Monday, July 24, 2006

Bad Luck Runs In Threes

Billie comes into the hospital. Bo asks what she is doing there. She just visited Jack. He isn't doing so well. Bo is there to pick up some prenatals for Hope. They aren't back together, but the pharmacy left a message on his cell phone by mistake. He thought he would do a good deed. Billie asks, "You're not giving up on her, are you?" Bo looks away.

Hope picks up a stuffed ducky as Patrick finishes fixing the kitchen sink. He asks if there is anything else he can do. "I haven't seen the bill yet," she says.

"For you," says Patrick, "free of charge."

"You're the best," says Hope.

Patrick gets down to brass tacks, "Sooner or later, we have to talk about this. You're having my baby."

Carrie whines, "I decided to marry Lucas because I wanted a baby of my own. I thought it was a sign Austin and I weren't meant to be. I even had morning sickness when I wasn't pregnant. How many lives have I affected?"

Lexie tries to mitigate things, "There is a small chance you could get pregnant."

"You said there was less than one percent," whines Carrie, "Lucas was so excited about being a father again. If I had known... I wouldn't have married him."

Sami stares at the rock of Gibraltar shining up at her, "That ring is perfect."

"It's the one you wanted," says Austin.

"I know," says Sami, "But I can't accept it."

"You said yes when I proposed before," says the confused Austin.

"I know," says Sami, "But I can't take the ring. It's too expensive. I'd like the Taj Mahal but I don't expect to live there. Why do you even love me?"

"I would give you a list," says Austin, "But I don't ant to embarrass EJ. You were very clear at the jeweler's. You picked this one." He takes a knee, "From now on, I want to give you all that's in my power to give. I want to be your husband now and for all the Days Of Our Lives. Will you be my wife?"

Sami bawls, "Yes, of course I will be, Austin." Kiss. EJ watches.

Austin says, "Whew!" He puts the ring on her finger. Heavy-duty kiss.

Dr. Flooze tells Carrie, "Your relationship with Lucas looks like the real thing as opposed to the humpfest I've been having with Tek." Carrie says it's not the same kind of love she feels for Austin. She wanted to marry Austin more than anything, but when Lexie told her they couldn't have children she chose a family over her love for Austin. Now, she knows she would have married Austin. Lexie assures her it wasn't her fault.

Sami and Austin break it up. Austin goes downstairs to bring up the dinner. Sami tells EJ she is a coward. EJ says it's understandable. Sami doesn't want to ruin Austin's happiness. EJ says she has to tell before somebody else does.

Hope says, "I'll get us some tea."

Patrick stops her, "I don't want no stinkin' tea. We have to talk." Patrick wants to be involved in the kid's life. Hope says he will. That is the only thing she is clear about. Bo is the third side of the triangle...

"Patrick," says Hope, "I don't know what I want." Patrick's phone rings. Mimi tells him she needs him. She is at the trauma center. Patrick tells Hope he is there for her. He'll talk to her soon. Patrick leaves. Hope feels her tummy and stares.

Bo tells Billie there have been times he's wondered about trying to hold on to Hope. Even though the baby isn't his he still wants to be her husband, but she doesn't want him.

"Yes she does," says Billie, "You have to convince her to listen to her heart."

Bo says he will be there for Hope. He misses her, "You know that ache you get in your heart."

"I've been there," Billie reminds him.

"I'm sorry," says Bo, "I keep sticking my foot in my mouth."

Billie disagrees, "No, it's permanently implanted there. If there is anything I can do you just have to ask. That's what friends are for, right?"

Patrick joins Mimi. "I’m going to lose Shawn," she whines.

Sami admires the ring. EJ tells her it's dazzling. Sami asks him to understand this is everything she has ever wanted. "I've been to the altar so many times, I am a joke in this town, but it will be different this time. This is my third time with Austin. You know what they say about the third time, don't you?"

"Bad luck runs in threes," asks EJ.

"No," snaps Sami, "Third time is a charm. I'm asking you to let us un-postpone the wedding. I will be your personal slave if you let us get married right now."

