Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Right Down To Our Underwear

Phillip hurts himself pouring coffee. Phillip lives recklessly. He grimaces as Belle comes in. "I made some coffee," says hubby. Silence.

Belle snorts, "I can't have coffee. I'm pregnant."

"Yeah," says Phillip, "I can see the hormones are kicking in already. I remember Dr. Bader saying you can have up to two cups a day. Of course, we don't want to do anything to put Shawn's baby at risk, do we?"

"It sounds like one of us does," says Belle.

The nurse asks Mimi how she is doing today. "How do you think," she sulks.

They are there to follow up on the surrogate's tests. Mimi paces as the nurse apologizes about the little mix-up. She leaves and Shawn tries to be helpful. Mimi don' wan' no stinkin' help.

Shawn sees Hope come in. He wonders what she is doing there. Mimi thinks maybe the hospital messed up her life too. Shawn goes in to talk to Hope as Patrick comes up and sees Mimi. She tells Patrick she's going to lose Shawn.

Shawn lays the sperm-switch bomb on Hope. "OMG," says Hope, "Are you all right?"

"Better than Mimi," says Shawn.

Hope wonders if part of him is happy about this, "I am right, aren't I?"

Carrie groans. She wakes up and calls Austin's name as Lucas stands there panting like a pup. "You were dreaming about him, weren't you," asks Lucas.

Austin comes in from his run. He thinks it looks like something is bothering Sami. She can't help thinking about last night. They all could have died. He starts to kiss her. She pushes the sweaty heap away, "Gross!" That's Austin's cue to go take a shower.

EJ knocks and comes in. Sami asks for his help. "Someone is trying to destroy my relationship with Austin," she cries. EJ bobbles.

Doofus Lucas thinks it's OK that Carrie is calling Austin's name in a fit of passion since Austin saved her life last night. She chokes. He gives her water. Oh, that helped so much. "Some wedding night," she says.

"It was in the beginning," he reminds her, "Maybe we should have gone to the hotel instead of a five star hospital room."

"Yeah, you get better medical treatment in a hotel, too," says Carrie.

They try to cheer each other up. Lexie is doing tests to make sure the baby is OK. The fire damage was mainly in the bedroom. A contractor is in there now working up the remodeling estimates. Carrie thinks it sounds expensive. Lucas will extend the honeymoon so it will be done when they get back. They will go to Europe and end up in Venice, the most romantic place of all. They will have the perfect honeymoon, apartment and marriage. Perfection ain't what it used to be.

Carrie wants Will to know he is a part of all this, too. Lucas now knows what it means to be happy. He vows not to lose her or the baby.

Austin soaks in the shower. He imagines Carrie joining him and telling him it was a mistake she married Lucas. Things in the shower heat up.

EJ says he needs Sami to calm down. No dice. He wonders if she doesn't want her relationship with Austin to be destroyed. She looked awfully interested in Lucas last night. She assures him she wants Austin. EJ wonders how deranged the perp might be. He suggests Sami go to the police.

"This person is enjoying torturing you," says EJ, "This could turn into something physical."

"You're scaring me," says Sami.

"Good," says EJ, "You have to take this seriously. You need to go to the authorities."

Sami says, "I am not telling the police."


Belle says she wouldn't put any baby at risk. Phillip notes she drank coffee when she was pregnant with Claire.

Belle freaks, "After the liver transplant we went through with Claire, what could you find wrong with me wanting a healthy baby?"

Phillip says, "When we had Claire, I thought our marriage was finally cemented. That baby changes everything. Now, you and Shawn will be bonded for all the Days Of Our Lives. He tosses a few kitchen implements for effect. Belle asks how he thinks she feels. He is having a baby with Mimi. Phillip says, "Its' not the same thing. I'm not in love with Mimi."

Patrick wonders how the hospital could make such a mistake. Mimi thinks she is being punished. He tells her he's there to support Jennifer. He also tells her he is the father of Hope's baby. We're just full of news.

Mimi wonders if Patrick and Hope will get together. He slows her down. He doesn't know if they are getting married. Hope hasn't decided anything and he won't pressure her.

