Monday, July 10, 2006

The Consolation Prize

Phillip tells the crew Lauren the surrogate is on her way. Dr. Jaynes walks in with bad news. Frowns all around.

Lucas and Carrie share a hot moment. He claims to be officially the luckiest man in the world, which proves the sad state of affairs the world is in these days. Carrie agrees. There is a knock at the door. Lucas thinks it may be Kate.

Lucas opens the door and starts to have a cow, but stops when he sees it's Maggie. He says he thought Maggie was someone else. She has a telegram for Carrie. Telegrams make Maggie's generation very nervous. As a reality check for our well-informed Prevuze readers, there is no longer any-such thing as a telegram. After approximately 150 years of continuous service, Western Union ceased sending telegrams earlier this year (click here for details). We wouldn't expect the DOOL writers to know that, however, since there is little they do know. Perhaps we can look at it this way: in Salem, even telegrams can come back from the dead.

Carrie opens the fake telegram. It's from Mike.

The debonair EJ stands holding his drink in the crowd at Chez Rouge, and moves off screen. Kayla looks for her photo album. Patch has it. He was looking at the pictures of Stephanie and their wedding. She asks if he is remembering something. "I remember you ask that a lot," says Patch.

Roman comes up to the bar where Kate is sitting alone. He compliments her on the party. She says she just likes to see her children happy. He asks a favor – not to interfere with Sami's happiness again, "Leave it alone, Kate. Leave Sami alone."

Sami tells Austin she can't wait for it to be their turn to get married. They drink a special toast as EJ watches.

Caroline and Alice toast yet another Horton-Brady wedding, "If only Bo and Hope could find their way back to each other," says Alice.

Bo has shown up. Billie says it must be hard waiting for the baby news. She suggests he just relax and have fun. "Yeah," says Bo, "I don't think that's going to happen." He watches as Hope walks in with Patrick.

The brat asks Abby, "What's the Josh-ster up to tonight?" Abby says he has a family reunion. She claims not to be the goodie-two-shoes the brat thinks she is. She used to be more fun. The brat excuses her because her dad is dying. She's sorry all this is happening to Abby right now. Abby says there may be something she can do to make her realize there can be happy endings again – give Max a chance. Max appears at the door.

Dr. Jaynes says since it's the holiday there will be a slight delay waiting for the transfer. He asks for them to have him paged when the surrogate arrives. Shawn offers words of encouragement, which fall on Mimi's deaf ears.

Back in the lab, the doctor tells the nurse to prepare for the transfer. He leaves and she pulls out the implements. She inspects the petri dishes as the hand stalks.

EJ interrupts Sami and Austin with small talk about the wedding. EJ asks if they are planning on a long engagement. "No way," says Sami. He asks if she is pregnant like Carrie. Sami tells him she isn't, but scolds him for asking such a personal question. EJ says he doesn’t think they should rush into getting married.

Billie tells Bo to let it go. He assures her he won't nuke.

Hope tells Patrick she wants to go. She doesn't want a scene. Too late. Bo comes up.

Carrie reads the telegram. Lucas asks if she will fill him in. She reads, "Carrie and Lucas... wish Rob and Jeremy and I could be with you today to share your happiness. Love and friendship. Mike."

"That's our Mike," says Maggie.

Carrie wishes they could have been here too. Maggie leaves and tells them not to be too long. Carrie assures her they won't.

Maggie closes the door and Lucas tells Carrie she's wrong, "Right now I want you all to myself." They maul each other.

The brat turns away form Max. She tells Abby she refuses to be exclusive with Max right now. Abby tells her not to blow it. She leaves as Max walks up. The brat asks where Stephanie is. Max says he was originally taking her to the reception, "But she's not the one I wanted to be with."

"You guys are all so fickle."

"No," says Max, "I'm in love with you."

Kate wants to know how Roman can believe Sami changed but not her.

Roman says he believes in Sami. He again tells Kate to leave her alone. Kate says, "I can't change my feelings but I can change my actions."

Fess up," says Roman, "I'm right, aren't I?"

Patch doesn't want Kayla to think he's remembering things. He has met people one day he can't remember the next. Right now he's just trying to get to the point where he won't forget Stephanie. Kayla suggests he see Marlena when she comes back to town so he'll be completely screwed up. Marlena is an amnesia specialist.. Patch says he saw shrinks in the hospital in Cincy and nothing helped. The first thing he remembers is waking up in the hotel room. He doesn't know how he got there.

"OMG," says Kayla.

"What," he asks.

