Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Double Switcheroo

Carrie asks if she can open the bedroom door but Lucas is still fixing up the surprise. He spreads roses on the bed and then carries her over the threshold. He drops her on the bed and tells her she is the lightest pregnant woman ever. She tells him he's strong, and then tells him about losing weight. He asks if she is ready to spend their first night together as husband and wife. Yes she is.

Sami and Austin come into a nightclub. Angela the greeter asks if she should call 911 now or later. Every time Sami comes in something happens. Sami is indignant and asks if Angela is going to seat them. EJ and Max wander around the place. Max gets a cell phone call. Stephanie tells him she will be there soon.

The brat walks in and goes up to Max, "So, she's late, huh?"

"Why are you following me," asks Max.

"I'm here to meet someone," says the brat, "My cousin Sami." Max looks like he isn't buying it. "What," she asks, "You don't believe me?"

Max asks, "You and Sami are friends? You tailed me here so you could see who I was with."

Shawn encourages Mimi. Belle and Phillip are inside waiting for the procedure. Belle tells the nurse she is a little anxious and asks how they know that's their egg. The nurse assures her they have plenty of safeguards. The Hand stalks and remembers the switch.

Dr. Jaynes comes in. He begins the procedure and The Hand lurks in the background. "Now," says Dr. Janyes, "I want you to count to ten, and it will be all over."

Belle counts, "1... 2... 3..." She hesitates.

"What's wrong," asks the doctor.

"Belle asks, "What comes after three? "

"Never mind," says Dr. Jaynes, "We're all done." He wishes them luck and leaves.

Kayla attacks Patch. "I can't do this," he says "It's not right."

"You're my husband," says Kayla.

"I don't remember," he says.

"But I do," says Kayla, "Somehow you were brought back to me and I want you... and I think you want me." She kisses him again.

Jennifer and Frankie tend to Jack. She knows they have to accept he is dying. Jennifer says, "He's been my husband, one of them anyway, and the father of my children." Frankie goes to answer the doorbell as Jennifer tells Jack she can't let him go.

Frankie lets Lexie in. She goes upstairs. Frankie stays downstairs and sits at the computer. He types and watches, "What th'... why haven't we heard this? This could save Jack's life!"

Hot times in the Roberts bedroom. Carrie thanks him for decorating it. Lucas knows she didn't want to go to a hotel, so he wanted to make it as romantic as possible.

Sami thinks coming here was a really good idea, "It's nice to be out without Lucas and Carrie and it's nice to be alone for a change." Sami can't believe Lucas and Carrie are really married. But their wedding got Sami fanaticizing about her marriage. She thinks their wedding should have a little more "je ne sais quoi."

Austin agrees, "It should have more pizzazz."

Sami says, "You know how they say 'less is more.' When it comes to weddings 'more is more.'"

Sami talks about Carrie and Belle being her bridesmaids. She decides she needs someone else, besides them. Austin suggests Stephanie. Sami vetoes it. She barely knows her and she's too beautiful anyway. Sami doesn't want to be upstaged. Austin assures her no one could upstage her. Sami looks across the room and decides she knows who she will ask. She leaves and EJ comes up. He sits down and tells Austin there is something he wants to talk about – Sami.

The brat insists she doesn't care who Max is meeting, "Curious yes... Dying no." She tells him she thinks he got over her pretty fast.

"Yeah, I'm just torn up," says Max, "But don't forget, you are the one who shot me down."

Sami runs up to talk to Chelsea. Max leaves.

The brat says, "Sami, what do you want."

Sami says, "I have a proposition for you. I'm looking for a skank to be in my wedding so I'll look beautiful."

The nurse takes Belle's dish back into the lab. She gets a page and leaves. The Hand goes back into the lab and pulls the double switcheroo.

Patch and Kayla go at it, but Patch breaks it up, "If we keep doing this we're going to drive each other crazy. I have to find out who I am. Until I do I don't see the point."

