Friday, July 14, 2006

Our Children Will Be Freaks

Lexie works her magic with Jack. Jack may live anyway. She takes his hand and tells him to hang in there. He has to do his part.

Frankie and Jennifer talk out in the hallway. Jennifer thanks him for getting Jack in on the study. Jennifer knows this is Jack's last hope. Frankie says, "Yesterday, we didn't have any hope. But then they fired the head writer." Jennifer looks into Jack's room.

Hope makes the big announcement. Patrick wins the baby jackpot. Bo becomes unhinged, "The doctor said the tests weren't 100% accurate. We need more tests." Hope insists Patrick is the father. Bo won't accept it.

"Denial is not just a river in Egypt," says Hope.

Dr. Jaynes tells the crew about the sperm switch as The Hand stalks. Mr. Hand leaves as Phillip throws every threat in the book at Dr. Jaynes. Mimi wonders if they can pull another switch. The whole crowd comes to the grim realization that Mimi flunked biology. Dr. Jaynes leaves as the crew talks about their problems. Phillip leaves, "I'm going to take care of this right now."

EJ starts to leave. Sami shows him the note and makes him promise he won't hate her. He reads the note and asks her to tell the truth, "Did you do this?"

Lucas and Carrie roast. Carrie smiles. Some like it hot.


Austin walks up to the apartments. He looks up, sees the flames and runs inside.

Lexie tells Jack to remember what she said. He has to stay strong and give the medicine a chance to work. She leaves. Jennifer asks how he is doing. Lexie says it's too soon to tell, but there have been no adverse reactions. Lexie goes off on her rounds. Jennifer stares into Jack's room. She whines, "Look at him he's completely helpless."

Frankie tells her the odds are with them. They have to stay strong for Jack. Jennifer agrees. She hugs Frankie, "I don't know what I'd do without you."

Hope wants to talk to Bo alone.

Patrick asks her, "Are you sure you'll be OK?"

Bo goes off the deep end, "She'll be fine. Get the hell out of here."

Bo says he tried to prepare himself for this, "But you having Patrick's baby – it's a little more difficult than I thought."

Hope says, "Kind of like me finding out Billie was pregnant with your child." Zing! Bo is such an easy target.

Bo tells her they can't throw their marriage away, "This baby is your baby ad I love you so it will be loved more than anything. I know we can do this."

Patrick leaves Bonnie a message. He tells her she's going to be a grandma, but not to start buying any baby clothes yet. Billie overhears, "You're the father."

Phillip calls his lawyer and tells him to bury Dr. Jaynes. He rants and wonders why Belle is so calm.

Shawn tells Mimi there is nothing they can do tonight. He'll call Mickey tomorrow and figure out what they can do, Mimi says, "I am so sorry. It's because of me you are all in this mess."

Sami says she didn't do what's in the note. It's just someone trying to come between her and Austin.

EJ reads the note, "I know what you forced Lexie Carver to do. If I tell, you will lose Austin and everybody will hate you."

He turns to Sami, "You made me promise before I read this note that I wouldn't hate you. So if you didn't do anything wrong, why did you say that? I can't help if you aren't honest. Did you force Lexie to do anything?"

"I don't think I should say," says Sami.

That pretty much gives EJ his answer, "Samantha, I've already read the note. I need you to trust me."

Sami fesses up, "All right, fine. Yes. I did something terrible. And I am a horrible person. But there I was at the wedding and Lexie was going to stand up and tell everyone, but she didn't... and I don't know why!"

"Maybe whoever wrote the note has something on her," says EJ.

"Why? Who," yells Sami, "Now two people know what I have done. That makes it twice as likely it will come out. If they tell Carrie or Lucas or Austin it will destroy everything I have worked for. I don't even know who is doing this to me."

EJ asks, "So if the truth comes out it will adversely affect Lucas and Carrie?"

"I can't believe this," cries Sami, "What am I gonna do?

"I think you need to go to the police."