The nurse tells the crew Dr. Jaynes is ready. Mimi worries because the surrogate isn't there. Belle says Phillip is out making a phone call. Phillip comes back from the call with bad news. The surrogate has been involved in a car accident. Mimi gasps.

Sami says she can't think about anything but getting married. EJ says he is their new client and should be top priority. Austin thinks he can handle business and getting married at the same time. EJ runs through a litany of things that Titan will get a lead on. They have a product to launch. They need to put all their time into that. Sami says this is why they brought Kate on.

"If that's the direction you're thinking," says EJ, "then this deal is a non-starter."

Bo asks to speak to Hope alone. Patrick goes off and bumps into Billie. She asks if waiting is rough. "It's not as rough on me as it is on Hope," he says.

"If it is your child," asks Billie, "what are you going to do about it?"

Hope tells Bo, "This is a wedding reception, not a place to discuss the paternity of a baby."

Bo says, "However things turn out I'll always love you."

Hope asks, "Even if Patrick is the father?"

The brat tells Max, "So you dumped Stephanie to hang out with me. I guess I should be flattered."

"She said she had something to do," says Max.

"I'm not used to being somebody's consolation prize," says the brat.

"Consolation prizes are a lot crummier than they used to be," says Max, "I came to the reception because of you. Do you believe me?"

"Yeah," she says, "I actually do."

Kate hates that Roman knows her so well. She would like to break up Sami and Austin, but she has decided to throw in the towel. She is conceding defeat, "I am officially off the case, although I can't see what he sees in her. He doesn't love her. He always feels like he has to rescue her. She is absolutely truth-challenged."

Roman says, "Kate, they have what we had and we had – one hell of a connection."

Kayla tells Patch she knows who might have done this, "Somebody staged your death and erased your memory."

Patch says, "Who could do a thing like that?"

Kayla says, "Stefano DiMera."


Phillip doesn't know if the surrogate is OK. He's waiting for a phone call to find out more about the accident. The nurse comes to get Belle. Mimi tells her to go on. They will wait for the surrogate. Phillip goes to make another call for more info.

Mimi frets. Shawn tells her to calm down until they know more about the accident.

Austin understands EJ's concern. He says they will devote all their time and energy to his account. He goes for drinks. Sami laces into EJ, "Why are you so determined to postpone my wedding?"

Bo stammers, "This baby – I think it is mine."

"And if it's not," says Hope, "You'll accept that?"

"I'll do anything I have to to make sure I don't lose you," says Bo.

"I'm not trying to hurt you," says Hope. She walks away. Bo sulks.

Carrie comes out. Austin greets the beautiful bride and tells her she deserves to be with the man she loves. Lucas comes out and tells Austin, "I guess you're up next, bro."

"Yeah," says Austin, "You guys are gonna have a great life." Maggie introduces the happy couple. Cheers. They dance. Austin remembers dancing with Carrie himself. The crowd cheers as the dips dip.

Kate says she's never seen Lucas look so happy. It reminds Roman of another happy couple – them. Kate says she barely remembers. Roman accuses her of lying. She says it's too painful to remember the past. Roman wishes Kate could be the woman he knows she is inside instead of the manipulative woman she is on the outside. He asks her to live her own life and leave Sami and Austin alone. He loves her strength. He fell in love with a sweet kind woman who needed him. He wonders if that woman is still in there. He leaves and Kate sighs.

Patch asks about Stephano. Kayla tells him about the DiMeras, "Stephano is dead and Tony is in prison. Stephano had this strange obsession with Marlena and Hope. He had a thing about the Brady's." She thinks maybe this happened to Patch because she was married to him. She tells him Hope got her memory back so he shouldn't think his condition is irreversible. She has an idea and tells him to come with her.

Billie asks if Bo made any progress. He says he can't tell what Hope is thinking any more.

Patrick whispers to Hope – If she wants to leave he'll take her. She says that's what she likes about him – no pressure. He just doesn't want her stressed in her condition. Bo watches.

EJ tells Sami it's not about her wedding. He needs her to focus on business like he knows she can.

Sami smiles, "And where do you think my focus belongs exactly – on you?"

EJ asks, "Does your husband know you flirt with other guys?"

"He's not my husband yet," says Sami, "I'm asking a serious question here."

"And I'll give you a serious answer," says EJ, "The reason I started working with Reed and Company had nothing to do with Austin or his mother."

Austin comes back and hauls Sami off to dance as EJ smirks.

Shawn tells Mimi to be strong, "You are the strongest woman I know."

"That's because Belle is your frame of reference," says Mimi. She agrees no matter what happens they will deal with it.

