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Jack worries. He waits in the doctor's office and paces. Jennifer comes in and says the results aren't back yet. Jack wonders why they are with Dr. Berman instead of Lexie.

"Because we want you to recover," says Jennifer. Jack thinks this all probably means bad news. Jennifer says Abe is meeting Lexie at the police station and that probably means they are going ahead with the divorce.

Jack asks what Jennifer thinks about the results. Jennifer says she is optimistic. Frankie knocks. Nervous Jack invites him in. Jack says he asked Frankie to be there. He tells Frankie there is no news yet. Tense silence.

Maggie puts a sign outside Chez Rouge, "Closed for Salem GP press conference." Abby wonders what is taking Jack's test results so long. She is worried about Jack, but not worried enough to be with him. Max and the brat hope he gets a clean bill of health. Phillip comes in. They ask him about news on Will. Abby thinks he just took a powder, but no one has seen him around town.

Max leaves to get ready and bumps into Stephanie. He asks if that is what he has to look forward to on the racetrack. "If you don't watch where you are going," says Stephanie.

She asks if they should pretend to hate each other at the press conference. Max thinks that's a good idea. They can put on a scene like prizefighters.

Maggie joins EJ and Kate and asks for news on Will. There is none. They considered postponing the press conference but decided it's better to keep people busy. Maggie is glad they decided to hold it at Chez Rouge – it will be good for business.

Bo is on the phone. Crank call. Bo slams the phone. Abe thinks Will is still in town, "Roman is out looking for him with half the Salem PD."

"Too bad," says Bo, "I was hoping we could find the kid." Bo doesn’t think Lexie would be capable of kidnapping Will. Abe doesn't know, "Lexie is a DiMera. If someone is out to get your family..."

"My family does a good enough job of wrecking itself," Says Bo

Abe tells Bo about the upcoming press conference. Bo says he already knows about it. He has dispatched plainclothes officers to cover it. Abe hopes Lexie doesn’t catch on to his investigation.

A nurse interrupts Jack to go over insurance information. Frankie and Jennifer wait outside.

Jennifer thanks Frankie for coming. Frankie asks what happens after Jack goes into remission. "The three of us will really have a good time then," says Jennifer, "You know I love you, Frankie."

"But not the same way you love Jack," says Frankie, "I need to know what am I supposed to do."

"I don't want you to think I am hedging my bets," says Jennifer, "But what do you say to a man who's dying that you love and are furious with? He didn't even tell me he was dying. He didn't tell me he was trying to force us together. I am having a hard time forgiving him. But I love him. And I love you. So I don't know what to do. If you want to walk out I don't blame you."

"I love you way too much," says Frankie, "If you know he is getting better you have to make a decision."

Dr. Berman comes up and motions them both into Jack's room. Jack asks, "So tell me... am I still dying or not?" Dr. Berman stares.

Abby takes Chelsea aside to talk about the paternity thing. She has figured out it's all about the clueless quad. Chelsea tells her she tried to do the right thing, but nobody believed it was true, "And Belle and Shawn never slept together. So my good deed turned out to be a bad one and they think the same person who messed with the file also switched the embryos."

Abby gasps, "But you didn't..."

The brat unloads on her, "I'm confiding in you and you accuse me!"

Phillip says to Kate and EJ, "I was watching CNBC because NBC won't let me watch CNN – it's in my contract, and I find out you two are starting a company called Mythic Communications. Does this mean you are leaving Basic Black?"

Kate says is decreasing her involvement with Basic Black, "In other words, Jennifer isn't the only one who is hedging her bets."

EJ says it was his idea to keep it secret, "I am a racecar driver. I'm used to being out front and that's the way I intend to keep things."

PrevuzeBo and Abe talk about Lexie's involvement. They don't know why Lexie would have killed Eve. Abe fills out the suspect board. "K. Roberts," "L. Carver." Lexie comes in. The suspect board is facing away from her so she can't see the top-secret information on it. She asks Abe why they are meeting at the station. Pan to her name on the board.

EJ serves Phillip a drink. Phillip says, "So you're the competition now."

"Let's just say we'll give you a run for your money," says EJ, "I've learned you either eat dust or serve it."

"Only if Sami or Mimi are cooking," says Phillip.

