Monday, July 17, 2006

Cosmic Joke

Phillip, Belle, Mimi and Shawn come into the apartment. Phillip tells them they should terminate the pregnancies right now. Shawn and Belle disagree. Phillip makes his pitch. Shawn says, "Abortion is wrong except in the case of rape or if the mother's health is in jeopardy. We can't do it."

Jennifer thinks Jack is getting better. She tells him to hang on, "I love you and need you so much." Frankie watches.

Lexie comes in. Jennifer tells her Jack squeezed her hand. Lexie thinks that's a good sign. Jennifer and Frankie go outside while Lexie examines Jack. "We need to talk," says Frankie.

Stephanie meets Kayla at the pub. Stephanie says, "I think dad coming back from the dead is really strange."

"You haven't lived in Salem long enough," says Kayla, "You'll get used to it. I have something I want you to do for me... I want you to stop racing."

Max and the brat are at the beach. They have an all night supply of burgers. Max says, "Who knows what else will happen on a night like this."

They rush Carrie into the hospital. A doctor examines her and immediately recognizes the symptoms of a case of acute pyromania. Lucas whines like a little girl as they take her in to check her out.

Jennifer apologizes to Frankie. Frankie says, "You said you love him and that you need him. That is really what you want, isn't it, Jen?"

Austin assures Lucas Carrie is a fighter. Lucas is scared for her. EJ tells him not to blame himself. The doctor comes out and tells them Carrie will be OK. She's going to keep her overnight for observation. She's suffering from smoke inhalation. The Doc takes Lucas in to see her. Sami stares.

Lucas bawls and tells the sedated Carrie to sleep. He will be there for her.

Stephanie says she loves racing. It's her life. Kayla thinks she might be killed. Stephanie reminds Kayla she is going to Darfur. That is dangerous too. The argument heats up, but Patch comes in and referees. Kayla asks if she wants to miss any more time with her father. Stephanie invites him to come and watch the next time she races and then asks, "Do you think Mom has a right to tell me what to do with my life?" Patch sits between a rock and a hard place and clears his throat.

Max and the brat share burgers and fries on the beach. Max asks, "Why do you keep trying to push me away when you want us to be together?"

"Are you dating other girls," asks the brat, "I thought Stephanie was just a friend." She starts to leave.

Max stops her, "I don't want to be by myself. I want to be with you." Kiss.

Phillip doesn't know whom to sue first, "We have all been abused with this situation. Our wives are having babies without their consent. It sounds like rape to me."

Shawn says, "Look, I lost my brother because some girl was selfish. Don't ask me to go through this." Mimi storms out. Shawn follows.

Phillip tells Belle she has been uncharacteristically quiet. "I don't want to upset you," says Belle.

"You want to keep the baby," says Phillip, "How is that not going to upset me. I have maintained a friendship with Shawn for the sake of our marriage, but I am not going to stand here and watch you have his baby."

Jack calls for Jennifer.

Frankie says he has mixed feelings. He wants Jack to get better for Jen's sake, "But if he gets better what do I do? Just walk away?"

"I don't know," whines Jennifer.

Lucas comes out and tells them Carrie is OK. She's asleep. "It's a hell of a way to spend your wedding night," says Austin.

Lucas asks to speak with Sami alone. He tells her she's a hero. She saved his life. She claims she was just thinking about Will. "I care about you," says Sami, "I always have."

"You proved that tonight," says Lucas, "You'll never know how much that means to me."

Austin asks EJ to give Sami a ride home. He's going to stay at the hospital. EJ says when they found out Carrie was going to be OK Austin was very quiet.

Austin says it's just that he is happy for Carrie and Lucas. Sami walks up. EJ tells her he's going to give her a ride home. She thanks Austin for thinking for her. He urges her to go home and get some rest. He kisses her as they leave.

Lucas tells Austin he doesn't have to stay. Austin insists. Lucas asks Austin to keep an eye on Carrie while he goes down and gets some better coffee.