"I can't do that," she screams, "My dad is the police commander. I can't let him know what happened."

"Then you should ignore this."

"No," she says, "I'm not giving up without a fight. This guy is probably waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell. Like when I'm at the altar. It's been done before. It's Kate's favorite move. God, I wish it were Kate. But I know it's not because she's been after me for weeks trying to figure out what I'm up to."

EJ takes another route, "At the very least, I think you should burn the note."

Flame"Well that's a start," says Sami, "I'm going to make sure Austin never reads this note." Sami lights it up and burns it in the ashtray as Carrie and Lucas snooze through a somewhat bigger blaze.

Austin rushes into their apartment and hauls Carrie out. Lucas follows and collapses.

Hope isn't ready to pick up where they left off. It's Patrick's baby and he deserves to be a part of its life. Bo begs. He tells her this isn't what Zack would want. She attacks him for using Zack. Hope says she needs time away from Bo. She kicks him out so she can get dressed. As he leaves, Bo says, "I'll give you your space but I'll never stop loving you." Hope bawls.

Billie congratulates Patrick, "Bo will be devastated."

Bo walks up behind her, "That's a word for it."

Frankie goes to get Jennifer something to eat. He runs into Hope in the hall. Hope goes in to see Jennifer. Hugs.

Shawn tells Mimi, "This is not your fault. With uncle Mickey we'll figure out what to do."

Mimi blubbers, "What if this brings you and Belle back together?"

"We haven't even been together," says Shawn.

"She's pregnant with your child," screams Meems, "Maybe this is God's way of bringing you together."

Meanwhile, Phillip tells Belle, "You don't care. You want this baby even though it's not mine."

As the note burns... "There go your troubles," says EJ.

Sami cries, "Just because I burned it doesn't mean whoever did it will give up. I have to find out who did this and shut them up."

EJ says, "No. Keep your hands clean. I will find out and make sure they never bother you again."

Sami calms down, "Thank you EJ. You really are a friend."

The fire alarm goes off.

Austin hauls Carrie into the hallway. Sami and EJ rush out. Austin tells them to call 911. Sami wonders where Lucas is. She runs into his apartment screaming, "Lucas, where are you?" Scream. Choke.

Billie didn't realize Bo was there. Patrick leaves so they can talk. Bo says knowing Patrick is the father will just make him fight harder for Hope.

Hope tells Jennifer she is happy Jack is part of the experimental procedure, "It's ironic... before Jack died he asked Frankie to watch over you and Frankie's taking care of both of you now."

Hope tells Jennifer about the pregnancy. Jennifer's jaw hits the floor. Then Hope drops the real bomb and tells her it's Patrick's baby. Just when Jennifer thought her jaw couldn't go any lower ...

Lexie tells Frankie he has been selfless in all this. Frankie says he is doing what he has to do. Lexie asks, "Even if it means losing Jennifer?"

Belle tells Phillip it's not the baby's fault. They express their love and Phillip goes to talk to Shawn.

Shawn reminds Mimi they took sacred vows. Mimi assesses the situation, "What are we going to do?"

"Get through this together."

"We can't act like this is normal," she says.

"It's normal for Salem," says Shawn.

"Our children will be freaks," she whines.

"We can't flip out on each other," says Shawn, "I'm going to go leave a message for uncle Mickey." Shawn leaves.

Phillip asks Mimi where he is going. "To call Mickey," says Mimi.

Good," says Phillip, "He and Gene Briscoe can work together on this." He looks at Mimi, "We're having a baby together."

"And we haven't Even kissed," says Mimi.

Phillip puts his arm around her shoulder. He looks over and sees Belle making google-eyes at Shawn as he talks on the phone.

Bo says he didn't mean to hurt Billie. She knows he loves Hope, "None of this would have ever happened if it weren't for me. Because of our daughter you lost Zack."

Bo tells her Lockhart won't want him to see his kid. He can't believe this is happening. Bo thought he had a chance to make up for his mistakes. Zack was a big boy. The only thing getting Bo through this is knowing Zack is somewhere happy, "But he'll never forgive me for causing our family to fall apart like this."