EJ chastises her, "We've had a dozen conversations about this and now you're deciding not to tell him."

"He will never forgive me," says Sami, "If someone tells him I can come up with some excuse and blame them. Once we are married it will be different. I am not telling Austin and you can't tell him either. Swear on your mother's life."

Austin prepares dinner. He squirts some whipped cream his finger and licks it off. This prompts a memory of a dinner with Carrie, when she smeared whopped cream on his lips and kissed him.

Austin smiles as Billie comes in. He tells her he is making dinner for Sami. Billie says, "You may be cooking dinner for Sami but you're thinking about Carrie, aren't you?"

Lexie's cell phone interrupts her. It's a text message, "DON'T DO IT!"

"Don't do it," repeats Lexie.

"Don't do what," asks Carrie, "Lexie, what's the matter?"

The Hand closes his/her/its cell phone.

Bo arrives at Hope's door. She stares.

"Bo Brady," he says, "I used to live here." He tells her he got her vitamins for her. The chump pours his heart out to her and begs for another chance.

Patrick tells Mimi to calm down. You can't stop a runaway locomotive. She babbles, "Belle is having my husband's baby. I might as well pack my bags and get out of town. My life with Shawn is over."

Austin wants to know what makes Billie think that. "Because of the googly-eyed look on your face."

"Don't try to cause trouble," says Austin, "I am worried about her." He tells her about the fire.

Billie is there because she is worried about Austin. She has a feeling Sami is the wrong woman for him, "You will always love Carrie. Do you think it's a good idea to marry Sami?"

EJ asks how Sami knows his mother is even a part of his life, "Sometimes you need to think before you speak."

"That's no fun," says Sami. She insists she won't tell Austin the truth. He has to promise not to tell either. She begs.

EJ asks, "What would you do to me if I did tell?"

"You don't want to find out," she threatens, "Just be my friend."

"If I was any real friend to you I'd go tell Austin right now," says EJ, "but you can have it your way."

"Thank you," says Sami, "Let me explain something. She shows him the initials on the door. Lucas and Carrie... Carrie and Austin, "Carrie has her initials carved all over this town and her name on a few bathroom walls. I spent my life living in her shadow. It makes me stuck as a fifteen year old. That's when everything changed. I lost my mom when I was young and then she came back when I was fifteen. I thought my life would be perfect from then on. Of course I was wrong. But for a couple months I couldn't have been happier. And that's when I met Austin. He makes me feel safe and secure and loved and that is all I have ever wanted."

"I'm glad you told me," says EJ, "It explains a lot.

"That's why I can't tell Austin the truth," says Austin, "I can't lose him."

Lexie stammers, "One of the nurses and I have given up caffeine and we are using the buddy system, and she knows I have the worst cravings right now... for coffee, that is."

"So what were you going to tell me," asks Carrie.

"I don't think I should be getting involved in your personal business," says Lexie, "Ruining your life is another thing, however. OK... just take it from someone who's going through a divorce, you need to let go and give Lucas a chance. If after a year or so you find out you're still pining for Austin, you should see a counselor. If that doesn't work, then maybe you should see a lawyer. I wish Abe would give me that chance."

"He did," says Carrie, "You just went straight to the lawyer stage."

Hope lets Bo in. She says it's not easy for her. He tells her he will do anything if she will just tell him what she wants. She wants what she can't have. She wants Zack. Bo would give his life to bring him back.

"You can't rewrite history," says Hope.

"Unless you're a DOOL writer," says Bo.

"I know you love Zack," says Hope, "But you chose Chelsea over us."

"I did what I thought was best," says Bo, "I have loved and needed one woman and it's always been you. I will live the rest of my life being the best husband to you and the best father to this baby."

Hope asks, "Are you gonna tell me you won't resent the fact it is Patrick's?"

Bo retreats into dreamland, "All we can do is move forward and create the most happy family we can. I think we can do it."

"What about Patrick," says Hope, "I need to do what's right with this baby and that means having him in the baby's life. Can you handle that?"

