Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Pathetic Loser

Austin wants to know why Sami is so upset. She has something to tell him.

Lucas is on the phone yelling at the contractor about getting the place fixed up, "Whaddya want us to do, live out of suitcases for two months?"

"No," says the contractor, "I just want to set it up so the clueless quad can get together in some sort of wacky living arrangement."

Lucas hangs up and apologizes to Carrie for yelling. Carrie holds up the charred baby book, "Look what happened to our baby book."

Max runs up to the track. He didn't realize things were this bad. He can't believe he ever told Phillip he could be his second. Stephanie tells him not to beat himself up. She hugs Max as the brat watchers.

Fuel drips.

Shawn tries to calm Belle down, "Look at me, I love you, OK?" He hesitates, "Uh, what I meant..."

Mimi attacks, "I know exactly what you meant. I will be at the hospital." Shawn chases her as Max' racecar goes supernova.

Carrie leafs through the ruined baby book. Lucas promises they will get her a new one. The important thing is she and the baby are OK. Carrie talks about Sami coming in to rescue him, "She cares about you. Do you ever wish it were you and Sami having this kid together?"

"Honestly, yeah," says Lucas, "We talked about having another child, even though we don't agree on everything when it comes to parenting. It's over between us though."

Carrie says, "It's hard to believe not too long ago I was living in LA, not even thinking of a family, and now look how things have changed. I can't believe Highstyle ever mattered to me, or its employees whose lives were destroyed. My life has turned around because of this baby. I'm not even showing and I'm on the Internet looking for college savings plans."

"I can't wait to get to know this baby," says Lucas, "I hope it's a girl and takes after you in every way." Smooch.

The firemen use their fire extinguishers on the smoldering tin can that was once a car, as Shawn asks Mimi if she is OK.

"I'm not hurt, but I'm not OK," whines Mimi, "I heard what you said. Belle is carrying your child just like you two planned and dreamed for. Stop lying to me. I'm the liar in this family. Belle is the love of your life and always will be. Do not insult my intelligence."

"I would never make an insult that low," says Shawn.

Belle lectures Phillip. Phillip sneers, "I would rather die than see you with him. Gasp-gasp!"

"What's wrong," asks Belle.

"Collapsed lung," says one of the EMT's.

Belle has a whine fest, "You said his vitals were fine. What's wrong?"

Mimi tells Phillip, "We are there for you."

EJ tells Max he's sorry about the car. Max needs to make arrangements to get what's left of it towed back to the garage. EJ leaves and Stephanie asks if Max is OK. Max tells her, "It's just a car."

She says, "It's OK to be upset." He thanks her for her understanding. They walk off.

The brat's phone rings. It's Abby. She tells the brat she got her text message. The brat says, "I need your help running a certain woman out of the race."

Austin wants to know why Sami is so tense. He rubs her shoulders. She says she has to tell him something bad. Austin's phone rings. Saved by the bell. He says they will talk at dinner. She begs him to stay and listen but he leaves. As he leaves, he tells her he has a surprise for her.

Carrie feels so bad about the apartment. Lucas apologizes for having the idea to light the candles. They decide the important thing is they are OK and will soon be in sunny Italy. Soon, the spare bedroom will turn into a nursery. Smooch. Carrie imagines Austin and really goes at it. Austin himself appears at the door.

The brat tells Abby about Phillip's wreck, "I kind of did something this morning... While Max was gone his phone rang. I saw it was Stephanie and I shut off his phone. I'm not just gonna sit back and let her make moves on my man."

Abby asks, "What are you gonna do next?"

"I'm gonna need your help," says the brat.

Max and Stephanie work on the twisted piece of metal. Max is upset with Phillip, "This is not just a car. Her and I have been through a lot."

"If one of you had to go I'm glad it was the car," says Stephanie. She offers to help him with the new car. He wonders why she is going out of her way to help him.

Chelsea and Abby walk in. "Could it be because my cousin has a thing for you," asks the brat.

The EMT's rush Phillip into the hospital room. Belle wails and flails. Lexie tells her to stay out of the room while she examines him. Phillip's breathing is labored. Dr. Slut works her magic. She doesn't think Phillip's lung is collapsed. He asks what is wrong. "Possibly fluid build up," she says. She lectures him with the understatement of the year, "You aren't a racecar driver." Phillip says he was just trying to blow off steam. She wonders why he would do something so reckless.