Austin goes inside Carrie's room. He tells her, "You can't hear me so I guess it's OK to tell you what almost happened tonight woke me up. I can't lose you."

Patch knows Kayla isn't happy about Stephanie racing cars. It scares him too. Stephanie tells them she thinks they are being overprotective, "You had to be a doctor, Dad had to be a cop and I have to race."

"I think you have to follow your heart," says Patch.

Kayla is sarcastic, "Thanks Steve."

"Come on, Kayla," he says, "You can't lie to kids. They will never trust you. I've been out there a long time with nobody." He turns to Stephanie, "I don't know anything about Steve Johnson, but I feel pretty lucky to have people around me like you and your mama. You go ahead and have your career. Climb your mountain. But it's important to have someone at home who cares about you. Do you have a special guy?" Stephanie smiles.

Max and the brat romp on the beach. He stops things and tells her if she isn't ready it's OK. "Stop talking," she says.

Shawn finds Mimi in bed pouting. He reaches for her but she pulls away. "I was so stupid he says,"

"It's what you do best," say Mimi.

"I just started talking about how bad abortion was but I forgot about yours," says Shawn.

"We have to live with my abortion all the Days Of Our Lives," says Mimi, "Because of that, I have to have a surrogate carry my baby, which we now find out isn't even yours."

"I want a family with you and only you," says Shawn, "This has got to be some sort of cosmic joke or something."

"The DOOL writers are better at writing comedy than drama," says Mimi, "They just don't know it, but there really isn't anything funny about this."

"How do you feel about all of this," says Shawn, "with all the guilt you have been through."

Mimi explodes, "Are you saying I should feel guilty? I would never ask the surrogate to abort the baby. We were so excited and now everything has fallen apart."

"No, it hasn't," says Shawn, "We can still raise this baby together. We have so much love in our lives. We can do this. You, me, the baby Belle. We can be a family."

Belle tells Phillip, "If your mom had asked Vivian to have an abortion you wouldn't be here today. But I guess that's more than I could ask. I want to let nature take its course."

"Nature has left the building," says Phillip, "Who gets custody of which baby? We are walking into a nightmare situation. Abortion is the only option. All I am asking is for you to consider it."

Jack calls for Jennifer. Lexie tells him, "Talk to me." Jack calls for Jennifer again.

Jennifer hates doing this to Frankie. She has two husbands and is so confused. She can't give Frankie any answers. He tells her he has waited his whole life for her. He loves her. He shouldn't be pressuring her right now. This isn't the time to make decisions. She hugs him. She doesn’t know how she would get through this without him.

EJ says the one silver lining is Will was staying with his grandparents. He is proud of Sami. Another note comes sliding under the door. Sami runs over and picks it up and reads it, "He's going to destroy my relationship with Austin." EJ rushes out to find the perp.

Austin says he loves watching Carrie sleep. He tells her she looks like an angel. He wants her to have happy dreams and a happy life, "We really messed things up, didn't we? All those years we were apart I always had hope our paths would cross again. That hope kept me going through so many dark times. Now, seeing you lying in the hallway I was never so scared in my life. That hope was slipping away. I pray I never lose you even if we can't be anything but friends. I don't know... I still can't help but hope that somehow, someway you'll come back to me. Maybe I'm just nuts. You chose Lucas and I don't understand it but I will respect it. You can't hear me anyway, so I guess I can tell you this, even though I am engaged to your sister, I will always love you." Kiss.

Austin walks out. Carrie opens her eyes, "Austin... You're right... You are nuts."

Stephanie asks Patch if it's possible to love someone before you ever really know that person. He says she shouldn't be asking him about love. She presses. He thinks when it comes to love anything is possible. She tells them about the guy, "He's a driver – the best."

"Oh," says Kayla, "For a minute I thought you were going to tell us it's Max Brady. You are full of surprises."

