Thursday, July 13, 2006

My love life? What love life?

Dr. Bader comes into Hope's room. The test results are in.

Sami and Austin arrive back at Sami's apartment. They are tired. Austin suggests going to bed and snuggling. He asks if Sami had a good time tonight. She says she did. Austin says, "Yean, except EJ wanting us to postpone our wedding because of his special needs."

"That will just give us more time to plan our wedding," says Sami.

Austin's cell phone rings. The accountant is texting him. He has to get a spreadsheet in the car. He leaves and Sami gets into her purse. She reads the note, "OMG... OMG... What am I gonna do? What if the truth comes out?"

EJ walks up behind her, "The truth about what?" Sami stares.

Billie jogs into Austin. He wants to know what she is doing out jogging in that neighborhood. "I just thought I'd go for a run to clear my head," she says.

"You don't need to jog to do that," he says, "What's wrong?"

"I'm fine," says Billie, "It must not have been easy for you seeing Carrie walk down the aisle with Lucas."

"I'm OK," he insists.

"There is just one little problem," says Billie, "You still love Carrie, don't you?"

Carrie is starving. Lucas says, "Well, at least we did work up an appetite." He's had Maggie drop off something from Chez Rouge. They decide to refuel and pick up where they left off. Carrie takes a peek as Lucas dresses. He leaves and she asks the baby how it is doing in there. She's so lucky to have it and daddy Lucas in her life. Then Ms. Lucky faints dead away.

Belle was hoping the three of them could stay at home for a quiet evening. "Pretty soon there will be four of us."

"When did you learn to do high-level math," asks Phillip.

Belle utters those famous last words, "Things are really working out for us." Not so fast, Belle. The phone rings.

Nurse Betty tells Phillip they need to come back to the hospital, "There might be a slight problem." Phillip hangs up and tells Belle they have to go to the hospital. She asks why. He tells her he doesn't know.

"Why didn't you ask," says Belle.

"Because that would have been the intelligent thing to do."

Mimi asks Dr. Jaynes what the problem is. Dr. Jaynes tells them there may have been a mix-up, "Your surrogate may have been implanted with the wrong embryo." The hand stalks as Screamin' Mimi loses it.

Bo asks Dr. Bader how long Hope has been pregnant. Dr. Bader asks for a moment alone with Hope. Babblin' Bo makes a weak attempt to stay but Hope kicks his butt out. He leaves and Hope asks who's the father?

Outside, Bo tells Patrick there is something he needs to know before they hear the news.

Dr. Jaynes 'splains the switch. He doesn't know how it happened. He promises them he will get to the bottom of it. Mimi asks, "Well, if our surrogate is not carrying our baby then who's baby is she carrying?" Do the math, Mimi.

Phillip and Belle rush in. Phillip asks, "Doctor, what is going on?"

Belle asks, "Mimi, what are you doing here?"

Mimi stands with a look of horror on her face, "Oh, no!"


Lucas brings the food in for the unconscious Carrie. He checks her out and she comes to. She tells him she got dizzy. He wants to call 911 but she won't let him. She doesn't want to spend her wedding night in the hospital. She thinks it's just because she didn't eat today, "That's not very smart for a pregnant woman, huh?"

"Intelligence isn't your strong suit," says Lucas.

Austin says he does love Carrie. He thought he would have a future with her. But it just didn't work out. Billie says he doesn't seem happy to her, and neither does Carrie. She wonders why she would marry Lucas when she doesn't love him, "She must've given you some sort of a clue, did she?"

"No," says Austin, "I don't have a clue. What about Sami... is it so hard for you to believe she's made a fresh start?"

"Honestly," says Billie, "Yes."

"I just want to know I'm not stupid for being with her again," says Austin.

"Don't press your luck," says Billie, "If you are really in love with Sami then I am happy for you."

"You totally changed the subject," says Austin, "I don't want to talk about me. What's going on with you?"

EJ apologizes for snooping around. Sami says, "You think I'd learn not to talk to myself." She tells him she's in a bit of a jam, but has to crawl out on her own. She asks if he needs something. He came to discuss business, but it can wait. She thinks he had better go. He says he won't leave until she tells him what is going on.