Mimi wonders what if Hope doesn't leave Bo. Patrick assures her he will be part of the baby's life. Mimi says she can deal with the part about having the baby with Phillip, but not with Shawn having the baby with Belle.

Shawn says, "This whole situation is weird."

"That was the first lucid thought you have had in a long time," says Hope.

Shawn insists he loves Mimi, "This shouldn't change anything."

"The only question you need to ask," says Hope, "is who your future will be with – Mimi or Belle and your baby."

Austin showers. Sans Carrie. The dream continues. Carrie returns. Austin pushes her away. She is married to Lucas. She belongs with him. He belongs with Sami. Carrie disappears. Austin drips.

Sami says her dad is the commander. He will never forgive her if she tells what she did to Carrie. EJ asks what exactly she did to Carrie. Sami resists. He is concerned things could get a lot worse. Sami doesn't know what to do. EJ tells her to tell Austin the truth.

"I can't tell him," says Sami.

Austin's impeccable timing brings him through the door at that exact moment, "What can't you tell me?"

Hope knows this is hard but Shawn has to decide.

"Just like you have to decide," asks Shawn, "Did you get the test results?"

"It's Patrick's."

"Are you happy with that," asks Shawn, "I think you'd be better off... look, it's none of my business..."

"No," says Hope, "It is your business. It's your family, too."

"This is your decision," says Shawn, "You asked Dad for a divorce. Maybe this is a sign that's OK and you can move on with Patrick."

"So let me ask you this," says Hope, "Does that mean you and Belle are meant to be together?"

"I haven't slept with Belle," says Shawn, "I won't break my vows and won't ask her to do that either."

Hope says, "When two people truly love each other nothing could keep them apart. Noting."

Shawn asks, "Are you talking about Belle and me or you and Dad?" Hope stares.

Belle stares. "I'm right, aren't I," asks Phillip, "You love him and you always have."

Belle says, "I love you and I am committed to our marriage but..."

"But what?"

"What do you want me to say," asks Belle, "That I still don't have feelings for Shawn? Do you want me to lie to you? This is my body..."

"I get it," says Phillip, "You are pro life."

"When you saw the cells in the petri dish, you even called them 'our baby,'" whines Belle.

Phillip asks, "If you were in this situation with a total stranger, would you want this baby? NO! You have a choice to make!" He storms out. Belle bawls.

Sami stammers. She tells Austin she was planning a surprise for him. A romantic dinner. Well, now he knows. He's sorry he ruined it. He would love to have dinner with her. He has to go take care of some errands.

After Austin leaves, EJ says he's never heard someone come up with a story so quickly.

"Years of practice," says Sami.

"You need to tell him the truth," says EJ.

"He says he loves me," says Sami, "I won't ruin that."

EJ says, "Things will be 100 times worse if he finds out about this from someone else."

Sami whines, "Austin only proposed because he thinks I changed. If I tell him, he will think I haven't."

"No," says EJ, "If you tell him, he will know you have changed. Face it, Sami, this could be your last chance."

Austin and Carrie inspect the charred apartment. Carrie is upset that everything smells burned, "Even our clothes."

Lucas says, "We can get new clothes. We will be the best-dressed couple in Salem. Right down to our underwear."

Austin pops in. Lucas thanks him for saving them, "It was especially thoughtful the way you dragged Carrie out and left me to die." Lucas excuses himself as he gets a call from the contractor.

"You gave me a scare last night," says Austin.

Carrie says, "Austin, we need to talk."

Phillip has somehow hijacked a racecar. He drives like a maniac. Oops. That was redundant, wasn't it? "Damn you Shawn," he growls.

Shawn the damned wants to know if Hope is considering taking Bo back. Hope doesn't know, but she hates seeing Shawn caught in the middle. Shawn was close to Zack even though they were years apart in age. Their relationship made him realize he really wanted to be a dad. And he is going to be there for Hope the same way he was there for Zack. He could never do to Mimi what Bo did to Hope.

"So instead you'll break your own heart," says Hope.

"Belle and Phillip have a good marriage," says Shawn, "I couldn't come between them."