Phillip grits his teeth, "Because my wife is having Shawn's baby!"

Mimi and Shawn argue. He tries to convince her he loves her.

"You married me because Belle wasn't available," screams Meems, "When that baby is born it will just bring you even closer to her. I'm afraid you will want to be with her for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Shawn assures her, "It won't happen. I won't let it." Hugs.

Belle watches as Mimi says, "Please don't make promises you can't keep."

There is a knock at Sami's door. She answers and let's EJ in. He tells her about Phillip's accident, but says Phillip will be fine. Sami starts to call Belle but he stops her and asks if she has leveled with Austin. She says she tried, but he wouldn't listen, "He's out working on a surprise for me."

"You need to focus," says EJ, "If you don't tell him your world will come crashing down."

"It's just so hard," whines Sami.

"You need to find him now and tell him the truth," says EJ, "He's in Lucas' apartment."

Austin watches as Lucas and Carrie kiss, and remembers kissing Carrie. He knocks and interrupts the lovebirds. He asks about a box of CD's he left with Lucas before he went to New York. Lucas says he will find them for him. Lucas leaves and Austin asks Carrie how she is. She's fine but doesn't have the test results yet.

Lucas comes back with the CD's. Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Barry Manilow, what a combo. Austin asks when they will go on their honeymoon. Lucas says, "Not until the apartment is OK, because the sane thing to do would be to go away while they are working on it. Austin invites them to stay with him and Sami until it is fixed up. He's having a special dinner for Sami tonight and wants them to be there.

Sami stands at the door and listens. "No," she says, "You can't do that."

Stephanie accuses the brat of being jealous, "If Max had gotten the message in time he could have saved more of his car."

The brat says she has a good reason why she didn't tell Max Stephanie called, "She is stalking you. I think it's creepy. She was staring at us through the window at the pub."

Stephanie claims she was looking for her mom. Max supports Stephanie. He kicks the brat out, "I'll call you later."

The brat and Abby leave. Once they get outside, Abby says, "That went well."

The brat explodes, "I can't believe he defended her. And why didn't you support me."

"What you said sucked. That's why."

Phillip rambles about the baby kerfuffle. He thinks Shawn and Belle's old feelings will come back, "Shawn still loves her and now they will have a baby together."

Lexie reminds him, "You and Belle have a baby together. It's a baby you conceived together, not some screw up at a fertility clinic. What happened is unfortunate. But Shawn and Belle didn't do anything wrong. It was the hospital that screwed up. Think of the lawsuit you can hit it with. Don't let this destroy your marriage. How do you think Belle is feeling right now? Did you see how frightened she was? Talk to her and Shawn and Mimi. I'm sure you'll all come up with something you can live with."

Belle listens as Mimi rants. Shawn promises they will be raising a child together.

"Which child," yells Mimi, "The surrogate's or Belle's? Maybe we should swap partners."

"We will all figure it out together. Four heads are better than one. Unless, of course it's our four heads."

Belle joins them. Shawn wants to know what Phillip was thinking.

"I guess he just flipped out," says Belle, "Literally. But enough about Phillip... let's talk about ME. The fact that you and I are having a baby together completely freaked me out." Mimi looks on.


Sami says she didn't mean that the way it sounded. She just can't imagine Lucas and Carrie want to go out on the town tonight after all they have been through. The say they feel fine. Lucas accepts Austin's offer. Sami smiles. Mr. Milquetoast apologizes for accepting without consulting Carrie. The shrew grabs his throat and says, "Don't let it happen again, buster."

Austin leaves and tells Sami they will talk at dinner.

Sami says she is glad they are both OK and excuses herself.

Lucas thinks Carrie's body language isn't right. He asks if she is OK with the new living arrangement.

Sami storms in. She tells EJ she didn't tell Austin. EJ thinks she just doesn't want to tell him. "You're right," says Sami, "but I know I have to." She breaks down, "I think tonight is going to be my last dinner with him ever."

Max and Stephanie work on the car parts. Max wants to talk. He's sorry the brat gave her such a hard time. She insists it's not his fault, "If I were in her shoes I'd feel the same way. She doesn't want you working with a woman."

Max asks, "Is that what we ware doing... working?"

Stephanie says, "She might be afraid we're not just working."