Dr. Jaynes says the surrogate has arrived. The accident was just a fender-bender. He decides they should get on with things, so Shawn and Mimi can meet the surrogate after the procedure.

Belle and Phillip have heard the surrogate wasn't hurt in the accident. They share their joy for Mimi and Shawn as the hand stalks.

Carrie and Lucas dance and smooch. The crowd joins in. Max tells the brat he likes holding her close like this, what there is of her, anyway. She tells him he's really great but she's not ready to commit. He understands, "You're young and beautiful... well, one outta two ain't bad... but I won't just wait around for you. You are the one I want, but if you can't be with the one you love, et cetera, et cetera."

"I'm going out later," she says.

"With who," he asks.

"Just some friends."

"OK," says Max as his cell phone rings. "Hi... No, I'm not really doing anything... I'll see you later." He turns back to the brat, "Thanks for the dance. I'll see you around." He leaves. Hi-ho, the derry-o, the cheesy brat stands alone.

Billie asks Bo to dance. Hope sees them and asks Patrick if they can leave. Bo watches and stews.

Austin apologizes about all the business talk. Sami says she can handle it. Carrie and Lucas cut in. Partners trade. Sami tells Lucas she never imagined she would dance at his wedding – to her sister. He thinks her life is heading in a whole new direction and no one could be happier than him. Sami nearly cries.

Carrie tells Austin, "I'm glad that you're still in my life even though I married your brother."

Austin says, "I'm always going to be here for you, Carrie."

Kate sits alone. EJ comes up to her and asks her to dance. Kate isn't in the mood. "Let me guess," says EJ, "Sami and Austin aren't exactly your favorite couple. If you have your way they will never get married. It's no secret you're not Sami's biggest fan. I'd like to know why."

Kate says, "Not tonight, EJ. My son got married today. I'd like to end things on a positive note. Goodnight." She leaves.

Kayla pulls Patch into a private room and tells him she was hoping they could do more than talk if he is interested. She kisses him. He's interested.


EJ tells Austin, "If you don't tie the knot soon enough somebody else might just jump in there." Austin sits open-jawed.

The brat says, "Sami, what do you want." Sami says, "I have a proposition for you."

Kayla tells Patch, "Somehow you were brought back to me and I want you... and I think you want me."

Jennifer hugs Frankie, "You've given us hope that Jack might survive. Oh my gosh."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Another great Prevuze/history lesson. Actually, I didn't know that about Western Union either, but LOL at the telegram coming back from the dead.

It is about time for Stefano to make a return. Maybe if Joe Mascolo is dropped from B&B (where there are rumors cast cuts may occur), Stef can rise from the ashes. Literally.

Marlena being the amnesia specialist was a hoot.

Last but not least, the Senor Wences/Hand picture....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Prevuze!!

Quick question - does Patch return Kayla's kiss, again, this time? I 'm guessing he does from the "He's interested" reference - LOL!! These two are the only reason I'm watching the show these Days - Prevuze rocks on!

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm watching for Steve and Kayla, too. I was hoping they'd dance. It IS a reception, isn't it? The writers missed a chance to make a moment for them right there. Why am I not surprised?

Ah, least it looks like we get some good stuff for them this week.

Thanks for doing this. The little comments and the pictures always make me smile. Sometimes they even make me laugh out loud!

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Telegrams still exist, but not by Western Union.

Thanks for the great Prevuze :)

7:30 AM  
Anonymous GBB said...

"I'm watching for Steve and Kayla, too. I was hoping they'd dance." Oh, they didn't need to dance. The writers gave us two whole minutes of conversation with them!

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone want to venture a guess as to who the surrogate will turn out to be? my vote goes in for jan - she never died (did she?) not that that matters on dool

7:51 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Quick question - does Patch return Kayla's kiss, again, this time? "

He certainly does in the show today. Whether it lasts tomorrow is anybody's guess given the dialogue in the preview, but after they had that dialogue, there was another quick picture of them kissing.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Anonymous JUST took my comment - that it was going to be just-out-of-a-coma-Jan who's going to be the surrogate. What couple would agree to a surrogate they've never even seen??

Carrie wished Mike and family could've attended the wedding. She probably wishes just about anybody would've attended. HAHAHA

LOL over the dips dipping and loved the EJ/Stephanie pictures. Great Prevuze on a dreary Monday!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooohhhh you were right.

(I had posted that telegrams still exist by a different company.)

I just saw the clips of that day's show. After Carrie and Lucas get the telegram and read it, Maggie leaves the room. As Carrie and Lucas start to kiss, they show the Western Union envelope.
Can't believe they used Western Union!

6:49 AM  

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