"I'm looking forward to serving you a healthy portion of dust," says EJ.

Abby insists she isn't accusing the brat. Chelsea says, "I swear this time it wasn't me."

Bo sneaks the suspect board away as Abe talks to Lexie, and then heads for Chez Rouge.

Abe tells Lexie it's good to see her again. He realizes he has made a huge mistake, "I am withdrawing the petition for divorce."

Of course Dr. Berman doesn't have the results yet. He doesn’t know when they will be back. As he leaves he pats Jack on the shoulder and gives him his best medical advice, "Hang in there."

Frankie tells Jack says he will call his buddy and try to push things along. He has to go to the press conference. He asks if they want to go. Jack is tired. He says Jennifer should go. Jennifer wants to take Jack home. Disappointed Frankie leaves.

Jack's cell phone rings. Jack answers. The mechanical voice says, "I have information on the murder of officer Eve Michaels."

Max knocks. Stephanie comes out, "How do I look?" Max checks her out as the brat comes up. Stephanie runs back in for her helmet.

The brat walks up to Max and he tells her he is glad they have a moment alone, "So I can do this." He kisses her, "It means a lot to me that you came down here."

Frankie arrives. Maggie notices Jennifer didn't come. "Between you and me," says Frankie, "I'm about to lose my mind. I've been patient. I don't know how much longer I can wait. If Jack is in remission Jennifer has to make a decision."

Jack asks who the caller is. The voice laughs. He wants to tell him in person. He says this would make a great reentry story for Jack, "Meet me at the warehouse across for pier five. Within the hour."

Jennifer asks what is going on. It's Deep Throat the second," says Jack.

Jennifer asks, "He wants you to meet him?"

"Yes," says Jack, "And I'm going to do it. The police have nothing. There is a cop killer..."

Jennifer interrupts, "You are in no shape to do this!"

Jack says he is going to jump while the information is hot, "JACK'S BACK! This is the best medicine I could ever ask for." He runs out as Jennifer protests.

Lexie is thrilled. Abe says, "I took a good hard look at myself in the mirror, and do you know what I saw?"

"Zack's eyes," asks Lexie.

"I was the one who drove you away," says Abe, "I wouldn't even consider other ways of being intimate. I was feeling sorry for myself and was unfair to you. Can you forgive me?"

"Yes, of course," says Lexie, "The real question is can you truly forgive me?"

Maggie gets the press conference started. The brat stands in the back. She sees Bo and wonders what he is doing there.

Maggie introduces EJ. EJ says he will be participating in the race, but not on the track. He and Kate are sponsoring Stephanie. Stephanie comes out. Stephanie says she has raced all over the world but is happy to be there in Salem.

Phillip goes to the podium in behalf of Victor. He introduces Max. Max thanks Titan for the opportunity, "I feel like I am the luckiest guy on the planet."

Abe is willing to make a go of it as long as Tek is in Lexie's past. Lexie promises it is over. Abe tells Lexie, "I miss you and Theo and the family we've created together." Smooch.

Lexie says Theo will be happy his daddy is back home. Abe says he isn't ready for that. He suggests dinner at the penthouse grill. A cop comes in and says they made a positive ID on the prints on the mystery file.

A reporter asks if there is animosity between Max and Stephanie.

"We hate each other's guts," says Max.

"I can't stand him," says Stephanie.

They talk about each driver's game plan in the race. Max says he and Stephanie are family. They will be racing for bragging rights. They bring the sponsors up.

EJ says, "Max has a great car, unless Phillip has been driving it." Phillip lets that one go and insists Max' car has never been faster.

A reporter asks about their rapport, "There is no denying your chemistry. Are you racing together off the track?" The brat steams.

Jack sneaks around the dock. He opens a door, "Hello... is anybody there." Empty room. Jack sneaks in, "This better not be a wild goose chase."

"Stay put," whispers the gravely voice, "Sit. I appreciate you meeting with me. What I am about to tell you could get us both killed."

"Been there – done that," says Jack, "...Uh, could you excuse me a second?" Jack gets up and sneaks back across the room.

Jennifer turns and sees him, "GASP!"


Lexie tells Celeste she will call later. Abe stares at the file, "This is about as bad as it can get for the Brady's." He makes a phone call.

