Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Headed For Easy Street

There has been so much confusion over the state of the fertilized eggs that Prevuze, as a public service, will now clear everything up.

The Hand originally switched Mimi and Belle's eggs so that Mimi's name was on Belle's egg and vice Versa. They then had Phillip fertilize the egg with Belle's name on it, which was really Mimi's and Shawn fertilized the egg with Mimi's name on it, which was Belle's. So no matter who carries them, we're going to have a Phimi baby and a Shelle baby.

Then in yesterday's episode (which airs today), Belle clearly has the procedure before The Hand pulls the second switcheroo, which means Belle was given the egg with her name on it, which was really Mimi's egg fertilized by Phillip. They showed Shawn and Mimi coming out of the procedure after the double-switch, but since there was only one egg left, Mimi's Surrogate has to be carrying Belle's egg fertilized by Shawn. So Belle is carrying Little Phimi and Mimi's Surrogate is Carrying Little Shelle.

Note that everyone will think there was only one switch, so everyone will think Mimi is carrying Little Phelle and Belle is carrying Little Shimi.

The part you didn't see was when the doctor accidentally implanted all the eggs in Hope, who is now carrying triplets fathered by Phillip, Shawn and a player to be named later

It's a hot time at the nightclub. Stephanie is glad Max could meet her and make up for the incident on the racetrack. They argue about who lost control. She's shocked to hear Max never loses control, except when he gets stupid ideas about wanting to date Chelsea. Abby comes in. She asks Max and Stephanie if they have seen Chelsea. They thought Abby had gone back to check on Jack. Abby tells them about the experimental procedure Frankie found. Things look promising. Max tells her the brat is on the dance floor. Pan to semi-hot brat dancing.

Dr. Bader is there for Hope's ultrasound. She apologizes that Lexie couldn't be there to do the test, but they think it is very important to actually get a doctor's opinion. Patrick rushes in as the delusional Bo claims they are about to find out he is the father. The girls leave the boys alone.

Patrick and Bo argue about whose baby it is. Shawn arrives to complete the happy bunch. Patrick leaves. Bo and Shawn talk about the baby. Shawn doesn't want to hurt Bo's feelings but he asks what Bo would do with another chance. He thinks Bo loved his mom and Zack but not enough. If he had loved him more, Zack would still be there. Shawn rants because Bo has never even asked Mimi how she is doing. He misses having a father he can count on. He accuses Bo of letting JT down too, "I just hope I'm a better father than you. If this baby is Patrick's, I hope you don't treat him like you did JT, and I hope Mom doesn't take you back."

Bonnie asks Mimi if there is any news. She tells her about Hope's ultrasound, and then about the surrogate. Bonnie is so happy for her, "Nine months from now you could be the mother of a brand new Horton-Kiriakis baby. Add Patrick into the mix and we're headed for easy street."

Mimi says she doesn't care about the money and they don't know if the baby is Patrick's. Plus the IVF isn't a done deal yet. Something just doesn't feel right.

Nurse Betty panics over the switched eggs. She is sure she put them in the right places. "What if the implants were switched," she blubbers.

Bo asks if Shawn thinks his attitude is helping Hope. Shawn insists he is trying to help. Dr. Bader comes in to get Bo and Patrick. They go into Hope's room where the doctor lets her know Shawn is waiting. Let the procedure begin!

Shawn waits. Caroline finds him. She came to the hospital so she could get the juicy details about Hope's test as soon as possible. OMB has a cold so he didn't come. Shawn tells her about the implants. He's still worried about Hope, though. He's rooting for Patrick to be the father. Caroline is shocked.

Dr. Bader examines Hope. Hope says, "It's a miracle... a gift from God."

Bo's delusions continue, "This baby is our future." Patrick stares.

The brat runs up as she sees Abby. Abby tells her about the experimental procedure. Max suggests going somewhere else, like the Java Café. The brat can't believe he would want to go to a coffee house at this hour, and listen to some guy on a folk-guitar when they could stay there and watch her make a fool of herself. The brat's dance partner asks Stephanie to dance. Max asks if the brat is having fun. She insists she is. She also insists she didn't follow Max. Max wants to talk. The brat tells him to stop flattering himself. She likes Max, but wants to go have fun.

Abby soaks it in.