"I don't want this to be like the last time," says Max, "We had just met. You need a guy who is going to treat you right. I've just felt bad about that day ever since. I really care about you. I want us to make love and not just have sex. Is that what you want too?"

"Yeah," says the sweet thang, "Thank you for understanding."

"Do we have a condom," says Max.

The brat stammers, "You mean, do I... no. I ran out." Max backs off.

Shawn cuddles Mimi. She says there is nothing she wants more than a child with him, "But Belle is having your baby. You still love her."

"Things happened the way they did," says the ole philosopher, "We can't change that. Are you listening when I tell you I love you?"

"I love you more than you will ever know," says Mimi, "I want to spend my life with you. I want to go mountain climbing with you she we are 60. I want to do the laundry with you."


"I just thought I would slip that in," says Mimi, "I'm so scared that this baby with Belle is going to come between us and ruin our dreams."

"I wish you would just have faith everything will work out," says Shawn.

Phillip tells Belle, "You re the one who is pregnant. I guess you see everything differently. You aren't exactly unhappy about having Shawn's baby are you?"

Belle steams, "I have never given you any reason to make an accusation like that. I'm just trying to make the best of the situation and you will have to do that too. I'm going to bed." Belle stomps off. Phillip throws things. Belle rubs her tummy.

Frankie says, "I married you because I love you and I'll hang in there for the same reason."

Jennifer says, "See... the problem is there are a few too many husbands hanging in there for me."

Lexie calls Jennifer, "Jack is asking for you."

Stephanie has left. She remembered something she has to do. Patch tells Kayla she did a great job raising her. Kayla wonders who the mystery guy is.

Max says, "Maybe both of us not being prepared is a sign."

"You know," says the brat, "We really didn't do anything before." She crosses her fingers behind her back and says, "You are the only guy I want to be with."

"Sounds like a good place to start," says Max.


Max and the brat go back to having fun as Stephanie crawls through the weeds and watches.

EJ couldn't find anyone out in the hall. Sami whines and wonders what she will do. She bawls and falls into EJ's arms.

Lucas asks why Austin left Carrie alone. Austin says he had to use the mens' room. Lucas is going to go sit with her until she wakes up. Austin says he will join them in a minute. He sighs as Lucas leaves.

Lucas finds Carrie awake and asks what is wrong. She is just glad they and the baby are OK. Hugs. Austin walks in and makes eye contact with Carrie. FF on confused Carrie.


Hope tells Patrick, "This baby is yours. This baby needs you and I need you."

EJ says, "You need to go to the authorities." Sami says, "I am not telling the police."

Carrie says, "Austin, we need to talk."

Shawn asks, "What is it? Did something happen to the baby?" Belle says, "No, but I think my marriage is over." Hugs.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

LOL at Bulldog and Prevuze's picture. Especially at the crack ISA's capture. But, Prevuze, uh, it's The Hand, not The Hook. HAHAHAHA

Here is one of 'the logic thing' questions for today's episode....why is Carrie suffering any more from smoke inhalation than Lucas?? Especially when he was left laying in the smoke-filled apartment a lot longer than she was?

"Nature has left the building." Not to mention our sanity.

And, jeez, Louise - it's still the same night. Get on with it!

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laughed over Jen's polygamy pic! Whatever happened to adoption? They don't have to kill them and they don't have to raise them either.
The Jen and Hope storylines are just getting stupid. If the show had 2 guys making 4 women go through what these four guys are going through it wouldn't be heartbreaking or romantic so why do the writers think we'll accept these storylines as moving?? Give me a break!

7:31 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I LOL over "the baby Belle". HAHAHAHA Could she be any more of a selfish pain in the you-know-what?

I agree with Applecheeks - why would Lucas come out of the apartment unscathed if Carrie is in such a bad way?

Loved the latest possiblity for the Hand. ARR - Great Prevuze, mateys!

7:40 AM  

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