Max says he and Stephanie are good friends but introduces the brat as his good luck charm. Bo gets a call as the brat comes down the aisle for her big moment.

Bo gets off the phone and takes charge, "This press conference is over! Will you all please leave?" Kate asks if this is about will. Bo announces, "I am here to take Chelsea Brady into custody."

The brat asks, "What?" The audience gasps and mumbles.

Jack asks why Jennifer is there. She thinks he is in no condition to be there. Jack apologizes to the unseen Deep Throat II for his assistant showing up.

"Your ASSISTANT," snaps Jennifer.

He shushes her and they sneak back across the room. Deep Throat is gone. "Great," says Jack, "Now look what you have done. Some things never change."

"No," says Jennifer, "Because you are never going to stop taking chances. I will not let you risk your life!"

"You don't understand," says Jack, "For the first time in a year I feel alive." Jack sways a little and Jennifer reminds him he is still ill. Jack goes on, "I was on a high and then you showed up."

"Well excuuuuuuuuse me," says Jennifer.

Suddenly Jack sees a picture of a pistol, "What the heck? I'm telling you. Deep Throat had information on officer Michael's murder. Unless he's sending us on a scavenger hunt, I say this is a photo of the gun that killed her!"

"There is only one way to find out," says Jennifer.

Now you're talking my language," says Jack.

Abe and Lexie talk about the brat's antics. Lexie wonders if she switched the embryos, too.

The brat struggles. Bo tells her to shut up until she gets an attorney. Outside he grabs her and asks why she is doing this to Shawn. The brat tires to answer but he won't let her get a word in edgewise and hauls her off.

Phillip storms out. A newsman steps forward and asks, "Max, what kind of a good luck charm is your girlfriend now?" Max stares. Stephanie comforts him. FF Max.


Thanks to the Prevuze Superspies who posted the Boston Event Weekend Edition last Saturday. It was Prevuze biggest traffic weekend ever and we got lots of great feedback in the form of comments and reader emails. Thanks again.


Jennifer asks, "How else would he get the picture of this gun, Jack, unless..." Jack interrupts, "He already had it in his possession."

Mimi says to Belle, "If your baby is tired, then rock her, but stop coming to my husband for help."

Bo tells the brat, "What I should do is lock you up and throw away the key." Frankie busts in, "Try... and you'll have me to deal with."

Shawn asks Phillip, "Are you trying to tell me my DNA matches Claire's?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodie it looks like we are going to get a little of the Jack and Jennifer reporters.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's kind of ridiculous that Bo would interrupt the press conference to arrest Chelsea...It couldn't wait until it was over??? I mean, it's not like she's a murderer....

Well, in this instance anyway....

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze, today's pictures and captions are hysterical!!!

Five foot ten wad of hair!! LOL!!

And if I'm not mistaken, Marlena has had Excedrin Headache #17 herself, hasn't she??

Thanks for the laughs!!

6:14 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

5'10" wad of hair - that will have me laughing all day!!! It, and all the other pictures, will also help my Excedrin headache.

Also got a chuckle at Kate REDUCING her time at Basic Black. From what? The two hours every other month she puts in now??? HAHAHA

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Marci said...

That prevue with Phillip and Shawn is just weird. There is no way Phillip would tell Shawn. I'll bet its something else.

6:23 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

The wad of hair was great! And Abe looking in the mirror and seeing Zack's eyes will keep me chuckling for awhile.

Typical competency of the Salem PD, having the top persons of interest right out there on an open blackboard. HAHAHAHAHA And I totally agree with Anonymous above about Bo rushing in to make an arrest. Puhleeze.

Excellent Prevuze today!! :D

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Meisha said...

Things are looking up for Days.

I love Jack and Jen getting back to their roots.

I agree marci, they might as well stop showing those previews, they are never what they seem.

Tks Prevuze for the great recap! I read everyday even if I dont post because I am not as witty as some of your other faithfuls.

10:30 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Meisha - I wouldn't say that we constant posters are witty so much as compelled by Prevuze to comment or else risk losing this excellent outlet for our frustrations about DAYS.

There have been hints that Prevuze' needs to know how much we appreciate his/her efforts. Not unlike pagans sacrificing to Mother Earth so that crops will continue to grow. ;-)

2:12 PM  

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