"But you love Belle and she loves you."

"And we're married to other people," says Shawn.

Hope says, "I'm not saying you don't love Mimi and Belle doesn't love Phillip, but it's a different kind of love. I don't want you going through life and missing love and happiness."

"Belle chose to stay with Phillip and I chose to move on," says Shawn.

"I don't think you did," says Hope, "How did you feel when you heard there was a mix-up?"

"It is what I've always dreamed of," says Shawn, "But it's wrong."

"True love can never be wrong," says Hope. Shawn has to go. Third door on the left.

Belle meets him outside.

Patrick assures Mimi Shawn will always be there for her.

Shawn asks Belle, "What is it? Did something happen to the baby?"

Belle says, "Yes, it's terrible. It has us as parents. Not only that, I think my marriage is over."

"Well," says Shawn, "At least Phillip gets some good news." Hugs.

Phillip drives and sweats. He gets a bug in his eye. KEE-RASH!

Belle tells Shawn she and Phillip just had a huge fight. She gives him the details. "He told me he thinks if this situation was with a total stranger, I would terminate the pregnancy."

"Well," says Shawn, "Would you?"

"No," says Belle, "He didn't have a leg to stand on . I told him I love him. He said I had to make a decision. It's either him and Claire or you and the baby. Then he walked out. Having your baby just feels right." Hugs. Mimi watches.

Patrick comes in to see Hope. He brings a stuffed bird. He tells her the legend of the stork. Hope is just tickled. She remembers Zack had stuffed animals, "He wanted to give them to kids who weren't as lucky as him..."

Patrick doesn't want to make this any harder for her. She says, "This baby is yours. This baby needs you and I need you." Patrick holds Hope's tummy for a family hug.

Lucas has to go talk to Terry about the renovations. He leaves. Carrie tells Austin she heard him in the hospital. She wasn't asleep. She heard him say he still loves her.

Sami says EJ is right. This time has to be different. She has to tell Austin the truth. EJ is proud of her. Sami hopes Austin will understand. EJ thinks he will, "I know I would."

"You don't even know what I've done," says Sami.

"It doesn't matter," says EJ, "I know for you to risk everything shows you love him. He will realize that."

"I don't have a choice," says Sami, "I know if this person tells Austin I will have no hope."

"You are talking the power away from this person," says EJ.

The hand stalks as Sami and EJ hug. FF.



The brat asks, "Do you really think I could be in trouble?" Max says, "Yeah, Chelsea, you could be in some huge trouble."

Carrie asks Austin, "Do you really think it's a good idea to marry my sister when you're still in love with me?"

EJ tells Sami, "If I had the opportunity to be with a woman like you, I wouldn't hesitate for a second."

Shawn tells Belle, "Don't put yourself and your baby at risk – our baby." Mimi watches.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

LOL with Musical Babies, Smokey the Bear, and the Legend of the Stork.

Here's an oft-asked question (since the Dazed writers do this continually) that I'll ask again....If someone overhears the phrase "I can't tell 'the person'", why barge in and ask, "What can't you tell me?" Why don't they just hold up and listen in for a while. Maybe they'd find out the big secret.

Another observation...."Austin drips." Or, Austin is a drip! HAHAHA

Great Prevuze!

6:32 AM  
Anonymous kotu said...

Yeah, old Phil really showed the world that a man with only one leg could drive a race car.....right into a wall. And there weren't even 35 other cars out on the track with him. I'm impressed.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Nicky said...

If someone overhears the phrase "I can't tell 'the person'", why barge in and ask, "What can't you tell me?" Why don't they just hold up and listen in for a while. Maybe they'd find out the big secret.

That's something I can't tell you.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It was especially thoughtful the way you dragged Carrie out and left me to die."

One of the funniest things I've read on here.

To answer your question applecheeks, it is because no one on DOOL has an IQ over 10, including the writers.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

So many chuckles today!

Lucas' comment to Austin about leaving him in the apartment, the stork legend, not going to the Salem PD if you want a case solved and Phil "not having a leg to stand on". HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze today! :D

7:36 AM  

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