Thursday, September 14, 2006

Barbie, That's A Groundhog

Judge Fitzpatrick calls the court to order. No Bo.

Alice and Maggie wonder where Bo is. Maggie says, "He would never let this divorce go through without trying to stop it." Alice thinks he's probably working on a plan to stop it.

Roman is on the phone with Sami. He tells her he loves her and hangs up. EJ and Kate walk into his office to arrange for an on-air appeal for Will. They will make the appeal on the new TV station they have acquired. They ask where Bo is. Roman tells them he is on another case.

Kate is indignant, "What could be more important than Will's kidnapping?"

"Eve Michaels murder," says Roman, "Bo thinks he's close to a breakthrough."

EJ asks if he has a suspect. Roman wants to know why he is so interested, "Did you know this victim?"

Bo says, "I've run this mystery number 100 different ways and can't crack it."

Abe says, "But, Bo, there are over three million permutations to a ten digit number."

Bo says, "Really? We'd better order carryout for lunch. The number could lead to Eve's real boss. We find that disk and we find the murderer." Bo suddenly realizes he has to get to court. He jumps up and bounces around the office like a pinball run amok. Abe tells him to calm down. Bo says, "If I don't find that disc, I've lost my marriage."

Shotgun Sadie looks at Jack and Jennifer lying on the ground, "Goodbye and good riddance."

Jennifer checks Jack out, "Jack! Open your eyes. Jack, please! Come back from the dead just one more time! You can do it! "

The judge says she will give Bo ten minutes to get there. Court is recessed. Hope wonders why he isn’t there. Patrick says he might realize there is nothing to fight for, "You and I are having a child."

"I wouldn't count Bo Brady out so fast," says Alice. Patrick cowers.

Abe wonders, like all of us, why Bo doesn't just tell Hope about Kate's confession. Bo says he can't because Kate recanted. Abe says Roman will back him up. "Roman is my brother. Hope would think he is just sticking up for me. According to her this is an open and shut case. I have to make sure she trusts me."

"I hate to tell you. You are running out of time," says Abe. Bo is well aware of that.

Kate is also curious about EJ's sudden interest in the case. EJ says, "Commander Brady, I know you think Kate is involved, but surely you don't think Kate killed Eve Michaels, do you?" Kate appreciates the vote of confidence.

"Well," says Roman, "I guess at least we all want to see the murder solved."

Tek asks if the cop killer is the same person as the one causing trouble for Bo's family.

Jennifer drags Jack up. Jack says he was just stunned, "I don't think it would be fair to count this as yet another trip back from the dead. We gotta get out of here." He doesn't want to slow her down. Jennifer says Shotgun Sadie is gone. Since the coast is clear, they sneak into the cabin. Jack walks over and picks up the phone.

A voice is on the line talking about grease stains, "I told him one more complaint about the laundry and he'll be sleeping alone from now on."

A second voice says, "Someone's on the line! Hey, it's my turn to yak."

Jack gives them his best authoritarian voice and tells says it's an emergency, "It's a matter of life and death."

Sadie gives him both barrels, uh figuratively, of course, "It's my party line and I'll yak if I want to! An emergency – that's what everyone says. I have my timer here and I have eight minutes and fifty two seconds left!"

Jack turns on the charm, "Madam, If your husband has been sleeping alone he's, a blessed man."

Sadie comes through the back door brandishing her shotgun, "That damn furry rodent."

"Is that what you were aiming at," asks Jack.

"Out back I was," says Sadie, "Up here I was aiming at Barbie girl's head. I never thought I'd find you here again, but both of you just pop up like damn Jack-in-the-boxes."

"I've been accused of that before," says Jack, "But I'll tell you right now, madam, how very astute you are!"

"I don't know what that means," says Sadie.

"Jennifer tries to be helpful, "That's a nice thing to say. It's a compliment."

"Oh, right," she says, "Anything that begins with "ass" is a compliment. Now what the hell are you doing in Enid's house?"

Jennifer tells her they saw a flying saucer.

Shotgun Enid takes aim, "What kind of fool do you think I am?"

Will Shakespeare looks down on the scene, "If only I'd have worked a little harder, I could have written great stuff like this."

Lexie comes into the PD looking for Abe. Roman tells her Abe is busy. She'll wait. We establish that EJ knows Lexie – they collaborated on a project to fight breast cancer. EJ tells them he and Lexie recently had an enlightening conversation. Lexie thinks he made assumptions about her that aren't true.

The list of shoe owners is going to be faxed in any minute. Abe encourages Bo to get to the courtroom. Bo won't go without the evidence, "I need answers, Abe, and I need them now."