Mimi tells Patrick, "I wanna rip Belle's face off just thinking about it. She told Shawn she's happy having his baby. It's driving me crazy."

"You should be used to it, then," says Patrick.

"I don't think I can handle 9 months of this," says Mimi.

"You," says Patrick, "What about the viewers? He married you. He loves you."

"Now he has the best reason in the world to be with Belle," says Mimi.

Austin cooks and tells Billie he wants to drop the subject. We should be so lucky. He loves Carrie, but she is with Lucas. He has to move on and Sami has to move on.

"I'm all about moving on," says Billie, "But does it have to be with Sami?"

"You're starting to sound like Mom," says Austin.

"Bo moved on with me," says Billie, "How do you think that worked out for me? Don't marry Sami on the rebound, when your heart still belongs to somebody else. Sami is a fragile person. When she gets hurt she lashes out and hurts the whole world."

"I'm not going to hurt her and she's not going to hurt me," says Austin, "So, would you join us for dinner?"

"Why do I sense an ulterior motive," asks Billie.

"There is none," says Austin as he drops the ulterior motive on her, "We are family and EJ is going to be there."


Austin asks, "Do you want to live in limbo the rest of your life too?"

"I am not interested in EJ Wells," says Billie, "I'm going to take my sweet time finding the right partner and I think you should do the same."

"You're running out of time... sweet or otherwise," says Austin.

Carrie says, "You're right. Love isn't the most important thing in life. Honor is important too. Austin is getting ready to marry my sister. I'd be incredibly selfish to mess that up. But I won't mess it up anyway. I owe it to Lucas. I don't love him as much as I do Austin, but it has to be enough to work things out."

EJ asks, "Are you sure Austin is the man of your dreams?"

"Since I was a teenager," says Sami.

"Then tell him the truth," says EJ, "You can at least start with a clean slate. You've been through this with Austin before. You can go through it again. If it doesn't work out, you know there's going to be a whole line of men to take you out." Sami smiles.

Bo tells Hope he can handle anything if they are together, including Lockhart being the kid's father. "The biggest problem is you," says Hope, "I don't trust you."

Bo grovels, "There's gotta be something I can do."

Hope says, "Prove to me you didn't tamper with the evidence that kept Chelsea out of jail. Maybe we can work on rebuilding our marriage."


Patrick says Hope is pregnant with his child, so he knows something about situations like this. He loves Hope but it doesn't mean they will be together. Mimi insists Belle now has the perfect excuse for being with Shawn, "I mean, when you already share a child together..."

Patrick asks, "What do you mean already share a child?"

"That's what I need to tell you," says Mimi, "Shawn is Claire's biological father." FF.


Hope says, "I want more than anything to believe in you again. Bo says, "And you will. I'm not gonna lose you, Fancy Face."

Mimi asks, "What if when I tell him he does leave me?" Patrick hugs her, "That's just a chance you're going to have to take."

Belle tells Shawn, "I didn't marry Phillip in good faith. My wedding vows are a lie."

Kayla asks, "Who the hell are you?" Ole tough-as-nails snorts, "I'm his wife. Who the hell are you?"


Blogger Michelle said...

"You can't rewrite history" UNLESS YOU'RE A DOOL WRITER. So true, so true. Loved all the comments today, truly a great post!

7:19 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

LOL at all the pictures. Just what I needed to give me a shot in the arm today! 12 hours on planes and in airports will take it out of you every time.

Where's the airline that gets the Salemites back & forth to Europe in an hour or so?? That' what I needed today.

8:16 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

They had to be waiting at this point to see what the head writer situation was going to be. Every one of the conversations we've heard a hundred times. GET ON WITH IT!!

Does anyone else find it more than suspicious a stranger like EJ is so adamant Sami tell Austin the secret? In spite of the scenes where Kate supposedly met EJ I'd swear she's hired him. Of course as Prevuze points out, DOOL writers don't hesitate to rewrite history.

LOL over Carrie's name on bathroom walls and Hope's heel picture. HAHAHAHA

Prevuze is a great Monday morning pick-me-up! :)

8:23 AM  

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