Frankie gives him a look of exasperation.

Jennifer rolls over and stares. Flashback to the other cave. She asks Jack to make love to her, "I guess it's time."

"I guess it is," says Flashback Jack... Caveman style.

Jack lies with his head on his rock. He can't sleep either. Jennifer says, "Here we are – practically right where we started. I guess you could say we have come full circle."

"Yeah," says Jack, "My life is going in circles... die... come back to life... die... come back to life..."

"What if we're here because of fate," asks Jennifer.


Jennifer says, "I... I can't ever get away from loving you. And I don't want to. Not ever." Kiss.

Frankie hopes they come home alive. Abby listens as he says he isn't sure he'll get Jennifer back. He's been fooling himself, which hasn't been too difficult, "Jack is the only one for Jennifer."

Abby steps into the room, "Do you really mean that?" Frankie gets a call.

He turns to Abby, "Your parents are alive." Max hugs her.

Actually, her parents are really alive at the moment. Jennifer says, "I love you so much and always will."

Jack says, "I love you and I will for all the Days Of Our Lives." Caveman style.


Kate thought EJ agreed with her about Patrick's guilt, "It fits together perfectly." EJ thinks there is more to this than meets the eye.

Roman hauls Patrick off to book him. Patrick tells Hope he's innocent as they drag him out.

Bo gets the forensics report. He and Hope go into his office. He gives her the disc, "I didn't want you to have to take anything on faith. This is the disc I was accused of stealing. It's one of the items we found at Lockhart's. According to this report, there was a positive match to Patrick's fingerprints on it. So there's your proof. I didn't steal the disc. Lockhart was the one manipulating people, not me." FF Hope.


Bonnie looks up to heaven, "I know this is wrong, OK, but I'm doing it for my kid." She types something on her keyboard.

Shawn tells Mimi, "There's no easy way to say this, but... your brother... he was arrested for the murder of police officer Eve Michaels."

Bo tells Hope, "I have never stopped loving you." Hope says, "And I never stopped loving you, either." Bo says, "Coulda fooled me."

Well here's a fresh scene we've never seen before. Once again Jack lies dying. Jennifer screams, "Jack! If you die on me I will never forgive you! Do you hear me?"


Blogger Michelle said...

"Tek, playing the part of Lucas today..."

"Well, here's a fresh scene we've never seen before"

I hate all these flashback scenes with Jack and Jennifer. Great Prevuze today.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

It's funny how on dool things that should take an hour take a week and things that should take close to a week take a few minutes. DNA tests, IVF, fingerprint analysis... within seconds! I scratch my little bear head with amazement and awe.

It's too bad with all the amazing technology they have in Salem, nobody has caller id.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Bo is just passing around a disc (evidence) they supposedly just took fingerprints from?

7:18 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

HAHAHAHAHA...I love the comments above. As well as "Lucasitis" and Jack choking instead of slowly dying would be OK with Jennifer. :}

According to Frankie in yesterday's episode Jack was so weak he couldn't drive home. He sure has made a quick recovery to run around in the woods, run away from Shotgun Sadie and now - ahem -be with Jennifer in the cave!

Great Prevuze today, thanks for the chuckles!

7:34 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"So Bo is just passing around a disc (evidence) they supposedly just took fingerprints from?"

It was in its little plastic bag.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I echo all sentiments above. Lucascitis was dead-on.

Sounds like Snarly will be in top form today. He should enroll in his own anger management class. HAHAHA

Great Prevuze!

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bo's guilt Hope is ready to believe with no evidence but Patrick she insists on evidence? Yeah, that's the woman I would want if I were Bo.LOL

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

Mmmmmm caveman sex! i need to try that!

9:45 PM  

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