The judge says Bo has had enough time. She starts the proceedings. She notes that Hope wants to dissolve marriage without any conditions. The judge tells her this is very unusual. Frankie starts to speak for her but Hope interrupts. She says filing for divorce was the last thing she ever wanted to do, but now the marriage is over. She doesn't want anything from Bo. The judge asks about the house, car, boat, stocks, savings and all of the other things Bo has earned on a cop's meager salary. Hope says Bo agreed to let her have the house. There is nothing else she wants. Silence in the courtroom.

Jack stammers around. He says Jennifer was joking, "She was trying to pull your chain."

"I don't have a chain," says Enid, "You think I'm a light fixture or a toilet? Everyone knows spaceships don't land before dark. They must've come last night. They may be here to abduct animals. I can't lose my best cow. I'd better go do some alien hunting. She unplugs the phone and takes it with her so she can contact the mother ship in case the cow is missing.

She leaves. Jack says they have to look for another phone. They ransack the apartment.

Jennifer picks up a stuffed animal, "Who would stuff a raccoon?"

"Barbie, that's a groundhog," says Jack.

Jack finds a phone and works to hook it up amid endless banter.

Tek sees Lexie and wonders where she has been. Lexie tells him she has been busy. Abe stands at the door, "Busy getting together with her husband."

Tek turns to Lexie and asks, "Is that true?"

Roman asks Kate and EJ to wait outside. He leaves to give Abe and Lexie some privacy, and to avoid the shrapnel.

Bo gets the fax with the list of people who bought the shoes that match the tracks. "If we did our job right the name of the killer is right here," says Bo.

The judge says, "All right, then, there will be no financial settlement." Frankie sees his fee going up in smoke and faints.

Billie walks into the courtroom, "My name is Billie Reed and, with the court's permission, I would like to speak for Bo Brady." Hope frets.

Lexie tells Tek she's sorry she hasn't had a chance to tell him. Abe is giving her another chance. Tek is surprised, what with the way Abe has been badmouthing Lexie, "Now you're just going to forgive and forget?"

Jack gets Bo on the phone. Bad connection, "Bo, it's Jack."

"Where are you," asks Bo.

"We don't know," says Jack, "We were ambushed and dumped in the middle of nowhere. We are investigating Eve Michaels' murder. We know the make of the gun that killed her. And the killer is... buzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jack continues, "Do we have concrete proof? No, but... Bo? Are you there?"

Bo says, "Jack? Lost him." Bo dials and asks for a search warrant.

Hope says she resents Miss Reed barging in, "She is my husband's mistress."

The judge asks Billie if Bo asked her to come there and speak for him. Billie says, "Hope, you need to hear what I have to say. Bo deserves to be represented." Alice asks Hope to let her speak. Patrick flinches.

"Fine," snaps Hope, "Say what you have to say and go." Billie asks to be sworn in.

Billie Holiday Reed swears to tell the truth, "If Bo were here himself he would be arguing like crazy to stop this divorce. Hope, I think after you hear what I have to say you'll change your mind. Everyone knows the horrible loss Hope suffered with Zack's death. They also know my daughter caused the accident. Bo was in the difficult position of defending her. Hope blamed Bo and I blame myself for asking him not to tell, but because he listened to me you grew farther apart. One night he went to a bar and got drunk. The bartender knew me, and called me to come and help Bo. I drove him to a motel where he could sleep it off. Absolutely nothing happened."

Hope jumps up and screams, "Have you forgotten you are under oath? I saw you in bed with Bo!"

"You saw what I wanted you to see," says Billie, "I slept in a chair. My daughter called and told me you were on the way to the motel. I was desperate. I did a terrible thing. I left the door ajar, undressed and got into bed with Bo. We didn't sleep together. To this day Bo has no idea. He slept right through it. I was afraid to tell him. I'm not proud of what I did. It's the reason you eventually got involved with Patrick Lockhart."

Hope yells, "I know you slept with Bo. He told me."

"That was after you filed for divorce," says Billie, "So it doesn't count."

Hope is stunned, "And I filed for the divorce because Chelsea altered the emails."

Billie says, "This breakup would never have gotten this far if I hadn't helped my daughter. I am so sorry for what I did. I don't expect you to forgive me, but I had to tell the truth. In his heart Bo has never been unfaithful to you. To me you are the luckiest woman in the world to have his love. He hurt you because of what my daughter and I did. He didn't want our daughter to go to jail for the rest of her life. He wants to be with you. Only you."

Jack says at least Bo knows who we think killed Eve. They hear Enid coming. Shotgun Enid shouts, "When I find those stinkin' liars they are roadkill." Pan to the groundhog.