"My love life," asks Billie, "What love life?"

Austin wonders what she hopes will happen with the Bo-Patrick situation. She wants Bo to be happy, so she wants the baby to be his.

Bo tells Patrick the baby is his. Patrick says then he will wish him well and be on his way, "But it really comes down to who Hope wants to be with – you or me."

"I will never give her up," says Bo.

The chart tells all. Hope says, "I know exactly who the father of the baby is."

Dr. Jaynes tells Belle and Phillip about the mix-up. The Hand stalks as Phillip freaks. Baby mix-ups run in his family, not to mention mixed-up babies. Phillip swears Dr. Jaynes will be out on his butt. Dr. Jaynes says they don't even know if there really was a switch. He's testing genetic residue in the catheters that made the transfer. The lab is working on it right now.

Lab Guy says, "The genetic residue checks out... waitaminute! You're not gonna believe this. Get Dr. Jaynes down her ASAP! He's got an even bigger problem than he originally thought."

Lucas force-feeds Carrie. She is feeling much better. He remembers he has something special for her. he hands her a box. A little silver baby rattle. Carrie takes it out to play with it, but can't quite get the hang of it. Lucas says Alice gave it to him. It belonged to Lucas' father. Even though his father wasn't around, Lucas vows he will always be there for Carrie and the baby. Carrie has never doubted that, especially with the way Lucas hangs on to her like a lost puppy. She says she had a crazy childhood too. Crazy childhoods, crazy adults. She feels so blessed to be his wife. He feels blessed to. They bless each other.

Billie says she won't be anyone's second choice. Austin knows there is someone out there for her, "I know the perfect guy for you."

Sami tells EJ he can't help her. He says, "Try me. I really meant what I said earlier. I am your friend. You can trust me. By the way, would you like to by the bridge over the Salem river? "

"If I can't tell Austin, how can I tell you," asks Sami.

"Because I am not a part of this town," says EJ, "I'm not going to hang you out to dry or judge you."

Patrick tells Bo he isn't concerned with the past, "If Hope is pregnant with my baby I won't abandon them. If Hope decides she wants a future with me, there is nothing you can do."

Hope closes the chart. She tells the doctor to send the boys in.

Belle wanders in that special little place called her world. Shawn stares. He thinks maybe they are making a big deal out of nothing. Dr. Jaynes is probably just being extra cautious. Phillip wonders why Dr. Jaynes wouldn't be extra careful with the tests since Victor funds everything at the hospital. Belle says, "During the procedure, I asked the nurse how they knew the embryo was mine, but I was just kidding." Belle wants to be positive. Mimi wants to be upset. She goes for air. Shawn chases her.

Phillip tells Belle he feels the same way as Mimi. He wants to break something. Belle, the tower of strength, tells him everything will be OK.

Mimi unloads on Shawn, "Can things be any worse right now? I've had a bad feeling about this all night. In the end you will realize I am right. It's all my fault."

Shawn asks her to promise they will get through this together for the baby's sake.

Lab Guy tells Dr. Jaynes the right people are carrying the right eggs. But the markers in the men's sperm are off, "Are you certain of this," asks the doctor, "OMG."

Carrie has managed to come back from death's door to go another round with Lucas.

Billie says she is taking herself out of the dating competition for a while. Besides, she would feel like a total goober having her brother set her up. Austin says he thinks EJ would be a good choice for Billie.

Sami owes it to Austin to tell him first. "Fair enough," says EJ. He apologizes if he upset her earlier. "So, you are going to talk to Austin?"

"No," says Sami, "I can't tell him this. I think I've had too much wine. I'm not thinking straight."

EJ says, "I understand if you are keeping a secret it feels wrong to tell it to me, but I can be an objective third party."

"I can't."

"Then, there must be somebody else you can tell," says EJ.

"My mom is a good listener," says Sami, "But she has her own problems. She got her memory back. She still doesn't remember I exist, but she went away with her husband. I can't tell my family. They wouldn't understand."

"There must be somebody," says EJ.

"I used to... Lucas," says Sami, "We were really close. But he wouldn't understand why I did it and he would never forgive me."

