Monday, September 18, 2006

She Was Steaming Like Pierogi On My Plate

Jack and Jennifer settle in together on their bed of rocks and cuddle. Jennifer has missed being close like this. Jack says he used to think about being with her and he did think about the cave and making love for the first time. And he thought about Christmas, too, and all those other lovely times they shared, bloated with inane banter. Jennifer says she needs him never to be away from her again. Fade to the fire.

Shawn makes a call to the police station and asks if DNA results are in yet. Not yet. "OK just call when the results are in," says Shawn.

Bo gets on the phone and tells Shawn they have made an arrest in the Eve Michaels case, "It will hit Mimi pretty hard."

Mimi arrives at the hospital and bumps into Bonnie. Bonnie asks "Miss Smarty Pants" if she's ready to get rid of her marriage. Bonnie found the lab where the DNA test is being done and it just so happens to be there at the hospital. They have to get to the lab before the test results are posted. Mimi objects. Bonnie won't let her give up. She lectures her about keeping Shawn, "Do you really want to force Shawn to choose between you and his children? I'm sorry, honey, you'd lose. Come on. We have work to do."

Bo tells Shawn about getting the tip, arranging for the search warrant and finding incriminating evidence at Lockhart's place. Shawn wonders how Hope is doing after hearing all this. Bo tells him Hope is right there with him. Shawn says, "I guess you got everything you wanted."

"This isn't a happy situation," says Bo.

Shawn says he has to find Mimi, "She will take this news very hard."

Mimi insists she won't do this. Bonnie says, "Then I will do it myself. You think too much."

"That's the first time anyone ever told me that," says Mimi.

Bonnie turns up the heat, "Whether something is right or wrong depends on where you are sitting. You should just shut your pie hole and let Ma Barker do her job."

"Who the hell is Ma Barker," asks Mimi, "I fell so guilty. It's like every minute I want to explode."

Bonnie suggests Mimi create a diversion, "Make nice to Mr. Lab Technician while I sneak in."

Jack inhales his imaginary cigarette, and then exhales, "This is as good as it ever gets." Jennifer thinks so too. Jack asks, "What about your other husband?"

"Which one," asks Jennifer.

Jack says, "Now we've had this little interlude, but we will go back and I'll just be that guy who broke your heart. I may still die. Frankie and I will both be dying – for the answer. What's gonna happen now?"

Jack tends the fire as Jennifer says she feels guilty. Frankie is the sweetest man she has ever known. "He's perfect," says Jack.

"Nobody's perfect," says Jennifer, "But you are perfect for me. Do you know how long it's been since I felt like myself? Thank you for tonight. I really feel like myself again."

"You're welcome." Round two.

Hope says it sounded like Shawn believed Bo. Bo waves the report in her face and asks he to read it. Hope declines. He reads it for her, "The only prints on the disc besides Eve's are Patrick's." Hope says it only proves his hands were on it at some point.

Bo adds, "After it left the evidence room. The frickin' guy is guilty. Hope will wait for the ballistics report. "You are being loyal to him and that is one of the things I like about you, in addition to you ability to emasculate any man within 50 feet of you. The bottom line is my fingerprints aren't on this."

Bonnie urges Mimi on as she knocks at the lab tech's door. He's interested form the start. He opens the door and says in a thick Russian accent, "Hi ya, honey." Mimi tells him she's fascinated by the job he has. She admires his white jacket and notices his name is Nikita.

Mimi asks, "Is that like La Femme Nikita?"

"La Femme Nikita is voman," he says, "I am not voman. I Nikita – like Khrushchev." Mimi asks what it is like being a lab technician. She is applying for the job so she can be cool like him.

Shawn arrives at the hospital. The nurse recognizes him. He asks about Mimi. The nurse saw them go down the elevator. Shawn is on a mission. He gets on the elevator and looks at the buttons, "Down... Hmmm... at least I've got a 50-50 chance."

Jack extols the virtue of caves, "They get cold, though. How did the cave dweller's do it?" Jennifer wishes the search party would get there, but she likes being alone with Jack. He wants to stay with her and that means getting back to Salem. She tells Jack she knows he's not dying.

Mimi continues to mesmerize Nikita. Not wasting any time, he offers to whisk her off to New York and show her the sights. He is so happy to help her.

Bonnie sits at the computer and looks up to heaven, "I know this is wrong, OK, but I'm doing it for my kid." She types something on the keyboard.

Mimi charms. Lab work sounds official and sexy. Nikita says he is always in a sexy mood. He puts his hand on her shoulder and invites her to dinner. Shawn sees them and goes ballistic, "Get your hands off of her!" Bonnie dives under the desk.

Rubber glove clad Bo inserts the disk in the portable DVD player. Hope watches then turns away. She apologizes, "I misjudged you."

Bo is sorry too, about everything. But mostly about letting Chelsea drive that night. He dreams about Zack all the time. Zack's favorite story was about sailing away with them. Far, far away. Hope drones, "And now he is far, far away and alone."

Hope admits Bo didn't steal the disc, nor did he send the emails. Hope tells him about what she saw at the motel and how Billie's testimony cleared that up.

Bo about has a stroke, "You left me and went to Lockhart because of Chelsea and Billie! Billie had all this time to come clean and she never did. And I can't believe that little monster is my kid. With everything that happened there is one thing that never changed. I have never stopped loving you."

Hope says, "And I never stopped loving you, either." These people must have the memory capacity of a retarded gnat.

"Then why aren't we together," asks Bo.

Shawn blasts Nikita for coming on to Mimi when she is married. Nikita wonders how he was supposed to know that. "She has a ring on her finger," screams Shawn. Dejected Nikita sulks back into his hole.

Jack asks, "How long have you been aware of these psychic powers?"