Abe tells Tek this is between him and Lexie. Tek says, "If you want to believe Abe has done a complete 180 for no reason, that's fine, but my instincts as a cop tell me he's up to something."


Abe stands there and steams. Tek tells Lexie to be careful.

Bo and Roman walk in. The guy with the search warrants also walks in. Kate wants to know whose home Bo is going to invade now. "None of your damn business," says Bo, "Let's go."

Billie goes on, "Losing a child is every mother's worst nightmare. It's also a father's. Bo will never forgive himself. Haven't you two suffered enough? This divorce will only cause you both more pain. I am begging you to forgive him. Neither of you will be happy with anyone else. Don't give up on Bo. Don't give up on your marriage. Thank you for indulging me your honor." Billie gets off the stand.

Judge Fitzpatrick says, "That was heartfelt. I feel compelled to ask... Mrs. Brady do you wish to proceed?"

Hope says, "After what I just heard..."

Emergency interruption! The judge orders a continuance. Hope gives her zombie stare.

Jack and Jennifer find a cave. Jennifer thinks it's a good place to stop. It's getting chilly and dark and Jack needs to rest.

"It's darker and chillier in there," says Jack, "So me Batman you Robin? I hate bats."

Hope is dazed. Maggie thinks the continuance is Bo's doing. Patrick offers to take her back to his place. She agrees. Alice grabs him by the lapels, "Enjoy your dinner. I feel this may be your last evening with Hope."

Bo rummages through a closet. He thinks they are about to find what they need. He unrolls a blanket. The shoes! "Kasaras," he says, "Look at this! A safe." Bo picks the lock. Inside he finds the gun and the disc. Bo looks up, "GOT YOU!"

Jack and Jennifer enter the cave. She conveniently discovers a lantern. It works, of course. Jack says, "Thanks to our lavish expense accounts at the Sentinel, we've stayed in hotels worse than this."

Jennifer asks, "Doesn’t this remind you of anything?"

"I thought you didn't want to walk down memory lane," says Jack.

"This just reminded me of the first time we made love," says Jennifer.

Abe tells Tek what goes on between Lexie and him is none of his business, "So stay the hell out of it."

Kate goads Roman, "You know where Bo went, don't you?"

Roman says, "He's on police business. You aren't the one I would say anything to. I am saying that it's very suspicious that both of you are interested in this case."

Patrick walks in the door of his house. Bo says, "I've been waiting for you Kasaras." (I think he means 'Lockhart').

Patrick is indignant, "What the hell are you doing in my house?"

"My job," says Bo, "Turn around. You know the drill. Patrick Lockhart, you are under arrest for the murder of officer Eve Michaels." Hope finds that zombie stare again.


EJ says, "Patrick paid Eve for the disk and then killed her to keep her mouth shut." Kate nods yes.

Max says, "I know Jack and Jennifer are going to come out of this alive and you're going to get Jennifer back." Frankie gives him a look of exasperation.

Jennifer says, "I love you so much and always will. Jack says, "I love you." It ain't so chilly in the cave anymore.

Bo tells Hope, "Here's your proof. This creep. He's the one you never should have trusted." Patrick sneers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good golly! Two major storyline breakthroughs in one episode???

I don't know if my heart can take it...

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm finally starting to like Billie and that says alot. But this Jack and Jen stuff is just filler.

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, it was very "big" of Bille to finally admit what she did.

I guess since she feels she has Steve on the hook now, it's OK...

6:37 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Biggest LOL of the day: Shakespeare lamenting he didn't "write great stuff" like DOOL. Of course, all the pics were great as usual: the Alice/Patrick smackdown; the logic test, the poon-hound.

Interesting mention of EJ & Kate buying a TV station. That opens up a whole different set of possibilities for DOOL characters to take to the small screen down the road. Please, just nothing like the former, lame Jack & Jen "from home" talk show!

7:20 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

My "Oh come on!" moment in this episode would be Bo, who usually can't add two and two, cracking open a safe. HAHAHHAA

I'm with the folks above, they finally got on with it! Yea!!

Thanks to Prevuze we always learn something (three million permutations) and have several good laughs (Salem's ultra modern computer and all the stuff Bo's earned on a cop's salary.)

Great Prevuze! :D

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never have I laughed so hard reading Prevuze as I did today over the Shakespeare comment. Witty!

9:12 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

It warms my heart to see that naughty Patrick finally get arrested.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

I think I figured it out.

He doesn't say "I've been waiting for you Kasarus."

There's a (slightly too short) beat of time between "you" and "Kasarus". The camera also briefly pans to Kasarus when he says "Kasarus."

It's sort of like he's telling Kasarus to get ready to help him with this arrest.

I guess I have had a pretty slow week.

2:42 PM  

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