The brat tells Abby, "When I'm done with Max, he's not even going to remember her name. But I can't believe you're siding with Stephanie." Abby wonders what happened to the new and improved Chelsea who was so happy she didn't have to go to prison.

The brat pouts, "I'm a pathetic loser, OK? I've probably lost Max forever."

"You haven't lost him yet."

"He totally shut me out."

"He was distracted," says Abby, "That car is so important to him."

"You're right," she says, "I haven't lost him yet. Two can play this game. I'm not going to just let her sink her claws into him, when I have two perfectly good claws myself."

Philip tells Lexie the mix-up with the embryos is something he has to do something about, "It's like being a marine. You have to hold your position."

Lexie says, "Before you go making any military maneuvers with your wife I want you to rest. I'll send Belle in shortly."

Mimi tells Shawn, "I hate to say what Phillip's crash reminds me of."

Shawn says, "Yeah, I've don't a lot of dumb things in my life and crashing my motorcycle through the window at the church is at the top of my list."

Mimi leaves. Belle says the fact about the baby isn't the only reason Phillip went ballistic, "He knows I want to have your baby. I couldn't want anything more." Mimi listens and stews.

Lexie sits at her desk and looks at Carrie's chart, "OMG! Can this be right? She picks up the phone, calls Carrie and tells her to come to her office with Lucas right away. Carrie hangs up and tells Lucas. Lucas wonders if Carrie asked Lexie what the problem is.

"No," says Carrie, "That would have made too much sense." Staredown.

EJ thinks the next note could go directly to Austin. Austin comes in. He invites EJ to join the rest of Salem at his romantic private dinner with Sami. His phone beeps. He says he will be back. Sami begs him to stay and talk. He tells her to meet him on the roof later as he rushes out.

Sami goes back in and asks, EJ, "Do you see?"

"Yes," says EJ, "I see. You just have to pin him down. Whatever happens, I promise I will be around to help. You can count on me."

"Thank you," says Sami, "If I am only going to have one best friend ever, I'm glad it's you." Hugs. Stalk. FF.


The brat is with some guy at a bar. She smiles and tells him "Yay, you did it." They kiss as Max and Stephanie walk in.

EJ tells Sami, "If Austin can't forgive you for what you have done then he doesn't deserve you."

Frankie tells Jennifer, "We shouldn't do this." Jennifer says, "I need to do this... please." Kiss.

Lexie says, "There is something else I need to discuss with you." Carrie begs, "Lexie don't tell me I can't have children."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

I can only groan as I consider the possibilities about Carrie's baby: it's somehow Austin's; it's dead and needs to be aborted; she's not really pregnant; it has some rare condition as the result of a genetic defect from Carcas. There are just too many supposed pregnancies around - Hope, Carrie, Belle, the surrogate - and something's got to give.

LOL at Max being unable to find Chelsea and the other pictures.

"Baby kerfuffle" that the result of the IVF going fizzelsprung?

6:31 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I'm groaning over the tiresome foursome being in that apartment "two months" (Salem time), a year real time.

LOL over all of the pics, especially the ones about Belle. She's really in her element now with the attention focused on her.

Reading the episode title made me wonder which person it was going to be - it could apply to just about any of them. HAHAHAHHA

Great Prevuze today!

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good comment about it making sense to leave while the apartment is being done.
Why do all these women want men who are in love with other women??? Pitiful.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this was just to good, i have to say, i really enjoy your comments on this blog... i have stopped watching the show and now read your blog and the comments instead.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Jules said...

Goodness gracious, I love this site, soooooo much! Geez! Will these idiots ever get it together. Sami/austi/carcus... shimi/phelle. my advice to these characters is "Step yo game up and git yo shyt together"

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet Carrie is going to have twins.. they cant screw up all the pregnancies..oh wait.. this is Days..

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belle and Carrie make me so sick to the stomach! They think they are like God's gift to every man in Salem! I'm growing tired of everyone dissing Sami for no reason byt to be mean and gossipy! When Abby told Chelsey she was just like Sami and Chelsey was saying something like "Ewww Never and yadda yadaa"Excuse me ladies! Sami never killed anyone! Sami isn't as mean and uncaring as Chelsey! She's NEVER been that way! Sure, Sami goes after what she thinks she wants but plays dirty but she isn't nasty,vicous,self absorbed and ignorant like chelsey and she is certainly no killer!

12:54 PM  

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