Bonnie says Mimi isn't psychic. She accuses her of being a pessimist. Mimi claims she is a realist.

"You're on the wrong show, then," says Bonnie. Bonnie tells her there is plenty that is good about her life. She's been through a lot. She tells her not to make herself crazy by thinking about everything that could go wrong.

The nurses wonder how the eggs could have wound up in the wrong places. The Hand stalks.

Caroline tells Shawn Bo is a good man, "Zack's death was an accident."

"Which could have been avoided if he was a decent parent," says Shawn, "I screwed up a lot when I was younger and he always came down hard on me, but Chelsea can get away with anything she wants. Why does he continue to make the same mistakes? I tried to forgive him. My mother wanted justice, but Chelsea went Scott-free because my father destroyed that evidence."

Caroline says, "Bo would never do anything like that."

"We'll disagree on that one," says Shawn, "but the worst thing that could happen is my parents getting back together."

Bo smiles like an imbecile and insists he and Hope have been given another chance. Dr. Bader finishes the ultrasound and tells them she can't determine the due date.

Abby tells Max she thinks Chelsea is acting this way because she is jealous, "She really does care about you."

"She has a funny way of showing it," says Max, "If she cares, she can find me outside." He bolts.

The brat comes up to Abby and talks about the hot guy she was with. Abby tells her she is being a total witch, "If you are trying to push Max away, you are doing a good job."

Max stands by his car and decides he should get out of here. Someone comes up behind him and puts her hands over his eyes. Max says, "I was hoping you'd come after me."

The nurses wonder if the girls were implanted with the right eggs. They decide they have to tell Dr. Jaynes. Nurse Betty goes to find him. The Hand stalks.

Mimi hears a big crash, turns around and says, "OMG, what was that?" The Hand stalks.

Hope is frustrated. She thought the ultrasound would tell how far along she is. The doctor will do a blood test to see if she can tell. She will ask the lab to put a rush on it. They may even get the results tonight as long as the lab doesn't get them mixed up with someone else's.

The doctor leaves. The waiting continues. Seeing the heartbeat made it real to Hope. "This baby is meant to be, just like we are," says Bo the Bobblehead.

The brat claims she knows what she is doing. Abby says Max may find someone else.

Max is surprised to see it's Stephanie. He tells her he needed some air. He was just going for a ride. She says she was just trying to get his attention back at the track. She wanted to see if he's as good as they say he is. She checks him out and says she sees real potential, "But there is only one way I'll know for sure. I wanted to see if you're really as good as everyone says you are."

Max asks, "So shat is the verdict?"

Stephanie says, "Ill have to take you for a test drive." Kiss.


Caroline doesn't agree with Shawn. Bo is a good man. Shawn needs to let go of his anger. Bo and Patrick come out. Bo tells Caroline they have to do a blood test to figure out who the father is. Shawn is impatient. Bo tells him they may know the results tonight.

Shawn takes Patrick aside and tanks him for standing by Hope and helping her on the island.

"I just did what any friend would do," says Patrick.

"You did a little more than that," says Shawn, "I hope whatever happens here you stick by her."

"I intend to."

Shawn tells Patrick about Mimi's procedure. Patrick congratulates him and leaves.

Bo asks Caroline, "What is Shawn thinking... siding with that criminal instead of his father?"

"He's not a criminal," says Caroline, "Shawn is still angry."

Shawn goes in to see Hope. He tells her about implanting the surrogate. Things went fine and they are keeping their fingers and eggs crossed. Hope can't imagine what Shawn must think of her.

"You turned to someone who cared about you," says Shawn, "You did nothing wrong."

"I made a complicated situation even more so," says Hope.

Nurse Betty cleans up the mess she made when the tray came crashing down. Mimi investigates. The nurses tell her everything is fine.

Mimi comes out and tells Bonnie the nurses dropped something, "Betty was acting strange... why would that be?"

Betty gives Dr. Jaynes the bad news. He tells her to recheck the charts, "The Brady's and Kiriakis' will have to be told." The Hand stalks.

The brat claims Max won't go anywhere as long as she keeps him guessing.

"Who's not going anywhere," asks Abby, "Who do you not see here?"

"He's probably in the bathroom."

"After you blew him off he went out and Stephanie went after him," says Abby, "She could wind up stealing him."