Jennifer says, "I don't need psychic powers to know you're in remission. My heart told me when we were making love. We will never be drawn apart again. You just have to have faith."

Jack says, "I will have faith when we are eighty and..." He keels over.

Jennifer says, "I'm getting this incredible sense of déjà déjà déjà déjà déjà vu."

Bonnie hides under Nikita's desk as Nikita tries to concentrate.
He makes a call and says, "Ulias... is Nikita Krazne. Is about Shawn Brady and Claire Kiriakis. Brady... HA! Isn't zat a ztrange name! I was detained vile vorking on zee rezultz. I had accidental intercourse... interpersonal... zorry I am zpeeding up zee process. Bye."

Shawn thinks Nikita was a jerk. He wants to know what Mimi was doing down there with him. She says she was looking for Bonnie. Shawn tells her the nurse said she was with Bonnie. Mimi, quite used to being caught in the web of her own lies, tells Shawn Bonnie got called away. Then Nikita hit on her.

Shawn drops the Patrick bomb, "There's no easy way to say this, but... your brother... he was arrested for the murder of police officer Eve Michaels."

Hope tells Bo the judge asked if Billie's statement had changed her mind. She couldn't answer because the judge declared the continuance, but Hope doesn't know what her answer would have been. She doesn't know anything any more.

Hope has a foreboding pain in the tummy. Bo sits her down and kneels, "Zack started his life as a part of you. That bond is strong. The loss pulled you down – away from everyone you love. As much as it hurts to have him gone there is something inside us that doesn't want to let go. We're afraid if we do our little boy is really gone. I would give anything to bring him back. Us being apart is making things worse. We could take some of that pain away. We could remember our son with love instead of fighting every time we talk about him. There's gotta be a way for us to remember him with joy."

Jennifer begs, "Jack! If you die on me I will never forgive you! Do you hear me?"

Nikita tells the guy on the phone, "This chick vas hot!" Bonnie cowers. Nikita continues, "She put sexy move on me. She vas steaming like pierogi on my plate. Tonight ve go to club. I hit on showgirl. She vill not zay no to Nikita."

Mimi is skeptical about Bo being the arresting officer since today is the divorce hearing and he hates Patrick.

"My dad does have a history of messing with the truth," says Shawn, "You should be able to relate to that."

Hope doesn't know how to let go of the anger. Bo suggests therapy. He would do anything for Hope, even raising another man's child. Hope isn't going to convict Patrick until the evidence is in. Bo tells her she's his life, "Let me prove how much I love you. Just come back to me."

"I'm not ready," says Hope, "A lot has happened today. I need time to think." Bo tells her to let him know when she is ready. He leaves. Hope stares.

Jennifer works on Jack. She covers him up and thinks she hears a helicopter. She waves at it. The searchlight finds her.

Bonnie's cell phone rings. She jumps out from under the desk and Nikita asks what she is doing there. "They're after me," says Bonnie.

Nikita rushes her to the door, "Go. I vill tell no one." He zips his lip.

Bonnie runs into the hall and answers her phone. It's Mimi. Bonnie tells her she doesn't even know if the change went through. Mimi tells her Patrick needs them.

Hope visits Zack's grave. She misses him so much. She doesn't know why she can't forgive his father, "He didn't do a lot of the things that Mommy was angry about. That should make a difference but I don't know if it does. He gave Chelsea the keys and he is just as guilty as she is. What am I supposed to do?"

Bo walks down by the dock. He takes out his wallet and looks at a happy family picture.

The rescue team arrives. Jennifer tells the dying Jack it will be OK. She looks up at the techs, "Hurry!" FF Jennifer.



Patrick looks through the bars and tells Tek, "I had nothing to do with that woman's death, but I need you to help me prove it."

Frankie drowns in his tears. Jennifer says, "Goodbye."

Lexie says, "I'll check him out and we'll see, OK?" Jennifer says, "Lexie, please don't let him die, please!"

Mimi, Bonnie and Abe stand there as Shawn reads a document. Mimi asks, "What does it say?" Shawn looks up, "I'm Claire's father."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! The "I did crack with Whitney" headline was hilarious! DAYS is moving along well! I can't believe Hope is flip-flopping around even AFTER Bo proves his innocence!

And finally...SHAWN FINDS OUT THE TRUTH! I just can't wait for Mimi to fry, which probably will take awhile.

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Round two????? No wonder Jack nearly dies.

5:52 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I'll be laughing over the Prevuze (and Bulldog) pictures all day. And that National Enquirer cover - ROFLMAO!!

Shawn having a 50-50 chance of finding "Down" in the elevator was classic!

I'm surprised the DNA results took so long this time. The McLab must have been closed. HAHAHAHA

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people must have the memory capacity of a retarded gnat.

Funnny, Coincidence that it is also the mind capacity DOOL writers want their viewers to have???

7:18 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

So Bonnie can join the ranks of Sami and others who can sit down and log into the computer system. Apparently they are slow learners in the Salem Hospital Security Division. HAHAHAHA

I LOL over Shawn and the elevator buttons and LOVED the picture of Squints doing drugs with Whitney and Belle's pre-partum depression. The whole Enquirer pic was one of Prevuze' best yet.

Great Prevuze to perk up a Monday morning. :D

7:45 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

WOW, that National Enquirer cover is HILARIOUS!! LOVE IT! Prevuze rocks.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cna someone please slap Hope she won't condemn Pat w/o all the evidence but she'll believe anything anyone tells her about Brady. Maybe her and Belle have the same thing. The Enquirer hilarious!

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder who Carrie will do next? Maybe now that Belle might be dumping Phillip for NuShawn, Carrie can try taking him as well! After all, she's already had the rest of the brothers. Might as well keep it in the family. HO!

3:01 PM  

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