"At the risk of becoming an accomplice," says EJ, "I think two people can think better than one."

"All right," says Sami, "I'll tell you, but promise me you won't tell anyone else or judge me."

"I already did," says EJ.

"You have to understand this is pretty bad," says Sami, "If you don't want to help me, just walk away, OK?"


Sami picks up the note.

Bo and Patrick walk into Hope's room. "Who's the father," asks Bo.

Hope cuts to the chase, "Patrick, you're the father." Bo's eyes look like two pizza pans stuck to his forehead.

Lucas and Carrie sleep. The candles burn. Smoke rises. The curtains go up in flames.

Billie says she knows who EJ is, but he's too young for her. Austin says women live longer so they could die at the same time. Billie decides she wants to live longer, especially if he is rich. She tells Austin if the opportunity presents itself with EJ, she'll think about it. She runs off.

Lucas and Carrie cuddle and burn.

Sami twirls the note. She's having second thoughts. EJ makes his pitch again. She says she has trusted people in the past and gotten burned for it. "Are you saying you don't trust me," he asks, "If you don't want my help that's your prerogative." He turns to leave.

"Wait," says Sami. She hands him the note, "Please promise me after you read this you won't hate me."

Belle apologizes for upsetting Mimi. Dr. Jaynes comes in with good news and bad, "History was rewritten and the right eggs were implanted. But according to the residue there was a mistake. It was the sperm. Belle's egg was fertilized with Shawn's sperm and vice versa."

Mimi gasps, "You mean I'm having a baby with Phillip?"

"And the baby Belle is carrying is mine," says Shawn.

Belle rubs her tummy as Phillip takes off his leg and beats Dr. Jaynes.

The hand stalks. FF.


EJ burns the note and tells Sami, "At the very least, I'm burning it, and that way neither Austin nor anybody else is ever going to find out about this."

Jennifer tells Jack, "I need you so much. Please... I can't live without you... please." Frankie watches.

Hope tells Patrick, "This baby is really lucky to have you as its father." Hope and Patrick hug.

Phillip says, "The only sane thing to do is to terminate both pregnancies right now." Belle says, "Absolutely not!"


Anonymous applecheeks said...

"You think I'd learn not to talk to myself." This had to be the understatement of the decade and every Salemite should tatoo it on their forehead. HAHAHA

Yet another conveeeeenient family heirloom with Bill's silver rattle. And why didn't this go to Bill's first (and legitimate) daughter - Jennifer Rose?

As for the embryo switches, at this point who cares? This reveal came way too fast. Maybe the interim head writer is trying to get out of the idiotic plot line Reilly started.

6:22 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I'm so glad I wasn't drinking my coffee during today's Prevuze. Especially when I got to Carrie and the rattle, Mimi having to ask if it's not her embryo then who's could it be and last but not least Bo with the pizza pan eyes. I haven't wanted to LOL so bad in ages. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I also loved that the Salem Inquirer is a DAILY recap.

An absolute PP today (Priceless Prevuze)!

7:04 AM  
Blogger Nickie said...

I am GLAD that they all know whom is carrying whom's baby. God help us if we had to endure the Claire paternity AND the scrambled eggs all being kept secret. The paternity has already run WAY past the time it should have ran!

This will be the thing to push Phillip over the edge.

7:35 AM  
Blogger FROG said...

Did it again, Prevuze! Now all morning I've had that song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" running thru my head!

"Picture ol' Bo in a boat by a river, with marmalade glasses and pizza pan eyes..."

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But the reveal didn't really happen, did it? The doctor's wrong. Isn't Belle carrying the Phimi baby and surrogate has the Shelle baby?

8:10 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Isn't Belle carrying the Phimi baby and surrogate has the Shelle baby?"

You are exactly right, but the writers are apparently ignoring the fact that the lid-switch took place. Hey, if you can't rewrite history, you can't be a DOOL writer.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous nyghtmareinmi said...

She's pregnant with your child," screams Meems, "Maybe this is God's way of bringing you together." Or we got a good head writer without his head up the network's ass.

7:39 AM  

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