Max and Stephanie kiss, but he calls it off. He really cares about the brat. He knows deep down she has a good heart. Way deep. Stephanie hopes they can still be friends. She hopes the brat realizes how lucky she is.

Max listens to music in his car as the brat comes up. She's glad he is still there. She gets in and tells him she noticed he was gone. She wanted to apologize for the way she was treating him. He has been nothing but patient and understanding and stood by her when no one else would. She wants another chance.

"I don't know if you mean it this time," says Max, "Why the change of heart all of a sudden?"

She says, "When I saw you and Stephanie weren't on the dance floor, I thought this time I really had blown it. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. So I'm done playing games. If you still want me I'm yours... OK, I guess I'm too late."

She starts to get out. The idiot stops her, "I'm a race driver, Chelsea. I've always had a death-wish, so I guess dating you is the thing to do." He kisses her.

Stephanie comes out and watches.

Bo says the waiting is killing him. His marriage, his whole life is riding on the test, "If the baby is his I could lose Hope for good."

Hope wants to focus on the good things, "It's wonderful news about Mimi." Shawn tells her about Phillip and Belle's pregnancy too, and then leaves.

Hope rubs her tummy and tells the baby she loves it, too, no matter who the daddy is. Bo comes in with the doctor. Doctor Bader says, "The test results are in, and we can determine now who the baby's father is."

Bonnie tells Mimi to stop with the negative thoughts. Patrick comes up and congratulates her. He tells them they still don't know who the father of Hope's baby is. Bonnie feels tonight is their lucky night.

Shawn comes up and assures Mimi this time nothing will go wrong. Bonnie and Patrick leave the lovebirds so they can celebrate.

Dr. Jaynes walks up behind Shawn and Mimi, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but we have a problem." FF Mimi.


Sami reads the note, "What am I gonna do? What if the truth comes out?" EJ walks up behind her, "The truth about what?"

Hope says, "I know exactly who the father of the baby is." Bo and Patrick are standing there. Bo asks, "Who is the father?"

Mimi asks, "Well, if our surrogate is not carrying our baby then who's baby is she carrying?" Phillip and Belle rush in. Phillip asks, "Doctor, what is going on?" Belle asks, "Mimi, what are you doing here?" Mimi stands with a look of horror on her face.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your excellent IVF recap at the beginning.
New question:
What was the mention about the dropped tray?

4:25 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

The dropped tray just got Mimi suspicious that something strange is going on. Mainly, though, it was just an opportunity for a huge crash so the viewers would wake up.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so if the paternity could be determined by a simple blood test that gave results in 5 seconds, why the heck did they need to wait days for the ultrasound machine to be available???

6:04 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Anonymous above just asked the question that popped into my head...what was with the ultrasound delay when you could do a blood test. Oh, right..this is Days.

LOL at many things, but especially at "Writerectomy", Hope getting all the eggs, and ROFL at Prevuze's statement above that the huge crash was to wake up the audience. HAHAHAHAHA

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Thanks for adding your clever, quirky twist to these prevuze. Mornings aren't the same when I don't have a new entry to read. Seems like you would have loads and loads of comments on these pages. My guess is you're pretty obscure and most of the Days fanatics don't know that you exist. You seem really mysterious, yourself. Kinda like the gloved hand! :-)

7:17 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I, too, appreciated the IVF explanation even though I had to read it about three times. Get that writerectomy fast!

"Bo smiles like an imbecile". Enough said.

I LOL over "Little Shelle and Little Phimi" and Vic selling the ring on e-bay. HAHAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze and pictures today. Thanks!!

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scrambled Eggs LOL
Thanks for the play by play on breakfast Too bad theres no meat involved in this meal, just petri dishes

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too want to thank you for the IVF explanation. So my next question is what is the point?? Where exactly are the writers going with this? Call me dense but I am not seeing it right now.
I laughed about the writerectomy and Bo the Bobblehead. That guy is driving me nuts lately.
Another great Prevuze. Thanks for the work you do to keep Days of Our Lives entertaining, the show should hire you. Oh, I forgot they have a policy against anyone that can write and has a brain, guess you won't be hired any time soon.;)

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too love your days blog. It's the only reason I get out of bed early! okay besides my 6 yr old! Thanks again!

2:22 PM  

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