Jennifer asks Lexie how Jack is doing. Lexie is grim, grim, grim. She tells Jennifer he is dying and Jack knows it, "Right now he is probably sifting through old thoughts and memories. People going through this stage can be cognizant. I think he can hear you."

Jennifer goes up to him and begs him not to let go. Lexie comes over and comforts Jennifer as she begs Jack to live.

Frankie computes and thinks there might be a chance. He picks up a phone and punches in numbers.

The Hand puts a note into an envelope at the nightclub.

Austin asks EJ what he has to say about Sami. EJ apologizes about the way he handled things at the reception, "Sometimes I can be a little... demanding." He doesn't think Sami is very happy with him. Austin thinks it's a blessing in disguise. He has a lot to take care of and Sami can be impatient. All this wedding talk has been a distraction.

"Maybe I should put Sami in charge of your account," says Austin.

The brat is surprised Sami wants her in the wedding. Sami says, "We have a lot in common – Everybody hates us. I thought maybe us bad-seed Brady girls should stick together... And maybe I could help you get your boyfriend back."

"What makes you think I have lost him," asks the brat.

Sami points to Max and Stephanie, "That..."

Max and Stephanie hug. He takes her to get a drink as the brat watches.

Apparently Shawn and Mimi have met the surrogate and had the procedure. Wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. Mimi says Loren seemed very nice. She feels better now that it's all over.

Nurse Rhonda looks at the petri dishes. She sees the eggs have been switched. Mimi's dish is in the tray with Belle's label. She calls nurse Betty to come to the lab STAT!

Kayla tells Patch she doesn't understand where he is coming from. He doesn't think they can have a meaningful relationship if he doesn't know who he is. If and when they make love he wants to remember her. He doesn't want to hurt her. He wants her but he doesn't remember her.

"What if you never do," she asks.

"I don't know," says Patch, "But I want to believe I will someday."

"I want to believe that too," says Kayla, "What if you never get your memory back? I don't think I could bear losing you again."

Abby comes in and asks if Jack is OK. Jennifer tells her he is just resting as Lexie leaves. Jennifer wishes there was something they could do but the doctors say it is out of their hands. She tells Abby they need to accept the fact Jack is dying. Abby decides to pray for Jack. They say the Lord's Prayer together.

Frankie is on the phone with someone and tells him about Jack's predicament. He knows about the clinical trial and he thinks Jack might have the same disorder. The guy tells Frankie the trial is closed. Frankie asks his old buddy Hank to do what he can. Hank will try. Frankie is so appreciative. Lexie comes downstairs. Frankie waves Lexie over and hands her the phone.

Lucas... Carrie... afterglow. She thinks maybe if he isn't too worn out they could glow again.

Phillip gives Belle a present. She opens it – an amethyst ring. It was Isabella's. Victor gave it to her when he found out she was his daughter.

Rhonda tells the nurse about the sign discrepancy. They go into mutual hysterics.

The brat agrees to be Sami's bridesmaid, "Really now, who else would do it?"

As the brat walks away, she rams the waiter and shoves him into Max and Stephanie. Drinks fly everywhere. The waiter apologizes to Stephanie and Max. Stephanie leaves to do damage control.

The brat walks up to Max, who accuses her of doing it on purpose.

Sami asks Angela to get her more wine. Angela turns to the bartender, who gives her the envelope with Sami's name on it. She hands it to Sami, "Looks like you have a secret admirer."

Patch tells Kayla he won't leave her and Stephanie. He feels connected to them, "I am gonna fight for us if you promise you won't give up on me."

Abby tells her mom she is sorry for making things harder for her. Jennifer knows Abby thought she was forgetting Jack. She tells her what a great daughter she is. Abby asks if Jack were to live, what would Jennifer think about her marriage to Frankie. Jennifer says she can't think about that right now, but from what Lexie says, they won't have to worry about that since Jack is on his way to the big soap opera in the sky.