Billie asks, "Do you remember Zack wanted you to forgive Chelsea? If he could forgive her he could forgive his father who loves him so much."

Bo says, "People I love have turned their back on me and here you are..."

"I have put you though a hell of a lot and you always managed to forgive me," says Billie, "You deserve your family back. So what are you gonna do to save your marriage?"

Jennifer wants to know what Hope will do. She doesn't know. Zack was their surprise baby. This is a bigger surprise, "Bo said he thought this was a sign from God. But it's not Bo's baby so is it Zack's way of saying we're not supposed to be together?"

Jennifer says, "You have to sort though all of this." She suggests Hope go home. Hope makes Jennifer promise to call if something happens. Jennifer tells her they both will be OK. Hope leaves. Jennifer goes back to Jack.

Patrick meets Hope outside the room. Hope says she isn't doing so well. There is a lot to think about with the baby. They decide to go talk.

Frankie stares into the room.

Austin gives Carrie mouth to mouth. She chokes and comes to. EJ runs after Sami.

Sami screams for Lucas in the smoke. She screams for EJ to help her. He runs in and tells her to get out as he picks Lucas up. There is a huge crash as they run out.

Frankie watches. Jennifer tells Jack if he can hear her to squeeze her hand. Nothing... And then a little squeeze. She tells him to hang on, "I need you so much. Please... I can't live without you... please." Frankie watches.

Patrick knows Hope has a lot to think about. He is there for her. He and Alma talked about having kids but it never happened. Hope promises he will have a big part in the baby's life. He wants to take them to the island someday. Eventually the house there will belong to the kid anyway. Hope thinks he will be a great dad, "This baby is really lucky to have you as its father." Hope and Patrick hug. Bo and Billie watch. Bo stews.

The woman from the fire department tells Austin he'd better get out. EJ Carries Lucas out. Sami is hysterical. Austin tells Carrie help is on the way, "Stay with me."

Sami tells Lucas, "Stay with me. I love you."

The crew gets home. Phillip wants to talk. They go into Belle and Phillip's apartment. Phillip lays it on the line, "I'm not gonna mince words here. We all know this shouldn't have happened. I believe while we are still dealing with a few cells and not fetuses, the only sane thing to do is to terminate both pregnancies right now."


Belle says, "Absolutely not!"

"There is no way I'm going to let that happen," says Shawn. Mimi gives the patented DOOL blank stare. FF Phillip.


Mimi tells Shawn, "I'm so scared that this baby with Belle is going to come between us and ruin our dreams."

Frankie says, "You said you love him and that you need him. That is really what you want, isn't it, Jen?"

Sami wails, "This person says they're going to ruin my relationship with Austin. I don't know..." She bawls and falls into EJ's arms.

Austin leans over Carrie in a hospital bed and says, "I can't lose you."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

The Einsteins pic - LOL, it does take an Einstein to figure out the egg switch.

You have to be almost that smart to figure out the relationships if Hope were to get hitched to Patrick. Not only would Shawn be her son and her brother-in-law, Patrick would be Shawn's brother-in-law and step-father. Mimi would have Hope as a mother-in-law and step-sister, get my drift.

I must say, that is one lousy fire alarm in Carcas's apartment. The entire room was in flames before it went off.

The moving pic isn't coming in for me yet. Just something to look forward to this afternoon!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long is this freaking night going to last!?

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Mon and Tue all just the reception aftermath.

Good god, let the day end!

7:30 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

My first LOL was the title of the episode. I think this could apply to just about any baby in Salem now.

I LOVED the Beavis & Butthead picture (the cartoon, not Carrie and Lucas. HAHAHAHA) Finally, after years of watching Daze where people are always lighting dozens of candles and sometimes even running off and leaving them burning someone burns a place down.

Great Prevuze today - it was smokin'!

7:32 AM  

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