Lexie tells Frankie he is the most selfless human being she knows. He says he is doing this for Jennifer, too. Lexie asks, "If this works and Jack lives, you realize what will happen don't you?"

"Yeah," says Frankie, "But the way Jack comes and goes, I'll get her back in no time."

Carrie and Lucas go for more.

Phillip and Belle ask how Shawn and Mimi are doing. They are great and Loren is wonderful. Belle hopes this works.

Nurse Betty nukes. She can't believe the eggs have been switched, "What if the Kiriakis egg was implanted in the surrogate and the Brady egg was implanted in Belle Kiriakis?"

Kayla believes someday Patch will remember how much they loved each other. Patch caresses he cheek.

The brat claims it was an accident, "You don't think I'm jealous do you? Don't flatter yourself!" She leaves.

Stephanie comes back. Max wrinkles his brow and asks, "How did you get ink on your hands?" Dumb-da-dumb-dumb! She has no idea where it came from. He orders club soda so she can clean it off.

EJ is dubious about Sami handling his account. Austin sells her abilities. EJ tells Austin he shouldn't leave a woman like Sami hanging around, "If you don't tie the knot soon enough somebody else might just jump in there."

Sami reads the note and asks Angela who gave it to her. Angela says one of the waiters gave it to the bartender, "From the look on your face, I'm guessing it's bad news?" Sami gasps and stares.

Frankie knows he could lose Jennifer if this works. Lexie starts to leave, but Jennifer interrupts them. Lexie tells her Frankie pulled some strings. Frankie tells her it's a long shot. Lexie leaves to get things started.

Jennifer begs Frankie to tell her more. Frankie says he called in a favor form an old friend. He tells her there are no guarantees. Jennifer hugs him, "You've give us hope that Jack might survive. Oh my gosh." FF. Hugs.



Hope lays in her hospital bed and says, "It's a miracle... a gift from God." Bo says, "This baby is our future." Patrick stares.

Shawn says, "If this child does turn out to be my father's, I'm just concerned he'll put more pressure on her to get back together."

Mimi turns around and says, "OMG, what was that?" The Hand stalks.

Stephanie says, "I wanted to see if you're really as good as everyone says you are." Max asks, "So what is the verdict?" Stephanie says, "Ill have to take you for a test drive." Kiss.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

This episode sounds like it was "dumb-de-dumb-dumb...and dumber"! What is Philip doing with Isabella's ring? Wouldn't John or Brady have it? And wouldn't Isabella have wanted HER SON'S wife to have the ring? TLT

LOL at Sami's observation that she couldn't believe she and Austin were out without Carcas taggig along and that last picture about dragging the JJ story out until November sweeps. Great Prevuze!!

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL'd over Belle and the not knowing what comes after three and her bumper sticker. So is THE hand small enough to be Stephanies? BWA HA HA HA HA

7:29 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

To add another comment to Applecheek's observation about Philip and the ring, I wondered why give it to Belle now? Why not when Claire was born? Because the writers just thought it up now. HA

I LOL over Belle trying to count and the Brat/Olive Oyl picture. And I'm afraid Prevuze is right-on about dragging this out until November. Aaargh!!

Great Prevuze today! :D

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay - so I'm really confused now...orignally, the Hand switched the eggs so that Belle's would be implanted with Shawn and Mimi's with Philip; is that right? So now are they being switched so that the Belle/Shawn egg is going in the surrogate and the Mimi/Philip egg is going in Belle?

Also, I love how Max likes to keep it in the family...at least the neice he's interested in now has a different last name : )

8:45 AM  
Blogger Mamarita said...

Ink on Stephanies hands? Someone wrote Sami a note? Connection?

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ink on Stephanies hands? Someone wrote Sami a note? Connection?"

Or honkin' red herring?

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Hand is lurking around during Belle's implantation!? Talk about a lack of security and privicy.

And The Hand was at the hospital switching empty petri dishes and at the club?

7:57 AM  

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